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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - April 14, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume xxx Accomac c. H., a. Saturday May 13, 1911 number 43 George l. Doughty jr., at Tomey at la w. A offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All courts on the Eastern 8hore of Virginia. Wear. After that his handkerchief came out and he blew his nose. Finally when he passed her his face would be As red As a Turkey cock. As for miss Buddington when she saw or. Tippler coming she would proceed on her Way with the utmost composure. On passing the gentleman the Only sign of embarrassment she showed was putting her Palm to her Back hair but this should not be counted As embarrassment for All women do that. Meanwhile the courtship was progressing finely. When or. Tippler went into the Back Yard he would seize the limb of a tree and pull himself up by his Arans to show his strength to the girl next door who he Felt sure was peeping through the blinds at him. Then he would loll on a wooden Bench taking care to assume a Graceful position. All the while he was waiting for an Opportunity to show his contempt for the girl for whose Benefit he was posing. Finally came his Chance for revenge. One Day when he was a showing off a in the Back Yard while his Back was to the houses he heard something lightly strike the ground behind him. Turning he saw a Little Posy. Looking up at the next door windows he saw no one. But he knew. And where was revenge he was supremely Happy. Why not because he might throw Back this Little Token. Instead of doing so he put it in his buttonhole and looked up at half a dozen windows from one of which he was sure the Posy had been tossed. His face wore a smile which he intended for an appreciative and tender one. But intended smiles Are always like those people put on to be photographed stereotyped. Nevertheless it was seen and appreciated by Grace Buddington who had thrown the Posy. Its the old Story of the alternate claw and velvet touch. From time immemorial women have poured water sometimes hot water on menus Heads and then have wiped out the insult by a Posy. This love affair had passed the excruciating first stage. Having been begun All wrong its earlier features were distressing to the Young Man. But As All things Are enjoyable from Antithesis he found Delight in the very unhappiness that had marked its beginning. The girl who at that Bel ginning had found pleasure in pouring water upon the adornments which the Young Many like certain Birds who i distort themselves in rare plumage to attract the female had put on to please her pursued the even Tenor of her Way. She was simply doing her share in the love making on feminine principles principles that Are As far hidden from men As undiscovered natural Laws. Was her first communication with him a stroke of Genius did she reason tha t it was an efficient Way of snaring him not by those Steps which men Call reason. She chose her Way instinctively. Having first made the Young Man suffer and then Given him a sop the Young lady proceeded to the next step. Common usage would have suggested an open acquaintance. But miss Buddington As has been observed was not prone to use common methods. Was it because she acted on the principle that stolen fruit is the sweetest or did she consider secrecy and duplicity better suited to her purpose Only a woman can answer this question and perhaps no woman could answer except for herself. Miss Buddington now thought it time that her admirer should do something in the Way of courtship so she waited. The Young Man had Learned the whereabouts of her room and had Learned that it was third Story Back his own being in a like position in his own Home. A window in each room adjoined. contrived to get a note to his lady love by tying a string to the end of his Cane and the note on the end of the string whipping the missive into her open window. This led to an endless string Between the two windows Over which passed bits of nothings gradually warming up until they became words of love. One morning mrs. Buddington who was nourishing some plants in her Back Yard turning from them happened to look up at the rear of her domicile. Her curiosity was excited by an endless string run on two pulleys the one fixed to a window Sill of the adjoining House the other to the Sill of one of her daughters windows. The lady kept her own counsel but the same afternoon seeing the Young Man next door come in she hurried out to the Back Yard and concealed herself under a tree where she could keep watch of the endless string. It was not Long before it began to move and with it a folded bit of White paper. A hand detached the paper and in a few minutes another paper was crawling along the string in the opposite direction. A Grace a said mrs. Buddington the next morning at breakfast Quot get ready to go to your aunt Mary a. You will leave on the 2 of clock a Why Mother. What a that for a a never mind what for and you la not come Back Here next autumn. You will go to boarding but boarding school failed to solve the problem. What there was in a Pitcher of cold water poured Over or. Tippler and his spick and Span outfit to Cement him to miss Buddington As mortar will unite two bricks is a mystery. At any rate his love once thus planted grew furiously and before the first term of school ended he had eloped with his lady love. Searchlight rays. Ford Model t touring car $780.00spring love the effect when the beam. Penetrate a foggy atmosphere. Nearly everybody is familiar with the beam of a Searchlight and knows Why the beam la visible while Light itself cannot be seen unless it strikes the Eyet its visibility being due to particles in the air which really do reflect the Light to the Eye. On a foggy night. If one will notice the beam seems to come abruptly to an end if the Light is pointed upward. It does this instead of gradually fading away into nothing As it does pointed horizontally on a uniformly foggy night. The thing is rather puzzling to one first seeing it. But the reason is not far to seek. Where the end of the beam seems to be there is the place the fog ends for the beam cannot be visible to us unless there Are Small particles in its path. This is of great help to sailors in judging of the state of the weather for they can Tell exactly How thick the Frog is. Or. Rather How deep it is. They can also Tell by throwing the Light horizontally whether the fog be Universal or occurring Only in patches for if extending to a great distance the beam gradually gets dimmer and dimmer. But if in patches the beam is lighter in patches and if it goes through a place with no fog at All that part of the beam is Black or invisible a new York Tribune. P. Aylett at Tomey at Law. 1 office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Not in heroic but u it really occurred j. Abbott Byrd attorney and counsellor at Law. Offices Accomac 0. H., Shinco Teague Island and me Tompkin a. At Chincoteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the oui a of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. By f. A. Mitchel a a copyright by american press Asso a a elation 1911. A cd he la la a it la i he la he la a. When the poet said that in the Spring a Young Many a fancy turns to love to should have added that in the Spring a girl becomes frivolous. The Budziu Tous on May 1 moved into one of a Block of houses fronting on a Small Park. Grace Buddington watched from a second Story front window the delicate Spring leaves come out on the Trees under the warm Sunshine. Whether her heart budded at the same time is not known but an incident occurred that burst a Blossom of mischief into a full blown Flower. Grace had caught a glimpse of a Young Man who lived next door. was Nineteen or Twenty while she was seventeen and a half being very particular that the half should be put on when her age was mentioned. The fact of this gentleman who was very Good a looking who wore Buff gaiters Over his boots whose clothes were Cut by the Corre test pattern and whose White cuffs always protruded exactly two inches below his sleeves i say the fact of his being a next door neighbor excited a profound interest in the Young lady a heart. They were to live no one knew How Long Side by Side. They might become bosom friends possibly like brother and sister possibly lovers. This a May be is decidedly pleasanter to. Contemplate than a might have the first is the Bud. The last the decaying Flower. Of blessed age when there Are no sad memo Lesl nevertheless youth is Peculiar. One would suppose that harbouring such Rainbow fancies miss Buddington would act in a Way calculated to bring them about that she would look Forward to a conventional meeting with her neighbor which would grow into friendliness and from friendliness expand in some one of the channels that had been dug for it by her imagination. She did the very opposite. While she was watching the nurses in the Park halting their baby carriages for a Brief bit of Chat the Fountain sparkle in the Sun while she listened to the chirp of Birds and a Distant confused noise of Many vehicles on a Street beyond the door of the next House opened and the Young gentleman of whom she was dreaming came ont on the stoop. His boots a Stickpin in his neckwear and his silk hat All glistened in the Sun. stood swinging his Cane in his hand looking out on the pleasant scene before him evidently very Well satisfied with himself. Then noticing that not quite enough of his cuffs showed below his sleeves he adjusted first one and then the other. But in doing so he noticed a spot on his right eff and taking out a snowy Cambric handkerchief endeavoured to obliterate it. During All this time miss Buddington was watching him from the window some dozen feet above him and two or three feet to one Side. While he was endeavouring to remove the spot from his cuff she disappeared for a few moments and when she returned held in her hand a Pitcher of water. Extending her Arm she held the Pitcher directly Over the reflected Streak of sunlight crossing the top of Bis silk hat. But she refrained. Whether this was on account of pangs of conscience or a desire to enjoy the situation by prolonging the Climax or from a dread of making an enemy instead of a Friend of her immaculate neighbor there is no record. The sensation was certainly delicious. But the most delicately Flavoured wine must be swallowed at last and presently tipping the. Pitcher she poured a Stream Down on her unsuspecting neighbor. When or. Tippler that was the Young Many a name t. Pemberton tippler Felt the water resounding As on a drumhead upon the top of his hat and splattering Fountain like All Over him his first impulse was to stand from under the second to look up to see whence it came. was too late to see More than the Pitcher and a shapely wrist disappearing within the window. But he had before seen the Young lady who had recently come to live next door and was especially got up with a View to distorting himself that she might see and Admire him. Love scorned turns to hate. Or. Tippler having come out to be admired and having been treated As he considered it contemptuously he was quite sure by the girl next door he swore a great oath of revenge. A few Days later or. Tippler while walking Home saw miss Buddington coming from the other direction. involuntarily quickened his Pace then suddenly slowed up. looked to the right and to the left and no at the sky. The Stoops of their respective Homes were Side by Side or rather there was but one stoop with a a Stone division. At first or. Tippler wished to meet miss Buddington at the Bottom of the Steps that he might show his supreme indifference to her by turning his Back upon her. Then he was afraid he would meet her. took out his handkerchief and blew his nose. carried a silk umbrella in his hand and while trying to walk with dignity tripped on it his hat fell in front of him and he stepped on it Grace in dding ton who at that moment turned to ascend the Steps giggled. Or. Tippler was boiling with rage. After that whenever or. Tippler caught sight of miss Buddington approaching him he made a strenuous Effort to appear unconcerned. The Way he did it was first to pull Down his cuffs. Next he would adjust his Neek John w. West attorney at Law. Practices in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac 0. Stewart k. Powell attorney at Law offices a Accomac 0. And Onan it Cook a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The car without extras. Completely equipped with Extension top automatic brass wind shield speedometer Gas lamps Generator 3 Oil lamps and tubular Horn at the above Price f. 0. B. Detroit. Ford Model t comes completely equipped you have no extras to buy. Investigate Cost of Complete equipment and you la realize something of the extraordinary value you get in Ford Model t. This is one reason Why from one end of the country to the other you find enthusiastic owners of Ford cars. This is one reason Why there Are More than 75,000 Ford cars in actual operation today. This is one reason Why every fifth car sold in the United states is a Ford Model t. Let us go into further details with you on Ford supremacy. Let us Tell you of Vanadium steel construction and what it Means of the Light weight of the Ford Magneto built into the motor the Only one in the world and the three Point suspension let us explain the oiling system and show you what Ford service for Ford owners Means How every Ford dealer is always at the service of a Ford owner regardless of where he purchased h b car. Let us give you a Demon stration that you May know How luxuriously easy and comfortable it is to ride in the Ford Model t. N. B. Wscott. S. Ja3. Turlington. We3coxt amp Turlington attorneys at Law offices Accomac 0. H., Mapps Burg and fair Oaks a practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Coffee and Tea. The bean improves with age while the Leaf deteriorates. Coffee Beans improve with age. Five year old Coffee is better than the new crop and fetches a higher Price in the Market in two years Coffee will lose 10 per cent in weight Bat it will increase More than 10 per cent in Price. Coffee should be used quickly after roasting. If the Brown Beans appear oily the Oil should be dried off in a Quick hot oven otherwise it will undergo a chemical change which will affect the flavor. While Coffee Beans dry with age teas absorb moisture even when in Zinc lined chests. Tea likewise deteriorates with age. It does no to lose strength so much As it does its drawing Quality which is another name for flavor or bouquet so careful Are the Tea packers to insure an entire absence of moisture from the Tea when being placed in the Zinc or Lead lined chests that they have the Tea leaves Sun dried and then heated before packing. The Tea goes into the chests too hot to handle with Bare hands and is sealed up in air tight packages before it has time to Cool and before the slightest suggestion of moisture reaches York world. G. Walter Mapp. J. Brooks Mapp Mapp amp Mapp. Attorneys at Law. Offices Orangeville Keller and Accomac 0. H., practice in All Coarts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Model t torpedo runabout $725.00, Otho f. Mear8, attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county and Accomac court House practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John s. Parsons attorney at Law a Accomac courthouse a. Will practice in All courts of Accomac and Northampton counties. Jno r. And j. Harky Rew. Attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac 0. And Park Ley. At Accomac a. H., every wednesday. Will practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ben t. Gunter attorney at Law Accomac g. A. A. Will practice in All the Conorte of Accomac and Northampton counties a word for sugar. Pure Candy is Good for children. Pure sugar is Good for grown people. Of course there Are exceptions to every Rule. If the doctor prescribes a diet and orders a patient to refrain from sweets the patient is bound to obey his adviser. What is the use of netting a physician and paying him for suggestions if the latter Are treated with indifference people in Ordinary health need not be afraid to gratify an appetite which craves sweets. Those who have looked into the matter have been telling us lately that soldiers on the March bold ont better if they have rations of sugar than if their food omits this useful commodity. A fondness for sugar is often a defense against the temptation to use alcoholic stimulants. The inebriated does not care very much about pure Sweetow Christian Herald. A Floyd Nook a attorney at Law Accomac 0. a a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac 0.h. And Onancock. At Accomac c. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton to Unitas. John e. Nottingham. Jr., a attorney at Law a Frank town a practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A Ford automobile company Onancock a. U. Q. Sturgis o. L. Parker. The age of Linen. It is highly probable that the manufacture of linens is of greater Antiquity than that of silk. Archaeologists generally admit that the Mummy cloth of the most ancient dynasties was a variety of finest Linen. The egyptian and jewish priests wore it at All their ceremonies. We find mention of Fine linens All through the old and new testaments. When the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon she was habited in Linen. In revelation the Angels Are clothed in a pure and White genesis tells us that pharaoh arrayed Joseph in ventures of Fine Linen. Silk is mentioned in the Bible Only four times. Attention canners we represent on the Eastern Shore that Large and Well known banned goods commission Honse of Bel air md., Smith Webster company. We can handle your account on the most favourable terms furnish Yon supplies at the lowest Market Price for season delivery and have Ever possible facility for getting you the top of the Market for your canned goods. Write or phone us at once. J. Cleveland White 5 co., Salisbury my. Or. D. Lilliston dentist. A Accomac court House office hours from 9 a. To 5 p. Will be at Parksley every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate United states College of veterinary science. Fair Oaks Virginia. Via Melfa office hours 7 to 9 a. 6 to 8 p. Will practice in Accomac and North Hampton counties. Or. W. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. Or. Garland e. Finney veterinarian graduate of University of Pennsylvania Onancock Virginia. Office hours�?8 to 9 a. M., 7 to 9 p m. Will practice in Accomac and Northampton counties. The clothing and shoe am ready for All visitors to my r store. line of Spring clothing is in and cordially invite All buyers to look Over my line. I Call special attention to our Young menus g o 11 e g Ian suits in All the new fabrics and colors. They Are hand tailored perfectly a look will satisfy even a critic in the business. Our line of hats is Complete in All shapes also John b. Stetson a. Our line of Oxford and pumps Are As in the past one pair Sells another. Sole agent for a Isaac hamburger amp songs tailored . W. Callahan Pocomoke my. The Myrtlo seven. A certain fond father sent his son to the University of Pennsylvania last fall. As a Farewell piece of advice he told the Young Man that a this Success was almost assured since both the word Success and your name contain seven the midyear examinations however proved to be his doom and he was compelled to return Hom amp a Well a said his father a did no to you keep in mind what i told you about the seven letters a a i did that father a answered the boy a but Yon must remember that there Are also seven letters in failure.9 a Philadelphia times. A dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes the great Majestic Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming implements Mill feeds middling Corn and Oats bran and Chick feed bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Sash doors blinds mantels Cabinet mantel Stair rail and All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley Quot manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. W. G. Emmett notary Publio Money Panio. A what was the worst Money panic you Ever saw a asked one financier of another. A the worst Money panic i Ever saw a was the reply a was when a fifty cent piece rolled under the seat of a Street car and seven different women claimed it a Exchange. The other Side. It a a it Sall very Well for the minister to preach from the text. A remember lot a a said an overworked discouraged Matron a but i wish he would now give us an encouraging Sermon upon the wife s lot Virginia. Belle Haven jetted. E. Ruediger a county bib Veyo aces Mao 0. H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and heat instruments owners his services to the citizens of Accomac county. Eye nose Throat and ear. Or. Horace w. Nicholson 114 w. Franklin st., Baltimore my. Chasolen building room 21. Hours 9 a. M., to 1 p. M., and by appointment. Telephone connections. Or. Has. F. Turman dentist. I will practice my profession at Bloxom and new Church on the following dates Bloxom. New Ohnich. March 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. April 18, 11, 12, 18, 14. May 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. June 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.�?o july 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.c. S. Schermerhorn amp son. Jobbers . J. Thomas amp co paying mis lawyer. Lawyer annoyed a better take your Case somewhere else. You Are too thin skinned for me. Client hardly pay to skin me he a Boston transcript boots shoes and trunks. The shape the Wear the Quality of our shoes have made us popular for three generations. New sure stub styles Are now open for your inspection. When in our town make 240 main st no Folk a. A a Headquarters. A a the Puzzle. A Boston girl who was watching a Farmer milk a cow adjusted her glasses and said a it is All very Gjalt except that i done to understand How. You turn it we Are Headquarters for seed Oats poultry grit ground Oyster shells meat meal ground Bone Ohar Coa Alfalfa meal. Is there anything in All this world that is of More importance to you than Good digestion food must be eaten to sustain life and must be digested and converted into blood. When the digestion fails the whole body suffers. Chamberlains tablets Are a rational and reliable cure for indigestion. They increase the flow of bile purify the blood strengthen the stomach and tone up the whole digestive apparatus to a natural and healthy action. For Sale by All dealers. They get it. Nelly men Are such helpless things. Belles yes they can to even fall in. Love without a Good bit of Philadelphia record. Said mrs. Chick Chick to or. Puck puck a a in a laying Fine these Days and its All on account of the Purina so Noti fwd you prescribed for me As a steady diet now is the time to get rid of your rheumatism. You will find chamberlains liniment wonderfully effective. One application will convince you of its merits. Try it. For Sale by All dealers. 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. Most of on riches lie in the Bolty. To Check foolish desires

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