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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Big Spring, Texas Today a Fath Bio unit log and Vicinity partly flu Stife 4 to mums met big Spring daily Herald the he uld pact 5d cemks4d editorials 2d Jess Tarcia Taou news 4b Towa 4c sports t to log three i 1d Worms news 0 vol 30 no 198 Pentagon overhaul a wire service big Spring Texas sunday january 26 1958 Price ten cents fifty six pages today Washington Jan 25 president Eisenhower took a per Sonal hand today in moves to re organize the defense department he paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military leaders there was immediate bipartisan applause from members of con Gress for the presidents dramatic action to Speed a promised Over haul of the nations military set up to meet the Challenge of rus Sian sputnik and missiles Eisenhower conferred for More than two hours with Secretary of defense Mcelroy and 14 other civilian and military officials these included reorganization advisers whom Mcelroy named recently there was no announce ment whether any decisions had been reached White House press Secretary James 0 Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White House the president said he was going to take a personal interest in this so he went Over there Hagerty said it was his idea Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conferences Eisen Hower will have with Mcelroy prior to the presidents decision on defense reorganization sen Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he was Happy to note that the president at this time is taking a personal interest in the reorganization of the Pentagon As he indicated he would do in his state of the Union message i Hope he takes a close look at the extraordinary number of assistant secretaries of defense and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Penta gon Mansfield said sen Knowland of California the senates Republican Leader said Eisenhower action confirms ear Lier statements that the president is giving his attention to changes and will have Concrete recommendations to make to Congress this will tend to expedite mat ters Knowland commented sen Stennis d vice chairman of the Senate preparedness subcommittee which investigated the missile and Satel Lite program said he was glad to see Eisenhower taking a direct and Active part in reorganization moves those with military experience like his can and should find a bet Ter plan to meet the conditions that we face for our defens is he said another Senate armed services committeeman sen Francis Case red said the country will be glad of this evidence that the president is taking an Active part in the development of Possi ble reorganization of the defense department reviewing the big Spring week with Joe Pickle Are you a useless citizen an editorial it is a great american trait to be outraged at the thought of minorities running our various governments and a sad Ameri can trait to present the minorities their Power on a Silver Platter that what we do if we dont pay our pol tax this year is As significant in a political Way As any year could be elections will determine what kind of representation we have in Washington in Austin in the court House the City Hall and at the school offices elections could come up to determine Bond issues other issues of Impact on the Community Are you one of those who will be completely impotent in these affairs Are you one of those who can exercise no Choice you will be one of these completely useless citizens if you do not pay your poll tax you have until Friday night state Democrat showdown due Austin Jan 25 Buthe first showdown in the struggle for control of the democratic party machinery this year comes a week from today at two political gatherings Here the same old familiar Liberal versus conservative issues with the same old sound effects and no real Effort at composing differences will Echo at the meetings a Csc opening 2nd semester Howard county Junior College gears up for the second ground starting monday or w a Hunt president said that registration for the second semester would be open from am to pm and from pm to pm monday and tuesday classes will Start wednesday for the past few years Spring semester enrolment has topped that for the fall semester these Mester just ended showed a total of 574 enrolled of which 247 were full time students and 327 part time a Csc has had 298 students inthe Day classes and 276 in night classes or Hunt indicated that a num Ber of Young people who had gone off to senior College last autumn have made inquiries about the possibility of returning Here for the Spring semester f the state democratic executive committee dec and the democrats of Texas Advance trumpeting from both ides set the pattern of conflict which will really be decided at precinct conventions july 26 the Osing Side at almost every pre inc convention will accuse the winners of unethical or Down ight crooked dealing the Squab Les will continue through county conventions and finally embroil he state convention the Dot is an organization of Iberal democrats who have been mostly on the losing Side for Many years the executive committee includes a few liberals but is mostly dominated by conserva Ives lined up with gov Price Daniel Daniel said today he would speak at the dec meeting and Stres majority control party integrity and continued rebuilding of the Texas democratic party through its duly elected officials Daniel also renewed his Appeal or voters to pay their poll taxes fhe deadline is Jan 31 poll tax holders Only Are eligible to take part in the precinct conventions and thus hold the key to party or High band director quits Bobby Robbins Junior High band director has submitted his resignation effective feb 1 supt Floyd w Parsons said saturday Robbins is to do some Specia work for the Highway department at Amarillo mrs Robbins who has been As signed to the Junior High Library also resigned her Post said Par sons under f Robbins direction the Junior High band has made Sony rapid strides particularly within the past two years recently at to District contests in Andrews to band won top placement sos sos we Are in need of some 4000 people who Are proud of their american citizenship enough to qualify As voters dead line for paying your poll tax or obtaining your exe Nipton certificate is Friday do it monday and avoid those Long lines but for goodness Sake do it that big housing project is now officially under Way following the ground breaking which brought Gen Henry Spicer Here wednes Day How important is Community Good will and cooperation to a Mil itary establishment Well Gen Spicer gave an example an air base in this Region is on the Way out because citizens indicated Dis interest by bucking a similar hous ing project v two Road developments of inter est were in the news contract was awarded to Cage Bros for for six Miles on pm 1298 which will take off from the Snyder Highway 30 Miles to the Northeast and go right below the Lake j b Thomas dam Highway department representatives were Here to Check fur ther on pm 700 Roadway require ments this is the us 37us 80 Southeast Loop a number of Community leaders talked with consulting engineers last week about possibility of developing Limestone deposits a Cement Plant was mentioned but this would entail a million operation other possibilities in clude building Stone Why haul our Austin Stone 300 Miles we almost had our first traffic fatality of the year last week and Ronald g Smith 15 is still in critical condition his motorcycle struck a car downtown in the wee hours hurling the Young rider to the pavement Theodore Uppman who will be see this week pm col 1 weak Texas Cool front plays out by Thi associated a weak Cool front played of saturday after pushing Southwark into West Central Texas official forecasters said a comparatively warm weekend was i Prospect throughout the state a though temperatures would dip a Low As 25 Early sunday in parts o West and North Central Texas control Daniel again referred to the Dot As a minority splinter group he said ail governmental policies Stem from decisions made at the precinct conventions and urged that the majority prevent control from falling into the hands of any minority group Mideast trouble brewing Ankara Turkey Jan 25 Premier Adnan Menderes hastened Home today from a sudden and secret Mission to Iraq his trip thickened an air of crisis sur rounding the opening monday of an important Baghdad pact con Ference Here the five pact nations and the United states will discuss the de sense of the Middle East against threats and thrusts of soviet communism the strains and stresses of the Middle East political Maze formed the background both to Menderes unexplained Mission and to the conference of the Bagh dad Alliance which u s Secre tary of state John Foster Dulles is attending As an observer there is every indication that in the meetings inside the Flag bedecked closely guarded turkish grand National Assembly build ing Here Dulles will have to play me delicate key role of keeping moslem states firmly Allied to the West Menderes flew to Baghdad Fri Day for a hurried conference reportedly at the urgent request of Iraq the Only Arab country with in the anticommunist Alliance of nations along russian Southern Borders other members Are Brit Ain and the moslem states of tur key Iran and Pakistan speculation among diplomats and military men assembled Here ranged from the possibility that Iraq May be quitting the Alliance for the Sake of Arab Unity to the suggestion that Iraq plans to de Mand British american support for a Tough new policy toward is Rael a variety of other suggestions was also advanced but none found any official backing either from the turkish government or the iraqi delegation headed by sex Premier Nuri said one thing was sure the sur prise development worried Amer ican British and other protest Ern officials one Baghdad fact secretariat reported the u s delegation on hear ing the news of Menderes trip withdrew the Advance text of Russia ready to discuss icbms ban Navy plane hits seawall Spray flies As the Crew of four engine Navy Hying boat revs no the outside port engine a keep the big plane from slipping Back late the water after crashing into a seawall while making an Emer gency Landing at Alameda Calif the plane last a propeller from one engine 350 Miles at sea in route from Honolulu after making what appeared to be a perfect Landing the plane spun into the seawall and ripped oat a portion of the Hull the 21 persons aboard escaped serious injury colourful texan rail executive Robert Young kills himself with Shotgun mrs Frankie Randolph of hous ton is the Leader of the Dot she is also Texas National democratic committee woman the Dot will meet Here Friday to plan its Campaign to win the precinct conventions and thus take Over party control the dec a been working along this line for months the immediate Issue at the saturday meeting of the executive committee will be the dots Effort to get favourable action on a proposed code of ethics for con duct of party conventions there have been Many Calls for such a code settling once and for All such Touchy issues As How to determine which of two contest ing delegations should be seated at a state convention and How to select members of the state executive committee the past practice has been for the Winner to name the committee majority mrs Randolph will bring the dots proposed code of ethics before the committee there has been no Advance indication of How the committee will meet the Issue but no talk of Compromise has been heard from either Side poll tax score opening statement to the conference it had been submitted to be held for release monday the inference seemed to be that the Secretary May change his approach but even before the Menderes trip preliminary exchanges in the economic committee of the pact had revealed some serious differences Between moslem members and the United states and Brit Ain these entered mainly around demands for economic and military Aid by needy moslem countries notably by Iran according to pact officials Palm Beach Fla Jan 25 Al Railroad executive Robert Young of the new York Central committed suicide in a to floor billiard room of his Palm Beach Home today by shooting himself with a double barrelled Shotgun you know it was a it Fred Mead of the Palm Beach police department told a reporter Mead said friends reported the 60yearold Young had appeared despondent lately although there was no information on the cause of his depression the body was discovered about noon by an unidentified member of the family who went in search of him he and his wife had a social appointment with friends this afternoon Mead said no one heard the shots he explained the Young Home is a Large building with winding staircases which tend to muffle sound the Home usually visited by the Youngs for three months each Winter after the scores of mothers to make polio drive thursday night poll tax receipts 3665 exemption certificates 1012 big Spring mothers will stage their annual March against the ravages of polio thursday eve Ning scores of women backed up by National guardsmen and Mem Bers of the Loyal order of Moose will canvass uie City in quest of contributions for the Howard Glass cock March of dimes Campaign said mrs e p Driver general chairman i1 the Mot Flers March on polio is to Start at 7 pm and will total 4677 total this Date 1957 4404 total this Date 1956 6563 last about an hour mrs Driver said big springers who wish to contribute Are asked to have their porch lights shining from 7 to 8 pm thursday eight District chairmen have been named to help organize the canvass they represent the cites eight elementary Pat units and members of the organization will conduct the canvass National guard and Moose Lodge members will form patrols to support the mothers mrs Driver announced these eight District chairmen mrs e c Miller Airport District mrs James abbe West Ward mrs Robert Lee East Ward mrs Elvin Bearden North Ward Mary Vasquez Kate Morrison mrs Walter Stroup Washington mrs w a Cobb College Heights and mrs Carl Marcum Park Hill his work fills 27 volumes spaceman hero or Goddard was top Pioneer in rocketry for 50 years f 1 by Don Guy Worcester mass Jan 25 w i gave most people their first glimpse of what May become the rocket age but or Robert h Goddard tried to push a reluctant world into the rocket age nearly half a Century ago today his widow has completed a task she set herself when god Dard died in 1945 at the height of his rocket experiments mrs Goddard has carefully de ciphered thousands of diary notes and technical reports on tests spanning nearly 50 years of re search on rockets much of this material makes up the 27 indexed volumes covering the life work of the former Clark univer sity physics professor German scientists queried on the v2 rocket by u s army Ord Nance technicians in the first Days after the end of world War ii often startled their questioner by replying Why dont you ask your own or Goddard for 10 cents Long before the War German scientists had been Able to buy from the us Patent office copies of Goddard patents these included multistage or Robert h Goddard was ahea4 of Ulm til or step rocket patented july 7 1914 and the worlds first liquid fuel rocket patented a few Days later Russia used a rocket to thrust her sputnik into or bits around the Earth liquid fuel including the liquid oxygen pioneered by Goddard is used in most rockets today mrs Golda re now in her late 50s was a 17yearold Secretary to the president of Clark univer sity when she first met the tall physics professor in 1918 he had just returned from rocket tests in California and the army proving grounds in Aber Deen my he was looking for someone to Type his notes and reports blonde Bluc Yeii Esther Kisk 18 years his Junior volunteered to help the notes told of testing a strange now weapon at Aberdeen a simple tube launching a rocket gave a single infantryman enough firepower to Stop a tank the notes didst say so but the army lost interest in the weapon when the armistice was signed a few Days later it was 20 years the armed forces showed further interest in rockets years later or Goddard invention emerged As the famed Bazooka of world War u when Hitler loosed v2 rockets on London in 1944 salvaged frag ments of rockets that failed to exploded were rushed to this coun try for examination by scientists they were found to duplicate except in size the gasoline and liquid oxygen rockets that or Goddard had fired to a mile and a half at speeds up to 700 Mph in new Mexico 10 years earlier or worn her von Braun Gor Man rocket Genius who developed the v2 and is now director of development operations for the army ballistic missile program says or Goddard was ahead of us All or Goddard died aug 10 1945 at the age of 62 through her grief his widow recalled what her husband would say when a rocket blew up after months of work Well lets go pick up the pieces and Start again when Russia sent up sputnik i mrs Goddard says she Felt it was his dream come True but i was sick at heart that the United states had not launched history first Mannu de satellite were required to leave tie grounds be fore the body was removed to a waiting ambulance Mead said Young was found dressed in Street clothes the right Side of his head shot away a re Porter said a Deputy sheriff who took pictures of the body emerged from the Home shaken its the worst one Ive seen the Deputy was quoted As saying Young and his wife arrived Here the Day after Christmas he had attended a meeting of the nyc Bird of directors a few Days ago at which it was decided not to declare a dividend at this time mrs Young the former Anita ten Eyck okeefe was reported at the Home of friends after the shooting Mead said it probably took place about 10 am the lieutenant said the body probably would not have been Dis covered for some time had it not been for the Youngs afternoon appointment the Railroad tycoon was a close Friend of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor who frequently visited him Here the Youngs who were married in 1916 had a daughter Eleano Jane Young who died in a plane Accident in 1941 Young was chairman of Thi Board of the new York Central he formerly was chairman of the Board of the Chesapeake and Ohio railway co survived crash a son of a country banker Young resigned a As assistant treasurer of general motors in 1928 and founded a Fortune in the Wall Street crash in 1929 he had predicted the crash arid had sold Short with his newly won assets he turned to his railroading career of Small stature 5 feet 6 and weighing 135 pounds Young some times was dubbed the smallest texan in the world his slight build was combined with a soft voice and retiring manner but he tangled with financial titans criticized Longes to abolished practices of carriers and introduced his own innovations one innovation was the abolish ment of tipping on the Chesapeake but it didst work wait ers were Given increments in place of tips but they accepted tips anyhow and the plan was dropped Young got into the rail Road business in 1937 when he gained control of corp a holding the Alleghany company for Railroad properties and real estate the principal asset was the of which he became Board chairman from that position he goaded the Industry sometimes with full Page newspaper advertisements a hog can Cross the country without changing you cant one and proclaimed a Short time later through serv ice was established by various combinations of roads but Young complained that a travellers trip still was delayed several hours by switching operations in Chicago Bankers there the trouble with a lot of railroads he once fumed Bankers dont pretend to be Industrial managers what we need is More ownership interest in railroads that what made some of our biggest corporations great in just a Little boy from Tex As trying to bring Public the kind of service it deserves and give the railroads Back to the railroads people he said of his rail improvement program once firmly established in Alleghany Young set his sights on the new York Central with its 10714 Miles of track and assets in excess of a billion dollars assets included some of the most valuable real estate in the world but the Road also was heavily mortgaged its net bonded debt exceeds 500 million dollars and its total funded debt More than 800 million help of texans in his famous Battle to gain control of the new York Central Young had the help of two other fabulously wealthy texans Sid Williams Richardson and Clint w Murchison or this was in 1954 Richardson and Murchison life Long cronies bought 800000 shares of Central Stock for 20 million Dol Lars in order to vote the proxies for Young and they did it with borrowed using a cent of their own it was an involved transaction by which the 800000 shares owned by the Chesapeake Ohio railway of which Young former y was president came into pos session of the pair the had acquired the Stock while Young was its president but under a ruling by the interstate Commerce commission could not vote it in the election of the new York Central directorate Young detailed the transaction for a Senate banking and currency subcommittee in 1955 he said the Alleghany corp Railroad holding company of which he was chairman advanced the two Tex As multimillionaire million dollars and that his Friend Allan p Kirby president of Alleghany provided another five million the remaining million Young said came from a mid Western banking Syndicate Khrushchev stipulates no us bases London Jan 25 or soviet communist party Boss Nikita Khrushchev was reported by mos cow radio tonight to be ready to discuss a ban on intercontinental ballistic missiles As part of a Geo eral disarmament agreement the broadcast said he stipulated that the West must first agree to a ban on nuclear weapons an end to nuclear tests and the liquidation of overseas military bases the West has acknowledged that the soviet Union is the Only Power at present capable of fir ing intercontinental ballistic mis Siles possibly with Hydrogen bomb warheads the overseas service broadcast said Khrushchev had made the statement in a speech to the agriculture workers conference in byelorussian wednesday Khrushchev said the soviet government considers the need to Convene a conference of leading statesmen on a High level with the participation of the Heads of of government As very urgent Moscow said he emphasized at tins meet ing in Minsk it will be Essen tial to discuss questions which must Lead to the easing of ten Sion and to create conditions for a Complete liquidation of the cold War the broadcast said in other words Murchison nor or neither or Richardson put up a Dollar of their own Mon see Young pm 6a col 4 noted that ruling circles of Western countries which do not want the tension relaxed or the cold War liquidated Are putting Forward such questions on which it is difficult and even impossible to reach agreement Khrushchev accused the West Ern Powers of putting Forward an ultimatum declaring they say that if the questions they put Forward Are not solved there is no need for a meeting because it is impossible to come to an agreement with the soviet Union Khrushchev said such an proach showed the West does not want tension ease but wants it in creased still further he said we the peace partisans wish to solve the urgent questions with out postponement if both sides have a desire for it and thus to create an atmosphere of cordiality in relations Between states it is hardly possible to doubt that not Only the soviet people Are interested in the relaxation of International tension but also the Peoples of the Usa Britain France Germany and All other countries that is Why world opinion and the governments of a number of countries have received with approval the peaceful proposals of the soviet government Khrushchev derided Western plans for atomic bases and rocket launching Sites in nato countries he said it would be two or three years before the West would have any rockets to use raise to Mikado Tokyo Jan 25 Hirohito stands to get a 15 million yen 41670pay raise this his first since 1953 the increase is proposed in the governments new budget which parliament votes on next week the emperor now gets 38 million yen 101564 year same same these youngsters both named Michael Are recovering Side by sue in a Council Cliffs Iowa Hospital from metical Foft each Case Tram a Tayfel Tusto what a sister Michael Wayman left ii Mart is was tahuv4 Dee Art Michael 4 my with us r

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