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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 4

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Big Spring, Texas 4-a big Spring Herald Friday March 2, 1990 big Spring Herald 710 Scurry St. Big Spring Texas 915 263-7331 published sunday mornings and weekday afternoons monday through Friday by big Spring Herald inc. Second class postage at big Spring tex. Robert Wernsman publisher Steve Ray managing editor Bob Rogers production manager marae Brooks accountant Randi Smith advertising sales manager Dale Ferguson circulation sales manager Freedom and the Flag Ince the . Supreme court ruled last summer that burning the american Flag is protected by the first amendment Freedom has made a triumphant March across Eastern Europe. The freedoms that americans have taken for granted for so Long Are yet to be established in countries where communism has been shrugged off but the latest decision in the juror Over Flag burning gives them one More Good example to follow. In Seattle . District judge Barbara Rothstein ruled that the Flag Protection act of 1989 is unconstitutional. Her reasoning is similar to that of the supreme court decision that prompted passage of the Law. A in order for the Flag to endure As a Symbol of Freedom in this nation a she wrote in the decision a we must protect with equal vigor the right to destroy it and the right to wave that Basic principle has been a hard one for the Flag wavers to understand. Perhaps american politics has become so used to exploiting cheap symbolism that the freedoms that the Flag stands for have been lost. Certainly that was the Case last summer when president Bush and members of Congress battled to see who would seem More patriotic to a Public that was inflamed by the supreme court. The presidents drive for a constitutional amendment against Flag burning was derailed but the Flag Protection act passed despite the fact that the supreme courts decision did no to ignite a wave of Flag burning across the country. It is ironic that the Case in which judge Rothstein made her ruling involved four people who had burned the Flag to protest the Flag Protection act itself. True to form the Bush administration plans an Appeal to the supreme court but judge Rothstein a logic should ultimately prevail. As she said a the Freedom of speech enshrined in our first amendment is the crucial foundation without which other democratic values cannot that foundation must remain Strong. People poll Ronald Reagan who held the most powerful office in the country for eight years has suffered a drop in popularity since his retirement. The deficit spending he initiated has appeared to be one of his chief legacies in the minds of Many. Has your own opinion of Reagan s contribution to the country changed any since he left the presidency Lewis Grizzard diplomats children get a pricey education by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington if you want the Best education for your child and you want someone else to pay for it join the diplomatic corps. American diplomats serving abroad get a $14,900 per year per child education stipend a three times the amount that taxpayers pay to educate children at Home or children of military personnel stationed overseas. The High rate is apparently based on the lofty notion that children of foreign service officers Are entitled to attend the Best boarding schools. Never mind that the state department policy Worth no More than the paper it is written on says the children should attend the a least expensive adequate schools nearest to the in a fit of philanthropy Congress designed an elaborate system of fringe benefits to encourage overseas service. In addition to Cash bonuses for hazardous duty and stipends for schools diplomats get vacation sick leave Home leave and rest and recuperation leave. An internal state department audit obtained by our associate Jim Lynch indicates that the state department has gone overboard with incentives. Along with the sky High education stipend auditors found an array of inflated Perks. Diplomats Are entitled to a dizzying 84 possible allowances which Cost the government $1.3 billion a year. Only nine of the 84 were audited in the recent study. The auditors came away sceptical about some of the alleged hardships at some overseas posts. Diplomats can pocket up to a 25 percent salary Bonus just for working in outposts where a unusual hardships the auditors had their doubts about whether the 25 percent Bonus was warranted for 127 of the 145 posts that qualify for hardship pay. The government pays $58 million in ii Jack Anderson l i hardship bonuses alone each year. The audit wont warm any hearts in the diplomatic corps but it will vindicate the people at the Pentagon. Military personnel have Long complained about the second class treatment they get on overseas assignments when compared to diplomats. No Issue is More divisive than that of schools. Children of the soldiers overseas almost always attend defense department schools. Those schools try but done to always succeed at giving students an education on a Par with stateside Public schools. That program costs about $5,000 per Pupil per year. Our sources say some diplomats look Down their noses at the defense department schools and instead take advantage of their $14,900 stipend to Send the kids to fancy boarding schools Back Home. The auditors found that the state department set the stipend after averaging the Cost of 21 private schools overseas a two thirds of which were pricey european boarding schools. The Bureau chief for the state departments african posts bristled at the suggestion that the school stipend should be a Cost beneficial to the government. A this is an insult to employees a Irving Hicks wrote in response to the audit. On the contrary. It is the taxpayers who Are insulted when Public servants expect an education three times More expensive than the children of the people paying the Bills. Copyright 1990, United feature Syndicate inc. Opinion i May not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say a Voltaire Herald opinion colleges missed some great athletes a no. I think he did the Best Job that he could in the position be was in and the time he had to do it Marilyn Jones homemaker 2906 a Ajo a no. I think he still did a Good Job in foreign affairs and other Domestic matters that helped the Onomy a Gayla Henderson housewife 1611 Jennings St. A yes i think it has i think that hush is doing a better Job. He son top of things de Luhman Gas station manager 804/2 Andree St. A not with me it Hasni to. I Wasny to for everything that he was for of course. In a a Democrat. I did no to think he was especially o c. Lewis retired grocer 1425 e. Sixth St. By Lewis Grizzard now that the College football recruiting season has ended its time for my annual list of those Superior athletes who. For a variety of reasons were not chosen by any school. It always saddens me to offer this list because of the Quality of some of these Fine Young men who wont have the Opportunity to play College Ball but will have to be Content to go into other directions a such As crack dealing and Alligator wrestling on the reptile farm circuit. The 1990 rejects Leonard a the cow Fauntleroy 6-9, 560, defensive lineman George Wallace town Ala wanted by every school in the country. Unfortunately also wanted by the Alabama state police on charges he stole a pickup truck and then ate it in an attempt to hide the evidence. A Sperando a hit Many Dillinger 6-1, 210, defensive Back Detroit voted Best Tackler in state by Michigan High school coaches association. Also voted most Likely to die before he a 21, by his classmates whom he terrorized for four years by putting bombs in their lockers carving on their foreheads and following them Home and shooting their dogs with his ak-47. Deemed a too dangerous by College recruiters a hit Many plans career As lobbyist for the National Rifle association. Bernard Gombatz 6-3, 220, running Back. Cold nose neb first choices were Nebraska Colorado and Oklahoma. A a in be always wanted to play in the Southeastern conference a he told the news Media who became suspicious of the fact he also did no to know the Brooklyn dodgers had moved West and uncovered the fact he was actually a 33-year-old soviet spy codenamed red heat who was in the country to find out if Ray Charles is really Blind. Earl a the girls Penrod 6-4, 280, defensive lineman. Gotcha Ark demanded recruiters Promise a sex change operation after he completed his eligibility. A i want to marry Donald Trump a is what he gave As his reason. Currently working on the staff of Donahue. Ill Cedric Sprinks 6-0, 190, wide receiver full fit Calif has 4.2 Speed great hands. Considered Best pass receiver in nation. Made 1400 on his College boards. Unfortunately he was always talking to an imaginary orangutan named Filbert who he demanded receive a full scholarship too. A no. I never did really like to Start with. When he left As governor of California California was in a lot worse shape than when he went . Nichols equipment operator route i big Spring notre Dame was the Only school that would Honor in Lacedrick a demand until it was discovered Filbert did no to think Lou Holtz was All that funny. Denzel Dangle 5-9, 150, placekicker. Alka Seltzer Springs Idaho most accurate kicker in the nation. Hit 47 straight Field goals during his High school career. Was injured in a Freak Hunting Accident however when he accidentally shot off the big toe on his kicking foot while firing at a Forest service helicopter. Elmo a a crab grass 6-2, 240, ii gotten gains Fla considered the states Best defensive Prospect. On his official visit to the University of Miami however he threw the school president through a plate Glass window. Was rejected by recruiters who Felt he did not have the a killer instinct after it was widely reported he helped Load the school principal into the ambulance. A no i done to think so. I did no to worship the Guy to begin with. I think he was All right but he Wasny to Ray Orson retired Farmer 1004 Bryan Lamesa a yes. I done to think he was honest with the american people. I done to think he did what he said that he was going to do. He went against Tammi Hood College student Igor Birdwell Lane a no. I still think he was a great president. He had a Down to Earth Way of dealing with Ann Bingham shop owner route i Coahoma

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