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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Big Spring, Texas Spring daily Herald warmer big Spring Texas monday october 19 1970 u pages 1 Section Price g Cloudy tonight becoming Clear and warmer tues i Day High today Low night 47 High tuesday Skunk works is defended when the government is in a Nurry it often goes to the Skunk works it went there for its f80 let fighter the m and sr71 reconnaissance planes and other aircraft the Skunk works its a Section of Lockheed air Craft corp and is one of the nations most unusual defense contracting operations real mess last August Deputy defense Secretary David Packard cited Lockheed million transport plane that exploded and burned saturday in Georgia a typical example of the real mess on our hands Cre ated by defense contracting but he added i simply can not understand Why we Are unable to change the system to avoid the c5a and get More Skunk works Lockheed created the Skunk works Here in world War ii when the government decided it needed a Jet plane in a hurry because Germany had built one an air plane designer named Clarence Kelly Johnson collected a few men under a circus tent and turned out a plane in 143 Days lil Abner idea elaborate Security precautions gave the Skunk works its name borrowed from the factory in the lil Abner comic strip that nobody dared approach the works which handles speedup production and cuts Down on red tape became per manent with a building of its own and even a Skunk pictured on the Doormat the policy re Mains the same refuse the usual defense contracting sys tem of report upon report and detailed proposals to toy out a new idea instead insist on a flexible contract and work with 10 to 25 per cent of the Normal defens contracting staff Money woes the c5a plunged the company into financial Straits Early this Midland Man gunned Dawn Midland Tex a a Midland Man was gunned Down in the cafe he owned late Sun Day and his widow 35 has been charged with murder killed was Curtis c Tate 44 police filed murder charges against his widow Alberta Myrtle Tate Bond was set at 5qqo the inside news weekend violence claims 30 lives in Texas with traffic blamed for the deaths of 16 see Page 14 the trial of two Longview men charged in connection with the bombings of school bases continues in Tyler with Testi Mony expected to end by wednesday see Page 8 comics h crossword Puzzle 9 dear Abby 2 editorials Goren on Bridge 12 horoscope5 sports h Stock market8 want ads12 13 weather map g women news 4 year Lockheed appealed to the government for 600 million in financing to offset losses on the c5a and continue its present programs Lockheed is mired in disputes with the defense department Over How Many Coas the government will buy and with congressional critics Over c5a Cost overruns but the defense department is the staunchest defender of the Skunk works even though the division refuses to work under Normal government rules Hunt terrorists kid Nap victim a wire photo suspected kidnappers Paul Rose left 27 and Marc Carbonneau 37 have been named by the Quebec provincial police As the suspected kidnappers of British Trade commissioner James Richard Cross and Quebec labor i irister Pierre Laporte who was found shot to death sunday alleged my Lai massacre court martial continues Montreal looking like City at War it Hood Tex a the trial of sgt David Mitchell facing court martial in connection with the alleged Massa Cre at my Lai was resuming today after a Las minute re alignment of witnesses during a three Day recess prosecution sources indicated the government would be open ing its Case this afternoon with one of three platoon comrades of Sledge of Sar Des miss Dennis Conti of Providence i or Gregory 01 sen of Portland Ore Mitchell 30 is charged with 30 counts of assault with intent to murder during c company March 16 1968 sweep of my Lai a Hamlet near the South China sea i he is the first member of the company tried after allegations that More than 100 vietnamese civilians were massacred that Day by american infantrymen Conti told the army investigator we were psyched up and As a result when we got there the shooting started almost As a Chain reaction everybody was just firing after they got into the Village i guess you could say that the men were out of control Sledge was radioman for it William Calley or Mitchells platoon Leader who is awaiting court martial on charges of Mur Dering 102 my Lai civilians asked How Many my Lai Resi dents he saw five after the sweep ended Sledge told the Cid Only two Small children Oleti Manning a machine gun patrolman shoots san Antonio Man san Antonio a a Highway patrolman shot a Man As he tried to escape in the offi cers squad car after his arrest near Cotulla state police said today the san Antonio Man 30 was brought to a Hospital Here Early today with a gunshot wound in the shoulder first reports from stat police gave this account patrolmen John Ward and Bob Taylor stopped a car occupied by two men seven Miles South of Cotulla on interstate 35 on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Taylor put one of the men into his patrol car and began driving toward Cotulla Ward placed the other in his patrol car and also started toward Cotulla 67 Miles of Laredo courthouse bomb blast Worcester mass a a Small bomb blew up on a win Dow ledge at the Worcester county courthouse late sunday night causing damage estimated at no injuries were reported the blast came after a Tele phoned warning to the Worces Ter Telegram the Telegram called police but they said it had gone off by the time they arrived on the scene in route the second Man be came belligerent and Ward stopped to handcuff him As Ward walked around the car to the passengers Side the Man grabbed the steering wheel and began driving off the left front fender grazed Ward knocking him to the ground Ward Drew his service revolver and fired a shot that penetrated the rear window of the car and struck the Man position near a ditch filled with vietnamese women and Chil Dren is quoted in Seymour Hershy Book on my Lai As say ing the next thing knew Mit Chell was just shooting into the ditch testimony from the three is expected to follow an opening statement by the prosecution the realignment of witnesses followed disqualification of it Hugh Thompsonjr originally scheduled to open the testimony he was a helicopter Pilot who landed his aircraft at my Lai to Rescue a group of vietnamese civilians the trial judge col George Robinson barred Thompson and three other witnesses because of the refusal of a congressional subcommittee to release Testi Mony it took from the four earlier this year secret session Robinson ruled the defense was entitled to examine a Tran script of the subcommittee tester Mony if they were to testify the subcommittee chairman rep Edward Hebert la re fused to turn the transcript Over to the prosecution or defense claiming it was classified be cause it was taken in secret ses Sion last thursday Robinson adjourned the trial until monday to afford the prosecution a final Opportunity to try to change he berts mind As late As sunday it was Learned the government was still striving to persuade the subcommittee to surrender the with no apparent Success Montreal a a Mas Sive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Pierre Laporte gave Montreal today the appearance of a City at War the search went on for the terrorists other Kidnap victim James r Cross army and police helicopters flew constantly Over the City local and Royal Canadian mounted police spot checked cars on the Busy streets Road blocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes Lead ing out of Montreal which has 12 million people and is Cana Das largest City vicious men Security checks were in creased at the us Border particularly in new York Vermont and new Hampshire the Canadian army the mounted police and Quebec own provincial Nolice expanded their operations under the War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau last Friday Trudeau himself pledged that the Law forces will find these vicious men and bring them to Justice in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian courts he predicted More terrorist violence but declared the government will not Back Down the prime minister himself a que Pecker flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects to the family of Laporte que becs labor minister and to con Fer with officials he then flew Back to Ottawa the Federal Cap ital warrants out warrants were issued for the arrest of Marc Carbonneau 37 a taxi Driver and Paul Rose 27 a teacher on charges of taking part in the kidnapping of Laporte oct 10 and Britain Trade com missioner Cross two weeks ago today Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early sunday a letter in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of exe cution at the hands of the que Bec liberation police raided a Frame Bunga Low in St Hubert this morning a half mile from where Laportes body was found and said it May have been used by Laportes killers there was blood on the floor 326 arrested detective sgt Albert Lisacek said it was believed Rose May have used the Bungalow but he did not say what led police to this belief police officials said Security in Montreal and the surrounding areas is tighter than Ever before in history up to this morning 326 per sons have been arrested in sweeps against the Fly which seeks Independence for French speaking Quebec through Revo Lution a Montreal police source said the measures being taken Are merely to help with investigation of the kidnapping cases and Between the Public and authorities Rose was involved in a 1968 controversy at Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a building Abner Biard Perce mayor said the youths bothered tourists and when he and others protested he was threatened by six or seven organizations including the Fly truck hits House Gas flames kill Driver Seagraves Tex a a bottled Gas truck slowed into a farm House one mile West of Seagraves City limits monday exploding into flames that burned to death the Driver and injured the two occupants of the Home j c Tate died in the flames that engulfed the big three butane co inc truck he was driving and the Home owned by or and mrs a w Taylor it is located just outside the sea Graves City limits on Denver City Highway about 60 Miles Southwest of Lubbock listed in Good condition at Seagraves clinic Hospital suffering from Burns were Joe Taylor 22 and his wife 19 Taylor is the son of the owners of the residence who live in another Home within the Seagraves City limits state Hospital awarded Grant the Federal Bureau of education for file handicapped the big Spring state Hospital to assist the 73 handicapped children in the Hospital the Grant is a part of million awarded to the Texas department of mental health and mental retardation to be shared by 17 schools for the handicapped the state Hospital wih use the Money to set up three classrooms for the children so they can continue their education during their stay in the Hospital or Preston Harrison superintendent said Tea approves state student Grant for Voytech Center prof caught in round up Ravenna Ohio a a 21yearold former student and a 42yearold faculty member were served with indictments today As deputies began round ing up 25 people indicted in connection with May violence at Kent state University Richard Felber Akron the former student was charged with first degree riot attempt ing to Burn property striking a fireman and interfering with a fireman at the scene of a fire he was served with the indict ment in his cell at the Portage county jail where he was awaiting Transfer to the mans Field reformatory on drug charges or Thomas s Lough 42 of Kent an associate professor of sociology and anthropology at Kent state surrendered himself a Short while later in the com Pany of an attorney and was charged with inciting to riot details of his alleged offence were not immediately released those charged today were among 25 people named in secret indictments last Friday by a special state grand jury investigating May violence at Kent state the school said Felber had been admitted on academic pro Bation and attended classes last Spring and fall quarters be fore being dismissed for Aca Demic reasons Felber had been sentenced to 20 to 40 years in jail oct 12 on three charges of sales of hallucinogens the grand jury indict ment involved his alleged role during the May burning of a Roth building on the Kent Campus Syrias new ruler cracking Down on marxist rebels approval of a Grant in the amount of toward the construction of a new Voca Tiona technical education building at Howard county Junior College was announced today or w a Hunt president announced that he had received word from the Texas education Agency that this project had been funded in the amount of 52 per cent of the estimated total Cost of building and equipping the facility the Board of trustees acted immediately to Call for bids on the Plant at a meet ing set for tuesday noon successful Climax funding of the project apparently climaxed Over three years of planning with Success the project was Given its first real impetus in 1969 with a allocation from the Dora Roberts foundation and followed with in each of two following years the College also supplied funds to bring the amount set aside for the local share of project to meanwhile after refinement of preliminary plans and consultation with state agencies final working drawings and specifications were completed and Given approval by the Texas coordinating Board for higher education the Structure will be a two Story Brick and tile affair con Taining 32000 Square feet its outside dimensions will be 240x73 but one end will have a five foot projections for the stairwell part of the Interior will be plastered part finished with painted Block there will ire a terrazzo floor and acoustical ceilings location of the buildings will be immediately North of the present practical arts building and East of the parking lot opposite the student Union building floor plan the lower floor will contain a department for data processing including classroom key punch and the processing room plus offices there also will be a reference Library vocational nursing department mathematics classroom mid management classroom and a general classroom As Well As the elevator Well stairwells restrooms faculty service area for preparing teaching materials nurses work room faculty lounge offices the second floor will have the business education department with a room for business machine instruction office procedures typing transcription advanced typing also beams for beginner and advanced drafting two classrooms for accounting bookkeeping Etc plus restrooms mechanical room offices Supply rooms and student lounge the transcription room will be wireless the instructor communicating electronically with students and vice versa Entrance to the building will be both by Steps and ramps the latter to accommodate wheel chair students seeking vocational training by the same Token the elevator will be reserved for these special students or Hunt said that the building was designed to handle new programs or to expand existing ones it will enable the College to pursue terminal courses in vocational education to a greater degree As Well As to give its vocational technical department a modern teaching tool in the specially designed building Beirut Lebanon a Syrias new military ruler is cracking Down on the Palestin Ian guerrillas the previous marxist regime sponsored Arab diplomatic sources reported to Day the diplomats said Gen Hafez a Assad of the air Force Syrias defense minister has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerrillas and asked the Central committee of the Palestine resistance movement to suspend its membership skips country Saika guerrillas returning to Syria from Jordan Are being at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern Syria the sources said they reported Assad has put Syria under military control paralysing the baath socialist party government Assad forced or Noureddin Atassi to resign As president and Premier of Syria on Satur Day and today maj Gen Salah Jadid marxist Leader of the baath party was reported to have fled the country possibly to Northern Lebanon assays coup is believed to have resulted from the syrian invasion of Jordan during the civil War there last month As sad opposed the intervention and refused to give it air cover As a result strafing jordanian planes did heavy damage to the syrian invaders Assad report edly uncovered a plot by Jadid to oust him and moved first staunch nationalist Assad is 40 a staunch Arab nationalist and has worked for closer cooperation among the Arab countries in the fight against Israel he has the Back ing of the egyptians and has tried to bring about better relations with Iraq which is ruled by a rival Wing of the baath party although local baathist Lead ers rushed to Damascus frown throughout s3tia trying to work out a Compromise Between Mili tary and civilian wings of the party the syrian capital was re ported Califi army tanks and armoured vehicles have remained on their bases meanwhile jordanian tanks and palestinian guerrillas in Northern Jordan battled sunday for control of villages on the guerrillas Supply route from Syria the guerrillas said 60 tanks shelled four villages be tween Ramatha and Irbid 50 Miles from the jordanian Capi Tal of Amman and that they re plied with mortars machine guns and rockets construction of new vocational technical building approved trustees move rapidly to obtain bids for a Csc facility i 4

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