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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Big Spring, Texas Open House at museum sunday be on hand the big Spring daily Herald vol. 12 no. 241 26 pages today big Spring Texas sunday March 17, 1940 full a leased Wirt Price five cents weather increasing cloudiness sunday monday partly Cloudy. A wire tapping probe May be in sensational evidences of political espionage Are reported at hand Washington mar. 16 apr a projected congressional investigation of wire tapping interested senators hinted today May unfold a sensational Story of political espionage reaching into a half dozen or More states. Inquiry in Prospect proponents predicted that the Senate audit and control committee would approve next wednesday a Resolution by senator Green Dri to provide $25,000 for an inquiry by the interstate Commerce committee. They said speedy Senate action then would be urged. It a disclosed that tentative plans have been made to summon numerous state and Federal officials As Well a officers and employee of some private detective agencies. They would be questioned about what some senators described As an apparent a network Quot of political espionage in several state Capitol. States mentioned by committee members As Likely to figure in the inquiry included Rhode Island new York Colorado Pennsylvania Massachusetts and California. I he committee has received re Pons it was Learned of the surreptitious hanging of a microphone in a governors office the tapping of the Telephone lines of a stale attorney general and the use of recording discs to reproduce the conversations of Public of tidal. If it is Given the a go ahead signal the committee also is expected to inquire into the use of listening devices by government agencies particularly the Federal Bureau of investigation and the alcohol tax unit in obtaining leads on criminal cases. Borne members said the recent denial by j. Edgar Hoover that the a ii it n Ever had used wire tapping in violation of existing Laws would not deter the committee from looking into the instances where the Fhi admittedly has employed this method to obtain Thompson Sadler disagree on april crude allowable Texas Oil situation due for airing at wednesday s proration hearing Austin mar. 16 up a one member of the Texas Railroad commission Oil regulatory body today flatly advocated reducing production in april while another said he would vote for a cutback Only upon a showing of evidence that too much crude was being produced. Commissioner Jerry Sadler said he would recommend less flow from Texas Fields on grounds current allowable were far in excess of demand while Ernest o. Thompson asserting there seemed to he a Strong demand declared that if any Fields wanted schedules reduced operators should inform the com aviation Engineer is suicide victim Seattle mar. 16 i pm threatened with blindness Charles n. Monteith 48, one of the nations leading aeronautics engineers shot and killed himself in bed Coroner Otto h. Mittelstadt said today. Mrs. Monteith found the body when she went to awaken him at their Queen Anne Hill Home today. Monteith retired As executive vice president and chief Engineer of the hoeing air plane company two years ago after being instrumental in developing the Boeing 247 transport which pioneered 4wii a glued air plane service the fit St hoeing clippers used by pan Amel Leas airways the Boeing a St at diners a and the Boeing 317 bombers used by the United states army. hearing is Helweg to april it rep. Geol be Mahon advised from Washington saturday that the civil aeronautics authority hearing set Foi april 8 on a group of applications affecting Texas had been postponed until april 15. Applications which would give big Spring North and South airline service Are included in the docket for the hearing. No reason Fin the one week postponement of the hearing was Given by the congressman in his wire to the chamber of Commerce. Untermyer Dies a Palm Springs Calif mar. 16 of Samuel untermyer 82, new York corporation lawyer and crusader for jewish rights died at his Winter Home today Fie had not been As Active in recent years As formerly although periodically he Cam out with a denunciation of German treatment of jews and a prediction that hitlers policies would bring economic ruin. He organised and headed the first we rescale Boycott off German goods. Satterwhite a candidate for City Job the candidate list for the annual municipal election to be held tuesday a ii 2, was increased by one saturday As Public interest noticeably was turning to the forthcoming balloting. Saturday was the last Day for filing without an Lecoin allying petition and the last Day brought in the name of w. To. Bill Satterwhite manager of the Farmer Gin company Here and Well known in business Circle. Skattei White made no formal announcement but let it be known that in submitting his name for the ticket he had no a special axe to grind Quot or any drastic innovations to propose. His aim in serving As a commissioner he said would he to further the Best inter ests of All the people of big Spring and to assist in maintaining a progressive and Forward looking municipal administration with continued Harmony in All a tiv ties. Hatter bites name is the eighth listed on the ticket and from the eight voters will choose three members of the Council. Up for re election Are k. V. Jones and Elmer Cravens vie Mel longer another whose term expires is not running again and other candidates Are j. B. Collins r. L. Cook j. C. Loper de Merrill and d. W. Webber. Mission at once. Their statements came As the statewide allowable climbed to 1,-556,932 barrels daily relatively a few barrels below the record High permissive of August 1937, and somewhat More than that of the High gasoline consuming period last summer. The Texas situation subject of much pro and con discussion lately was due for a Complete airing wednesday at a statewide proration hearing for evidence upon which to base an april schedule. Texas began March with a scheduled daily flow of about 1.490,000 barrels some 150,000 above the Bureau of mines recommendation. Numerous Fields since have been increased putting the schedule Bove the 1,500,000-barrel Mark for the first time in almost three years. A was Best i can ascertain from commission reports and conversations with Oil men Quot Sadler commented a fall available gasoline storage in Texas has been taken up and they Are cleaning out old tanks for additional a further crude stocks have been misrepresented to the commission by Many Oil men. A Check with the commission reveals Many have More on hand than represented. A from a careful Survey i find that Many of the raises in allowable granted by the commission Are far above the ability of Wells to produce. This is physical he added the time had come for the commission to a stay out of politics on All official duties and be deliberate in issuing an april order Thompson who previously had voiced Nix. Opinion 16,000,000 additional barrels it crude would not be harmful said he knew of no Texas Wells without connections and there seemed to he a Strong demand for crude All around. Joe Pickle review it the big Spring week Sharp increases in income tax figures by the associated i re reports of Sharp increases in income tax collections in Many key cities indicated saturday that the Treasury May be pleasantly surprised when it totals the annual big March yield. Up until Midnight Friday when the deadline for making returns was reached the unofficial guess was that a 30 per cent or $150,000,-000 increase Over the tax take a year ago might be attained. But tallies from several important collection districts showed increase Well in excess of that figure although in others the percentage of increase was comparatively moderate. Pin k if operation is futile attempt Spokane wash., mar. 16 up a an emergency operation performed with a Penknife in a desperate attempt to save the life of Danny Novich 7, proved futile today when the weakened youth died of a severe Throat infection. Or. R. E. Stuard City health officer performed the operation at the Novich Home opening the boy s Throat and inserting a Metal tube to restore the child a breathing. Danny lived for eight hours. Britain loses More ships in mine warfare sea casualties Are listed As Raf planes Fly Over Poland London mar. 16 apr a new upswing in German mine warfare today claimed two British naval trawlers and several merchant ships while Britain wrote its own warlike postscript to a week of siege by announcing flights by her bombers Over both German occupied Poland and Helgoland bight. Greek ship lost the trawlers sunk were the Peridot and the Maida. Both by mines. The commander and five crewmen of the Maida were believed lost. The Crew of the Peridot was saved. The 1,589-ton British Steamer Melrose Sank in the North sea after an explosion with 18 of her Crew of 23 missing and two greek ships the Pana Chandos 4.661 tons and the Flora 2,980 tons were sunk mysteriously. Late tonight it was reported the 4,512-ton yugoslavian a Teamer Slava had gone Down off the Welsh coast today front an explained cause. One Man of the Crew via lot. British officials said they could not confirm German claims that one British patrol vessel had been sunk and another damaged by German air raiders. Shortly after the sinking of the British vessel were disclosed Netherlands naval official adv Sod ship flying that nation Flag to remain in Harbor because of the discovery of new danger Sones. Subsequently shipowners were in meted concerning a new route Are on the North a. The British flight Over former polish territory which the air ministry said had taken place in the last 24 hours was the second of the War officially reported. The planes which reconnoitre a Helgoland bight met some a a opposition from German fighters and anti aircraft guns but suffered no casualties the communique reported a of a or j fear death for 44 miners entombed after an explosion 113 others saved Public. Invited to View displays Etlor Smade at museums a open House today to Force air Down Shaft open House will be observed today Between the hours of 3 p. In. And 7 p. In. By the West Texas memorial association in the museum at the City Park. Hundreds of people Are expected to pass through the institution during the four hour period and View the Many relics of by gone Days a relic that Range from Bones of prehistoric monsters Indian artefacts and evidences of life in this area before the White Man came to trophies of War gadgets used by pioneers paintings old photographs and hundreds of other equally interesting items. Members of the 1930 hyperion club will serve As hostesses for the afternoon and among those to Greet visitors will be mrs. Omar Pitman chairman mrs. Harry Hurt mrs. M. H. Bennett mrs. J. C. Loper mrs. R. V. Middleton mrs. J. Y. Robb mrs. Preston Banders mrs. E. V. Spence mrs. K. C. Stipp and mrs. D. P. Watt. A special attraction will be an old German music Box loaned to the museum by h. D. Wil Liams whose father or. Charles Williams secured it during the Franco prussian War. Operating from Metal discs the size of the modern record and perforated like a player piano Roll the instrument plays a varied selection of tunes. Mary Ann Dudley and Jean Mcdowell will play it today. Mrs. L. S. Mcdowell saturday donated a collection of interesting Early Day big Spring photographs to the museum and they will be seen for the first time today. Included Are ranch scenes cowboys in action cattle feeding a picture of the first Oil Well in the county the general Oil Ca no. I Mcdowell drilled by s. E. J. Cox on land donated by or. Mcdowell and a group of Early Day big Spring bowmen including Dave al rom Andy Long a. S. Mcdowell Andy Jones Jeese evens Bud Brown John Bird wet i John Roberts Jack Rogers John monday and Jim Williams. Refreshments will be served those visiting the museum today and there will be music. Finns define new Borders prepare to rebuild defences service this morning for mrs. Dan Hudson Auto mishap victim death on the Highway struck with stunning swiftness saturday to claim a member of one of the City s most popular couples. She was mrs. Dan Hudson wife of the manager of the hotties hotel killed instantly when the car in which she and her husband were Riding overturned As he swerved the machine j a avoid hitting a steer which had darted onto the Highway. The mishap occurred some 15 mile East of Ranger on the near end of the new Weatherford cutoff South of Strawn about 1 15 a. In. Mrs. Hudson a rushed to Ranger where word of the tragedy was telephoned to Friend in big i tuesday will be missing in Educa once again big Spring people j tonal Opportunity. Have arranged a District club boy Stock show and ones again it promises to be better than Ever. Anyone who Falls to View the scores of Fine calves lambs and pigs monday or notice to subscribers in Tho event Yon fall to receive your dully Herald any afternoon please Call 728 before 7 p. In. And a special Carrier will deliver a copy to your door. If you fail to receive your sunday morning Herald Call 728 before to a. In. This service free to Herald subscribers closes promptly at Tbs above named hours no deliveries will to made after that time. One week from today the first program of any sort will be held in the new amphitheatre at the City Park. It is to be an easter Sunrise service and thus fittingly enough the first program in the Structure will be a religious one. Although some 30,000 people have viewed exhibits at the museum i during the past 18 months there i ire still those among us who have j never yet viewed the Many interesting things to be seen in the institution. Today the museum association observes open House and this would be a Fine time to see what the museum has to offer. Last week the City offered its annual summer residential irrigation rate making possible mors Liberal use of water for beautification purposes. Of course water shortage could cause the rate to be recalled and it la not inconceivable that filling of the City lakes could make possible even More water at the Sam Cates. It has been suggested that a Wise safety measure would both establishment of definite bus stops Hee the week Page 8, cot i seven year term on murder charge Belton Mal. 16 up Etc. J. Duncan charged with murder in connection with the shooting of George Wetter former Southern methodist University football player was Given a 7-year Penitentiary sentence tonight by a jury which convicted him after four hours deliberation. Watters was shot Down on a Temple Street eight in family burned to death Shirley Ark. Mar. 16 Dpi eight members of a family were burned to death and two others injured seriously when firs destroyed a four room farm Home five Miles West of her today. Three other teen age boys in the family escaped injury. Mrs. Bailie Allen 39, and six of her ten children were flapped in a bedroom and died together. Radio report of German bombings new York mar. 16 up the Columbia broadcasting system tonight reported picking up a shortwave broadcast from Berlin which alerted that German warplanes had bombed British warships and airfields. Lbs engineers said the Berlin station dub declared that a general headquarter communique stated Quot powerful detachments of the German air Force proceeded to tie Northwest and attacked units of the British Fleet stationed at Sra a flow in the evening of March 16. A a number of heavy battleships and cruisers were hit by the bombs and were severely damaged. In addition a number of airports Dpi e bombed a a s Nobel prize Winner claimed by de the Stockholm mar. 16 up it or. Selma Lagerlof 81, first woman to win the Nobel prize for literature died at her Home in Northern Sweden today after in illness blamed partly upon worry Over the future of Sweden and Scandinavia in today a War beset world. Music g roil j dinner Mon. Having elected officer for another year the civic music association will take action at a dinner affair monday at 6 p. In. In the hotties toward developing plans for the annual membership drive March 25-30. J. H. Greene who headed the organization in its first year of operation Here was re elected president of the association. Vic presidents named were mrs. Herbert Keaton Cliff Wiley or. P. W. Malone mrs. Harry Hurt William r. Dawes and mrs. Car Strom. Nell Brown was elected Secretary and mrs. Res Baker treasurer. The initial invitation last year netted a total of 324 member and made possible the presentation of three artists Douglas Beattie Basso Margaret Speaks Soprano and Hortense Monath pianist. This year the association has Hopes of substantially increasing its membership which in turn will enable it to offer artists who have established National reputations and possibly extend the number of conceits. As a the Case this past season Only those who Huv memberships will is privileged to enjoy the Talent brought to big a prong. There will be no Sale of tickets during the concert season or St the various concerts. In letters sent to the membership this week the association enclosed a ballot in which the members May express a voice in the selection of artists for the next season. A prong. As the car hurtled off the pavement and overturned mrs. Hudson is thrown Clear of til machine and was crushed under ii. 4fymn old. Or. Hudson escaped with Arm lacerations and body bruises. News of the tragedy cast a pall of Morrow Over ii Community which had welcomed mrs. Hudson into close friendships. Admired As a Young women of quiet Charm and gracious manner she had establish a wide Circle of friends in the 16 Mouths she had made her Home Here with her husband. They came to the hotties on november 16, 1938. Previously they had been at hotels in Dallas san Antonio and fort Worth and or. Hudson is prominently known in hotel circles Over the state. The body was returned Here in an Beiley coach saturday and Brief funeral services will be conducted at 9 30 this morning at the Eberley Chapel by or. D. F. Mcconnell pastor of the first presbyterian Church. Named a honorary pallbearers Are it. R. Mcewen Dave Eastbourne b. L. Lefevre Sam Goldman Roy Townsend Harvy Williamson Bob Whipkey by Ike Summers e. V. Spence and Grover Dunham. The body will he taken Overland today for burial after rib at to a. In. Monday in the Wheatland cemetery near sincaster Dallas it county under direction of a Lancaster funeral Home. The rite will he said at the Home of mrs. Hudson s Mother mrs Rosa t. Stuart at de Hoto Dallas county. In the nearby Wheatland see mph. Hudson Page 8, col. 6 would line up Iii Iune _ Texas or re Austin mar. 16 up plans for an organized Campaign in the Home state of vice president a tier to Send a Roosevelt instructed Dele gation to the democratic National convention were announced today by mayor Tom Miller of Alcuin. The a it or maid formation of precinct organization would he started immediately everal radio talk Over statewide Hookup were contemplated and a no meeting of Teva Roosevelt supporters would be held Here Early next month. In addition to chairman Miller leaders in the Austin third term organization include former governor James e. Ferguson Edward Clark Secretary of state under former governor James v. Allred o. P. Lockhart member of the state democratic executive committee Everett Looney assistant attorney general under Allred t. H Mcgregor former stats senator hairy Acreman executive Secre tary of the state federation of la Hor Joe Steadham legislative representative of the Railroad labor brotherhood and Charles e. Green newspaper editor. Miller said members of the group a like and respect Quot or. Garner hut feel that 88 per cent of the people of Texas Arr for reelection of president Roosevelt a and we want to give them a Chance to demonstrate that in the precinct county and state convention in Georgia governor faces fight to stay out of jail on u. S. Charge he pm seized Lisbon Portugal Mur. 17 sunday a a a a ministry of Marine communique today said French gunboats had seized the 4,751-ton portuguese freighter Ca sequel and 8,808-ton liner colonial Atlanta mar. 16. Apr governor e. D. Rivers whose office makes him immune to state Laws today pondered the possibility that he May have to run Georgia from a Federal jail cell. Unsmiling and frankly non Plue sed at his arrest in Macon Laid night for contempt of Federal court a an offshoot of a Complex state Highway chairman hip conflict he drafted a grim fight to Avert execution of the jail sentence he expects District judge Bascom heaver to impose. The dramatic arrest St the Clos of a night session of several thou and school teachers in a convention plopped a crisis abruptly in the Stocky governor s Lap. He won his technical Freedom for a week by promising to return to Macon next Friday to show Eaux Why a should not is punished for contempt. Twice before a had avoided appearing before a Caver As state counsel asked the Jurist to dismiss contempt citations against the governor and adjutant general John e. Stoddard. Thee citation Cam after Rivers and his troop chief defied Denver s injunction against the military lockout of ousted Road chairman w. I Miller. Guardsmen still Bat Millar from will negotiate commercial fact with Russia Helsinki mar. 16 up it a finnish commission will Fly to Moscow monday to Iron out details of the new Bordel imposed on Finland under last tuesdays peace treaty while at Home the nation tackle rehabilitation and the building of new defences. Or. Juho k. Paasi Kovl minister without portfolio will head the commission. As he disclosed these plans and the fact that negotiation for a commercial treaty would begin soon or. Paasi kill lifted slightly the curtain which a hidden the peace negotiations in which he participated. He said tile finnish delegation left Helsinki secretly by nut bile h week ago tart wednesday Hiram a Meg Dikof the and flew from Stockholm to Moscow. There were five sessions in All he explained and the finnish delegates were treated Well and dined on the Best of russian food in an atmosphere a cold hut corrects Joseph Stalin did not attend the meetings but Premier foreign commissar Vya Chesloff Zolotoff was present throughout. Or. Paasi kill declared the russians made no political demands on i Inland and when finnish delegates asked Zolotoff of the reaction to offers of Allied Aid to Finland he replied merely Quot we re not afraid of the former Premier said he did not believe the proposed finnish swedish norwegian defense Alliance could be interpreted As a violation of article three of the Kussian finnish peace pact which refers to an Alliance directed against Russia. He said a the Northern Alliance would be for defends and would be directed against the entire Stockholm advices said exploit a tory diplomatic exchanges among the three Northern countries of the projected Alliance were believed Well under Way and editorial comment in Sweden id rated steadily growing favor both for the proposal and increased defense measures. Desperate attempt to Contact imprisoned men i ail St. Blairsville 0., mar. 16 apr forty four men entombed in the explosion Tom Willow Creek Coal mine were feared dead to night. Two men were killed trying to Rescue them. Rescue Crews saved 113 other miners most of them were affected by the death dealing a Black Damp which followed a monday blast. Cut off from fresh air officials of the Hanna Coal co owners of the mine three Miles South of Here declined to speculate on tile miners Fate. The 44 were Cut off from fresh sir and entombed behind a Rock Barrier. A Ornt they re All dead a they live through that Mast Quot said Frank Opatrny one of the record men. This View was shared by his fellow workers. Desperate attempts to Contact the imprisoned men failed. While Rescue Crews battered at the Rock Wall a some thought it would take All night to break through a efforts were made to Force fresh air to the men Down a 90-foot Shaft. A revised Check by r. L. Ireland company president showed that 157 men were in the huge mine when the Accident occurred. Many gained safety through the air Shaft located at the end of the three mile Long Quot Drift a or Horl Sontag mine. Quot on the Way we saw men scattered All Over the lot Quot said John How Oroal is of or few Harry cd lists his peace ideals i. D. River the Highway building Rivera charged today the stats sovereignty was jeopardized by Feden i court invasion. A vowed to meet Aqua rely and fearlessly an Issue a defined is Federal judiciary regulation of internal political affairs of so tia Washington mar. 16 apr president Roosevelt speaking on world wide broadcast set Forth today a list of ideals of International organization without which he said no peace can be made on a lasting basis. Queen Wilhelnina of Holland also took pail in the program which was held in connection with the Christian foreign service convocation in new York. A today we week a moral basis for peace Quot or. Roosevelt said. A it cannot be a real peace of it fails to recognize brotherhood. It cannot he a lasting peace of the fruit of it is oppression or starvation or cruelty or human life dominated by armed Camps. A it cannot be a sound peace if Small nations must live in fear of powerful neighbors. It cannot be a moral peace of Freedom from invasion is sold for tribute. It cannot be an intelligent peace if it denies free passage to that knowledge of those ideals which permit men to find common ground. It cannot is a righteous peace if worship of god is the presidents statement suggested to some observers Here that it might form the basis of administration thinking should Tho Opportunity come for an attempt to bring about peace or. Roosevelt Mads Clear that a thought an end would come to us of fore in Intel tuition relations. Length of time the men lived depended on the amount of air available in the area where they were trapped. 8train, state director of Industrial relations was in charge of Ohio mine Rescue Crews. A John Richard min superintendent and Howard Handera tipple Boss lost their lives in a daring Rescue Effort. They were killed by the treacherous a Black lamp Quot a Gas which forms in mines after an explosion. Nearly ail of the men were affected by the Gas to Soma extent. Scores were treated at in emergency Hospital set up in the mins office basement. Nick Polecy George Griffith Peter Taylor sad Charles Kluskey were hospitalised. Polecy was burned about the face and arms and the others were Gss aed Griffith seriously Polecy and Griffith were with Richards and Sanders in the first Rescue Effort. The mine was termed by official a the Hanna company a it a one of the most modern in Ohio equipped with the latest air conditioning safeguards. Fire broke out after the blast which presumably was caused by Gas or Coal dust. It was later brought under control. Rescue Crews wearing a masks and carrying cages of canaries to test air conditions hoped to break through the Wall of Quot Black Damp before Midnight to where the 44 were believed entombed behind a Rock Barrier. Buying Rush due for easter week new York mar. 16 it up be hitched its sales Chart to the easter shopping Parade today a merchants prepared for the biggest buying Rush at retail counter since Christmas. Taking the Trad spotlight away from the world s roaring business in War machines americans Sellers of Jaunty easter hats Spring Coats and the latest fashions in women s dresses stepped to the front. The swirl of gave business a liquidation of easter shopping needed stimulus the Short lived autumn War Boom of Industry continued the past week and manufacturing activity generally showed less expansion than usual for the season. Weather forecast West Texas a increasing cloudiness Holiday monday partly Cloudy Iii South portion and Cloudy with intermittent rain Over North portion colder in North portion Monjoin Aht Texas fair in Interior partly Hood to Cloudy on by coast Htu Day and monday slightly cooler in North and West portions monday

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