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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 4

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Big Spring, Texas Publishers Corner did air f orce make a mistake Webb air Force base was chosen As a candidate for closure on operational grounds. Did the air Force make a mistake its own draft environmental Impact statement would seem to indicate that it did of the six bases being considered for closure i think Webb ranks at least third or fourth Best according the Impact statement. For example let s compare Webb with Columbus fab Mississippi w hich is not a primary candidate to be closed the air Force s announced goal in these closings is to reduce overhead in dollars and manpower under a congressional mandate. For this goal the Impact statement does not support selecting Webb instead of Colum bus first an additional 150 persons can to reduced by closing Columbus instead of Webb the Impact statement says 1,650 manpower can be Cut at Columbus against 1,500 at Webb. Secondly the air Force can save $4 million More per year by closing Columbus the estimates Are that closing Columbus would save $27 million per year while closing Webb w Ould save Only $23 million that s four million dollars a year taxpayers. That a significant. Would it Hurt the Pilot training Mission not at All. Webb has a capacity of 413 pilots per year while Columbus can train Only 368 that Means that keeping Webb open would save $20 million Over a five year period and allow the air Force to train an additional 22 pilots More than Columbus could the most significant Factor in a training base is weather. Columbus has poor weather while Webb has excellent Columbus must cancel 29 per cent of flights because of weather. While Webb loses Only 22. Columbus also has an auxiliary Field that it must share and this part of its facility was rated a a poor in the Impact statement while Webb s auxiliary Field was rated what then Are the arguments for Columbus Over webb0 the Only one that is visible from the Impact statement is that Columbus is reported to have More Mission flexibility because it was originally designed As a bomber base. The other air training command bases were designed for Light fighters until a few years ago Columbus had the big planes but it lost that Mission and should have been closed at that time. The politicians were Able to revive it its an air training command base but it does not fit the at Mission evidently. The overhead of the big base is too High even though the air Force has invested $65 million in Columbus it still needs $14 million More in new construction in the next five years a one million More than Webb the Impact statement makes much of Columbus munitions storage and heavier facilities saying that it could take on a bomber Mission in times of crisis. The Impact report ignores similar strengths of Webb which also has outstanding munitions storage and wide heavy taxiways. Webb has also had a different Mission other than Pilot training As it once hosted a fighter interceptor Wing. The main Point however should be the air forces announced goal reduction of overhead in dollars and manpower. In achieving that goal there is no Way to justify selecting Webb for closure instead of Columbus. J Tom Graham Jimmy a Emem Keimig. Train Evans Novak Pittsburgh political leaders labor Union officials and Money men of the democratic party Joy Lessly downed stiff drinks at the William Penn hotel Here late monday night and pondered for the first time w bother Jimmy Carter might Blunder it defeat til by Hai just finished 15 hours of whistle stopping from new York to Pittsburgh conceived by democratic National chairman Robert Strauss As a merry Celebration of imminent Victory. Instead it began with Carter s Gaffe on tax Reform ended with the embarrassing juror Over his playing Magazine interview and was featured in Between by a Leaden candidate on the stump the weary Day on the train posed these questions do Carters stumbles on taxes and sex reveal an unavoidable tendency to selfdestruct0 if he still cannot define the issues at the end of september can he do so by nov. 2? one widely respected democratic politician pulled his thoughts together at Days end to reach these conclusions the problem is not the shaky though correctable Campaign organization but the candidate himself the election will turn on whether Carter s idiosyncrasies reverse the Strong National desire for change in the White House. The whistle Stop tour that spawned such doubts was intended to bring together Carters newcomers and the party old guard who arranged the train ride but the mixture was imperfect Carter spent most of the ride alone in his private car a Solitude broken by perfunctory visits from vip passengers and one Quick walk through the train s 13 cars. More important the train began with the Carter aides and old guardsmen disagreeing sharply on the political meaning of Carters tax Reform statements in his associated press interview far from being dismayed. Carters top advisers were grateful that president Fords attack had defined an area aligning republicans with a the special interests against a the but Many of Carter s fellow passengers disagreed a especially those who paid $2,500 for the ride thes k w Al i. Ii e e be i democrats assuming Carter As president would Foster investment tax incentives were shaken not Only by the a interview but by whistle Stop oratory attacking the Quot special interests Quot w Hen one Rich businessman personally voiced his concern in Carter s private car. He was reassured by the candidate and spread the word toothed apprehensive Money men aboard what worried politicians was the Impact of Carters words on democrats unable to raise $2,500. Pennsylvania leaders waiting at Harrisburg for Carter had been chilled by insinuations generated by Carter s imprecise remarks of tax Reform benefiting the poor at the expense of everybody else a including the Middle class. Their chill soon turned to a deep freeze. At earlier stops in new York new Jersey and Pennsylvania Carter repeated his month Long emphasis on the Roosevelt Truman democratic tradition but stirred Little audience response a Large crowd at the state Capitol in Harrisburg seemed eager to respond but was deadened by a faculty Loudspeaker system and the rapid fire Monotone of an apathetic Carter. @ Duon soap Makino i \ k so i i believe it was in the Spring of the year when we made soap grease was saved from when we killed bog Iii the Winter it was the main ingredient for soap a my brother and i would go to the pasture and gather dead Mesquite Wood we would make a big pile of it out near the old Black Wash pot you had to have plenty of dry v nod on hand when you made soap because the fire had in be real hot and stay that Way for finite a while a Good fire was built and Mother would measure out the right amounts of Ever Hung to Fie put Iii tile pot Plain Wale and Lye were put Iii first so much water tor each can of Lye we used store bought Lye but Way Back in Tore then folks made their own by dripping water through stove ashes while fining heated the water and Lye were stirred so they would mix Good next the grease was added How much grease you used depended on How much Lye water you had when the grease was added the mixture had to to stirred constantly lot about an flail hour so we took turns its Bil l. I. Brooks stirring and putting More Wood on Hie fire we would stir it with wooden paddles until Mother would Check it and say a that s i suppose there were a lot of different recipes for making soap but Kotlier just kept hers in her head she could Tell if it was right just Fly looking at it she would watch How it dripped off the paddle to Lodge if it was done or not we would let it set for a Little w tide then we d stir it a Little mire and let it set overnight right in the pot next Day it would Fie fairly hard and Mother would take a Butcher knife and Cut it into chunks just tax right size for nil Board use some people poured the hot mixture into Flat pans let it Harden and Cut it into Small Square bars for hand and bathing soap Filiti we used bought soap for that Dye soap could also be made soft it it was made this Way it was sort of jell like and was stored in Crock jars until used we made soap this Way up until we got our wringer washing machine a gasoline powered Maytag it smoked and made a terrible noise but it put us up there in style w till All our neighbors Little pacemaker gaining favor or. G. C. Thosteson dear or. Thosteson my husband who is 76, has been told he should have a pacemaker he is rather heavy and his heart beats 45 to 47 times a minute. With digitalis it beats 54 to 57 times a minute will the pacemaker help him he feels Fine but is a Little tired at times. A mrs. A r n. The average heart rate is 72 beats per minutes so your husband is on the Low Side even for his age. Being overweight creates More demand than Normal on his heart which is already finding it difficult to Supply demand. He May feel Fine now but his continued under Supply of blood could haves Rio s results. Properly used pacemakers Are Little wonders and besides improving heart rhythm they can also improve output in cases like your husbands. If he has been thoroughly examined and he would have to be first and a pacemaker recommended i would go along with the decision. Experiences with pacemakers have steadily improved since the first ones were implanted in 1957. Its estimated that at least 10,000 of them Are in use in the . Also the pacemaker May remove the need for some of his present medication which might help pay Back some of the Cost for the device. He should reduce regardless. Dear or Thosteson i am a 13-year-old boy. I have a plantar wart on my toe and a larger one on my sole. How can i get ride of them How did i get them will they spread a s m. Of All the warts this Type is probably the most troublesome. A a plantar refers to the sole of the foot where most occur. They can also appear on the sides of the toes. Because of these locations the plantar wart is mighty hard to live with and i can sympathize with you As with other warts a virus is to blame you could have picked yours up in a Shower room a Bath House anywhere you might have walked Barefoot. This is Why the plantar wart is most common among Young people who just get around to such places More than older folks. The plantar wart usually occurs on an already callused spot. The w arts can spread among groups using common facilities such As Shower rooms. The warts can also a a seed surrounding skin and spread. Surgery is possible but its Best to avoid it. If it is needed freezing is probably the most effective method of removal. If the warts continue to give you pain you should see a dermatologist or a foot specialist to discuss acid treatments. They Are usually rather lengthy affairs sometimes taking several weeks of repeated applications. The warts tend to disappear on their own which accounts for the a a Success of Many of the strange a a Miracle cures your friends will undoubtedly Tell you about. The pain can be helped somewhat by special pads that surround the warts and relieve direct pressure on them. Since you seem susceptible to them you will have to be More careful from now on just where you do your Barefoot walking. You might find some hints on foot Hygiene in my Booklet a Relief and care of your for a copy Send 25 cents to me in care of the big enclose a Long addressed envelope dear or. Thosteson what if any is the difference Between stroke and paralysis a curious. Paralysis is a failure of any muscle to function. Stroke is a deficiency in blood circulation to the brain a from plugging of an artery due to hardening of the vessel or from bleeding from a ruptured vessel paralysis can result from stroke or from any disease of the nervous system. In the Case of stroke paralysis occurs on the Side opposite to where the brain damage is. This is because of a a crossing Over of nerve fibres at the base of the brain. Dear or. Thosteson i would like to know if drinking distilled water is harmful in any Way. A c l. Only for your pocketbook distilling would eliminate some of the Mineral Content. To find out what causes High blood pressure and what can be done to treat it Send for a copy of a controlling your blood pressure hypertension a by or. Thosteson. Write to him in care of the big Spring Herald enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents. Or. Thosteson welcomes Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Spring Herald stamped self my answer Billy Graham big Spring Herald a i May disagree with what you have to say but i will defend to the death your right to say a Voltaire published sunday morning and weekday afternoons monday through Friday by big Spring Herald inc., 710 Scurry st., 79720 Telephone 915-263-7331. Second class postage paid at big Spring. Tex j Tom Graham president publisher Tommy Hart editor Harold Canning business manager Troy Bryant news editor Oliver Cofer advertising director Gene Kimble circulation manager Bob Rogers production manager 4-a big Spring Texas Herald sun., sept. 26, 1976 dear or Graham i accept the biblical teaching about sin and guilt but i also believe there is a form of neurotic guilt that should not come under the general classification of guilt created by sin. A person is not fully responsible for the neurotic Type of guilt which can be conditioned by family culture and society. Do you accept these two forms of guilt a rom. Dear r d a guilt of any kind is always caused by a consciousness of sin whether that sin be in the persons own life or in the society in which the person moves. I accept that Many people today Are suffering from the sins of family culture and society and their inability to escape from the effects of those sins can produce very severe and damaging guilt complexes. I would emphasize that whatever the cause of a persons feelings of guilt the gospel can have a Healing effect upon that persons mind. The gospel offers not Only forgiveness of sin but also cleansing from the effects of sin and it is this cleansing that can remove feelings of guilt. A if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from All unrighteousness i John 1 9. That confession can be for the sins of society As Well As for the sins of self. Whenever anyone is obsessed with guilt feelings god needs to reach into the mind and this is wonderfully possible a be renewed in the spirit of your mind ephesians 4 23 a be be transformed by the renewing of your mind romans 12 2. The gospel is effective against All forms of guilt. So far the presidential race is very even. The Only ones sure of winning Are the television people who Are loaded with political ads. They insist this is an open Campaign. And it is if you count the candidates Mouths. As i vacation in sunny Durant okla., in a reminded of a poem mama Ladd my 95-year-old grandmother gave me on a visit Here in 1970 before she died the Herald mysteriously managed to continue publication then too despite my absence. Sometime when you re feeling important. Sometime when your ego s in Bloom. Sometime when you take it for granted you re the Best qualified in the room. Sometime when you feel that your going would leave an until Lable Hole. Just follow these simple instructions and see How it humbles your soul. Take a bucket and fill it with water put your hand in it up to your wrist pull it out and the hold that a remaining is a measure of How you la be missed you May splash All you please when you enter you can stir up the water galore but Stop and you la find in a moment that it looks quite the same As before. The moral of this quaint example is. Do just the Best that you can be proud of yourself but remember. There s no indispensable Man. Hollywood interested Art Buchwald Washington a Hollywood has suddenly discovered Washington. Do As a source for situation comedy. Those of us who live Here have known for years there was More situation comedy in the capital than in All the 50 states combined but it was Only after watergate that the to moguls realized How Many laughs you Cix Iid get hit of this town a week does t go by that i done to receive a Call from a television producer on the coast who is planning a situation comedy on Washington and asks for help in developing a series. I be been giving it a lot of thought and Here Are just a few of the ideas that i think could w Ork a Cia agent hopefully we can get Dick Van Dyke is having an affair with the wife of a congressman it Hope Lange who is miffed because she knows her husband Don Adams is having an affair with his Secretary Mary Tyler met a it re it one afternoon the congressman comes Home and finds Dick in the congressman s Bathrobe and Hope in her Nightie he is immediately suspicious and demands to know what Dick is doing in his Bathrobe Dick thinks fast and says a a in a bugging your phone on orders of Henry this infuriates the congressman who says he a going to Call Dick before the House ethics committee he hands Dick what he thinks is a subpoena int it turns out to be a photograph of his Secretary nude in the tidal Basin this embarrasses the congressman and he begs Dick not to give the photo to the Washington Post just then the Nosy neighbor from next door Nancy Walker comes in to borrow Hopes hair dryer. She reveals that the Cia agent has been at the House every afternoon for two months. A then you did t come to Bug my phone0�?T�?T the congressman says. A no Quot replies Dick a live been having an affair with your a wow a says the congressman a what a Relief i thought the Bathrobe was just a everyone laughs at the congressman a stupid mistake. He drives off to vote on a tax Bill with Dick and Hope waving goodbye to him from the door. Another situation comedy that could work because it has an adult theme has to do with a show about a presidential candidates daughter she s 8 years old and she s always getting in some kind of trouble one Day she s out Selling girl scout cookies and happens to walk into an abortion clinic. One of Jack Andersons people spots her and leaks the Story that the presidents daughter is going to have an abortion when the presidential candidate hears about this he immediately goes on television and announces he a changed his mind on abortion from his previous position w hich As everyone knows was much clearer than that of his opponent. Then tx1 comes Home and discovers that his daughter not Only was t going to have an abortion but sold All her girl scout cookies to women who were Quot most of them were his daughter tells him the candidate then goes Back on television and says he is reversing himself on the abortion Issue and going Back to his original position which was that while he personally was against abortion he did no to think people who wanted them should be deprived of girl scout cookies while they sat in the waiting room unless Congress voted against it. A widow red general Tony Randall stationed at the Pentagon accidentally stuffs his 12-year-old son s Homework assignment into his briefcase and takes it to the office. The composition concerns a death Ray the son has written about that can kill people f rom outer space the genk Kai a aide a dumb colonel Jack Klugman submits the Homework assignment to the joint chiefs of staff who vote to spend $100 million developing the new weapon when the general realizes his mistake he tries to get his kids composition Back but its been marked top secret. In desperation the general gives his son a report written by the Rand corporation on the cruise missile. The kid gets an f from his teacher because the assignment Wasny to handed in on time to make it up to him the general takes the kid to the super bowl on a Lockheed private Jet provided by the company because it got the contract to build the death Ray. Deal not Kosher Washington a Kentucky Fried Chicken which peddles colonel Sanders delectable around the world would like to have its Chicken and eat it too. The corporate Bosses according to their confidential papers would like to open a franchise in Israel. But if they should raise the colonels Goatee visage in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv they might be boycotted by the Arab nations and thus lose a lot of Bucks. So they have been considering a scheme that would permit them to sell Finger Licking Good Chicken to the israelis without offending the arabs. The plan As outlined in confidential corporate memos Calls for setting up an israeli franchise pretending it is illegal and laundering the proceeds possibly through South Africa. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now owned by the Heublein corp., a billion Dollar firm that otherwise dispenses Beer wine and liquors. One of its executives g. A. Mcnamara is convinced that colonel Sanders Kentucky Fries would be gobbled up in Israel. Quot we must be in Israel a he declared in a july 28, 1976, memo. But this could leave the Heublein corp. With a lot of uneaten Chicken on its hands from Cairo to Kuwait. He concluded therefore that a we cannot be there but there is More than one Way to Pluck a Chicken. He had located a Man who was a interested in becoming a pirate franchisee a confided Mcnamara Quot with some sort of remuneration to us via South Africa or elsewhere. He understands that we could not condone nor service his operation and in fact for cosmetic reasons might. Have to bring litigation against him in Israel for usurping our but while the company engaged in this Legal charade it would quietly collect its regular royalties under the table. The Hope of Selling Fried Chicken to both the arabs and israelis has occupied the Heublein Hierarchy for some time. Mcnamara assessed the Middle East Market in a july 16,1973, memo stamped a personal and deals were cooking he reported in Iran Kuwait and Lebanon perhaps also Egypt and the arabian Gulf countries. It could mean trouble with . And . United kingdom jewish organizations a he warned if colonel Sanders invaded Israel and then retreated at the first Arab outcry. The company might even face a a very serious Boycott on our beverage and food activities in major markets throughout the world a he cautioned. Therefore he concluded a i feel that we should continue with our Arab world development and for cosmetic reasons continue periodically to discuss with interested parties in Israel so As to keep the file Active. Count the months around the rim Walt Finley Jack Anderson

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