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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 3

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Big Spring, Texas Hott to new in automatic drive is variable pitch by Natowf world lint Tammi upon w5lh the Witch Patch principle of the Modem plane variable pitch propeller. Give you better a mileage or cruising lightning like response for getaway or safety surge acceleration. Tvr Quot Sno White in Salt sextet a a a six x la individual shakers pm in a Carton. So hand in a too ways. Featured at big Spring Texas Herald tues., june 28, 1953 commission scores Ike Road program Washington win the commis Aion on intergovernmental relations took Issue today with president Eisenhower a Highway financing program and called on his administration to assume full command of civil defense. The 25-member commission created by Congress two years ago to recommend Boundary lines for overlapping taxes and encroaching governmental authority filed with the president a 311-Page document proposing 1. Withdrawal of the Federal government from some Fields of taxation leaving them to the states and cities As rapidly As tax reduction becomes possible. It named no specific taxes. 2. Federal a payments in lieu of taxes to cities and states in compensation for real estate stricken from their tax Rolls because of Federal ownership. 3. Increased Federal appropriations for a stepped up state administered Highway construction program to be financed on a a a pay As you build basis not by borrowing. 4. Action by Congress to Transfer responsibility for civil defense to Washington from the states and cities which the commission said Are ill equipped financially and otherwise to carry the Burden. 5. Continuance with some important changes and curtailments of Federal Grants in Aid under a which More than two billion do jars annually is furnished to states and local governments. The Federal Grant the report said a has be come fully matured device of cooperative the commission headed by Meyer Kestnbaum of Chicago president of the Hart Schaffner amp Marx clothing concern emphasized this View a a fundamental objective of our system of government should be to keep centralization to a minimum and state local responsibility to a it called on the government to exercise a a forbearance a in encroaching on the jurisdiction of a tates counties and cities but emphasized that the states must modernize their constitutions and tax systems and reorganize their administrative machinery to serve the Public Hefter. It proposed that each state launch a a searching reappraisal of its fiscal while the cities and states Are St a disadvantage in competing with the Federal government in the. Soffit Fields of tax collection the commission said a substantial potential for More Revenue exists in almost All if not All it concluded that Complete elimination of tax overlapping a is not feasible while so Large a part of National income is being taken by taxes but went on a the Best Chance of reducing tax overlapping probably lies in a major reduction of the Over All level of taxation since this May result in the full repeal of certain taxes by one jurisdiction or another. Tax overlapping can Best be reduced by action of the National government. When further tax reduction is possible the commission urges full consideration be Ghen to the problems of tax the report although sprinkled with dissents mustered a majority on All major issues. Senators Morse Dorei and Humphrey Ltd Minn contributed most of the dissents and Morse ended by filing a general dissent. As a a constitutional Liberal Quot he a Aid he feel the report a goes too far in playing Down the doctrine of Federal still he paid High tribute to the a very sincere thorough and studious work done by the commission. He said Kestnbaum merited a special today a report was considered certain to disappoint such groups As the . Chamber of Commerce which have been urging wholesale withdrawal of the Federal government from Aid program. The commission acknowledged that the Federal Grant a divides responsibility and offers ample Opportunity to Dodge it a and carries other disadvantages. But it held that Federal programs which require state Matching funds have stimulated Many needed programs within the states and fostered Federal state cooperation. The commission also rejected the proposal of the conference of governors that the government relinquish the Federal gasoline tax letting the states increase their own Gas taxes As a source of Revenue for Highway development. Eight commissioners joined in dissents on this Point. They included gov. Allan Shivers of Texas and four former governors Alfred e. Driscoll of new Jersey John s. Battle of Virginia Sam h. Jones of Louisiana and Dan Thornton of Colorado. The report Lent support to congressional critics of Eisenhower a plan to finance part of a 10-year Highway program through Lon term borrowings. The Senate has already rejected this provision in favor of a democratic plan for bigger annual appropriations the House has not acted. A the commission recommends a the report declared a that the expanded Highway program be financed substantially on a pay As you go basis and that Congress provide additional revenues for this purpose primarily from in creased motor fuel the report also urged that a no Federal Aid be Given for any toll Road a and declared a it would be a Basic mistake and wasteful duplication for the National government to embark on a new program of actually building maintaining and operating any Large segment of the Highway two administration officials on the commission Secretary of welfare Hobby and undersecretary of the Treasury Marion b. Folsom stood by the Eisenhower plan. Weaknesses in civilian defense conceded officially after the recent nationwide a bomb exercise were attributed by the commission largely to diffusion of responsibility among the 48 states and 90-Odd critical target areas the commission called on Congress to a liberalised appropriations for civil defense and to Vest primary responsibility in the National government a with states and localities retaining an important supporting Congress should authorize also direct dealings Between the Federal government and the target cities it was stated instead of routing the lines of responsibility through the state capitals. Civil defense was one of a few instances in w hich the commission departed from its main theme of avoiding a a centralization of authority in Washington. In others notably Grants for agriculture and welfare it urged greater state and local responsibility. In housing and civil aviation it supported the present state Federal division of responsibility a at least for the immediate recommendations on major Federal Grant programs included in summary education responsibility for Public education should a continue to rest squarely upon the states a the commission opposed any general Federal Aid to education but proposed a a temporary help for school construction in cases where the states could prove actual need. Agriculture soil conservation technical Aid to Farmers should be turned Over to state administration wherever the state submits a satisfactory plan and provides funds to expand the program. Federal soil conservation payments should be turned Over to the state to administer and the states a was soon As practicable a a should assume part of the Cost. Congress and the president should consider greater Aid for Airport construction. Housing states should assume greater responsibility for meeting housing needs and modernizing building code. Federal aids for slum clearance. Urban renewal and Public housing should be continued. Resources the states should be Given a a larger measure of initiative and strike hangs in balance workers return i Detroit Iti a a Back to work movement at general motors Willow run transmission Plant was reported today after a court order prohibiting Wildcat strikers from any violence on picket lines. Bill due hearing washing i in Tmea Hilt to authorize new foreign Aid spending of More than 3 billion dollars came up for House action today with critics aiming to pare it Down in size. Hensel honoured Secretary of defense Charles Wilson pins the medal of Freedom on h. Struve Hensel right assistant Secretary of defense in a Pentagon ceremony at Washington. Hensel was honoured for a outstanding performance of duty in the Field of International affairs in directing the military assistance program and for his work As advisor at recent conferences Between the United states and Friendly nations. In Center background is Robert Anderson Deputy Secretary of defense. Peron aide quits Post Buenos Aires my the Boss of Argentina s giant general confederation of workers fog the Backbone of president Juan Peron a support reportedly has resigned. Well informed sources said last night that Eduardo Vuletich Secretary general of the six million member organization since 1952, has stepped Down in favor of his assistant Hector Hugo de Pietro. To talk with Rhee Seoul Tel a John m. Allison . Ambassador to Japan today conferred with president syn Man Rhee. There was wide speculation that Allison hoped to Patch up the difficult relations Between Japan and South Korea strained under Japan a drive for More Trade with the communist world. Responsibility in multipurpose a Sanwide development of water resources a with costs divided among the states concerned and the Federal government. Employment Security Congress should extend unemployment compensation coverage to a fall employers of one or More persons a with the president recommending minimum Benefit Levels for inclusion in state Laws. Public health Grants for special health programs should be tapered off As objectives Are achieved. Loans and Grants in Aid should be continued for construction of hospitals and other facilities. Pittsburgh it a a nationwide steel strike at Midnight thursday Hung in the balance today As negotiators of . Steel corp. And the Cio United steelworkers gathered for a negotiating session la . Edt. A strike already has been authorized unless big steel and the companies which usually follow the worlds largest producer can come up with a wage increase acceptable to the big Union. Big steel has shown no indication that it will up the Ante in counter proposal but some observers thought this was entirely possible. . Steel which employs about 150,000 of the 600,000 us members in the Basic steel Industry has offered a wage hike of about to cents an hour. A entirely inadequate a is the answer of the Union headed by David j. Mcdonald. Among other things. Mcdonald says the steel Industry is booming and can Well afford a a a substantial hike for his men who now average $2.33 an hour. Despite unanimous backing yesterday from the unions 170-Man wage policy committee to strike Mcdonald said at a news conference later that he a still optimistic. A there is still time for a peaceful wage Mcdonald declared. John a. Stephens . Steel vice president and chief negotiator declared that he too is hopeful of avoiding a strike. But Stephens declared the concern a still believes its wage offer of last thursday is a substantial a and will prove the basis of settlement. Meanwhile in Washington Soma government officials expressed Confidence Over the situation. One unnamed official declared a we Are pessimistic about a strike being prevented a some companies began talking with Union officials about an orderly shutdown. Closing a steel Mill is a costly procedure which must be carried out with Good timing to avoid damage to machinery. Usually the Industry likes to Start banking its furnaces 72 hours ahead of a known walkout but they can Rush through the process in 48 hours or less. In a rather surprising development Mcdonald indicated that in the event of a strike the Union m get shut Down some of the larger companies but leave others in operation. But he refused to speculate on possibly Extension of the strike deadline other than to say a it is possible that the Union would make the services of its members available to some companies and not others even though agreement is reached with Mcdonald did no to comment on the speculation. He said merely that the Union still insists on a a a substantial boost. 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