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Big Spring Weekly Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Big Spring, Texas Big Spring weekly Herald vol. 46big Spring Texas Friday june 23, 1950 no. 36 switch ens strike is set for sunday probes show Amelia paper from service Diplomat continues to deny charges of sen. Mccarthy Washington june 22. Up a Senate investigators to gunfire wounds three at strike bound Plant Chicago june 22. Up a a possible nationwide rail tie up was foreseen today As i. A switch men a Union set sunday As a strike Date against a produced a document five big lines and 2 two More unions become legally free to seize j 1c amerasian Tri the rtt Island and the Western Pacific said they would Quot much referred to in a Stop running sunday if the formation received from switchman left work. Career Diplomat John s. Serv the Al switch men a Union of ice on two a top secret War North America told the Rock is tune messages from president s&2z we. Roosevelt Clang Kai Shek. Pm. And the Denver and Rio Grande the document was put in Evi Western lines yesterday that they Dene by sen. Hickenlooper or were turning Down a presidential Iowa at a Public hearing by a Board s wage and hour recon Senate foreign relations sub commendations. Mittee investigating charges by the Board made its suggestions sen. Mccarthy in wis that serv april 19. Since May 19, under the ice co Laboi ated with communist. Railway labor act 30 Day a Cool. Service was in the witness chair ing off period provision the when Hickenlooper produced the switchman have been legally free material. To strike. All the peace making Hickenlooper described the paper provisions of the Law have been As a copy of on of the documents j carried out. Sei cd by the Fri when its agents the carriers were notified at the a aided the new York others of same time that the brotherhood of amerasian a Magazine no longer Railroad trainmen a the order published and found hundreds of of railway conductors were reject t gov unmet papers. It fuses to answer Congress Philip Bart general manager of the daily worker communist newspaper sits with folded arms on the table before the House in american activities committee in Washington. He refused to answer most questions put to him. Claiming them Quot highly improper or unconstitutional. A wire photo. Ing a wage and hour recommend Hon by a presidential Board on june 15. They must a Cool off Quot until july 15. The officers of the two unions made a joint statement saying the june 15 findings an a a insult to railroader As Well As the a most unjust unfair inequitable and injurious report by the emergency Board since enactment of the railway labor Law. F. H. Nemtz chief of the conductors. And w. I. Kennedy head of the trainmen said their unions were a ready to use economic strength if necessary to Force a fair settlement of the the presidential Board april 19 recommended to president Truman that the switchman be awarded a 40-hour week and an 18 cents an Bour wage hike. The switchman want a 40-hour week with the pay they now get for a 48-hour week Atlee Calls for vote on Schuman proposal London. June 22 b a prime talks in Paris on pooling Western minister Clement Attice called on Europe a Coal and steel industries parti a m or. Vote of con them a a aug a a defence in his Schuman plan pol ministers icy Atlee and five of his minister Laid before the House of commons a no unqualified sup port of the governments decision to remain out of the six nation Jane cowl stage Star cancer victim Santa Monica. Calif. June 22. Uhf Jane cowl 65. Stage Star of a generation ago and once the nation Foremost Juliet died today of abdominal cancer. I cowl entered a Hospital two weeks ago to undergo surgery. At is in the form of an i amendment submitted two Days ago by conservative Leader Winston Churchill and Liberal party chief Clement Davies. Debate opens monday and the vote is expected the following Day. A government defeat would mean dissolution of parliament and new i general elections. Labor has a working majority of eight in the House with some members on the sick list. But government circlet expect some conservative will abstain from voting. Britain stayed out of the current Paris talks on the Schuman plan because of aversion to com Mitt no herself in Advance to the principle of a High authority Over Coal and steel whose decisions would be binding. Cd safety group will meet tonight a meeting of the chamber of that time her physician said Abc Commerce safety committee has been called for tonight. Otto Peters sr., chairman has announced. The session is set for 7 30 p. In in room no. 2 of the settles hotel. Was to remain under observation for an undetermined time. The actress was Bern in Boston and made her debut in 1903 in new York City. She moved to Holly Wood several year ago and Ainee Bas appeared in films. She was the widow of Adolph a clamber who for Many years a drama critic of the new York times. They had no children. So played her famous Juliet role to the Universal acclaim of critic a for 856 night and matinees that was a record run for Shakespeare on Broadway beginning Jan. 24. 1923, in her younger Day she a considered one of the most Beautiful women on the stage. In addition to starring in a score of plays she also was the author or coauthor of nine plays including such hit As a Smilin through and a Lilac time brought to new York when she a three she was educated at Erasmus Hall High school. Brooklyn and attended co Umbria University for two year. The weather a Justice department notation on the material quoted the state department As saying a a this is a personal note and not an official government it was not immediately brought out at the Senate hearings just who allegedly had prepared the note. Before Hickenlooper produced it service had denied he Ever aided the communists while serving in diplomatic posts in China. That was one of the accusation Mccarthy made against him. Service declared that in the contrary or had done All he could to resist a a the domination of China by the senators had first binned to hear him behind closed doors but service asked for a Public hearing. A thin wiry Man. Service leaned Forward in the wife chair and told the senators it just is not True that he was a a a Collaborator with communists As Mccarthy charged Ile also declared that he was a Pinr Ocrant of the charges placed against him in the 1915 amerasian secret documents each. That re a involved the discovery of hundreds of confidential Federal papers in the now York a Edouar ters of the now defunct amerasian me Gas lit. Service and five others were arrested in the up id soda Ard charged with conspiracy to obtain illegal Oost of Sion of government documents. A grand jury refused to indict service and he was returned to duty in the state department service told the committee o Day a p a 11 a j j v be w f Fri on june 6. 1945. I told the arresting officer and the interrogating agents that i was innocent of the charges that i was mystified by the arrest and that i wished to do what i could to help solve the mater. That has been and still is my fast German Leader Dies in Sanatorium Berlin. June 22 in a Hurt Fischer. 49. Communist chief of East police died today. The West charges i Force actually is an army of 40.000 men the East German governments information ministry announced Fischer a death occurred in a Sanatorium and said it was due to a heart ailment. Eruption As shifts comes change Morristown term., june 22 up three men were wounded by gunfire at the american Enka corp. Today and two hours later a barrage of gunfire shattered windows in the strike harassed Rayon producing Plant. Gunfire erupted at 7 of clock this morning during a change of shifts at the Plant scene of recurrent disorders since the cd textile workers Union to local 1054 went on strike of a him us asks in March 28 in support of a wage increase and other benefits three men were felled in this fir ing. The rattle of gunfire a heard again shortly after 9 o clock when Plant official said Bullet apparently were fired from a Highway leading to the main Gate window were shattered by these slugs but no one was injured. The official said at the time of 1 n.p<1 state asked the United a the second outbreak about 60 to 75 Hon today to set up an internal to sunwise Check of arms Lake Success june 22.-th persian Gulf plane wreckage salvaged a Salvage Barge lift the battered Tutelage of an air France c-54 Airliner from the hark in a ted water of the persian Gulf near Bahrein Island. The plane which crashed a week ago with a to of at least 25 persons a the second air France Airliner to go Down in the same immediate area while on the hop from Karachi Pakistan to Cairo. A tilter ship plunged into the surrounding water the previous night killing 45 persons. A wire photo. Speed up draft As Senate kills segregation bulletin Washington june 22. It by the Senate today approved a Stop Gap 15-Day Extension of the present draft Law due to expire at Midnight tomorrow. President says the country can t support 70 group air Force today Washington. June 22. Up a any difference How Many air president Truman said today the group were authorized that the lounge. In not ply for a to group on How m the budget air Force. The president made this observe jew allow. Hen at a news conference in com-1 asked whether the country could men emf on pending legislation in pay for an air Force that Large ingress to authorize that strength Aud #t8y within its budget he said for the air Arm. The country can to pay for #0 group. Or. Truman said it did no to make the legislation in Congress does not say that the air Force should have 70 groups. It merely set that As the ceiling tor air strength. The actual size of the air Force. Under the Bill would depend in the end on How Vuch Money Congress appropriated for it. Actually the Quot group is a highly variable and indefinite term. Washington june 22. In a stripped of a controversial allegation amendment a Senate Hill to extend the draft Law was put on a speedup schedule today in an Effort to beat a Friday Midnight deadline. That a when the present select by service Law expires. Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois called the senator to work an hour Early in an attempt to Settle the Issue on time. It still seemed Likely that Congress would be forced to a a atop Gap Bill to keep the act in effect beyond tomorrow. The Extension Bill had several obstacles to hurdle before it could be sent to the White House. Among than were i. A premise by sen. Russell a a to revive and modify his proposal beaten last night on a 42 to 29 vote to permit servicemen to join units of their own rare if they so desire. 2 a Republican move to give Congress Quot higher control Over actual drafting or inductions As provided in a House passed measure the Senate Bill would retain this authority in the hands of president Truman. 3. Chairman Vinson Ltd a of that House armed services committee told a reporter the House will insist on its version of a he draft extender thus raising the Prospect of further delay in final passage of the Bill. Among the difference Between the version passed by the House and that being considered by the Senate is one involving the length of the draft Extension two years a approved by Ute House three years in the Senate Bill. Dont Trust own forecast Buffalo n a. June 22. If a right on the Button meteorologist Bernard l. Wiggin pronounced last april 20 that the first Day of summer would be a a Beau till Day for a picnic a the Western new York Heather society made plans accordingly. Clouds rolled away in time for the Outing yesterday. The weather was Ideal. The cried has picked a snot near a shelter just in ease. Study plan for parliament to control pooling men were pulling around the Gate aimed with rifles Shotgun and pistols. The state Highway patrol limned-1 lately sent 70 heavily armed patrolmen with Gas bombs speeding to the trouble Center. One report received by Highway a patrol Headquarters in Nashville apparently erroneous said two men had been killed there was no con Lineal authority to supervise and Chick on the reduction and Regula lion of Ordinary arms and armed j forces the proposal has been circulated among delegates to the in commission for conventional armaments in preparation for a discussion by the commission working commit i formation of this report from any for conventional arms Are rifles a prepare to make third try on fire Taris. June 22 a a Delegate from six Kurt Pean nation studied French proposals today for Ropchan parliament to control their. Coal and steel production. The parliament was the Keystone of a French plan for the West Coal steel merger French j foreign Minuter Robert Schuman twit recommended a a Means of preventing future wars. The six nation France Heigh urn the Nettie land. Luxembourg j worker today were preparing to make another attempt to extinguish flames which have been spurting from pan american no. I Holley Oil Well for More than la Day reports Fri morning were that additional dikes would he thrown West Germany and Italy All have agreed to put their Coal and steel product in under the control of in Overall authority with Powers to make it dictates stick Britain. Europe largest producer of Cool a walked at giving an International body so much Power Over her major industries and i staying out of the talk. In what appeared to lie a move source Morristown a City of 8,000, i an Industrial and agricultural renter in a tobacco area 42 Miles East of Knoxville. The patrolmen have order to disperse strikers milling about the Gate of the Enka Plant seven Miles from Here. The pickets reportedly had barricaded he Gates with automobile. The shooting broke out As three a. I workers attempted to rut amiss a Field to avoid the picket line to report for the Early morning shift the tar car were halted and Bullet were fired As they fled the machines. William Mcginnis a shot in the leg and head. He was brought to a Hospital where i rendition a reported a critical. Victor Mcdanlel and j Amra Mccamey suffered super Firyal flesh wounds. Mcginnis told Joe q Dougherty Industrial relations officer for Enka he returned the fire before bullets of the ambushes knocked him out. Dougherty said no Law enforcement officer were present when the shooting broke out. Finery naval and aircraft and almost All other weapons except the atom bomb and weapons of mass destruction. The u. S. Document propose that a conventional arms administration should be made up of countries represented in the in Security Council. Functioning at in head quarters it would receive information on arms from each nation Check on the inh mation and report violations of the Arm Rod a they Are found. The administration would Oner ate on Timpl majority Rule without any veto Power bul its decisions would have to be passed no by the Security Council in which the five big Powers and permanent member have a veto. The arms rom Mission is one of the w in organizations hit by the i soviet walkouts Tike Over refusal to unseat nationalist China and adj Mil the chinese communists the russian Dos agreed with the Western Powers however on How to rut Al nement and armed forces even before they walked out the i cold War has stymied the comm i Aion since its Start in 1947. Up around the flaming Well to accommodate larger amounts of Hie British objection the. Mud and water. French yesterday buggered that presumably another charge of t0al-Teel auth orly ire respond nitroglycerine will be discharged sep. To the proposed Federal Par a Coso March s Bungalow Rolls into big Spring Over the Well when the preliminary work is finished. A Nitro blast failed for the second time wednesday although it appeared to snuff out the flame for a few seconds. The first charge which was exploded tuesday Mol Ding Cut the huge flame except for a Small segment on on Side there was no indication this morning As to when the next trial will be made. The Well a been burning sine the night of june to. When escaping Gas was ignited fatally burning a geologist. Douglas likes Job Cheyenne. Wye., june 22 in a cd by a reporter of he might ire a candidate for president in the future. Justice William j Douglas raid last night a i am planning to at a on the supreme court the rest of my holdups Don t bother them Detroit june 22. La in the 46 years the Tyr be been running their Small grocery store Joseph and Herm Barron figure they be had i their share of holdups so they acted quickly yesterday Josephus 81st birthday when two rf1 groups it vane. With the Lye of plane. At present ranging from 30 bombers to 75 fighters. The air Force now has about 48 Senate plans checkup of primary expenses Washington june 22 up sen Marie or conventions for the of Gillett it a said today Senate Hee of United states senator in investigators will Check numerous i complaints of a a alleged huge expenditures in at least four senatorial primary races. Ii Imant. The authority a decisions would be reviewed Iii a Public de Imi each year top French Eeo-1 mimic planner Jean Moi Iet said at a closed session. Monet suggested that National Legislatures choose the members of the european parliament from j within their own ranks much As most of them new pick the members of the Eun Pean consultative Assembly Mont said however that the Pool authority should be Independent of National parliaments and i governments. Chief of the six delegations were scheduled to meet today to express their reactions to Hie French plan meanwhile on the Domestic front Fiance heard from finance minis ter Maurice pet so be that the coun-1 try had reached a conditions very close to real economic j pc Chc said the National Gadget s deficit for 1950 would be Only five per cent of the tots budget. In 1947, he explained revenues covered Only 71 per cent of budget expenditure estimates. Caso March brought his rolling Bungalow and his Campaign for governor to big Spring today. The 38-year old attorney and posed a 1200 million welfare pro. Gram with 850 minimum pensions Rural roads for eleemosynary Furmer i., in Fluor who in of h car Rrt origin or for ,.,. I0 Dur Quot it and a veterans Bonus. March had one other Acourt Nunt aboard his Home on wheels. He was Oscar. Oscar was a Dummy whose Vole was supplied by someone else. Rain Sio Sprino and Vicinity partly Cloudy with scattered showers this after. Noon. Tonight and Priddy not much Chaple in temperature. High today it Low tonight to. tomorrow be highest temperature this Date iss in ism. Lowest the Date 5# in ish Maxim a in St Ifa i this Dele o m la Tau. Armed thugs demanded the Money in the Cash Register. Hernia. 75. Just pushed the gun aside. Its Belder fired at her. But the shot went wide. Then he tried again but the gun jammed. The thugs ran off. Police arrived a few minutes have later but Joseph insisted a it a a a we be had several upsets in this respect a he explained. A perhaps 8 or to times they be tried to get us. And they be Only gotten Money once. We be been Able to out trick i them most in Congress the situation is this the Senate and Hose have each passed separate Bills dealing with what sort of air Force should be authorized. A Senate House committee has now worked out a com he said the complaint involve campaigns in North Carolina Florida. Pennsylvania and Illinois and other a designated states. Gillette is chairman of the Senate subcommittee in privilege and elections which a the duty of policing this year s election of 36 senators. In a statement Gillette said hts group a a i willing and ready to in several states. A the subcommittee Doe not want to anticipate contested elections or encourage these Gillette said a but it Bels that it would be derelict in it duty if it tailed to take some action to develop the fact relative to the expenditures of such sums in any of the state jurisdictions for the numeration to a Leat by the United state Gillette noted that newspaper report i lied with the committee on the recent Republican primary archbishop says red Dean is not anti Christian London june 22. Or a tile archbishop of Canterbury or. Geoffrey Kish says that his red tinged Dean is not a Antichrist Ian a just mistaken. The archbishop recently advised anglican churches throughout the world to ignore visit of a red Dean or. Hewlett Johnson and said his pro russian political talk done to represent the views of the Church of England Ori ago boomed his platform from the a front porch of hts ramp s in House on wheels. A a in a going to win this he said a there my platform he handed out on of his folder. ,.a to Sot. Platform thai follow in Quot old Quot a. A . Incumbent who let others talk in there now does t have a plat f of. A a form. The big House equipped with living room refrigerator Kitchen Cabinet liquified Gas stove Shower bedroom and porch i the gift of several locals of Texas labor groups March explained a ifs not All paid he added a but it will be. The working men Are taking ear of that. The men with me on this trip Arall donating their time Why the House March is quite candid about that. A Well it an attention getter a he observed. A i ran talk to five a or six times As Many people in a Days time from the front porch As i could any other Way. And besides ifs a perfect illustration of my platform Plank to sex 106 Dps sail for Europe new York. June 22 or their hearts were heavy but not entirely without Hope. A group of 106 displaced person were on the High today in route to the Europe they fled to years ago to escape totalitarian persecution. I he men. Women and children in the group had settled in Shanghai a International Colony after fleeing Hitler. They had hoped to find permanent Haven in the United empt every Many a borne from tax state a month ago they landed in lie went on to say that although san Francisco without visas. They the House had been Given by the Weie brought to kill Island in a labor Union units and one contract i sealed train while several Organ ors organization this is Essen rations a Wight a w a for them to tally a poor boys Campaign but stay in this country under the new we re getting around. We be a1 displaced person Law. Ready covered 10.000 Miles and Are making six to seven counties a he said hut former gov. Pat m. Neff had Given him the idea about taking the and Valorme lax authorities decided however that there was no Way out from i sending them to a Camp in Germany to await processing so that Thev i rat return. Yesterday expressing a dread of coing Back a where our people were off Homes and redistributing it to aft a we fled Quot the group Promise but the Senate and House yest Gate and report on any specific election in Pennsylvania listed sex but last night he told churchmen Fher a or boar us be Gen. S. J. Not acted finally on it. Complaints on matters which come final passage of the measure within a would not of itself make any change details on the complaints already in the present air Force situation made were not disclosed although the Bill sets the air Force Ceil Willete said his group a has receiving at a not to exceed 70 groups cd numerous complaints in writing plus such separate squadrons re and by Persona report of the Al serve groups supporting. Auxiliary legend huge expenditures of Money Pendi Tures of Between $1,500,000 and j?,000,000 in the senatorial contest have been reported by the candidates to proper state gov. James Duff won the Penn a Cdr. Johnson holds the same Christian Aith As you and i. I think he is mistaken but i believe he is not in himself disloyal to his interpretations of Christian Faith. He sincerely believes our present oficial order is not As Christian As and other units As May be needed in connection with nominating Pri Irpa. Sylvania gof senatorial Nom Ina it Mirhel and that a Thor. Hon in a bitter Battle with rep Oughty socialist order la More a Quot i was the first candidate for governor to propose the repeal of state and Valorme tax which the people repealed in part. He also advocated permitting cities and county governments to retain two cents of the present four event per gallon sales tax on substitute a tax on i Christian Sturgess and sailed. Mcgrath in Detroit Detroit june 22 Ltd it. S. Atty. Gen. J. Howard Mcgrath gasoline and a Nie h re today to speak to the every gallon rotary International winding up at the refinery. March also or Rita 41st annual Convent Al

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