Biddeford Union And Journal in Biddeford, Maine
25 Oct 1861

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Biddeford Union And Journal in Biddeford, Maine
25 Oct 1861

Read an issue on 25 Oct 1861 in Biddeford, Maine and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Biddeford Union And Journal.

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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Biddeford, MaineChic Tel nit # journal i sussed so but Sidat so Bliss it l. 0. A fax editor j.1d pro Rietti. Oder a Hooper a Brick blocks i urns Stoerl Bank �lu2le a a in. A nou few i a4icrlui� raw. Tar Mara a a go laser Sloas. Each a a Baa anal insertion. Union acid Norn 913� a term i a . wet kit 3 a allow a Rani to new area Karri bind. A Juara u is Llama nonpareil it a. A Pseud Sot less Naa Vaaks All 11 Dea lass so Ean lat Eie Erdinc a la Linea s Canta a Ilna 111 a a Carljr a4 Vert Sara �111 a Char. Sun. It its Laala Tatlian a to avs rags one Lilac Latall a aare. Weakly elea Matoba him for in pm Wpm run a. It a notice taken Yenea . Eternal hostility to every form oppression Over the mind body . F terms Iso Aawar Iraa aah weak a car t a. Louis 0. Cohan editor and in Hooper s Brick Block Liberty Street. Jaku t. Cutron Raima. Yol. Xvii. Bid Peford Maine Friday morning october 25, 18 11. No. Xiv. Hot log a taif get Job a Riman. Grant Call a a Ikel thy Prada Era Here Kloa awful Arm in Jarte Hare time Aye Belli earn the Holman tear thine sir hath Karsi the Hinl nmn i pro it . Prai a a a for the part a Nan in Low the Owa Naela the Alta Are nought j the four Lana Rama Tanea flow i h Bat hath oar tw4 la me Ray wrong he a Hpe i thy work. Lord Gentl la its Ami when the Hoail Raan t Chain i riven. Ami swell Frota All oar Galley Roarta tha in the to the free to Learen a a not to Hora whom thou Faaet Letl a with thy Elk no a and Ira be hire. Hut Tutu thaa la far and Drand its Praise ast glory Are store shall Rwjr sap England Flag proclaim that All a rotund Ara free. From Hrth it ind to each Blue crag that Beetle Over the westers a a and Hall was a it at Europe King when Kree duta Are la dim with a. And round Owrey Nauyo altar cling the Dammar a Hada Slatary cur jul owl Ami a Hall a calmly read. Tia Chru Tiant a a Corn tha Heathen mirth a t Nutant to lira tha lingering Jat and a met Klag Earth a shall oar a a Gorlou land retain that end a which Europe a Corn to hear shall our Oua Brethren drag the Chain Whiteh not e in Rumia Neny Ala Wear i a then in Fra it Lom Manly part. From Gray Izard eld to Aery youth. And the nation naked heart Vallar the Llelah a it it Al truth i a while yes lumber deeper yet the Shadow our Fame la growing in Pihtla be pan our a a May it la blood around our Altara log mown lat tha re Lnu moloch a Ink and Lazaro no Tralee where it bowl. To longer let in lol drink 111� Dally our human blood i hut Ruar another altar there. To truth Aad lore and Moray Gerru. And Freedom gift Aad Freedom prayer shall Call a a Twerdow from Meare. Agricultural. Join. They Are found no Only to yield a 1 Large meal milk and to hold their Uilk longer after they Are in calf but the calves make More valuable oxen and the my after five Aix yours milking fatten readily j und make Good Bee the Uilk it is True due a Rich in Ornta than the Devon Hereford and a end a Between either these Ami the Short Horn has Iwen found to improve the i Quality the Uilk without deteriorating the cattle in other respects. For private families the Alderney has hitherto Heen a great favorite both account i it milking qualities and its quiet and i gentle disposition. A new Ray a however has been recently introduced from France that is Likely we think to obtain some patronage As a family cow this is the b re tonne Breed which a considerable Numor have Lawn brought Over and sold for that Purina a. These Little animal so for they Are rather smaller than the Kerry cow Gire a Good Deal milk say from five to a even quarts a a layers very Little to keep and Are As quiet and As gentle As a Latch and will Folio the person who tends them about like a Spaniel. When kindly treated. At present As novelties they sell rather High hut when they become More common and cheap they will he Well adapted to the cottage who has an allot int land. Unlike the Jersey cow the Bret one is a Hardy animal a Active and Strong though p Nile and quiet. Hardy by nature she thrives under any Circum stone.-, and when Well eared fur and stall fed. Fatten rapidly. She has. Indeed the great it aptitude for laying flesh a soon a he accretion milk is suspended. It will be found that in proportion As they Are allowed exercise when Well fed they continue to give much milk Quot Tho muck Minos the farm. Pro tooting animals from rain atoms. 1 believe that Farmers generally arc not aware How much Loas they Tustain in the Kwh their Domestic animals and How much they suffer during cold atonal rain in the summer at any other season Tho year. Wans showers never injure animals indeed the appear to Hare a Good relish Lor such a a sprinkling a they generally get Prev Kovl it in not As cold As ice. Most animals will endure pretty severe cold As Long As they can keep dry hut As Arm As their bodies have been wet and Are kept so evaporation commences. And As evaporation is a Cooling process the heat their bodies is carried away very rapidly and the sudden transition from Lent to old chill them in a very Short time and injures them More than a severe storm in Winter. Animals will endure h very Udd it it a change from cold to heat with impunity hut sudden Cha Ages from heat to cold Are often attended with very a Rico Conser Piettie. We Are Apt to think because it is summer not erecting weather that a storm rain will not Hurt our hut. Could they communicate to us their feedings during a storm cold rain there would not be v much negligence about protecting them especially during the cold and Stormy a lays and nights autumn. 1 Well remember that shout Twenty years ago. There was a Severo rain storm in the month Juno and although our sheep had been a beaded Tore than two weeks we thought they ought to he brought Home to the Ham. Hut in Tny them were so cold and feeble in conscience the rain that it to need weary to go aft it them with a a got. A unit the first july Lutil then was another cold storm rain which a wept away Hund Slauf sheep in Tho town where i Naide. One Farmer lost about sixty hit choicest sheep although they had Heen sheared several Days before the storm came . 1 have heard More thaa three Hundred lost during the it is infinitely better for an Wils to keep them in a stable a Hod we re they cannot have a Mouthful food for twelve aug cow Ive hours than to allow them to be exposed for Only two hours to a storm cold rain. Alten i was accustomed to keep sheep i was always careful to let them have the Benefit a shed if they needed it not Only in the Winter but during summer and it was very unusual that our Hgt Row and neat cattle Wen left Lor one hour in the Field during a cold storm. Cold storms not Only make cattle look bad but Tuey do really injury them by rendering them stiff and Dull and they often contract a severe cold which Many litre will super induce Catarrh Ami Young calves and Colts Olton suffer extremely i rom exposure to cold storms Eren in summer. And to shelter them will be Timo and Money Well appropriated. A a a merciful Man a it Gard the the life Hie treat Ami cultivator cattle for the Dairy. The following remarks by the editor the Mark Laos express Are As Apulia Abs to sums Parta this country As to England a pro Fostor gauges a work Bural Economy is a More general a ascription and embraces Tho chores cattle scientific principles in Tho urination a Dairy. He agrees in this respect with most the Best informed and practical men. That the Yorkshire abort horns Are in every respect the beet adapted to the Dairy and Alth Tygh the Suffolk polled the a rehire and the Alderney Breeds have a till Imp advocates the shorthorn nevertheless. Are now the dominant face in every Dairy District in the King no Farmer need seek for a Richer Placer who has a muck mine upon his he has a triple advantage in the work enriching his land Over those who have not been favored. For muck is not Only a Pittil incr itself hut it Pau Wace Tho Power enhancing Tho value other Munro a the process Fern tentation by which they suffer sumo loss giving in admixture with muck a greater value to Throe four times the material which could Beruo be secured. As an illustrative proof to might quote the statement the late Elias la Hiu Ney Massachusetts who by the mixture twice the amount dry muck with the manure from his stables secured a fertilizer which be assured the editor the x. E. Farmer was higher value than the drop pings alone Load for Load. Iii operations says the Farmer a were extensive and conducted in a systematic manner und Tho conclusions to which he arrived in rotation to them have in abundantly sustained by other experimentalists Anil by careful analysis scientific men. A according to Shrof. S. W. Johnson a the excretion any animal mix with muck is renders Mure valuable from the fact that the muck Almora and saves the ammonia Quot a volatile Gas which would otherwise in dissipated to a considerable extent by terme nution. The Rutin the muck compost is Greuter also from l Long better pro it Ort Ionut to tie wants plants. Still manure alone if properly taken care is too Rich for according to Tho same authority a plants Over stimulated with ammonia produced much foliage and few our present purpose however is to offer a few hints a working the Init ii Quot so curing a Supply muck for future the but Dot a it Are usually to full water for dining in fall Winter and can Only be drawn upon during Tho dry weather Midsummer. Tho Siuw season the time in tween the Early and later Harvest usually presents some Leisure la a the work. Huidor when c Nippon tidy dry there is Lea we ight to move and the material is in a bettor state fur use. It will lie More lightly in heaps and thus gain greater exposure to the air while when muck is dug out and piled dry und the air and Rains gradually dissipate the acid most specimens contain and which must be dispelled neutralised before it is available for use As an absorb an the liquids the stables a use much ii a Orzanco in increasing the Stock manure. Muck readily becoming friable under the action the elem Gnu is a valuable Fer Tillier for Loamy and Aandy soils alone. If it contains Mach acid this should be neutralised by fermentation most Reu div brought about by mixing with animal dropping As spoken above. Speaking the Quantity muck which May be used in a season the Homestead remarks that it bears sumo proportion to the number animals kept up the a Arm and puts it at from fifteen to bad for each cow horse Ami ten loads to Sach yearling Swine. At least Hall a Load to every sheep we think May be spread Over their Yards which should be kit littered with Straw while occupied in Winter. Early in Spring 1� the whole he drawn out mixing the Straw and Mucky a it it Iowa together w tile handling and placed in a beat and it will prove very valuable for the fall wheat for indeed any crop the farm. A few loads should be placed where the Wash and a Upa the House can be poured Over them it will soon become valuable manure and should be drawn away and replaced with a new Supply. When the muck a Mac m Distant from the Ham and the material is wanted for application to lands near by then in no need carting the muck to the Hare and Back at a Larga expense. Get out the muck now. And Heap it the Fields where needed. When the Stock come to the stables in the the manure at once to these Fields and As Long As allowed by the Frost mix the to a together one Load manure to two muck and it will Only require one turning and . Few weeks warm weather to fit it fir Core other crop. Or it May be composted in the Spring with Liisu a hcs guano let be dust other no Kaloc nitrogenous material decomposing in a Short t me and furnishing a manure equal value to that from the barnyard itself. I. A. I. R l Ltd a knife gender who bad no Atory to Tell but Hie conceded value muck for increasing j the Dunant it and Quality Araik ble Home. I r Reader expects any thing Sci National lie had manures renders it worthy Tho attention every Farmer within whose reach it How i made a Fortune. 1 am not quite As Italy off As the needy life Rinler who bad no Story to Tell but my Story is not very extraordinary. If Tho thousands a Camj Are now acc Raihle and there am place where from better look elsewhere my name is Ivy Perdigo Dir att. I was called Pep Pedge Futor my mothers sluggish streams the margins Ponds the Holh nah wooded Hills und like situations cannot be a to cure 1 to any desirable extent by the enterprising Farmer. Yet to Are surprised up inquiry to find so few who Vuil them solves the Mso Urco in comparison to Tho a who might do so. But those who have Oneo Giren it n fair trial never cos it to pursue the practice it proves too profitable in wheat and Corn in Meadow and Orchard in Tho improved Chirac tar every product Tho firm to be neglected by any who have Ever tested its value. It is n mine Gold to every cultivator the soil giving Golden Grain Golden Dairy products Golden fruit Gold in the gentleman. How to choose a form ii so. Tho Farmer requires a horse that can take him to Market Utida around his farm which he can occasionally ride fur pleasure and which to must sometimes Uso fur Tho plus and Harrow. Fir to to notice is Tho eyes which should in Well examined. Clearness the Eyo is a Ore indication goodst is hut this is not ii the eyelids eyebrows and nil other appendages most Fie considered a for Many mrss whose eyes App Clear and Brilliant a Blind at an Early age therefore be Caroul to observe whether the Pirts Between the a Yel iils and eyebrows is swollen fur this indicates that the Eye will not last. When Tho eyes Are remarkably Flat sunk within their orbit it is a bad sign. The Ris Circle that surr Uunila the sight the be should lie distinct and a Pilo Varie ated cinnamon color for this is a sure sign a Good Eye. The eyes a horse Are Iver too Large. The head should to Rood so bread Between the eyes Largo nos oils red within f r Largo nostrils be Token Ood wind. The feet and logs should be regarded for a oreo with had Leet is like a House with a Veak foundation and will do Little service. Tho feet should be a Middle Slie and Smith. The heels should lie firm Ami not Pony and Rotten. The limbs should Boreo from blemishes All kinds Tho Knees straight. The Uick sinews Strong and Well it a Ted the pastern joints should be clean and Clear swellings All kinds and a Orne near the ground for such never have Tho ring Bone. Fleshy legged horses an a enc rally subject to the grease and other in in title that kind and therefore should not to chosen. The fridy should lie Good size the Back straight nearly to and have Only u Small inking below the Withers the Lurrel round uni the Rulli coining close to the hip joints. Houm a should run tuck but not to heavy Lor a horse with heavy shoulders Seldom More Well Chest and Arm Large. A horse weighing Frem 1<"00 to 1400 is Large enough Lor a part horse from 1100 to 1200 i Large enough for a Fannery shop Iroku 1000 to 1100 is heavy enough fur a Carriage . I should advise every one to get some exp it Simental knowledge a horse before Ohto cultivator. To la in Zodl Orphl pm. Or Fra. i Quot re wiki a. Fro a Hon 1 the family had great expectations my Mother being his Only daughter and 1 her Only son. The expectations were doomed to Dis Appunn Tinct for Grandfather upper logo in vested his Fortune in a Copp a mine somewhere in Pennsylvania and in sinking Shaft sunk his Money. My father Roger in it tit was a Bill broker irreverently termed by Tom vulgar a note Shaver. Personally lie was known As cd Ftp recent and Alfo Collat a names that had reference to Tho Liberal and generous manner in which to transacted his Hus inc. I never inquired into their origin. It was no matter to to. I always called him a Tho old i never went to school with the common Herd being born to a Fortuno it would not do. It was not the thing you know. A private Tutor prepared Iuo for College and to College i went in due Timo. 1 forget now nearly nil i was taught there. I was put through Litin philosophy and things yes and greek with All kinds crabbed looking otters and mat Hemati is. I went through the last after a fashion. Arithmetic and algebra were my specialities but in geometry 1 was brought up by the Pons however i graduated with great the valedictory which fell to my lot to deliver was very much applauded though my father did think that $50 was too much to pay the half starved fellow who wrote that was a Little trick mine though for i lived forty out Tho Money i urn now sorry to say. Alter i graduated 1 had no difficulty in choosing a Preh Wilion. My Friend taking Tho Beautiful lung Ungo my valedictory into consideration suggested Tho Law As Tho sphere in which my talents would Liao the Best Chance development. As it was a matter indifference to to i accepted the Choice. I read Law alter the usual fashion that is to say i got by heart certain Jua Sagee in Blackstone and Starkie and chitty so As to to Ablo to answer probable questions and in due time i was called to the bar. I forthwith hired me a hands Orao office put a tin sign with Tho words a Popper Edge Lovatt Counselor at us Quot and diligently smoked a Cigar in my nicely furnished rooms for Ono hour a Day. Having thus attended to bus Ine i put up a Little notice Tho door a at court at ten clock Quot and sauntered up Broadway. At night i went to Tho Oji cra lounged at the club led the German at per tick and led it 1 despise boasting iny own talents but 1 May properly a that i was the Best dancer in our set. There was not a member the bar that could equal me. Even grind the firm grind and cheat Amwell they acid he a at the head the Profe wion but i saw him try to silk once at Saratoga and i was quite sure that grinds abilities had Lieen overrated by Bis friends. I had practice Law vigorously after the fashion i have described for about two year and a half when three very important things occurred. I was sauntering along Broadway one Day and a might the Presa a Naayers my coat Button got entangled in the Iringco a lady a Mantle. It was a very awkward situation for both us. 1 tugged at Tho fringe my face burning All the while and the lady to Outing to he vexed. It came Loose at length and Tho owner Tho Mantlo turned away with a swing her body indicating annoyance when wish the Ringo caught another Button. Thi time 1 laughed and the lady littered. Nie fringe was disengaged and i raised my hut to Bow my regret thus getting a full View the fair stranger a face a it was certainly pretty but i had seen pretty face before without Leeling any thumping in neat my Waistcoat. With this however. I was fascinated. There arc some figures and fare that attract you by their Home they Cora to Tell Domestic enjoyment they suggest a quiet cup Tea hot Toast and your skippered feet buried in Tho Hoarth Rug. But i Camo and went. The lady went Way and i the other. I saw her no More but i thought her frequently. The other incidents were serious. One was the death Niy father who had been a widower for twelve years the other was the failure Bull Winkle Badger and Bull Winkle. The events were disastrous especially the bullwinkle business. For my respected Parent had not Only embarked a Hundred thou in the mine speculation which floored the 3 11.9, but his name wus the pop the by the following rules Are Laid Down for firm for nearly As much More and the to Tho direction Ladin wishing to knit Stock-1 sets the in erupts after the Legal expend a seven years ago a . Wheeler this place built a Bridge for the town Thi Clohe Gumti a with the following composition water Limo Hydraulic Limo mixed with skin mod Uilk to the consistence common paint. It was put with a Short handled Whitewash Brush eight in quarts were mixed at a time and two three Coats were applied. It can he shaded by the addition various colouring Matt r to suit the to the fancy. The Bridge was painted seven Yean ago. I pass it Al most weekly und i always supposed it was covered with Lead paint till told k the contrary. This Iai it is adapted to coarse rough nut door work and out buildings which Are covered with unplanned there Are a number hams in this Vicinity painted with this mixture they have a rather neat appearance in contrast with thus not painted. The Cost is hut Little the Lime can be procured for 7 to $9 per often Frem $1,25 to $3�?ed. Those who have used its it Euk Well it. Any one can put it with a Whitewash amm Roa agriculturist. Inga for Tho Joldic a get Largo Needles and a coarse Jan. A seventy eight stitches and knit the Jetten inches before setting the Heel. The Heel should be to ree inches Long and knit double yarn one Coe and one coarse for extra strength. The foot should be eleven twelve inches Long. The Bates Mill at in cwt a ton is now running 18 hours Day the maniac Ture tent doth for the government. Are were paid amounted to just no cents the Dollar. Thus i was left without a father to sup port me no Rich Uncle to apply to altogether a penniless fellow knowing Little my profession and no Chance for clients had i even been a profound lawyer. What to do 1 could not Tell though i smoked 0tr the matter diligently for three Days. At last t concluded to let matters go As they would for i supposed something would turn up some Day other. But nothing did. Days . He pm the a i hid to it la ridicule ii Itra a Quot Upton i it no Petito. Wid to. a -tot., for a i it. To j., m -.11 . Our do a a it. Do a a a a Quot 1 i a Quot Llew a j. Neh other to the House a Liberal Flo brew a a a a Tootleman the East Side the town and by test not to appearances a Man with Oua Fine Day in june i found myself strolling a Deal shirt May do a very dirty action. I Down the Street with a thread Bare coat my Back and not a cent in my Psket. I was to Triblo hungry too for i had had no breakfast and had gone to bed the night before without supper. The venerable proprietor iny lodging rooms had just informed me that my apartment was needed for the Uso a lodger who would do Eliut i had neglected to do Puy for its Oso it was Plain that something Tutu Chiody must to done but Bow to do either was past my ingenuity. Suddenly it flashed iny Inland that 1 was a fool. It was a fortunate discovery. A a yes Quot i said to myself. A a 1 am a fool rather i was a for a fool i will be no As i said this i Caine very near trembling Over a pork barrel and Mode a remark concerning olt auctions in the Street which was More forcible than Chaste. I heard a Low laugh and looked up. There stood a Stout Well Dru Raed Man in Tho door the store House before Rae. I glanced at Tho sign Over Tho door which bore the word a a my mind was made up. I stepped in und walked toward the counting a Tom the Stout Man followed and accosted to. A a what can we do for you Quot to asked. A i done to know Quot said i. A that is precisely what i want to find Tho Stout Man stared at me. 1 went a a 1 am six feet lacking a half Inch in my stockings and As you see Broad shouldered Quot i said a a i have been brought up a gentleman and have not a cent. I have had nothing to eat Sinco yesterday it noon. No you need not do that Quot i added As i saw him make a movement to his Vest picket. A a begging is out my Lino. I want work if you Havo u Well Quot he replied. A a 1 expect a vacancy in Tny second clerks place shortly but Quot a a 1 know nothing about Book keeping Quot i interrupted. A my Porter goes away to Day who is Almut to set up a retail store but As you Ore a gentleman Quot a a a a ill Tako that a i said a a if you la take me without any recommendation but my lie laughed. A you Are about Tho oddest customer Quot said How a that i Havo come agrees recently but i think ill try you in you re not above making your act useful and can Content yourself with Nino dollars a a a nine dollars a week Quot i exclaimed. A it is a Gold mine what am i to go at first Quot a a Tho first thing is to got your breakfast and the next to Rig yourself out in a pair overalls and a Blue frock. The break last you can get at Fulton Market the other things at Tho Slop shop around the Corner. When you come Back there Are thirty hags Coffee to lie delivered to an order and Tho Carmen will in herein an hour. I la Advance you three dollars your week s hero a a very Good Quot said i taking Tho Money a i la lie Back in Ball an hour. Your new Porter s name is off i went. I Imd a Royal breakfast Beefsteak coff bread and butter to say nothing u Pickle nud having in switched them i turned to und lid them Over again. After that i bought Luv Blue shirt and overalls put them and went Back to Tho store Bouse with my coat my Arm looking at the proprietor s name Tho door Post us i entered. A a Here i Nin . Banks Quot i said and . Banks sent me to Tho head Elerk who told me what to do at Tho moment und i did it. I found a cheap boarding House at a convenient distance from the store und Wor cd my Way along faithfully and manfully. I grew to Liko Tho work. I ate heartily and slept soundly. Only once i Felt a tremor. I was one Day rolling Sonto barrels from n car into the store House when i saw n former fashionable acquaintance picking his Way along the sidewalk. What had brought him to that Quarter i did not know hut i re Denul when 1 saw Lii i. Lie did not Sec me however and would not probably Hare recognized to if to had. My employer paid no further attention to me after the first Day. One Day however about three months after i first took Tho place the chief clerk called to me a a Lovatt who said a a Como Here. I notice that you calculate very Well and write a Good hand. Or. Greene that was Tho name our new second clerk is sick Abed to Day. Could t you help me with this lot invoices Quot a a ill try if you show to what you lie explained and i went at the task. 1 have already Suid that i was Apt at Figuni and i go through quite rapidly and leaving Tho Roult Tho desk went Back to iny up and urrels. Bre softly . Banks came in and went into the counting room. To had Boen there Only about a Quarter an hour when he culled me to him. A sit Down Quot he said when i Quot up Coombe tells me that Yon gave him material Aid to Day. As Greene is too sick to Como hero at present suppose you Tako his place in the mounting Reom till he recovers. A a a \ Ery Good Quot i replied and removing my overall., i perched myself at the desk. Hie result was that poor Greene never recovered and i retained his situation. It was Only twelve dollars a week but it was a step. Three we eks afterwards another pair incidents occurred. I was at the desk arrange log papers and copying into the lorries Book when . Banks Cate in. A a Avau a said he a i heard mention you last night. An acquaintance our a a . Van Geltz spoke a Young Lovatt a lawyer who Baa loft the Profe Stoa and gone no one knows whither turned out a Mere Vagabond. From the description personal appear nos 1 had an idea he meant you but As it might Hare annoyed you i did not mention that you were in my a thank you Quot 1 answered. A Van gelt 0, Yea i remember a John Van gelt to whom in my bettor Days i loaned five Hundred dollars. I took his note for it but As he has no Money sup it uce 1 might As Well have that much waste paper. Common gratitude might have taught him common decency when he spoke a Shavo you the note Quot a look it up then. He has Money now his Uncle died recently and loft him comfortable. Give me the note and i la see that he pays it. And by the by i have Luft a package Pipien at Home Tho Library tilde. I wish you d take the cars and go up to my House with this note. Mrs. Banks will hand you the 1 followed orders and was soon at Bank s House a Liun sumo mansion one Tho fashionable streets. 1 sent up Tho note to mrs. Banks and was shown into the Par Lor. I had not Lieen seated More than two three minutes before 1 heard a Light step and rising turned toward the door. There a Tood my Young lady the fringed Mantle the recognition was Mutual. She blushed and Lobkov and i Felt my face glow. She was the first to recover and handing me the package Seid a Pmj Mother directed to to give you Thieo sir Quot i bowed i could not speak and backed iny sellout the door running against a hat stand in the Hall and growing redder at Tho awkward Blunder. The Young lady reddened with sympathy. Nut exactly know ing what i did i bowed profoundly to Tho servant who was showing to to the door and she looked amazed and amused this put the Cap Stone to the fabric my utter discomfiture and i Mado my Way Down Tho Street in no pleasant Framo mind. A ipod my boy Quot i said to myself a you Are getting to to a fool again. You Are a clerk with a salary Tolvo dollars a week and you re falling in Lugo with the sweetest Littlon pshaw what Shouha to you you to Hecuba ? stick to your invoices you Noodle Quot but i could not help recalling the looks Tho Young lady. What a neat Nice Little body she was kind hearted As her countenance showed her she must Havo Lieen tickled at Luy awkwardness though. What a Booby i must have appeared to her to to i Felt my face Redden Satin and clenched my Fiat in my vocation As though i would mint in assault and Hattery my own person. Two Day after . Banks handed Ino a Check Lor Firo Hundred and eighty five dollars and Tho amount Van Gultz a Noto with interest. 1 knew the value Money now and a my salary was quite enough for my immediate necessities i deposited the sum in the Kink waiting for a Chanco to invest it properly and wont with my usual Irani Ness. But i found myself frequently making calculations hits Loose paper divers it Ccu Latoi in which i might double my Little Fortune and Kiep doubling it until. In geometrical progression it became a colossal Fortuno Whereon in fancy i built in a Tino Mandan in town und bought to a Noble Cou Witry oat und got married to Dura Banks. Dora we Iamanico mine it was to he sure unfortunately however nothing turned up by which i might double my Money until one Day i added five fold to it hut not through a speculation. The complicated affair Bull Winkle Badger and bullwinkle were at length wound up a Small Dildo and was paid to their creditors and after taking out letters administration to my father s estate i found myself p we War a sum which Mado my five Hundred and eighty Odd dollars nearly three thousand. Then i builder bigger air castles than Ever with Dora for mistress each. And yet i rarely Siw Here occasionally at Tho House once in Tho Street and once for a whole afternoon her fat cry a Hirth Day when . Lipi Omile and myself were invited to Dine with our principal. On Tomt occasion i had d Meed with Dora and talked with her though the conversation must have Heen very silly my part for 1 was in that Sute ecstatic Eun fusion that my Tongue refused to perform its Ordinary office. I was destined to a separation from Dora however. Nearly a year after i was taken into . Bank s employ i was seated alone in the counting room . Lipec mho having gone out to it lunch when our principal came in. A emr. Lovatt Quot he said a what Hare you Dono with Tho Money you obtained from your fathers estate Quot a nothing. It is in the savings fund drawing five per cent. I thought it the safest the Tho reason i asked is because you will need it. 1 am going to displace i looked at him in some alarm and stammered out a reply i forget what. A i Hare advices from Rio that it will be a More than Safo speculation to Send some Richmond flour there. It will about arrive at the right time. I want the matter managed adroitly and you Are the Man for a i think will Yon go out As super cargo Quot i was relieved at once and answered promptly in the affirmative. I am going to give you a Chance to menu something for Yogi Wolf. Do a a a Money and invest u a Tbs a a think you sir i should be my Happy Todo so but. Unfortunately i Bare to Giurea month s notice. A a never mind. Transfer the account to is and i will Drew it while you Are away und Advance the amount to you now. Tbs vessel will sail Day after Dine with me to Morrow afternoon. You Oan leave when Lipscombs comes to arrange Joir outfit i will Hare your place supplied for you until your return. To Morrow morning i will put you in full Possession my my preparations were soon made. The following Day 1 dined at the ranks. Tybera was no one present hut the family. After dinner i was invited to spend the evening there and As . And mrs Hanks had a Short visit to Norako Dora was left to entertain me until their return. Now if there was any thing in the world i would have Given ten years my life for it was for a the a Tryc with Dora a it Lieut any it Critico mine and yet now that i had it what Rould i say i Felt that to make love to Here i being a comparatively dior clerk would be under the circumstances a piece Gross ingratitude and a breach Confidence. Yet what could i talk about ? we sat minutes after the elder people had departed in embarrassed silence. Dora was evidently waiting for me to say something and that added to my Ein Barro monent. At length she took Tho initiative. A your departure Isa rather sudden determination is it not . Lovatt Quot a rather so miss Dora i beg Pardon miss Banks i a Long Pauso varied slightly by the very loud ticking an ormolu clock Tho Mantle accompanied Ity a terrible thumping und a my Waistcoat. A there is not Apt to lie yellow fever at Rio at the season you Arrivo . Lovatt Quot a to no not at the Young lady gave a Long breath As though relieved. Another Pauso ensued. A have you Lieen to the Iera much tills Spring . Lovatt Quot a no miss Banks hut once my duties Are so laborious so that is Quot a another Pauso great length. I began to Foci confused. I Felt my face Redden. I Stolo a glance at the lady. By Jove she was blushing to the very roots her just then our Oye met. Ton minutes after the conversation was quite Lively. I thought you sometimes too Quot quoth Tho lady. A i recognized you the moment you Camo into the a i had never forgotten you and knew you the moment Quot quoth Tho gentleman. Now Tho More violently Lidies charged with electricity Are attracted to each other the More violently they Are repelled. The attraction Between Dora and myself must have been a cry Strong in Tho first instance for at the sound . Banks Latch key in the door the two bodies flew hastily to the extremities the apartment and when the merchant and his wife entered the parlor Lovatt was glancing Over some Knic Knacks a pier Tahlo Between Tho frent windows and Dora Banks was turning Over Tho pages a music Book at Tho piano near Tho other cod Tho room. After an hour s general conversation i bid Tho ladies Farewell the Vowel leaving Early next morning. They accompanied to to the door and somehow other we got mixed up and i Felt Tho a Milo pressure Dura a ingots in return for a Stu Fez j that in us to nearly i Avo disabled her band. It thrilled me from head to foot. But As i walked Home 1 grew very miserable i Felt that i Imd not acted rightly. I had violated All my line promises to my it the first trial. A i cpx Ridge Lovatt Quot said 1 to myself a you Are a Rascal. Is this your gratitude to a ii Iii it m in who bus shown you such favor making love clandestinely to his Haught re Tho dear girl la Epps rings you ought to to ashamed yourself never mind she will forget you and you must lie glad it. What a Sweet girl she is All i were Only Rich Quot next Day sailed. We arrived it bin lifter a very Short ask the and our Corres a a indent proved to lie right. The flour came it the very height Tho Market and end few was unusually Low everything Cut swimmingly and just As it was concluded a perfect Fleet vessels arrived and Corleo advanced but iny Confidence about the yellow fever was Uii placed. It caught me and Hadly it that. The ship remained a week later and 1 was sufficiently better to be Ahlo to go Board without danger. To had Lieen but a few Days at sea when i was Nln to walk the deck. It happened in the course conversation that i cd my regrets to the Captain that we had no chickens Board. I had Token a strange fancy for an Melet. A lord bless you Quot answered the old Salt who had Token a fancy to to from Tho first Day Quot that s costly made up. Just Waits few hours and if the Wurther keeps Good Well Stop at my that afternoon 1 had an explanation his speech for we came in eight a Small Island a few Miles from the coast and made for it. A we approached 1 raw it to be a nearly Lurren Rock about a mile in length mostly White with a few Green patches end rising a iut fifty feet in the rentes Frem the surface Tbs water. But list track me a. The number sea hard. Upon it Sra Teer cd it a h lowered and i went with the party. We had no difficulty in effecting a tending in Ltd while the rest were gathering eggs i wandered Ove he Island. It a a singular place singular from the number Birds old and Young but More singular Frem the Peculiar situation the Little verdure the Island. On the Long level patches nothing grew but wherever a Nick peered above the surface there a scanty soil had been Mads and a few weeds path Hereof grass Hod taken hold. The other Parte were covered with a fetid Barren Sand strewn with the Bones Birds. 1 gathered some few bleached Birds skulls and put there in my pocket and As a matter eur Welty filled toy handkerchief with the greenish gunk a Fulli n Xuy. Kins Acca a pamphlets town reporte school reported Poston Aad Handbill for theatres con a Ergo o., wedding cards letting cuts business cards Dueball. Blank boo sip Bank Cheeks labels every Detori Ottoa in Sara nos poliei., forwarding cards Bills lading ao., 4�, printed in colors with Bronco executed at this office with jh1tcem id do spin. And Tho moot reasonable to a Yontas Ros Fri Tisu Are be. every attention Wui be paid to met thee wants and wishes Csc Tum is. Yellow Sand. Hearing the rest Call me i went to Tho boat where i found a Largo number eggs gathered. We were Anno Hoard. I asked the Captain the latitude and Longitude this singular Island and be told me. I did this boo Aure i thought it Worth noting from in Odd appearance. For to viral Days we had fowl egg Jaq various ways until to were All surf edited. To arrived without Iniard venture. It was nearly dark when we Appu clod the narrow. A 4yc came to at quarantine and though after Axa Minati a the Dix tort Ard us to Lay there Inte Diug to come up next morning. I was impatient to get Home and hired a boat to take me to Trio Jersey Shore where 1 got a conveyance to Jerrey City and crus Sod the ferry. It was after ten clock hut i know that my news would Mako to Welcome and 1 took a Hack from Cortland st., to Banks House. On my Way i thought a Deal Almut Dora. Was she Well ? Ilad Sho forgotten is but no matter How that might 1m, i was determined to to careful and not let my love in seen. No it would not be fair treatment to her father whose kindness Hud bettered my Fortuno and so i resolved to conceal my feelings. I dismiss the Hackman when we arrived at Tara House and rang the ill. A servant came to the door and informed me that . Axl . Banks were at the theatre with some friends from the country. Mias Dora was at Home not being very Well. I trembled from head to foot. A i will remain till they return Quot i i have important bus inns with . i did not Send up my name. No i would not even 1st Dora know i was there. The servant showed my into the Par Lorand closed the door. There was a lady who turned a 1 entered. I trembled violently for it was Dora Hen if. She stand at to wildly. Her Fane was Palo. She gave a slight a Cream follow d by a Hunt hysterical laughter and staggering Forward fell into my arms. Now i put it to any than whether i was to blame under the Sircum Stonee. I ask any Reano Nahle Many yes even Tho Rich father a Linnda Marriageable daughter the Stem gift Resolution would not naturally give Way in a a Ike Case ? and could i help it when i discovered that a report my death by yellow fever had i men brought by a vessel arriving before us and that she ha-1 mourned me so bitterly that i then and there told my love and a i think i bad a right to do taking Tho Timo Placo into consideration Tomt 1 gave her one those kisses which Are so delicious and to frequent in a Man s life the first kiss an accepted Lover who Klamra me ? it is useless to spin out the Story. Ridiculous a it May sound in such a one Clun a hut facts Are facts a by Harren Rock was As much Vilno us a Gold urine. John Vnti gelt Hati grown sensible and gone into iraqi Nam. He dealt in fertilisers and agricultural implements choosing that line possibly in Casio he did t know a Valparaiso a quash from a cashew pumpkin. He had my yellow Sand Analuz do tried to pump from me tie a a erect the place and finally i a percentage negotiate d with n Groat no com Miry my is half. 1 received after the matter Hud la in fairly tested two Hundred thou null Dollar has the fifty thousand which John t it a for Commissi my the grasping fellow 1 alien proposed in due form for Dora i had the pleasure learning that the futher and Mother had suspected my it Oil Long that the elder ranks had Couin to the conc Lusi in that a Yong Man brought up As i a who could exhibit such Planek and Industry would make ago a son in Law Ami that i was int us Sun cargo that i might Inak tie Money which my share the venture brought and so pave the Way to an Admi Mion to partnership. And Tomt is the simple Story How f won Fortune and Dora commonplace i admit but you will Remenih a that i warned you that fact in the lick inning. Army correspondence. Illan Quarter tii Maine a rho to Washington oct. 4tb, 1801. Dear editor since wrote you last our Reginai it has remained in a stats glorious inactivity to fur As regimental Drill is concerned. But Tho companies lid Ever lev a been perfecting themselves company Drill and Are now lie ginning to Mihok and act like soldiers. On tuesday last we had an oppor Unity to try in some degree the Mettle our men. While we were at dinner orders we to Park up Knapsacks and is ready to Marsh Over the other Side the River with All possible dispatch As it was reported that Beauregard was advancing upon our boys were i d with excite meet ssh a Cilly the Bys my York county Phalanx. We were ordered to leave three men behind Frem each Crai Pany to guard our baggage and tents but Nono wanted to be left All were Rager to move Forward and share in the fight if there was to be one. It was truly Gratifying to see with what alacrity the Nan made preparations to Loare Camp for they knew not where Only to be led to the enemy. We were soon ready a aimed Aad equipped As the Law direct Quot but no Orden cams to a Forward March Quot to vre quietly settled Down to duty again get tag ibis Down false alarm no. 1. But we Are not to remain Here much longer Lof to Morrow a leave for Annapolis to be ready Tombak upon the 8uothern exp Dilloo to which oar brigade u destined. When we shall Loave Annapolis is not known by by officer in the regiment. Tbs brigade to which is Are at ached is compos so Tbs Mains 8th, new Hampshire 3d, sad new York 4cth, 47th sad 48th regiments under command Brig. Oen. Vieu new York Lato Captain a a. 8. A., who is a excellent officer and a Gentte

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