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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 5, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Psi ibo Olirier toss Barrio tuft ail attorney we taking n turn. In Tabili Mentz a Law sol. I coat it a Ftp shockingly worn Ami the rtt Tittl Luckul in Vost. His by Eclie. Hud a Uil Czetl n Busu a his Linen a my a Orsund were work of he Luul it i Iree a whole Crown i i it and not u Hall Crown tit log so. And thus is he wandered , a Hill a and a lev Elf he sought Lor Tali Al in a eng. Or Lal til to himself a a unfortunate new that 1 i be never a client in it Gru f. The Case 14. I be no ease at nil. And. In Brief. I be lie or Luul a Brief a a i be waited and wanted in vain exit Eli us att to i a u10 Tinl lure in honest it a i ii i War might g in sonic Reward for tin Tod i i mind. A a a tvs not that i ate wanting in Law or Iaeck an that to he Luni in get to be White i Kiev the a on a torn a ooh How East a a an kor hop u r the it Cne Sion the Virote i 11. It a of lawyer a a a tor. Lit. 1.4 in ii it a a i. »1. A a nil 111 e\4 a a of on a very a a a a a a. A n a la gov us. Aud he Ghod a it Wulf it a a a a to curb his 4 on the eur Stone a no a a . The eran. Quot hair s an e,vniu5 at Iasi in a it a than a let Wax it n to Nice Btij twelve Eifu a a i twin the Coroner to it Are them attend it to the a Aid that it to How the Man had % a . His end. The Man �?�.��?� a Law yer. I hear. In Atli the Foreman who sat 4 n the Corse Quot a lawyer Ala said another a a undoubtedly trial of remorse a a third Aid he knew the deceased. An n t. Ria a will versed 1 1 the Law and n so the Eattock of his death twos no doubt fr4 in the want of a cause Rhc jury decided a it Unith. After Vel Emily wraith ii a matter. That the lawyer wit Drew tided because he ecu id 11� t free a i head above water. A John 1� Shea a historical landmark. Washington letter. Current miscellany. Slow pro roce of court def care work. A Jef fellow Tho me notary Conru Isaiou. to re or the mute Kienth High or amp Yuichi la inc Klught Cucuth Century. Another old Loudon inn Dinar k is Bont to to swept away. This is the fatuous Brockley tack Public House which has Heck Cue of Tho Best Guowu places of the Brockley Road any time during this last 500 years. It is believed to have 1 erected about the reign of the third Edward Trad then Aud for Tauy years afterwards it was the Only House in the neighbourhood. At first it was a private residence Bur some time in the Quot sixteenth Century it became a Bouse of Public entertainment Aud has continued so up to the present time. It is now the oldest licensed House in the county of Kent ail there Are Only one or two of greater Antiquity in Loudon itself. It was at the commencement of Tho last Century however that Tho Hoo so achieved its greatest notoriety. At that time Blackheath was infested by a desperate gang of highwaymen who found a convenient Headquarters at this lonely Roadside Jiuu. They Wero a commercially minded Businesslike gang to whom chivalry Aud Romance were utter strangers. At that period the adjacent Village of lady Well was noted for its medicinal Springs and Many visitors journeyed thither to drink the Healing Waters. Obeso were of course principally wealthy people Aud they were in great request As victims for the bold Kui gets of the Road who sallied Forth from their Well known Headquarters under Tho leadership of a notorious outlaw a axed Brockley Jack whose name has Ciuco been adopted As the Sigu of to House. This desperate gang disappeared before advancing civilization Aud a widely different custom has sprung up at the old inn. It became the objective of Southeast London s monday morning walk Aud on High holidays it was always the scene of merrymaking. A extremely old print represents a Christmas revel outside this House with rustics gambling under the old tree beneath which Tho highwaymen used to quaff their wine and play pitch Aud toss with the Gold pieces among their Booty. It is even said that they used to toss Golden coins into the tree and that when the tree decayed half a Tankard full of Gold coins was collected by a former landlord from Tho Interior of the trunk. In his latter Days the Brockley Jack has lived Down its evil reputation. A few Mouths ago the property was sold to a firm of Brewers with a important reservation Aud they Are responsible for the removal of Tho old place. Tho reservation was the Sigu Boord which Tho owners of Tho House declined to part with at any Price. This signboard which is fastened of the old Trio in front of Tho House is made out of Tho Blade Bone of a horse believed to have been Ridden by one of Tho old highwaymen Aud this Gre some Relie will soon be All that is left of Tho old Brockley Jack. The House has been shored up Aud added to the original thatched roof removed Aud the Shulo of the buildings roofed with red tiles but even this new covering belongs to a out of Date age. Inside Tho House however evidences of Antiquity abound. The wooden Walls covered on the outside with modern match Wood Are plastered with a composition of Clay and Bay Aud the Woodwork is so hard that a a Mil can scarcely be driven into it. Curious dark and narrow passages run Herwec a Tho rooms and until a few Vears ago when a modern staircase was introduced the upper part of tile hons was divided into two parts connected by a drawbridge which could to raised thus completely isolating the two parts. The height of the rooms clearly indicates that Tho House was built for a smaller race of people Thau now exists. Most of the ceilings Are less than six feet from Tho ground mud in Many of the rooms an Ordinary sized Man is unable to stand upright. It is at present a curious mixture of ancient Aud modern. Bicycles with thu latest improvements Are to be seen be Mug against the mediaeval timbers of porno of the Sheds and the Smoko from the railway engine passes Over Tho decaying Trees. A Black Aud White. A special correspondence the Lack of come unrated Effort in the . Part a Marly in coast defense work which is ascribed to congressional shortsightedness though some one else appears to to culpable in at least a contributory degree is shown in Secretary Alger s recent action revoking the orders to a 1 Attert of the fourth Artil Irv to Garrison fort Delaware and finn s feint. N. A. Mid the occupation of these important places guarding the Entrance to the Delaware until next Spring. This is due to an of Neuil report Quot that the old quarters there arc absolutely uninhabitable Aud therefore several Hundred thousand dollars Worth of guns and their mounts Are left without the care they would have were troops available in the Vicinity Aud Tho men a ill net have the advantage of becoming familiar with the weapons not to mention Tho defenceless position in which Philadelphia is left. Of course Congress will be asked to appropriate Matt cd for quarters Aud Liis demand is emphasized by the failure of Tho department to Man the posts but Many persons will wonder that Tho proper officials never thought of this phase of the matter several Mouths ago. An enterprising fellow. There is an enterprising individual in town who for months past has been trying to obtain an audience with a certain High official but the High official being Well aware of the nature of the cuter prising individuals wishes has persistently avoided him. This person however. Is versatile As Well As enterprising. One Day recently to went Over to Baltimore Utida called up Over the Long distance Telephone Tho High official who. Being aware of no possible reason Why he should not answer a Call Over the Long distance Telephone which indicated that there must lie matters of importance that demanded his attention responded a a is that general a.?�?� asked Baltimore. Quot yes. What do you want Quot asked general a. A this is or. B. I want to speak to you about a Little then or. B. Proceeded to Tell his business. Quot come come Quot interrupted general a., Quot this is no matter for the a Well when can i see you then a asked b. A come to my office at 10 o clock tomorrow Quot growled Tho general. Aud the interview took place. Monetary commission hard at work Tho monetary commission is constantly at work and it will to some weeks yet before All the questions it has under consideration Are disposed of. Tho members of Tiu commission Are All Well Guowu men but the most noted of their number is to chairman of to commission sex i Cantor Edmunds of Vermont who for 25 years was a conspicuous figure in Tho Senate Aud regarded As the leading lawyer i that body. The Active part to took in the debates of to Pacific railway funding act and antitrust Laws is still remembered and lie was Tho author of the Quot Edmunds Law Quot which aimed to suppress polygamy in Utah. To was too a member of the electoral commission mud our of those who took part in the trial of Andrew Johnson. Senator Edmunds voluntary resignation of his seat in Tho Senate was a subject of Surprise and wonder tit Tho time. Ciuco Bis retirement to private life he has devoted himself to his Law practice Aud has seemingly never regretted leaving the Sunato. The Library of Congress. Or. Alvord the superintendent of Tho Art department of the Library of Congress. Is hard at work putting Tinl department in order Aud Hopes to Opu it to Tho Public by Jan. 1. To Assort and Araugo All the prints that have accumulated in the Library is of course a tre Mondov undertaking but when it is done the collection will be useful to to student As showing Tho history Aud growth of the engravers Art and photography in this country. Or. Alvord has tiny Quantity of material at his disposal. There Are now stored in the Library some 73,000 engravings 7-1,000 photographs and 20,000 woodcuts besides a Quantity of other pictures that have not been cuss Ifird. It would naturally if it were possible be quite useless to display All of these but from them have been selected about 1,000 prints which will be framed and Hung in Tho gallery. The Library has a Rich Aud very interesting Couch action of political cartoons Lin d among its treasures Are More than 300 rare old engravings copies of Tho old musters which were purchased in the Early Days of the Library but just when and by whom Obeso pictures were bought is not known. Surely the person who had Tho it Crity to use government funds for so aesthetic a purpose As the acquiring of rare old prints must have been a Man of courage Aud Strong convictions ter utilitarian Ileus governed the government expenditures in the Early lays a Mil the fathers were opposed As a Rule to Tho appropriating of Palilio moneys for the purpose of buying works of air. Regarding such outlay As Euc our acim a to i ten Ess Aud the reckless expending of Peoples Money. Cam Schofield. Tho preparation of natural ass Enos is still a genuine agricultural Industry. Flowers Anil leaves Are Tho raw material and tin v have to to treated fresh. The original laboratories Are therefore Geo Molly established very near whore the plants can enjoy the most favourable Clini Atio conditions. Hence Tho Condo essences generally come to us from various Distant regions essence of Ilung from Manilla of Geranium from Are Union and Algeria of Lemon and Citron from Ceylon and China Etc. But As Tho imported materials Are generally scandalously adulterated european Mauu Fae Iuri is have been impelled to bring Home sin la of the crude material As will Bear transportation tie sandalwood cloves Patchouli leaves and vote Vert grass roots brought dried Anil with their scents unimpaired Are distilled in Franco and Germany rather than in Tho countries of their origin. The most important Center of this manufacture is the Little City of Grasse near Nice and Cannes which Bosi Ilos being to Largo Evolor of production for the distillation to of plants Anel Woods is the chief place where these special proc esses which have Boon transmitted through age s and Are the Only ones for the extraction of Tho perfume of Flowers Are in use. The Only eth Emieal agents employed in those processes Aro vapor and . Jacques Pussy in popular science monthly. A feathered surgeon. A Story is told which would indicate that swallows have considerable surgical skill us Well us intelligence. A certain physician round in a nest u Young Swallow much weaker than its mate which had Cue of its legs bandaged with horse hairs. Taking the hairs away to found that the Bird s leg was broken. The next time he visited the nest to found the leg again bandaged. He continued to observe Quot the Case Quot and in two weeks found Tomt the Bird was cautiously removing Trio hairs a few each Day the cure was entirely successful. Lii a that make t s laugh. A if a Man Quot says an intelligent de Totive officer a is found sleeping out without the wherewithal to procure a lodging he Enn be fined or imprisoned but if a sum sufficient for that purpose be found on him he cannot be touched. Quot then again you Are perfectly at Liberty to throw As much dirty water As you please Over a intruder into your House a provided Eliut is. That he has no legitimate excuse for remaining there but should you Honor him with u douche of clean water you arc liable to a prosecution for wasting the same. A if a mangoes into a Public House and says a give me a Glass of Beer please a they air Auto Mako him pay for it. And if you Are not 21 they cannot recover against you for cigarettes you have got on credit though you May be compelled to pay As much As �50 for a fur lined overcoat As that is a then you May be married to your wife in the colonies till right and even in to Channel islands and yet still to a Bachelor in tit pics. St. Georges Bay Newfoundland contains no immense Coalfield fully 20 Miles in length Aud 10 in breadth. It has been estimated that if Tho output Wero to reach 250,000 tons per us cum the Coal bed would not be exhausted in n Century. At Tho present time there Are about 40 lighthouses and beacons erected and maintained by the Newfoundland gov eminent. There Aro also fog signals Aud Bell buoys at the most dangerous Points round the coast. These warnings Cost about f45, our a year. A perfect Skeleton of the extinct Irish Elk has been discovered at Bella Lough in the Isle of Man. It was found in a standing position ten feet beneath the surface. The Irish Elk was the contemporary in Britain of the Mammoth and of the woolly Rhino Ros. Sir Algernon West declares in the nineteenth Century that 350,000 Laud in England every year at the Khanut i port. All their Luggage is examined by a Large staff of in oms officers with the result that no duty is collected Worth speaking of. Tell a woman by her Purso. It has been stated perhaps by detectives that Tho ago Ami a great knowledge of Tho whole character of a woman can be gained from Tho contents of her poke Boek. Tho business woman always has n number of receipted Bills and a Quantity of Cash in her pocketbook while the Mother of a family usually has Many a receipted Bills Little Cash and Tho sides bursting with samples Aud bargain advertise Zionts. The average Young lady has a favorite Pocuis slowed away in a Corner and invariably a souvenir of something bordering of the superstitious. For instance while the writer was in a a state Street jeweler s Tho other morning a Tortoise Shell Portuni Ounie was found of Tho floor. It contained 85 cents and far Hack in a secret pocket a poem entitled Quot soul for soul. Quot it began of. Eyes Tomt Pietreo to through Anil through and draw my very soul Wuy. Your Sunshine Niny ant till my life 3cor turn my darkness into ii in next to that piece of sentiment was a Small card with the Young lady s name mud weight printed upon it. Us the Rev Erse Side i i the card was a Date with the words a if the Sun after this you will have Good Luck for nine about nou Timu a Beautiful Little Brunette All us Xiet Aud blushes hurried in to claim the purse. A Boston Globe. To Are the recognized builders of carriages where a Man can save Many a Dollar and get a Fine Grade of work. It in not like the cheap Grade that is on the Market. It you buy a $65.00 buggy of us you get a $65 00 buggy not a $57.00 buggy for $05.00. To manufacture Surrey Phaeton top and no top buggies of All descriptions and the finest Dayton built in the United states for the Money. Write for Price list Aud catalogue. Novelty Carriage works second and French streets Wilmington. A finds our store at Wachapreague As usual filled with Many useful articles such As Sauta Claus loves to make As presents not Only to the Little ones but As Well to your wives and sweethearts. On a live Wiro. Cheater Shew has had Tho experience of being Quot a truck by lightning continually fur several minutes and yet lives to Tell the Rale. It was not a Bolt from heaven but our from a live wire that hit him. He was painting a pole and suddenly came in Contact with a live wire. In describing Bis experience or. Shew says Quot i hardly know How to describe my feelings when my Arm cause in Contact with tie live wire. For some reason the Trio situation flashed through my mind Aud i remember thinking if 1 lost my grip of the Arm of tie pole i would to dashed to the a a a treet. A great Blaze of Brilliant fire with rays pointed like a Sharp spire seemed to to shining in my face Aud blinding me Aud i also had the sensation that something was burning. My right Arm seemed to be dancing up and Down in the air mud then again whirling around with great rapidity. It Felt like it was cramping and i imagined Tho lingers were Curling up mud could not be straightened firemen from a neighbouring Eugio House rescued York journal. Water butterflies. Beal water butterflies spread their Lovely wings in Tho Clear wavelets of Tho Blue Mediterranean. Their scientific Amo is Terc pod or Wing footed. Tho commonest is perhaps the boat Butterfly. His body seems formed round a tiny Brownish Kernel the size of a Grain of wheat Anil is covered with a Shell soft As Gristle and almost transparent. His wings Are Large round Aud Clear Sis Glass so Eliar that before they can be examined they must be put in a Saucer of writer against a Black ground. Trio hell is so Loose that a Mere touch separates it from the body. Alt Tho sea butterflies have of their tongues rows of Strong pointed Hooks. They Are All flesh eaters. It is wonderful to wat through Trio transparent Shell and almost equally transparent body the Moth us of the heart. These butterflies Lay eggs like Laud ones and Liko land ones Are fond of warmth and Light. Poetry after Poison. One of tie most Paulc tic epitaphs Ever erected is that placed Over the spot litre or. Crew lie Luried at Yokohama. It was by his wife who is i if a in Priscu convicted of having poisoned him in Loving of my husband who died of Molnrr. Is. 4i years. Twilight and twin mar and Tojiu he air a Mil for me. An. May there 1� no Luganini a at Tho bar when 1 put out to mus a lit in in two that when we Dio we i i up our a owing and so a Bodbyl no name simply u veiled tragedy. Some sorrow regret yearning resignation penitence let us Hope Uro All mingled in Liis last Gazette. _ potato crop in America. In this country Tho average rate of potato yield per acre this year is placed it �4 bushels taking the country at Large against so bushels in 1s90, 89 in 1s95 Ana 62 in 1802. We name in Par dressing cases Glove and handkerchief cases Necktie and work boxes Collar and cuff boxes Silver Ware albums games assorted doll baby doll carriages bedsteads and cradles Sho flys Hobby horses express wagons rifles boats and books pianos and other goods too numerous to mention. Mrs. W.f.?Hudson, Wachapreague a. G. Welly go0rd, contractor and builder Accomac c. He a a. All work first class. Material furnished when desired. Plans and specifications prepared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can to be under bid. Work done by Day or contract. Write to me or Call on me for estimates. G. Sivelly c0ard. Special notice. I done to care Quot what other Peoples prices Are for Cream i will sell As Low i not Only will do it but i can afford to do it. My Cream is taking the Lead wherever it goes and you Only have to try it once to be convinced of its Superior Quality. A Richardson steam Cream works. Capacity�?300 Gallons per Day Marios station is. we Hutler. A postal card was recently addressed to or. James a. Macneill Whistler the Academy Loudon by an italian trades Man. It taken to Burlington House and marked there Quot not known at Tho a Koval when or. Whistler at last received it lie sent it to the editor of the daily mail with this characteristic note. Quot in these Days of doubtful freq orations it is my Good Fortune to he Able to Send you tin unsolicited official Aud final certificate of Job tractor. A a although a the Bells of a Oroville Quot or Quot Chimes of Nonu amly a Bubo sounded melodiously on nearly every stage in Europe pastor Brehaut of Tho Church in Corteville Calls attention to the fact that there is nothing but a old Tinkler to be Beard in Corteville. To pastor suggests that the manager of the gaiety theater should give a performance of Quot Les cloches de Corteville Quot for the Benefit of his Church Aud devote the proceeds to Tho Purchase of a peal of Bells. I. P. Justis amp go. Commission merchants 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter �3? references National Bank of Commerce or any produce Bouse in Baltimore. I. H. My amp co. Produce o Tommis Sbur South Btu a and to Wiyu a wharf. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter h �10us1. Mitchell manufacturer of Sash doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Church furniture pews Newels altars rails Etc. Of Plana and specifications made and estimates furnished for All classes of buildings. Factory �?sali8bury, my. A correspondence solicited. Hay Coal flour Terra Cotta piping general merchandise amp a. In building material we have Cypress shingles framing and fencing Lime bricks in. In Terra Cotta piping we have the following sizes 0,8,10,12, 15, 8, 20 Aud 24. Bought direct from the kilns and sold cheaper than wholesale a City prices. Is 20 and 24 Inch for Well tubes will Cost about the same As Cypress tubing Superior to it in Quality and will last a centum it general merchandise our Stock is always full Well selected and in great variety and we carry in addition to above also plows Multi store 14 tooth harrows Aud other farm tug implements Hay flour Coal ic., also j. Masury a Best liquid paints. We buy for spol Cash Aud sell at the to West margin of profit. John w. Rogers amp bros., Only a. Pocomoke Marble werks. .2 Marble find Granite Monu ments headstones tablets amp a. A manufacturers of j. Henry Young i proprietor Pocomoke City my. T. C. Kellam Onancock va., agent. Fred Johnson. Duff Mason livery Sale and Exchange run in connection with new Church station a Jousson amp Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula at Lair rates and with Comfort and dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty Groton amp Doughty general insurance agents have paid for losses in acco Mac and Northampton counties $25,0s5.00 in past three years. Onancock a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so write to the g. S. Waples co. Brooms brushes Cordage atches axe handles. Axle grease barrel covers baskets blacking Blank books glueing. Bowls Burns compasses Broom Racks Corn Poppers butter dishes &c., Candle Wicks cheese safes. Clothes hamper amp a. Cocoa dippers Coffee Mills cur re Combs corks dusters faucets fish Hooks and lines flour sack alters flasks gun Caps Cream freezers horse cards healers Ink Keg. Lamp burners amp cd a pulleys lanterns Lap boards Lemon squeezers Mats measures Murine glasses mucilage. Oakum Oil cans. Well buckets tubs a 119 South Street Baltimore. My fall and Winter millinery our Stock of fall and Winter millinery Large select and of the latest and Best styles is now open. We have endeavoured in making our purchases to meets the wants of our customers and Are confident that we can suit and please them. You Are cordially invited to Call and see us. Mrs. Broughton amp co., Onancock a. George w. Elmore or. Belle Haven Accomac county. Virginia. Practical House Painter. All work Isuara Steed to be first and prices to suit the times. Training a specially motifs. Of. C. Barnes has opened his wheel writ and harness Hup combined at Parksley a. City and country made harness kept constantly on hand also cart saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse carts and repairing harness specialities and All work promptly attended to t. B. W1beback amp son wholesale grocers. 129 Arch Street. Philadelphia a. Represented by a Fulton Fow Ell .0 a a carriages and other vehicles also bought in car Load lots by the undersigned and sold at the lowest margin of profit. R. Pc excl. O 1-4 o o of and jewelry repaired on Short notice go to for the and always to obtain Tho 11 amx Quot lowest possible prices i have for Sale watch pcs i Zlocki jewelry spectacles Jepe a glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius. Pocomoke City my. Is Quot will be at Accomac c. H. Every court Day. York. Pula s Hob Folk b. B. Din effect june 14th, 1897. Quickest and Only daily line Between Boston new York phila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort. I outs Hori Ulk. Old Point Oom Lort gape Cobaj Les. Gnorlton.�?. Cobbe. Fast Valuo a a Macb Pongo. Nassawadox a a amp Eilor. A a a Quot a a Delta. Only. Tttsle7 a in Arl Taley a Julio com. Oak Hall new Obj Rob a Foeth Mojto Robt Sny. Kluge a or a. Princ Manuo. a a Elton a a a a rruiuhua.�?. Ball . Wullc-i�?o8� Uel Tuart a arrived Arrivo. Ilai Ilmore Tulou b cation a a a Wilmington. Ella. Road by. Battlon. La Guiou. Newark. Now Lork Robt Hward i 82 94 Ebua Xiy old acc exp Point. Exp a.61 a. . M b 66 -7 30. 6 10 .7 46 7 10 a 8 40 9 40 10 66 9 60. Ilow _ 19 03 Loo in 01 no _ -�10 08 u 21 no 16 11 26 -i1� 22 u 32 -110 31 11 4u -�1�o40 11 47 no 46 ii 62 -�1u 61 11 67 -111� 57 12 03 -111/6 12 11 1118 12 �2 -111 28 12 29 1132 12 37 full 37 12 44 Al to 12 63 6 10 11 66. 1 06 16 19 0 l 6 40 1210. 125 6 6. 12 20 131 cd a by i 7 go. A 7 lbs 7 35 12 47 .154 Quot 7 5il look z a of r . A a p. .12 is. �22 6 6� .�?z11 1/-. Is 4 87 .-12 00. 6 10 2 28. 6 24. 2 so. 1 8- 3 03 7 46.� 5 42 leave. New York Newark. Trenton. Blu. Ill Road a. Station a a Wilmington. Ball Moro Unlusu act look a southward 86 07 orto a or fled. Folk 2xp-esp ?.m. 300. �32. N60 7 �?~25 10 60m3 11 66 45 old Point sex l 8 00 6 26 9 28 10 20 11 04 Loave. A a Imars my Luna. Aall Abury a Roult Laid a Kloi. Len go a Creek Woeten. Pocomoke a new Church a a i. Hailwood. A Koie it a a a Impf a a oui a a j Cliff. Edict a a tiap Sbur a ensure a Sawanoh. A Ards Anosau a Jaeb Irungu. .-.mlkvllic a us Tox. Cuton -. Opo Grants. Old Point of Mac Rijo a k p in jul a a River. A 25 7 63. 9 06 . A. Iti a.52 a a-.p i 37. 2 66. -161 a 1160 3 06. .2 02 12 of. Ii 06 ri2 i a a a i 20. 3 29. -3 24 12 30 3 33 -233 12 65 8 �9. A 2 44 1 00 3 �9. 2 4c to 01 2 67 f4 00 -303 4 14 -3 1 to 10. Is 4 20. 3 a a 4 3b. -93 t4 41. .84 4 16 -3 a a 62l 9 6v 4 61 3 a 6 06 a 5 12. A 11 o 19. Oil 16 2?. T it 5 38. �3 s 2. F6 46. A 6 05. 4 a a b of. A a a so �?�i0��?z 7 6 a a 10, 8 0o Loti co Pitt Osgord on signal a i if e be Dpi due Law. P a-p.h p. 11 to conduct k. H. Nicholas superintendent Cape Charles a. To. B. Cooke Gene a freight and passenger agent Norfolk. A. Sum Hub sub Tuple of the Baltimore Chesapeake 6 Atlantic Ailway company until Burtner notice will run their Steamer a follow wet amp ibor permitting leaving South 8t. Bart at in i clock p. Steamer Pocomoke. Opt. Ewakd. Tuesday and Friday Lor urls fled Tangier Island Finney a Onancock Biol town Pitts wharf of Dar Hali Heb Botn. Powell a Pocomoke Olty matto Hodl Aud Snow Hill. Reub Ming monday and thursday leaves now Bui b a. My tia Pool 8 30,Pocomoke City 8, 8-30 ref. Obib v. Cedar Hall 9.3u, Pitts Bart 10, Biol town 10 16, Onancock 2 30 p. M., pin Ney s 3, Saucier Lelond 30. Crts Loid 6. Nto univ Eastern Shore. . B Baynok. Wednesdays and of nays Lor Ort Oneid Harbor Tou . Cedar View Cord Ito Aua. La Wiebrie ids Aud rues re Tok Ninon leaves rues tuesdays Aud fridays 8, Shields tt.30, lavas 10.00. Read s 10.20. A cold 11. No Uruu 12 30, Cedar View 12.6. Boggs 2.45, Evana 3, uerborton3a�j.ulslleld6. My Aror tax Giek. Mondays Aud thursdays for Fords Coulbourn Creek Cri Olleia Plu Noye , Ilu Utleg Creek and he Hougo. Re turning leave wednesdays Ai d saturdays 3ies�ougo a Hunting Greet. , be sconces hex Llda a. Oua cock 2.30, i Guys 3, Uri Aleid of Cou Bouru Creek 7, Fords 7.3u. Arifi Teamer leave cola fled Roi balt Elmore on Ari. of last Down train. A reign Aua passengers received ror ail Points Jyh to n. F., Penila. Aud Norfolk Wicomico and to Moko r. R. Dolly. Delaware Maryland and Virgadula railroads. Positively us Iro ight resolved after 4 30 a. Ilij Mutt be Prepula to ail Points except a athe n. I nor foil to Rall Rood Willard Thomson t. Murdock Lien l Zaier past. Agent. J. Sawyer Wilson jr., freight agent. 205 e. Baltimore st. New fist Ais h Cor. Pratt amp Calvert Ste. Baltimore my. European plan. Reisinger wholesale Aud retail dealers in All kinds of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators j baby carriages and All sorts of House . We. Reisinger amp son a Colu Mecla ave., and 611 to 683 Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore my. City and suburban cars pass the door look us up. It will pay you. Represented by s. H. Gladding. Established 1844. Frank c. Botox Lee b. Botox Bolton bros., paints oils and class prize medal ready . T7, a the family. Maine safeguard machinery oils tar oakum and pitch engineers machinists steamship and railway supplies. 413, 420, 422,424 e. Pratt Street Baltimore my. E. Selby of va., with Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley amp Mullen Wilmington Del., wholesale grocer and dealer in cigars and tobacco. Orders filled on Day received. Quick transit and lowest prices should commend us to the patronage of the Peninsula. A. Davis amp co., wholesale dealers in tuba go in Fine cigars. N e Cor. Howard amp German its Baltimore my. Represented by Frank w. Byrd. Laurel works Laurel Del., Davis amp bro., proprietors. For prices on head and Foo stones Monument Iron railing and All cemetery work in general and save Money. Davis amp bro., Laurel Del. Agents a. H. Pruitt Temperance Ville e. J. Winder Onancock Geo. W. Abdell. Belle Haven. Jam Parks ail builder Accomac o. Is now prepared to construct on Short notice buildings of every class and description. and specifications pre i a _ a spared by him and All material s whenever desired. A Stork done by Day or contract. All work first class. Write to or Call on him for estimates. Raw Hegan t Enderson. In Eil in a i w rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And 1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and in equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Bells steam heat Baths a. Urns red a file prop Lew. J Kee a a very mum urea cd i it u taker s Stock Aud has the Best outfit South of Wilmington Del. Of a Mph in in la a .1,1 a a a i my him

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