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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - April 1, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia No danger of civil War. Why Uncle Sam s Iti family will hence Forward live in peace there is no Loi Igor any danger of a civil War says Woodrow Wilson in Tho Atlantic. There was War Between Tho South Ami thi rest of the nation because their differences w on removable in no Ether Way. There was no Prospect that slavery the Root of those differences would Ever disappear in the Mere proc Ess of growth. It was to to apprehended on the contrary that the very processes of growth would inevitably Lead to Tho Extension of slavery und the Perpetua tion of Radical social and economic Cou trusts and antagonisms Between state and state Between Region and Region. A heroic remedy was the Only remedy. Slavery being u moved the South is now joined with the with it in a stage of development As a Region chiefly agricultural without diversified industries without a multifarious Trade without to those Subtle extended nerves which a clue with All round economic development Aud which make men Kec uly sensible of Tho interests that link the world together As it were into a single Community. Hut these arc lines of difference which will be effaced by More growth which time will calmly ignore. They make no boundaries for armies to Cross. Tide water Virginia was thus Sepa rated once from her own population within lilo Alleghany valleys. Held two jealous sections within her own limits. Massachusetts once knew the Sharp divergences of interest and design which separated the coast settlements upon the Bay from the restless pioneers who had taken no the free lands of her own Western counties. North Carolina was once a comfortable Aud indifferent East to Tho uneasy West that was to become Tennessee. Virginia once seemed old and effete to Kentucky. The great West once Lay upon the Ohio but has since disappeared there overlaid by the changes which have carried the conditions of the East to Tho great lakes Aud beyond. There has never yet been a time in our history when to were without an East and a West " but the novel Day when we shall be without them is now in sight. As the country grows it will inevitably grew homogeneous. Popula tion will not henceforth spread but compact for there is no new land be tween the seas where the West can find aug the r Lodgment the conditions which prevail in the Ever widening East will sooner or later cover the continent and we shall at last to our people. _ the artist s privilege. No phase of life which the Kea Lut May nut Tonch. In a defense of his literary methods Arthur Morrison the English novelist writes in the new review i have been asked in print if i think Itiat there is no phase of life which the artist May not touch. Most certainly i think this More i know it. Or is the artist s privilege to seek his material where he thinks Well Aud it is no Man s privilege to say him nay. If the Community has left horrible places and horrible lives before his eyes then the fault is that of the Community and to picture these places Aud these lives becomes not merely his privilege Bur ids duty. It was my Fate to encounter a place in Short ditch where children we e Hern Aud reared in circumstances that gave those children no reasonable Chance of living decent lives where they were bom Freda much to a criminal or sem criminal career. It was my experience to learn the ways of Iliin Placebo know its inhabitants to talk with them eat drink and work with them. Tor the existence of this place and for the evils it engendered the Community was responsible and every member of the Community was and is responsible in his degree if i had been a Rich Man 1 might have attempted to discharge my Peculiar responsibility in Cue Way if i had been a statesman i might have Trie u another. Being neither of these things but a simple writer of fic Riou i endeavoured to my duty by writing a tale wherein i hoped to iring the condition of this place within the comp Rehi a sign of others. There Are those who say i should have turned away my eyes Aud passed by on the other Side on the very respectable precedent of the priest and the Levite in the a wonderful Pond. Human eyes Are often inhabited by Large numbers of living creatures. The water contained in a Well developed Well formed Eye in which the sight is not impaired More especially where a person is farsighted presents Many curious Phenomena. Looking through an open window in Daylight upon a hazy atmosphere or upon a fog such As is seen in any City or looking to the North upon a Gray atmosphere one will see if conditions Are As above strange disks timing and jumping about in the Eye water. It has been my Privi lege to watch these organisms for Sev eral years flitting about in the Eye water jumping toward each other again in strife and combat in the which the water would comparatively Clear of amoeba form organisms Only to be again full of Micro Cocci and the com bats As above. various shapes of these Anuial cula1 Are surprising. Some Are attenuated with Fine filaments. Again others Are like Wie bits of Fine porcelain with Little projections reminding one of turtles hopping about. Again others present the appearance of Cyclops Aud Daphne. How these organisms get into the Eye water is a in the water to drink or foods we eat either or both. The tact that the Eye water is inhabited like All other bodies of water is a truth that can be proved positively beyond peradventure by any Oculi St when he May e extract a diseased Eye and place the fluid under the Glass. May not the accumulation of these organisms in the Eye water their rapid growth and the survival of the fittest or strongest be the cause of much Blind Ness wherein May be casts coagulation of the Eye water so called paralysis of the optic nerve cataracts Aud other forms of disease May not numerous a Duches and other pains be caused by the of crack cumulation or growth of these minute organisms in which they Stop the circulation of the Active principle of life in the arterial circulation or the Nerv Ous forces the Sarne organisms arc see when looking upon drawing paper. William w. Goodrich in new York Herald. A Plain air Vetious. Canon Knox Little told a Good Story once at a Church Congress he said to remembered a Licefi Gate in front of a Beautiful Church which had been re stored Aud Viado very Nice. There was painted Over the decor this is the Gate of heaven and underneath was the Large notice go round the other Way. " household words. Famous Sanctuary. The Litt c Livirt i around the Corner 1 Ken Rixis us fiftieth anniversary. Tho Little Church around the Cor Ner or the Church of the Transfigura tion As it appears in the records of the diocese of new York will be 50 years old next october and upon Tho Saunio Date or. George it. Loughton will Cele brate the Jubilee anniversary of his rec worship for Hal has been in charge of Tho Parish Ever since its organization. While this Church has obtained much notoriety because of flu weddings Aud funerals of actors that have taken place under its beautifully grained ceilings it is known to the ecclesiastical world As having one of the least pretentious and most devout and benevolent congregations in new York. There have been Many famous actors among the Pew ohlers but Tho Groat majority Are sober minded prac tical business men and women Whoso thoughts Are More occupied with their Homes and religious duties than with the opera and drama. Or. Loughton himself has never attended a theater but once in his life and that was 03 years ago when to was a boy of 14. His parishioners who Are in Tho profession frequently Send him boxes Aud complimentary seats which Are nod by the members of his family but while he has never expressed disapproval of the theater he has no taste for it and says he sees dramas enough in real life without seeking them pm the stage. The association of or. I Loughton with the theatrical profession began some 25 years ago by a Little incident which also gave to his Church the name by which it is Best known. Three prominent members of the dramatic profession called at the residence of a distinguished divine in Madison Avenue one evening to ask him to officiate at the funeral of one of their professional associates. To their indignation he declined but suggested that they apply at the Little Church around Tho Comer where they would Lind a Mau who might to willing to Bury a actor. They went to Tho Little Church around the Corner Anil received a More Chris Trauliko reception. From that Date or. Houghton Bias had a monopoly e f marrying Aud burying actors and is regarded As the spiritual Patron of that profession. Lester Wallack Edwin Booth Law rence Barrett Lohn Mccullough Dion Boucicaut William j. Florence James Lewis and Many other men and women of equal or less Fame have been Tho friends of or. Loughton and to Bias read the burial service Over their dust. The actors association intends to show its appreciation of his Friendship and service in a suitable manner when the fiftieth anniversary of his Rector ship occurs next october new York letter in Chicago record caution to Middle aged bicyclists. Any form of Perciso or sport which makes serious demands on the Atten tion on quickness of Eye Aud baud and in endurance ought to be taken up by people who have reached Middle life Aud Are engaged in sedentary occupations Only with great circumspection. Tiie h Sou has been Learned by Alpine climbers through Many bitter experiences. It is pretty generally hold by them that most of the fatal accidents in Mountain climbing Octor through the failure at the critical moment of some Man who has taken to mountaineering too late in life Aud who is perhaps also cur of condition. An old dog cannot be taught new tricks according to the proverb and though it is disagreeable to have to realize that we have passed the age when we can Excel in a new pastime requiring special skill to avoid Accident and Youthful adaptability and elasticity to avoid Over Strain it is the part of Wisdom to accept the inevitable. There is no reason Why Middle aged men and even these who have passed Middle age should not take to cycling but it should be with a Frank recognition of the limitations which age imposes. Great Speed Long distances and Hill climbing put a Strain upon the Constitution Ami will Hud Cut the weak places the parts of the system which Are aging faster perhaps Thau the rest the heart it May be or the vessels of the brain. So also in regard to Riding a bicycle in crowded thoroughfares the Strain in the attention is considerable and the risk net Small if a Man has lost the quickness of youth British medical journal. Psalms Frac hebrew Intel scottish. Albert t. Bell of the University has lately been sent a curious Book published in Edinburgh of interest to Stu dents of biblical lore or to devotees of the Modem scotch movement. The Book is entitled Tho psalms frae he brew until scottish. " the preface states the Buik a o psalms or lists or Kirk slugs Maun be Mair nor Lecky David s. Twal be Fin o Asaph a Twa i Soi Onan same Are apiece Widemun an Ethan s name an Arwi roses Ane or Mae by wha s no Keut Mist like Frac the Sag b them by David. They aged a till s Ings or subs i Tho maker s time i harps a i Songdi Brods or wi1 fifes an Ihui rms the Blythe St o them like some Heigh lists o the dullest like sane Pibroch. The Wei known Twenty third psalm appears in this fashion the Leid is my Herd Nae want Sal Famo tie louts me till lie uniting Green Howes he ail is me at orc by the lows Waters he my a gain Sattl he Weis s to Roux for Iii Ain name s Sake until right Teddius. A Tho i gang thro the dead Mirk Dail e eur thar Sal i Dnad Nae skai Beu for Yoc sol Are Nae by me y r Stok a scr stay had to Baith fun the translator the Rev. P. Hately Waddell promises that if he receives sufficient encouragement for his trans lation of tiie psalms into scotch he proposes to proceed with the translation of the rest of the Bible Nebraska state journal. Dosed the doctor. Doctor just a instant please exclaimed a caller at the Ollice of a Mau of physic As lie caught sight of Tho physician disappearing in his private Ollice. Ill see you shortly sir was the Curt reply. But a second is All i want persisted the caller. Ill see you directly sir with sternness. The visitor took a seat in the Gener Al reception room read the afternoon paper through looked at the pictures played with the dog and took u Nap. After so minutes or More had passed the Medicine Mau came out of his Den Ami with an air t f condescension said to the visitor Well now my Mau i am at your Lervic. Your turn has come. What can i for your of nothing in particular Washe reply " i just dropped in to Tell you that your neighbor s three cows have escaped from the Bam and Are having a picnic in your Garden and Flower Magazine. Cape Charles a. August7th,i8th 19th,& 20tj-v97. Premium list. Division horses. Best double team in Light harness single team in Light harness trotting stallion trotting bred two year old 1 trotting bred one year old 1 trotting bred suckling or weanling 1 Brood Mare with one of her Colt most Beautiful Aud stylish horse or Mare division a. 2.cattle. Best Bull any Breed diploma cow and calf any Breed 2 or old Breed 1 1 or old Heifer any Breed 1 division sheep. Best Buck any Breed diploma pen ewes 1 pen of lambs division b. 2.swine. Best boar any Breed diploma sow any Breed sow and pigs any Breed shoats any Breed division poultry. grahams dark Bra hams Bull Cochius Black Coch ins Partridge Cochius White Cochius Langhaus. Best pair fowls 1st $1 00 2d 50 game fowls 1 00 50 1st.$5 00 s of. Of i of � co 2 00 5 my a 00 2.1$2 511 1 50 i of 2 00 1 50 1 00 2 50 1 50 faced Black Span ish Brown Hose comb Black White Aud Brown leghorn Black Minorca. Best pair fowls 1st $1 2d 50 French. Best pair Llou dans 1st $1 of 2d 50 lock and Wyandotte. Best pair fowls 1st $1 00 2d , Silver Cray. Best pair fowls 1st Loo 2d bantams 1 1 00 1 1 Coop chickens not less than live 1 00 1 , Al Scovey you to Best pair 1st �1 00 2d geese White Brown i Tese. Grey wild beat pair 1st 1 50 2d 50 , White Silver Aud , Bronze while Bull Golden pencilled. Cray. Best pair fowls 1st $1 00 2d 50 Best pair 1st $1 50 2d 75 Pratt food company Philadelphia Poiror following special premiums for the Best pair of came fowls 5-1 b package Pratt s poultry food Plymouth Bock Lang Shang fowls Light Brahams. Buff Cochins Bronze turkeys Silver Wyandotte fowls american Dominique came bantams Golden duckling ban Tams 1 division implements. Best two horse Wagon dip Oma one horse Wagon farm cart wheelbarrow two horse drag or Harrow 1 two horse plow Mower and reaper each " potato Digger potato cultivator cultivator for All work fertilizer sower seed Drill 1 Corn shelter 1 horse Hoe Lawn Mower Hay Rake potato sprinkler 1 grub Hoe Weed Hoe Iron Rake truck barrel truck Basket division , Etc. Best family Carriage diploma single Boggy track sulky " Road cart suit double harness suit single harness 1 Riding Saddle horse Blanket division f. products 1st Best 12 ears White Corn $1 00 12 ears of yellow Corn 12 ears pop Corn 12 stalks Tureen Corn Peck Oats Peck wheat Peck Blackeye peas Peck Black peas Peck White Beans 1 quart Lima Beans j Peck tomatoes i dozen sugar beets i dozen Mangel Wurtzel i dozen Heads cabbage 1 j dozen cucumbers dozen Squash 1 dozen parsnips i dozen carrots i dozen Salsify dozen egg plants 1 celery peppers peek onions Watermelon pumpkin peach Jelly wide Jelly 1 Blackberry Jelly 1 Strawberry Jelly Raspberry Jelly Gooseberry Jelly grape Jelly to Sherry Jelly division to 4.spiced fruits Tinl brandied 1st.$1 00 2d 5jbest spiced apples spiced pears 1 spiced peaches spiced plums 1 spiced Watermelon spiced grapes spiced tomatoes spiced beets brandied peaches 1 25 75 1 brandied pears division g 4.canned fruit and vegetables in scaled class jars. If put up in alcohol water or by Sulphur process half the premiums named will he awarded. Best canned apples $10 50 canned asparagus 1 canned blackberries canned Beans canned cherries canned Corn canned i gooseberries 1 canned peaches canned pears1 canned teas canned plums canned raspberries canned strawberries canned tomatoes 1 canned quinces 1 canned whorl berries canned grapes division 6 5.pickle a sets. Best j Bushel round pot s i Sweet division f. 1st 1 50 1 00 2d$2 3 50 cd l 1st 2d$1 00 $ 50 50 25 1 00 Best pickled mangoes wine Vine is 1 00 50 Best Home cured Ham Home cured beef 1 Home made soap 50 Pound butter 1 Pound of lard division f. 3. Best display of Garden vegetables $5 00 $2 50 division f. 4.fruits, Etc. Best one dozen pears $1 00 50 one dozen apples 4 one a zen peaches quart plums 4 4 quart Tigs 1 one Doz Bunches grapes 1 1 variety grapes collection Cut Dowers 4 4 ladies1 department division a 1.bread. Cakes and pies. All articles in this department must be the exclusive work of exhibitor. Persons a Hose Trade is baking cannot enter this department in competition.1st. 2d. Best loaf wheat bread $1 00 $ 50 1 a. Worked biscuit French Rolls 1 Plain Rolls loaf Corn bread fruit cake 2 00 1 00 Pound cake 1 00 50 6ponge cake chocolate cake ice Cream cake Jelly cake molasses cake Marble cake doughnuts sugar cakes 1 Ginger cakes 1 Lemon cakes peach pie 1 Apple pie Gooseberry pie Cherry pie 1 Whort Leberry pie 1 Blackberry pie Strawberry pie coca nut pie pumpkin pie Sweet potato pie half dozen fruit tarts division a 2.Home made Candy Best assortment 1st $3 00 2d $1 division a and $ i 00 1 50 50best Apple preserves Apricot Canta Oupe Cherry rasp Rry Gooseberry 1 Whort Leberry Plum quince pineapple Fig Blackberry Tomato Strawberry 1 Watermelon Rind Apple Jam Blackberry Jam Cherry Jam 1 Gooseberry Jam Trape Jam quince Jam 1 Whort Leberry Jam Appie Jelly 1 quince Jelly Pear Jelly 1 Plum Jelly 1st. $1 00 $ 2d.j0 pickled peppers pickled Chow Chow 1 pickled tomatoes mixed pickles Sweet pickled 1 Sweet pickled peas Sweet pickled peaches Sweet pickled plums 1 Walnut Catsup Tomato Catsup 1 Home made vinegar Home made Apple cider Blackberry wine Strawberry wine grape wine pickled beets pickled onions Sweet pickled mangoes division a 1.household Mystic. Best Home made silk quilt 1 Home made silk crib quilt l of in 1 Home made worsted quilt 2 00 1 00 Home made Calico quilt 1 50 Home made Counte Pauo 3 00 knit shawl 1 knit child s Jacque knit men s socks knit child s socks Yard knit lace knit gloves Yard Crochet red lace 50 pair crocheted slippers 1 00 pair embroidered sep is Carriage afghan infant s Carriage afghan 1 rag carpet 1 foot Rug 1 ottoman cover 1 table cover chair cover Bureau Scarf easel Scart 1 mantel Lam Requin 1 jewelry Case lamp or toilet mat 1 Era ase 1 hand painted pin ers to Zephyr embroidered Piu Cushion embroidered Pillow Sliu embroidered splashed 4 embroidered night dress 1 50 4 embroidered Chemise t 00 4 embroidered Launel skirt 4 embroil hand Rich is 4 embroidered six napkins 4 embroidered Centrepiece 4 1st be9t embroidered Tea cloth $1 00 Einbu ded tray cover 4 4 suib ded easel Scarf 4 4 embroidered head rest 4 Ems ded lady s wrapper 4 4 embroidered Bab Cap 4 darn no 4 Patching 4 4 set dollies 4 cake or cheese dollies 4 embroidered child s dress 4 silk lain. Shade 4 4 Zephyr tidy 4 4 he stitching 1 4 hand made shirt 4 hand made Collar 4 Button Hole silk 4 Button Hole cloth 4 1 4 Button Hole or cloth 4 Best dressed Aud handsomest doll. First Premium s i 2d, $23d,$l 4th, 50 division a 2. 1st 2d Best collection of paintings done by exhibitor $2 50 $1 50 4 single 1 00 50 4 collection of drawings 2 00 1 00 1 single drawing 1 00 50 these exhibits of paintings and drawings Are confined to the coun ties of Accomac and Northampton. Parties desiring May Send exhibits by express addressed to the Secre tary at Cape Charles. Va., not to arrive later than August 16th. When the Secretary will take them in charge and place them on exhibition. For further information address or. A. Br0ckux-.orough", Sec y. 2d 50 50 35 Chapin Brothers Mission. Fruit produce and Southern truck potatoes Beans eggs onions poultry gome. Sweet potatoes watermelons Benies reaches cd. No. 9? South Market St., 13 0 s t 0 a s s. Chas. Pape. J. W. Howell in Harlea Pape s c&9 wholesale commission dealers in a fruits and produce s77 Washington St., 430 & 432 West 14th St., shipping number 500. New York. Reference new York Coutv National bunk. ?. Kepner & p Jas & co prod of Sci Ritli St. And Bowie s a liar. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter Al Coy. M1ssion Jav t5roha its m. B. Selby of va., with Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley & Mullen Wal Jim toy dkl., wholesale grocer Axi Oka leu in cigars and tobacco. Orders filled n Day transit and lowest prices should commend us to the patronage of the Peninsula. pm of. S e. Camden St. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter references National Hank of Commerce or any produce House in Baltimore. S. B. Dorucs. To. 0. Do established it years. A 8. & co. Fruit and produce communion of attn of j Washington St., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Lit Ference by permission Irving National Bank n. Y. Established 1s�5. We. Pauker with Jolo h. Newton & sods ji27 Washington St., new York. Early fruits vegetables Terra a importers and pins wild fowl eggs Poul commission merchants try and All kinds Ofin All kind. Of fruit Aud produce ,. Truck poultry. Eggs wild fowl Stoat 9t9?.&-s&&-$-& j potatoes a specially. Members of National league of Bier chants of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bank new York and All mercantile agencies. L be any of our stencils or cards Given out during past 2d no. 24. -122 Cheapside Baltimore. Shipping letter. John w. Hutchinson with Stevens Simpson � co imported and wholesale Gernin merchants fruits and produce. 2 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of commission merchants of the United states. J. K. Whip Tinston 00. Holt Sale fruit and produce con Mission a Folk merchants no. 7 e. Camden Street Baltimore. My. Shipping letters a. E. reference living Nat i Bank n. Y. J. E. Whittington National Hank j. F. Hot Chimoh & g0v,w.p.custis&co., produce mer chants who Lesah commission merchants. In fruits and produce. Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington St., new York. 10 South St., Cor. Bowlers wharf Baltimore my. Shipping no. 104. Reference. Peoples Bank of Baltimore shipping letter i Quick sales and prompt returns. Eggs poultry wildfowl,clam8, peas berries cabbage a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. Bank. B. O. Bell under Faker Wachapreague. A. F. A. Davis & co., wholesale i dealers in it Bacco m Fine cigars. N e Cor. Howard & German Stisi Baltimore my. Represented by keeps on hand a full line of Frank . Caskets. _ of All grades and sizes. Also a notice. Ful1 line of hejr1 Pine coffins so r a p m re All furnished at the very lowest Ninilo h Guers. will meet All trains und boats at Short notice. Has opened his Pfiel Riim Aid harness Slop combined at contractor Ani builder Accomac c. H., a. Parksley a. L8 d0w prepared to construct on Short notice buildings of every class cite and country made Flar and Ness kept constantly Oil hand. Plans and special Catious pre a also cart cheap for1 pared by him and All material Cash. Furnished whenever desired a horse carts and repairing work done by Day or contract. I harness specialities and All work All work first class. Write to or Calls promptly attended to. On him for estimates. And jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watch Les Vicki pc Elrayi so pc Foci Ebe glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest . We Sartorius to convoke City my. Will be at Accomac c. Court Day. 1ew i Oei. M Folk r. I. Co in effect june 14th, 1��7. Quickest Aud Only daily line Between Boston new York phila., nor Folk Aud old Point Comfort. Northward 92 63 94 ,. To i. Acc. Exp he menu Iii a.4. M._p.m_1\ is a Fortan Jutt. 5 r-3 .7 Norfolk. To old Point Oon tort .110. S Oak i c the. 3 0. Oner Itou. " 30. N 4 a. Time i vll0. 10 01 us . Toog Bird Enos. Al Al 16 Ilac s. "1" 2i 11 Ujj xxi acre. 31 ii Lap Sturg. To la a u 47 or. If a 7 . I via . A. I. 1 . S. S.8 bid. Ivl ibid. Foam. .u3i. 41 now j a til k. U. . Ii if. 4 i it Rolla. Is Imd or. Tau Oij. A of. 4 u i i j Trenton. Is ii. To bark. I is Kovork . By. A 97 is old bold. 10 in. Point exp top. Tul to a a. Id. A. M Auw 2ork a. A 00 Rowark. ��8 � 3 26 Trenton. A u la Mill. Ibro a by. &a0u. 1-35�. 10 m. 10 20 Wilmut o to. Ii it Baitt tort in ii stat tui. U i " a u leave. A. . A.11.p m us Lamar. Ii � 2 is 151 it Ltd Uius. Salisbury. Ute a in. _2. 2 Tai Tauti. M of Dej. Is. Loiette. I 11 _ it coat Lallio. 1-�ft. So. . & -33 .2 3. Of Stull. 8 s3 _ i � Rotio Sioke. V-33 3 a. New Unur. Mill. I of of Jackall. R.4 uti. Sil Tallwood. 4 ii 3 30 a Iii in. Ii i. J if . � 3 31 Iio -. F. Ueltlt.-. 4 in. A . I 64. Jul Tapia org. �67 Ich life in. 5 in u Aio. V. A is 5 12 i i it. La. I is la to in it o26 to. J 30. 4. 16i Ollil a. .r&4t45 5�e chs Rich. 3 06 � to Oli. In Lul 3 00. ,. In00. -05in ,. J 13 a. A in i � 9tui-"� Lur Ajo Cit Oju Sli Jua too duct Daiv exp edit by nutty. R. Nicholas superintendent Cape Charles a. K. �. Cooke gen l freight and Pas longer agent Norfolk. A. Of the is Tea Baltimore Chesapeake for Atlantic railway company Kari turnier notice will Ruu follows Wear for Pernill ten Leavirn South it. Qua sat 5.0. I clock i. In. Ste incr of Comour. Cal t. New Allyl. Tuesday mud riday for , wharf us Dar , to Ciobota Powell a Polomo Kelty. Matto Piil Aud saw Ulli. Seton mini in okays Ai i i Hura Uay leaves Snow us t a. 0 3 s s in be of bout Toedor Hail 9.30, run1 a Hart i Blu let Nyu 10 15, 2 30 p. Vit lies s 3, Tantio Laland -.30. Ori fluid c. Steamer last pm Ujj orig. Cart. U. 11 . I anew nos a in Suu Days pm Eil Peiu. Arbor to l\Ai.b, Cedar vifcv.-, Nuojua j a Colli. Feud i it. Vir suied a a Kues Kkt 11 Kiln tuu s tuesdays Aud Jarl. A Shields g.30i Savls 10.00, Kead s i. To curd 11, Sandra 12 3t View 12.46, Bonige 5, Vara Cai Sheldo. N Aii or 1anc1ek. My Livaja Ai j thursday.", tor Fords Coulbourn Creek cilia said Iii Eye Onancock Che a u. Nefs Exi Bui Iong Creek and me Sonco. Be Tab Klub leave wedge Adas a saturdays a Teseni � 0, Fanti re crepe. You Uaea Connes ii i Luau cock v.3n, l Imis 3, oils Tlell a Cou Bouru Creek 7, turd s 7.3u. A Steamer leave ii balt Ide More on an of last Down train. I Toig Taua passe Sora received rur an Pomti or the n. T., Pella. And Norfolk wac Ulco and Tosca joke ii. B. Dally Vclav Are Maryland und Virs rile. Railroads. Positively no Freira rec tved Umi 4 3j a a. And Mutt be prepaid to All Points a Xep i tue n. X. nor foil Railroad Willard Thomson gen in Hocer. P. R. Clark go l agent. Virginia at a court held for the county of Accomac at the court House thereof on the 20th Day of july a d., 1897. In the matter of the payment and delivery of the estate of William s. Kellam deceased to his legatees without a refunding Bond being Given. On the motion of Willianna East wife of William East one of the legatees of William s. Kellam deceased by Stewart k. Powell her attorney it appearing to the court that the first report of the accounts of the transactions of Benjamin , executor of the said decedent and of the debts and demands against the said dece Dent s estate have been filed in the office of this court and i further appearing to the court that More than one year has elapsed since the qualification of the said executor it is ordered that the creditors of the said William s. Kellam deceased show cause if any they can. On the 2nd Day of August term 1s07, of this court against the payment and delivery of the estate of the said decedent to his legatees without a refunding Bond being Given by the said legatees and that a copy of this order shall be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published at acco Mack c. H., Virginia and also posted at the front door of the Tourt House of the said county on the first Day of two Succes Sive terms of this court. Copy. Test m. Oldham or. C. A. Stewart k. Powell attorney. Notice to creditors. C of missioner s office. Accomac g. A. A july 20th, 1807. J to the creditors of William 13. Smith deceased and All others concerned you Are Here by notified that at the request of the personal representative of the said decedent i have appointed the 30th Day of August next at my Suid office for. Receiving proof of All debts and demands against the said decedent or Iii estate at time and place you Are required to attend and prove your under my hand the Day and year first above written s. Ross commissioner of accounts of Accomac county court re3 estate notice. The undersigned having entered into the land Agency business at Pungoteague a comae county va., desire t Call the attention of the Public to the fact. We propose to give the Busi Ness our strict attention Adver Tising extensively and be Cap Able of finding purchasers for lands in Accomac and North Ampton counties that private individuals cannot reach. All per sons having real estate and wish ing to dispose of it or those wishing to Purchase land or property on the Eastern Shore aare invited to communicate with us. All classes of town property water fronts a Are desired. Persons communicating with us having such prop erty for Sale the same will be examined by us and advertise immediately. Business entrusted to us will be strictly confidential. Respectful in Winder Ward & go. Wills Fafe i and. High Art paper hanging at the. Lowest possible Price. Charles Kitchelt Onancock a. Temporary address Eden ton s c. Fred Johnson. Duff Mason livery o Todl we so. I adj run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station a. Johsson it Mason proprietors. Cor. Pratt & Calvert Sis. Baltimore fild. Or. Rope an plan. Rooms 50 Etc., 75 cts. And $1 per Day this House is Low open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern , elec Trie lights electric Call Bells steam heat Baths a. Bernaad Reily prop Ieter. All trains met Ami Pas engers conveyed Tony part of Penin Sula at fair rates j my with Comfort Ana dispatch. Diseases of Mil. Fix. Tiie intense itching und n. Air i Der to eczema Tetter Sak rhe Utu Ami Lite diseases Oldie in b instantly Alki Teu by applying Chamberlain s Eye Ami ski ointment Many very bad a sos have been permanently cured by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles Ana a favorite Rem Edy for sure nipples chapped hand.-., Chil Blains Frost bites and chronic sore eyes. For by druggists at 25 cents per Box. To y or. Cady s condition powders they Are just what a use needs when in had Condi tion. Tonic blood purifier and Verm Fuge. For Sale by Blackstone & hell. A of Mac c. A. And win. Parker Onancock a

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