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Big Spring Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Big Spring, Texas Today s weather big Spring and Vuk i Vita a to my \ and cold occasional Light Snow sort Hen ut1v winds 8 is Mph. High Loda 35 to Ion tonight 20 25. High tomorrow 55-40 38th year. No. 194 big Spring daily Herald inside the Herald Page Cermet. 4 h dear Abby. S a editorial. Or want ads. I i so member audit Bureau of circulations member associated press big Spring Texas 79721 monday january 17, 1966 20 pages 2 sect Ains 5 daily Page Oil. A sport. T. 7 a to Loa. A a women Newt. A 15 sunday Texas areas shiver in freeze and Snow arrives for murder trial Candace Mossier 47. Arrives at court today where she will stand trial with her Nephew Meh in Cane Powers 24. In the sludge. Stabbing death of her millionaire husband. A wire photo Story on Page to b. Mediterranean area air Force jets collide plunge v Spain a twofer based at Moron Airport near the b52 carried seven men and Lier in the Dav it Snow had Frauen air Force Jet planes with a Sevilla. Spam. I the big Tanker a Crew of four total of la crewmen aboard one of the two planes crashed spot Mab Ker crashed along the Mediterraneo on land the other into the med Rescue planes reported they spotted a big Dye Marker about tuesday. Bow last night year s first precipitation in snowfall Howard county a first Snow of the Winter and the first moisture of significance since 1916 began was falling at noon to Day. Reports indicated the fall was general in All parts of the county. The Weatherman held out Promise the White Blanket might stay for a Day or two As additional Light Snow is included in the forecast for tonight and tuesday according to Grady Randel at the la. S. Experiment station. The Snow is a a wet and a measurable amount of moisture should be accumulated by tomorrow morning. The Snow l Egan falling in big Spring about 8 a in. By la a.m., it had developed in volume sufficiently to Block vision to some degree. The flakes were beginning to cover lawns and roofs at noon. The temperature was in the upper 20�?Ts at that hour but the Lack of wind kept the weather from being unduly bitter. Streets were not Slippery but there was a Good probability if the Snow continued. Driving might become hazardous on Hills and overpasses by late afternoon. Snow was reported falling at mid morning in Ackerly Coahoma and Fairview. Forsan said about an eighth of an Inch of Snow was on the ground. Ear. , South \ let name compound w Ith automatic Wear at Vincent. Cloudy and cold with a the commander of . Ens. Continued Light Snow was the forces in \ Iet Nam. Gen. M in Rake billets forecast for today tonight and Iam c. Westmoreland today the guerrillas pierced the b most unusual weather for big Spring youngster finds Snow shovelling different from Lawn mowing us. To silence guns for Viet Nam Holiday cold blast is expected to linger by the associated pres a possibility of Snow flurries faced extreme Southwest Texas today after temperatures plunged to 5 degrees above 7.ero at Dalhart about Dawn most of the state shivered in cold a weather. Snow began blanketing spots in West Texas today. The Arctic air penetrated to i the coastal area Early in the i morning and moved on southward. Driving was hazardous in parts of the Panhandle from a weekend Snow. Remain cold cold weather is expected to prevail All week. Some temperatures at 6 a in. Included Amarillo 9, Lubbock 21, Midland 27, Elpaso 31, Alpine 25, Del Rio 40, san Angelo 28, Abilene 29, w Ichita Falls 27, Dallas 32, Austin 37, san Antonio 40 and Texarkana 29 at that time the freezing line extending along a line from Paris Junction and the Rio Grande in the big Bend area. A five Day forecast indicated the weather will continue cold through saturday As much As la degrees below Normal in North Central and Northeast portions of the state. Highway traffic was still hazardous in the Panhandle with the Snow and freezing temperatures. Midwest icy an coast today after a collision Terrane an. O we in the air while refuelling. I children on their Way to a third of a mile off the coast.25 degrees. It was predicted thelease firing for 78 hours Start . Air Force officials said school near Almena said they pilots said it appeared too five men had been rescued. Heard a loud explosion in thet0 have come from one Man the Headquarters of the 16th sky High overhead then air Force near Madrid smoke Clouds above them said the planes were a b52 or four parachutes were bomber from a base in the unit descending off the coasted states and a kc135 Jet tank u saw lat seen was loitered All american troops to barbed wire of the officers can the cease firing for 78 hours Start dilate school and raked the Billage temperature would not go above no noon thursday in observe Nan a 35 degrees today. Light winds Anee of the vietnamese Luna survival pack. Ranging from eight to is Miles the air Force said the b52ian hour were promised tonight came from the 68th bombard Jensing on me Toast. Ament Wing at Seymour to s. Air Force sources said r Gaset no. The Tanke Italy socialists in Unity move Johnson Tanker was from the 910th air refuelling and tuesday. The Snow had driven the Cotton strippers from the Fields new year Holiday tet. Lets killing five wives and three children of vietnamese officer candidates in their Beds. Three fighting during the National eel a c i i a a a / i ration. Similar instructions and further delayed the finale of. A a k Aneth unit at Bergstrom tex., but the 1965 Cotton Harvest the fall korean. Austra Westmoreland a order second other children were wounded. Cd the decision of the South armoured troops fought Back vietnamese government to halt and killed to of the Viet Cong a government spokesman said. Stationed in was ors warmly welcomed by ranch be s who no. The moisture it win offers to get Spring grass under est and americans the truce More than doubles the 30-hour cease fire observed by Allied forces during the Christmas Holiday. But it Falls 18 hours Short of the tet truce Viet Cong mine on the Road from Moc Boa to Cai Lay near Lien Tuong 35 Miles South of the capital. Northwest of Saigon a Viet Cong attack on a . Troop Convoy backfired. Supported by planes roaring in Over the treetops. The americans turned the bitter fight 20 Miles Northwest of Saigon into a drubbing for the guerrillas. The communists heated up Rome apr powered by a aide morons Deputy in the gov the dream of two old political eminent. Both socialist parties warriors Italy a socialists Are Are partners in the Center left moving to reunite after 19 years attack backfires of division bom n the Days of infantrymen shot Back As communist strength in Italy. Juhe vehicles slowly rolled on a quiet revolution has brought toward their destination. Overtly socialists of Pietro Nenni Bead the planes pinpointed their and the democratic socialists of Bre communist positions. Giuseppe Sara at to the Brink of be barrage came within 150 Unity. This could loosen a he grip 0f Convoy that the dominant Christian terrorists tossed a grenade at democrats have held on every a jeep Load of american soldiers was temporarily Spain. The 16th air Force Headquarters would not say whether the Way. B52 was carrying Nudera bombs Farmers who have already on the flight. Finished their Cotton Harvest refuel return and have slowed their Fields for squadrons of b52s Fly into the Spring seasoning were hopeful proclaimed Quot by the Viet Cong Spanish area almost daily from111� Snow Wou a heavy and Hiey have promised not to at to a j of a wet tack from la . Wednesday to the United states refuel at High so fax this year he in y Reju . Sunday a total of four Altitude from Jet tankers and capitation credited to january Days. Return to their Home bases with was a Trace 0n Jan. I. This until sunday out Landing in Europe. Was a very Light drizzle of no Westmoreland ordered a Are rationed importance from a moisture f thursday at both the Moron and Torrejon standpoint december had Only sunday it was As air bases 1.46 Inch for the entire month 1 these bodies were left behind. He ebbing . Sweep on but the fleeing Viet Cong were the Edge of their Iron Triangle by spraying the Convoy with automatic weapons As it rolled seen to be carrying other dead or wounded. One Viet Cong was captured Twenty six civilians were killed and four were wounded w Hen a Busload of civilians hit a to Trung Lap carrying the 2nd battalion of the . 1st infantry divisions 28th regiment Back to brigade Headquarters. Government since world War ii pair s dream the end Ofin Saigon this morning. The i americans jumped from the vehicle before it exploded. That is the dream of old War riots Nenni and Sara Gat a Italy a first socialist president. The two men have been comrades and enemies by turns for decades. W Hen they split in 1947 they were bitterly at Odds. Sara Gat considered party Leader Nennis pact with the powerful communists too dangerous for the nation. He broke away and carried his faction with him. Nenni later broke with the communists. He now is Premier bulletin Washington a the Senate today confirmed president Johnson a nomination of Robert. Weaver now York negro to join the Cabinet As Secretary of housing and Urban development. Earlier Story on Page 10-b. P in. Sunday or was sliced the allies agreed on different hours to avoid giving the impression they were simply reacting to the communist proposal. Westmoreland a order said a fall . Forces in the Republic will not fire at or on the enemy except in self there was no sign in the Saigon sector of any setup in Washington apr the not result from cancer a and no fighting before the Holiday a1 lung cancer Case to get 3rd trial a huge mass of Arctic air hit the country a midsection today and spread bitter cold temperatures from the Rockies to new England and deep into the South the Pacific coast Region Southern portions of Texas and Florida and a thin band along the Gulf coast were about the Only areas with temperatures above freezing. The sharpest chill was in the Northern Plains where it was 27 below Zero at Bismarck n.d., and -19 at Huron. S d. But the far ranging cold snap also pushed the Mercury Down to 6 above Zero at Richmond va., and 18 at Asheville n c. Heavy winds Southern California was still experiencing Strong winds after sundays buffeting of up to 80 Miles an hour. Some $250,000 in damage was reportedly inflicted on boats at Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island some 20 Miles off los Angeles. One Man was missing and presumed drowned in the aftermath of 65-mile-an-hour winds and ls-to-20-foot Waves that struck Avalon Harbor. Six persons were injured As 14 pleasure boats were smashed. Supreme court refused today to review an order for a third trial in the Case of a car enter who said he contracted lung cancer vestige of cancer was found in him at his the circuit courts opinion in which a third trial was ordered from smoking cigarettes and said a there was ample Evi sought damages from Liggett Donee in the record from which amp Myers tobacco co. This Means that the third trial will be hold. The . Circuit Philadelphia ordered Secretary of state in attorney general race Austin apr Secretary of vis told them there were ques state Crawford Martin filed to tons about their eligibility. Both Day As a candidate for attorney have taken their cases to the general in the May 7 Democrat state supreme court where in primary hearings Are set for wednesday. He paid his $1,000 filing fee will resign contributed by fronds and Back or from ins Hometown of Hills yet a Ltd gras som. A Quot a at o Keefe executive direr far it a stale has indicated Tor of the state democratic sex he will resign. Gov. John concern pc committee. Accept 11 a w01&Quot Quot Martins application he a a Quot Amar in was in two rebuffed who Senate 14 years before run two other candidates. Sons Quot it Quot a f r lieutenant governor in Franklin Spears of san Antonio a lost and Galloway Calhoun or. Of Martin still w eak from a i Tyler were rebuffed last week rus attack Over the weekend when they tried to file. State said his Campaign will begin democratic chairman will a right away. Trial on i he ground that in True a tons Given to the jury in the second trial were inadequate and confusing. Liggett amp Myers appealed to the supreme court asking reversal of the lower Tri a burial. The firm was held not liable for damages in the second trial. Directed verdict the jury could have found As it did. That the smoking of Chester Fields was a cause of the lung one part of the guerrilla Force court in cancer which was diagnosed fired two mortar shells As a i the third and removed in 1953.�?� version another hit part of the though elsewhere in the country military activities continued at a slow Pace. In a lightning stroke a Viet Cong company attacked a government infantry and Armor school at thu due to Miles North of Saigon at i a in. While stocks press farther into new High level wife not liable in business loan Washington apr the congressional action should not supreme court ruled today a decree in this situation that irn Texas woman was not liable ple mentation of Federal interests jointly with her husband for1 requires overriding the Partick payment of a loan when they liar state Rule involved Here a signed notes to obtain Aid from Kortas wrote the Federal Small business administration. Justice Abe fort As delivered1 the 6-3 ruling. Justice Hugo Black wrote a dissenting Opin Ion. Joined by justices William Douglas and Byron White. Jus Tice John Harlan wrote a Brief concurring opinion. The decision applied to mrs. Ethel Mac Yazell. She and Here husband Delbert Yazell signed Fla. Apr nine the Fleet manager of the Compa a note and obtained a $12,000 so ramp fishermen from Tampa by in Tampa quoted one Captain loan with a mortgage on their Fra were presumed to be in As saying in a radio message jointly owned business in Lam the a custody of the cuban gov All three vessels each carry Pasas. Eminent today after one of their my a Captain and two crewmen . Sues three boats ran aground in in route from Tampa to the note was defaulted and ban territorial Waters. Nicaragua. The boats were built the government sued to recover the . Coast guard said the in the last year or so and in might $4,719 As unpaid balance. The foot Charles Singleton ran by the Singleton shrimp co. In is. District court in Austin in aground off Northwest Cuba Tampa for $250,000. Tem judgment against the Hus a sunday and her two sister boats stands aside band but said mrs. Yazell Wasl Penny Singleton and Mark f the coast guard search and not liable under Texas Law the Singleton a were directed to a Rescue Center in Miami said it new York a motors aerospace issues steels and Otto e. Pritchard the Carpen airlines advanced As the Stock Tor. Lost in the first trial on Ai Market pushed farther into Roc directed verdict of acquittal for 0rd High ground Early this aft Liggett amp Myers. However the Vernoon trading was heavy circuit court ruled the Case. Many moderate size Iran Sac should have gone to a jury and Lions combined with a variety the second trial was ordered. Of big blocks to pile up volume. Pritchard of Pittsburgh pa., Dow Jones died March 2. 1963. His a jail the Dow Jones Industrial a lion damage suit was continued rage at noon was up 3.90 at Cuba apparently Holdina fishermen by his widow Anita As administrator of his estate. He testified in the first trial in 1960, stating lung cancer developed after he smoked 20 to 30 cigarettes a Day for 30 years appeals claim the Appeal by Liggett amp Myers said Pritchard a death did 991 20 general motors gave Blue chips leadership As it spurted a couple of statement Points following a by pm president bails tobaccos electronics and nonferrous metals also showed a generally higher trend drugs were lower. Little change was shown by farm implements mail order retails and building materials. Cho associated press average of go stocks at noon was up i 5 at 369 7 with industrials up 18, rails up 1.5 and utilities up .2 a average both the Dow industrials and the a average were pushing ahead of the historic closing highs they made Friday. Expectations of the a fifth Good Texas Law holds that a married cuban port in the cuban coast woman is protected from per guard Sonal liability under such a con ski Aily weather tract. The state Law now has Ltd we have been in squally been largely abandoned appealing to the supreme Justice department mrs. Yazell be held could not take part in any Rescue Mission because the mishap occurred in cuban Waters. The state department in James m Roche that Auto sales Auto Vear in a Row were wide m 1966 will be equal to or better than the record results of 1965. Spread. At the same time demand for Steed from the Auto Industry was unexpectedly Strong. Court the asked that liable. With hot vist est there is no basis for subordinating the constitutional pow a or of the National government to Deal with a part of its citizens to restrictions imposed by local Law a the department contended. Fortas said the majority a decision dealt specifically with the circumstances of the Yazell Case. A we decide Only that this court in the absence of specific poll tax Box score poll tax receipts. 1,321 exemption certificates 1,096 total exemptions and receipts As of Jan. 16. 19662,417 total of exemptions and receipts As of Jan i 19643.771 deadline for payment of poll tax expires Jan. 31. Weather and blown off course a Washington said it had received reports on the incident and was awaiting further information to determine whether to seek their release through the Swiss embassy in Havana. Ties broken the United states broke diplomatic relations with Cuba several years ago and handles All such negotiations through the Swiss embassy. Those aboard the boats were identified As Vance Jones Fabian Bothwell his brother Harold Bothwell. Kinzer Moore David Rogers Albert costello William Burkhalter Lewis White _ and Monroe Gray. I i

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