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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 4, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia We should grow More Rye. Bookshelf for Mother. Any boy Handy at car entering can do it and wait for Christmas. In almost every household there is gome one who is Handy with tools Days the american agriculturist to prove its assertion it prints the following Story by James b. Duncan and a picture that shows the result of painstaking Effort a Bookcase Large enough to hold 100 books is an adornment to any household and the youngster who is Clever enough to gather in some Nice bits of Pine Wood and then tackle the tool Box in the barn will be sure to have something extra from Mother in his Christmas stocking. Here Are the rules to follow in the use of All Edge tools if you would avoid cracks and splitting be patient and do not attempt to remove Wood too rapidly although the tools should be always kept with perfectly Sharp edges. There is much marking out to do and As this must be accurately done a Good Sharp Pencil should always be at hand. In Sand papering it is Best to wrap the paper around a Block As the result is More uniform than when the paper is supported by the hand alone. The three shelves which Are identical in every particular should be smoothly finished giving particular attention to the ends As these Are visible through the Side strips. In order to fit around the four Corners of the uprights the four Corners of these must be notched out these uprights after having been Cut to length smoothly finished and the Corners rubbed Down very lightly with sandpaper should have the location of the shelves marked on them and then have the holes bored for the screws. From half Inch Wood Cut out four brackets of such a length As to fit closely Between the two uprights of each end. Six Little Side strips measuring one fourth by one Inch Are required which should be Flat on top and pointed at their ends. In assembling make a Hole in the a a Corner of each shelf and carefully try a present any boy can make Fob Mother. The screws so As to make sure that they will not split the shelf when driven Home. Place the brackets in position and secure them by glue and a Small wire Nail at two of the Corners. In attaching the Side strips use nails with Large ornamental Heads in the desired finish. To conceal the Heads of the screws in front similar nails should be driven pin As close to the screws As possible and directly above them. If preferred wooden buttons May be set Over the head of each screw and held by Means of glue. In order to hang these shelves a Small Hole should be bored in the upper ends of each of the Back uprights. These shelves require the following pieces of dressed lumber the shelves three pieces 1 by 9% by 37% Back uprights two pieces 1 by 2 by 35 front uprights two pieces 1 by 2 by 24% Side strips six pieces % by 1 by 24%. Poultry pickings. Eggs should be graded and the Small and 111 shaped used for cooking purposes. None hut the brightest and Best should be placed upon the Market or used for incubation. Pigeons Are becoming More popular and game blrd3 Are getting scarce. Pigeons require very Little attention when preparations Are made for them. Squab raising is profitable when followed intelligently. Why not try a few pigeons great care is necessary in collecting eggs intended for incubation. The poultry Man should always know the parents of the offspring and for this reason a record should be kept of both hens and cockerel. This is the Only Way to Breed Good fowls. Beginners at poultry keeping tend to overfeed their chickens during the Winter too much Grain and too Little animal food and Green food. Fowls require each of these three kinds of food All the year round in order to keep in vigorous health and if they Are overfed or underfed with either one there is Apt to be a loss in vitality that shows itself in diminished egg production. Tho humbling of Deacon Todd. I Tell you said Deacon Todd As they sat in Tho Park a the Way women dress these Days is absurd. And nine times out of ten it is the fault of men. Just for instance take that woman coming Down the path. Some fool husband has told her she looks perfectly charming in that outrageous Getup lacking the stamina to come right out bluntly and Tell her that she looks positively since this remark or. Todd has never been seen in Public without his glasses. The woman was mrs. judge. Aroused. A the Young woman in the Stem of the boat had whispered softly the word a but stay right where you Are Jack a she added hastily. A if you try to kiss me you la upset the How do you know a hoarsely demanded Jack a horrible suspicion already taking Possession of ideas. It makes the finest bread in All the world. Bye is a Grain that seems to have been neglected by Tho american Farmer. We grow Only about 24,000,000 bushels a year while Russia raises nearly 700,000,000 bushels. It is the finest thing known to be grown for Green manuring on lands deficient in humus. It contains More i Bruins banquet. It was Long drawn out and Only whetted his appetite. The finish was exciting. A a a it. I a \ i n or a is amp a. A. At. It v h her Bye bread will be a test As pretty. Protein than wheat and its health or a fuel value is nearly twelve calories per Pound. The Black bread or a a Pumpernickel a of Germany is made from it and it is recognized As the finest army ration in the world. Rye is often affected by ergot and is said to be harmful to animals but the fact that Man has used it for centuries with no evil result seems to be proof that the Grain is wholesome. At any rate it is when properly milled and baked the foundation of a the finest food especially for children that can be imagined. A real rat trap. A neighbor of mine placed an Iron Kettle partly full of bran buckwheat and meat scraps with a Board approach convenient for the rats to walk up to the Kettle until they were accustomed to feed there. Then the contents were removed and the Kettle was filled to about the same depth with water with a Little bran sprinkled Over for a Blind. Fifteen rats were found in the Kettle the next morning. If any escaped they left the barn in a journal. Orchard and Garden. Thin fruit Trees if they need it this is a better paying method than propping branches. Placing a Small Heap of Rich stable manure around the base of each tree in the Young Orchard will prove to be a Little time and labor Well spent. It is a Fine plan to have the materials always on hand for making Bordeaux mixture and then to mix up a Spray and use it when you have a spare hour. If Trees need water pull the soil away from around the roots give each tree a painful and after it soaks in replace the Earth. No use to apply water to the surface of the ground around the tree. If you observe that the shoots on your Trees grow Only five or six inches every year you May know that the soil needs to be enriched. The growth ought to be from fifteen to thirty inches every season. Tent caterpillars Are bad pests when they get on some of your pet Trees. Watch out for them and when seen Burn them with a Torch. A kerosene soaked rag wrapped around the end of a pole will do for a Torch. Cultivate the Spring set Strawberry bed regularly and often. Keep the soil Loose and Mellow and let no weeds get a foothold. After enough runners have rooted Cut off surplus ones the same As if they were weeds. If your Apple Trees Are affected with Scab be sure to Spray with the boiled Lime Sulphur mixture just before the buds burst and always before a rain because the spores of blight can be carried by the wind to other Trees. Place a two Pound paper bag Over each Bunch of grapes when the fruit is the size of Small shot. This protects the grapes from insect and Bird injury and insures extra Choice clusters. Fasten the Mouth of the bag close about each Stem with a pin or wire or string. When picking blackberries get them out of the Sun As soon As possible or turn red in spots and not be �0 scalable. Hurry them into the crates and then into a Cool cellar until time for shipping or Selling. Fill the boxes full and pack neatly in clean packages. If you want a fancy Price make the crates look attractive. Advice. A now that you be heard my Daugh ter sing what would you advise me to do a a Well a the music master replied hardly know. Done to you suppose Yoi could get her interested in Settle Meu work or horseback Riding or something like that a a Chicago record Herald. His grievance. Editor we Are sorry to lose yom subscription or. Jackson. What a the matter done to you like our politics Mistach Jackson a taint Dat Sah a Tain Dat. For Mah wife Jess been and Dun landed a Job of wok Foh me by advertising in Youh darned old papa a puck. Digestion and assimilation. 9 it is not the Quantity of food taken but the amount digested and assimilated that gives strength and vitality to the system. Chamberlains stomach and liver tablets invigorate the stomach and liver and enable them to perform their functions naturally. For Sale by All dealers. After the pork course gave out a dessert of cold Lead ended the feast and the unwilling Host vowed never again to fool with a Bear. A teamster in the employ of one of the big tanneries in the West had a laughable yet trying adventure with a Bear while on his Way from the Woods with a Load of bark. As he emerged from the Woods with his team he stopped to give the mules a breathing spell and to eat his dinner which be carried in a tin bucket. He had scarcely opened his bucket and begun to eat when a Bear came out of the Woods on one Side of the Road Only two or three rods in the rear of the Wagon. Bruin sauntered along paying no attention to the team but the teamster desirous of seeing what the Bear would do threw a bit of Salt pork in Bis Way. The Bear stopped smelled at the pork and gulped it Down greedily. Then the animal noting the source of the morsel came toward the Wagon and Rose on his haunches As if to say that another bit of pork w Ould prove acceptable. The teamster laughed and tossed out a second piece which Bruin devoured and then he posed again. But the teamster wanted the rest of his dinner himself and paid no attention to the shaggy intruder. The beggar seeing that the teamster was no longer aware of his presence snorted sharply two or three times and walked Back and Forth across the Road As if recon loitering the situation. Presently he growled but the teamster thinking that the beast would go Nway if he got nothing further continued his meal. The Bear ventured near and finally climbed up the Load of bark at the bind end of the Wagon. The Man was unpleasantly surprised at this movement of Bruins As he was wholly unarmed. Accordingly he threw a bit of pork into the Road at the same time Yelling to the Bear to direct its attention to the meat. Tho Bear dropped Down and went and picked it up but As soon As it was swallowed and there w As no More forthcoming he made another charge upon the we agon. The teamster started the mules of Ward but knew that lie could not Hope to escape with his heavy Load of bark. An idea struck him. He we Ould coax the Bear on by feeding the lunch to him until they should come to a friends House a mile or two along the Road. Then he would got a gun and shoot the old fellow. The teamster sat on the bark facing backward his big dinner bucket at band. When the Bear came up with the Wagon and threatened to climb upon the Load the teamster tossed out a piece of pork. The Supply of this edible w As limited so lie tossed the beast a slice of bread which fell butter Side up. Bruin nosed it then licked the butter off and left it. The next slice fell butter Side Down and the Bear ignored it. Boiled eggs and cheese fared the same. Bruin wanted pork. The teamster dealt this out in Small bits we hich failed to satisfy and the Bear was growing ugly and aggressive. At length the teamster saw his Friend at work in a Field and called to him to run for his gun. The Man seemed to realize the state of the Case and set off on a dead run for his House a Quarter of a mile Distant but the Supply of pork was out before he returned and the poor teamster was in a sorry plight the Bear climbed upon the Load. The teamster tossed him the last piece of pork and then jumped from his Wagon and Tore Down the Road. Bruin prob ably thinking that the teamster was fleeing with a Stock of coveted pork started after him. The terrified Man had a fair Start but lie stumbled Over a Stone and fell full length and the Bear we As close upon him when there came the loud report of a gun. The Friend had come at last. The teamster Rose and looked round. There Lay his late pursuer in the Road dead. The teamster declared that never again would he fool with a s weekly. The Joy of pockets. The pocket has to be lacked before it is properly appreciated the London chronicle says. This writer had taken his pockets As a matter of course until one evening he attended a fancy dress Ball in a costume we hich he discovered when too late to remedy the defect we As absolutely pocket less. The question at once arose what to do with pocket handkerchief Money cloakroom ticket and so on. The handkerchief of course went up his sleeve but it took some minutes to devise receptacles for coins and other necessaries in the lining of the Cap the heels of the shoes and the cuff of the coat. All night Long however he Felt lost through having no place to thrust his hands into. Since then he finds himself frequently putting his hands into his pockets to experience the sheer Joy of knowing that they Are there. Wanted to make sure. Under Ordinary conditions he was a Man of prominence but As he ascended the Steps of his residence very Early in the morning it was very evident that he desired to be As much otherwise As possible. The cabby was lingering near by to see that his charge was safely disposed of for the night the door opened before the Man on the Steps could get the key to work and he was greeted with the question a Henry where have Yon been a silence Henry where have you been a he turns to descend the Steps a Are you going to answer my question a a yes Dearie heart i sure am. From my personal knowledge beloved of my soul 1 can to give the desired inf Matoil so you jest Lay Down again while i go Back and ask the Back Driver a a Argonaut wheel problems. Does the Edge of a he wheel revolve around the Axle a the wheel that turns under the locomotive or the car has a Long and queer history a says a writer in the Railroad Many a Magazine a but the mystery is still with us and whirls its Hundred question Marks before our eyes every minute of the Day. A of course every one believes that the Edge of the wheel goes around the Axle. But does it. Take the end of any spoke near the tire or any part of the tire and on a still windless night fasten a Candle to it then Back off till nothing can be seen but that Candle flame. A let the wheel revolve slowly free from the ground. The Candle flame makes a Circle of fire All right and goes around the Axle. Now lower the we Heel until it rests on the ground and Start ahead. The flame suddenly stops going in a Circle and begins to make a we avy line first High and then Low. It goes around nothing at All. A men with Clear minds can perform the Experiment satisfactorily by tying a handkerchief around the tire in Daylight but to do this takes a keen mathematical imagination because the Eye is confused by other moving a objects and is not Able to see the handkerchief free from these other influences. A at night the Candle flame alone can be seen so that is perhaps the Best time to try the matter out tie a Torch to a locomotive Driver and then Send the engine slowly Back and Forth we Hile the observer is off some Hundred feet Distant in the dark. The Torch does not move in a Circle. It simply goes ahead somewhat like a flying machine rising and falling in the wind coming to a dead Stop at its lows est Point and going twice As fast As the engine when at its highest Point. A the fact that the Bottom of an engine wheel always stands still is More easy to learn than the fact that the top of the wheel moves just twice As fast As the train but this can be proved easily with a piece of Board. A take a piece of Board say ten feet Long and Lay one end on top of the w Heel. Now move the engine Forward two feet and you will find that the Board has gone ahead four feet just twice As far As the engine. Lay Down the Board and tie two pieces of string to the wheel one at the top and the other at the Bottom where it rests on the ground. Now run your two feet and see we lint happens. The Bottom string has moved Forward too but not nearly so. Far As has the top piece of string although the ends were even at the plants breaking up an Island. The Layman would scarce a associate great strength with so delicate and fragile a thing As Maidenhair Fern yet if its roots have not sufficient room they will break the pot in which the Plaut grows. Blades of grass will Force the Curbstone Between which they Spring up out of their place and in a single night a crop of Small mushrooms has been known to lift a Large Stone. Indeed plants Are on record As having broken rocks. The l Island of Aldabra. To the Northwest of Madagascar is becoming smaller through the action of the mangroves that grow along the foot of the Cliffs. They eat their Way into the Rock in All directions and into the gaps thus formed the Waves Force their Way. In time they will probably reduce the Island to american. Not consistent. A you Are very foolish Mary to think of getting married. If you will give up the idea i will raise your wages a Dollar a a a huh a Dollar a week that a a Fine argument age inst marriage to be put up by a lady that a drawn $400 a month . The Soldier is the Only wild animal that does not eat what he . Bathrooms in Paris. An observant English journalist in Paris has�?�1 s a hot weather amusement made a private census of bathrooms. He calculates that in All the Flats and private houses of Paris there Are about 2,800 bathrooms. And this writer lying in his own Bath and making another calculation will bet a bashful of water that he could get up and pitch a Cricket Ball from the Garden about Bis modest Flat this Way and that Over As Many bathrooms. It is a curious Little difference of National architecture. And the quaintness of the difference comes with the fact that you sep More people in London who look yes dirty than in Paris. Even the beggar in Paris is clean in face Finger nails and chronicle. # wonder what Tennyson said. In his volume of reminiscences professor e. B. Poulton writes of a visit to Boston where he met several notables. Holmes spoke of Emerson stamping his foot with rage when he could not remember a name. Lie mentioned the Corbett mitc Liell prizefight which had just taken place and said a i own to a lurking sympathy with prize fighting perhaps because i. Am so unfitted for the ring he told professor Poulton he would never repeat to any one what Tennyson said to him when he entered his House. William James pressed him to do so with the Assurance a there Are no reporters but or. Holmes replied with emphasis a i have said that i will never Tell any one. It was not a thing that i should have supposed any Man would say to a guest he had invited to his faithful to its meat pies. In England Oue county still resists the encroachments of the Sandwich. Cornwall will have none of it. There the pasty reigns supreme that delectable compound of meat onion and potato enclosed in a semicircle of Rich Brown crust pilots fishermen farm labourers and school children one and All carry their pasties. These Range in size from a comparatively minute semicircle priced in confectioners shops at twopence to Gigantic combinations of meat and crust that no Ordinary dish can hold. Even the tramp in Cornwall scorns a travel Erst diet of bread and cheese. He too seated by the Roadside on a Heap of Stone will be observed to draw from some recess in his tattered coat a substantial Globe. The Fertile Rock. Gibraltar is often called a Barren Rock yet it has 456 species of indigenous flowering plants. Castor Oil plants Datura and daphnes attain the dignity of Trees and geraniums and Heliotrope the proportions of Hedges. These Floral delights often conceal Cannon and other armaments. The few snakes that Are found Are Small and harmless. Lizards several inches Long Are often seen. Spring and summer goods. Of a the Little son of the hostess is mighty ugly in t he a a do you think so a a the certainly does no to take after his Mother. Must look like his a this Mother says he does. In a his Post. Save Money by Biying your Spring goods of us. New line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of Mill feeds american steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches High &c., amp a. Flour a specially. Call and let us save you Money. J. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made. Are you thinking of building this fall if to come to see to and save Money on doors windows. Blinds paints and oils Dement plaster Paris Terra Cotta piping of All sizes plastering laths Shin. Glob of All grades and sizes building material of All kinds. We also carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture 8toves, Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at $5.25�?everything in fact usually kept in first class country store. Save Money by coming to my store. Bei Ini g. Johnson Marsh Market a. An insurance policy is As valuable As a deed. And it is. A guarantee against misfortune when backed by Large assets. It costs no More to get the Best. Protect your Home. And business against fire by a policy in one of the following companies assets. Surplus to policy holders. Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 26. 1900. Ben t. Gunter. President. A. J. Mcmart secy and treas. W. A. Burton. Gen. Mgr. General office Onley Virginia. Growers Agency for Choice Irish and Sweet potatoes onions berries peas Etc. Operates at All the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. Or rot improved grading and packing of goods. Proper distribution on the various j7. Markets. The establishment of Home markets and everything that tends to higher prices for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. Fifteen years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. T. Cochran amp co. Commission merchants. 2 .1 Southern fruits and vegetables a 290 Washington Street shipping number 28 i Newyork. References Aetna National Bank n. Dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. G. Raven bub. Established 1869. J. Richardson. G. Rivenburg amp co. Commission merchants ust., fruit amp produce Home insurance co., n. $30,179,913 Aetna insurance co., Conn. 21.023,554 Hartford insurance co. 24,363,635 Fidelity Phoenix n. 13,790,298 Phila. Underwriters 24,768,966 a. Underwriters .24,363,635 a Germania fire n. 6,648,971 i Petersburg saving amp ins. Co. 3,166,147 Saint Paul fire amp Marine 7,028,704 a a a Hamburg Bremen fire 1,985,139 Williamsburg City n. 2,844,451 a. Fire amp Marine in. Co. 1,590,315 London Assurance corp. 3,665,813 caledonian insurance co. 2,078,920 Queen of America 9,025,889 american surety company 2,500,000 a represented by $15,329,613. 12,369,016. 8.923.967. 5,734,087. 10,891,086. 8.923.967. 3,021,740. 822,926. 1,908,712. 663,443. 917,548. 798,288. 1,195,075. 579,736. 4,389,125. 2,500,000. Poultry calves and eggs 168 Reade Street new York. Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and peninsula1 produce Exchange of Maryland. Shipping no. Kelly amp Nottingham agents Onancock Virginia. Callahan a fall and Winter opening of clothing shoes hats furnishings amp a. References Irving National Exchange Bank n. Y., 1 1 w. A. Burton Onley a. And the Trade generally. J Geo. W. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission merchants is Park puce a new York. References a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Brads treets a and dunes agencies. Belling agents e. S. Produce Exchange also Southern produce company Norfolk a. They Are All in and ready for the inspection of the Public. We Are offering the j greatest inducements Ever offered in this Community. We have marked our Young menus suits Down at a Price that will Surprise you. We Are handling the Well known line Schloss Bros and the Alco system hand tailored suits. These have no equal at Price. Leading colors Blue Grey and Brown. Our shoe department is Complete. Ralston health and Crossett being our leaders for men. Queen Quality and Fred s. Todd a for ladies in All the leathers. Boys misses and children a shoes in abundance. A cordial invitation extended to All. Agent for Isaac hamburger amp sons tailored suits. W. Callahan Pocomoke City Maryland. Clifton amp Woodland co., general commission merchants. Shipping letters c. Amp w. . Sole agents for e. S. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission # fruits and merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping no. 1 04. New York. References Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National Bank new York bradstreets and dunes mercantile agencies a Parksley Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones Tab. Lets &c., also dealers in Iron Fence. E. Howard proprietor Parksley a. The Telephone alarm a suburban newspaper says a within 48 hours after the completion of a Rural Bell Telephone line a fire broke out near a Cranberry bog threatening great damage. Neighbors were summoned from Miles around Bybell Telephone and strenuous work saved the bog and several farm Are you protected write today for Booklet the Diamond state Telephone company h. R. Hearn agent Onancock a. Spring goods when you come to Onancock Stop at my store that is the place to buy Spring shoes. A have a full line in Dolly Madison in All styles pumps from $1.25 to $3.50, High tops from $1.50 to $4. General merchandise big line consisting of dress Gingham from 8 to 25 cents ladies Muslin underwear at All prices 1>ig line of ladies White dues goods sheeting Meady made sheets and Pillow cases matting mugs ac., China from cheap to Fine imported. And done to forget we Are the meat Peop in As we have a big refrigerator and Curry a line of the Best fresh meats at All times. Of me and give us a trial. Yours for business j. Bull new York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. U la effect april 30, 1911. South bound train. No. 49 no. 37 no. 45 no. 41 no 47 leave p. M. A. M. P. Al. P. M a a new York n.8.9 us 3 5 45 a Philadelphia 111 a. M. Wilmington 12 02 p. Al. Baltimore 10 us 3 44 5 57 653 455 8uu 1uuq 10 44 900 3 of 10 45 3 10 11 us leave 1 Delmar Salisbury Tasley gape Charles old Point Norfolk arrive 9u5 a. Ai. P. M. P. Ai. P. M. 4 39 615 8uu p. Ai 1 09 9 14 4 30 10 26 6 20 7 25 6 57 10 16 7u9 in 21 135 148 6 20 7 25 leave Norfolk old Point Cape Charles Tasley Salisbury Delmar North bound trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 46 . . . . . 8 00 6 16 8 45 7 15 1105 930 734 8 01 135 200 10 4� a. M. 12 25 12 54 600 7 31 942 1015 100 8 40 1135 . 112 8 19 8 59 arrive . . Wilmington la 22 4 35 . Philadelphia 12 to 5 22 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 new York n.8. 2 56 8 05 a. M. 4 05 732 p. M 7 41 826 9 50 1118 Cere. Hill and main streets Onano ook. A. V a Sgrinia a in the clerks office of t be circuit court of the county of Omack. On the 4th Day of september a. D., 1911. W Acner Ames,.plaintiff. Against . . Oil. An attachment returned levied &c., removed by a Justice of the pea be. T a object of this suit is to recover fro n Tfaye defendant the sum of thir tee a dollars and Twenty five cents 13 .2sj. With interest thereon from the1st Day of september 1911, until is id Aid costs of suit and to have to e a Aid debt interest and costs is its fled by the Sale of the real estate 0 i Fie defendant attached in this 1 Toce Eding. A or an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant w. E. Kim is not a resident of the state of Virginia it is ordered that he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what j is necessary to protect his interests Lin this suit. And it is farther ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of a Woomack and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court Honse of this county on or before the next succeeding Lyle Day from the Daw a Hereof. John. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste a Sci fed. Grant,jr., c. C. Warner Ames a. Q. Trains 49 and 60 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 46 daily except sunday to. B. Cooke. E. Masse Tommar Nuesi. Dum Rustandi r. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead taken up and removed to cemetery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone else. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker. At f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work done promptly. Satisfaction guaranteed

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