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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Big Spring, Texas 4-a big Spring Texas Herald Friday May 9, 1986opinion Steve Chapman sticking by Salt la for convenience political leaders often choose to conspicuously refrain from Small sins in order to facilitate Large ones. That tactic partly explains president Reagan a reported decision to continue complying with the a ratified Salt ii treaty on nuclear weapons. Over his entire career in politics Reagan has made Clear his reject Ion of the very concept of arms control. His administration while professing its deep yearning for a treaty with the soviet Union to reduce each sides nuclear Arsenal has embarked on a program of missile defense a the a Star wars a initiative a that makes any such agreement practically impossible. Yet the president knows the political risk of dashing All Hope of a Deal. Early in his first term he found that his gratuitously negative attitude backfired. Instead of making converts he Only roused Public concern about the arms race and helped to mobilize a Well organized movement in support of a nuclear so he changed tactics proposing to reduce weapons stockpiles during the removal of All nuclear weapons from Europe pledging to erect a defensive shield that would end the threat of a holocaust meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva to discuss a possible treaty. Coming from a different president these gestures could have been legitimate grounds for optimism a and even in Reagan Scase they served to assuage Public fears. But no one should take much Solace from them. In fact they Are meant not to end or even slow the if Lear arms race but to ratify it by making its continuation politically possible. That is one of the Points of sticking by Salt ii which requires the Pentagon to dismantle two old Poseidon submarines when a new Trident ii sub goes to sea next month. The decision reached with a great display of presidential soul searching again allows Reagan to portray himself As the dogged Champion of arms control while lamenting its violation by those incorrigible russians. This Choice is better than the alternative but its ridiculous to say As press Secretary Larry Speakes did that it shows the president has decided to a go the extra Miles for Salt ii. If he a so committed Why does no the ask the Senate to ratify it apparently Reagan will do anything for arms control a except formally commit himself to abide by it. How come one reason is that doing so would validate the idea of arms control which would make it harder for Reagan to keep his negotiators stonewalling in Geneva. And it would be a Little embarrassing for the Man who led the opposition to Jimmy Carters treaty to have to admit that his predecessor was right after All. Scrapping the treaty altogether would not Only ruin Reagan a Effort to portray himself As a sworn enemy of the arms race but also undermine . Security. The alleged soviet violations of the treaty Are All either doubtful or militarily insignificant and on the important provisions they have dutifully complied. Over the years they have gotten rid of More than 1,000 land based missiles 200 submarine based missiles and 14 missile carrying submarines. If they were to really Stop complying As a presidential decision to abrogate Salt ii would have invited them to do the . Would be exposed to the greater risk. Democrat Les Aspin chairman of the House armed services committee notes that if both sides were freed of the treaty a constraints the soviets could expand their Arsenal about 50 percent faster than the . Over the next three years. In this Case Reagan faced with the unyielding military facts and the obvious political considerations let them overrule his ideology. For that he deserves a Small measure of Praise. A president who can move from damning this treaty to preserving it at least temporarily is not beyond Hope. But it is the negotiations in Geneva that will show whether this decision is aimed at advancing arms control or killing it. Steve Chapman is a member of the Chicago Tribune editorial Board. His commentary is distributed by Tribune Media services. Today by the associated press today is Friday May 9, the 129th Day of 1986. There Are 236 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history Twenty five years ago on May 9, 1961, the chairman of the Federal communications commission Newton n. Minow made his famous speech before the National association of broadcasters in Washington calling television a a vast on this Date in 1502, Christopher Columbus left Cadiz Spain on his fourth and final trip to the new world. In 1754, Benjamin Franklin a Pennsylvania Gazette ran the first american newspaper cartoon depicting the colonies As a divided Snake. The caption read a join or in 1864, during the civil War Union Gen. John Sedgwick was killed by a Confederate Sharp addresses shooter at Spotsylvania a. His last words a they hit an elephant at this dist. A in 1913, the 17th amendment to the Constitution providing for the election of senators by popular vote rather than selection by state Legislatures was ratified. In 1926, americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett became the first men to make an air plane flight Over the North pole. In 1936, Italy annexed Ethiopia. In 1980, 35 people were killed when a liberian freighter struck the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Over Tampa Bay fla., causing the collapse of a 1,400-foot Section. Ten years ago an uneasy quiet settled Over Beirut Lebanon one Day after the country a parliament had elected Elias Sarkis president. Five years ago Secretary of state Alexander Haig was cheered and heckled As he delivered a commencement speech at Syracuse University in upstate new York. Around the rim Post nominee at Center of controversy by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington a should a 34-year-old former press Secretary for Nancy Reagan with neither drug enforcement nor diplomatic expertise be Given a key Post in the administrations War on International dope smuggling is the White House nominee being unfairly picked on by her critics even if the answer to both questions is yes Senate insiders Tell us that Ann Wrobleski acting assistant Secretary of state for International narcotics matters does no to stand much Chance of confirmation. For starters some influential senators Are miffed because they weren to consulted by the White House before Wrobleski a nomination was sent to Capitol Hill. But the main reason for senatorial displeasure on both sides of the aisle is Wrobleski a almost total Lack of experience in dealing with Law enforcement officials and diplomats. Before going to the state department she had held jobs As press assistant to a series of Republican members of Congress from Florida and then served in that capacity for the first lady. In fact some critics grouse that Wrobleski a sole diplomatic experience to Date was to set up a luncheon for mrs. Reagan with the Queen of Thailand during the presidents far East trip this month. As an indication of the state departments attitude toward Wrobleski she was bypassed twice for . Delegations to important International conferences on narcotics. The first meeting was spearheaded by attorney general Edwin Meese the second was set up by the organization of american states. In both cases lower ranking officials in her office were chosen to represent the state department. Senate critics Are concerned that Wrobleski a nomination signals a denigration of the drug Post. Sources told our associate Donald Goldberg that sen. Richard Lugar r-ind., chairman of the foreign relations committee is quietly searching for an alternative candidate. Meanwhile Wrobleski apparently got a bum rap from one staunch Reagan Ite customs service commissioner William von Raab. In an intemperate private letter to Wrobleski von Raab accused her of embarrassing and offending him personally. The reason Wrobleski a office had invited customs officials from Bulgaria and East Germany to a regional drug conference in Spain late this month. A i have heard of the Bias of some in the state department in being soft on communists but this is too much a von Raab wrote. A you have not Only embarrassed me in front of All my counterparts in other customs services but also personally offended my own von Raab proceeded to lecture Wrobleski on bulgarians implication in arms and heroin smuggling As for East Germany he asked query loudly a what will the most vile oppressive regime in the world add to this session other than to Embarrass the . Customs service a he concluded in the same contemptuous vein asking a has the state department developed an institutional form of alzheimer a disease or just Plain taken leave of its senses a neither one apparently. Wrobleski replied that Bulgaria and East Germany were included in a a draft letter of invitation sent to her office a by the customs service. Not Only that but von Raabs Agency indicated it would pay the travel expenses of the two communist delegations she noted. Wrobleski told von Raab it was too late to withdraw the invitations and suggested a diplomatic solution cancel the conference. Kremlin watch soviet Boss Mikhail Gorbachev has been trying to stir up mischief in Iran and Pakistan by playing on the separatist inclinations of the dissident Baluchi. The soviets have set up a Baluchi language radio station in Afghanistan operated by iranian Baluchi who managed to escape the Ayatollah Khomeini a brutal purge of the communist Tuden party a few years ago. The a movement of the Baluchi people has been established under Kremlin auspices and some guerrillas have been trained. Incitement of separatist minorities is a dangerous game for the soviet Union to play considering How Many it has itself. Jack Anderson s investigative report from Washington is distributed by United feature Syndicate. Junk mail can sober one up by Scott Fitzgerald once your name makes a mailing list forget it. You re a dead Duck. Sorting through a recent collection of junk mail in a amazed simply amazed. 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A a the love tapes now available in subliminal version. These according to the brochure Are powerful effective tapes for self image deep relaxation attracting More love Money you know a All the goodies of life. If i wish i can listen to the love tapes interchangeably. Two a Day. One a Day. Another tomorrow. Two particular tapes that caught my Eye a a Loving your body and a the Joy of according to the brochure one woman after listening to a Loving your body took a quantum leap in an upward positive movement. She found the tapes that did it. In a sold. In a Gonna get me those love tapes and love my body up. Ill take a few of them quantum leaps in the air and transform. And when its All Over ill know in be been suckered again. Opinions expressed in this column Are those of the staff writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the newspaper s management. Insight asian trip has left some frayed feelings in Washington Ronald Reagan president of the United states White House Washington . 20500. Charles Stenholm . Representative 17th Texas District 1232 Longworth office building Washington . 20515. Phone 202-225-6605 Lloyd Bentsen . Senator 703 Hart office building Washington . 20510. Phone 202-224-5922 Phil Gramm . Senator 174 Russell office building Washington . 20510. Phone 202-224-2934 in Austin Mark White governor state Capitol Austin to 78701. Phone 512-463-2000 the big Spring Herald a i May disagree with what you have to say but i will defend to the death your right to say a Voltaire. It it it published saturday and sunday mornings and weekday afternoons monday through Friday by big my Herald inc., 710 Scurry st., 79720 Telephone 915-263-7331. Second class postage paid at big Spring tex Thomas Watson president publisher Angie Awtrey Butinas manager John Rice managing editor Richard White advertising director Bob Rogers production manager Clarence a. Benz circulation manager by Michael Putzel Washington a president Reagan proclaimed his 13-Day trip to the far East a a Triumph a but he had a bumpy ride that left some bruised feelings which May take time to heal. At the Tokyo economic Summit the most productive Agenda items were . Initiatives. And although it is too soon to judge their Long Range effects the Summit leaders at least made a Start toward closer cooperation in fighting terrorism and better coordination of Trade and monetary policy. On his Way to the Summit however the president stopped for a rest in Honolulu and telephoned deposed Philippines Leader Ferdinand Marcos in a Call some senior advisers wished he Hadnot Felt obligated to make. It would come Back to haunt him later. And before it did another problem intervened. Reagan went on to the indonesian Island of Bali primarily to rest and adjust to time zone changes before Tokyo and three Days of intensive talks there Over lunches dinners and in Between. But while taking it easy on the Lush tropical Island the president was to meet with his Host president Suharto of Indonesia and address the foreign ministers of the association of Southeast asian nations. The administrations interests in Indonesia and its Asean neighbors Are largely strategic and economic. The indonesian archipelago of More than 13,500 islands is a non communist bastion that survived a close Call 20 years ago when an insurrection nearly established it As another asian communist country similar to China North Korea and what was then Only North Vietnam. Since then the country has experienced stupendous economic growth and Reagan wanted to stress the Progress that had been made in a non aligned but Friendly nation. There was no intention of focusing attention on human rights issues in a country that has no True democratic tradition and tolerates dissent Only up to a Point. But the presence of two australian broadcast journalists in Reagan a press entourage pushed that Issue to the forefront when they were barred from entry by Suharto who had been angered by an article in a Sydney newspaper. After initial hesitation White House officials decided they had no Choice but to bring the unwelcome guests into the country and let the Suharto government throw them out which it did in full View of a press corps hungry for news on what for Reagan was a leisurely journey across the Pacific. The president and his party tried to gloss Over the Issue during the Suharto talks but not without some embarrassment on both sides. Bali was also the site of Reagan a first encounter with the new philippine government whose vice president and foreign minister Salvador Laurel came to the Asean meeting. Separate talks were arranged for both Secretary of state George p. Shultz and Reagan. During the Shultz meeting which took place first the Secretary was said to have been irritated by laurels a laundry list of Aid requests which he sought to add to the $150 million package the administration had announced just before Reagan left Washington. And Laurel followed that with a news conference in which he not Only spoke openly about the fledgling governments need for substantially More outside assistance but also said some a cobwebs of doubt remained in the minds of Many filipinos Over whether Reagan still supported Marcos or recognized the new government of president Corazon Aquino. Sources who discussed the matter privately said the Reagan meeting by contrast went Well and that the president made a a very personal statement about the special closeness Between filipinos and americans particularly in times of adversity. But Shultz tired and irritable and still smarting Over laurels Public statements did not disclose that part of the conversation at his own news conference later the same Day. Instead when pressed by reporters about whether the president gave Laurel the assurances he sought the Secretary told them to ask Laurel who was no longer available. Before leaving the Summit Reagan called the meeting of seven Industrial democracies a a Triumph at but a . Initiative to bring stability to the world monetary system was followed immediately by another jump in the value of the yen a most unwelcome development in Japan because the rising yen and falling Dollar make japanese exports More expensive a and thus less competitive a abroad. That brought a rain of Domestic criticism Down on prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and could if sustained Hurt his chances if he decides to seek a Rule change within his party that would permit him to take a third two year term. Michael hut in i has covered the White House since 1979 and accompanied the president on his journey to the far East

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