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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Big Spring, Texas Today s weather big Spring Ani Vicinity a f air and partly Clouds through tuesday. High today 85, Low tonight 63, High tomorrow 82. Big Spring daily Herald Side the Herald pegs Pool comic. Boh news. 4-a dear Abby. To a sports. 7-a editorials. 2b to log. 4-8 wont ads 5, 4, 7-b women a news 3-8 39th year no. 99 member associated press member audit Bureau of circulations big Spring Texas 79720monday sept. 26, 1966 16 pages 2 sections 5 daily. 15 sunday Erhard slated to ask arms Purchase delay Chancellor meets with lbs Rusk Miracle baby makes Texas mom proud unconventional Stop Austin apr a tiny baby weighing barely More than a Pound is being called a a Miracle baby a at Brackenridge Hospital. Janice Rose Teague was born aug. 30. Three months premature weighing one Pound 51/2 ounces. Her weight dropped i once to one Pound one ounce. Now it is one Pound. 2u> ounces. Although she is still on the critical list doctors told the Austin american sunday night that the premature baby a having lived this Long has a reasonably Good Chance of growing smallest i a a it a said Hospital administrator Ben Tobias. I a there have been surprisingly few problems. She has had i some oxygen but not very much and tolerated her feedings very Well. Its the smallest baby born Here since records i have been the parents. Or. And mrs. Floyd Teague. Austin withheld i Public announcement of the birth hoping Janice would regain All weight lost after birth. I they decided sunday night not Saigon South Viet Nam Sembly will convert itself into a Many Assembly members to wait any longer. Apr South Viet Nam moves legislative body and continue As have Little political experience j so proud a few Steps closer to civilian this nations lawmaking body. South Viet Nam has been a a in a so proud a said the Bande with the opening tuesday whatever the outcome real without a Constitution since the by a 18-year-old Mother a and i of a conference to draft a new Power is virtually certain to overthrow of the Ngo Dinh believe by gods Grace my baby National Constitution. Main in military hands. Diem regime in 1963. Is going to make it. Its just a this huge jetliner with 130 persons aboard apparently had Brake failure yesterday As it taxied to its usual concourse position after arrival at san Francisco International Airport from los Angeles. The plane rolled under a Section of concourse passageway. Breaking windows which had been lined moments before with people on hand to Welcome arriving passengers. One Wing of the plane was damaged. An Airport official termed it a a parking a wire photo Viet moves closer to civilian Rule Washington a West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard conferred with president West German space ventures. Informants said sunday night that West Germany Wail have. Placed orders Worth about half Johnson today amid reports of a w0. W obligation by the the Chancellor would seek Post Oriel of the year but will ask for i poem Cut of agreement. An arms Purchase additional time to place the remainder. Erhard went to the White House from a state department meeting with Secretary of state j Dean Rusk and Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara. The Chancellor who arrived in Washington saturday entered the White House through an Entrance out of sight of newsmen four nation blocking unit eyed by . Talks with risk White House press Secretary Bill i Moyers said the unusual practice had no significance a Jer a except to keep the visit infer forc Mal a Dong a a is Erhard reportedly planned to ask Johnson to postpone Bonne a agreement to buy $1.35 billion Worth of . Military equipment in the two years ending next june 30 la v. Sout h Viet Nam american officers be four nation blocking the Best Way to Stop communist troop infiltration across Tho demilitarized zone into South Viet Nam . Sources say the idea is living considered on the highest american Levels but the a Bree other governments must also the 117-member constituent Assembly Hopes to Complete the Constitution in six months paving the Way for a popularly elected government by next summer. Ceremonial the meeting in the refurbished National Assembly building will be largely ceremonial. Delegates will Deal first with several election challenges from the sept. La balloting for Assembly members Settle on bylaws and elect officers bombers silence to gun positions Miracle she is still alive the infant is kept in a Hospital isolette a Cabinet in which the i humidity and temperature can be controlled and gets a special feeding every two hours. Ida grows into Gale the Price of Battle a member of the 2nd battalion 7th . Marines crouches in his foxhole on a Hilltop South of the met Nam demilitarized zone today As two of his comrades prepare to carry a dead mate to an evacuation helicopter. The Marine company was under heavy North vietnamese mortar barrage sunday evening and sporadic fire continued through the night and into today. Action has been heavy in the area the past week. A wire photo by radio from Saigon United fund off to Good Start approve. Sunday Erhard conferred it problem with Husk and undersecretary w induce k of state George w. Ball. Irean ant australian troops As Hor reportedly told Quot �?T11 As South vietnamese units the . Officials that West tier l 1 1 1, marines already de unable to pay More n 1 Northem part of Many is Saigon South met Nam hard hit provinces of Chau Doc apr . Bomber pilots re an Giang Kien Phong and Kien ported silencing to antiaircraft Tuong. Some 20.000 vietnamese work on Quot Iii Quot Constitution Willis positions in North Viet Nam have been made homeless and. A Tran Era he under was in about two a sunday along a main rail line to thousands More face Evacula m1 Ria it it Peai weeks communist China Ion. But no deaths have been storm l&Quot<�?T2 grew into a hum dragline the Constitution is i us a 127 bombing raids in reported. Jane today and roared toward mailing int Luis Miquon a North irs fliers also at the Leeward islands with top expected to proceed smoothly n. A v fliers also at. A Batman winds of to Miles an hour unless the delegates get Side j be Sites aus be Quot Ora v nine i the first armed forces Telvi i the weather Bureau hoisted collections has netted $5,572.79, Ron English staff assistant for tracked on fringe issues. Pre i a i a Quot re in in station in a combat zone in Hurricane warnings Over the Vav workers reported this morn Vav. And the special gifts Campaign under the direction of John Taylor has already re three firms brought i Kin per Eil s50 a hours that Devi. Cent reports Security Stute Sjon Ned scheduled to kick off than 50 per cent of the $673 million obligation each year to help defray the Cost of keeping 200,-000 troops of the . 7th army in Germany. Other topics Rusk who returned sunday from a week of talks with foreign ministers at the United nations was to join the president and other senior . Officials in the talks today and tuesday with Erhard and members of his government other topics to be discussed include sharing of nuclear weapons and cooperative la s the first week of United fund brought in $4,870. According to Zavist a w. A Vic Miles Northeast of Hanoi naw. Us a a amt m Hurricane warnings Over Mier Nguyen Tao by said he by milers re nor Ted do Viet Nam was forma in a Venedi Leeward at the East end o expects the task will to com a j a in a ape cutting ceremony sea from Marie in about three months sinning a Onn \ la name. T it. Venn Tho Cut inn i. Plated in about three months. 50-50 Hance f ill in i rat Day at qui Nhon. Tho station he Ste to Antlions torpedo boat of Miles Northeast which e a Tauy win operate 56 Lake and of the intr Marie a diplomats Here say there is a 01 All Jet 1 a hours a week will beam news american television Proto some 24.000 . 50-50 Chance the constituent As Carid dwindles 1 ground fighting in South Vieter is no do a Smay a a.1d troops in the area. Scattered actions alter a week a a 1 a a end in which ., South Viet sgt. Robert a. Martin of Albu namese and korean forces re four Lue. A a ported nearly 300 Viet Cong and a Rector Saul North vietnamese killed have Batman during the raids Over the North a . Air Force f105 thunderchief was shot Down and the Pilot is missing. It was music rocks courtroom Dallas Lex. Apr the jh6th plane reported lost in sounds of a Rock n Roll record a War Over North Viet Nam. Protesting three boys exclusion the antiaircraft gun positions from High school because of knocked out by air Force Thun their Long hair blared through kerchiefs were part of a Chain an otherwise dignified Federal protecting the Northeast rail courtroom today. Artery 50 to 55 Miles Northeast the three High school seniors the red capital a . Who made the record sat in it spokesman said court next to school superintend Navy planes from the aircraft ent w. T. White whose author Carrier Coral sea attacked three to to deny them admission they Sam Sites in the Thanh Hoa Are challenging. It was expected to strike the Leeward sometime tuesday then threaten puerto Rico. The Hurricane was entered 350 Miles East of Guadeloupe and 675 Miles East Southeast of program j san Juan. A we expect to1 it was still 2,100 Miles East in two i Southeast of the Florida coast Council faces Light Agenda Bank Cowper clinic and Hospi until act 4 Tai and k. Ii. Mcgibbon Oil. Company making the employee p Price will direct the oth payroll deduction division head or employee division oct. 5, and cd by Don Womack stand at h l. Follett is to take Over the 552 79 out of town donations the first of. October. It. John Slaughter rep big gifts Campaign with Clyde Mcmahon in charge has see it. Page 6 a col. 8 hands off White rocked Back and Forth area and the spokesman said they heavily damaged All three ithe fourth missiles site nine in a swivel chair smiling slight a i was. For Quot a Hanoi was pounded in never talking to the Musi air oms Oil is. Clans and definitely not rocking s marines operating near in time to the strains of the the demilitarized zone Between song entitled a keep Yourt North and South met Nam re in ii off it a ported a possible kill of 60 North is. Lanham principal of vow Namos. Army regulars Ina Samuel High school refused to saturday. The let Stephen Webb 18, and Phil a a Atheme is were hard Btl lip Farrell and Paul Jarvis Toth the stoves reporting moderate 17, Register for school sept. 7 be casualties. Cause they would not get hair la predawn attack Over the j demilitarized zone sunday air cuts. Lanham he Felt a boys that resist keeping testified today that their hair trimmed to where it r is is not too noticeable. Mostly Arcas Are the Type that resist other regulations. A i consider it an extreme haircut to Call attention to Force b52 taxi pliers hammered North vietnamese infiltration and Supply and storage i s. Waters Rise sources reported three helicopters lost in South Viet Nam sunday one by enemy ground fire one by . Artillery fire and the other in a crash objected two crewmen were killed and Lanham also said he objected two injured when one helicopter to the record which the boys crashed in a mine Field at Bien produced the Day after having Boa. Two persons Alliard a Heli la ten refused entry to school. Copter knocked Down by ground a it does no to help my stature fire 21 Miles Southeast of Saigon As principal of the school a Lan were injured Ham said. A some of my close friends ill Are highly incensed by flood Waters continued to Rise in the Mekong Delta reaching rooftops in some sections of the1 pocket full of firsts space Walker s heart beat fast space Center Houston Tex. Apr gemini la space Walker Richard Gordon revealed today he was a tired and had a pretty High heart rate even before he left the spaceship to take his shortened is Roll in orbit. And he said what he thought would be a 30-second task of tying gemini la to an Agena with a 100-foot Cord turned out to be a a monumental task of about 30 Gordon a walk in space during the record smashing flight of gemini la was eventually Cut Short because he worked so hard sweat poured Down his face into his eyes. No Cooling he told a news conference that he and his flying partner Navy cmdr. Charles Conrad jr., got about two hours ahead of time in preparations for the stroll the second Day aloft and even considered asking officials to let Gordon begin one orbit Early. A so essentially i was setting there with no Cooling a Gordon said noting that he was already bundled up just waiting in his Bulky spacesuit. At this Point he was off the spaceship s coolant system and the pressure suit environment system was not yet turned on. They stopped the preparations and Gordon we Cut Back to the spacecraft system for Cooling. Got tired As a result he said a i was tired and had a pretty High heart rate let before we opened the Gordon said he really got tired while straddling the nose of the gemini la while it was linked to an Agena rocket they had captured in the world s quickest rendezvous he looped the Cord from the Agena to the gemini for a later formation flight Experiment he called this the a biggest Shock of my life a a floating Gordon explained that in simulations on Earth he could do the Experiment in about 30 seconds. But found it difficult in space to sit on the nose of the spaceship and use both hands. A i was unable to sit on the spacecraft like i had done in Zero-0 aircraft he said. A i kept floating up a astronauts use air planes on Earth to take Steep dives and simulate weightlessness for Brief periods on the Money a fall i had done in about 30 seconds in simulations turned out to be a monumental task of about 30 minutes a Gordon said. A it was easy to perform in training but was really work in Conrad described the Quick rendezvous during which they caught an Agena during the very first orbit As a right on tile a the ground was a Little late passing up the second Lait lift off time a he said a was a result we were trailing two Miles in he also said they had a radar failure and went to a secondary. Back up solution to the Chase fussing a we came upon the Agena a Little bit sooner than we expected in Daylight a Conrad said. A Dick and i shot two or three or cent of fuel fussing around getting used to seeing a Bright Agena while i see the but even with the bight sunlight High Over the Pacific Ocean they swept into formation flight in flawless fashion and drove the spaceship til a linkup by the time i hey passed Over the United states Conrad and Gordon went on to spend three record smashing Days in space driving gemini la More than a million Miles they brought Home a pocket full of South Viet Nam. Communist infiltration across the demilitarized zone Between the two Viet nails has become major problem for . And South vietnamese forces. Military sources indicate an effective Force would need to total at least three regiments and possibly four a Between too and 16,000 men. The South vietnamese already have one regiment in the area and the american marines Lack Only one battalion of having two regiments. Australians the koreans and australians probably could furnish Only Token forces possibly a battalion or less each because of assignments elsewhere in the country. The american korean and australian units would not Cross into the Buffer zone which flanks the River that is the actual dividing line Between North and South Viet Nam. They would remain just South of the no Many a land created by the 1954 Geneva agreement which divided Viet Nam. But communist intrusions into the zone a relatively Brief Agenda has been charted for City commission study tuesday. The commissioners will meet at 7 from the North would give the . In the City Hall. Two residents will make claims against the City for recompense of alleged damages due to City negligence. Manuel Flores asks $20 $30 for car damage he says was caused by a Hole in a Street. Lad Cauble is to ask damages for Miler damage caused he said by a Waler line break downtown. South vietnamese an excuse for occasional sweeps along the South Side of the River. Kidnapping count piled Robinson drilling co. Is asking an easement across City property at Moss Creek Lake to serve a Well drilling site. An ordinance prohibiting urinating in Public places will be considered providing for a Fine from $5-$200 if convicted. In other business a number of Leonard Tex. Apr authorities said today they planned to file kidnapping charges against a Man in connection with the abduction sunday of an Illinois woman. Mrs. Stephen Brown of Stronghurst told officers that she and her husband were driving to new Orleans when their car ordinances for zone changes and broke Down near Greenville consumption of alcoholic Bever some 50 Miles Northeast of Dai Ages will be Given successive Jas readings. Driver shot six times she said they began to hitch a ride when the 29-year-old Man picked them up. Has his own graduation san Marcos Tex a Kyle Man bed today after assailant stopped his truck dashing a Beer bottle against then shooting him six tim sunday night with a pistol. A an the victim was identified Frank Cisneros 33 As the shooting took place about to Miles Northwest of Sun Marcos near a Spanish fiesta at Uhland. Hayes county sheriff Bobbs Rinser said Cisneros was driving a pickup when stopped by the other Man in a car he a witness described the incident which happened on a country Road. Second of. Robert i. Baker class 67-b. Received his wings and certificate of aeronautical rating at a special one Man graduation ceremony during the weekend i t. Baker was unable to attend graduation ceremonies for his class because of a broken foot. Col. Bester j. Butcher Wing commander and col. Thomas j Rowland jr., deput \ commander for operations congratulated the graduate in ceremonies in the Wing commanders office mrs Baker was also present for the graduation

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