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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 4

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Big Spring, Texas 4-Abig Spring Herald wednesday May 16,1990 opinion i May not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say a Voltaire Herald opinion mayhem among the mohawks two people have died and hundreds have been driven from their Homes As a result of the recent gun Battles on a Mohawk Indian reservation on the Border Between new York and Canada. It now appears that roaming bands of mohawks armed with sub machine guns and assault rifles have been stalking one another through the Woods for weeks All in a dispute Over whether to permit a Casino on the reservation. This is just the latest and ugliest example of the need for Congress and the Federal courts to re examine their policies toward commercial gambling on Indian lands. Initially the . Supreme court ruled that american indians should he permitted to play traditional games on their own lands even if wagering is involved in a state that otherwise permit it. But As american indians took advantage of their protected status to set up High stakes Bingo games and More recently full scale Casino gambling on reservations across the country what began As a civil rights Issue has blossomed with Congress encouragement into a multimillion Dollar Industry. That a a headache for state and local Law enforcement officials who Are barred from enforcing Laws on the reservations that apply to the rest of their citizens anywhere else. The proliferation of these poorly regulated operations has also created an open invitation for organized crime which the tribes Are poorly equipped to combat. And As the Mohawk dispute makes Clear it has created bitter division within the american Indian Community Between those who find the potential profits from gambling irresistible and others who regard that activity As a betrayal of their culture. Tangled up in this dispute Are sensitive questions of tribal sovereignty and the rights of american indians to manage their own affairs. But there a a prominent Streak of cynicism involved As Well. From the perspective of some members of Congress and the executive Branch ifs cheaper to let the indians get what they can out of gambling than it would be to try to resolve some of the Root causes of poverty on the reservations. And How demeaning it is to american indians to suggest that after 200 years of trying to develop a productive relationship Between our respective nations the Best we could do was consigned them the task of pandering to the White Many a vices. What happened in new York is a warning. The spread of gambling on the reservations is now virtually out of control. That a dangerous in dozens of ways. If Congress does no to act swiftly to resolve the problems they Are certain to get longtime newspaper Junkie Speaks his piece by Lewis Grizzard my High school biology teacher asked me one Day a what profession Are you going to pursue a it certainly Wasny to going to be teaching teenagers How to dissect dead frogs. I did no to care about the innards of a dead Frog Back then and i still done to. I answered a i want to be in the newspaper my biology teacher said a a that a a bad i said a Why a a because a he answered a newspapers Are folding up every i thought it was a bad joke Back then. Now i think my teacher might have been prophetic. According to the american newspapers publishers association daily newspaper circulation has been stagnant for to years. And advertising growth is Flat too. After he announced last week that his newspaper the St. Louis Sun was dead at 7 months old editor Ralph Ingersoll ii said a the newspaper Market is in the St. Louis Sun wanted to compete with the Only other paper in town the St. Louis Post dispatch. But the numbers never worked. So Long Sun. In a a newspaper Junkie. If i Don t get my hands on a newspaper within three minutes after i get out of bed my hands begin to shake and i hallucinate seeing dead frogs All Over my Kitchen floor. I must have a newspaper. I want to know where the nightly drive by shooting by children with semiautomatic weapons took place and How Many people got blown away whether or not George Steinbrenner has fired Bucky Dent As manager of the Yankees yet and what a the latest thing i eat or drink if i done to want to die. I want to see a the far i want to work the Jumble i want to see what the temperature was Aid to disabled Bill worrisome by James j. Kilpatrick Washington few Bills that come along in Congress Are As sound in principle and As fair in purpose As the pending americans with disabilities act. It is scheduled for debate in the House within the next week or so. Yet it has to be added that the Bill is a bulging bag of uncertainties and ambiguities. It is drastic in its application. It carries the potential for billions of dollars in costs that would have to be swallowed by business or passed on to Consumers. It is in Brief a worrisome Bill. As it passed the Senate last september the Ada contains four major sections. The first would prohibit discrimination in the employment of handicapped persons. The second covers discrimination in transportation. The third deals with places of Public accommodation. Title in would require Telephone companies to provide special services for persons with hearing or speech impediments. All told the several sections would impose unknown and unknowable burdens upon All but the smallest enterprises in the country. At first the Bill would affect employers with As few As 25 employees by 1996 the Bill would reach to employers with As few As 15 employees. But if the measure would impose heavy burdens upon employers and upon transportation companies and places of Public accommodation also it would lift heavy burdens from the handicapped. There Are said to be 43 million disabled persons who would Benefit from full implementation of the Bill. Eventually they would have substantially the same opportunities that Are enjoyed by More fortunate people. This is a Prospect that fair minded legislators ought to support. The worrisome aspects lie in such tedious areas As applicability and definitions. No act of this scope can define everything precisely. Some provisions must be left to interpretation but this Bill leaves a vast Deal to interpretation. For example an employer cannot be required to accommodate a disabled employee if this would impose a undue the term a undue hardship then is defined to mean a an action requiring significant difficulty or by the same Token a bus company cannot be put to a undue financial Burden a but nothing explains the difference Between a due Burden and an undue Burden. Under title Iii a place of Public accommodation must remove structural barriers if such removal is a readily achievable a and a readily achievable is defined to mean a easily accomplish Able and Able to be carried out without much difficulty or some provisions Are curious. The term a a employer embraces All private employers All states and their subdivisions and the two houses of Congress a but it does not include the . Government itself. It seems an Odd omission. The Bill defines a disabled person As one with a physical a for mental impairment that substantially limits one or More of the major life activities of such individual. That is Gauzy enough to in Chicago and if it was miserably cold give thanks i done to live there anymore. I actually enjoy getting Ink All Over my hands. Its certainly better than Frog goo. Apparently however i am one of a vanishing Breed and i asked myself a few questions about Why newspaper readership is stagnant and then i answered them. Why done to people read newspapers anymore ifs easier to watch television. People have enough problems themselves without Reading about the problems of others. We done to run photographs of Semi naked pretty women or make up stories like the grocery store tabloids do. They done to have a dog or a parakeet. What could be done to get More people buying newspapers make up More news like the grocery store tabloids do. A new diet eat a newspaper every Day and drop those unwanted pounds a what would i do if All the newspapers folded and i had to find another Job id become a poet and write a an ode to a dissected briefly what do you think is the Best thing newspapers have going for them most still Cost Only a Quarter. Find me a better bargain. I be enjoyed our conversation me too. Are you finished with the sports Section yet copyright 1990 by Cowles Syndicate inc. 911 not working As it should in in. I ii a ii. Jack a i 4 j Anderson a a w bother employers bus Drivers innkeepers and others within the sweep of the Bill but there is More. The term a a disability also embraces an individual who is a regarded ask having such an impairment. The Bill a embrace of mental disabilities is bound to cause concern. Physical disabilities Are usually self evident but the diagnosis of Many mental illnesses is highly subjective. Under Section 512, a an individual who currently uses illegal drugs shall not be excluded from the protections of the act. Psychotics Are protected. Kleptomaniac Are not. Under title Iii dealing with remedies for discrimination a person May sue for an injunction if he is a about to be subjected to How is a hotel manager to defend against a charge that he is about to commit an infraction of the Law under the Senate version an award of damages would be confined to compensation for Back pay and restoration of a Job. This is in line with remedies provided under the civil rights act of 1964. But efforts Are afoot to provide for punitive damages also and Here a line has to be drawn. No Way. In this emotional Field a jury easily could be moved to awards that would bankrupt an employer. Some critics of the Bill Are hollering before they Are Hurt. The most costly requirements would not take full effect for 20 years. It is not As if every door had to be widened and every elevator installed by Day after tomorrow. If employers and shopkeepers will take a constructive attitude if they will think in terms of what can be done rather than what can to be Don much can be accomplished. And High time. By . Standard Howard county sheriff As you Are aware my previous letters to the Herald publisher seem to meet with certain death. I would expect nothing less with this one. However with your article a dispute pits sheriff against 911 director a May 6, styled by Ruth Cochran As City editor i am drawn to certain sections that in my opinion Are out of balance and slanted away from the real Issue. As you will recall your Telephone conversation seeking reflections in this matter i agreed if you would give a balance and reflect the problem area with balance. I do not wish to Wear on your nerves and have you become irritated As or. Tim Yeats has identified himself As. I do wish you would have permitted me to address or. Yeats and his Down Rod Ding personal statements. His statements for the most part were not Correct. This would have a direct interest in this matter. Or. Yeats states that i have no reason to complain about the service of 911 because i did not attend their 911 meetings. Well i did attend sufficient meetings and Learned in my opinion i did not like what i was hearing and i stated so. This has been somewhat of a problem from the Start As it entered around this office having to give up one of ifs two dispatchers in order to make up for the $25,000 the county gave the 911 service. I was having to fight to hold what we had and needed More of. Moreover the monies being generated from county Telephone residence and businesses should have been sufficient without the $25,000 mentioned above. The $25,000 would have been better spent for workers to be placed in the county placing and updating roads and marking houses for 911 serving. There Are certain areas of the county that must be indexed with Extension information or the 911 system could not sufficiently operate. Some of the present information is a mailing address that is a Mailbox on the Roadway that May be some distance from the residence. Carl Dorton executive director Howard county 911 District said in a specific response to this statement a we do not use Mailbox numbers. It is too hard to find. If we do not have a numbered address we put a Street name. We will not use a Mailbox number or a route it was my understanding that 911, before coming on line was to have this problem out of the Way. I think that or. Yeats As chairperson and member of the 911 Board would have pushed for this goal. The comment by or. Yeats that their problems in 911 Are because i did not attend their meetings just wont Square with the facts. In my opinion the obligation for 911 service is with the framers chairman director boar men and their employees. This is a business that they have offered and their system is receiving monies for that service. This office receives no funding. We received no extra personnel or remodelling. However we Are being Given Calls from the City based 911 without sufficient information and expected to address them in Good form or be taken to task. There is but one dispatcher in the sheriffs office his her duties keep this person jumping As it really is a Job that requires additional assistance most of the time. With the dispatchers regular duties to be Given a 911 Call will cause our dispatcher to Stop All other duties and address a Call that should be addressed totally in the system of the 911-based station. Certainly the station that is being paid and has employees for that purpose. I am willing to close ranks for the Best interest As certainly 911 has a Good underlying concept and can be applied locally in this matter if the above parties fronting this program in the county will do what they stated they will do so locations in the county can be served with the least delay. There should be a Central location for receiving and dispatching the total service without switching from one location to another i Hope again this will find its Way to you your publisher and the heralds readers. Protecting unlikely targets by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington there is no question that the president of the United states needs to be protected by secret service agents. Death threats come with the territory. But who would want to kill the Secretary of agriculture or Interior we recently speculated in this column that Cabinet members surround themselves with a muscle bound entourage because they like the trappings of Nouveau Royalty. Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher has since Learned that those trappings can come in Handy. A woman has been in a Washington d.c., jail for a month awaiting trial on charges that she threatened Mosbacher a life. Nancy Crawford allegedly wrote Mosbacher a letter saying a there is your Choice marry me or die. Ill kill you before you Hurt me Mosbacher refused to answer our questions about the woman. An Fri agent who questioned her said that she spoke about her relationship with Mosbacher and blames him for some personal problems. A she stated that Secretary Mosbacher was destined to be her Mentor and in a mystical sense the father of two children she has seen in her dreams and has always hoped for a the Fri agents affidavit said. Crawford moved to Washington from Brooklyn n.y., earlier this year. She is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is competent to stand trial. Crawford refused to Tell us whether she had actually met Mosbacher. A a in a not a threat to anyone a she said adding that she had tried for a year to get an appointment with Mosbacher. A i am in fact in jail because i wrote a letter to Robert then she added a a it a quite possible i should be married to Robert Mosbacher a but she said he was the a last person she would want to marry. A a he a a miserable its not Likely that Mosbacher would be killed for his stand on japanese Trade issues or Eastern bloc technology Transfer. But a political beef is not the Only motive for murder. President Reagan was shot by someone who cared More about Jodie Foster than reaganomics. The flamboyant Mosbacher is a More Likely target for threats from the lovelorn than the politically disillusioned. The handsome Silver haired millionaire and his stunning wife Georgette were hailed As a needed addition to the flagging Washington party circuit when president Bush appointed Mosbacher to the Commerce Post. Mosbacher keeps a High profile and gets More Media attention than your average stodgy Cabinet Secretary. Copyright 1990, United feature Syndicate inc. A a when we started this everyone called us a fat City. A now we re being recognized As one of the most fit towns in the a Bill Reger director of a program in Wellsburg w.va., aimed at reducing heart disease in Rural America. A a a a we May have to wait another to years another 20 years for a Pic Ture of that a a Christie a president Christopher Burge after Vincent Van Gogh a melancholy portrait of the doctor who treated him in the weeks before his suicide sold at auction for $82.5 million making it the most expensive painting in the Spring herald710 Scurry St. Big Spring Texas 915 263-7331 published sunday mornings and weekday afternoons monday through Friday by big Spring Herald inc. 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