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Big Spring Daily Herald (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Big Spring, Texas Partly Cloudy big Spring daily Herald vol. 25, no. 214 a wire service big Spring Texas monday february 16, 1953 Price five cents ten pages today us jets fire on red planes Over n. Japan by George a. Mcarthur. Tokyo it a two u. Warplanes challenged two russian Type fighters Over Northern Japan today damaged one in a Brief skirmish and chased both intruders to the soviet held Kurile islands the far East air forces said. It was the first time soviet Type planes had appeared Over Northern Japan since the government with Strong u. Backing on Jan. 13 warned her mighty neighbor to the North against such unauthorized flights. The air Force identified the planes As Falls a russian built prop driven single seat fighter in the 400-mile-per-hour class. The american planes were f84 Thun de jets. The air Force announcement said the Thunder jets intercepted the Falls near Demuro on the Eastern tip of Northern hokkaido this morning. They signalled the intruders to land. One Thunder Jet opened fire when the order was ignored. One of the Falls was hit in the fuselage and wings. Both planes fled toward the Kun riles. The Thunder jets broke off the Chase a to avoid violation of russian held territory a the air Force said. It is Only 4vi Miles from Demuro to the nearest russian held Island. Japan a air Boundary is Only 2v Miles from the tip of the Peninsula a just Brief seconds in a Jet. The Thunder jets were on a routine patrol Mission when radar operators on the ground spotted the intruders. The radar men flashed the signal that sent the u. Planes roaring in Pursuit. It was in the same general area within sight of the Buriles that a u. B29 super fort was shot Down oct. 7. Russia protested to the . That the super fort violated russian territory and opened fire on soviet planes. The u. S., in reply denied both charges and said the super fort was not armed. 46 persons dead after plane crash into Gulf seek clemency for Rosenbergs Odessa Driver is charged in Auto Accident part of a contingent of 700 persons carry placards before boarding a 13-car special train in new York for Washington to a respectfully Appeal Quot to president Eisenhower to re consider his denial of clemency for convicted atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. It was announced that a 24-hour daily Vigil picket line would be established in front of the White House. A wire photo. M. Brown of Odessa whose car allegedly struck Fred Akin saturday afternoon was charged in county court today with driving while intoxicated and assault with a motor vehicle. Akin about 50, is still reported in critical condition today although he is improving slightly. Doctors said he was he suffered head injuries and a fractured leg. Akin was struck by a car at Hoo w. 3rd about 4 . Saturday. Eye witnesses stated that Akins body was thrown higher than the car by the Impact. Driver of the car stopped and remained at the scene until the ambulance arrived. Brown has been identified As the Driver. After the ambulance arrived Brown drove away. Two airmen chased Brown and stopped him in the Hoo Block of East 3rd. Brown was transferred to county jail sunday afternoon. Through a mistake he was released Early monday morning but was taken into custody again two hours later. Sheriff Jess Slaughter said Brown was released after the latter instructed that a plea of guilty be entered for him on charges of driving while intoxicated. He was assessed $100 and costs of court at the time. Slaughter said that the Only charge listed against Brown on the prisoners docket was driving while intoxicated. It was not known Slaughter said that Brown was implicated in the Auto Accident in which Akin was hit. Police had transferred Brown to county authorities on double charges but Only the Dpi had been entered on the sheriffs docket. Martin county sheriffs officials arrested Brown after a radio Call from Here. He was brought Back and is now in custody. Akin works As custodian at the state theatre a position he has held for the past to years. He and mrs. Akin reside at ii w. 3rd. He was struck As he apparently a tarted across third at the Presidio intersection. The Wea norther hits dust in area cuts visibility dust Cut visibility to a half mile in the big Spring area Early today but most of the dirt drifted Down from the midwestern states of Kansas Nebraska and Colorado. The weather Bureau Here said some local dust was kicked up when winds swept through the area with a cold front about 4 15 . Most of the Haze was due to what the associated press termed blinding Black blizzards that threatened damage to the skies were Clearing rapidly this morning and visibility was up to to Miles by noon. The weather Bureau said there would be some blowing dust this afternoon with Clearing and cooler weather tonight and warmer tuesday afternoon. Low temperature tonight is expected to be 28 degrees and anticipated High for tuesday is 58. The associated press reported the midwestern dust storm was the worst since 1932 and �?T33. Texas temperatures were Chilly with a Low of 27 at Dalhart Amarillo had a pre breakfast Reading of 29, Lubbock 37, Wichita Falls 46, Abilene and Waco 48, Elpaso 55, fort Worth 53, Texarkana 47, Houston 51, and Brownsville 65. Northwest winds carried dust into Oklahoma on sporty gusts that neared Hurricane velocity. Oklahoma City recorded gusts of 72 Miles an hour and visibility was shortened to Only a Block or two in Many cities in the Northwestern part of the state. The dust Laden wind moved across the state in a southeasterly direction headed for Arkansas. Damage from Early reports was listed As Light and no injuries were reported although police in some of the smaller communities said visibility was Drifting Snow blocked Mountain passes in Northern Colorado and forced the postponement of the National ski jumping meet at Steamboat Springs. Trees Telephone and Power lines Weie levelled. A band of Snow too Miles wide extended across this sector from Eastern Montana into Nebraska and through Northern Illinois. Omaha neb., and Moline iu., reported three inches Early this morning. Rosenbergs to die week of March 9 new York gds execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg today was set for the week of March 9. Federal judge Irving r. Kaufman scheduled the new execution Date for the husband and wife whose Appeal to the president for clemency has been rejected. The couple was convicted nearly two years ago of conspiring to transmit atomic information to Russia. They have been in sing sing prisons death House Ever since. U. Marshal William Carroll said the Date of the electrocution May be March 12, and the hour to . Cost. Rosenberg 34, and his wife 36, originally had been scheduled to die in the electric chair there Jan. 14. But the judge postponed the execution to permit time for the president to act on their clemency Appeal. President Eisenhower last week turned them Down. Setting of the new execution Date came amid a growing clamor Over the Case. White protest hundreds picketed the House late last week in against the death penalty. For the second time the roman Catholic apostolic delegation in Washington last week informed the government the Pope has received Large numbers of pleas for mercy. And last night a protestant Leader renewed the plea of some 2,300 protestant clergy for commutation of the sentence. No american civilian Ever has died for espionage the crime of which the couple was convicted. The court proceeding today was simply an announcement by the judge of the new execution Date. The presence of neither the government prosecutor nor of defense counsel was required. Marshal Carroll said he will go to sing sing prison to discuss with the Warden the exact hour and Date of the execution. Only action by the u. Supreme court which has twice rejected appeals in the cases could now save the couple from death bar i ring reconsideration of the Case by i Eisenhower. Troops supplies Are hit brigs downed in huge in air raid by Robert b. Tuckman Ling Allied fighter bombers Seoul wi�?. Sabre jets to. Knocked out two generators Plains building ripped by blast 15 Are injured Brownfield uhf two Hundred pounds of dynamite exploded in a burning City warehouse at nearby Plains shortly before noon today and officers Here said 15 persons were reported injured. Three of the injured were said to be in critical condition. The blast shattered windows of adjoining buildings and knocked out Telephone and Telegraph service. Ambulances from Brownfield and Denver City were dispatched to the scene. Officer a. C. Harbin of the Brownfield police department said Yoakum county sheriff Wallace Anderson told him of the 15 Hurt three were in critical condition six seriously Hurt and six in an undetermined state. Harbin talked to Anderson by Mobile radio Telephone. Plains is the Yoakum county seat. Anderson was quoted As saying the explosion occurred after the warehouse caught fire and a pretty Well destroyed the building. The Blaze was brought under control after the blast Anderson said. The big Spring police radio picked up Calls monday afternoon which appealed for More doctors and nurses to help treat the injured in the Plains explosion. Apparently the injured were rushed to a Hospital in Denver City for it was asked that two doctors and four nurses be rushed from Lamesa to Denver City. Telephone Communia t i o n % with Plains were knocked out. The City warehouse where the blast occurred is directly behind the Telephone Exchange. Earlier reports apparently serviced by police radio voiced urgent appeals for emergency medical Aid. Fourth life raft is found empty purple heart Marine lieutenant George h. Of Brien has been awarded the purple heart for wounds received in action against chinese communist forces in Korea. The medal was presented by his battalion commander Lieut. Col. Charles d. Barrettjr. New Orleans. Fob. 16 Jim a fourth life raft from the National airlines dc-6 plane that plunged into the storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with 46 persons aboard was found empty today a a apparently ending All Hope for three other life rafts All empty a were found Bobbing on the Choppy Waters yesterday by an Armada of planes and ships that combed the wat is. The coast guard said the fourth raft was recovered a accounting for All of tile rafts and apparently ending any Hope for the raft had never been inflated. Only a Remote possibility was held by the coast guard that any survivors would be found aboard the fourth raft. The coast Gurd said even of survivors had managed to get on the rafts that the rough Waters would have probably washed them overboard. The ill fated four engined plane Ike wants Security Agency in Cabinet which at the Day shot Down three russian a big Sueiho hydroelectric Plant on built migs probably destroyed another and damaged seven while screening a massive air raid on a big communist troop and Supply buildup area. The u. Fifth air Force reported the communist Jet fighter losses after announcing earlier that 200 Allied fighter bombers had turned the Supply area Southwest of Pyongyang into a boiling mass of smoke and flames. It was the second straight Day of Jet dog fights in far Northwest Korea. The sabres outnumbered 45 to 22, shot Down two Mig sunday probably destroyed a third and damaged four. They were shield r. 0. Caruthers seeks City Post h. O. Carothers 1405 stadium today filed As a candidate for the i big Spring City commission. House approves Bill to control commies Windy Bio Spring and Vicinity. Partly Cloudy and Clearing this afternoon. Cooler with blowing dust most of the afternoon. Clear and cooler tonight and a Little warmer tuesday afternoon. High today 56, Low tonight 26 High tomorrow is. Highest temperature this Date 83 in 1921 lowest this Date 6 in 1903 mail mum rainfall Usu data .58 Taim Austin Jim the House today passed without debate a communist control Bill Over which they tussle last week. The vote was 135-2, with reps. Doug Crouch of Denton and Harold Seay of Galveston shown As opposing it. Its author rep. A o. Bell of san Antonio said Only that they argued it out last week and he thought they should pass it now. As for protests that its search warrants provisions were threats to civil rights Bell remarked that search warrants had been Legal a mighty Long time. A threatened Battle Over a Bill further regulating optometrists fizzled when the House postponed debate on it until monday feb. 23, at 10 30 . In the Senate George Moffett of Chillicothe introduced a proposed constitutional amendment to divert a $5 million surplus in Confederate pension funds to for state buildings. The first major building to be erected under his plan would be designated As a memorial to Confederate veterans. The 53d legislature went into its sixth week with this and other controversial issues scheduled for floor action or airing in Public committee hearings. Return of legalized gambling on horse races repeal of the Auto inspection Law that brought howls of protest from motorists Sod a the Yalu River Boundary of Manchuria. More than 500 air Force Marine and u. Carrier planes turned the giant Sueiho Plant the worlds fourth largest into a pile of junk last june 23, but the communists evidently had rebuilt it. Today a target for the big Allied air strike was Komi to about 20 Miles Southwest of Hie korean capital of Pyongyang. Participating in the stepped up air blows were Marine capt. Ted Williams famed former Boston red sox slugger and air Force maj. James Jabara americans first Jet Ace who is flying his second combat tour in Korea. Jabara from Wichita kan., was credited with damaging a Mig a the first claim of his second combat tour after 20 or More fruitless missions. On his first tour Jabara destroyed six migs probably destroyed another and damaged four. Allied warships meanwhile began the third year of their bombardment and siege of the Eastern korean port of won san. The u. S heavy Cruiser Toledo and two destroyers the Wedderburn and presidential preference primary Bill were expected to draw big crowds to the Capitol for committee airings. A new loyalty oath Bill was passed by the House and sent to the Senate last week. But the j Moore shelled Shore installations. House walked at immediate a j the seige of won san is the Long Proval of the tightened communist est in u. Naval history. It began control measure by rep. Marshall j feb. 16, 1951, after the u. 1st o. Bell of san Antonio. Opponents i Marine division and other u. N. Protested it a would run roughshod j units were evacuated in the eighth Over civil army a Retreat from North Korea. Bell had answered that All he a correspondent Den Clem was trying to do was write a com ends aboard the u. Carrier Monist control Law that could be Valley forge described won san enforced. J As a a battered Hulk of rubble and it would permit search warrants he said the City which to be issued for seizure of any once had a population of 100,000 a books records pamphlets Para and was Eastern koreans trans Phe Nalia cards receipts memo j rotation Hub has been reduced to Randa and any written instruments j an estimated 30,000 communist indicative of or showing that a soldiers and a handful of civilians person is a communist or member a on the Battlefront Allied infant of a communist front organization try men threw Back five Small top billed among today a com communist probes in predawn Mittee hearings is sen. Jimmy darkness. Temperatures dropped Phillips proposal for a presiden j below Zero All along the front tial preference primary in Texas. The eighth army s new com the primary Bill will be heard Mander it. Gen. Maxwell d. Tay a i think it is time for a change. I want to do my Best As a citizen to make big Spring a better place to live a he told the Herald. The candidate promised to a treat every one equally if elected. Carothers 26, is the second person to file As a commission candidate. Paul e. Kasch last week entered the race. Incumbent commissioners g. W. Dabney and Willard Sullivan Haven to decided whether seek re election. Carothers has been a resident of big Spring since 1947. He works As a brakeman for the to amp a railway company. A native of Toyah he started working for the Railroad in 1942 As a Call boy. He moved to big Spring on becoming a brakeman in 1947. He attended Phoenix ariz., Junior College in 1945. The candidate is a member of roof Lodge no. 117 and Rebecca Lodge no. 153 in big Spring. He also holds membership in the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and the big Spring businessmen a Bible class. Or. And mrs. Carothers have one daughter about 18 months of age. The City election will be held tuesday april 7. Deadline for filing As a candidate is mar. 7. Washington min sen. Taft a Ohio said today president Elsen Hower wants to make a Cabinet rank government department out of the Federal Security administration and has set machinery in motion to create such a department. Taft the Senate Republican floor Leader gave this word to reporters after a 40-minute meeting of congressional leaders with the president. He said much of the session was spent in discussion on the question of repudiating certain a secret agreements made by presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Some Progress was made toward drafting a repudiation Resolution such As Eisenhower has called for Taft added. In his state of the Union address Eisenhower said he would shortly ask Congress to repudiate any secret agreements of the past which involved the enslavement of free Peoples anywhere. Taft said the proposed Resolution will be introduced in Congress a within a reasonable a i would think it would go through a Taft said. Taft and House speaker Martin a mass met with newsmen in sea Walls holding up London uhf the battered sea Walls of England Holland and Belgium held fast against still rising Spring tides today and forecasts of Calm or Only Light winds raised Hopes that the vast flood disaster of two weeks ago would not be repeated. By the Senate committee on privileges and elections at 3 30 . The Auto inspection Law is carded for committee study tomorrow at 3 30 . In the Senate and at 7.30 . In the House. The horse race Bill will be heard by the House state affairs commute wednesday it 7 30 . For indicated there might be some unpleasant surprises for the communists. Taylor told a news conference the 17-nation army is a a formidable military Force which has accomplished great things in the past and is capable of further achievements in the late bulletin Washington of a the House ways and Means committee today approved a Bill to Cut income tax rates to per cent effective june 30. The tax Cut was sponsored by rep Reed a Nyi chairman of the committee. His Bill was passed by the committee despite president Eisenhower s recommendation that no action be taken on an income tax Cut until Steps have been taken to balance the bldg to tidelands Issue comes before Interior group by l. T. Easley Washington uhf the controversy Over ownership of submerged coastal lands came before the Senate Interior committee today with Good prospects for settlement of an Issue which had brewed in Congress for 15 years. The House judiciary committee will open hearings on the same subject tomorrow. The Senate committee with sen. Cordon a Ore presiding called sen. Holland a Fla As its opening witness. Holland joined by 39 other senators. Is sponsoring a measure vetoed by pres Truman last year. The measure would give the states Clear title to the submerged lands extending three Miles from Shore. The distance would be to i Miles in the Case of Texas and the Florida Gulf coast because of conditions under which they entered the Union. Pres. Eisenhower during last Falls Campaign said he would sign such legislation. There is considerable strength on Capitol Hill for a broader states ownership Bill like one sponsored by sen. Daniel a Tex. It would give the states not Only the marginal seas Belt but also 37vi per cent of Oil and revenues from submerged lands in the Continental shelf beyond the states Seaward boundaries. But Holland made it Plain As he went before the committee that he feels his measure should be promptly approved. The Florida senator told newsmen that numerous angles involved in disposition of lands in the Continental shelf world Only complicate the picture and delay action. The shelf problems should be dealt with in separate legislation is soon As the other Bill is out of the Way he declared. The office of White House press Secretary James c. Ila Gerty immediately after they and other cop leaders had held their regular monday morning strategy conference with the president. This was a departure from past sessions when the congressional leaders have been reluctant to talk. Taft said a Resolution setting up a new department to take Over the work of the Federal Security administration is being prepared. Fra now is headed by mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby who sits in on Cabinet meetings. Mrs. Hobby voiced the Hope before she took office that her Post would be raised to one of full Cabinet rank. Fra includes the social Security system and a Complex of other Federal health educational and related services. Taft did no to go into the reasons for turning Fra into a regular department. The thought is that Eisenhower would present the matter to Congress As a government reorganization plan. Under a general government reorganization Law the president has Power to draw plans for shifting government agencies about. On the matter of repudiating secret agreements Taft said the president was referring primarily to the Yalta agreement Between see Ike pm. 5, col. 3 flying in 100-mile-per-hour winds was in route from Tampa Fla., to new Orleans when it crashed last saturday afternoon less than five minutes from possible safety. Many persons prominent in business and society were aboard the big Airliner when it left Tampa at 3 p. In. Cost saturday for Tho 419-mile run across the Gulf. It was due in new Orleans at 5 25 p. In. Cost. An investigation was started by la. B. Shehat of Colage Park ga., and t. G. Packham of Miami civil aeronautics authorities. Billy Lavendar photographer for the Mobile press Register said after a flight to the scene that the plane went Down about 12 Miles Short of it. Morgan site of a Small Airfield. A a it a possible that the Pilot of the Airliner was attempting to make it there or somewhere along this coast for an emergency he said. A i and was less than five minutes flying time from the spot where the plane it was the first fatal crash of a u. Domestic air incr since a National dc6 fell at Elizabeth n. J., feb. La 1952. At Miami Fla., nationals vice president in charge of operations capt. E. Kershaw said the pcs in saturdays crash May have met i a Tornado Kershaw noted that capt. E. A. J Springer Pilot of the pcs met turbulent weather conditions about the time of his last report causing him to descend from 14,000 feet to 4,500 feet. The plane came Down in water 90 feet deep. Heavy seas caused it to break up and allow bodies of the victims to float to the surface. Ens. Frank Polk aboard a patrol boat said the bodies were floating around when his Craft arrived on the scene Early sunday afternoon. A judging from the appearance of the bodies a Polk added Quot i would say they were All killed instantly. None had life jackets names on the passenger list were difficult to identify at first. Some were Florida vacationers. Some had transferred to the plane from other airlines for the flight to new Orleans. Among the passengers was 2nd it. Richard Harrison Shaddock or22, whose brother 2nd it. John Phillip Shaddock 25-year-old bomber Pilot is reported missing in action in Korea. Another passenger was mrs. Cornelius hat borne new Orleans society Leader Active Republican worker and member of a Well known Maryland family mrs. Alfred Bergman in route to visit her husband in Houston Tex., was formerly married to the late Billy Debeck creator of the Barney Google comic strip. Eight Texas passengers on Board ill fated dc-6 plane at least eight texans were passengers on the National airlines dec which crashed into the storm swept Gulf of Mexico late saturday. Early monday no survivors had been found among the 46 passengers and Crew aboard the 4-Engtne transport in route from Miami Fla., to new Orleans. Seventeen Nehru Speaks out new Delhi. India u a prime minister Nehru declared today that failure to recognize the red chinese regime a was Ami is a fundamental breach of the spirit of the United nations blood donors Are wanted an urgent Appeal for blood donors to help a big Spring Man was made monday by Mary Cantrell county welfare worker. The 40-year-Oid farm labourer is at Sanatorium under treatment for tuberculosis must undergo surgery thursday. Miss Cantrell has been advised that seven pints of blood will be required for transfusion. Arrangement have been made she said to take this required blood from the Bank a Malone be Hogan Hospital provided replacement can be made. Any Type of blood will be accepted and the need is great said miss Cantrell. People who will help May Call her at no. 732, or go to the Malone be Hogan Hospital for the blood donation. This must be done by wednesday. Bodies bad been recovered. None had been identified. However the coast guard said there was a Quot Remote possibility that one life raft was adrift with a revised list of passengers showed the following from Texas i Eroy r. Robertson 41, Dallas Independent Oil operator. L. Thompson port Arthur Sailor. Or. And mrs. W. C. Schnorbus Houston. F. A. Thomas 58, Dallas manufacturers agent. R. E. Voss Lamarque retired plumbing contractor mrs. R. M. Robinson fort Worth wife of a sergeant at officer candidates school in san Antonio. Mrs. M. D. Graham port Neches. Several others aboard the plane were bound for Texas. Second it. Richard Harrison Sadlek jr., 22, was returning to his station at Goodfellow air Force base san Angelo. His brother second it. John Philip Shaddock 25-year-old bomber Pilot was reported missing in Korea Jan. 29. Parents of the two live in Coral Gables Fla. John Wynn of Harrisburg pa., Eastern Branch manager for the Western life insurance co. Of Amarillo was in route to Dallas on business. Or. And mrs. Eben a. Of Putnam Greenwich conn., were flying to Houston to visit their daughter mrs. Everett Smith. Mrs. Alfred c. Bergman prominent St. Petersburg Fla., socialite was on her Way to Houston where her husband la ill. It was his first flight in to years. R. B. Friedman of White Plains of Milton Friedman of Dallas was in route to Houston

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