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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Big Spring, Texas Big Spring daily herald4 is year a a a no. 48 dial 263-7331 big Spring Texas 79720sunday july 28, 1968 40 pages. 5 sections Price 15 slain by snipers Cleveland policemen eulogized Leveland Ohio apr three Cleveland policemen slain by sniper bullets on the City a East Side tuesday night were eulogized at a memorial mass saturday As a just Ordinary Guys who pledged their lives. To protect human just before the requiem mass at St. John Cathedral. Mayor Carl r Stokes announced the easing of emergency measures taken to Deal with racial unrest touched off by the sniper attack. Seven negroes also were killed in the shootings in the Glenville area. Motor lifts curfew looting and arson which followed the Battle Between police and snipers have tapered off and mayor Stokes lifted the curfew which had been imposed on the troubled area for two nights. Police who had been working 12-hour shifts returned to regular duty hours and 1.200 National guardsmen left the City. About 1.500 guardsmen remained on a standby basis. Some 400 policemen including seven out of state delegations marched from the mall at the Center of the City to the Cathedral for the services for the three White officers ill. Leroy Jones. 47. And patrolmen Willard Wolff 30. And Louis Golonka. 37. The solemn procession led by police chief Michael Blackwell was escorted by a motorcycle squad and mounted police. Humble gratitude in the March were policemen from Boston Buffalo Chicago Birmingham. Ala., Gary ind., Detroit and the Pennsylvania state police. Ohio marchers in addition to Cleveland included police from departments in Cincinnati Akron Columbus the Cleveland suburbs and the Ohio Highway patrol. City councilmen led by Council president James v. Stanton also were in the procession. Mayor Stokes sat with members of his Cabinet at the front of the Cathedral for the one hour mass celebrated by the it. Rev msgr. James Quinn vice Chancellor of the Cleveland Catholic diocese. Bodies of the slain officers were at funeral Homes in their neighbourhoods. A it is in Humble gratitude that we pay tribute to Jones Wolff and Golonka a said msgr. Quinn in his Eulogy. A we Are grateful for their dedication to god and their fellow Man. They Are heroes just Ordinary Guys who pledged their lives their fortunes their Honor to protect human rights human dignity and to secure Law and order that Are the True measures of human three murder charges As the mass was about to begin. Fred Ahmed Evans a Black nationalist who surrendered to police at the scene of the sniper attack was appearing in municipal court on three first degree murder charges in connection with the killings of the policemen. Evans 37, asked for a preliminary hearing and his Case was continued to aug. 7, by judge Ray c. Miller. He is held without Bond on the murder charges. Police said Hallel Jones 29. A Black nationalist associate of Evans was arrested Early saturday for curfew violation. Jones formerly employed in the City sanitation department was questioned in connection with carrying a concealed weapon. Eight assaults v i reviewing the. Big Spring week. With Joe Pickle commercial construction received a shot in the Arm with announcement that work is to Start on the first increments of the Coronado Plaza shopping Center at the Southwest Corner of the Marcy and Gregg Street intersections. This initial step said Ralph Gossett head of Scenic gardens inc., will involve some $325,000 in construction. # in in United fund trustees received and approved a recommendation from the budget screening committee which fixes the amount of the current Campaign asking at $109,225. This is about five per cent under last years asking but about $3,000 More than was actually raised. The proposal includes $96,725 for the dozen or More agencies $9,500 for Campaign expenses and office operation and $4,000 for pledge shrinkage. Directors of the Colorado River municipal w Ater District awarded contracts last week totalling $1,152,310 a a figure that May increase slightly when the District avails itself of alternates for a slightly larger dimension of pipe and for Concrete slope Protection rather than Rock rip rap. This leaves about 70 Miles of mostly 42-Inch pipe to be let later. Because of inflation and higher costs see the week Page 6-a. Col. 4 in today s Herald Pioneer boosters predecessor of tin chamber of Commerce the big Spring s commercial c Lub was touting local advantages Back in 1890. See Page i d. Amusements. 7 0 comics. It 0 crossword Puzzle. 4-a Deer Abby. To editorials. 2 0 Goren on Bridge. 7 a Horoscope. A looking pm Over 3 b round town. Pc sports. I 2, j. 4 a to schedule. A want ads. A 6, 7, 3 b weather map. A a women news. Sec. C. Showers partly Cloudy with Little change in temperature today and monday. Chance of late afternoon and evening thundershowers today. Minds from the South 5-15 m p h. High today 92 degrees Low tonight 70 High tomorrow 92 degrees. Prague liberals defying Kremlin flare up u grand rapids Mich it pm Hospital the Edsel Johnson racial fight squeeze of russians czechs urged Prague apr communist party chief Alexander Dubcek reaffirming that Czechoslovakia will pursue its Liberal course said saturday night he is convinced the soviet Union will eventually understand this is not a menace to its allies. A i am convinced that our friends will understand a even if not at once that the czechoslovak socialist regeneration process does not threaten the interests of the socialist communist countries Quot Dubcek said in a television address repression a on the contrary it is the Only possible Way to make our Republic a really solid part of the socialist establishment and to make our Border the most reliable Border of socialism a Deputy Premier Ota Sik cautioned the russians earlier in the Day that a czechoslovak reversion from liberalization to the old regime of a fear and repression would crush Confidence in the nations communist party. Both were expressing their views in Advance of a scheduled meeting with Kremlin authorities to discuss the future course of Czechoslovakia. The soviet Union with the orthodox backing of Poland East Germany Hungary and Bulgaria is keeping up pressure for the czechs to get Back in line. A top exponent of the reformist Campaign under Way since hard liner Antonin Novotny was ousted As chief of the czechoslovak communist party Jan. 5, Sik declared there would be no backsliding. Showdown a the old political team discredited itself to a degree that it has become unacceptable for the decisive majority of our people a he said in an article in the party newspaper. Rude Provo. Old guard forces remain Active in government political and economic affairs he added but a they do not represent like others in the party leadership Sik said the czechoslovak looked Forward with Confidence to their impending meeting with the soviet party a 11-Man politburo. The soviet party chief Leonid i Brezhnev and his associates Are expected to get together with the 11-Man czechoslovak presidium for a showdown somewhere in this country this . Expects thai attacks Saigon a -U.S. Officials expect More guerrilla attacks on the seven american bases Iii Thailand following fridays raid on the adorn air base. Informants said saturday the attack on the adorn base had been expected for months. They added that the thai guerrillas undoubtedly got their orders from Hanoi. A these were not local Hillbillies operating on their own a said one senior official. A a we be been waiting a Long time for the shoe to about 20 guerrillas hurling explosives battled the base defenders for an hour Friday wrecking two planes killing a thai guard and wounding four americans. Two guerrillas were killed and two were captured. Chinese automatic assault rifles and russian made grenades were found after the Battle. Officials expect future attacks on the Thailand bases to be Low level harassment raids posing no genuine military threat. This would preserve the appearance that such attacks Are inspired soley by the red guerrilla movement in Thailand. . Intelligence officers believe the opposite is True. American sources said information about impending attacks began to reach intelligence officers Early this year. Adorn Only 30 Miles from the laotian Border was pinpointed As the likeliest target. Czechs sign up a Wip photo czechs Stop to add their signatures to an open letter to Alexaander Dubcek a a reformist regime. The letter originally printed in a writers weekly Magazine was posted in the Center of Prague it warned that a the Tate of our nation is at stake in an Ini minding showdown conference Between czech and soviet leaders. Big soviet Union tanks could turn Back clock Moscow a time is now running against the soviet Union in its confrontation with Czechoslovakia but the clock May still be turned Back by red army tanks. Soviet delay in forcing a showdown with Prague leaders Over their Defiance of Kremlin orders had an original purpose. The russians were willing to go slow in Hope that their mounting pressure against Prague a liberalized Ion course would split the leaders there and win acceptance of re Stalin nation without the use of Force the pressure May yet do that despite apparently solid popular support for the czechoslovak party chief Alexander i it it Cek and denial of rumours that his party High command had outvoted him. But for the moment the drag accused King Assassin linked to commie plot Memphis Tenn Cap Arthur j. Lianes James Earl Ray s defense lawyer told newsmen saturday an International communist conspiracy was involved in the slaying of or. Martin Luther King or. Hanes said that immediately after King was assassinated Here april 4. atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark called the slaying a one Man Job. Ray is charged with murder in the death. A but. Lianes said. A i am Here to Tell you right now that in my judgment the attorney general of the i tilted states is too per cent wrong. There is a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the rights trampled Hanes did not elaborate except to say that he had this information from a reliable source and that it All would come out at rays trial next november. Speaking at an Impromptu news conference Hanes also assailed what he called a Lack of privacy for his client and an invasion of his rights since his arrest in London june 8 and his return Here. Arid Hanes told of threats against his own family. A i definitely feel that my clients rights Are being trampled and his privacy invaded. While i think sheriff William n. Morris and his people Are trying to protect my clients political rights they Are at the same time trampling his individual evil Eye referring to the closed circuit television that monitors Ray in his jail cell the former Birmingham mayor said a neither my client nor i like the idea of cameras being focused on him 24 hours a Day. He has to hide his head under a Pillow in order to get any sleep. He even has the evil Eye of a camera on him when he uses the of this crisis has allowed the development of a unified Public opposition in Czechoslovakia to soviet domination. National spirit nationalism that powerful Force which Joseph Stalin tried to eradicate from his East european satellites has been fostered in Czechoslovakia by the soviet press Campaign the More intense the attack has grown the More openly determined the Public opinion makers of Czechoslovakia have become to resist. The greater the soviet Mili-1 a by preparations troops camped just across the East German and polish Borders reserves called up just across the soviet Borders the More concerned but also the More calmly defiant have become the people of Prague Send till tanks the situation suggests hesitancy in the Kremlin to Deal with the situation in the Way that soviet statements make Clear will tie done if necessary Send the tanks. Hesitancy about the big Tough decisions is characteristic of the soviet a collective leadership that succeeded Nikita s. Khrushchev a personal Rule four years ago. Indecision has become almost paralysing in some Fields handicapping economic planning in particular. In this Case it might be caused by disagreement among members of the a collective leadership Over using Force to crush czechoslovak liberalization there have been Many indications that Premier Alexei n. Kosygin would like to find an easier Way out. Scattered Rock throwing continued saturday in a predominantly negro Section of South Eastern grand rapids where eight White persons were dragged from cars and beaten Friday night in what police said were assaults by negroes on passing motorists several persons were arrested and charged in connection with the disturbances police James Hendriks said however the situation had not Xen serious since 7 a in and descried saturdays incidents As minor and scattered a generally a he said things Are pretty quiet a no idea at the same time Hendrick said authentic were hoping a forecast of rain would pan out and Dampen tempers he described the late Friday and Early saturday assaults As spontaneous with attacks timing carried out by groups of negroes ranging from five to 30 or 40 he added that police had no idea what might have triggers them two of the most seriously injured were army to col Carl Johnson recently returned from Vietnam and his wife. Natalie. Xith of whom required surgery Edsel Johnson the colonels brother said he and his wife. Esther the colonel and the lat to cry a wife had just turned off an expressway into the disturbance area when 20 to 30 Wjk sons stepped into the Street and halted his car. Swarmed or a i should have run them Over a he latterly told a reporter saturday. his wife added a the stopped so none of them would get mrs Edsel Johnson said the men swarmed around their car. Breaking windows and then beating the passengers with rocks arid Sticks with women later stepping Forward to Rob them of wallets purses and jewelry. She said the Johnsons had no idea a disturbance was in Progress when they turned into the area. The Johnsons finally were rescued by police and All taken to Cave in kills two teenagers Lake Texoma okla. Apr two Denison Tex teen agers were killed in a Cave in on the Shore of Lake Texoma Satur Day. Another Denison youngster was Hurt and a fourth member of the group escaped injury. The Oklahoma Highway patrol identified those killed As Michael Davis 13, and Kathy Vest 16 both were dead on arrival at a Denison Hospital. Paula Odom 16, was admitted to the Hospital with a dislocated hip. Rodney Odom 13, was in lured. The Oklahoma patrol said the youngsters found a Cave in the Bank of the Lake in the Burns Creek area saturday morning and began enlarging it. The Bank caved in covering Young Davis and the 16-year-old girl. The Odom girl was buried from the neck Down and Young Odem legs were buried the patrol Denison firemen and army corps of engineers Rescue unit workers uncovered the four youngsters after about an hour gop moves toward convention Nixon Rocky air claims Miami Beach Fla. A amid the Din of Hammer an i saw in an unfinished convention Hall champions of Richard m. Nixon and Nelson a. Rockefeller traded claims saturday about presidential nominating strength. And Republican National chairman Ray c. Bliss cured the noisy Hall where on aug 5 the cop National convention will open to write a platform and choose a nominee for the White House Bliss checked seats on the convention floor stood with Florida gov. Claude r. Kirk at the unfinished Rostrum chatted with workmen the seats still Are going in the platforms still being erected at the Miami Beach convention Hall. Nixon a convention floor manager. Rep. Rogers c b. Morton of Maryland stood beside a pile of lumber and forecast Victory for his Man on the first convention ballot lie said Nixon a Delegate strength already is Well beyond the 667 delegates it will take to name a presidential nominee. A we re somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60 per cent of All the delegates a Alorton said. A i think Well win on the first but Kirk who supports Rockefeller for the nomination disputed that assessment. A i think they Are Short of the Mark and falling Kirk said. He claimed that Nixon is virtually out of the running despite the former vice presidents hefty Lead in Delegate strength a and that Rockefeller and California gov Ronald Reagan Are the men to watch. The first order of convention business is mondays opening of hearings on a Republican platform. A spokesman said Nixon did not plan a personal appearance at the platform sessions but would submit a series of four papers outlining his views on Campaign issues including Vietnam policy he has been silent on that topic for months. Nor is Rockefeller now scheduled to appear Pennsylvania gov. Raymond p Shafer is expected to speak for him on platform matters. Reagan who disclaims Active candidacy but has been talking with convention delegations is to appear before the platform committee Vav wednesday. One potentially troublesome Issue loomed for the convention credentials committee which May face seating challenges from civil rights groups claiming that negroes Are not adequately represented on some Southern delegations. Pm in in it a i it it Ive after treat. Moot col Johnson suffered severe laceration his wife i smashed nose Ted s decision puts Hubert in the Middle Washington a a month before he even knows whether he will tie the democratic presidential nominee vice president Hubert if Humphrey is timing pressured from two directions on the Choice of a running mate the self pro a led exit of sen. Edward m a a Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts from consideration for the no 2 so get enu to have foreclosed one Choice it might have teen relatively easy for the vice president to make m Agic Kennedy represented a number of politic Al assets that some influential men in the party make Clear they think Humphrey May need to defeat the Republican nominee in novem text in particular the Kennedy name has its own magic with the negro voter and among lower income Whites As Well As with Lili eral intellectuals Humphrey has been a Champion of these elements in the past but seemingly Many of them can to forgive him for being Loyal to president Johnson on the Vietnam War so they threaten to Greet his Likely presidential nomination with apathy if not open hostility while he has not gone As far As his brother Robert did Ted Kennedy represents a dissent to the Vietnam War policy. By picking him As a running mate Humphrey could have signalled his willingness to deviate from the Johnson policies without actually making what to him could to a repugnant commitment. Pressure Humphrey s obvious acceptance of Kennedy a withdrawal As final leaves the vice president searching for a viable substitute who can help awaken the apparently uninterested voters in the big City slums and industrialized states. There seems no name candidate immediately available on this front although some democratic governors and other officials who have Vixen involved in the Antipoverty Battle reportedly arc eager to Volunteer. On the other Side of the Coin Humphrey is under pressure to team with a conservative who would be calculated to weaken the Appeal of former gov. George to Wallace of Alabama. A third party candidate who Hopes to deny an electoral College majority to the major party nominees. Dixie veep gov. John Connally of Texas who obviously would like to follow the of John Nance Garner and Lyndon b. Johnson As a vice presidential nominee from Texas has been seeking to stir up sentiment for a Humphrey southerner ticket Connally said he and five other Southern governors told Humphrey at a conference in Cincinnati earlier last week that they think the vice president ought to choose a someone More moderate than you for second place on the ticket. Few party leaders think of this Point that Humphrey could afford to Gamble on any such Southern strategy. Others Fie i Levo the election is going to Fie won in the ten largest Industrial states. Thev sex Connally or any other Southern running mate As a sea Anchor w hich would he Calm the vice president in the turbulent Waters where the Bat tie with the Republican nominee will be Sale v Large number of big Spring merchandising establishment Are cooperating in a Quot sidewalk Sale a monday. Putting special bargains on outdoor tables where browsing shoppers May have a first hand look and make their own selections. Its a sort of fun thing As Well As a Thrift Day those looking f o r Rock Bottom values would do Well to stroll All the sidewalks monday. 5v�fel us

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