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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 2

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Big Spring, Texas 2-a big Spring Texas Hera dlsun., sept. 26, 1976proved to be a disorientation ride too Chicken to admit being scared by j. Tom Graham How is that a motion sickness Man finds himself helplessly strapped in the right seat of a military Jet fighter awaiting take off i kept asking myself that thursday morning As the noise from Jet engines outside a t-37 Trainer roared around in my flying helmet after All i was the Guy who hangs out of windows on automobile trips who cannot even ride carnival s tilt a we i re. Who threw up Over the Side of the ferry which crosses the English Channel before it was untied from the Dock so what was i doing on what the air Force Calls an a orientation ride Quot when i knew that for me it would be a a disorientation ride a the reason i was there i determined to myself was that i had been Chicken. I did no to admit to col Harry Spannaus Wing commander at Webb air Force base that i was scared to Fly in one of his t-37s when he invited me. Though i never considered myself the George Plimpton Type i had wound up the same Way he did when he tried out for quarterback with the Detroit Lions too Chicken to admit to being Chicken. My Pilot was 1st it. Jim Miklasevich who had been described to me As Quot one of the the Young Man from Pennsylvania impressed me right away As a professional and i Wasny to worried that we might crash a Only that my stomach would. The Crew chief who had signalled us off was sgt. William Mccurdy. He wanted to make sure that i had pulled the Little safety pin which keeps the seat from ejecting when the plane is safely grounded. It. Miklasevich and i held our safety pins High for sgt. Mccurdy to see and we were ready to go. With the safety pin out i could be ejected 40 feet into the air by an explosion underneath my seat. Comforting thought. It. Miklasevich followed the yellow lines like the from cockpit of t-37 a big Spring stretches out from the Wing of a t-37 Trainer which was gaining Altitude after having left the runway at Webb fab Herald photographer Danny Valdes made this picture from the cockpit. Pre flight briefing a a. Tom Graham seated at left i and Danny Valdes standing next to Graham it get a briefing from Webb fab pilots before taking to the air recently in a Jet Trainer. Others pictured Are 1st. It. Tomb Green capt. Dave Klatt and 1st it. Jim Miklasevich left to right. Police beat arson thefts confront police arson two dead cows and a variety of thefts were investigated by local Law enforcement officers this weekend gasoline was poured Over a 1972 Model car and ignited Friday police said. Damage was estimated at $2,300. Arthur Hernandez 911 n. Runnels St., owner of the car had parked by his Home. H. E. Tubb told the sheriffs office Friday two cows had been shot within the last five Days. Tubb found one in a pasture near the end of Richie Road and the other in a Field near the end of Todd Road. Assorted items Worth a total of $160 were stolen in the burglary of Ike a trading Post 808 w. 3rd St., police noted among the goods taken were costume jewelry a Power saw three sets of steer horns adjustable wrenches and six pocket knives. A Pellet gun was taken three car Accident hurts Trio an Accident involving one parked car and two moving vehicles caused three youths minor injuries at 1 40 . Saturday. Treated and released at Malone Hogan Hospital were Michael Santos Valenzuela 18, 1904 Hale St., Susan Diane Weaver 19, Box 931, and Raul Paradez 20, 607 new 4th St. Valenzuela and miss Weaver were driving cars in the 2500 Block of West . 80. The parked vehicle belonged to Vicky l. Pak Nolino coir while his vehicle was parked by an is-20 service station Friday night Russell Wade frasier route i Box 325b, told police. Nobody paid for a pair of sandals missing from pay less self service shoes 2011 s. Gregg St., Friday night a bicycle belonging to Travis Brackeen 604 Highland drive was stolen police Learned Friday. Billy Charles Carter 16, Kermit told police Friday he left a leather coat and Wallet containing $23 at a table in the West inn lounge. Wrhen he returned they were gone he said. Bessie Trevino 808 w. 5th St., Friday reported a $150 stereo set stolen in the burglary of her House. The Hood of a 1955 Model car was stolen from Mcnew is body shop 819 w. 3rd St., police were informed Friday. The vehicle which had been left for painting belongs to r b Abernathy used cars. Bob Merrick 3239 Drexel ave., reported $25 taken from a drawer in his office at Miracle Auto sales 706 e. 4th St. J. Arnold Marshall president of h w Smith transport Friday reported a truck tire stolen. Dick Nicholson Silver heels addition returned Home Friday night and found $650 Worth of stereo equipment missing the sheriffs office reported. Tim Bruce 3506 Airport St., notified police Friday afternoon that a 1973 Model motorcycle was stolen. Recent mishaps follow parking lot by a convenience store on . 80 parked vehicle belonging to Joe Correa 500 new 10th St., inh a a riven from the scene before 10 30 . Friday. Fourth and Gregg streets Inez Elizabeth Woody Stanton and Kattie Bell Mcguire Dement. Knott at 10 34a.m. Friday. Cactus drive and Thorp Street Gloria Fay Johnson 3000 Cactus drive and Layne Elizabeth Stallings Box 1108, at 4 06 . Friday. 3100 West . 80 Camilo Ramires Noyola 1213 Madison St., and Magdalen Carter 809 Creighton St., at 9 35a.m. Saturday. Middle Stripe on a Highway off the flight line and Down the taxiway. We received permission to Cross the t-38 runway and got in line to Takeoff. The lieutenant made his final checks. The canopy was lowered. The moment had come. The air Force was not sending me up without training. I had spent a total of about five hours getting ready just to ride in the Light military Jet. Capt. Dave Klatt operating scheduling officer and capt. Dick risk information officer had Mother heed Herald photographer Danny Valdes and i through most of the tuesday afternoon and thursday morning. First my head had been Vised into those $250 White Pilot helmets. The helmets had built in ear muffs and intercoms and i was fitted with oxygen masks. In a the kind of person who cannot Wear hats and the helmet kept bombing Down on the Bridge of my nose How could i Ever get my glasses on with this helmet without my glasses i am so nearsighted i cannot see the lids to my eyes when they close the oxygen mask when it s not hooked up to oxygen pulls very hard and after airman i c. Curtis Marshall made certain mine was air tight i came up gasping for breath. I would have hated to become the first person asphyxiated in the life support room. Next i was Given a flight suit and gloves and taken to physiology to learn everything that could go wrong. One always hears about the Freedom of flying of soaring with Birds Carefree and easy of never wanting to return to Earth. I Learned the fallacy in that illusion quickly. Inside the helmet and oxygen Maks with the Green daytime visor pulled Down Over the remainder of my face i developed severe Claustrophobia. And by the time i had been weighted Down with a 40-Pound Parachute and tied Down in the training ejection seat with what seemed like 40 different straps i never Felt less Carefree. I thought for a minute somebody playing a trick the Novice on me. A Parachute made of Light cloth possibly weight that much. They had taken the Parachute out and filled the Bottom with Lead just to see How Long i would carry it before saying something. But no. The thing really was that heavy. The lecture on what might go wrong was Given by maj. Larry Hodges. I Learned that if i breathed too Little oxygen i might get hypoxia a deficiency of oxygen reaching the tissues of the body but if i breathed too much i would get hyperventilation too much oxygen to the brain. Most Likely i would get both. The major gave me All kinds of things to worry about that i did no to even know existed like ear blocks the bends tensing to fight off the pressure of too Many is Gravity Force or sinus glands hurting from changes of pressure. I would recognize that last one he said because it feels like an a handle striking the face. At the precise second when the major said that no one was allowed to Fly with a bad cold my nose began to run. Major Hodge took me into the oxygen chamber and demonstrated How to use the mask i Felt like i was sitting on the Bottom of a swimming Pool pulling for air through a Garden Hose the major also gave me a dry run through an ejection seat. After the seat ejects from the plane and it can break right through the canopy if necessary with Only minor cuts to the Pilot the darn thing literally kicked me out it s a funny feeling to be booted out of a seat by the seat. The major emphasized that Only the term a bail out meant to eject so if the Pilot should say a a let a go a meaning Home or something i panic and eject myself Over Ackerly. The worst part of the entire ordeal came next. To make his Point that pilots must learn to Trust their instruments on which Way is up and not their own sense of direction the major put me in what might have passed for an uncomfortable Barbera a chair. He had me close my eyes while he twirled me left then right. When he asked me which Way i was rotating i was Uncertain. Then he had me place my head Between my Knees and sit Back up As i did this i lost All sense of direction. Not Only could i not distinguish up from Down i did no to even know sideways. When he saw me turning pea Green the major stopped that chair i think its called the link Trainer. On the morning of the flight i had been outfitted helmet Check gloves Check. Barf bag Check Check Check. What Are those Cowboy boots someone wanted to know that a not regulation i explained that i had borrowed these from Gibson manager Al Stephens especially for this occasion. But they would t do and i was hustled up some combat boots. When i met it. Miklasevich i Felt More at ease. He seemed a most responsible person who was dedicated to flying and training the Best of pilots. He briefed me on our flight which would be an hour Long if i could take it and he took me through his Soe support of flying briefing by 1st. It. Greg Kurtz. S. Sgt. Michael Hughes refitted my oxygen mask to make certain it leak and helped me squeeze my glasses in too and life support specialist Horace Rankin fitted my Parachute to my body. The t-37 is loud and can cause hearing damage so earmuffs Are required on the flight line As we approached the plane. After about 20 minutes of checking the aircraft out it was time to go Down the runway went the White and Blue t-37 it was the Bicentennial on and when it had reached about too Miles an hour it. Miklasevich took us into the air. There a almost nothing in front of the Pilot on a t-37, and i Felt As if i were sitting out into the air. The cockpit of the plane is quite Small As the lieutenant and i sat Side by Side a he flying confidently along me trying not to bump any of 5,000 dials with my Knees less we go into a terrible tailspin. The Day was magnificent for flying. Even a nearsighted Guy like me could see what seemed a thousand Miles. The legend of the free Pilot sailing alone in the skies still did no to come True. I was totally aware of the Many support people who had been necessary to launch our Mission and the Many in radar and communications who kept us lined with reality while we explored the skies. It. Miklasevich first flew to Colorado City Over the auxiliary Field where pilots practice touch and gos. Next we headed North toward Snyder in what Webb Calls thet-37 training Arch. So far i Felt nothing but Good but when the lieutenant requested to break off into one of the training areas i knew the test for my stomach had come. It. Miklasevich said he was putting me through the same flight that he gives All beginning student pilots poor souls he demonstrated How the Jet is flown showing me turns stalls and various other Maneu vers. Then he gave me the stick. I held onto it like a life rope afraid to move the stick in any direction. How about a Roll i was As ready As i would Ever be. The lieutenant rolled the plane completely Over. In a minute or two my stomach caught Back up with the rest of me and i had surprised myself by still being alive now i was to do it. He had to be kidding he Wasny to. So upon his command i pulled the stick to the left and we rolled again. I came out of the Roll pointing More Down than horizontal and i had to pull the nose Back up although the Roll had not bothered me much when he executed it my own Roll was something else again. Instantly i broke out in i motion sickness sweat. Goodby breakfast. I pulled out my plastic Barf bag and i thought for a minute that i might have to use it. Slowly my stomach settled Back Down and the lieutenant charitably left off with the acrobatics and took me on a tour of West Texas. Down below was Gail. See Lamesa we circled around Back to Vealmoor dropping Altitude in our approach. Over Fairview we had fallen to 3,600 feet. The descent is where most people get sick so i was not yet Safe. However i Felt very Good at this Point. The Odds were growing that i would survive. One sensation that a person Riding in a fighter Jet feels that is not so noticeable in commercial airliners or Light planes is the is from the turns. To Peel off at 60 degrees and feel myself at twice my body weight the oddest of sensations unmatched by any roller coaster in be Ridden. The Banks As we came in to land were Eye Poppers would i be glad to get Down on my Knees and kiss that ground again. It. Miklasevich said that the instructor pilots teach precision flying. Each action must be exact. The Altitude at a certain Point must be exactly right. The Speed must be on the knot. Webb insists on producing Only the highest Quality pilots and that a the kind the base graduates he said he told me exactly what the Landing should be and then he demonstrated it to the foot to the knot. My spirits improved considerably once we were Back on the ground. The wild Blue yonder was every bit As wild As Blue and As yonder As i had heard but it was not the place for a free spirit with motion sickness like me. When at last i got out from under that helmet pulled open the oxygen mask took off the gloves fought Loose from the Bulky Parachute unchained myself from the seat got out of the flight suit and combat boots then i Felt free. I was quite Content to go Back to piloting my typewriter and leave the Blue yonder to heartier souls and stomachs big Spring Herald published Iller Noons monday through Friday and sunday morning Home delivery by the month evenings. Sunday. Is monthly. So yearly plus state and local taxes mail subscriptions in Texas is monthly Sis yearly outside Texas. Sims monthly. Sit yearly plus state and local taxes where a bite Able All subscriptions paid in Advance the Herald is a member of the associated press. Audit Bureau of circulation. American newspaper association. Texas daily press association. West Texas press association Texas press women s association and newspaper advertising Bureau deaths autopsy ordered Glorius Jean Johnson the one month old daughter of or. And mrs. Elvis Johnson sr., died about 5 . Friday at the family Home police said. Justice of the peace Gus Ochotorena or. Ordered an autopsy. The Mother heard crying and found the baby with blood on her face police reported. The infant had been sleeping in a bed next to the Wall with two children police said. The Johnsons 1002 n. Main St. Apartment 4, brought the baby to Malone Hogan Hospital but a doctor could detect no heartbeat. Corley Bozeman Colorado City a Corley Bozeman 79, died 7 30 . Saturday in a local rest Home. Services will be at 3 . Today in the first presbyterian Church Here with burial to be in the Cuthbert cemetery. Survivors include two Sisters mrs. John Brown and mrs. Roy Coles both of Colorado City and one daughter mrs. Charles Womack Albuquerque services Are pending at River Welch funeral Home. She was born aug. 20 in big Spring. Survivors include her parents one brother Elvis Eugene Johnson jr., and two Sisters Lavonne Johnson and Angell Johnson All of the Home and the maternal grandmother mrs. Sallie Lang big Spring. Murtle Walker Lamesa a services for mrs. Myrtle Dell Walker 82, of Lamesa will be at 3 . Today in first United methodist Church. Officiating will be the Rev. Cecil tune Rotan and the Rev. Alvis Cooley pastor. Burial will be in Lamesa memorial Park under the direction of Branon funeral Home. Mrs. Walker died about la . Friday in medical arts Hospital after an extended illness. A native of Erath county she was a 52-year resident of Dawson county. She married Charley g. Walker on april 30, 1960, in Lamesa mrs. Walker was a housewife and a methodist. Survivors in Lump her husband two sons Carl Bostick of fort Worth and Clovis Bostick of Andrews a daughter mrs. . Reid of Lamesa four Stepsons Artis Walker and Dalton Walker both of big Spring and Bill Walker and Wallace Walker both of Lamesa a stepdaughter mrs. L r. Jones of Lamesa two Sisters mrs. Pearl Crouch of Dublin and mrs. Mentie Crouch of Stephenville a brother Albert Pryor of Stephenville six grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Frank Neill Frank Neill 81, died at 2 38 . Saturday at a local Hospital. Services will be at 2 . Monday at Burks Walker Tippit funeral Home in Tyler with burial in Liberty Hill memorial Park in Tyler. Neill was born May 22,1895 in Smith county and was a retired pumper for Magnolia Oil company. He worked for 22 years in the Chalk Field in Howard county and transferred to East Texas in 1950 and retired in 1959. Survivors include two daughters mrs. M. A. Ozella Long big Spring mrs. Frances Fox Calhun Fernue. N m. One son John f. Neill Rockwall seven grandchildren one great grandchild and two Sisters. He was preceded in death by his wife Lucille in 1926. . Fortune w. D. Fortune 93, Lenorah died at 8 30 . Saturday in a big Spring Hospital. Services Are pending with Gilbreath funeral Home in Stanton. Survivors include a daughter mrs. Otelia Fortune Midland a son Gordon Fortune Lenorah and six grandchildren including mrs. Ella Vonne West mrs. June Hutchings mrs. Charlene Smith and Jimmy Fortune All of big Spring. Mrs. Johnson mrs. William e. Johnson 26, Snyder died at 3 15 ., Friday in a big Spring Hospital. Arrangements for services Are being completed at the Bell Seale funeral Home in Snyder. Mrs. Johnson was born april 17,1950, in Dallas Ore. Survivors in addition to her husband include two sons her parents three <si<5tprs and two Brothers. Addle Miller mrs. Henry Addie Miller 86, died at 5 10 saturday in a local Hospital. Services will be at 3 . Monday in the Nalley Pickle Rosewood Chapel with or. Kenneth Patrick pastor first Baptist Church officiating. Burial will be in Trinity memorial Park. Mrs. Miller was born sept. 13, 1890 at Vaden miss and she married Henry Miller july 15, 1905 in Erath county. She was a member of the Assembly of god Church and moved to big Spring from Ranger in 1929. Survivors include her husband one daughter mrs. Mary b. Walker big Spring one son Jack Miller Odessa Anda Nephew . Tindol Coahoma who was raised by mrs. Miller four grandchildren seven great grandchildren four Brothers Melvin Tindol Coahoma c. E. Tindol and Marcell Tindol both of big Spring and Walker Tindol Odessa one sister mrs. Marie Miller big Spring. Pallbearers will be Wesley Miller Willard Miller Grady Tindol Chuck Miller John Sullivan and Harvie Tindol. By Corky Harris it very common to too Tho family car outdoors Boc Aux Tho Baraga is in Usa As a work shop or is filled with bikes Lawn tools and recreational gear. Of you re planning to build a new House or Are thinking about an additional garage consider the garage As More than storage for the car. 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