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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 1

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Big Spring, Texas Houston a amp a 21 Tulsa to Arkansas 9 sum 3 Etsu 38 Missouri 22 Baylor 31 Ohio St. 21 Illinois 34 leu 19 Rice a iwo j t i Wii Kew Iii la i Imi us Imp big Spring Herald a the Crossroads of West Texas Quot is a a a a in Price 35c 48 pages 6 sections big Spring Texas 79720 sunday september 26, 1976 vol 49 no too Price 35c to fight organized crime state grand jury eyed prosecutors of District courts that would try such cases would participate with the attorney general in presenting evidence to such a grand jury he said. A look what we could do with the narcotics problem in Texas if we could have this tomorrow a Hill said. Hill has devoted much time to Duval county and told the committee that investigators Are in no physical danger there a that May not be the Case in this narcotics thing. Done to underestimate How ugly and mean that situation is a he said. It often is difficult for local Austin Tex. Apr organized crime and the narcotics Trade Cut across county lines and so should the states Power to probe and indict organized Crooks. Atty. Gen John Hill says. He testified Friday before a House select committee on the judiciary. The attorney general also suggested higher spending for the judicial qualifications commission which he called the Best Means of eliminating dishonest judges Hill s spoke in urgent tones As he recommended a Law allowing the governor and the chief Justice of the Texas supreme court to Convene grand juries with statewide jurisdiction. A a you be got a tremendous narcotics problem in Texas. Haul these people in and put them under oath. We need some method to investigate a problem of statewide dimensions a Hill said. Texas has grand juries Only at the county level and they can return indictments Only for crimes committed within their counties Hill suggested legislation permitting the governor and chief Justice to appoint commissioners who in turn would name a 12-person grand jury to investigate a specific statewide criminal activity and return indictments if necessary he said he recognized that people were uneasy because of the potential for political abuse Over earlier recommendations that would allow the attorney general to i panel a statewide grand jury. Race War still looms Johannesburg South Africa apr despite White Rhodesia a agreement to surrender Power to the country a Black majority the threat of race War in Southern Africa remains. There Are Many obstacles to be faced before an Independent Black ruled Zimbabwe As Black nationalists Call Rhodesia emerges out of the breakaway British Colony. A a Oca Point action reaction More study q. Why can t traffic be slowed Down in the areas of the schools on Goliad and Birdwell a there is new concern about this matter after a child was hit in the crosswalk at Washington elementary. One of the members of the traffic committee for base Community Council said that it is to be brought Back to the traffic commission for study. Mrs. Susan Thomas traffic Engineer says that a Federal regulation keeps schools or the City from placing signs such As the old a safety sallies or patrol signs in the Middle of the Street. The problem will be Given some additional study. Calendar Tennis action sunday big Spring Tennis association team Tennis i ., figure seven Tennis Center. Tar Diada afternoon fiesta 4 ., at Webb fab recreation Center. Monday the Borden county Independent school District Board of trustees meets at8 Tonight. Commissioners court meets 9 ., courthouse. Tuesday United Way Campaign luncheon for All chairpersons Coker a restaurant noon. Divisions chairpersons for Howard county United Way Campaign meets for dutch treat luncheon at Coker a restaurant 12 noon. Offbeat Georgia in a Jar local democrats have decided to push their nominee for president with a Little subtlety along with the Large colourful posters buttons and bumper stickers. Starting monday they will be serving Peanut butter and crackers to visitors who drop by the Headquarters at 4th and Runnels Between the hours of 10 And 6 To highlight cowboys and Colts Cowboy fans wont miss the nationally televised football game Between two undefeated the Dallas cowboys and Baltimore Colts at 3 On Abc. Inside disorientation ride around 30,000 persons visited the Howard county fair this week. See p. 3a. A local newspaper publisher and a local newspaper photographer decide against taking any kind of flight training after an orientation flight inat37. Seep.2a. Coahoma and Forsan remain undefeated this season after winning Friday night football games. See p. In. Prosecutors and grand juries to Tell if a crime is part of an organized operation he said. A organized crime takes advantage of this for example a car theft ring. It does no to do the Job to Deal with a narcotics ring in san Antonio if it reaches into other Hill said. One reason Why a statewide grand jury is needed he said is that there occasionally Are situations where a local grand jury is stacked politically. He told of taking a Case to the Duval county grand jury selected by commissioners named by judge o. P. Carrillo w to later was removed from office by impeachment. Against former resident Ray Price testifies Dallas apr defense attorneys Are to begin calling witnesses monday in the narcotics trial of Joe Dee Hicks his wife Janet and Charles Lidge bolts the prosecution rested its Case Friday after hearing testimony from country and Western Singer Ray Price and his 17-year-old son. Clifton. Young Price said he helped Hicks and his wife search for cocaine on the prices East Texas ranch about two years ago. Clifton Price said he had been a narcotics user at the time and that he had stashed the drugs on the ranch. He said government prosecutors told him he and his father might be indicted in the matter however asst. . Atty. Jay Ethington told newsmen Friday that he never told Young Price Quot that he or his father would be indicted a Hicks and the others Are on trial in . District court in connection with an International drug smuggling Case. They Are charged with conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine and heroin. Price testified that Hicks asked him to take Money make it appear that it came from prices Sale of horses in Mexico pay taxes on it and return the balance to Hicks. A i took it to mean to Wash some Money Quot Price said. A i told him i just could t do it because All recording procedures Are accounted the elder Price said he met Hicks a used car dealer about five years ago while purchasing some vehicles from him. A Price also testified that he refused to loan Hicks $10,000, even though Hicks promised to repay him with $25,000 in three to six months. More than 12 pounds of narcotics valued at $2 1 million have been placed in evidence before . District judge Eldon Mahon. Several . Customs inspectors and drug enforcement administration agents have testified that the illegal drugs were seized at airports in Miami Honolulu and Dallas fort Worth. Three of the five men arrested at the time have testified they were transporting the drugs for Hicks. Hearts in Flowers a i brought in a confession. And they of Ildna to take any action because it was on the wrong Side of the political spectrum a Hill said. The judicial qualifications commission has been widely criticized because it took no action against Carrillo until after the legislature was deep into impeachment proceedings. Hill noted that the legislature has not provided the Juc with Money for lawyers and investigators. A if a judge is having a problem the commission wait. It should move along because the problem won t go away. Give them two or three investigators and a lawyer or two and i believe in two or three years you will see a great improvement. Its just a matter of giving the state the Best judiciary possible a he said. He said he sees no need for a constitutional amendment opening proceedings and records of the commission to the Public. The Constitution now keeps its hearings and records of cases confidential until presented to the Texas supreme court. Vote sign up deadline Friday persons wanting to vote in the nov. 2 presidential election must be registered to vote with the county tax assessor-collectorby5p Friday. Volunteer registrars must submit completed voter registration applications also. Persons who were issued the red plastic voter cards need Only to update registration instead of re re Gister As was reported earlier n i a facing death with Tommy Hart amusements .7b classified ads.3,6d comics .3d editorials.4a Leisure Sec. D sports.1,46 weather .3a women s news.1,6c outside rain Chance mostly Cloudy with a 30-per-cent Chance of rain today and 40-per-cent Chance tonight. High today in the mid 80s. Low tonight Low 60s. High monday in the 70s. Northwesterly wind 10-15 Miles per hour today. Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her Book a on death and dying a says the death of a family member usually causes survivors to go through psychological stages similar to those experienced by the dying person. These stages says is. Kubler Ross Are denial hostility bargaining depression and acceptance. Most survivors want to deny that the death has occurred especially if it was sudden. There a also a feeling of hostility among some survivors toward various people including the deceased for having a abandoned the survivor. Paradoxically most deaths result in some feelings of guilt among the survivors. People tend to feel they did no to carry out their responsibilities to the deceased. Depression if the next feeling of most survivors who realize their lives must continue without the love and companionship of the departed. Ultimately there is the psychological stage of accepting the reality of death and adjusting to the need to resume living. 4 of a Laddie Bucks who has led an eventful if not always Carefree life As a cat burglar jewel thief says people who take even the most elaborate precautions to safeguard their Homes usually Are wasting their time. Dave the Duke Monteverde who spent 15 years looting Homes around san Francisco says every other dog but a Chow can be distracted. How about window bars a i use them to boost myself up to the next floor a he says. Alarm systems a they Arentt made to catch thieves but to scare them away a Montevaldo insists. A from the time they go off until the time someone arrives at your House the thief has plenty of time to get away. A pro will be out in three minutes. When i was working i used to buy each system and take it apart to find out How to Jam it. None is How about keeping a gun around the House a anyone who keeps one for Protection is a Damn fool. A professional burglar trains himself to be sensitive. He knows in seconds if the persons pretending to be asleep by the change in breathing. If the Guy reaches for a weapon by his bedside or even under a Pillow the sheets made a noise. The thief is prepared the Guy Isnit. A pros have a strict code of ethics a he adds. A you never Hurt any living thing except in self defense never use dope never carry a weapon never hold out on your partner and never name see hearts p. 3a, col. 3. Ground breaking set for new funeral Home ground will shortly be broken on acreage just off pm 700 and Goliad Street for the Larry d. Sheppard funeral Home. The 12,000 Square foot Structure will Cost approximately $350,000. Tommy Whatley Long time big Spring resident and a licensed mortician will be co owner and manager of the local firm. Specifically the mortuary will be located immediately East of the Don Crawford Pontiac company which is building new quarters at Goliad and pm 700 on the South Side of the thoroughfare. Sheppard operates funeral Homes in Mccamey and Crane. Born to mrs. Eddie c. Sheppard of Crane and the late Beason d. Sheppard sr., in san Saba Larry Dow Sheppard is married to the former Phyllis Marie Basham 31 tech 0 new mex 20 Nebraska 64 16 thu to a wire photo Spray Tell. Why the umbrella a a Little girl used the Fountain in a Frankfurt Park As a Means to rout the drought in water sparse West Germany recently. She did no to say Why she was using the umbrella another soviet Pilot seeks political Asylum Tehran Iran apr the Pilot of a a soviet mail plane has flown his aircraft to Iran and requested Asylum in the United states the iranian government radio announced saturday. The Pilot flying a single engine Antmov-2, landed thursday in the Azerbaijan Region in Northern Iran bordering the soviet Border the radio said. The Pilot identified As it. Valentin Ivanovich Zach Iov put the plane Down on a gravel Road and called loudly to approaching officials a Asylum Asylum Asylum a the Tehran evening newspaper Lavhan reported it said the Pilot identified himself As a soviet army lieutenant and turned Over a service pistol to officials who met him he also offered them cigarettes and Candy which they turned Down since they were observing the moslem fast of Ramadan the paper said the . Embassy said it had received no official word from the iranian government about the Man s request for political Asylum in the United states the soviet embassy confirmed that a Pilot had defected but gave no details the soviet plane landed near the town of Char 63 Miles South of the soviet Border official sources said travellers from the area quoted the Pilot As saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the West a to describe to the world How the soviet dissidents Are suffering a he also was quoted As saying he a could not put up with the system any longer a Tehran newspapers said Zach Iov made his escape on a mail flight from tiffs the capital of soviet Georgia to Len Okran on the Caspian sea. In soviet Azerbaijan he is the second soviet Pilot to defect to the West this month on sept. 6, it. Viktor Ivanovich Belenko flew a supersonic mig25 Jet to Japan and requested Asylum in the United states where he has since been taken. His plane gave and japanese technicians their first Opportunity for close examination of the advanced soviet fighter. Of Breckenridge. They have a son Cody Dow Sheppard now 8 and a student in the Crane schools. Larry enrolled in the Dallas Institute of mortuary science in Dallas in 1967 and graduated in february the following year. He was chaplain of his class and had the Only perfect attendance record in his class. See plans made p. 3a, col. 5. Great Puzzle contest win $100 identify this photograph and below is a Puzzle piece from a picture of a big Spring area object or place. To the first person or persons who can specifically identify the object the Herald will pay $50 a plus another $50 Bonus if the w inner is a Home delivery or mail subscriber of the Herald or a grand total prize of $100. Here Are the rules. Each Day a deferent Puttie piece will be run in the Herald save them and try to piece together the identification of the place your answer must be specific to win opinions of the lodges Are final. At s p each Day the judges will review guesses which arrive at the Herald on that Day. Entries arriving Atter that time will go in the following Day s Lud gig winners will be announced Only at this spot in the newspaper on the next Day. Of there is More than one Winner on any Day. The is of Price will be i ded evenly among them Puzzle number 3 piece number 6 Elf he a mail your guess to the big Spring Herald p o Box 1431, big Spring 79720, or drop it by the heralds office at 710 Scurry. If you do not subscribe. Be sure to do so by checking the Box below name guess is. Yes am a Herald subscriber please Start subscription to the Herald right away a architect s drawing of proposed Larry Sheppard funeral Home Here

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