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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Aug 2 1900, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 2, 1900, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Accomac 0 ir., va., saturday july 21. 1888.�?supplement. Fries Imee Axxis a list of the eleventh annual fair a of the Eastern Shore agricultural association under the auspices of the patrons of husbandry at or fair grounds near Keller acc Piuac county a. Commencing tuesday August 21st. 188s, and continuing 4 Days. A entries May i. july lit. letter a i live a a i to the Secretary or. .1. K. Tipp. Keller. Attn in county Vit. O i it e i 8 of k 1 8 8 8. G. Ii. A Atit president or. J. E 5iait, Secretary. T. . Yvo. T. Joists of. Board of managers. L. 0. A Means. Yvo. F. Flemish1. Yves Ott. J. 31. 3vest. .15 cuts �?�5 cents committee of arrangements. To receive and visitors g. Ii. A Dalli ii. W. A yeahs l. Ii. Ames. A. J. 31e a its. To arrange horses to. Kei , my. K. 3i.\rr. _ to arrange agricultural anti 3leelianieal implements Yew i. T. Means. To arrange Stolec and fowl it. It. . To arrange la Rottee department a joint k. Haymus k. S. Vise. To at Range ladies department we. T. Jun sox j. 31. West. Chief of police my. F. Flemish. Designation of officers the president and his aids will Wear a to hit Rosette die members of the executive committee. Llu a. The Secretary item the marshal and assistants yellow the sup t. And their employees Green. Privileges. desiring privilege s of any kind on the grounds during the fair will apply to the Secretary As to terms Etc. No a Tauxw shows or other exhibit i us will be All wed inside the enclosure unless duly licensed by a special committee App Intel for that purpose 1 tickets must be worn in a conspicuous Plinio when within the fair 1�round enclosure. Coloured people admitted through the fair grounds but not in the Hall nor under the speakers 11�.w r. Kates of admission. Single admission.25 t in i coloured people. Children from in to ii years 1� cents Carriage. List of Lre Xix Ems division a horses. T. Kollaras w. F. Mapp superintendents. Restricted to and northnii�pt�1 counties an t Eist Rush a to Mary Laius Rutm a. First d . 2 1st. Best Spring Colt or filly let to Premium $4 2u�l Premium $2. Lxi inhibited at i i m. Fastest 2 year old Colt or filly trotting in Clarac a. Be t 2 in u half mile Bents 1st Premium $10 2nd Premium $5. Three minute class trotting in , a Best j in 5, mile hens 1st Premium $20 2nd Premium $10. V. So on Day arum or iian. Best 1 year old Colt or fill v. 1st Premium $5 2nd Premium $3 exhibited at 11 a m i a. 4% a Sio a a at 11 Suft st st t year old Colt or Lilly trotting in harness Best 2 in 3, mile heats 1st Premium Sis and Premium �10. _ 2-30 class trotting in harness Best 3 in 3, mile heats 1st Prcin �23 2nd or. £10. Day thursday August 2.nt>. Best fastest _ Premium �15 2nd Premium �10. _ _ class trotting in harness Best 3 in 3, mile Heuts 1st print. §23 2nd or. £13. Fourth Day Friday. August24th. 3iost stylish and finest looking horse a a Quot. Exhibited at 11 a. 3t. Pacing in harness Best 3 in 3, mile hits 1st Premium �13 2nd Premium �10. Free for All trotting in harness Best 3 in 5, mile heats 1st or. A a a 2nd or. §20. Three or More horses or c. Its to cuter and two to Start or c unset of for purses. All races will be called at 1 o clock p. 31. To Start a d the heats will i c sandwiched and to be trat cd under the rules of the National trotting association. Any wit wilfully Errar in Ely mins his horse into another Drivers horse or sulky on the track will be immediately and forever expelled from the track. Any parties using insulting or disrespectful Laug ago to the judges in the stand will he expelled from the grounds and his Hor c or horses ruled from the track. It vision b cattle sheep Swine poultry. W. T. Kilmon r h hot Shimota sep dts Best Bull age. §10 00 a a cow 2 years old and under 1st Premium �10 0 2nd Premium a t o a a calf 1 year and under a 0 us a a i 00 a a cow regardless of age a a 12 00 a a 00 a boar a a 3 00 a a 3 00 a a lie of sow and litter of pigs not less than 3, 1st or. §10 00 2nd or 5 Oil a a fair shoats o months and under a a 0 00 a a i Oil a a ram regardless of nge a a 3 00 a a 2 00 a a i Annb �3 to lest pair ewes �5 00 bulls no re Celvid without n ring in the nose 1 Iii ii let i \ a l Iii Ila Tiet u year old cd it Lac or filly. 1st Premium a Hgt and Prem $5 exhibition it t 11 am est 4 year old Colt or Tilly trotting in harness Best j in 0, mile heats just rest pair rung a Liang chickens. .�1 50ofbest pair Minorca chickens. §1 .30 a a Brahma a a 1 50 a a b 1 bed game chickens i 50 a a Cochin a a. 1 30 a a in skin ducks. I no a a b Cochia a a. 1 30 a a native Quot. 1 50 a Plymouth Hock a a 1 30 a a turkeys. 2 01 a Vyvyan lotto a a. 1 30 a a geese. 1 50 a a b. Leghorn a a. 1 .30 a a Guin is. 1 10 u w a 1 50 i. Division a farm products Frantt John e. Harman. E. S. Wise superintendents. Best 12 apples of any variety 1st Premium .$1 00 2nd a a peaches a a pears a a 4 and a most Choice variety Quot of fruit. I st or. Watch rec on and Musk Clou each 4 variety of grapes.$2 00 i 001 00 44 2 00 a a. I 00 44. Best Sample of Graj is. No 0 50 1 00 80 i to vegetables test 12 Iris i potatoes. 1st >r.$2 50 2nd pr.�2 00 cd no a a 0 00 4th 00 Best 12 Sweet 4 a a. N 0o 00 a 0 00 2 i 0 5th Premium. 1 of Best variety of Root crops not Les than 2 of each kind 1st or $2 00 2nd or. $ of �?�4 Heads of cabbage 1st Premium �1 of 2nd Premium. 50 a a 12 onions. 2 00 a. 1 00 Ltd tomatoes. I 00 a 50 assortment of Tabic vegetables. 2 0� a. I of and largest pumpkins of any variety. 1 on j Tobl a bees. 50 a st Iwaji of any kind 50 Best half a Ion peanuts new $ 50 bets pint of Lima beaus. $ 50 of White wheat. A a red 4 oits Best 10 cars of White Corn a a yellow Corn Best stocks of yellow Corn. 44 5 ears of Tabic Corn. Grain and seed. 1st Premium $1 o0 a a 1 00 a a 1 00 4 1 00 j 00 2ml Premium a 50 50 50 no 50 1 0 a 1 00 division farm implements a. T. Mars superintendent. Best cart 1st Premium .$7 00 2nd Premium$5 00 in on. A a. 7 �0 441 00 4t grub hoc 41 100 Best drag. 2 00 a a o t a in and Garden Rake each. 50 4�?~ cultivator$100 Best single plow. 100 division a a ladies department we t. Johnson Jno. M West. Sup to Best to time of Home Ina to butter1st pro Iii him $ i u 2il pivmlum50 hot a in de Imit. Snip la Lumix Madi lined Wop Jar canned pc Elies. Apples a tears a a Ini fru a Wiiest. Eriety a Enn Nti 4 p serv in a. Jars. 44 jellies. A a a a pickles. Quot 44 can a i vec Etab is. Best Jar preserved qui or s los each. I no 1 m 2 no a of 2 i 2 00 2 00 2 i h 50 50 1 a i 2 i 1 my 1 00 1 00 i of 50 w a ter Melon Rind a 1 of by st Jar in Orvo Lun ternudm.2 co Busl joint of Hoin Vitie or. $1 50 Best simple it it fee by l$t$00 2nd a a hour Pickl Siu Alness jars 0o 2nd. 50 a Jar Nenei vegetal s a a. 1 i Quot it i 44 Marble Rake a. I 50 a a lip 44 Jelly. Acc. 44. 1 5o a a. Wine. A a. 250 44 i m a a Sweet picked in do. ,4 a fruit a acc. A Wund 444�?~ Spunky Rake. A in quo 1 i no 2 i Ini 1 i Ini 2ml Raj carpets not less than 10 a nerds. 4 44 foot in of not 1st.$2 ii 2nd. I in Lavt silk p eced bed a i it 5 00 41 w4> sl4dpicecdbedq lilt a x00 44 15 a a a Iii 44 a a 2 0 1 a Asp i men of a Laming and Imti Liin. 4 lion Macie Shir 50 2nd. 4 embroidery is braiding a a 150 44 hit r work. 4 i min a 4 Noti trial to ours a a i 5n 44 Cari have afghan. 4 Noo a 44 map ilm Wiur. 4 110 i in rest h. Mad re msgr 1 0� i 50 i his a Shell work. 1 50 5 a a w in Llovy is or designs 2 Oil a a hand m4 . 1 a a 44 worked slippers 1 00 milk rising wheat bread.$2 my 44 Pia e 4f biscuits. I 50 45 Pound Diritti peach Siv apples Neh. 1 of 4 pair Home knit Cotton it cd. 51 �?�4 specimen of launder 1 i a i 41 so Cimen Leapli r work. I 00 44 4 a Bend 4i i 44 44 lamp mat. 1 00 44 44 tatting. 10� edging. I 00 fancy a iraqi ig2 a a 1 a ii 2 00 �z5 id 50 1 50 1 my 5 1 50 2 01 Ini 1 i 50 i no 1 0 i h i 50 50 i pm 1 of 2o 011 ivs v not rising beat bread. A a i cake. A Dorai Ili Szilay. Clifine Naib . 5n 4 Pia us Liioi. 50 4�?~ or a Cimon Scull work1 Tal 44 4 Rex a Het tidv.100 4 44 set it Ilet mats.150 a a a cr�cl�etmg1 w �?�4 44 a phys work Ems no id de. 1 50 picture fiume.1 00 bes i in Uansa p by it Bor or girl under 14 Yam of age. In Lett a add or cased to the Secretary of the Eastern shop agrits fair ennli125 animals and articles n ving acct Decd in a Unis h Retoff e will a on exit Tiou Bui not in Competition with other exhibits. It is the Pur Jiose of the bowl to main in i my enforce be goo i order which characterized the la t fair. A or i r a lie boar in. F. Fleming j. M. Yes. 14. Ii. Adair l. G. �.�?~i-. T. K Lanm. J. J. West to. G. H. Adak la re ii Cut. J. E. Ilu a Secretary. Because 1 love you. 44i can not bring you wealth Quot Sho said a i can not bring you Fame or Pluto among Tho noted of the race but 1 can Lovo you. A when trials come to test you. Sweet i c m to mud ight to your feet my kiss your precious lips shall Greet la Mise 1 Lovo you. A a Plum Daylight Dies along Tho wot you will Homo Minn to me for Rost. And 1 shall sleep upon your breast because 1 Lovo you. 44if sickness Coues int dec your bed i will Bend Low with quiet thread and Pray cd a Blessing on your Hemly of cause 1 love you. 4 As Dew clings to he Violet. Making the fragrant Cadico wot so my life into yours is set because 1 Lovo you. Quot Only myself my nil i bring but count it Sweet n in Reiou Hing to give my life in t stering. Nice Nus 1 Lovo you. 4,i Bow Lieford no other sir no if 1 go first non is deaths bin 1 will return to claim you minx because 1 love Yon Quot a i Sura it k. Bolton. Aunt Deborah. Air. Deborah Avalou Hail Buen con ii nil to Lior i in room for two Mon Lis but Una to us of her own expression she was to be up incl about Guin Ulm so after things 311 s. Wal ton was very Rich Ami Obi Annj As a matter of course eccentric but a v by Good old lady for All that. It was r. Beautiful sunshiny afternoon and 3f. Walton s chair was drawn up to the open window. A a is that you. Tuic asked airs. Walton As Tho door opened behind her. A yes auntie and a pretty Young girl with dark eyes and Wavy Black liner walked Over to where sirs Avalou was sitting. Tito pretty girl was Lottie Blair the idolized Niece who was to inherit l of aunt Deborah a wealth. A Psi Down Here child Quot and aunt Dehorn pointed to the Footstool. A i m in the humor to Hearrott talk this afternoon. Tell me who was it called Lutero so often White 1 was a p i it onor up there a Quot the Tran runs called a Junco o Teo Nnttie Quot said Lottie sealing herself on Tho Footstool a and so did a fitly Law rec. Ndu and the Gardners and a and Quot Here Lottie paused in conf Don Whilo Tho Tea let crept from her Cheeks to her temples. It was Seldom that anything escaped aunt Bright Little Gray eyes and Tho moment site saw that flir a on nieces pretty face Sho seen ted something in Tite air. A Wei my dear what s the matter who else was Here a a Only a Young gentleman a guest of Tho Gardners a and Tho red grow brighter on Lottie a face and Sho Hung iter head in u very suspicious . A a Inch Only a Young gentleman Quot said aunt Deborah her Bright Gray eyes fastened on the downcast face. A yes Nti tic. Lit was coining to so you this afternoon but i received a note a Little Watilo ago telling me that lie could no to come of he Ltd to Start for Homo at Orein uus wer to n summons. He is coming Back again though in a Day or a Lottie Biair you Liko this Young lilt to looked up nil Euiles and blushes. Quot pc Quot auntie Quot Sho said frankly. A Lottie Butir you Lovo Thi. Young a ooh aunt Deborah a and Lottie s hand 11 w to iter foe. A Lottie Bini. You love this Young nuts Quot repealed anal Deborah and Lottie was silent. A Lottie Blair you love this Young Tenn answer to Quot said anal Deborah solemnly. A yes. A untie a came in Tho faintest tones behind the Litulu White hands. A Lottie ii Lair Toko Down your hands and look tit me Quot said aunt Deborah and Lottie obeyed. Aunt a Borah took the pretty blushing f., Between her Palms. A a qty Dar ing did i Ever deny you anything in your life a and in capris Sioa of love settled on the Fri Uklid lace. A did i say you Ever <111, nunti.-?&Quot and the pretty once looked grieved. A i m not saying what you said l data. I m asking you if Ever i denied you anything. ? a no auntie you never a Well then my dear do you suppose i would Oiler any objection if Tiu Lovo this Young gentleman and to proves to lie All right Quot a ooh auntie you re so Good i know you la like him he s a splendid Young gent Linau Quot and Lotio clasped her hands in Delight. A what s his name Tell to ail about him 3vi�?Tjt Amity docs to belong to where does he come from Quot a this Natoo is Ash or. A a Cashton Quot interrupted aunt Deborah sitting Bolt upright Quot yes auntie and to lives up at a t Anvil let has lived there a a lao Ashton of Ashton Villa i Quot shrieked aunt Deborah before lotto could finish Hor sentence. Quot lotto Blair never speak to that Young Man again. Tho Ash tons of Ash Onville robbed your father they Robb d Mel Thoy Are a pack of villains thieves scoundrels a hero aunt Deborah posed for want of breath. Sho had risen to her feet. Her wrinkled Faco was purple with anger and her Gray curls seemed fairly dancing with . Poor Lottie was the picture of Aston isl moot. Sho attempted to speak hut the get a word a Edge ways. A to think that Whilo i Iny sick in my bed in Ashton should to Tea King love to my Niece 1 Lottie Blair if i thought an Ashton handled a Penny of my Money i quiet in my grave Quot a but Nuncio a Nuttie me Quot cried the old lady stamping her font. A will Tell you what i la do lotto Blair i la tax to Tho noon train to Ash Lovillo and i la walk into George a thou s Home before night Aud let him knew whether hit son or any one belonging to him will come Down to surmount to Tnsko Lovo to anybody belonging to me. The set of aunt Deborah kept Hor word. Noon found her on Hoard Tho train for Ash Tot Villa in Spito of poor Lottie s tears and expostulation. After an hour s ride Tho conductor Sang out Quot Ash Onville Quot and aunt Deborah picked up iter Satchel aunt Deborah went any Liere without and hold cd out of thu car. A Sho was getting Oft the platform Hor fool slipped iter Satchel fell from her mind and she would Honvo fallen after it but a Strong hand caught Hor and a pleasant to voice said Quot it is Dong Crusi getting Oil a those Steps. 1 Topo you to not Hurt a yes it is dangerous and one might break their neck before the conductor would lend n helping a mid Quot said aunt Deborah whose temper wus still at boiling Over Point. Quot Tho conductors no not is att Antivo sometimes As they might he Quot and Tho Young Matt that saved aunt Deborah from fading stooped Down to pick up tier Soult. Asho Ditl so aunt Deborah looked him full in Tho face. It was n lined Somo fact the picture of Good humor and corresponded Well with his Hearty pleasant voice. Air Deborah did not know whither it was his once or his words that Pacili d her most. Sho was a believer nil her life in first impressions and Sho Lilton this Young Man Tho moment she looked a his face. Quot a thank you very much sir. Only for you might have been hurl do you live in a ?&Quot the Young Man was elegantly dressed but not too proud to carry aunt Deborah s Satchel us he walked along by her Side. A by is in duty 1 he said in answer to her to prestion. Quot Young Man a and aunt Deborah stood still and looked up in the Good Humoured face Quot Young Niad that a your tie i ung Man had to stand still when aunt Deborah did nod to could scarcely cop from Lau Hing Asho looked Down at iter solemn face. A indeed Madam i thought i no very fortunate in living at Quot for Tunuto a living where Tho Ash tons live a cried Alt it Deborah then lowering iter voice Sho continued of she Laid her hand on hit Nam Quot Young Man wherever there is a Ashton there is a then Madam a answered the Young Man his eyes twinkling a there Mutt to bad Luck right Here for i Atn an a i Quot you arc in Ashton Yaoting Man that it your misfortune. I like you though in Spito of your name. Now who might you be a son or Nephew of that old Vil it George Ashton , in a neither son Nephew nor any relation of George Ash too. I Iris c been living Here for Tho last Hrco Mouths with my Uncle 3fr. Jeromo. I say living hero hut i think in be been the most of the Limo do want Sta Mouet with Tny cloudus the , i saw Yon get on the cars at Starr amount Madam. If you live there j suppose yell Knovs my aunt Deborah Starod it the Young gentleman for Lutov a minute then suddenly catching her breath snip y Oung Man Are Yon acquainted with a Young lady a slain out named 3iiss lotto Blair Quot �?o1 have Tho pleasure of boing acquainted with 3fiss Bini a nod or. Ash too wondered we it the old lady would ask him next. A Well 3ii�s Blair a Jaunt Deborah i hcs you to Call on her the next time you com to Sim mount. Good any sir. 1 think i la go Back to tie Sintina and wait for Tho Down and an t Deborah walked away. Aunt a returned Home and nude poor Loltie s heart glad with Tho news that the Young go Uttman that she Hud referred to was not an Ashton of Ash Onville. Jul inc of that Young gentleman a burp ratio when he called on audit Deborah next Day Aud found her to Bathe old lady he had set Down for a half her conversation with him the Day previous was explained and Tho explanation must Honvo i can Solis Mctory for there was a wedding before the c Osc of York nows. Dun and Alligator. As c. S. Church and if. Henderson were i Hong in n pod on the Cason place in 3i.idi��t , Georgia a dog Annm to uni trom the Hank. a was about to climb into the heat an immense Alligator Alesc near by and made for it. Tho of Hermea endeavoured to protect Tho dog with the paddles but despite their tutors his Golor strip was successful in getting the dog a hit Mouth and Sank in Tho murky Depths Bra flav. Evhen to caught the dog he was close enough to the boat for the gentlemen to touch 1dm with their hands. They say Tho Gator was about twelve feet Long and had n Mouth like a Chicago to no it. Turnips May be and sown on Tho gound occupied by Early potatoes. Telegraphic summary. San Fattor Willlim m. Re tits delivered Tho oration it to Muritta Centennial Curci louies. John and Bonnie Milf cd nor Tel seven und four years were lost in Bailey s Lake at Pekin 111. Tho new York Urpi Santuro Mot in so Vecial session to provide work fur Tho convict in lilo Stulo jul icon. Edgar Hayes a de fifteen Enra wok killed Whilo trying to steal a Ritlop on a freight train it Dover Dol. Couraud Jackson coloured Ngod Nineteen years wus Linn girl it Waco towns for the murder of John Tully. John Bose us i Hisky a in Law s. S. Hull had a Street Duel in . Ky., in which Coso wus Wii Imit a a i Ami Hull killed. Mrs. John floss a i sister in Huv mrs Mary Millet or Kirin biill.i�, n. Y., worn burned to death by Tho explosion it a Oil lamp. A. Kwinn n so a Hii Mii in Tho dry a Good stuns us fun Pitreau Prno co., of tic i in out vu., has it Reid forester Char get with heavy stealing from his employers. After expending eight dollars drilling a test Well for and Oil it Drury run near local even pa., Tho Wor thus been band sued at u depth of ,b35 feet. W. A. Fonts who was to to Nyu been hanged it Washington n. C., and who suicide with Puisam some Days ago Mutulo a second and this time Success la attempt to 11 is life. Chicago detectives discovered a bombs in on anarchist a shanty in that City and Tho owner of Tho place. It i believed that another plot was arranged to murder judges Gary and Uriu Zulj. A pus Songer train on the Louisville Ami Nashville Uail Rund collided with u freight train twelve Miles front Birmingham ala., Ami George Nicholls the Ungi nuer of Tho pus Senger train died at his Post. Two tub of trainmen were killed. Whisky and hard cil Ric a to a disturbance at in Sun any ply Nic arty in Henry county aulm Gus Eunes wus shot deft i. Ti10 grand Council of Tho Urty of the a ii a states met at Detroit Fml end used Len prison mud Morton As their Cam mutes. Go i go w. Bumm who was convicted of to defraud Tho i tank Philadelphia while its president has been pardoned. I wis c. La no n travelling sch Sinan was shut Ami Kille tent Quitman,ga.,by Tom father of Tho girl to had outrageously assaulted tin of Jometric Plant in new Orleans was destroyed by fire. it Imp u0. Patriel Telly a san no i Munh Rcd two of ids slip Mair a a a Tho so am a Erin during it a a a yug from Londus to no Wye a rec. The National Prum a Ungross no lot Al re so Lanui Iii it Demon Rizig tin o Neill prison Hiuer Bill now pm dog in Congress. On a a a pm n. Dom president of he at Anta in j Foj Rida rail quid Doksi in Atlanta. Oliver Brothers pc wears of new a a re. Tiitu u in .$27, 1 10. Tho Grant to comollo work of Paterson n. Have a can compel la to shut Down doing Mihlo to with similar Celal d i Alimelu else w he re. Or. M. Smith in stick Marknart and g. Htom of girlish. Pa., Lutu a on a Essl chair go l to Lear acid Tho eld Puoplo Mutual be Miciul society of Liv Liana. There w.i5 a terrific cup losing in the of lev of Tho county clerk in the City Dpi lat us Troia Tho Western Iron manufacturers Ai Ocia Tsionis Likely to to Ili Lvcy owing to the dissension Over Tho firms who Hig nod Tho amalgamated Chalu. Tho american pro Tel Ivo tar ill lag us has Awn Dod a prize for a says u i Giumo Protection. Landlord Scully a agents now Leny that to is about to sell All his ii inuit estates. If Noel pc p inc will st each baskets a a wish factory it Dover dui., was Buruel loss re us. A Battery of eight tanks in Ludlow ky., exploded and injure 1 fifteen men four of them fatally. A Lin Pluvus coh Rotl was lynched at Asheville. N. C., for rape upon Sallio Parker a White child. A Cowboy compelled Rufus Phillips Tho Ca Hier of i hunk at i Gupta kas., to mind Over he Mlo in Cash. During a que Irrel Over n woman. John Quinn shot Iii Cousin Hubert Quinn in Allegheny City a. Tie shoo factory of g. F. And l. G. Little Field it Avon mass., was burned together with a number of other buildings. Losses . Jacob sup a Bohemian tailor of Columbia s. C., while ii wino Trie i to kill his wife with a saw file in a Cut his own Throat with a Penknife. Tho Craw of the British utter Hunting Schooner news were fire 1 to on Ami three of them killed by the natives of coff a islam i Knuit Schalka. By the explosion of a Hilo of molten Iron at email s pin foundry ill Allentown pit William stauffer und Jar Etnigh Faisitt were fatally burned. By u misplaced switch Tho mud trunk express was derailed near Detroit. Firkin a Juby was crushed to death and Hosa quirk severely injured. Two freight trains collided on Tho Western North Carolina uni proud guar Asheville n. C., wrecking both locomotives killing n coloured and seriously injuring live Xirui Iune. At a reunion of Confederate veterans in Lexington county is. C., two Brothers named needy Force i n quarrel upon Manuel Williams wlm in , a lug to and killed Ono of the hrs a pliers to lid stabbed Tho Oiler to rough Tho h i it. Richard Kearney was Hung at Freehold n. J. John Kubely it prominent merchant of Atlanta is dead. M. P. Amiss formerly mayor of Parkersburg w. A is dead. The Western Iron manufacturers association has Betti dissolved. Conrad Ebert was Hung in Jersey City for Tho murder of his wife. The Elk National Bank it Fayetteville tcnu., was burned. , $50,000. A Tho cinc Immiti boxing company a establishment was burned. $25, a a. Emil Foss committed suicide in new York. He was about to be tried for seduction. Judge j. W. H. Underwood of sex Mera bar of Congress died at Rome a. Jacob i. Reiff a Farmer it Norristown pa., wus swindled out of $10,0uu by Confidence men. Tho Chicago anarchists were taken before a magistrate and h id under �5,1 00 bail for u further hearing ten Days later. The design for Tho Hayrus Norket Monument has Heon decided on. It will to the figure of a policeman of a or Mito Pedestal. Patrick Eagan has cabled Henry Labouch Ere Tho mailing of the original letters from Caroy for use in the Parnell investigation. Tho Farmers of Crawford county. Iii., have determined to raise no wheat Barley or Rye for three years in the Hope of exterminating the chinch hug. Blown up. I Vowiler 31 ill explodes. Killing three sign. Two buildings occupied by Laflin amp rank of powder at Cresson pa., a Cpl Dod with terrible Force killing Twe Zien and fatally in during a third. The Vic Unis Wero Georgo Gllnn Reed and Henry Birn Icli tie cml Persona about the building. The cause of the acc Lent is not known. The first building contained a Largo Quantity of powder. It Cpl or a with fearful Force wrecking it completely. It was then destroyed by fire. The Lames communicated to another of the building and this likewise was partially destroyed. Tuo bodies of Gilman and Birn Icli were found in the ruins fearfully burned and some of their limbs torn unit. Death must have been instantaneous. Half an hour after the explosion Reed was found in tie Woods so feet away. He cannot recover. Gilman had in Arm blown Olf in an explosion it the of Luna to Lara split Ftp i Arnuco. Boy pm Cloudy Clyde de King the Founten year old chief. Lots of Plain Ilfe f1111111i Sionil in a Cavo-l4iys who Elf Diml 14 Nofal tical to pokj8 nil jagged ti10 i a a Lii o i ail 0 l4ii�tl Hie Xiii cur of in thieving Iang. Powell Claih a fut Irten Ymir �11 any of clip attn Liuha a i Al muh Musi Liti Ritiro Anil Given hims if Tow Mai Ilia title of a Clou by Clyle 1�� King a Inis Aizic a a a Lel in a renting a Seiz Eiliv a a i. Afler playing lie hair lit Prine for so my nmn Ilis Quot la Luucy Clytle Quot has fit to to Otler jew Rumsh. Two men slamming at thu a yarn or of Aifili Ami Ami no a Rulli Lark Sti i to i a nil unearthly yells coming no an a itly nut of Ilu Grousl. 11ml after a they a is coven in the a a to nun to nil i a Avitie in under a a unit a Yard Olllie. And on crawling in Frimd two boys tied fast ton their arms were tied behind them. Une he Hays was gagged Ulm thu other had in Maged to rid himself of my Gnu Ami had Given Yent to Tho creams a libel nit Elisa Nui ii tin. The older boy la la 111 men that the Cave to thu Headquarters Duiz a ugly Clydess it wus Well supplied Quot Ith Lii blur. There Wero empty Jack Chooks Tow. In Hgt uus pieces of crockery a Iii Pinr pail or two sumo yellow eur Verity novels Ulm it Cuifo. Tho two boys were taken to a pm Lico station Ami . Tiny or. Vij to to Tho mins of William Deichmann Ami had Btu eur missing from Homo for nearly a month. W in Lio is twelve years old and Henry ton. Avilio was seen and t old Tho Story of his remark Uhlon and venturis As a Meiu Hur of 44cloudy Clyde s band. He said that he and his brother were on Kurtli Clark Street 0110 afternoon three weeks ago Selling in a is when they met Powell Clyde and another Hoy with whom Thoy Wero acquainted. They Wero invited to in Over and inspect the Cave and did so. Clyde explained a vent a Good business to was doing Ulm asked the boys to join. Thoy refused and want isl to go Home hut Quot Cloudy Quot said to would teach them Bow this sort of tiling worked in the far West and t of Thorn up to a Post and gagged Vliem. They were Kent there for a week being feel twice a a Lay by Clu by Quot who nmn la rails 011 Tho dinner Nils of workmen in the lumber Yard fur that Pur Rise. At the end of the week to lib boys Wero tired out and joined thu gang thu next Day they Wero sent Down in company with nuut Bor Nic Rul or of Tho gang under instructions to steal any thing they could Lay hands of. This was kept up until inst Tui Sony when the boys Pmj Posod once More to go Home. A Cloudy Clyde do King Quot Mil them again bound gagged and to 1 to Tho Post. A Tho Deich Iii nun managed Roget Mouth Aud set up a screaming which attracted the two men. Mrs. Deichmann was overjoyed at the return of her two boys whom Sho supposed had been kidnapped. A Cloudy Quot has Digap Penrod. Quite an a mount of stolen properly was found in the Cave. Chinamen in cans. Five cases of Drand celestial in Ilo mitc for California. £1,0 0 Worth of chinamen left new York for san on Friday. They Wero not living although they were among Tho a Quick a for they had been shipped As fast fru Tiht on Tho National express Coin in nyx Strain and were to be rushed through to Tho occident consigned to the Kong Chow Asylum no. 512 i i 110street, san Francisco. This precious freight was in hermetically son led tin hocs enclosed in Iron bound dry goods . Which Hud been duly received und handled it Tho company a office to. 145 Broadway Day he for yesterday. Or. Isaac Swalcy the agent of the express company stated that the tinned Cylc Strols wore sixteen in number Ami liar a been collected by a reverend Heathen from the Pacific coast. To had come Dillier As the Bono gatherer of the children of the flowery kingdom and had on ids Way East picked up 215 dead chinamen and Ltd sent their a articulations and processes a Hack to Kong Chow Asylum. This singularly grave mongolian rejoices in t a Possession o a name of three 111011c syllables hop a Mug. To his been Rogu irly commissioned to find the Graves of the Kong Chow society a clients to dig up mid polish their Bones and then to can them for transportation. He has already completed his work at los Angels Denver. Kansas City Wheeling. West Virg nil Pittsburg and Philadelphia with the flattering results Given above�?215 can of chinamen. Hee Entov a has let Yeii in new York Ami with the Aid of or , Tho favorite 11 under Tanker of the a caul viol Ian Colony unearthed sixteen a of Les or Tho Bones of Liat were six Teim Lodics and submitted them to Tho Pruc a to prepare them for exportation. It is Umler st o i hint the five cases containing Tho sixteen tin boxes of hones will be transmitted by the gentlemen in charge of Tho Kong Chow Asylum in san Francisco to More congenial and orthodox Graves in the confucius where the Well cleaned Bones will be deposited in soil Sicre a to Tho Almond eyed products of the flowery realm Whoso souls it is to lived by hop All Long and comic by will thou let of More speedily beatified. # the cd st of the journey for the silent sixteen will in �105, an i each has been on thu Way Hill it �i0 j. This remarkable duty ins Boon attended to by the Kong Chow society 11� 11 Micro duty Totlis a remains of those who contrib twi by my Cal assessment luring life to tie translation of others Bonus to China. All Chininin it is s a id Ilu Siro to return living or , to the land soil of their forefathers and therefore hop a Long has Beon engage upon his present mint son. The chinese Tibia Fibula Zomora capita it. Al., ivc thus been redeemed by their patriotic countrymen from the embrace of the Barbaric Loam of America. Tho five costs weigh 1115 pounds. Torn from his Cage. The assailant of n child Hunt cd a a a a Pine tree. A a Rumor reached As i Orvllle n. C., that a or to had been committed on Sallie Kato Parker a White girl thirteen years old by a negro Man in Trio Northern suburbs of the City. Tho police wore notified and the country and town were searched closely for Tho guilty a negro named John Humphreys tia arrest a under Strong suspicion in he girl had stated that the negro had on a striped shirt and Wos barefooted. A it non arrested Humphrey and 011 a White shirt Ulm shoes Bur. It was ascertained that he had taken Oil n striped shirt and bad put on a White one and Ltd put 011 . To was made to Pur. On a strip d shirt and take Olf the shoes and wus taken it onco into Tho presence of the girl who identified him. Tits i Gra w As then locked up in the City . Considerable excitement prevailed at the time and whispers of Lynching wire heard. In order to avoid this the negro was put into the Steele Cage of the county j ill. Two Hothir later a band of from Twenty five to forty mocked men went to Iho jail and b fora Deputy sheriff janv3 a or lev was aware of it they were in t. E jail. He grabbed a gun and ran to the lop of the step and opened fire on the crowd which was return a with a Shower of bullets. The Walls of the jail show that there was coi udder 1c firing but no one was Hurt As far As Assort incl. Worley was overpowered but would not give the combination the the Cage lock. The 1110b being prepared with he and crowbars literally to a re the Cage to pieces occupying fully an hour in doing it and took the negro out Ana Hung him to a tree about a Quarter of a mile from the jail in thu City limits. As soon As Relf Psid Sherlf Worley rang the firc Bell a d Hemly a a Post and l to recover lbs j 1 it a itch but u is club led by the mob. The girl was 01 her Way from town Ilia Ludvis in or we Odd tin. Negro crept up Pezim a h r an her Down. Gljo a file a of hrs t it no a face were torn with his i Tnge rails and the ground where Trio assault u 14 Rulp it lion Sienis i a slug to. Fiftieth Longress. Senate. 152d Resolution to print extra copies of Tho report of the committee on be Sious in Tho Coso of seven vetoed pension Bills led to a Hen Tod debate Between senators Blair am i Butler. Senator Georgo my to on address of the fisheries . 153d . Georgo concluded his speech in favor of thu ratification of Tho fisheries treaty and or. Dolph spoke in opposition. House Bill to null mrizia Tho building of a Bridge across Tho Mississippi River at Wahnish minn., was passed. 154m Senate was not in session to Day. 155th Tho Senate Brara. Pugh of Alu Bunio. And to Hamlor of new Ltan it so re male Udd Russu for and against Tho fix Lerios treaty. # 150tii Senate rec led from its South american Stenni help subsidy Amend Munt to the appropriation Bill which Tho Hetiso so decidedly rejected. Tho Bill to place John g. Fremont in the retired list As a major general of the army was a kissed yeas 21nays 21. The Bill to adjust account of Luo Clynia and labourers in Gohorm Nunt 111 ploy Undi a the eight hour Law was in cd. The Bill to admit Iho Scute of a As Jungtou Jcj taken up. 357tu Senate discussed the Bill to admit Washington Torri Iory As a state with Jimart of Idaho us vexed. House j52d number of speeches were made for and against Tho Wool Section of the Tariff Bill. An evening session was held for Tho consideration of private pension Bills. Evenin / a Callol the House and two ineffectual Roll Calls Tho House without accomplishing any big at 10.15, adjourned. 153d . Blount submittal the conference report on Trio Post Oil ice approx priv you Bill. An agreement has been arrived at 0 1 All Tho amendments except that known As thu a subsidy�?T1 aug dment. Tho rate of postage on seeds plants bulbs roots in i scions hns been fixed at one cent for each two ounces or fractions thereof. It is provided that 110 contract for rent of third Cla s Post offices shall to mud for a longer period limn one year. Tho report was agreed to and or. I ingrain moved to concur in thu Senate 44sulistdy amendment with an amendment reducing thu Appo Printon from �s0u, no to �-150,000 autto Riding that Postina tur general to increase mail facilities not Only Between Tho United stale and Central and South America and the West indies but be Tweti the untied states and China Japan Tho Sandwich islands and Australia and providing that american ships carrying thu mails shall be allowed four times the rate of compensation they now receive. There was a Long debate on the amendment but a vote was not reached. 154th after the Reading of Trio journal Tho House resumed the consideration of 1 he a subsidy Quot amendment of the Senate to 1 lie appropriation Bill. Or. Peter favored Theroi Iii made by or. Bingham to concur in the amendment reducing the appropriation from �$00,000 to $450.000. Or. Blount dosed the debate in opposition to the , at a then or. Bingham a motion to concur in the Suu uti amendment with an amendment was lost yeas 50, nay 101. _ by a Voto of yeas 141, Navy 5�, th�3 House further insisted of its Denegre Eniet to the Senate amendment mud a further conference was ordered. Tho Wool schedule of Tho Tariff Bill was further do Cut i it it i. I55nt Tho Iio Uso the Tariff Bill was Cousma Rel and by a vote of r0 to a Wool was 4nv4 a it a Tho live list. Minor Amend in a ids to the Bill were adopted. Jufith Titus practically finished the Tariff rec Don Bill. The Day was spent chiefly 011 the Revenue feature mid to whiskey tax which War. Rent ipod. An amendment to make the distillation of spirits from Frails free was defoatc4. A few Reg Ruplis informally Laid Over remain to be considered of tar which the previous question will be called by or. Mills at saturday morning Aud the Voto will he taken on the completed Bill. 157th House got through with the hoop Iron Glass und pottery schedules of 1 to Tariff Bill. Or. Mills proposed to restore Tho Tariff on imported tobacco to Tho present rate but i10 was left without a quorum mud the House adjourned. Ite plots diabolical conspiracy by the anarchists discovered by the Chicago police. An Arsenal of explosives arrest of three men who were concerned in the Liay Market explosion a murderous scheme Laid Bara by bold timely action inspector boo Field of Chicago probably Savod Tho lives of himself and judges Gary and Grinnell. In a Small Frame Bouse in Tho Vicinity of Ashland Avenue and thirty third Street Wero found twelve dynamite bombs a revolver and a knife and As Tho owner of the articles Stop Ped to the sidewalk he was arrested by Bon Field in person and a taken to Tho police station two other arrests a re made later. W Hen questioned of to what the prisoners intended to do inspector Bonfield confine himself to saying a there was a it a piracy of Long be put into sex the Dyna Iell and my a City Hall wrecked. Lob Lars supposed 10 have caused a fearful explosion in Detroit an explosion occurred in tie City Hill at Detroit mich., which caused n frightful wreck of Tho county clerk. , blew out five big windows threw Down a null Twenty inches in thick new cuu fled the la Kwa alive to in Linin la no a the 4.n building like in Aspen Leaf for .1 moment nil brought to the spot by the terrific report of Citi runs. Building pm in Clui Harriss is thu Ofil cuts believe the explosion wus n daring attempt it re Blaty of the vaults of the cite a mid tax Lecce Ivory a offices which Are on thelnor just Over the county clerks hut which u titlist to i the Shock. The explosion oct Vii in or near the vault m the Connery clerk s of kit boo and file cast tallies chairs and Alt the office i furniture were broken and thrown into a Eon fused Moss. People passing on Tho sidewalk wore knocked into the Gutter. And half .1 dozen horses standing along tin Street broke their fastenings and dashed away. A Section of the inside Wall 14 by 18 feet was blown out Lio Dily. Thu a noun peo Nln in Tho clerks office it Iho Lime strangely is Conj i dangerous injury. All wore Tiara we pros i irate but regained their foot and leaped out i a if Iho windows. Pamuel j. Kelso was standing a lire he in front a of Tho vault door 1 when the explosion oct Tirol he was kicked Down i l on top of him fell flies 1 and splinters from Trio look Cosof. Or. I Kelso a hair and my inc he were singed Short his coat was Tern and burned in a dozen places. Pieces of door and windows Wero blown 201 feet. The first theory that it was a explosion was abandoned when it was found the vault door was never closed the vault being Only used As a receptacle for Musty files and Odds and ends. Besides there was no smell of Aud electricity is used to Light Tho building. was caused either by powder or dynamite. Thu collection of cite taxes is now in Progress and Thero was Over �100,000, it is said �11 to lib. City treasurers vault. If the robber theory i Correct hum Tho Roble ers intended to wreck this vault expose Tho treasure and make was with it in thu confusion. The damage amount to $10,000. Standing audit was about Elution. They intended mite on judge Gary Jujj to Tho chief prisoner is an old time anarchist and a s prominent in the schemes of hav Market times. Before making the first arrest Bonfield had the House surrounded by live picked officers. Just a Daylight Vraa breaking the inspector was joined in the Vicinity by a stranger and a few moments later a Man emerged from Tho House. The stranger nudged Bonfield and order was Ivou to Tho men who closed on the Man. To made a desperate fight but was quickly overpowered and placed in charge of two of the officers. Bonfield and the other officers then rushed into the House. They wore met 011 the stairs by a woman the wife of the Man who bad been captured but Sho was brushed aside and the police guided by the stranger entered a Ball bedroom whore hidden in a Corner Tho inspector found an even dozen dynamite cartridges wrapped in Brown paper. A further search of the room disclosed a Large revolver and Dagger. In Jector Bonfield said that the plot was a Puli Arr Ngu 1 one. About Twenty determined murderers were in Tho conspiracy and they were it a certain hour after Midnight. To be at the Homes of Grinnell. Gary Bonfield Frank Walker. General tiles and others prominent in the prosecution of the anarchists. Dynamite was to be placed beneath Tho House of these and the powerful explosives was to be touched off simultaneously. Tho Board of Trade was to be blown to the sky at the same time and a wholesale reign of terror inaugurate. Tho Story As Learned from the detectives is that about ten Days ago a prominent Bohemian called on inspector Bon Fiokla and informed him that a plot was of foot the object of which was to ave go the execution of spies Parsons it no by blowing up with dynamite the residences of judge Julius s. Grinnell who was the states attorney when Tho anarchists wore tried judge Gary who was Tho presiding judge and also the residence of inspector Bonfield who bad been Tho prime mover of the arrests which followed Tho Haven rect affair and who furnished most of the evidence which brought four of the principals to the Gallows forced another into a suicide grave and sent three others to Joliet. Tie inspector was not slow in acting upon Tho information thus Given and by careful shadowing and other skilful detective work succeeded in weaving a web of Incont Stiblo facts about at least three men and arresting them. Tho name of Tho ringleader is John Houck and he lives at 2i 52 Furrell Street. To is a Bobe Niihau and a cabinetmaker. The other Man is Frank Chapman who lives at 498 West twentieth Street. To is also a Bohemian a _ is the third Man whose name is Frani be bowl a tailor living on Zion place an it who is tie informer who told the Story 0. The plot to Trio Bohemian who in turn detailed it to inspector Bonfield. It seems that since the execution a movement was started among the followers of revolution a Chicago by which the groups which disbanded almost As soon As Tho Market bomb burst were to be reorganized it appears to do business at the old stand. It Wos thought dangerous in Tho Light of past events to have these groups composed of an unlimited number because it would increase Tho possibility of informers making their appearance at the most critical 1 periods when silence was very Golden. It was concluded that each group of organized was to have no More than three members with each of Tho three members Well acquainted with Tho others who composed Tho group. When forme i it was thought that a a squealing in the anarchists ranks in the future could become a lost Arl the three Meu arrested constituted a group and in the bands of these was left by whom it is not yet known the occupation of blowing up residences until Ibe act of lost november was considered fully wiped out in blood. A to group not incarcerated in Ibec Eliv under Trio City Hall had no regular Nice tiny place where plans could be discussed-4 they met casually As friends and Oil Glass of Beer concocted their Boll and bloody schemes. It was agreed that Sci Imelda House was Tho first Ono to to blown up but not unless Tho sex states attorney was an inmate when the explosion took place. Judge Gary a Bouse was the next 0110 marked and last saturday night was the time set for carrying out the plot it Wos not fully determined Bow inspector Bonfield was to de removed. He was the third Ono on the list nil he was doomed to die with the others but Bow was not fully decided upon. The not bad Mado rapid advancement for on july 4th Hronek detailed himself to examine the premises of judge Grin eur a House in a id i lie Square with n View to its occupants. When he reported to his companions that night the enormity of Tho offence began to Dawn upon Tho mind of be bowl. To wrestled with his feelings for several Cluts and of Lilly Mado up is mind to ask for advice from a Friend. Tho latter hurried it onco to the police department end t id his Story. It is stated that the three men arrested were present at the Haymarket massacre and that Hronek received a number of bombs and 6omu dynamite from a Friend of the Causo who was present. Evhen asked what he Hail done with his Stutt he replied quite readily that hold thrown it into the River. It is supposed however that the stuff found is Somo which was Given to him on that fatal evening. Hronek Aud Cumpek Wero intimate friends of Louis Lingg the bomb maker. And both were arrested after the Haymarket not. Dying in the wilderness. Markets. Baltimore ohm re City 31 11�, extra,�3.23 a�3.75 Fultz Stisi re corny Southern White Hnot cts yellow 5 j -01 ets in tsp Southern nil Pennsylvania 40n43cts. Rye Maryland and Pennsylvania Soa sects. Hay Mary Liml and Pennsylvania Joua $1050straw-yy huot,7.0ua�7.50 flutter Eastern Creamery 10,iddvts., near by receipts 10o30cts a cheese Eastern fancy Cream alokcts., Western a it of a 10 ets eggs Halo cattle Hooks. 13 Swine do Ahji . Sheep Anil Lamb a 8a4x ets tobacco Leaf inferior ln$i50, Good common Oil j4 50, middling 5a�7.00 Good to Fine red 7a$0 Fahey 10n�lz. New York flour Southern common so fair extra .40a?4.is White,�3 abbots a Rye state 54n5>i corny Southern yellow 54a55cts. Oats White state Kkt 37 ets a butter state us Odd ets. Cheese state 7jia5>cts. Eggs Woald ets. Phi Avdem Iii a flour a Pennsylvania fancy 3 70a.75 wheat Pennsylvania Unn Southern red a o0"cls Rye Pennsylva Iii 57a56cts. Corny Southern yellow Frioni ets. Oats Blatz ets Butler state Isalgu ets. Cheese a y. Factory Dald ets big so state. 17al8 Eta. Murdered with a sandbag. At Hoyte vice a Small Village in Wood county Ohio j. Kip port a travelling sign Painter of Shelby Obi was struck of the head with a sandbag killed and then Roble Al of a Lar e sum of Money. One thous Rini Lars Reward is offered for Tje capture pitiable plight of four men who started to explore Trinity River. O. E. Witter fro.1 Tucker and James Thompson printers no went to Dallas Texas from Chicago two years ago and Walter Wall started in a boat june 8, to explore Trinity River which runs about four Hundred Miles to rough a wild country in a serpentine Courso to Tho sea. Witter was brought Back dying. He reports Bat Trio were taken sick Over forty Miles from n human habitation and All would have perished bad not a Hermit Fisherman Given them Succour. Wall died and was buried near the in cont town of Talico. Witter walked thirty six Miles through a wilderness to reach the nearest Railroad. Tucker and Thompson were left behind Aud their Fate is unknown. They said if they recovered their s Runth they would try to finish their trip to the sen. Friends have been sent Overland after them. Blacklisted the drunks. Mrs. Ada h. Kepley is editing a Temperance paper it Effingham county i�?Tll., and Hor aggressiveness has gotten her into trouble her paper is called Friend of Home she has published each month a list of those seen drunk on the streets of Effingham Between the Date of each Issue. One my whose name appears in the blacklist in Tho last Issue claims he was not drunk Ana Hau the editor arrested. Mra Kepley appeared before the Justice of the peace in her own defence but a Fine of $5 was imposed upon her she appealed her cos and the trial promises to but More a citing in the higher Murts than it was before tie Justice of the

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