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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 3

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Big Spring, Texas J big Spring Herald. Friday March 2, 1990 3-a nation patrolman slaps Zsa Zsa with suit los Angeles a the motorcycle patrolman who was slapped by Zsa Zsa Gabor countered with a Legal punch thursday suing the former Beauty Queen for $10 million for slander emotional distress and assault and Battery. An attorney for Beverly Hills police officer Paul Kramer said the Superior court lawsuit is intended to Send a Strong message to celebrities with privileged Access to the Media that they should not mess with the Little people. In what became known As the slap heard around the world miss Gabor smacked Kramer on a Beverly Hills Street june 14,1989, after he pulled Over her Rolls Royce corniche convertible for a traffic violation. After a trial that received immense Media coverage miss Gabor was convicted of Misdemeanour Battery on a police officer driving without a Drivers License and having an open Container of alcohol in the car. Miss Gabor who is believed to be 72, was sentenced to 72 hours in the los Angeles county jail of her Choice and fined $10,000. The Case is on Appeal. New York homeless lose benches new York a Bench warfare has broken out in new York City a subways As the transit authority yanks seats from stations to Force the slumbering homeless to find other accommodations. Not All stations a just in those where officials say the homeless congregate using benches As places to sleep and worse. The Effort started last week when to benches were removed from three stations. The program Drew immediate condemnations from an unusual coalition of homeless advocates and commuter groups. The program was conceived by a task Force formed to Shore up operation enforcement a program to improve subway ambience. When operation enforcement began in october the transit authority and its Parent the metropolitan transportation authority said they intended to enforce strictly a ban on littering panhandling and loitering. Transit authority officials insist that they Are not persecuting the homeless they Point to programs they have launched to persuade homeless people in the subways a a population estimated at 2,500 by the authority and at 4,000 to 5,000 by homeless advocates a to find shelter elsewhere. Abortion Bill fails in Minnesota Minnesota rally by the associated press a Minnesota Senate committee dealt a setback to a Bill that would ban virtually All abortions while South Carolinas governor signed a Law requiring girls under 17 to get permission from a judge or Parent to have an abortion. Gov. Carroll Campbell said wednesday that the new Law a has to do with the family. It has to do with government saying the family should be included in decisions and not excluded by government and i think that a in Minnesota a Bill prohibiting abortions for a birth control reasons received a tie vote from the 16-member Senate health and human services committee. Bills need a majority vote to Clear committee. The Bill was drafted As Model legislation by the National right to life committee following last Summers . Supreme courts Webster decision which gave states More leeway to restrict abortions. Licensing protest associated press photo Seabrook . A a Seabrook Security guard warns anti nuclear demonstrators they will be arrested thursday after they blocked the main Entrance of the Seabrook nuclear Power Plant. About two dozen people were arrested including juveniles. Senator Bush letting rhetoric outrun reality Washington a the administration is letting a rhetoric outrun the reality by proposing spending cuts in forestry programs needed to implement president Bush a plan to Plant a billion new Trees. Sen. Wyche Fowler says. The Georgia Democrat chairman of the Senate agriculture subcommittee on conservation and forestry told administration officials thursday that Bush so America the Beautiful tree planting proposal wont succeed without the support of private landowners. Those landowners he said wont support the program if they re hit by new expenses that were covered by the forestry assistance programs the administration wants to Cut. A one thing we cannot do is let the rhetoric outrun the reality a Fowler said. A if we Tell people we re going to Plant a billion Trees the resources have to be Patricia m. Kearney acting assistant Secretary of agriculture for natural resources and environment said Bush a $175 million initiative a will help demonstrate americans commitment to address worldwide concerns about deforestation and global climate she said it includes $110 million to provide Matching funds to private Rural landowners for tree planting and Forest improvements $30 million for a Community tree planting program that will rely on volunteers and $35 million to Start nasal a Moon base gets qualified of Washington a nasal a plan to establish a base on the Moon and launch expeditions to Mars appears reasonable but other strategies should also be studied the National research Council said today. President Bush endorsed the Basic elements of the plan in a speech last july 20, marking the 20th anniversary of the Landing on the Moon of american astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The proposal called for a base to be established Early in the next Century that would have a full time Long term staff. The National aeronautics and space administrations strategy Calls for frequent flights to the Moon and construction there of living quarters laboratories and Power stations. The lunar soil would be mined to extract oxygen which then could be turned into rocket fuel. Bush outlined no details in his proposal and said he was leaving it up to Nasa and to vice president Dan Quayle As head of the National space Council to come up with timetables. Putting a space station in orbit has already been scheduled for after 1995. Nasa scientists say a Moon base would be a Laboratory for a voyage to Mars. By others have questioned this saying the Moon is not sufficiently like Mars and that establishing the Moon base would delay the Mars exploration. The National research Council an Arm of the congressional chartered National Academy of sciences was asked by Quayle to evaluate nasal a strategy for the Mars exploration. David Beckwith the vice presidents press Secretary said a a it a a very interesting report and we Are pleased and a the Nasa report addresses a reasonable set of technological and strategic approaches but not All of the technically credible approaches have been Analysed a the Council said. It said any program for exploring the Moon and Mars a must incorporate ideas from a variety of concepts some that now exist and others that will arise in the a certainly More intense scrutiny and evaluation of the options must take place before decisions Are made regarding Mission architecture a said h. Guyford Stever who chaired a 14-member committee named by the Council to perform the study. A this is an initial discussion to offer direction for helping the program get under Way a said Stever for Howard county judge elect Cotton Mize democratic primary pol adv paid tor by Cotton tilt 190/noun, big Spring. The neats pharmacy has moved to 1901 s. Gregg new larger location and convenient parking to better serve our customers. 1st Quality and proven grown fruit Trees Bare roots better Root system than packaged Trees. Bigger Trees better Price Trees a Best Price for size great selections. All types of fruit and Shade. Bulbs for Spring cannas caladium Gladiolas and Many More onion sets seed potatoes asparagus and strawberries. Fresh shrubbery shipments have now arrived. Johansen landscape amp Nursery 700 Johansen re. 267-5275 a private foundation to promote tree planting. But Fowler argued that the program cannot be reconciled with other proposals in the administrations fiscal 1991 budget such As a nearly 50 percent Cut in state and private forestry assistance funds a including a reduction funding for the seedlings and Nursery program. A with All the new tree planting where Are you going to get the Trees a he asked. Dale Robertson chief of the . Forest service said most of the seedlings for the Bush initiative will come from commercial and state programs. The Federal program provides Only about 5 percent of the nations tree seedlings he said. The administration budget also would reduce funding for pest management on private forests from $51.4 million this year to $41.7 million next year and would slash fire Protection spending for private forests from $13.3 million to $4 million. A a it a hard to see How that would be consistent with increased tree planting and maintaining healthy forests a Fowler said. Robertson said the proposed spending cuts for pest and fire Protection were consistent with past administration efforts to shift those costs to the states and to private landowners. A we need to do the Job with fire Protection and insect Protection but it gets Down to the question of who pays for it a he said. World Mandela Ancus Deputy president Lusaka Zambia a the african National Congress today named Nelson Mandela As its Deputy president a Clear signal he will play a leading role As the guerrilla movement moves toward negotiations with South Africa. Mandela released feb. La after 27 years in prison is the Ancus Best known figure but he did not hold a formal position in the organization until today. The Anc the main Black group fighting South africans White led government also reaffirmed its intention to meet soon with South african president . De Klerk. The Post of Deputy president is a new position in the Anc Hierarchy. The current president Oliver Tambo is recovering from a stroke at a clinic in Sweden. The Anc reiterated that it will not enter formal negotiations with the South african government until it lifts the state of emergency and releases All political prisoners. De Klerk has said he plans to lift the 3��?~2-year-old state of emergency and will free prisoners convicted of belonging to previously outlawed organizations that he legalized last month. However the government has said it will not free people convicted of violent acts. Moslem protest shootings Srinagar India a about i Khz moslem wearing death shrouds tried to March to Srinagar today one Day after troops opened fire on pro Independence rallies in Kashmir and killed at least 49 moslem police said. A senior police official said that police deployed to enforce a curfew blocked the March in Sumba 15 Miles North of Srinagar. A they were forced to return Back a said the officer who spoke on condition of anonymity. Witnesses contacted by Telephone said the demonstrators wore the shrouds to symbolize their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the movement demanding Independence for Kashmir a moslem dominated Region of India. The police officer said at least 49 people were killed and Between 45 and too were injured thursday when Indian forces fired on two separate processions marching toward Srinagar demanding secession from predominantly hindu India. The government in neighbouring Pakistan which is mainly moslem and has fought two wars with India Over Kashmir today condemned the killings As a Wanton shooting by Indian Security . Cuts German Border patrols Frankfurt West Germany apr the . Army today said it has Cut the number of patrols along West Germany a Borders with East Germany and Czechoslovakia which for decades formed the Boundary line of the cold War. A spokeswoman at . Headquarters in Heidelberg West Germany cited changing East West relations As the reason for the reduction. . Soldiers based in West Germany have patrolled the Borders on foot and in vehicles since world War la ended to thwart any possible attack from soviet or soviet Allied troops. Today a announcement was the first sign of change in the traditional vigilance along the Border. The newspaper reported the shift today called it the first halt to a regular patrols in the Border area since 1945. Victory Wall behind the a former presidential science adviser. The committee said that although Nasa does not discuss eventual phaseout of the space shuttle in its report on its 90-Day study of Moon Mars exploration the shuttle Fleet will have to be replaced. A continued Access of humans to space will require that planning begin soon for a new transportation system that will first supplement and then assume the shuttles role. Sometime Between 2000 and 2010,�?� the committee said. The panel disagreed with the Contention of scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that humans could be placed on Mars by the year 2000. It said that a underestimates the Many practical and difficult engineering and operational challenges the Nasa plan Calls for placing humans on the Moon in 2001 and on Mars by 2011 at the earliest. The research Council study said even those dates depend on accelerating completion of the planned space station which could result in higher risks and costs. In addition to replacing the space shuttle a new generation of launch vehicles will be needed to lift massive equipment into lower Earth orbit the committee said. Ski Boot close oot values to.$19000 now Only $3qi>o per pair Sale at big Spring store Only limited Supply Only 17 pairs ski jackets amp pants 50% off Sale at big Spring store Only athletic Supply inc. 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