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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1918, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - April 17, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia No. Volume xxviii. Accomac c. H., va., saturday december 19, 1908. Number 26. Dickinson a 1908-Christmas greetings-1908 Headquarters for Holiday shoppers. Here a wishing a merry Christmas to everybody. What shall i give the perplexing question of the hour. Done to worry about what to pot for Christmas gifts but come and see our splendid assortment of pleasing and popular selections for people of every age and condition. From appropriate Little mementos that Cost a Mere title to Richer and More expensive presents our Stock is Complete in Evev detail. Ome in and look Over our great variety of desirable new novelties and you Are certain to see Many things that Are just exactly the right article for the person you wish to remember. Find the answer at this store. We suggest below a few useful and desirable articles suitable for Christmas presents and any selection made now from our Holiday Stock will be held at your option and delivered whenever it suits your convenience. A Holiday Slock that is first to variety furniture. This department is filled to gifts for Mother that Are sure to please a ilk i to Umpai Mrenko Uwi Waist pattern cloth for a overflowing with appropriate skirt set of furs Black silk Anco attractive gifts for the Petticoat sewing table Cut Holiday shopper. It Ting table material fora suit Davenport parlor suits pair kid gloves shopping umbrella jars. Library tables. Music cabinets work baskets shirt Waist boxes bag rain coat. Easy chairs Book cases China closets desks couches toilet tables Chiffo Niers pedestals. Card tables stands costumers buffets parlor cabinets Tete a tees Serviettes combi nation at the notion counter. A Host of pretty and inexpensive gifts for Young and old hair receivers gloves pocket books pins military brushes barrettes Phoenix mufflers handkerchiefs Nail files ties jewelry cases collars paper weights purses silk mufflers Kuching. Hat pins. Powder tooth powder jars Xmas cards and seals comb and Brush sets ruffs for neckwear toilet powder nut sets Sachet powder pins Back Combs Belt buckles match safes perfumery Post card albums bedroom slippers manicure sets shaving sets shopping bags and a Large variety of articles other than those mentioned above ranging in Price from 5c. To �5.00. No gift is so acceptable As a set of furs. You know our reputation inv a a Gas cr3thew0m,i? Gilt mirrors 85.00 to 820.00. And fairest in Price. Presents for father that he will appreciate Morris chair. Foot Stool card table clothes tree dress suit Case travelling bag Nice umbrella shaving stand. Leather Rocker Magazine Cabinet. De tailor made suit and coat apartment. Tailor made suits 7.00 to �35.00, rubberized Coats �9.00 to �18.00, silk petticoats �3.50 to �10.00, Heather loom skirts Plain Vul pc Lovoi a Viii i v t Ai Vumbi a a a r. Desks Roll top desks Gilt and embroidered All prices furniture rockers-75c. To Corset covers 25c. To $1.50, $37.50. Nothing is More a Short japanese Kimonos prop Riate As a Xmas gift $1.25 and $1.50, shawls,<50c. Than a Nice comfortable Rock to $6.00, sweaters All sizes or. We take great care in and prices childrens Coats selecting our furniture to be any Sie and Price ladies cure the new Odd and out Long coat $3.75 to $28.00, of the Ordinary shapes such infants Caps and bonnets As Comer pieces. Mission american lady corsets. Pieces for Library and Den a a a and Many other pieces that special Holiday Stock. Help to make the Home at-0f Renaissance squares Tractive and inviting. Lunch cloths scarfs and a a Center pieces also table pictures. Linen napkins and towels. Ranging in Price from 10c. An Opportunity to make a to $15.00. The largest and handsome gift or Lay in a Best collection we have Ever Supply for yourself. Values shown. Us mirrors. Are not quoted but you can count on saving Money in this department. Why not give an umbrella. Art squares and rugs n0 one Ever owns too neck pieces. Muffs and other. A t 75c to$40. Many and few people think makes of fall kinds and rices. So and curtains All of buying themselves a reals rate Efflow nothing brightens a la Good one. We have them s la if nothing you lome and makes it More ranging m Price from Doc. To can give the Little ones that cheerful than pretty carpets $10.00. Equipment throw scarfs neck pieces. Muffs and other they Quot will appreciate More than a set of furs. Millinery parlor. And rugs. Trunks suit cases. Handkerchiefs. Gifts for the men. Trunk Plain hemmed embroidered dress suit Case tia Veling the most up to Date and coloured bordered and initial bag grip Telescope. Have a licit. them All prices. Reliable millinery establish handkerchiefs ment on the Shore. As it is. At the close of the season we n0si a a Down a onions j>4.w to Are offering great attractions in Black Lirie Black silk and �15 of sateen comforts in prices on All trimmed hats. Tan All prices. 00 to $3.50, White spreads comforts spreads blankets. Down comforts $4.00 to in in Vul Vii a 1 also find in this department veiling in All the popular g0ves. 12 a a a a 1� butt books from 10c to $1.00. ¿2.75, $3.00 and $3.5�. Short gloves in All the leading shades. $1.00 to $3.50, White spreads 75c. To 5.00, blankets 50c. To $10.00 crepe de Chene scarfs. Flowered silk scarfs from 50c. To �3.50. The space on this Sheet u ill not permit us m mention the every one an invitation to visit our store receive prompt and courteous attention. W. S. Vicki running a bom Maher. By Lulu Johnson. Copyrighted. . I it it a of canted literary a re a. Airt Reat. A a or years l have Licetti hungry. Don t Jou think that you fan 00111c at d make ii for Mon in to Little woman paused for a moment and scanned the face of the multimillionaire As earnestly us though queer definitions. A Mere toddler of a boy stood of the Bank above to Railroad truck. In us hand was a Stone. Aiming blindly be tossed the Stone upon the track and it snuggled Gal not the gleaming rail. A in Lesa than forty eight hours that store. Tossed by n baby band bad thrown Wall Street and the Money Market of the country into n panic. The Tingle track of the Little Western Road afforded rough travelling. Not Many of the travellers aboard that particular Trarlu even noticed the somewhat harder Jolt when to car wheel struck to Stone. But Gilbert fair Nln smoking a a Good night Cigar As he Lea cd alone against the railing of the observation cards platform Felt the Jar and then Felt nothing More. And it was two weeks before Wall Street Learned i Bat far ban the one Man who could Ynve stopped the panic bad been found beside tie tracks and removed to a farmhouse on the Quarter Section nearest the Road. For ten Days to had been unconscious. And for two Days or More he had i Wen in no condition to be left alone. There was but Oue inmate of that fur Mouso besides himself and she bad Boon too Busy nursing him to make the trip to the nearest town to report that lie had been found. As soon As tils whereabouts and been discovered the lonesome Little town was overrun with topple. Grave and Learned physicians from the Enst were hurried Westward on spec enl to nuns and a regiment of nurses attended them but far ban waved them All away. A i done to need be said irritably. Quot lit lie mrs. Bodington pulled me through without n lot of palaver or thousand Dollar doctors to help her. Leave a couple of nurses to wait on her. And the rest of you go a there is an excellent Hospital not fifty Miles from Ohio Quot suggested the family physician. Quot i can look after you with better Assurance of successful Quot Sugden. You re an ass Quot declared fall Man irritably. Quot this Little woman nursed me single in nod through in attack of brain fever. I guess she can Otto and to the Quot i will not undertake to let a responsible for the Quot said Bug Den with ponderous emphasis. Quot ton Don t have to was the acrid response. Quot you arc going to be packed out of bore the whole lot of you. I be 8�?z.nt most of my Ulfo with a doctor on of it Side of me and a lawyer on tbs other. I m sick of it All and i m entitled to a he looked contentedly about the tiny room. The Outlook from the narrow paned windows was dreary and the room itself was walled with rough plaster and decorated Ullh cheap prints in homemade frames. The hed on which he rested was a wooden affair with a Cotton mattress coarse Cotton sheets but the sheets were Immacol Neely clean and there was in air of Holness about the place that fall Man had not known in years. Lie closed his eyes contentedly and dotted off. Sugden. Mindful of his fat foes waited in deferential silence during the half hour the Nap lasted. a glance fell first on hint As his Eves opened again. Quot Yon still Here Quot be cried. A a Sugden. If you Don t take the first train Back to new York i la make Yon sue for whatever i owe you and i la take it on no Eal and Appeal until you spend every cent you Ever made off of the now get out of Sugden took ills departure. Vowing that Bis patient waa insane but fair Bain Only smiled contentedly and turned to to Sweet faced woman who sat beside the lied. That s the Way to talk to those he declared. Quot i have a headache. And Sugden gives me something to make it worse. Then be doctors me for the new disease and sends in a Bill a Yard Long. This is the Lime i fooled i am glad Fiat you were not moved Quot said the woman softly. Quot i think that the excitement would have been bad for a it is not the trip i was trend admitted far ban frankly. Quot i like it Here and i want to stay a Little while. My Secretary will stay Over in town and bring my important mall every Day. And the two nurses will relieve you of the watchful nights. Quot if you want anything else buy it or hire it or something. Wilson will give you what Money i need. Wilson is a Fine lie added. Quot he came into my office this fall As a clerk and i took a fancy to him and made him my confidential Man. Lie took to the Job As though he had known me and my affairs since he was it must to get very Nice to have some an Early eighteen Century interpreter of hard words. Bailey s Universal etymological die multimillionaire no Weimei Sunry. With the subtitle Quot All Luter she bad not devoted weeks in that Pur Protr 0f hard was Host pub a a to shed in London in 1721. Most of its definitions Are eccentric and some of them incredibly so. Here Are specimens plucked at random Many a creature endowed with reason. Thunder a a noise known by persons not deaf. Lightning a meteor. A Rainbow a meteor of divers colors. Weapon Salve a sort of of Lutent which is said to cure n wound by be lug applied to the sword or other weapon that made the wound. Balloon a football also a great Ball a Ltd which noblemen and princes use to play. Cow a beast Well known. Milk a food Well known. Peacock a Fine Bird. Elephant the biggest strongest and most intelligent of nil four footed beasts. fruit which is grateful to the stomach but is not Ripe till it be Rotten. Snow a meteor Well known in northerly and southerly climates Essie Olally beyond the tropics. Mouth part of the body of n living creature. Eye an instrument of death. O. map j of oks m up Mapie a Mapp. At Orneys at Law. I offices Orangeville Keller and Accomac c. U., practice in All courts on the Eastern Bhore of Virginia. Suit. There was no ardent affection in tone or look. Far Blu it Lascu Astel the matter with As much feeling As though be was discussing the making of some Railroad Deal with his fellow magnates. was not the Young Lover but the elderly widower in need of it homemaker. The girl she was Little More than that nodded her head in an affirmative. Quot ill make the Home for you hut not As your wife. I am not a widow you see Quot Quot i am married Quot continued the girl hurriedly. Quot i married when 1 was of the stage. I mar Rcd a Hwy who never had bad a Home mid 1 made one for him out 11ore where nothing matters no was Home hungry. I knew that i would spoil All Bis chances if i married him. I also knew that he would a Jill his own chances if i did to so i married him. A after our boy was Boniv that was the second year we were Here he went Back East and took a name that was neither Bis nor mine to show Bis father that he was Able to work for the woman he loved. I am married to your son or. Far ban. I guess you be forgotten that Gregory married Martha Bodington. From what Gregory told me. You called me everything but my right unmet that last Quot perhaps i did Quot was the shamefaced reply. Quot i guess i did not know what i was saying and i m certain that i Aldu t know the sort of a girl i was talking Quot Well forget that now Quot offered Martha. A let the past be forgotten for the Sake of the Quot but Gregory Quot asked far ban. Quot there Quot Martha pointed out Over the Prairie where the Secretary was to be seen Riding across the Section with the mall. Quot and Wilson is Gregory you mean to say i did t know my own boy when i hired him Quot asked far ban. With a chuckle. Quot to think that All the time be has been Here in be Ticon fretting because i feared that you might learn to love him. And All that time you were married to him. In a rather glad my dear that i made my second turn Ringe by proxy so Long As you will make a Home for Greg and the boy and Quot i was so afraid that you would recognize Greg Quot said Martha As she re the tall figure of the Secretary with a look of Frauk admiration. Assn tend in excellent disguise reminded fall Man. "1 never thought to find my son a worker my dear that s another thing i have to thank you and far ban sighed with Relief. had found a Home while retaining his Domestic Independence and the son for whom ills heart cried out was restored to him again. Ohio f. Mea is attorney at Law offices East Ville. Northampton county and Aoe Umack. Court a Lousy practices in All courts oath Eastern Short of Virginia. John 8. Parsons attorney Ai Law Accomac courthouse a. Will practice iti All courts of acco Uniac nud North Mistou counties. 8. Ja.me8 Turlington . Offices Accomac c. And fair Oaks a. Practices in All the courts on the astern a Imre of Virginia. _ Ino it and j. Ii Akry Rew attorneys Al Law. Offices Accomac c. And Parks Ley. At Accomac c. H., every wed mesday. Will practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Changes in Boston. In 1c3u Otic of the suburbs of Boston was Newe Towne which in 1�� was changed to Cambridge and As the seat of Harvard University has in International reputation today. Since the Early lines were fixed Cambridge obtained by annexation a part of Charlestown but has ceded land to the towns of Walt bpm Brighton. Watertown Belmont and West Cambridge. The latter now known Asar a Lugton. The Boston of 1030, called trl Moun talk was very different from the bos ton of its area was not extensive although it included the larger portion of Quincy out of which the town of Braintree was made at a later period. The first annexations to Boston were noodles Island East Bostons and the territory now covered by Cbelton 10� Boston lost its rights in Quin by which were acquired by the town of Braintree. Subsequent additions to Boston have been Roxbury Dorchester West Rox Wittry Brighton. Charlestown nud a part of Brookline. As in Independent municipality Charlestown which was settled As in Raj As Boston gave birth to Somerville. Woburn. Malden. Stoneham and Milford and furnished land to tost. Helped the boys. A Lett a that aroused King Christian of Denmark. King Christian of Denmark once found in Bis morning mall a letter which moved him More than did most matters of slate. The letter was in a Lio Elsb scrawl nud read As follows dear King we ure four boys at flak Keble re school and the master a Hope us Dally with a piece of steel rope he found in the Harbor. If he does t a top there will be a fire. The name of the teacher being Given the King ordered him la report at once to the minister of Justice while be took the next Iraln for Stakke Berb and examined the class i the teacher s absence. The children unwed by the presence of the cruel teacher told their grievance to the kindly old King who promised immediate Relief closed the school for the any and ordered that the boys be treated to chocolate and cakes a his expense a to remember Blyn but lie did More Tau that. On returning to Copenhagen he dismissed the cruel teacher without pension at the same time giving a general warning to All teachers to be chary of Cor poral punishment. Quot if boys cannot to trained without cruel beatings a ibis Wise King said Quot then there must be something the matter with those who train them. The coming generation must not be made ruffians by Ruffi anly Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight inhabitants arc not alone in speaking of Quot going to England Quot when they leave Ali eur own fragment of tie kingdom. A patriotic corals Man also Quot goes to England Quot when lie crosses the Tamar. Similarly inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula talk of Quot going to Europe when they leave their own Corner of the continent in curious contrast with the people of our own Island. We regard ourselves As Liolu of and in Quot Europe Quot and accordingly it is Only a the continent Quot that we visit. The record 111 the splendid isolation line is probably held by that minister of the cum Braes in the Clyde who prayed for a Blessing upon Quot the inhabitants of great and Little Cumbra and the adjacent islands of great Britain and London graphic. Roy d. White attorney at Law a Otiley a Parksley Aud Accomac c. Fra Dice in All court of a Louiae and Northampton Louus a a. Prompt attention to All butane a. Ben t. Gunter. Attorney at Law Accomac 0. H., v�., will practice in All the courts of Accomac Aud Northampton counties Alt Neit Ames a Aito Ruey at Law a offices Accorne c. Am Onancock. At Accorne v. Every wednesday Tad Friday. Will practice in All the Courte of Accomac and Northampton coup Tea. Value of the architect. The members of a country club the building and decoration of whose clubhouse had been placed entirely in the hands of the architect even to the Ini cutest furnishings found themselves in need of new window shades and a the Tower of famine. The Torre Dola Fame or Tower of famine was noted for its Gre Soine history. It once stood in Pisa. Italy but there Are now no trams of it. Count go Leno Della Ghem Roseba. Whom Dante immortalized was the head of the Guelph. And because of Bis tyranny and accredited attempts to place his country in bondage he was antagonized and finally conquered by the chief of the Ghleb Ellenes. Who imprisoned him. A Ltd ills two sons and two grandsons. In this Tower the slow method of starvation being employed As the manner of Ali eur death. The door of the Tower was locked and the Keya thrown into the Arno. John e. Nottingham jr., attorney at Law a Franktown a practice in �11 the court on the Eastern Virginia. Will be at a Atville and Accomac c. A. Terai Day of a Ery court Aud at East Zille Ever wed today. L. Floyd Nock a attorney at Law a Accomac c. H., a. Practices in All the court on tha Eastern Shore of Virginia. Of. A a. Lilly to ton dentist. A Accomac court House �? office hours from 9a. To. To p in. Will a in at Barkeley every tuesday. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. W. Emmett notary Public Belle Haven. A. Fred. E. Kun Eduer a county Surveyor a Cognac c a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and Best instruments oilers Bis services to be citizens of Accomac county. Will meet All engagement promptly. Paul Dewees plumber steam and hot water fitter Pocomoke City my. Instead of buying the things themselves they sent for the architect to come out and look tilings Over Aud order appropriate fittings. Quot that is not at All in unusual Case Quot said the architect. Quot i can show you houses that i planned More than Twenty five years ago that have never been furnished with so much As a new chair without my being consulted first. Having deferred entirely to my judgment in the first place those confiding in troib Are of Enlil to Trust their own a a it must be very Nice to have some a p smallest matter and they Houed Quot Niheu Fuy la old will probably continue to ask my my tha holy City. In need of new winnow a melt a it a Medina the holy City triumphed Long few other Small household necessities., ago Over All the rivals in various parts a a of the world which bore the same that you Are so pleased with Quot in a pleased with him Quot said far ban Means ugly Quot so Long As Yon Are not too Well pleased with him. You won t be pleased with him Quot he pleaded. Quot no More than i am now Quot she promised. And with that far ban was con tent lie Wah convinced that Money was omnipotent and that even Here on the Prairie it could Purchase the love of the Little woman who and made him so comfortable. Fall Man was in love with Bis newly found Home comforts rather than with the woman herself but this he did not know although when there was no longer any pretext for prolonging the suy. spoke bravely enough. A i need you very much a he said earnestly. A i have a House that covers half a Square in the most expensive residential District in new York. I have three yachts something like a dozen automobiles and All that sort of thing but i have no Home. Not Alace i was a boy have 1 realized what Home Pocomoke City Maryland. Vice in every Little detail of decoration As Long As they occupy the York Globe. Crazy. A we find the prisoner not guilty by reason of Quot but the Pica was not that of remarked the court. Quot that s just the Point we made Quot rejoined the Foreman. Quot we decided that any Man who did t have sense enough to know that an insanity plea was the proper caper must be Ledger. Name which Means simply notable among them were the old capital of Malta and Medina Eldonta in Spain. The arabian City was originally known As a throb but owes its later name Al Medina the City or Mednat Rasul Allah the City of the apostle of god a to the Koran. To a Good mob am menu there is Only one City a with a big inside and outside. The following report was sent by a subordinate inspector to his chief in the Telephone service. It concerned a faulty House connection a found wire with no outside outside. Tut inside wire outside and outside inside need More outside for he was sensitive. Blob so you re pretty much stuck on miss Gobbs Arentt you. Old Mau Hobbs i was once but after Liat she said to me last night in a not going to pay any More attention to her. Blobs gee what did she say Hobbs Quot no a a Cleveland Leader. Learning. Wear your learning like a watch. In a private pocket and do not pull it out and display it merely to a How that you have one. If you Are asked what o clock it is. Tell it. But do not proclaim it hourly or unasked like the watchman. The wrongdoer is never without a proverb. His glorious Victory. The commanding officer bad surprised the Young lieutenant and his daughter trying to occupy the same chair. The lieutenant sprang to Bis feet and saluted. A sir Quot be said Quot i Bavo the Honor to report in engagement at close Quad freshman mathematics. Fits a Quot boy have i realized what Home free by professor. Is it Ever posse entirely Vic was like. My wife was no Home ble to take the greater from the less tor out it now merely remains for maker and when she died i never Quot there is a pretty Cloae approx it you t0 Ive year Sanction to the Terra dared repeat the Experiment with the it Rte the ,. In 0ut i of scrape women in the Tel i lived in. You Are freshman. A jewish Ledger. I we. P. Bell i co., druggists Accomac c. a va., agents for is Ideal Fountain pens. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of a. Done to let Winter make you painful. Use 8 amp h. Komo an old reliable cure All remedy of reputation and Merit it relieves and cure every thing in rheumatic and muscular aches and pain a Welling �?ot�?�1 Ore new a of the limb cracked hands and Leel a ores of All kind. For Man or beast. Sold everywhere 25c, or mailed of receipt of Price Quot we guarantee Quot the Merit. Komo. Special prices to Malufau s. Amp

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