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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1920, Page 2

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - April 14, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Hunting Creek Church. Calvary methodist protestant Church Hunting greek Virginia was opened with impressive services sunday april 23rd. The love Heastan experience meeting at 11 o clock were most spiritual. The sunday school or. W. Frank Barnes supt.,held a record breaking session both in attendance and collection. . Silverthorne conducted a mos interesting prayer and Praise service at 7p. The Rev. S. Johnson of Leemont preached morning and night and the pastor of the Church the Rev. G. Clayton preached at 3 p. To Large and appreciative a Dlo noes. The edifice is a neat up to Date Wood Structure of four rooms namely auditorium sunday school room pastor s room and boiler room. A Tower 53 feet High in which Bangs a 500 Pound Mcshane Bell adorns the building at the intersection of the auditorium and sunday school room. These two rooms connect by folding doors. The Interior trim is no. 1 Virginia Pine in natural Wood finish. Beautifully decorated steel ceilings add materially to the attractiveness of the Interior. The building is heated throughout with steam and is lighted with an up Gas Plant. The Cost of the Church and equip ment is $4,500. After a vigorous can Vass for funds morning afternoon and night a Small deficit remains. It is expected however to liquidate the balance of indebtedness and dedicate Church this conference year. Too much Praise cannot be Given the members and friends for their Hearty co operation with the pastor and building committee in the construction of so attractive a Temple of worship. The contractors were the Parksley lumber company with or. Kniles pilchard builder and or. Vav. J. Lil Liston Painter. The following com pose the building committee Rev. G. Clayton chairman s. Silverthorn Secretary Ashton j. Lewis treasurer c. , , will j. Middleton u. Shrieves and e. Howard. Services will be held regularly every sunday As follows sunday school at 2 p. M., preaching at 3, and y. P. S. 0. E. At 7.30 o clock. Sunday school Institute. Accomac Baptist association Bethel Church Accomac county va., May 6, 7, 1911. Lecturers. Prof. E. L. Middleton sunday school Secretary Raleigh n. C., prof. R. E. Gaines Richmond College Richmond a. Program. Saturday May 6. 10 00 a. M.?devotional exercises. 10 30 a. M.?the sunday school graded or organized prof. E. L. Middleton. 11 15 a. M.?open conference. 11 30 a. M.?the teacher s Opportunity prof. R. E. Gaines. 12 15 p. M.?open conference. 12 30 p. M.?adjourn for dinner. 2 00 p. M.?the superintendent and his co workers prof. E. L. Middleton. 2 45 p. M.?open conference. 3 p. M.?the teacher s personality prof. R. E. Gaines. 3 45 p. M.?open conference. 4 00 p. M.?adjournment. Sunday May 7. 10 00 a. M.?devotional exercises Reading of lesson and making re cords. 10 30 a. the sunday school equipped prof e. L. Middleton. 11 15 a. M.?the teacher s lesson preparation prof. R. E. Gaines. 12 00 m.?adjourn for dinner. 2 00 p. A increasing the membership holding the membership prof. E. L. Middleton. 2 45 p. M.?open conference. "\u25a0 3 00 p. M.?the teacher As a guide in Bible study prof. R. E. Gaines. 3 45 p. M.?open conference. 4 00 p. M.?adjournment. Sunday schools Are urged to Send their officers and teachers to this Institute. This is a rare Opportunity for on workers in the Accomac association. Woman s foreign Fliss onary society inasmuch As the Brethren have changed the Date of the District con Ference the woman s foreign missionary society has changed the Date of the District missionary meeting at Salisbury to june 7-bth. Societies will All elect delegates and notify mrs. Rue who and How Man will attend. Please collect Georgie Quinby fund and Send by delegates. Urther particulars at a later Date. Mrs. Bettie a. Rue. Of missionary meeting. request of the entertaining auxiliary the District missionary meeting will be held in Salisbury . On May 14th and 15th, instead of april 30th. Secretary. We Are looking for the 25th Custo mer this season that wants a bicycle. Another Supply expected next week the kind and the Price responsible for the number sold. Exclusive agents for the Recycle Lver Johnson and Standard. Bloxom bros., Mappsville a. New line of men ladies and child rens shoes and oxfords at j. S. Scott a Parksley. We now have a Stock of shingles Cypress fencing and Locust posts. Martin & Mason co., Harborton a. Candidates cards. To the voters of Lee District i am a candidate for re election to the office of Justice of the peace of said District subject to the demo cratic primary and take this method of thanking you for your support in the past and to solicit it the primary. Very truly Joseph l. Cooper. To the voters of Atlantic District i announce myself a candidate for the office of supervisor for Atlantic District subject to the coming primary. Respectfully Ashton Fletcher. To fellow citizens of Accomac i take this method to announce myself a candidate for commissioner of Revenue in the upper Parish subject to the democratic primary and at the proper time i will visit the = people and make known to them reason for asking for their support and at the same time i respectfully ask the people not to pledge their sup port to any candidate but to be inde pendent and free to vote for whom they please on election Day. With gratitude for past favors i am sin Cerely your Humble servant t. 0. , va., dec. 14, 1910. \u25a0to the voters of Accomac i announce myself a candidate for Uch other business As May properly come before said 29 the 1911. Jno. T. Wilkins 111, referee in bankruptcy. Moe Levy and j. Brooks Mapp attorneys for petitioning creditors. N. B.?proofs of claim must remade in conformity with Section 57 of the bankruptcy act and Rule xxi of the supreme court s general or Ders in bankruptcy. In the District court of the unite states for the Eastern District of Virginia. In the matter of Andrew , bankrupt j in bankruptcy. To the creditors of Andrew , of Painter in the county of Accomac and District aforesaid a bankrupt. Notice is hereby Given that on the 27th Day of March 1911, the said Andrew h. Revel was duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the firs meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of the undersigned at Eastville Virginia on the 13th Day of . D., 1911, at 11 o clock a. M., at which time the said Credi tors May attend prove their claims appoint a trustee examine the bankrupt and transact such other business As May properly come before said meeting. April 29th, 1911. Jno. T. Wilkins 111, ? referee in bankruptcy. Warner Ames attorney. N. B.?proofs of claim must be made in conformity with Section 57of the bankruptcy act and Rule xxi of the supreme court s general or Ders in bankruptcy. Liabilities scheduled by bankrupt,11,936.44. Assets scheduled by bankrupt beyond exemptions $ filing fee of 25c required with each proof of claim. 2c Stamps Only. Virginia at a meeting of the Board of supervisors of the county of Accomac held on the 17th Day of april a. D., 1911. It appearing to the Board that Ata meeting of the Board of supervisor held on the 12th Day of Decem ber 1906, an order was entered Pur Suant to advice of the attorney for the Board permitting residents of this county to ship wild water fowl out of this state and it now appear ing to this Board that at the time of entering the order above referred to certain sections of the code of Vir Ginia had been left out in compiling the same which said sections did not permit the shipment of wild water fowl As aforesaid it in there fore ordered by the Board that the order entered on said 12th Day of december 1906, be and the same hereby is rescinded. A copy John d. Grant jr., c. S. Virginia in the clerk s office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 3rd Day of . A. 1911. Howell Ca thelland wife. Albert t. Sharpley and wife and chancery. The object of this suit is to partition certain real estate of which Johna. Sharple died seized and possessed. And an affidavit having been made and file that the defendants. Fred Wikoff wife in right of said wife two of the defendants in the above entitled cause Are nonresidents of Testate of Virginia it is ordered that they reappear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what May be necessary to protect their interest in this it is further ordered thata copy Hereof Bebe published once a week for Feur successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a news paper published in the county of Accomac and and that a copy be posted at the front door othe court House of this county on or before Phenex succeeding Rule Day from the Date d. Grant jr., clerk a copy Teste John d. Grant jr., & Rew p. Q. Virginia at a circuit court held for Theroun Tyhof Accomac on the 19th Day of april a. A. 1911.in the matter of the payment and delivery of the estate of John e. Hickman deceased this Devisees without refunding Bonds being Given. On motion of Samuel e. Hickman and Sallie. Hickman two of the Devisees of the Sai Johne. Hickman deceased by l. Floyd Nock their attorney it appearing to the court thata report of the transactions of l. Floyd neck executor of the personal estate of the said Johne. Hickman deceased and of the debts and de mands against the said decedent s estate has been filed in theoffice of this court and it fur ther appearing to the court that Mere than one Yea has elapsed since the qualify Elution of the said executor it is ordered that the creditors of the said decedent do show cause if any they can on the both Day of the next june term of this court against the payment and deliver of the estate of theraid decedent to his Devisees with out refunding Bonds being Given by the said Devisees and thata copy of this order shall republished once a week for four successive week sin the Peninsula a Accomac c. H., a. X copy Teste John d. Grant jr., 0. R Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. It s dollars to doughnuts ? that the flour is guilty of Theoff Ense. Our flour makes Light White de Licious bread and pastry Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insure Good results because it is uniform Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go ensuing Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut our the retailers profits. We sell you floor direct at whole Sale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. Yeull never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. " Eagle Mills human Skull Puzzle. A cavity that May have been the seat of a sixth sense. Despite the Progress of physiology the study of the human body is full of mystery. Some of its Well known organs have never revealed either their uses or the reason of their Crea tion. The part played by the spleen in human life was discovered but re i gently. It is now regarded As one of the principal agents in the circulation of the blood. But there Are in the marvelous human organism mysterious parts which it is possible that no savant however profound his learning May Ever understand. For instance in the Skull behind the cartilage of the nose there is a Little cavity of unknown origin. Physiologists believe that at one time several thousand generations ago it contained a gland consisting of two lobes joined by their common base. This cavity the Delta Turcina is in the opinion of certain savants the vestige of a sixth sense which was of great use to the antediluvian ances tors of Man. It is believed that this Little gland enabled them to see in the darkness when they had not yet Learned the secret of procuring Light that it was the seat of the mysterious sense of situation or locality the Power to Orient their course the sense so highly developed to this Day in Sav Ages and certain animals. The theory is plausible but it is doubtful whether Man will Ever acquire any real knowl Edge of the reason for the existence of the Delta turcica.?Exchange. Nests in colonies. Home of the african grosbeaks As big As a native s hut. The biggest Bird s nest in the world not excepting the storks is built by the african Grosbeak. It is really 100 nests or More bound together with closely interwoven Sticks vines and strands of coarse grass and is not built by a single pair of Birds but by a Colony of them. It is of such enor Mous size that at a Little distance it is often mistaken for one of the native huts built in the Trees so frequently found in wild tropical countries where Man eating animals abound and the Only Way to sleep in safety is to Roost the Birds usually select a Thorn tree probably because of the Protection afforded by the Sharp Long thorns against marauders. All around the nest the roof of Sticks thatched with dry grass projects to let the rain run off. A. Deep fringe of grass hangs from this Cornice like a curtain to keep out any stray drops. These great nests Are added to from year to year each pair of mated Birds building on the main nest. Sometimes the nest be comes too heavy and the Branch Breaks or the great mass of Sticks Falls to the ground destroyed by its own weight. The Grosbeak is no larger than an English Sparrow and just As gregarious.?new York press. Honesty extraordinary. A traveler writing in an italian Magazine says that the Swiss Canton of Ticino is inhabited by the most Hon est Folk it is possible to imagine. In most of the tic inese villages the writer says the oldest inhabitants do not remember any Case of thieving however Petty within a lifetime. Lost objects when found must never be taken away they must be left where they were dropped or placed in a conspicuous position so that the rightful owner can find his property More easily. The Case is cited of an american woman tourist who lost her purse on an excursion in the Capri Asca. The purse contained Gold Coin and a jewelled watch. Upon returning from her trip she found the purse with its contents intact on a Little Heap of leaves so placed that it could not fail to attract her attention.?new York Sun. The parsers of India. It was at a Point near the ancient City of Surat that the parsers first landed in India when driven out of Persia by their Mohammedan conquer ors eleven centuries ago. Few things Are More remarkable than the manner in which this Small Community has retained its religion and racial characteristics unchanged during that Long period. The Peculiar style of head dress worn by the parsers is said to have been made compulsory by the hindu King of India when the parsers first obtained Refuge in that country and they have used it Ever since. To Day the parsers Are the leading com Mercial nation of India. Told him in few words. A Man once wrote to the Rev. 0. Spurgeon the famous preacher saying that he had heard he smoked and could not believe it to be True. Would or. Spurgeon write and Tell him if it really was so the reply was dear sir a cultivate Flowers and Burn weeds. Yours truly o. puzzling. Millions do you think you will learn to like your titled son in Law billions a Don t know. I can t Tell where to place him in expense account. He is neither a recreation Noran investment an insect Gunnier. Many insects have some Means of decease from their natural enemies non of which is More curious than that of a Small Beetle which when closely pursued discharges a puff of poisonous vapor with a distinct detonation. Undoubtedly in Many instances this aids the diminutive gunner in his escape mainly in All probability by startling his pursuer and. Causing him to abandon the Chase. Prom this Peculiar acquirement this Little fellow is known As the Bombardier Beetle. does t ask. Doeg your wife ask you for things she knows you cannot afford she has t asked for a thing since we were great How do you manage it when she wants a thing she do snot ask she tells ."?Houston Post. He Pound it. "1 started out on the theory that the world had an open log for and i went to find it do

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