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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 4

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Big Spring, Texas A Bible thought for today saying with a loud voice worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive Power and riches and Wisdom and strength and Honor and glory and Blessing. Rev. 5 12 editorial double deadly Holiday nears another of those gory weekends is coming up. For millions of americans it will Start when they Knock off work next Friday for the customary saturday Sun Day cessation from labor. For millions it will Start at noon saturday or perhaps at quitting time that afternoon or evening when stores close. But because monday is Independence Day there will be a double Holiday for nearly everyone and a three Day Holiday for a great Many. Double holidays spell trouble on the nations highways. The Normal rate of accidents always climbs up usually resulting in hundreds killed thousands injured and enormous property damage. The National safety Council reminds us that in nearly one fourth of the fatal traffic accidents either a Driver or an adult pedestrian has been drinking. In another 17 per cent of fatal accidents the Drivers Are found to be in a physical condition that could be a contributing Factor in the Accident. In about three fifths of these latter cases the Drivers Are fatigued or asleep. They become drowsy perhaps Quot Black out with sleep momentarily and thus set the stage for a crash. A cup of Good Strong Coffee at the right time might save your life. There Are two simple rules for avoiding Accident from Over indulgence in drink a slogan the Texas Highway department has been Ding longing into Peoples consciences for decades if you drive done to drink if you drink done to drive. Alcohol slows Down reaction time induces drowsiness and if enough of it is present in the blood it converts Normal inhibitions and restraints into aggressive behaviour. So from a cold blooded practical standpoint let somebody else do either the drinking or the driving. If you re planning a Holiday trip Start Early and take your time going and coming. Remember that the loads Are doubly hazardous during Holiday periods and take that into consideration in your planning and your driving. Remember it is supposed to be a Holiday not a holocaust. Pointing up to a levelling off in their july business Roundup released today the editors of Fortune Magazine predict 1956 will probably be another a Best business year in with the Gross National product g. N. A running at the annual rate of $585 billion in 1955 dollars. Rut the Magazine thinks Industrial output next year As distinguished from total output May turn Down in the second Quarter and As a result the 1956 average May not quite match that of 1955. A in the past twelve months business has staged a full cyclical recovery in the next twelve it will be Riding the Crest of an expansion the Fortune men assert. A by the Spring of 1956, Industrial advances will be selective Competition fierce and Many markets Una lanced. Costa will be up demand easing and inventories rising. Despite corporate tax cuts scheduled for april 1956. Many businesses will find it harder to make a profit next but 1956 Outlook is neither for continued expansion nor for a general a preces Sion even As mild As in 1953 54, Fortune says. It finds the g. N. P. Has risen $20 billion in the last twelve months against a Fortune prediction of a Rise of Sio billion. But this unusually rapid Pace of business recover a cannot be expected to continue much longer it adds and is one reason a a a corrective is Likely in 1956. Inventory building accounted for $8 billion of the g. N. P. Rise and the remaining $12 billion was due to High consumer spending particularly for cars and Homes. Fortune thinks the a a corrective is already visible As housing starts Are off 8 per cent since March and car sales seasonally adjusted have declined 2 per cent. While the portion of the Fortune Survey we saw made no reference to the political effects of a slump in the 1956 second Quarter you May be sure the political Wise acres Are greatly interested in that Angle. If the a a corrective decline is rather pronounced it will cause democratic Hopes to soar and Republican Hopes to falter. It could Well be the big Issue. Hollywood review Jane s Lucky she likes to work Hollywood of a its Lucky that Jane Wyman likes work because she s going to be up to her pretty eyelashes in acting assignments for the next three years. This week she was Labouring on a Miracle in the rain with Van Johnson. She finishes july 12, then starts july 15 on a gruelling to schedule that will consume the rest of the year. Jane recently announced a Deal to take Over the longtime to favorite fireside theater. The tuesday at 9 spot will be called Jane wymans fireside theater and Shell preside As both hostess and Star. She explained the project in her Warner Brothers dressing room. A this is what i have been after for five years a she explained. A it is one of those dream deals. Ill do 20 of the shows myself and introduce 16 others. We made our first in the series last week. It Star Victor Mclaglen and Wallace Ford and i believe it s the first time they be been together since a the a Jane dipped her toe into to a year ago when she made a half hour show which appeared on g. E. Theater this season. It was the Type of Story line that might have developed into a series a the Story of a woman doctor. But she abandoned that idea in favor of an anthology Type of series. Jane said she Wasny to just a passive member of the Enterprise. Its her company and she has Ber Finger in ail phases of production. She ought to know How to juggle the movie making angles in 18 years of film acting she has accumulated a we orid of knowledge. All this to activity does no to mean she going to neglect her movie career. As soon As she winds up the to season she must report to Universal International for a picture. If the to sponsor picks up her option Shell be set for another 36 Hal hours in 1956. Then Shell have to make a film for Warners. A live got to do a picture a year during the next three years for Warners and a i a she said. A the options for the to show come at the same time As those deals. So it All goes Well ill be tied up completely for the next three years. A Bob Thomas business Mirror computers keep business on toes new York up a a carpet maker is turning to a technical brain to help him lick the problem of the Public s fickle taste. To survive in this competitive age a manufacturer must Roll quickly with the punches of the Consumers. Sales data computed quickly on punched cars reveals color and Tyle trends in floor covering. Then another card can be punched and used to control the machinery running carpet looms. A maker of Auto seat covers each week feeds into a Mecha Cal brain nationally gathered data on what shades Are favored at the moment by suddenly color conscious motorists. The Bank speeds up handling eight fold by using an elect Jujic device to scan to millions of travellers checks which touring americans Are scattering around Europe and the rest of the world this year. These Are a few of the examples cited by maker of office machinery to Snow How Competition a the need to k n o w quickly what the Public fancies and to Aery ice these needs with Speed a is turning business big and Little to the use of mechanical Short cuts. The carpet company is a h. Marland a son of Carlisle a. Punned card have been used for years to run Jacquard looms. And Mas and has been using Punchard card accounting methods for some time. The Rayco manufacturing co. Of Patsy. J., uses International business to solve two competitive prob n is in choosing a site let. Rayco specialists to make statistical and sales potentials in i City Bank of new Cyronics device of the scan the 20 million Sells annually and bout 8,000 spots Over ice can handle 7.200 g of about $72,000 a the second Robier for a new retail out and ism team up studies of Market a special areas. The first nations York use a new Al Burroughs corp. To travellers checks it which turn up in a the world. The Dev an hour at a Savin year. Kam Dawson sea going Auto Shelbyville by. Of a a Moi Gordon and e. Bruce had an automobile but no boat. So they lifted the body off the Chassis placed it on a plywood floor along with the engine connected the steering wheel with a Rud Rier and tinkered with the transmission so it would turn a propellor. Result a seaworthy Cruiser. The Chassis and wheels Are used As a trailer to haul the boat to water. Brush with Law Pittsburgh of a not Long after John Stewart began a new radio show Here a titled a open Road a and designed to help motorists cooperate with traffic officers he had his first Brush with the Law. Hit car was hauled off to the Auto Pound because he parked overtime. First it tackles the Public s shifting tastes once a week. It feeds sales data from its 150 retail outlets around the country into punch card equipment. Trends in w zealand for particular Auto seat and shades Are quickly Cater combinations the Public urea of Are quickly dropped. After the Bulldozer James Marlow guessing game Why does the Bear Grin Washington of a guessing Why the russians have changed from growl to Grin has become a kind of International parlor game which anyone can play with or without facts. A Little Wishful thinking helps. Latest Guesser is Gen. Carlos p. Romulo of the Philippines. At the United nations anniversary in san Francisco last week during a television interview he said the Kremlin leaders Are having trouble among themselves and want a breather. This was hardly an original contribution. It s a guess that a made whenever there a a major change in Moscow like the demotion of Georgi Malenkos from the premiership. There has been no evidence to support it then or later. There a been no breakup. The russians themselves have Given a More plausible reason without saving so. For their sudden air of Sweet reasonableness. Foreign minister v. M. Molotov pointed to it again in san Francisco. The russians want the West to disarm. For years in one Way or another mostly a Tough Way they have desperately tried to break up the Western Alliance prevent West Germany a rearmament and discourage the building of american air bases in Friendly countries around Russia. They failed in All three. The last great Hope they had was to keep West Germany disarmed. It was Only after the allies gave Germany the go ahead this year that the russians changed their attitude. They be been pleasant Ever since. Nothing More could be accomplished by threats or toughness. They lose by a twist in tactics. Indeed they might accomplish More with sounds of peace than they Ever achieved with belligerency. Molotov spelled out precisely what the russians want the american air bases dismantled the Western Alliance broken up and the allies to disarm. Since the West is realistic the russian desire bears a Price tag. The allies knowing that once their Alliance was broken up and they had disarmed they might never again be a match for Russia would need some Iron guarantees that Russia would disarm to the Point where it be a menace. Molotov talked of russian willingness to disarm and prohibit the use of atomic weapons. This armament but the russians sounds like a tremendous conces Haven to yet been willing to agree Sion by Russia. The test of its to the allies idea of a disarm earnestness lies ahead. Ment system which would let each the russians and the West have Side Check thoroughly on the other been bickering for years about Dis to be sure. Hoi Boyle who la carry the Candle new York. Cd the poor Many a adventurer my child my child this world lies before you the great unknown. So Many boundaries unexplored. The mighty greeks Ani they did Many things said a know the romans boisterous prisoners of the greek mind after robust centuries said the same thing. The Torch of inquiry handed Down by every wandering tribe who held the sword of Conquest since then remains both a question and a commandment. We work by the Back door. We try to understand nature while refusing to try to admit even that this is Only a window glimpse into ourselves. But the magnificent Power that can now be massed and take a magnificent look at the human race a the poor things we Are after All these centuries the great things that by a Power above us had endowed us with the ability anti Peron Parade Santiago Chile do about 4,000 roman catholics demonstrated in downtown Santiago last night marching and shouting a Christ yes Peron no a proper subjects Memphis Tenn. Do the Memphis and Shelby county medical society today announced the subject for panel discussion at its dinner meeting next month diseases of the stomach. To do a must not merely bleed into death. Here is our time. Here Are our weapons. The weapons by the Grace of god a if that is the word a have always lain like dust in the world. The main tool is the mind of Man if Man is destined to survive on this crowded Earth and raise the hard Victory of the mind against the pull of easy ignorance. How Little we know after these centuries and they have been Many suffering centuries. No real scientist today can Tell even what sleep is. Or How although he knows the Art to enforce it Why he can to build life. The reach for what is True is the tremendous voyage of Man and Man has but put his foot in a trembling Canoe he created himself and pushed with a Small courage into a roaring dark. Who Are you where can you go what can you learn what can you really do for people what can the human race become More than it is. For All that a know we remain As a Folk a child curious but a tiptoe Loving the Light behind us a and afraid of carrying a Candle Forward into the blackness ahead. His turn now Charlotte n. C. 13�?frank f. Jones 82, for years sent cards to thousands of persons he did no to know bearing Good will messages. Doctors ordered him to give up his Hobby after he was hospitalized Here in serious condition. He Gaulish Light nine can Only receive cards now. Supermarket Library grand rapids Mich. 13�? Byerson Public Library has adopted shopping bags and push carts. Donald w. Kohlstedt Library director says they keep patrons from cluttering cabinets desks and counters with books As they visit various departments. Or. Breger of operating room Andover mess. 3 a Hilton con. By 23, a Telephone company Workman emerged from a manhole yesterday lightning struck him and somersault a him 30 feet Down the Street he merely a shaken up. Business As usual Miami. Fla. D a a mind your own business a retorted Joseph adj i 19, when a Motorist asked ii he did no to know he was breaking the Law by jaywalking. The Motorist a municipal judge Albert Dubbin whose but mess include punishing traffic offenders a took the advice in court adj i paid a $5 Fine. Medal of Honor Bill Washington a the Horn has passed and sent to the Senate a Bill to give each of the 395 living meda1 of Honor winners Hoo a month for life. They now get $10 a month after age 65. Tough Guy Deer Park Ufi a City marshal Ben j. Royall asked the City Council to buy him a new Blackjack. His old one was worn out around the rim pulitzer prize but no appreciation i recently heard two of the 1955 pulitzer prize winners Tell How they earned their awards. As the awards we Ere for work in journalism i expected to hear and see persons Well versed in the Field. However this was not the Case. Kenneth town Ery editor of the Cuero record won his award for digging out the facts on the Veteran land deals that resulted in the indictments of Bascom Giles. Be Towery has had Only three years experience in journalism and in College he majored in chemistry. He has never had any instruction in journalism except on the Cuero record. The other prizewinner mrs. Caro Brown of the Alice Echo was awarded a prize for reporting the Duval county mess. It is said that mrs. Browm had a difficult time in journalism school. With these respective backgrounds the two persons have received tile highest honors available in the u. S. In their Fields. I suspect that there must be something More to this newspaper business than a College education. Another interesting sidelight on these two people is the regard in which they Are treated in the counties where they have done so much. Towery said that people who used to drink Coffee with him done to do it anymore. Since exposing some of the local officials he is often regarded As suspect. This is his other award for saving the taxpayers untold thousands of dollars each year. Mrs. Brown had a similar Story to relate. Before the Duval county Story broke she said that the area was like a jail. People did no to meet on the Street Corner to discuss the local political situation. They met in dark alleys or Backrooms. People were afraid to follow the dictates of their conscience in regards to voting. Now that the county and general area is becoming once More a part of the a land of the free mrs. Brown too is an outcast. Since her work against George Parr so said she had not been invited to any luncheons or local meetings where once she was welcomed. She receives offers to speak in other states and outside the area but not in Duval county. The very persons she helped Are now treating her As an outcast. Ifs a pretty difficult thing to understand. Both of these people sacrificed a lot of time and Effort in order to help their particular areas. The Only thanks they have received is a pulitzer prize and a suspicious look. A psychologist should be Able to draw some right interesting results from that. A Glenn Cootes j. A. Livingston americans resist Appeal of Wall Street done to let anyone Tell you a Wall Street speculators born every minute. It just Isnit so. Ask the next person you meet in the supermarket if he or any of his family owns Stock. Odds Are about ten to one hell say no. Yet for six years. Wall Street has had the Benefit of a Bull Market. Front pages of newspapers have proclaimed �?o1929 highs All of which is supposed to promote sales get new customers make americans common Stock Happy. But the excitement has been largely confined to a narrow Circle a to the Well to do Well educated and residents of Large cities. The automobile worker the Carpenter the Bank clerk the Salesman tile Coal Miner and the Farmer Haven to emptied their sugar bowls mattresses or Bank accounts into Wall Street. When it comes to Money to savings we americans Are still creatures of habits old habit. A taste for stocks has to be developed like a taste for martinis or caviar. It goes or does no to go with your environment your upbringing and your income bracket. That a suggested anew by the latest study of consumer finances by the Survey research Center of the University of Michigan for the Federal Reserve Board. Only about 8 per cent of american families spending units own common stocks. That a a Rise from Early 1952, when the proportion was 7 per cent. But ifs a slow and modest Rise a considering the length and breadth of the Bull Market the Boom in uranium shares and the extensive advertising by the new York Stock Exchange of its monthly investment plan. The Survey shows that Only 4 per cent of the families with incomes of less than $3,000 owned Stock. In contrast 35 per cent of families with $10.000-and-up incomes were stockholders. The percentages Are self explanatory. Persons who have gone to College tend to have More responsible jobs than persons who have had less schooling. Therefore their incomes Are higher. Therefore they have a bigger pot of Money out of which to save and invest. Also they re More Likely to have been brought up in a common Stock environment than no collegians members of their family relatives friends and business associates May own stocks talk about stocks and leave about tilt House financial magazines and newspapers occupations also Are a guide to Stock ownership. Only 3 per cent of workers in Blue Denim told the University of Michigan Doorbell ringers that they own Stock As against 21 per cent of professional persons a doctors lawyers dentists writers Etc. Farmers Are in Between at 8 per cent. In time the Bull Market the advertising and Prosperity itself May result in a major breakthrough in Stock ownership. It May cause Farmers and persons with lower incomes to shift some of their savings from savings Banks and savings associations to common Stock. Indeed As we Ages mount in the Auto steel and other industries workers will have More left Over for stocks. Moreover As their fringe benefits Widen pensions higher unemployment compensation hospitalization a have less need for a Large amount of Cash reserves for old age and sickness. be better Able to afford the risk of common stocks. But that a a matter of time of understanding of realizing what Protection they already have. It Calls for a change in saving habits a and such changes Are slow. That a Why Only a minority of americans a estimated Between 5.500.000 and 7,500.000 a own common stocks. That s Why the Stampede to own a share in America is still to come. Marquis Childs natural Gas Bill runs into real trouble particular thief Houston Ltd a a was a choosy sort of Chap. When he held up a package store he said a give me All the Money except pennies and foreign coins a the clerk handed Ever 82. Washington columnist Thomas l. Stokes is substituting for Marquis Childs who is on vacation. A a a by Thomas l. Stokes Washington a the natural Gas Bill which has millions of Consumers so aroused seems to have run into real trouble in Congress. At least that would appear a natural inference from recent developments in the House of representatives. Among them la the Way so powerful and High placed a figure As democratic speaker Sam Rayburn is taking it upon himself to try to Rescue this controversial Bill that would exempt producers of natural Gas from regulation by the Federal Power commission. The texan who rules the House seems to feel furthermore that it May need even greater and higher authority than his to do the trick either that or he wants someone to share responsibility with him for this measure that has become a byword to millions of citizens and voters. That at least might explain what he said when he restated his support for the measure for the first time publicly in this Congress a which was that its enactment we Ould require the full support of the Eisenhower administration. That sounded like a Call for help from the president whom the speaker hat helped out of several legislative difficulties this session. President Eisenhower has refrained from committing himself personally for exemption legislation though such was recommended by a committee of Cabinet members on Energy resources in its recent report to him. It has been assumed he would sign an exemption Bill of Congress passed one. The first clue that the Bill might be in trouble Iii the House where it was brought Forward soon after this democratic Congress opened was when it won Only a 16-to-15 vote of approval from the Ollous interstate Commerce com Mitt a few Days ago after protracted Public hearings this narrow margin was not Only unexpected but was recognized As a serious threat to the measure. It was attributed to the clamor raised by mayors and other representative of for Sumen who followed one another la a Parade before the committee. Another portent of trouble was seen in the sudden move by the Bill a sponsor rep. Oren Harris dark after its squeak through for a full scale investigation by the interstate Commerce committee of the transportation and distribution of natural Gas including costs and rates. He contends that recent increases in Price of natural Gas Are in those Aras rather than in the production end. But his opponents called this a diversionary movement to take consumer heat off of producers. Still another move for the investigation Man Euver was suggested when rep. Harris appeared in mid week before the House rules committee to ask a Green Light for consideration of his Resolution by the House. Rep. Ray Madden a ind it blurted out that it. Looked to him As if the investigation was proposed As a smoke screen behind which to push the Bill through the House. Sponsors of the Gas Bill he said could Point to tile proposed investigation and say to Consumers that prices were being investigated to protect them. This was after the Arkansas member had told rep. Madden that it was his intention to go ahead with the exemption Bill in the House without waiting for the investigation which he said would take months. The big Spring Herald published sunday morning and weekday an Mooi a leapt saturday by affiliated news apers in. Soo main fit. Dial i till bus Spring. Ten entered a second cd a a Mailer a re in is. 1b3s. At Ilia poet Ollie at big Spring tease urine Uia act of marcs \ ins. Subscription rate payable to Advance by Tarrier is big Spring 30a weekly and 111 m per year by mall within too Mutt Al big Spring a monthly and to so per year beyond too mlle la monthly and is per year. Quot the associated press in earius Lovely entitled to the use of All new dispatch credited to it or not otherwise credited to Tho paper and Alto Tho local neat published herein. A rights tor repaint cation of Epe Cla a Lapatchee Are Alee reserved. The publisher Ara not responsible tor any copy Emie Eum or typographical error that May occur further than to Correct it in the neat lieu alter it u brought to their attention and to no Cace do Tho publishers bold theme Lee liable for damage further than til amount Roco Tead by them for a Tual Paea covering error the right Ier it a erred to reject or edit All advertising copy a advertising orders Are acceptor on this Baste Anty. Any Arrone Oue reflection upon Tho character a Landing or reputation of any person firm or corporation a Blob May appear in any Issue of thie paper will be cheerfully corrected upon being brought to Tho attention of the management certified circulation the Herald in a member of the audit Bureau of circulations a National organisation which make and reports a Independent audit of net paid circulation. National refi Tehen to Tea Hart Hanks newspapers. 137 Natlea City bldg oat Las i. Tease 4 big Spring Herald. Tuesday. June28 "195 j

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