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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 3

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Big Spring, Texas Fair attracted 30,000 visitors big Spring Texas heroic san sept. 26, 1976 3-a the 1976 Howard county fair attracted about 30,000 persons Neil Fryar president of the fair association said a a we were Well pleased with attendance and the enthusiasm All the people have shown a Fryar commented. Skipper Driver general superintendent reminded the Public that though saturday was the last Day of the fair the carnival will be open today. The big country shorthorn association saturday selected six shorthorn to be exhibited at the Panhandle South Plains fair in Lubbock. Lester Adams big Spring exhibited the grand Champion Bull on the Champion senior Bull and the Reserve Champion Bull on the Champion yearling Bull at the open youth horse show saturday Melanie Choate showed the grand Champion Mare miss Dixie Diamond. With the grand Champion gelding was Laura Wooten. Cherrie Welch took the Reserve championship for mares with Katie did no to. And Christie Taylor had the Reserve Champion gelding Smokey threat results of the judging follow shorthorn show Junior Heifer i Michell Brown 2 Cordell Green 3 Parmenter Parish Junior yearling Heifer i Lester Adams 2 tester Adams 3 w g Bing Ham senior yearling Heifer i Lester Adams 2 Lester Adams 3 r Lee Brown Young cows i Don Adams 2 w g Bingham 3 Lester Adams mature cows i r Lee Brown 2 Lester Adams 3 Parmenter Parish Junior Bull i Cordell Green 2 Lester Adams yearling Bull i Lester Adams Young senior Bull i Lester Adams mature senior Bull i Lester Adams 2 Parmenter Parish horse show Halter classes registered mares five years old and older i Peggy Hannabass big Spring 2 Cherrie Welch Coahoma 3 Oana Westbrook big Spring 4 Marka Highley big Spring 5 Sandy Smith registered mares four years old and younger i. Melody Choate big Spring 2 Cherri Welch Coahoma 3 Barbie Kothmann 4 Sandy Sewell big Spring 5 Brandon Wooten big Spring no registered mares i Cherry Graham 2 Sandy Smith 3 p z Edwards Garden City registered geldings five years old and older i. Laura Wooten big Spring 2 Dawn Kelly Stanton 3 Sid Westbrook big Spring 4 Guyrena Hull Garden City 5 buddy Slaughter big Spring 6 Mark a Highley big Spring registered geldings tour years old and younger i. Christie Taylor big Spring 2 Greg Harrington Coahoma no registered geldings i Sonya Kelly Stanton 2 Peggy Hannabass big Spring Western pleasure 13 years of age and younger i Kristie Taylor big Spring 2 Sonya Kelly Stanton 3 Dawn Kelly Stanton 4 Leland Bearden Midland 5 Melinda Bearden Midland 6 Tammy Howard Dawson Drivers sweep local tractor pull Howard and Dawson county tractor pullers did even better Friday night at the Howard county fair tractor poll than they did in the thursday night segment of that Competition pullers from the two counties won All five Competition classes Friday night. Frank Long drove Elbert Long a International 1066 tractor to a Victory in the 12.000 Pound Stock class. Both Are from big Spring Stan Blagrave Ackerly drove his International 1066 tractor to a w in in the 12,000 open class while another Ackerly Driver Noyle Stone won the 12,000 Pound no Turbo class with John Deere 4010. Lamesa tractor and equipment company a International 460, piloted by Gary Dup Lamesa won the 7, or Pound super Stock class while another lame san Ronnie Culp won the 9,000 Pound open class with an International 856 Complete results of fridays Competition includes 9,000 la open tint Ronnie Culp. Lamesa. International Osa. Its it 9 in second Stan Blagrave. Ackerly. International ions 193ft ll1 in third Lloyd mar tin. Crosbyton Moline with two 454 Chevy engines 193 it ll1 in fourth Elbert Long driven by Keith Long big Spring. Inter National 10a6, 129 i fifth Ruben Almaguer san Saba John Deere 4010, 174 it 6 ? n sixth Ronnie Mcbride san Saba. Moline with Allison aircraft vie engine 105 it 7 inc and seventh Larry Harmon Lamesa John Deere 4010 93 it a in 12 000 la open first Stan Blagrave Ackerly International i06a, up second Elbert Long. David Long Driver. Big Spring International 1066, 243 it to i third Lloyd Martin Crosbyton Moline with two 454 Chevy 203 it i j in fourth Ronnie Culp Lamesa International 856, 203 it 2 Ini fifth Bob Howard Lamesa John Deere 4010, 130 it 6 in 7.000 la super Stock a first Gary Culp Lamesa International 460, 226. It. 3 in second Ruben Almaguer san Saba John Deere 4010 213 it j in third Bob Howard Lamesa John Deere 4010, 175 it 9 in. Fourth Mark Baiko Lingo no Allis Chalmers d19, 21 it 4 in 12.000 la non Turbo a first Noyle Stone Ackerly John Deere 4010, 197 it 6 in second. Tom Dutin Slaton Ford 8000 193 it. 2 in. Third Bonnie Culp Lamesa International 856, 193 it fourth Henry Don Parrott Roscoe John Deere 4020, 179 it 6 in 12,000 la Stock first Elbert Long Frank Long Driver. Inter National 1066223 it 3 in second Terry Hurst Lorenzo John Deere 4430, 210 it 71 a i third Kirk Thomas big Spring International 1466, 204 it. La in fourth Steve Blagrave. Ackerly International 1206201 it to in. Fifth Bill Thomas Morton John Deere 4430, 201 it 9 in other contestants in order of finish were Randy Richards Verebesi. Jimmy Hisaw Whitharral Johnny Wheatley Haskell Ronnie Deatherage tartan Billy Joe Potts Texico n m. Ricky Aslin Lamesa and Jim Dulin Slaton Huckaby. Big Spring 14 to 18 years of age i Marka High Ley big Spring 2 Guyrena Hull Garden City 3 Sid Westbrook big Spring 4 Dana Westbrook big Spring 5 Lana Brewer 6 Barbie Kothmann Midland pole bending 13 years of age and younger Tracy Cockrell with 22 20 and Kelly Jones 23 71 14 to 18 years of age Leslie guitar Knott 21 54 Guyrena Hull Garden City 21 80 Rhonda Ford big Spring. 22 21 Dana Westbrook big Spring. 33 38 and Sid Westbrook big Spring 43 99 barrel race 13 years of age and younger Gay Greenfield big Spring 19 51 Tracy Cockrell 19.77 Kristie Taylor big Spring 21 69. Sonya Kelly Stanton. 22 81. And Kim Morrison 76 49 14 to 18 years of age Rhonda Ford big Spring 18 30. Guyrena Hull Garden City. 18 84 Leslie guitar. Knott 72 96 and Sandy Sewell big Spring. 49 56 Novice open barrel race Kay Cervale san Angelo Jan Reed. Ackerly and Guyrena Hull Garden City Novice barrel race Guyrena Hull. Garden City and Sandy Sewell and Karen Canton big Spring open barrel race Kay Cervantes san Angelo. Janet Hanson Garden Dale and Sissy Doss. Big Spring looking Over Morte Ary i a or and mrs Tommy Whatley at left and or. And mrs. I Arry Sheppard along with eight year old Cody Dow Sheppard. It Kkt Over plans for the Larry d Sheppard funeral Home w hich w ill be built Here just off Goliad Street and pm 700 in the near future Whatley and Sheppard w ill be part ners in the $.150,000 venture groundbreaking ceremonies Are scheduled soon hearts in Flowers plans made for new funeral Home write in candidate Jim Abreo enters pct. One race Jim a Abreo Long time resident of big Spring has announced he will be write in candidate for the office of Howard county commissioner precinct i. Subject to action in the nov. 2 general election in announcing his decision Abreo said he wanted to serve a Community which Over the years had been so Good to him and his family paraphrasing a remark once made by the late president Johnf. Kennedy a a ask not what your country can do for you. But what can you do for your Abreo added a a the Only thing i can offer the electorate is service i nothing in the Way of a material awards but you lean rest assured i will make la dedicated Effort to serve the people if i am elected a Abreo has resided in big Spring 45 years his wife a name is Carmen. They have an adopted son Sammy. The family makes its Home at 500 Abrams property they own. Abreo has worked for Mead a bakery Robinsons grocery store ran a grocery store under his own name in san Angelo for ten years returning to town to accept him l. Abreo employment from Tarbox motor company As a parts Man he later worked for Sullivan settles drug store before retiring ten years ago. He and his wife have been Active in mexican Baptist Church work for 52 years and he has often been called upon to preach she served As an election clerk for 15 years at which time he worked under l r. Mundt. Although politics have fascinated him for a Long time this is the first time he has offered for Public office. Continued from Page i on the subject of artful dodgers did you know that More and More Crooks Are making use of snowmobiles in the colder latitudes they use that method for getting to Homes which formerly were inaccessible a a a big Springs Bill Arencibia Only 17 now could some Day wind up As the Best handball player in the land the son of or. And mrs. Tito Arencibia already a Veteran player has been offered scholarships from i be Forest College in Illinois and Memphis state. He Hopes to go to the University of Texas at Austin where hell study entomology. Bill has already won a closet full of trophies in the sport. A a a Parkinson s Law must apply for every government worker skilled in his Dodge there Are three whose sole Job in life is to know nothing and to switch your Telephone Call to somebody else who knows even less. Likewise the government has its share of those worthies assigned to the task of taking Down All the information you Supply assuring you he will look into your Case and then disappearing from sight forever a a a just for the record donations to the Howard county ministerial Alliance s Bible fund this year totalled $8,084.25. The goal originally was $6,500. A a a Joe Kelley the former sports editor for the Lubbock Avalanche journal who works into big Spring occasionally says his greatest experience was having worked for William Allen White one of the giants in the newspaper Industry three or four decades past. White published the Emporia Kansas Gazette but his influence was worldwide. A a a Van Tom Whatley the former big Spring footballer is head coach of the unbeaten class a Farwell team this fall. Farwell has beaten Happy 67-6 class a Morton 19-12 and Nazareth 40-0, thus far and takes on Shallowater next Friday night. Up until this fall Farwell was taking its lumps from everyone. Erie Severeid one of the most respected men in television says he Hopes Jimmy Carter and his people done to provide the same Energy As the Young Kennedy people a neither of them is that Wise or that old Kennedy set out to Reform the people. He was too Young and too zealous. Like his Alliance for Progress he did t understand the world very Well he was fantastically unreal a Severeid has higher regard for Carters ability to adjust pointing out a a he a not a Harvard brain Trust who is going to Tell us How to live. The Carter people strike me As much More pragmatic much More concerned with the practical Side of politics a Severeid is assuming Carter will take Gerald Ford to the cleaners because the democratic party stands reunited and a there a a smell of Victory in the air. A a a lot of people myself included Are not All that sure. An incumbent president with no War to worry about and one who can Point with Pride to Good if inflationary times is usually hard to beat. Waylon Jennings now King of the Hill in country Western music or something that passes for it started out in the business As a member of buddy Holly s band the crickets. Irr new Orleans super dome had 2,500, pm visitors the first year but its owners the taxpayers can expect to lose $5,700,000 a year for the next seven or eight years. A major league baseball team is desperately needed As a regular tenant. Next to horseracing baseball provides the greatest per capita income from concessions sales of any sport. The world owes him a lot for his compassion his Enterprise and his respect for the rights of others and perhaps has suffered a lot because of his greed his selfishness and his intolerance but i would have to say the caucasian is in Retreat All Over the world a a a Joaquin Miller said it a rather than die and Glide a lonely nameless shivering ghost Down the dark tide of utter nothingness id write a name in blood and orphans �?T001111111x1 from Page i in october 1968. He com dined with Groner a Pitts of Brownwood to form the Sheppard Pitts funeral Homes inc., and purchased the crites funeral Homes of Crane and Mccamey also the Spalding funeral Home of Mccamey the new firm began operation As the Larry i Sheppard funeral Homes in Crane and Mccamey nov weather i. 1968 in november. 1970, the Sheppard Pitts corp built an All new colonial funeral Home in Crane at the in trance and adjacent to the cram Garden of memories cemetery in december 1972. Larry Sheppard was elected president of Sheppard Pitts funeral Homes inc he plans to continue manage isolated showers possible today by the associated press skies were Clear to partly Cloudy saturday forecast West Texas consider Oie cloudiness through monday Quot the scattered showers and a few thunderstorms most numerous North and West turning cooler Panhandle sunday and Over area sunday night and monday highs sunday near 70 North and Moun Tams to near 90 big Bend lows sunday night 40s Panhandle to near 70 extreme South with 50s and 60s elsewhere highs monday 60s Panhandle to 80s big Bend and mostly 70s elsewhere extended forecast West Texas Chance of precipitation monday with a Clearing trend tuesday highs in the 70s and 80s lows in the 50s and 60s and temperatures mild across Texas saturday scattered Rains in the Panhandle and the red River Valley dissipated by mid afternoon and foggy hazy conditions in the coastal Plains gave in to the Sun about the same time forecasters called for isolated thundershowers in the Western half of the state sunday and partly Cloudy and warm weather the Rule elsewhere a mob a s of of my occluded to Dodo from National i Sii Vici Noaa u i 0�pt of co Arci a wire photo weather forecast a the forecast for today by the National weather service Calls for rain in new York Vermont and new Hampshire a band of rain is forecast for states stretching northeasterly from Oklahoma to Michigan rain is forecast for most of new Mexico and parts of Arizona and Texas. The balance of the nation will experience fair weather and seasonal temperatures. Ment of the mortuaries in Mccamey and cram in 1972, Charles r Sheppard Groner Pitts and Larry Sheppard formed the Sheppard memorial co. Inc. A Texas corporation engaged in the manufacture and designing of cemetery memorials two years ago. Gary Edmiston a banker Royce Fox an auditor and Larry Sheppard formed the Golden Manor convalescent Center inc., and purchased the Miller nursing Home in Crane Larry Sheppard became the firm s president the Sheppard Pitts corp also owns the Cody develop ment co which operates commercial building holdings in Crane and Mccamey Larry and his family Are Active in first Baptist Church work in Mccamey Larry was elected Crane s outstanding Young Man of America award in 1972, serves with the Crane Lions club in various capacities is a member of the Crane chamber of Commerce and formerly served the City of Mccamey As a councilman upon completion of the new facility Les Here the Larry Sheppard family plans to move to big Spring where it will make its Home Whatley has been a licensed mortician since 1949. Having served his apprenticeship Here under the late Nan Eberley born in fort Worth he has resided Here since 1946 he worked for Vance Singleton owner of the Singleton funeral Home in Andrews and later for Nalley Pickle funeral Home Here for 15 years he operated his own printing firm he was in the u s Navy from january 1942 until january 1946 and had passed the exam for the rating of chief Petty officer when he was discharged he served in the Navy in san Diego. Chicago. Pensacola. Fla., and in the Pacific theater working on land based planes in the admiralty islands and on the Island of Samar in the Philippines a you re this close to losing weight St. Mary a episcopal Iii Roii iou and Goliad by Spring Texas tuesday. 1. 30 pm a 7 pm new members Mas join at Ain class All 800-692-1316 toll free monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 30 pm for answers to your program questions class schedule or other information. Oui Toda weight watchers the authority. Two workshops in family relations to be offered at St. Paul lutheran Church offer no. I Parent effectiveness training workshop Leader Carroll , pastor of St. Paul lutheran Church dates thursday evenings september 30 through nov. 18 time 7 00 to 10 00 . With break place St. Paul lutheran Church 810 Scurry who will Benefit from .? parents who feel that they Are doing a Good Job parents who went to do better parents who see danger signals parents who already have problems a parents with very Young children parents with Normal children parents with exceptional children comment from previous course attender Quot my husband is sharing much deeper of himself with me. The girls seem to realize that their feelings Are important to me. Cost for 24 hour Course $50.00 to Register for this course or for further information Call 267-7163 or 263-2764 _ offer no. 2 transactional analysis workshop leaders Poy c. Richey m. Div. Provisional teaching member International transactional analysis Asse Sharon k. Richey . Regular member International transactional analysis association this workshop will teach principles of transactional analysis As applied to family relationships and family growth. . Concepts included to be taught Are strokes rackets ego states transactions games scripts and life positions. The workshop will take place at St. Paul lutheran Church 810 Scurry on thursday evenings at 7 30-9 00 . For six sessions. The dates will be september 30, october 7, 14, 21, 28, and november 4. A $30.00 fee for the six sessions will be charged. A half charge of $15.00 will be made for the second person in a family attending. To Register for this course or for further information Call 267-7163 or 267-7580 after 3 . A Penney 307 main Street downtown big Spring special buy insulated machine washable draw draperies Soud colors in Gold Avocado and White. 60% Rayon 40% acetate blend. Foam backing. Machine Wash. 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