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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Big Spring, Texas Dollar Day la big Spring next monday july i big Spring daily Herald vol. 13 no. La Twenty pages today big Spring Texas sunday june 28, 1940 pita in owls Pun a wind Wirt weather partly Cloudy to Cloudy with showers and makes final surrender to germans must now Bow to terms suitable to Italy French govt. Calls terms a honorable London june 23 sunday map a the French peace negotiators Are expected to have their first meeting with the italians monday Exchange news a British Agency reported from Bordeaux Early today. Official circles in Bordeaux were said to believe it would take two or three Days to reach a settlement. It was said also that French authorities expected Germany to influence a reduction in Italy a claims against France. A a a Bordeaux june 22 a the French government announced officially late tonight that France and Germany had signed an armistice providing a hard but honorable terms. A if the terms had not been honorable France would have been ready to fight on in her colonies a French sources the Price Adolf Hitler demanded for peace however will not be announced officially until after France reaches i agreement with Italy and the cease Hrang order is Given. In a heavily censored dispatch it was disclosed that the government remains for the moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital from that Headquarters official spokesmen said a fresh French troops were holding firm along the Alpine Frontier heating Back attacking italians from Mont Blanc to the sea despite the menace of German pressure from the rear. The germans were pictured As pushing a spearhead Down the Rhone Valley behind the Frontier defense forces slowly steadily despite valiant resistance. Fighting continue All along the front the High command s night communique indicated that while the fighting was less severe it continued in local combats All along the front. The germans apparently were pushing Forward with Advance scouting units. A War office spokesman said the tired Poilu a Are continuing a desperate hut not useless their resistance during the tense hours in which emissaries of their government discussed with the germans the terms of armistice was said the have enabled franc e to hold out for the a a peace Quot which Premier fetal demanded. Terms wont be i clo de until the i int there was no cease firing order. Apparently the troops must continue to hold their lines until six hours after agreement is reached with Italy. Not until then government spokesmen said is the armistice effective. It was understood too that the terms of the armistice win not be disclosed until that time. Along the Western half of the front the germans reported to have made no new advances South of the River Loire. Eastward however they pushed ahead Over a wide front. On a narrow Plain Between the Loire and Cher Rivers stiff French resistance had slowed or stopped Nasi columns. Beauty information available in Bordeaux on the position of the remaining French troops in parts of Alsace and Lorraine along the German Border indicated they Are not completely Cut off from the main French armies. Contact was believed to be maintained along deep valleys through the Mot gains bordering the Hilss Frontier. German arms works bombed London june 22. Up it the Royal air Force slanted countless bombs Down on the great German Krupp armaments works at Essen and the big Folke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen during last night s far ranging Aerial raids the air ministry announced tonight. For an How Aal in half British away at objectives in i Netherlands explosions i attackers wore carrying out their third major ism of Tho week on Ragland. Tho Nari hold wide Moord b.\?e la Tho not Horlando Tho Toio Oler aircraft works Tho Rothenburg Ai drome and air Banes at Kassel and North of Hamburg worn among objectives of Tho Raf along with a number of other military establishments. In a North sea attack the air ministry reported British recon Alre raft Sank n Large apply Chip. Several Bito were reported on the factory buildings of Tho Krupp group at Essen. Direct hits were Oaid to have wrecked six Supply and ammunition trains Between Osnabrock and Bremen and near Tho town of Rhein. New Law Dean at Texas University Austin Juno 22. A tip Charles Tilford Mccormick a native texan and professor of Low at Northwestern University today became Dean of Tho University of Texas Law Oohoola he succeeds Ira p. Hildebrand Dean since 1924, who resigned last year to devote his full time to in aching and research. University officials said Dean Mccormick a selection followed recommendations by advisory committees of Tbs sex students association faculty and Tho Texas bar association. A reviewing the big Spring week by Joe Pickle showers of last week somewhat improved the crop situation but not enough to warrant wholesale rejoicing. A Survey shows that right now Tho situation is worse than it was a year ago. When things looked none too Good. However things Are a Long Way from a total crop failure. Tho lose of Echolas tics by Mon school districts and the gain by the big Spring Independent school District Means that Tho local education system financial problem is becoming More and More aggravated. It Means More children with Little More Money to educate them. Fie on those who kicked about the taste of a a Lake water when news came that the Powell Creek Lake was being pumped. There Hasni to been any of the Lake water infused in local Mains and wont to until this afternoon. All water pumped from the Lake line late saturday was Well water put in the Lino from Here. It had a slight a new pipe taste. That s Alk nobody in happier that the Lake Supply to being premed into service than City officials. Now that it to steadily on Tho Way it can to told that Tho water level in City Wells was dropping steadily and at a rata that caused concern. Now with the surface water being used the Wells can be Given a rest and n Chance to restore Tho level of Reserve. The Public might Ai Well become reconciled to the fact that an Altitude ruling Likely will Block Proe see the week Page i column s cop bidders gather for convention Philadelphia june it to leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending a deals a and looking Forward to the party a first wide open contest for the nomination Elnoa in Wendell Winkle then a York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District attorney who swept the preference Pri Macies and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h. James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up their quarters Here. One of the prominent contenders senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan was not due in town until tomorrow. Dewey holding a press conference said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were teaming up with Thoss of senator Taft in an Effort to a Stop asked whether he would accept a vice presidential nomination he said a i Trust the question is platform subcommittees were St work behind closed doors including the group at work on the foreign affairs Plank. All the groups had been advised to have their planks ready for presentation to the drafting committee by Early evening. Alf m. Landen chairman of the foreign affairs committee asserted however that that was impossible la his Case. London s View repeatedly expressed has been that the Plank should not is write hurriedly because of the Uncertain status of events abroad. Tbs Plank is expected to emphasize peace and prepared n pm urge Tome degree of assistance to the Allice and stress the Republican party As the a peace party. France learns hitlers Price for peace this was the scene Friday when France Learned Hitler s Price for peace in the same Railroad car la which Germany Learned the allies peace Price in 1918. I grand Admiral Erich Raeder. I Field marshal Hermann Goering. S Adolf Hitler. 4 col. Gen Wilhelm Keitel is col. Gem. Weither von Brauchitsch. A Rudolf Hess Deputy erty Leader. 7 Gen. Charles Hunt Tiger. 8 rear Admiral writes de Luc. 9 foreign minister Joachim von Rebh entropy to Friedrich Wilhelm Bruekner hitlers adjutant la translator Paul sch Modl general Jean Marie Bergeret and Leon Noel Are seated out of View beside Huntziger. House naval votes vast expansion four billion Dollar construction program evokes Little debate Dollar Day a week hence one Veek from monday local merchants plan to inaugurate a new merchandising feature designed to draw people from the trades area Here with attractive bargains. Tho event will Dollar Day and will be built around a series of extraordinary Bays at one Dollar each. It is punned along lines of similar affairs in other neighbouring cities where Tho Pion admirably. Earlier this month merchants agreed to undertake the Dollar Day attraction As a regular Aret monday feature after the chamber of Commerce Trade Extension committee had made extensive investigations. Although the plan is strictly voluntary Many businessmen have indicated that they will participate liberally in it. Plane Over Haifa Jerusalem june 22. Up a antiaircraft guns at Haifa went into action Early this afternoon an unidentified plans. Washington june 22 up a a 84.000,000,duo warship construction program to make the american both greatest assemblage of sea Power i he Ever know n a rooted by the Butine today after scarcely two Ifni debate. The Mil wept through the House with a chorus of a a ayes on i voice vote. The exact number of new ships proposed in it is a Mill tary Sec Reg the measure cloaking this by providing Only for 385,060 tons of battleships 200,000 tons of aircraft carriers 420,000 tons of cruisers 289,000 tons of destroyers and 70,000 tons of submarines. There have been unofficial Sotl mates however that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give the United states a Fleet of 018 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and Pacific. This Fleet would he comprised of 20 battleships 14 air plane carriers 70 cruisers ass destroyers and 170 submarines. This compares with the existing Navy of Eft battleships five air plane earners ill cruisers 219 destroyers and 9ft submarines. In addition to heavy combat ships the Bill also would author ize acquisition of 15,000 air planes construction of $25,000,000 of Small Harbor defends Craft and 100,000 tons of auxiliary Vessela. Informed sources said the latter would include a new. Fast Type of ship capable of carrying completely equipped detachments of marines including their tanks and artillery. The my also stipulates that no ship boat or vessel la the Navy or being built now or hereafter could be sold or otherwise disposed of or to chartered or scrapped without the consent of chairmen Vinson doa of the naval committee said it was do signed to prevent such transactions a the recently disclosed Transfer of 20 torpedo boats to Britain and the reported but unconfirmed Sale of 18 destroyers. Taylor gravely ill Florence Italy june 22. Up Myron c. Taylor president Roosevelt a personal representative to the Vatican continued in a serious condition Here tonight. Big tax Bill is approved Waak Imoto of june 22 a Congress approved a Melon Doi is tax Hui and a $1,7�8,918jm do Flentse approprl.9 Ion measure today and called a weeks recess. A scattering of a a noes cams from the Republican Side when the House adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress unto july i. The purpose of High Speed action was two fold to allow a interlude for the rep Mulcan National convention beginning monday at Philadelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted into Law Well before the new fiscal year starts on july l in addition to giving Quick approval to Senate House compromises on the tax and defense Bills the two branches of Congress accepted me tax Bill Page i column 2 faces trial on a robbery charge Paducah by june 22 up a county authorities decided today to try Loker grief Mon an armed robbery charge before Eure Dering him to Texas authorities in connection with the slaying of a and woman near Lufkin Tex. County judge Brady m. Stewart ordered grief held without Bond after the prisoner waived an examining trial on the robbery charge a grand jury will consider the Case in september. Tony Rego makes statement concerning baseball move i frenchmen Are urged to join British units London june 28. Sunday a prime minister Winston Churchill expressing British a grief and amazement at Frances aeroplanes of German armistice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Ald the British fight against Germany As the Only bops of France s eventual Restora Loa to it Hasty declaring thai the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the petals government a to Ald to the utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly despite the action of the Bor Denux government he said a victorious Britain will a cherish the cause of the French people a and pointed out to them that a British Victory was a the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its people be full Mur Kendth London june 23. Sunday it a it general de Gaulle former assist ant to Paul Reynaud resigned French Premier said in a Broad cast in French Over British broadcasting corporation today that the effect of the conditions dictated by Germany would be that Quot French land sea and air forces would be completely demobilized arms sur rendered and the territory of francs completely germans gain a few Miles the Herald has received through mrs. Bego the following statement from Tesy Bego with reference in the removal of the Baron base Boh Chib Dom big Spring. The statement follows news moms which have appeared la the paper and which reported development a they occurred including announcement of Tho dubs removal suing a but is printed on the basis that both Side of the Carn Are entitled to fair and equal treatment in presenting their views to the s note. See a there have been a few rash statements in the paper that have caused me to believe the wrong in formation is being circulated. It involves Money that was used to build the grandstand at the Ball Park la big Spring. If this Money was Given to anyone by the clubs of the town who was it Given to and who paid it out and if so who owes the debt it was not Given to Tho big Spring baseball club nor to mess president and owner of the big Spring baseball club and r was not paid out by me and i done town what it was paid out for. What i want to know is Why so much is spoken of in telegrams to our officials stating the clubs Are not satisfied with the Way i have treated them when the clubs have never Given me Money and see statement rage i in. I Geneva june 22. As a the germane gained a few Mountain Miles tonight in their Effort to join forces with the italian Alpine armies but the Tri color of France still flew Over fort la a clue the a Gibraltar of the the town of Belgrade the fort wee captured by the germans lost and then regained Between Dawn and dusk. Bitter fighting continued in this motion without respite. The fort is five Miles Northeast of Tho town commanding the Entrance to the wide Valley Between the lower Jura and the Alps. Large German forces stormed the fort this morning but were thrown Back. Two flanks which ranches the top of the Hill found the Roadway masted Awny la front of the fort with a Fos fool drop fighting goes on until All terms settled Berun Jim 33 apr franc a made s final surrender to victorious Germany tonight signing in the Forest of compte git a peace based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler. It was an armistice still conditioned however on a second capitulation to Italy and tonight men fought on in a conflict that was a War no longer. It was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier Mussolini. Six hours after the notice off this second armistice has been received by the nazi High command the guns will cease to speak. In the same old railway car in the comping be for where the Kaiser a delegation bowed in defeat to marshal Ferdinand Foueti on nov. Ii 1918, two ranking generals al 6 50 p. In. 10 50 a. In. . Put pens to the French surrender of 1940. The weary French delegation took a plane almost immediately for no undisclosed City in Italy to begin their conversation with Mussolini. This French surrender it an eld and bitterly remembered scene of German detest the railway car in the Forest was signed by cat Gen. Wilhelm Keitel for Germany and by general Charles Hunt Alger for France. Just what Fra Ace agreed to at the Ead of a Short and Moody struggle which in 43 Days left half her country in German hands ame net disclosed pending the italian negotiations. But when Hitler took his dictate to them yesterday he stated to a pres made to his detailed terms three Broad conditions that must in met. France was to agree to Mut give guarantee to help whip England give a a guarantees to Germany to help her wage War on the Kotoric French ally. England. Submit to a a a new peace in Europe which Woald be designed above everything to help to wipe out Tho a wrong done to the German retch by Force in the last War. The fuehrer was not present at today a session. Even during the lost hours of the solemn discussion in the shadows of comping be Forest the French armies were being pursued by German Force in the Field. The fact that this struggle might go on for agonising hours seemed Plain in the terms of the German communique announcing the capitulation a the cessation of hostilities is not connected with the signing of the will follow lit hours after the italian government has notified the German supreme command of the test of Tho Halo French armistice a while the Berlin press took a very reserved tone toward events la the Forest of comping be propaganda minister Goebbels newspaper Der Andriff gave an insight into the statue which the nails believe France must occupy la the a new France will make step into a new age a com Pisegne a the paper said a woe the end of a entire order al the economic and soon logical system of the French Republic. A after this War France will make the first step into a new age which the Young authoritarian states of Europe have Long since taken. The responsible Mea of Franco ought to think about that whoa they have to present guarantees to a victorious a special German wireless program bringing to Berlin the signing of the peace Ai Cump Tagne closed with these challenging words a the Battle goes on against just before signing the treaty general Huntziger the Defeated French army Leader spoke briefly and solemnly. He explained that the delay in the French decision to sign the negotiations lasted mom than 24 Bour a was due partly to a pc or Telephone connection bet eap the delegation and the French Carnet in Bordeaux. He said then that he was about to perform a duty that was a extremely hard for a Soldier but one that was nevertheless necessary. France he went on a has the right to expect that further Megohm lion with Germany will be car ried on la a spirit enabling them a great neighbors toll a just about 27 hears had passed be time general Keitel Rem stiffly la the Foci ear in read the armistice terms preamble in Hitler s prese aos yesterday. The French commission had left the car at 4 2ft p. In. For a last Oon Var Salon by Tele Phons with their government. As the Brief final ceremony colluded la the ancient railway car members of the two comm Aston rom and stood at attention to Honor the War dead on both sides. A we must fill a heavy duty and rim from our places to Honor French and German soldiers who fall in Battle a a German spoke South of Lyon. German motorised columns have Mads Little pro Viso of sources said the germans apparently Are awaiting reinforcements from Dijon. Weather forecast went Texas partly Cloudy Cloudy Munday with showers thunderstorms. Monday partly Moody with thunderstorms in Wanner la South Rait texan a partly Cloudy announcement of the capitulation Over German radios brought patriotic outbursts la Many restaurants and other Public gatherings. England a Ripe thinks Berlin mild stir Here As sect members try to sell literature a mild stir was created in the downtown Section shortly after noon saturday when several persons became aroused Over efforts of members of Tho Jehovah a a wit Nesses to aril literature of their religious sect. After repeated complaints members of the sheriffs department gathered up literature and quieted the affair. Women and children and one Man who recently was involved in a similar Case at Stanton participated in the distribution of the publications. Berlin june 22.�?England to a trips for storming a Wall informed nazi quarters said tonight As this View widened it Germany the Days comm bus told of increased pressure against England from the air and on the sea. Nearly too bombers roared Over England coast communities last night in another mass demonstration of air Power. They will go Back. The German press emphasized that adequately based planes need not fear sea Power. The news service Dinst a us deutschland declared that England is a an Ideal subject for attack in that it is a a a setup a for Quick destructive air forays and for blockade. The news service added a England is being Defeated by one of its own weapons moreover every hour of delay in the French decision at comping be Forest helped the Dermas army to make the French military position More hopeless. German sources said. A Oths armistice is going hand la hand with the final collapse of the French army a was the Way mat press report put it Germany la to p earn is a of excellent Abr beset along the Froesch Awta aft

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