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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Apr 15 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - April 15, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Pleasure in London Earl s court is the successor of Vauxhall gardens. Its various expositions credited to different countries. Aro Only pretence. The Grout thine the Only Ali inc i Quot the re acc itself. Mrs. Elizabeth Robins Pennell contributes to Trio Century an article on a a play in after speaking of Hall gardens and Crem Oruo mrs. Pennell says everybody knows what Trio old Garden was like Tui Ccray has seen to that with the Hundred thousand Laupi always lighted the fiddlers who made ravishing melodies the singers the dancers the mine. Riu quis on Trio Slack rope ascending to the stars the Hen nit in the illuminated Hermitage the dark walks so favourable to lovers the pots of Stout the dinners and suppers in a word the sort of combination of cafe music Hall restaurant and fourth of july that nowhere else has been brought to such perfection that to sir Roger had seemed Ioir before Thackeray s Day a a kind of Mohammedan Paradise. A but what everybody does not know so Well is that Loudon still has its Garden called by another name to be sure ignored by Murray Aud Baedeker Imd offering a other programme. Mine. Sanis nud hermits Goue from it apparently forevermore but precisely the same in principle Aud practice. Aux Hill has vanished Cre Morno sends up no More rockets skyward to fill the night with Beauty the Crystal Palace is Only for the suburb and the country Cousin but every summer Earl s court has its exhibition us exhibition ouly by Courtesy Only out of do Fereuc to the present fashion of Gate ering our knowledge or pretending to Wiio we play. One year it was called italian and there were Macaroni Aud Chianti in the restaurants Aud a Nice new pasteboard Forudi. A other year it was German Aud the air was heavy with the fragrance of schnitzel Aud Wurst. Then it was american for a change and cowboys Aud red indians swaggered across the scene Aud soda water and Murlo sugar figured on Tho menu. Now it happens to be Indian with a Fine Oriental flavor but by the time this is published it will to something else and it really matters very Little. The exhibition attributed to any nation would be As Gay. Nobody cares save perhaps a few tradesmen and mummers who smell the commercial Battle from afar. It is an open secret that the semblance of a show is Thero merely to court avoidance. Tho years in passing Havo turned it into a big Bazar but not even in this Guise can it prove the chief attraction. No the great thing the ouly thing but counts is the Garden where one May walk under pleasant Trees where Odb May upe the Continental Aud drink Tea or Coffee at Little tables but mostly Tea in capacious pots to the accompaniment of thick slabs of cuke where one May be still More in English and eat one s dinner outdoors not like a wild beast in a Cage Asiu the old Quot boxy at Hall but in company on a Low Broad veranda where there Uro Sido shows More diverting Liun Pepys Ever dreamed of where one May loaf away Tho summer evening listening to music which is at least us Good As the honest briton likes it. For the truth is Tho Garden furnishes just that form of amusement which or. Henry James has lamented was not to be found in London and so Long As it is open one need not As he thought Quot give up the idea of going to sit somewhere in the open air to eat an ice Aud listen to a band of music. A a Only the amusement must be shared with so big a crowd that one will have to scramble for a chair engage a dinner table full 13 hours beforehand and struggle to get Home by underground or bus As furiously As the mob fights to push into the pit of a popular theater. To provide the englishman with a crowd to give him the Chance to use his elbows is to convince him that to is enjoy id himself. Aud the old Garden s questionable features its revellers its jockeys Aud courtesans and gamblers where Are they where Are the knows of yesteryear All goo with other times Aud other morals. The world of Early a court Aud Kensington has taken the exhibition under its Protection Aud Thero sits in stately splendor a magnificent example of respectability within an in closure humorously called Tho Welcome club because admission is refused to All but the elect. Where Tho West cud condescend to spend its uric Ruyons Aud evenings Thero surely every one May venture in safety by night As by Day. Indeed there is a Strong Domestic element about the exhibition. It is a place for the family a plug round for the decorous. An Indian Prince a Hunt inc Camp. In the Century h. W. Seton Karr tells of Bis experiences Quot after big game in Africa Aud in Indin the author was the guest of an Indian Prince the maharajah of Kuril Behar and be thus describes the Lutt cry a Hunting Camp As we approached it Between the patches of cultivation round the Cluster of grass huts which constituted Tho Village of Sim Lagori Tho fires tents nud lights in All directions Aud the dark figures of crowds of servants made it appear like a military Encampment a native sentry kept guard Over Tho maharajah Stern which was placed somewhat it one Side. In Tho Middle of the Camp Rose a Large dining tent Aud the teats which were intended for to guests were placed in u Row on each Bido of the Camp. Each of these tents was a Largo double roofed Structure of about 30 feet by 18, internal measurement supported on two Mussio Bamboo uprights Aud a crossbar. A space behind Between the inner Aud the outer Wall formed a bathroom which was supplied with a Large tin Bath Aud an elaborate Wash stud. The Ficor of my tent was covered with a thick carpet. The Bedstead was of Wood with clean White pillows and sheets coloured blankets Aud Mosquito net. Thero were convenient pockets in Tho Gay lining of the tent and two armchairs a tale Aud a Large lamp completed the furniture. The tents of the other guests were equally comfortable and the name of each of us was neatly printed on a placard Hung outside in order to assist us in recognizing our respective tents Tho external appearance being exactly the same. On Tho carpet where a portion of Tho roof of the dining tent projected so As to form a kind of open shelter were a table with Teu service and some army burrs. During Tho three weeks that the Camp continued dinner was usually at 8, As we generally returned on tiie elephants from to Jungle at 5 or 0, in time for afternoon Tea Aud a comfortable warm Bath. Dinner was neatly served by a crowd of Tho maharajah a barefooted White Robed attendants. In India it is considered a Mark of respect for a so Vaut of Cut ring no apartment to leave his sandals at Tho question of descent. Theorem of Huxley unil Darwin exploded by tin Amateur Soi outta. The Amateur scientist had it All figured oat to his satisfaction. bad devoted several hours to the subject oud Felt to knew whereof to spoke. Quot really who said a a it a very Quot what is a asked All his admiring friends. A Why the question of the origin of the human race a answered the Amateur scientist. Quot if Huxley Anil Darwin and Tho rest of those Wise Gnys had Only Given it a Little serious thought i Ilous to see How they could Havo missed his admiring friends were just a Little Tuku Aback. They had Groat Confidence in his abilities but Tho Layman who has considered Huxley Aud Darwin More or loss Well posted on matters that they discussed is rather shocked when some new Man in the cold rudely pushes them aside and undertakes to demonstrate that he aloud knows it All. A Avo no von done to think to Aro descended from monkeys then Quot they inquired Dou tingly. Quot not at Quot and you done to belie to in the orthodox idea of our origin either Quot a ooh dear no a Aud the Amateur scientist laughed scornfully. Quot its a pretty serious matter to dispute All Tho various touching a they suggested. Quot not when you Havo Cou elusive evidence that you Aro right a returned Tho Young Man calmly. Quot and you Havo that evidence a Quot gentlemen Quot said the Amateur in his Superior Way Quot i have that evidence. 1 May not to Able to carry you Buck to Tho creation of this world but i can at least show from what Tho civilization of today has sprung. I can show you whence have Como Trio really progressive nations of this they gathered round him and be Sec hts a him to speak. Quot explorers report who said Quot that in the Interior of Africa there is a Little uncivilized tribe of natives hut Are actually made sick by wearing clothes. On the ground of health they Aro compelled to Lay them All aside. It is from that Little Liu Tiou that to Havo descended. A Quot but your proof a they demanded. Tho Amateur scientist looked at them scornfully. A Quot Como with me to u fashionable seashore resort a he Post. The Price of a horse. The Quot Black watch the regiment was in service against fort Nieou Derogue 1757. The assault which was made of most imperfect information of the strength of the fortifications was a disastrous failure. Tho Quot Black watch a which could hardly to called Back from Tho attack lost fill men of whom nearly half 314 were killed. The proportion of killed to Tho total strength was not less than 1 in 3. At Waterloo which was not no affair of Rise water it was 1 in 17. Tho regiment was not present at Quebec tint it took part in the Campaign of 17u0, a i lies of successful and comparatively inexpensive operations which resulted in adding Canada to the Empire. Its second battalion had been serving meanwhile in the West indies. To that Region Tho whole regiment was again transferred in 17til, selected As was stated in the dispatch from Home Quot for their sobriety Aud abstemious habits great activity Aud capability for bearing the extremes of heat and cold. A Tho Campaign resulted in the Conquest of the Windward islands and of the Havana. From Tho West indies the a Black watch was Cut Back to new York and had three years of campaigning against the Indian tribes. At Hist after 11 years what was left of Tho regiment it had lost 970 officers and men killed and wounded was sent Home. The survivors were not without Tho Solace of prize Money won in Tho Conquest of Havana. Each private Laid the magnificent sum of �4 is. 8�?T�id., while lord Albemarle who commanded received �123,907. Sieves non arc i Bald Forbes. Keeping the Huic free from Flics. As flies Are very fruitful conveyors of disease try very hard to keep them out of the House. Cover nil windows and doors with netting. If you cannot afford frames tack the netting Over the windows outside. This is a very Good Way. It allows one to lower the window from Tho top As Well As to lift it from the Bottom making better ventilation. If door frames Are out of the question tack netting very full to Tho top of Tho door casings. In the Broad Lieut at the Bottom sew sufficient Good sized pebbles to give weight that the netting May fall quickly into place. If by Chance the children hold the doors open for a moment allowing flies to enter place a Little Sticky Fly paper Here and there or when you Daiken the room leave a crack of Sunshine it Auy open window or door. The flies will in a moment follow Tho Light and May thou easily brushed out of the room. Ilo could 1 pronounce Sioux. Congressman it Pham of Iowa tells Bow to of acc got Back u .$2,001 Attico by knowing How to pronounce Sioux. A i had been Abief clerk who says a of the Iowa House of representatives for several terms hut Tho wheel of political Fortuso had Fili ally brought in a House that was not us Friendly As i could wish. Another candidate appeared and he and i Hud a warm Light with t fit result but he Defeated to by a few votes in Tho Republican caucus. The House was organized and this Man was duly elected chief clerk. It so happened that the first paper he had to read was a communication relative to the Sioux in Dias. Tho name Sioux appeared very frequently Anil to new clerk persisted in calling it a Sioux a to the disgust of Tho old westerners who had been accustomed to the Correct pronunciation All their lives. Quot As soon As Tho House adjourned on Tho first Day Cio of Tho Republican leaders asked All republicans to remain for n caucus. The caucus having been convened this Gentl Muu Turoso Aud said i move that the present chief clerk be discharged Aud that j. P. Hepburn Tho former chief clerk of this body be re elected. To want a Man who knows How to Pronto do a a Sioux. A a a the motion was adopted unanimously and i was reinstated be Canso i knew bettor Tau to Call a Sioux a Sioux Quot Cardinal Antonilli s will. Cardinal Auto Cllia a will bequeathed 35 francs to the Hospital of the holy ghost in Rome Aud u similar sum to Trio holy places it Jerusalem. Such Small bequests by a Rich prelate excited remark but it was found that by an old roman Law no will was valid unless in contained these two legacies Tho minimum sum being 3 francs. At Genoa a similar bequest had to he made to the Hospital of , Aud at Turin to that of st. Maurice and so Lazarus the object being in All cases the support of these institutions. Auto Neili dying at the Vatican conformed to the old usage. An incident which illustrate. An effect of the cycling craze. Quot speaking of bicycles Quot remarked Tho drummer a i presume it is largely in the Tutu to of a Chestnut to mention Tho fact that Tho bicycle has Dune Moro to Render this Tho horseless age than anything Elso that has happened to it but i la say it and illuminate my statement by no example which lately came under m i notice. A i was Down in a West Virginia town not or o than a week or ten Days Ugo and us i Laid a Jaunt of ten Miles to make into Tho country to Soo a Rural customer of a Riuo i hired a horse at Tho livery stable Aud proceeded thither on horseback. Tho livery Man Boug n Friend of mine let to Havo his own Euch Llo horse a really Lino animal Ami i Felt proud of my mount As i Rode out of town. Arrived at my destination i soon transacted my business and while waiting for my customer who was going to ride part of the Way Back with me an old Farmer Caino along nud hitched his horse near Tho Block where i was sitting on mine All ready to ride a guv. took a Side Shinco at my nag Aud with the usual Freedom of thu country began looking my animal Over. A a a Ali Ute Sho Qutb to inquired when his invest Ignatiou was completed. A a of about 818,�?T i said think aug i would Surprise Trio old fellow Aud at the same time have some fun with him. A but to never showed a Sigu in his face Aud merely walked around the horse critically. Quot i might give Yon 15,�?T to said with great indifference. A a if Yon do i said banging our it will have to to Quot a i Ain t actin Brash these hard times who explained but me Huwe kill do something in the Critter Biz cuss. Trot him up Tho Road a piece an lets see what he Kin do Quot i had t bargained for this exactly but i was in for it and i thought i might As Well see it to thu finish nud i Rode away us lie directed. When i returned lie took another rum around the horse shaking his head As if not altogether satisfied with what he was Likely to get in Tho Deal. Quot a is 13 yer lowest Figger to asked. Quot a yes it s the Best 1 can a a Well a he said with the greatest deliberation si3 is a Good Deal to pay Fer a Boss these nays but ride him up the Road a in on a run till i holler an when i holler swing him round and fetch him Back on a slow walk an ill git the Money Quot i thought it was a Fine Junko and started away on a dead run expecting to get the Call at a turn in Tho Road some 30u Yards away but i did to and when i had passed out of sight and still no Call Cornel tumbled to myself and wont right Back to where i Hail started from in Trio morning without saying a word to Star. Selling Terr let la Indian ,. Rural life in certain sections of Indiana is simply to those who have not Scon it Aud Numy phases of it Aru incomprehensible to outsiders who have. A Farmer drove up to the Village general store alighted from his Buck boar ii hitched his horse Anil accosted Tho proprietor by calling out a a Eliut s Straw by pics today Sam a a two re Payin 5 cents for Good ones fresh Quot could t make it a Vonlil yes Quot nope. Trio Rains lev brought pm Forward mightily Aud the prices lied to Tumble. A a the Farmer sat Down cd a Salt barrel in the Scudo in front of the store Anil waited. At the Euil of half an hour he came to the door Aud said Quot Mandy a be put oat about it. Sho reckoned they a be about 7 a a surly Jim a replied to storekeeper Quot but in a a sell in pm Fer 7.�?� the Farmer sauntered Down to Tho Blacksmith shop nud pitched quoits for an hour. Then he came Back. Quot split the difference a he said Quot and Call it a fall right a was Tho reluctant rejoinder. A let it go at that. How Many you got a Quot a bout four quarts Aud a half Quot to said a and they re jest As Slick berries Asye Ever set yer Faith into. A a Chicago times Herald. Well need no 3�ore . Provided the Holland submarine boat obeys her owners command to dive and reappear As it seems Likely she will there is no doubt that her Advent will produce a change in naval warfare com purus to to the exploits of the Monitor. With such a Craft approaching a battleship diving As soon As she comes within Range and continuing either deeply submerged or with ouly a hand or so of a 30 Inch Turret out of the water there will he nothing for that battleship to do except either to run or to remain and suffer the successive effects of a ecord of dynamite explosions. If the Holland is successful in getting directly beneath the ship she can suddenly shove her deadly snout out of the water discharge her Bow gun Aud then quickly sink out of sight As to training rifles on her there is no per Coriou of gunnery known that could give even a forlorn Chance of hitting her Small Mark us she is. Ill the Little time that she will remain . The Louisa Alcott club. An interesting Little club of girls is situated in the heart of Boston Oswego Street. If is named after that Lover of girls Loai . A Lott Ntilis a club for Young hebrew Gills started and directed by hebrew worm u. The older girls of tiie club must of them work in shops. There Are classes of different kinds for them As Well As for the younger members and concerts and talks on various subjects Aud always the pretty cozy rooms to give with the work in other directions the most elevating tendencies and the greatest help to the Young people for whom the club was organized. She Wui a Novice. Sho was a Nevico at cycling that is to say Sho loud not Imd a Long enough experience in Riding to know All the ins Aud outs of tiie traditions of the wheel so when one Day she saw a Yong worn an who was evidently in some great trouble with a part of her costume Sho a the inexperienced ride re took observations surreptitiously for use if need be for herself at some future time. The Young woman in trouble had evidently found a disturbing element in her Long Loots. She poked and pulled at to top of them 1-nt just what she was doing for a Long time the observer taking notes of the sly could not make out. Then she saw and took n Long breath of great Surprise. From the top of those boots Good sized wads of newspaper scorned to be pushing up into View Anil the owner of Tho boots was making a strenuous Effort to push them Back into what appeared to be a strange place to carry newspapers or papers of any kind. But As Sho gazed a Light gradually dawned upon Trio mind of the Novice. Quot of in see a she murmured slowly to herself. Quot what a Verv Good York times. The Gumbo of Montana. L suit which Pius the staring qualities of Hue. Parcel in and Fleury Koliu Honvo return my from a trip to Cascade county. Everything went Well on Tho trip out hut returning they Ouenan stored a heavy thunderstorm with a fall of rain nud in a few minutes Trio Road was Mado almost impassable. Tho soil is thick Olny of Tho order known in Fomo localities is Gumbo and when a Little water comes in Contact with it a substance not unlike glue is Tho result. The wheels soon became so weighted with Tho stuff that travel in Tom Wagon was impossible mid it was resolved to Taku chances afoot. Thero is a peculiarity about Gumbo that it Sticks like flypaper to everything that one does t want it to remain attached to nud it somehow won t stick to Tho ground Long enough to step out of it. Tho members of Trio party Firat tried tiptoeing along. Gradually the Sticky substance accumulated under the balls of their loot until they were lifted far from thu surface of thu ground Aud still it accumulated More Aud More. Gumbo is not As Light As Soma either. Each foot that a pedestrian raises from the ground adds several pounds to his Burden of woo. There is a limit to a Man s currying capacity. When Liu has acquired a Stilt of each foot that weighs 125 pounds or so lie feels like stopping to rest or rid Liim self of Trio Burden or both. Or. Archon was the first it is said to try to kick himself Loose from his appendage of mud. Posing himself on one lie Avila Laden foot Ini kicked out with thu other with nil his might but one can t kick Gumbo from his shoes. The stuff Lias been known to resist Tho efforts of the pick. Or. Archon had not calculated on that. When lit kicked the momentum of Tho heavy weight carried him Forward on that foot mid to save Liim self Puiul recover his balance to was forced to thrust his other foot Forward with considerable vehemence. That foot too was heavily Laden with to same sort of mud and Tho momentum of it Imd a similar effect. As each foot became heavier by the accumulated weight of Gumbo each Oiler foot Hee Amo heavier too so that the Iii reusing Brake upon the Pudis Triau s Speed was compensated for by the increasing momentum furnished. Tiie accumulation Hail grown to alarming figures if expressed in pounds when or. Parcel in encountered an up Grade Aud was saved. Lie secured implements fitted for Tho purpose mid managed to scrape off the Bottom of his shoes making a Nice new surface for More mud to cling to. Trio experiences of Tho other members of the party Wero similar. They All plodded along the Quot Lino of the great Falls and Canada railway into Tho City which they reached at Midnight. They Wero in a bail plight. Their horses had been turned Loose and they reached Homo later with balls of mud clinging to their tails As leg As footballs and smaller spheres of mud hanging pendent from their unities. Or. Woods took a Hunting dog with him and the animal Lay Down in the mud to Roll. So much of it citing to her that it was with difficulty that she dragged herself into Tho Independent. The i inn Ltd fit. The operation of Tho of Mikitin mind sometimes perhaps always passes understanding. An Evanston spinster who presides Over a Fine refill ecu in unit classic suburb sent for the Hostler thu other Day and gave him instructions to drown a litter of four half grown Kittens which had become somewhat troublesome. Three of the Kittens Wero easily captured but the fourth run under tue barn and the Hostler in trying to dislodge it with a Polo unintentionally Broko one of the Aulii Ialy a legs. Thereupon three of Tho Kittens worn Given their quietus in the Lake but the fourth was taken into to hons and tenderly cured for with splints Aud bandages. Quot but Why not let to put this Critter out of misery mum like Tom rest of Mem Quot asked Tho feline executioner. Quot a Bat Quot exclaimed miss Prim. Quot drown a Kitten in that condition never to u doctor her up a Little and Shell be Aron tul again All right in a few a a but what Are you going to do with her then mum Quot inquired the perplexed Host Ler. Quot Well after that a said Tho spinster with a sigh a i suppose you la Havo to drown to incs Herald. Chapin Brothers commission fruit produce and Southern truck potatoes Beans eggs onions poultry gome Sweet potatoes watermelons berries peaches &c., amp a. To. 97 South Market st. Boston m a s s. Chas. Pape. J. Yvo. Howell a a mates Pape cq%9 wholesale commission dealers in a fruits and produce 877 Washington st., 430 amp 432 West 14th st., shipping number 500. New York. Reference new York Coutv National Bank. I. P. Justis amp co. I. Amp so. Produce o Omste Sioux South st. Aud Bowly a wharf. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter i m. E. Selby of Vul a with a Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley amp Mullen , del., wholesale grocer a As 1 1>ea i h in cigars and tobacco. Orders tilled on Day received. Quick transit and lowest prices should commend us to the patronage of the Peninsula. W.1lbyrd& go. Commission merchants in Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry Aud All kinds of 122 Cheapside shipping letter Trio word of u Cir it min or. Buckley the editor of Tho new York Christi us advocate is Nitu a hero worshipper. Sumo years ago while wandering through the Kensington museum in England the prominent divine caught sight of Temi Sun at that time the poet laureate. Tennyson carried a child and was accompanied by his wife. Or. Buckley made up Liis mind that lie would follow this or at Man Aud perhaps hear one of his comments of the works of the old masters. Finally the Little group paused before a magnificent painting. Or. Buckley edged a Little nearer. The Oracle was about to speak. The american was sure that the author of Quot in Maui Oriaku Quot could not say anything commonplace. As he unconsciously approached thu painting to catch thu words Tennyson seemed about to speak tint latter turned to his wife reached out his arms and said Quot Here wife you take the baby while i go Olowu and get some journal. Belting with u judge. There is evidently a certain laxity of Demeanour allowed in thu proceedings of courts of Justice in Tho tip country districts of some of Trio co Louie if the following Case May be taken As ail example it happened at gala a Little place in the Queens town District of Tho Cape. The trial was for sheep stealing a probably not unusual occurrence in that part of the world Tho stealing of sheep being for some occult reason a crime to which every new District is peculiarly susceptible. All of a sudden the court was startled by the prisoner in the Dock who was evidently of a sporting tendency leu aug Forward Aud offering to but Tho judge half a Sovereign that to View to was taking of the Case was not a Correct Cue. Order having been restored the judge went on with his charge. Tho jury retired Aud subset neatly returned into court with a verdict of not guilty. Instead of hastily leaving the court Tho prisoner remained in the Dock busily engaged in searching his pockets. A what Are you waiting for Quot asked the judge. Quot trying to find that half Sovereign a returned the erstwhile prisoner. Quot half Sovereign a queried the judge. Quot yes Quot was Tho answer a you were right after All in your View of the Law. 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I have for Sale watches clocks Jav Elry spectacles Jeye a glasses and silverware in Mun styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartors. Pocomoke City my. Tar will be at Accomac c. Every court Day. Elf y0rk7 Phila. Tob Folk r. R. Cd. In effect june 14th, 1897. Quickest Aud Only daily Liue Between Boston new York pliila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort. Southward stations leave la Urta Luuy a i. Norfolk old polu Toon Hurt Apo chillies. Thorlton a Dubbs a a Etta value. Mac Hil to ago. Birdsnest. . Mayy slug. Kollorz a me lift a. Only. Parks icy buxom. Hull Wood. Oak Hali. Sow church.�?. Poc Ositko a jus Lou. Y i my a Creek. Or Lucca Asauo. Loretta a a a a Elen a. Fruit Laud a Del la Bury Oelz uht a a Arrivo. 92 82 91 . Old acc a exy. Point sex a a. M.�p.6i�p. Fil a a a 5 5� -7 30 a a a g to. .7 45 a 7 10. 8 40 _ 90. 10 55 19 60 in 1-4 Ftp a l. Iloo m. 10 01. In 14 m Gnu of. Ii 21 ��o0 16. In 20 a Fly 22 ii 32 Flo 31 in he Flo 40. Ii 47 .�l0 46 ii 52 jux 61. 11 67 Tlly 67. 12 03. 1 Uit 12 h in 18 12 Vij. A Ali 26. 12 29 m 11 32. 12 37 .�11 37. 12 44 -�11 43. 12 63 6 10 in 55. 1 03 6 13 00. 60. I2 10. 1 25 c 6 12 20. 1 3 10 a h18. A 7 18. 7 35 127 1 cd a 7 55 100 2 do i . F . Virginia a at a court held for the county of Accomac at the court House thereof on the 2gth Day of july a. D., 1s97. In the matter of the payment and delivery of the estate of William s. Kellam deceased to his legatees without a refunding Bond being Given. On the motion of Willianna East wife of William East one of the legatees of William s. Kellam deceased by Stewart k. Powell her attorney it appearing to the court that the first report of the accounts of the transactions of Benjamin t. Gunter executor of the said decedent and of the debts and demands against the said decedents estate have been filed in the office of this court and it further appearing to the court that More than one year has elapsed since the qualification of the said executor it is ordered that the creditors of the said William s. Kellam deceased do show cause if any they can on the 2nd Day of August term 1897, of this court against the payment delivery of the estate of the said decedent to his legatees without a refunding Bond being Given by the said legatees and that a copy of this order shall be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published at Accomac c. H., Virginia and also posted at the front door of the court Houpe of the said county on the first Day of two successive terms of this court. A copy a test m. , jr., c. A. R. Stewart k. Powell attorney. Bau Ciuro uni of Btu us a a Wii Lugita a pm a. Uru to at. ,.�? Trout us a a work. 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Mausisa Leldo Aud rues re Tohni not in leaves duo amp tuesdays and fridays a. Shields �.30. Davis 10.00, reads 10.21. Concord 11. Nuu Dua 12 3�. Cedar View 12.45, Hoggs 2.45, Evans 3, berborton3.l6 oils Giuld 6. In i incr tax Lull. To Nuas and thursdays Lor Fords cd Oul Bouru l reek or Isbeih Fluney . Hunting Creek Aud me Bongo. turning leave wednesdays us a saturdays Mart Shiigo 6, Huntley Creek , c Leo sconces tes ii ? a Oulu Rock 2.30, Finys 3. Urls Leld 6, Cou Bouru Creek 7, Ford s 7.30. Anstena Riergo leave cola fled ii Balti a More on an of last Down train a Frei Cyntana passengers received ror All Points on the n. A. Pella. Aud Norfolk Wicomico and Pocomoke r. K. Dally Delaware. Maryland and Virginia railroads. Positively no freight received aft6r 1 30 . 4cd must be prepaid to All Points except oct he n. Norfol t Railroad. Notice to creditors c of missioner s office. I Accomac c. H., a a 20th, 1897. To the creditors of William b. Smith deceased Aud All others concerned you Are hereby notified that at the request of the personal representative of the said decedent i have appointed the 30th Day of August next at my said Quot office for receiving proof of All debts and demands against the said decedent or his estate at which time and place you Are required to attend and prove your claims. Given under my hand the Day and Vear first above written s. T. Ross commissioner of accounts of. Accomac county court real estate notice the undersigned having entered into the a land Agency business at Pungoteague Accomac county va., desire to Call the attention of the Public to the fact. We propose to give the business our strict attention advertising extensively and be capable of finding purchasers for lands in Accomac and Northampton counties that private individuals cannot reach. All persons having real estate and wishing to dispose of it or those wishing to Purchase land or property on the Eastern Shore va., Are invited to communicate with us. All classes of town property water fronts &c., Are desired. Persons communicating with us having such property for Sale the same will be examined by us and advertised immediately. Business entrusted to us will be strictly confidential. Respectfully. Winder Ward amp co. Willard Thomson lieu manager. P. Ii. Clark gon l agent. The Cor. Pratt is Calvert its. Baltimore my. plan. Rooms 00 cts. 75 cts. And $1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Hells steam heat Baths amp a. Bernard Reily proprietor. A and a High arts paper hanging a at to be lowest possible Price. Charles Kitchelt Onancock a. Temporary address Edenton n c. Fob Sale or rent. I this valuable property in the flourishing Village of Only a it Only station n. Y., p. n. Railroad is for rent for year ls9s. Sale preferred. Apply to either the owner a. T. Mars. Wacelia Prague a. Or j Edge b. T. Gunter Accomac a Fred Johnson. Duff Mason livery Sale and Exchange run in connection with stables hotel Mason new Church station a Johnson i Mason proprietors. All trains met and passe Nurs conveyed Tony part of Peninsula at fair rates a my with Comfort Aud

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