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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Big Spring, Texas Today s weather big Spring Ano Vicinity Cloud to partly Cloudy through tuesday. Few scattered showers or late afternoon and evening thundershowers. Warmer tuesday. High today 75 Low tonight 52 High tomorrow 83. 35th year. No. 300 big Spring daily Herald inside the Herald Page comics. 4-b dear Abby. 3-a editorials. 2-b Oil Newt. Member associated press member audit Bureau of circulations big Spring Texas Herald monday May 20, 1963 v pages 2 sections 5 daily fag sports. Of a to log. A a want ads. A a. 7-b women s news. I a 15 sunday Quot a i a % ? Kennedy and Wallace president Kennedy flashes a Grin at the crowd after arrival at muscle Shoals Ala. At right Alabama gov. George Wallace follows with eyes downcast. Dry area misses on rain showers most of Howard county with As an Inch the . Experiment the exception of the critically dry station reported .50 Inch. Texas Northwest Comer received vary electric service station switch ins amounts of rain Over the Plant had .75 and the downtown weekend a parts of the county Plant gauge 90 Inch. Big Spring were subjected to Sand storms. Country club had Over an Inch. Strong winds and vivid electrical heavy Rains fell in the Southeast displays. Portion of the county. Chalk re supreme court knocks out cafe segregation Laws natural Gas pcs new area Price plan upheld Washington a the supreme court upheld today a Federal Power commission plan to use a new area Price method for determining allowable producer prices for natural Gas. Under the plan. Pc would set ficut area of regulation Harlan said the court cannot Tell the commission Quot it has made an error of Law abused its discretion a in deciding How Best to allocate its Clark s dissenting opinion de a guide Price for All Gas produced dared that the commission in in a particular Field adjustments would be made if evidence showed the Price was unfair to Consumers or to producers. Justice Harlan delivered the 5-4 decision. Justice Clark dissented with an opinion in which chief Justice Warren and justices Black and Brennan joined. Summary fashion had Quot junked its Cost of service regulation program wasted a half dozen years of work thereon and is now experimenting with a new untried untested inchoate program which in addition is of doubtful Speed up on hearing for Barnett Stock Exchange is not exempt from anti Trust Washington apr the copt of fair procedures under under the old method up supreme court ruled today that totally unrelated studied each application to see ii a securities Koch and Art does i Stewart and Harlan the Price proposed would give the or Sloe 100 nov Ork a securities Exchange individual producer a fair rate of change immunity from antitrust it removed antitrust liability for return on his investment. This a aws a any action taken in Good Faith unit by unit method resulted in a practical effect of the 7-2 to effectuate an Exchange s Sta big backlog of undecided rate decision is to restrict the sex Tutor duty of self regulation Quot a a a i. Etzi the decision applied special commission adoption of the new cooler a 1 , by to a suit by municipal Securi Washington a the supreme court refused today to Speed up its hearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r. Barnett of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the criminal contempt Case pending against him. Other businesses appear included Washington Gap a the supreme court threw out today the convictions of lunch counter sit in demonstrators in four Southern states and declared it unconstitutional for a state to require segregation and use its Powers to enforce it. The pronouncement in an opinion by chief Justice Warren Means this negro can be convicted of trespass for seeking service in a Quot White Only Quot restaurant if the the High tribunal announced its state has a Law requiring segregation in Public eating place dry Ord sine fashion in l0ns is the same principle a a the order in the Barnett Case Anil id appear to apply to tin breach of the gave explanation. Other businesses. And in a conviction of is negroes the High tribunal on april 29. Case from Louisiana the who sat at a White lunch counter 1%3 agreed to hear arguments on court threw out criminal in Baton Rouge la. The jury trial question but said1 the arguments would be heard in the court s new term next fall. It said the Case probably would he called some time during a two week session beginning octo Stewart and Harlan said they Ber 14. The governor and it. Gov. Paul b Johnson of Mississippi were cited for criminal contempt by area Price method was announced in a Case affecting Phillips Petroleum co., of Bartlesville. Okla., some crop damage resulted 2 inches Over the weekend major seller of natural Gas. A pm the storms winds drove Sand mrs Creek Laike had 1.10 inches the new method was approved head of the showers and even in Forsan reported 190 inches some by the . Court of appeals Here monitors destined in see a a a to and municipal cur a co. Inc., engaged in securities Justice Goldberg delivering the business in Dallas. Tex. Courts majority opinion said Quot the a. Antitrust Lam Are peculiarly a ,9&Quot, a a probate As a Check Mon amj.1 to dust tin competitive acts of exchanges ?7 with the which conflict with their duty to ualla5 Lri. Quot also Lor mated keep their operations and those Ofa change quoth mud their members honest and via the . Circuit court in new or quintly. He said Quot the City must leans. The officials were accused be treated exactly As if it had an mischief convictions of sit in evidence demonstrators even though there Warren in the Baton r was Law or ordinance require the convictions and jail sen in till new ,00c0s 00111 1 00t 8,30 1 bcau0 from v u Orlyne a to i the 00 eve Dolce that the coming from new Orleans c i it conduct of the negroes had Dis officials had said they were de ter mined not to permit negroes to seek desegregated service. Conse ble Quot Cipal. Inc the two firms sued in . District court in new from chm incl or those Portiero where Quot ram feh tto k1 in the Community and in an opinion stating there was Dor Young Cotter was scorched 5� washing was reported nothing in the natural Gas act some replanting will be necessary. Coahoma had .70 Inch ram Sun to prohibit a trial of the plan. The Farmers it Aid Lay a she. None fell there Satur court of appeals decision was apis. _ Day. Pealed to the High tribunal by heaviest Rains retorted Ere. In Center Point Community Wisconsin California and new. The laces Community in the e Rejis than half Inch 0f rain Wal York Public utilities commissions i of that Exchange and Quot its members t Terne South Edge of the county. A scene method of telling a protest _ a., a an Inch of rain fell there last ass or Harlan in upholding the com ing nonmember of the Exchange a fluted 00000 r5�?oal a in pm Mission pla0 431 1 Thal 11 retained Why a Rule is being invoked and i0?1 m v1013,100 of the Sherman a ulivo i Tho nexis in to it a 11 must have at allowing him to reply in explant act this still formative period in a Dif at the. Ame time. Goldberg raid Tarkir the if was dear that there must be r15� it a uie tha action night and an Inch and a half was gauged on saturday. No damage was reported to crops. Shower. Knott reported w Ith severe age there was heavy. Vincent had Rains of of refusing to obey circuit court orders not to interfere with admission of James la. Meredith a negro to the University of Mississippi last fall. Georgia Park convictions ousted ordinance prohibiting con where does this leave the restaurant operator who chooses on his own to limit his customers to individuals or a particular race deprived of Choice Justice Harlan in an opinion taking exception to some parts of the court ruling said Turtle the peace in the same Case. Justice Douglas commented that restaurants operating under City licenses Are Public places affected with a Public interest. He said places were As subject to bans against racial discrimination As any Public Utility. Douglas repeated this viewpoint in an opinion today. Five major cases were involved in the rulings. The cases were from Durham . New Orleans. La. Green pleases on a segregated basis is Washington a it a the ostensibly left untouched the supreme court unanimously Over court in truth effectually deprives turned today the conviction of six him of that right in any stat adult negroes who were charged where a Law like the Greenville Quot although the right of a private Ville s.c., and two cases from restaurateur to operate if he Birmingham. Ala. The courts action was disclosed with the release of an of in varying Lonix had an Inch of rain tot meter sly some farms in the com ton was teared by the Sand. Ami a a Trinity reported As Little As 25 Inch Wink others less thai two Miles away had i 30 inches. Texas electric service Tampany i led from half an Inch to As much m so med. Farmers will have to do some replanting. Here in Rig Spring Rains Var news digest Forsan receives washing Rains Forsan a Sci already blessed with .90 of an Inch moisture which fell saturday night. Forsan was deluged with i 90 inches in 45 minutes sunday evening mrs d Gilmore said that the High wind accompanied the rain. And there was some Hail although it did damage. Some washing resulted from the brisk downpour. Lion of his appealing to the us. Circuit Justice Stewart dissented with court in new York the Exchange an opinion in which Justice liar won reversal of the District court fan joined making the court s and a holding that the securities vote 7-2. Stewart said. _ _ the Dallas firms next appeals peace statute Champion Creek none Colo naut Gordon Cooper is a study in Rado City 44. Skota 40 Morgan contrasts the slow draw l relat Creek i 40 Snyder .05 Sweet a my the immense Speed and Cooter .35 Lamesa .50 and Garden i Mic perils the grand View of the City .38. I roast in the capsule see Page 7-a Cooper s return. To Al trave log Tro 8wpr.tott� a Quot Quot a a a t"1.1 Una satisfactory and incomplete Quot to the supreme court Stewart protested that he the 1934 act puts on registered thought the court erred in using securities exchanges the duty of the antitrust Laws Quot to serve ends 1 insuring that their members of ordinance continues to in their broader implications the decisions in these cases could these rulings were not the first Ion by Justice Harlan in which he concurred in part and dissented in part with the majority action. With unlawful Assembly for refusing to leave a playground in a Public Park in Savannah. A. Chief Justice Warren delivered have greater Impact on the Struc the court s opinion which said lure of race relations in the South that the six negroes did not have than any other decisions since the Exchange act of 1934 gave the adequate notice that their conduct court s 1954 ruling that school prfl0s a to discriminate against the courts an-1 Exchange antitrust Law immunity was prohibited by a breach of the segregation is unconstitutional. Other persons because of race. And the states criminal processes mental urges in the Greenville Case Warren declared that Quot when a state Agency passes a Law compelling Are employed in a Way which end it is Well said in the sit in Field but were the Warren Quot that a conviction under first to get to the heart of the. Forces the discrimination Man a criminal enactment which does Issue. Dated by that Law a palpable nut Penis me Kranau v a m uie. A i Jno Cive adequate notice that the the supreme court s first Deci-1 violation of the nth amendment Himalayas and the Omen pol that w7� Neuer 10,00 10 1 10 a Rve �?oj1 equitable panel conduct charge is prohibited Quot is Sion in a sit in Case was an cannot be saved by attempting to Iii the i Arnu i server to enforce the court s con pies of Trade. J violative of due process of Law. Weather kills 5, Burns school Washington an intensive reassessment of the political situation will he the order of the Day for gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller when he returns from his honeymoon see Page la violent storm houses Glasscock sith to re ill pro a violent weather during the weekend resulted in at least five deaths and burned a school in Texas lightning killed mrs w. I record appropriations Bill. Brown at Kilgore three members see Page 4-a of the Phillip Tobias family died from traffic injuries at Brown National Wood blamed on wet streets a it gov. Nelson Rockefeller will have state legislators Are at work on the 087 negro student marchers Are expelled in Birmingham Birmingham. Ala apr the stolen from a storage House prior w Hite marched in White Plains i Centennial that Quot there Are ele Birmingham Board of education to the May la bombings of a be y., in support of integration ments of the Birmingham sex bounced dec. La 1961. The court separate the mental urges of the discriminators Quot Harlan s opinion said he disagreed with the court majority because of its treatment of the state action Issue Harlan also objected to what he said were Quot the Broad strides with which it i the court it hat pro ceded in setting aside the conviction in All of these cases Harlan said the cases called for Quot discreet treatment and opinions by chief Justice Warren were released singly first in the Greenville Case next in the today expelled or suspended 1.081 Gro House and a Motel. Sheriff Mel and in the words of a placard Sion in every Community where Birmingham cases. Traffic death of Della Deshong Bis political chances after return i at Brazoria. Roni v Rita inc i lightning struck the Ione Star Jarden in is a Lun Contoi dated school near Center de storm which churned up a be Vale Caus my a pm Sere electrical storm with it Stroyd building. Replacement poured out some heavy Rains on parts of Glasscock county. The official gauge in Garden City showed 38, and there was some Hail the size of goofballs. The heaviest Hail. Unfortunately fell at St Lawrence Community on the Southern Edge of the county where several Fields of Cotton were wiped out St Lawrence measured i to i inches of rain. The Currie ranch to Miles to the East reported 2 inches of rain North of town the Ballenger ranch had in a inches while the Bigby ranch in Western Glasscock had 12 inches. In general the pastures were left in excellent condition. Ing from his honeymoon. See Page in will Cost up to $600,000 mixed Market fairly alive new York apis sugars and a scattering of selected issues were Strong in an otherwise mixed Stock Market Early this afternoon. Trading was fairly Active. The sugars continued their Rise of last week on surging prices for sugar in the commodity Market. News briefs r pupils could apply for summer w a. A school to make up the work Quot frightening Quot Quot its a frightening amount Quot said Bailey. Quot there is plenty of Loosa dynamite in this area Quot hold hearings common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the world s two greatest trading blocs a a a Ottawa apr terrorist activities or. The Wright school superintendent. Said in a letter that the Board voted to expel pupils Over 18 and suspend those 16, a a years old and younger an uneasy Calm prevailed Dur members of a House judiciary the Board letter said that the ing the weekend nearly 1.300 Law subcommittee to Boid hearings in enforcement officers were Avail Birmingham Able for duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About 3.000 Federal troops. Resulted from in Montreal. Sen. Wayne the Campaign to Force dese Grega Morse. Dore said the Alabama ton lunch counters and other governor could not justify his a cl1 10 lbs by Denion a in Washington rep. John v. Lions in the Birmingham crisis i Wir Lindsay. R-y., called on fellow and needed Quot a refresher course ote sympathizer. In american constitutional the pupils can apply for readmission for the fall term the final semester s work the youngsters were arrested for parading without a permit during mass demonstration in downtown Birmingham authorities were investigating threats to bomb Ottawa hotels i the theft of a Large amount of Board Rudd. But they will lose the called up by president Kennedy brought increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving in the Canadian capital for the ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organization. Dynamite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro noting in Birmingham throwing Sparks of racial unrest All Over the nation. Two cases of dynamite were unions railroads Back at bargaining table today a a negro Leader said Birmingham negroes Are among the roughest in the nation and that new provocations could bring ter through a ppe \ij4 begins move to Ca reached the supreme in Birmingham a Young negro court in Appeal from state court attorney began a move to Organ-1 decisions in Alabama Louisiana ize a self improvement drive for a0 1 and South Aroi Tiva re negroes skle8 1,16 individual defendants Donald Warden r. Of Oakland "11 a voted in the Appe a a. Calif., said racial integration is in about 3.duo other demonstrators convicted of similar activities for possible use in Birmingham. I Rible veto Troy williams.,. V. A. Were on standby at two Alabama War tank the n., relevant to the negro. Pro re its a it led Supra a or court or association for the advancement and that cml rights Sampai Isa of a a to disposition of gov. George c. Wallace who of coloured Pes a made the re r01 Pride and i.1 their cases has sent about 700 state officers 1 Marks on a new York radio pro into the City filed suit saturday Gram. In an Effort to Block any use of Washington a tile railroads and five operating unions resumed bargaining today in their Long fight Over work rules. They met at the urgent request of president Kennedy. Negotiators for both sides withheld comment As they started their closed meeting saying they would wait until after the Early sessions. If agreement is reached before june 12. Only new legislation providing for either compulsory arbitration or government seizure of the railroads can Block a nationwide rail strike. A three Man emergency Board provided the basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last week. Kennedy in making the report Public said Quot there is time to be lost for completing their agreement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their own the key Issue in the Battle Over what the railroads Call Quot Feather bedding Quot is the Fate of 40,000 firemen on freight and Yard trains. A presidential commission last year proposed that the jobs of these firemen be eliminated with 13.000 Low seniority men timing dismissed immediately and the other 27.000 jobs being eliminated As men retire die or move to other jobs. The emergency Board proposed last week that Only those firemen who work part time and who have been hired since the earlier report be dismissed immediately. The Union can protest the elimination of a Job and must be prepared to prove that loss of the firemen will create a safety Haz-1 Ard or an undue Burden on an-1 other employee of agreement is reached the Board proposed that the question be submitted to binding arbitration by a Neutral third party. The Board also supported the recommendations of the earlier commission that the railroads must have authority to Moder-1 Nize their work rules to keep up with technological Progress. The railroads contend that these outdated work rules Cost them $600 million each year. The two unions representing firemen Are the Al Cio brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine men and the Independent brotherhood of locomotive engineers the other unions involved Are the Independent order of railway conductors and brakeman and the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and the switchman s Union of North America both Al Cio. The five unions represent about 2uu,Uoo of Tram Railroad employees. The Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals in North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance they talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville where the president spoke. Quot we discussed things briefly Quot Wallace said later at a news conference. Pierre Salinger. White House press Secretary said the discussion was Quot not keeping peace Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keeping the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare up one of the Leader of the desegregation Campaign the Rev. Wyatt tee Walker contended in a talk at a Washington rally that Alabama troopers Are trying to Quot incite negroes to riot through intimidation and agitation Quot in Northeast Alabama la persons were arrested for attempting to Complete the integration pilgrimage of slain Baltimore postman William l. Moore. The group included actress Madeleine Sherwood they were charged with breach of the peace in other developments a about 800 person mostly a sen Harrison a. Williams ., in a said at a Plainfield. N j., rally observing the emancipation a arguments before die High Ridden is president of the afro Bunal note Rel Anfind the american association a new constitutions 14th amendment regroup he said is aimed at net pig qui rement that a state must pro negroes develop their own economic Structure. See is pre vie Page 4-a, col. Of red China s leading seaport Small boats Dot the Whang poo River in Shanghai. A major red China seaport. This View a taken from atop the 17-Story Shanghai mansion a hotel. See Story in Page 3-b.

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