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Biddeford Union And Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1860, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - October 5, 1860, Biddeford, MaineIpi to Union a Mol u 111111� 1tut today Houim oct Hso pern Brick Black a Sun. Tkrm8 two a Tiu i aim or i polkas a a Pitt int if a i Lula 1 month to Tom us of . Magia Rople. 1 Mai. A4rrrlma Rawa a a a Omre or Tro. 3 Lawi Leai. La us new mat Law rom. A a Tore u is Liaro nonpareil Trp. _ a Paella swi Tare aaa a aah All Llama us i. A at Aida Arflac a Moro 4 Aarau a Len. A Arr adroit Troy will a Harcil laelu<l�0i Aalt a lir Otot to Rares a a a a no Are a Rosara. Via Kleri a a Aatila Toki by is Retiree la Istir Jim Sliwi. . Fax Quot a a iut ill Jan Ltd a a a or Ltd in if Widm slur Stuht. Jakku ?. . Anti Taaraal a a of rom Quot it Quot Quot or Are a eff car or Refa Ofaf i we of a a a a a All m Orff a a a a a Quot eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis o. Cowan office in Hooper a Brick Block Liberty Street. Editor and proprietor volume Xvi. Biddeford. ., Friday morning october 5, 1860. Number 41. Fox rat of Irinel hug of All kinds a Taca a i Fem Blele town be perk a sheol by Pete posters and Handbill theatres consorts ac., is Dias Oarda visiting Oarda b Siese Oteda dus Bill. Blank bsds its Bank Chaska. Label. Of Novorr door Puon. In a Ranoo pol Loiet forwarding Oarda Bill of lading 4ta printed la Colon or with Bronte a shoe uts a i Thea boo with Ini Dis much and on to moot boat Poablo Tormo. i Rubio Oro a a Hallad a a ii atlatl a ally Ira am lord to a Anta and Wulc of i Rota Teer. La a Tarsi Proa Iko Atla atle monthly a it a Vilbar. Tub summons. N Mili a. Wit that. in to full of Salimer sounds. With Naan a in to my languid tyo beyond Tho duty Village to it unit la i loiter in a daily round. And in to Noontide Aba Dow Lio. To Vild be Windo his drowsy Horn to Bird Iwin i on to ripened boat. To lung gum lao of of to Eom Aro Tilting in to Windo of non to Loo not Arillo Bra Moog of beat another Anond my spirit Bear a deeper sowed that drowns them All a a Vieo of pleading choked Witk tears to Call of bum an Hopes and from to make Dorioa Ery to Pool to Wierm Boll rings Tho trim Jet blows i know to word and coast resign wherever Freedom Vanguard goes. Where stood or fall her Chienda or fees i know the place bit should be Mina Rha Raed be the hands that idly . And lips that woo the re la i Accord. When laggard time the hour has tolled for True Witk Wise and new with old. To fight the Battles of the lord o Brothers a bleat by partial Fate with Power to match the will and deed to him year a Caius a comes too Lato. Who sink beneath i Armour s weight. And a no Auger but god Speed. Guiral nral. Domestic receipts. Picnik fit it in one Pound of fruit 1 put a Quarter of a Pound of White loaf sugar. Put them Over the fire together let them boil up Onea. Then Hare your Rann in a pail of water a hot a Pon Athle without breaking them Hare them Aleo filled with water of the Saliae temperature. Let them remain to for a few tsi Auto. Then while the fruit Aad sugar Are hotting hot fill the Cut while they Are get tag in the Thea put the cover on and Seal with Cement after they eel turn them Over on the cover aide Aad let them remain so until you wish to use them. I Havo Tavel fruit this Way for three years and have now Aad Pear pro that a re fresh As though Thor were jacked this year which Are a ear old i always use the Glam cans fur i consider them More pure than any other try gentleman. R i rub so Sandwich. Take half a Pound a failed sugar half a a it und of butter two a and two ounces of ground Rice work i Well together then add seven ounces of dour. Spread half this mixture on buttered writing paper in a shallow a layer of rash dowry preserve Ami next cover with the other half of the paste. Hake in a Quick oven and when required for use my it into thick piece like sandwiches having a devious by sifted a Little augur Over it. Tomato is Roa Good Ripe to Malum Cut them into slices. And Sprinkle Over them finely Pulveri cd White sugar then add Claret wine sufficient to cover to Mahucs Are sometimes prepared in this Way Witk diluted Tho Claret wine in parti to them a Richer and Mure pleasant flavor More clearly Proem Hliang the Strawberry than anything else. So fast Fine flour Witk half Ita Hulk of stewed Squash or pumpkin and add milk enough to make a thick Batter Cook on a griddle. Cix Xin comm for eating should never be boiled More than Feirer or fire minutes. If boiled longer than five minutes it becomes Bard Aad Tut dem. Pits Sivanu India Prairie Fann re of the Wist preserve their Indian Corn in the ear without the Luaao a single Grain from heat and moisture by piling it up in common Fence rail cribs Al out 11 feel Square Aad Mao out High the Mam being off at Tho top and exposed to the weather. Covered cries Are found to be ruinous to the Grain As experience has amply proved. So what Jimim set to be a shiftless style of husbandry is the result of skillful . Divid herbs whisk Are tube dried should to washed to parted Aad carefully picked Over then Swead a coarse paper and kept in a room until perfectly an. These which Are intended Lor cooking should be strip in from the stems and rushed very line. Then put them in bottles Aad Cork tightly. Put those which Are intended for Madamas purposes into a Moor bugs Aad keep them a u dry a Dace. Night and you will sleep untroubled by these nests. In the morning you will find them Lull and stupid with beet blood and the meat sucked a dry As Cork. Iced drink a it is an old established opinion of the italians that iced drinks Are salutary in debility of the stomach and they tend to a event the action of pestilential emanations. Sanen affirmed that at Medina the deaths Are one thousand Lero annually since the introduction of iced drinks. In Jun and july a Glass of cold water on ring is highly to be commended. Seed Ivy. A very Superior article of seed wheat May be obtained by selecting the Best sheaves and striking them three or four times Over the Side of an empty barrel lying on the floor. An manat in Mack Hoot. A writer in the Southern planter describing the different varieties of Swine says that he never knew Black hogs to have Mange while White ones Are very subject to u and sometimes die of u.,. W Estimar d sheep. It is noticed by the Chicago press that 6000 sheep from the Kala Mantoo Region of Michigan had arrived at that City on their Way to Iowa. A dramatic Colony would be rather unique in Ita Way but abound one Ever be contend eted a Uroil can furnish the tis tical tables give us at pc seuling Europe 18,140 actors. 21,600 actresses 1773 managers of theatres while Tho number of Pierson attached one Way or another to dramatic establish Biuens amounts to 82,200. Clin qut bin.�?1 will give you my War of making Small Beer that is the right kind of Beer in answer to an inquiry by a a subscriber a take eight Gallons of warm water and one gallon of new Orleans molasses and a Small handful of Hopa and boil them in a gallon and a half of water and Strain it in with the other warm water. Then Tako two Large Teaspoon soul of Good Ginger and nut it in and mix it in and mix it right Well and then put in two Teaspoon soul of Good Cream tartar. Next put in one and a half Gallons of Good Frost and mix it All Well and let it stand for six or eight hours or rather till it has worked a Good scum Over the top. Tako a clean cloth und Wash it in warm water and wring the water out and Lay it in a Cul Ander and Strain carefully bottle and Cork and tie it up so that Tho strings will Mako a Crusa on the top of the Cork. Set the Liot tics out in the hot Sun for two hours and then put them in a Good cold cellar or Spring Bouse and let it get one Day old and then you will have Good Beer. Skim before you it min also before you put the Ginger and molasses and the Cream tartar and yeast in your water make it a Little Cool a Little More than milk warm but no warmer or else it will kill your country Gan Turman. Smith happened to a come the owner of the Durham Cheshire Short Horn Turren cow a reported from the continent by James Richer Justice of the peace for strut Ifird county state of new Hampshire. Now for further particulars. Or. Smith drove Bis Purchase Home much elated with the acquisition and when night came he would not permit his daughter Jane to milk the Short Horn with the other cows he must perform the pleasurable and highly interesting Job himself. Or. Smith established himself on a three legged Stool at the Side of the Short Horn and placing a fifteen quart wooden pail at the proper Angle commenced the process. In less than n second he had the pail brim full for the Short Horn not probably relishing the slow and old fashioned method of filling Tho pail with milk concluded to save or. Smith considerable trouble and accordingly set both her Hind feet into the Dero cd pail giving or. Smith a smart whisk with her stut Tail at the same time or. Smith tried to dislodge the of truding feet but to his Surprise he found them a fixture. On further examination to ascertained that the feet had quietly knocked out Tho Bottom of the Mil and the legs of the Short Horn were finnly hooped together. He pull you up a housekeeping mind though and sep it All to yourself i la be mum and off bounded Simon to i Gire Jane an infinite number of Hustes As he took the foaming jails from her hand to carry them into the Spring room. The Tery next morning before any of the family were stirring Simon with the Jain cd cow was on Board the can for Beeton. The next Day s mail brought to or. Smith the following letter a a to join Smith emi., of Rockhill Strafford i county n. Ii. The Oil Region. A scarcely a year Haa elapsed since the discovery of Oil Springs on the upper Alleghany and on streams tributary to it in Venango Crawford and Warren counties of this a state proved to he of decisive economical in porn . Now the Oil Region Haa become second Only to the Gold Region of Pike a Peak in interest to tie Public of that part of the state at least. It a mid that the. Number of Wells already Oji ened and in Monago you wish to Sena on this bit of a Courso of being opened number at least three tier thousand and of these about one Hundred path a Mako it right is it Bedad that s the thing i Tinly it right with Mick air Here s the Money. Clerk angrily a we can t do anything of the sort. I mean we can or it a a joint the words you won t to say to your brother in new Pat scratching his head with a a Mlod air a a if you can do that just lie after Dia coursing with him a soon a be like clerk a but i Tell you you roust write Tho Well now i went Rev father into the water. Fortunately just Mako it was the Landing place and the water waa not deep but to was wet through. It waa playing with edged tools to venture on such dear beg leave to introduce myself yield liberally if not profusely making up William Bell the Herdsman of he Earl of the aggregate of eight Omino Hundred liar res of Oil daily. Well informed persons declare this yield to to fully one thousand barrels daily but the lowest number Boro named is really enormous am axing indeed Derby Derbyshire England. I Nin on a journey through Tho United states for the purpose of purchasing Choice american cattle the Earl having taken it into his head that a mixture of the English and american Breeds is desirable. 1 rave now at the stable on Green Street a magnificent Black cow of Tho no Horn Royal Stock which my master has sent by Moos a no sent to his Honor the mayor of Boston. Having heard through your highly respected Friend Richard Stevens of this Juaree that you Are much interested in the improvement of the american Stock i have thought that it would path a och had Luck to it Niver a bit can i write sure a clerk Well ill do it for you. What is your Hunther a name a nit a Mick. Clerk a what a Hia other name a path same a me own. Sure we re when put in a summary for the year which i Brothers summary reaches 250,000 barrels a value clerk yes i know that but what is be at a rough approximation of $2,250,000. Called a this will do for the annual Revenue of a few path what is he called is it Well in tracts along the riven of those counties Tho Ould country they called him Shil Lalah tracts which were not in Luck at ten thousand Mick Beano of Tho mighty Fino taste be had Dolliro in the Aggro Antn a fore the discovery at swinging that hit of a Twig an Many a of Oil. A few months since Tho Hopes of the sconce sure he cracked like an old Tay the persons most interested were not Suffi pot Whin Cion try pc reified to warrent Tho conclusion i clerk angrily a a of none Nae i Don t out flew Short bombs Unden endings and by offer solely from the disinterested wish of steadily after Tho first temporary irregularity is my Cousin bad Luck to him a of lives in inv of examination into their sufi to she let serving american cattle. If you think it is Over and now Wells do not exhaust Tho Tho county of Kerry and he secon dead these Quot a a. I six a i i. a Milila f so ill pm Enow Lianny a a i _ 1 a Al it a a a t . I in a Nana tricks with him and he quietly determined to turn the tables. Accordingly he presently began to complain of cramps and stitches and at last went in doors. Ills friends getting rather ashamed of their rough fun Jar shaded him to go to bed which he did. Ilia groans and complaints increased so alarmingly that they were almost at their with sends what to do. Mother had received a quiet hint and waa therefore not alarmed though much amused at the terrified Effort and prescriptions of the repentant jokers. There was no doctor to to had for Micro and All sorts of queer remedies were Sug rated and administered my father shaking with laughing while they supposed to had gut ague or fever. One rushed up with a Tea Kettle of a Wivag water hanging on Hia Ana another tottered under a tin Bath and a third brought Tho Mustard. father at length a Well Well As he could speak gave out in a sepulchral voice that to was sure he was dying and detailed some most absurd directions for Hia will which they were All too frightened to Soo the fun of. A at lost he could stand it no longer and after hearing the penitent offenders beg him to forgive them for their unfortunate joke and beseech him to believe in their Romoren lie burst into a perfect shout of laughing which they thought at first do Virlous Fremy but which ultimately betrayed the t memorials. Or. Smiths ankle Bono. Over went or. I a a you to the american House Home time Smith and the thro legged milk Stool Houne-1 during Tho present Wook ing after him his head in a fragrant mud puddle and his feet elevated in the elastic fluid which surrounds Tho Earth he screamed to Simon Mildmay his hired Man Mas in with Tho highest rest sect. Your Obediont servant. Tho a soak of Tho Aruba. Or. Smith of Spring fitly writes to the re pub William Bill go first one and then Tho other whack against Worth your while i shall be very Happy to old. Whatever their proximity of position. Five 1------- us 4--1�? Quot �?�?1 this Oil is also an absolute Oil easily con-1 clerk a confound it can to you Tell to Verible into Evory form of Oil for do civic i your brother s other Nat no to has one to uses. It refines with very Little loss it with Leas Tikiun fifteen por cent com from i path a of yes sure Why did no to yes Bol 1l. Al Vlf of Quot a a a Tho Crudo liquid gushing from the fountains after tolling to that s what be wanted to. Or or much of this Oil the quite Clear and has a flu Foro for sure As my Nomo is l at Finnegan Row a a i a the steamship Arabia from Sud to come to the Rescue but Simon Mas cn-1. Or. I a by i pm med Tolm Smith is he idit7 next to we or whip other fountains to should been towed Tho family Ramo of Roo a cd Temble wreck on a net Kock Cape paged jul then in the it resting business of Fin Lwi not adding the note. Simon a in for it of la Jirld a somewhat thicker for of 2. Brief account has been m that will an n new i Oil within Strong Mineral Semi bituminous clerk a a Finnegan Sitho name Given smell. Lighting is tie readiest Uso to which i put a no jewel Mick Finnegan Niver steamship arabia�?11 a. M., this Oil is put hut for lubricating uses and in Finnegan in Tho Fiu Nily saving Rory. Friday aug. 3d, l�w0. It almost every other common economical Pur he listed for a in the midst of life we Are in death. Just pose it is precisely equivalent to Tho oils clerk no matter about that. Now for half an hour ago wails standing on the bows now used whether of animal or Mineral Ori the message writing Quot to assist you in the ship running 14 knots an hour under steam Vissing Jane Smith behind the Brindle cow no Mil Tako Ltd a of jea that will do. Now i she was milking and it was some Timo win harness up and Inako an errand Over fore he responded to the Call. To Tho Suiro s after sovino cabbage plants Hen or. Smith was onco More raised to Home had a slew of lie swore a few easy words mrs no them w on on Tho Roft j wind Tho looked sadly at the Durham Cheshire Short bargain. He got Cne aun once when a a Impf nine married his wife and that a some Comfort. Tape to a the rain night Afore Lart did the j o wanted to have to onre but Good Luck Hosimer for . Things look flourish i d As soon throw myself into the Mill Tond a a1 and commit regicide. Dear Sake this cloth porkers of Tho of Iii Valley. Is wonderful hut it is at last proved to he i clerk two can to do that True. There is Oil in Tho Rock strata of the forty it any rate Northwestern smrt of the state just Pielow i path a sorry n hit can i do i you must pay i he f>0�?~ln�?~ thou line a i Rhonl above the escape so that his voice was escaping Tinoi Quot Honl a port in Ood s Unroe Ilia order was w a i Northwestern Wrt of Tho state just below path a sorry a hit can i do that sure you then turning Forward among a hubbub of vol o. K. A. I Tho Coal in immense quantities past All May Bill Mick the reason of ids Gottino no Cen shouting Quot we Are lost a a god have mercy to do Lor i 1i a a1 a a i fw., a �11 a twits to Kro ii Arvi. I on ism a a Jorro t saw lha Piu it la to if task la font Drill is. Broadcast Home a Rod argues a favor of a trill roofing. That Groin is grown is More Likely i grow than when Lipsih sri broadcast. The kernels Are All a a a a at the same time and this the us to desirable depth they Are not covered by sods nor dropped upon the Sanie they Are uniformly Drou pral and the ground Between the rows affords Ramag any for Clearing out coarse weeds if it is desirable so it often suon As the Raspberry crop is Over the Shoota that bore the fruit should at one he Cut out. And All the eur Kero not wanted fur fruit the next season thinned out aa4 taken away. Three two Points Are very important a Raspberry culture. When rightly managed a this respect very crops Are More reliable or store set Isicc to the grower than this one. Tourer Blum Wnok a c. Iron a a Lew list St Maspeth l. I., writes to the scientific american As follows ohs ering recently a cose of death caused by Haemorrhage from Tbs extraction of a tooth the following should be units Emilly known Asan infallible remedy Maks plaster. Soft Quitty an become a solid plug int Bce to mods or do tiny we love pumpkin pies even when there is an abundance of tree fruits. W e ii Are tried All Rood a of drying but no plan is we think equal to the one to let no a year ago and which we have recently tried on a larger scale than hitherto. It a Thia take the Rizw Puri Pine pare Cut Luto Small pieces Stew soft Mah and Strain through a colander As if for making Pius. Spread this pulp on Iti atos in Byers not quite half an Inch thick dry it Down in the stove oven kept at a it Low a us not to scorch it. In about a Day it will become dry and Crisp. The sheets thus made can be stowed War in a dry place and they Are always Reify for use for Jure or sauce. Soak tie pieces Over night in a Little milk Aud they will return to a Nice Joil As delicious As the fresh Miu inking we think much More so. The Quick drying alter cooking prevents any portion from slightly souring As is always the Rase when the uncooked pie cow Are dried the flavor is much better preserved and the after cooking is saved. This plan a quite As Little trouble a the old Mode to say nothing of the superiority in the Quality of material obtained. Try it Aud you will not return to the old method we Are sure and you will also become a great Lover of Hinis Iii pie the year round and Feci less the loss of the fruit agriculturalists. Squire i Cher a cow. By Clara Allsta. Quot All s fair is Trad a Speculator s Bible. A Good looking cow that. Squire Retcher. Want to sell a Wall 1 Dunno. Want to buy a that Ducj it Euda on Tho Price. What la you sell her for v a make me an Oscr a Wall i s Jose she s Worth eighteen or Twenty dollars. Somewhere about that a eighteen or Twenty dollars land soul or. Smith Why that cow is the real Durham Cheshire Short Horny the Best bread in the world you know Sho you Don t say so though do to i did no to notice it. Come from Story strange now the town of Short Lorn he land , or. Smith. Shew Aown Eddy a Man by the name of Short Horny and they called her Short Horn you know cause Florny was too Long to Peak. Tbs Man that raised her was an English or Irish 1 forgot which. So you see the cow s a fur Riner. I reported her myself from the continent a so Why i never a heard a word of it. Kept it private did no Tye Squire ? a Wal yes rather. Be see its the times of the know nothing agitation and be know i m a candidate for selectman in my town to 1 was afraid if the Jwo ple found out that i woe a bringing a Furren cow Here they d turn right out and Spile my election. You know theve re Down on a Wall 1 declare. Squire you re hut the cow can so Wake that a Roar English can to Sher a Sert Lnu i. Pm a of 7uu a a a Quot i bed. Help you red. Of after a 1 Don t fix him. I 11 let him know that 1 pause i forgot to ask you about tin cow. A in t a fool yet Ilow do you like her a Sho. You Don t pretend to my Jat try first rate Squire but our pasturing is so to cheat him rns Eudyjr or. Synth you re Thul her up a Aiton to u i 1�?T. ,. Pret lick a it to i stured his pasturing is new i a a a aids am t that snuff. Land y0u know and Tho Clover is knee Doc 1 u ?ijr.ibia0b�rc. V&Quot.? �?of11 beware. I was afraid if i kept her Horeske to 1��� 1 Dmoi if i Don to then 111 no Kinder Loso her flesh and run Down so in to to and Coal is Carbon whether derived for Way made various abundance and Many other countries and always in a similar geology into relation to Coal deposits hut now litre is there a reasonable Pru Thili women were screaming seamen running to end you a gown a Wall Why not Tell How you calculate to do it a a Wall i mean to. Pshaw a woman can to keep a secret to rest easy without knowing everything. I la fix him that s with a wonderfully knowing air or Smith lieu Ted out of the House and going to Novor do too much at a time. Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton in a lecture let him have her for the season and allow me for the milk and the Squire looked somewhat Surpri ral at this favourable account of the Durham Cheshire Short Horn hut he Only said a just As 1 thought or. Smith. I knew you d let of pleased with Tho Eow there wus a Long pause during which Abaft the Tore nut to be out the Way of its fall and waited for the Shock. But Quot theras a Sweet Little Cherub who sits up aloft of looks after the life of poor Jack amp a a a pm Cocu Lyrine enough to bring to. Us it 7 of in. By car ,, a a .11 pm a bbl in Tel cent Strau within reach of raining. A a Many a Creon Seidig to much engaged of he it athe but i pm Jurt in the Northwestern Jet it of Tho state in Active lira and As much about Tho world a list that there was Only ten feet Between us there Isa very Long lorder line surrounding As if i had never been a student Liao said food eternity. It is the opinion of sea firing Tho Coal Fields with Tho Coal on High utn-1 to Ino a when do you get time to write All men on Board that the ship if Sho struck mits and with deep valleys cutting tie form your books How on Curth do you contrive would have sunk in five minutes for it is a _.i------. I i a t. Jan two Viil Leys to do so much work i shall Surprise you i Sharp left age of rocks six or seven Miles from Vatious next below it. The milk Vard desired Simon my May to i industriously uprooting Casugo i a a. A a v. A a a u n a. Fit. A up into tie sheep s House H him a my. Anu nut transferring them to his Haskit. Thlu f a a flt in Ujj ?nr.1 a Iakow 1j>� quoth ate he want Ltd to Havo a Little talk. To to m if struck with a now a jes he of Quot be and Lwy or a no 10 abundance. I contrite to do us much by Nover doing too a key cuu they never could have lived in the Simon frightened half to death lest Tho a Quot Quot Quot kissing affair behind the Brindle cow had been discovered obeyed with fear and trem. Bling. �?�5 Man a mys ninth coming to tie joint it onco a can you keep a secret a a yes a Wall do you Lovo my Darter Jano a a How aha betas ohm of sir in in poor Simon s Knees began to Knock together and his Teeth chatter in his head. A done to is a fool Simon nobody s Goin to kill be. San nth out a is sir i do love her. In a Well Simon if you lure her that a Well a look Here Squire i m a Good mind to Tell you a Little bit of a secret. Do you think you could keep still Al out it a a Sortin Laud me i can keep anything secret. Lets know. Well Squire i m a going to Hato that la put every other a nowhere. How explain. There read that Mon a letter from his a pocket. The Squire rend it Uver carefully and when he finished to exclaimed grand Chanco i declare. Como right any Shore and deep water All around. The boat could not have been pit ready and if a i they could they never could have lived in the Titis Oil Region has really risen to great in much at a time. A Man to get through heavy surf. Not if she had gone ten feet far xxi trance As Tho present a production of eight work Well must not overwork himself or it ther we should have been almost instantly pre the wages of later bring too High hero to afford it at the same rate at which it con be imported. A Romaneo of Yos Torday. The Independent beige mys that about a month ago a a Gul gentleman called in Hia Carriage at the French Conser rat Aire and inquired for m Lle Malhilde Benoit a Young lady who waa one of the Stu Tite. Lie requested her to Call with her Mother on the following Day at his office on by Einera of importance and drove away. Sha went at Tho appointed hour Bat waa never mors men at tie conservatoire. Iler Lover one Georges Durand also a Pupil become vary Grava and reserved on the afr Etar one eats it and shortly after he also disappeared and Wmk been no More. What took place behind the Breawa meantime waa a follows a the next Day after the appearance of the notary Mathilda and her Mother called at his office As already stated being very anxious to ascertain what he wanted. When they were seated the notary said Quot Peter Benoit born 17o a was a Pupil of the conservatoire. Afterwards he gained a great Resh station of a composer a Singer and Srofe Eeor of singing and cola motion for Hia Sug Theis engaged him to come to new York Llerve under an italian name Heaton acquired a great renown. His Musk was Sung in the theatres and he gave concerts which wire always crowded. Finally Hie lessons were so much Rought after that they paid him As much As Twenty dollars per lesson. He died two months ago at the ago of ninety one. Having no direct heirs lie leaves All Hie Fortune to the children and Gnand children of his brother Thomas. You Mim Are tie Gia daughter and sole descendant of Thomas consequently your grand Uncle s Fortune belongs to Ilaa that inheritance some importance inquired Madame Benoit. A Well mid the notary who already no Praml much interested in the Young Gin a you had better Guras a will it be As much As thirty thousand Franca inquired Mother Benoit who did not dare to Hope so much. A better than that fifty thousand francs a go on a sixth thousand a us i higher still higher go on a a Hundred thousand of you Are going so slowly that an will never Como to in end. Peter Benoit bus left a Fortune of fifteen Hundred thousand francs but what of the Young Man her Lover Georges Durand the other Jawor Pupil of the conservatoire Llie fellow Jim Emu would never guess though they guessed every Way they could what and become of him. But in about Throe Wecks Timo a letter of invitation to the marriage of or. Georges Durand with miss Mathilda Benoit was Recei Tod by Tho pro femur of the conservatoire and by several Pipilas. Tie ceremony was to take Placo at Saint Phillippy do Houle and the dinner at tie mansion inhabited by Tho newly married couple at Courcelles Street. The lower Cimas. But if you marry her you be got to work to it f t0 ofert. And for her. W ill you be willing to do that Al Thuv a try a her done Tye v a yes. Sir. If the cow Don t go beyond two Hundred dollars she s mine tie Suiro Memed a agitating. A look Here Smith a mid length a id Liko to so this famous cow. Ilow would you i like to have Ziy Cou Jany Down to Latou ? i a the very thing i wus going to ask you. ,. I Squire. I want the Benefit of your Daviro a a he s a Speculator and a cheat you know tj10 or tar it j bin much 0f it judge old Lour Short Horn cow shows that in try me a Wall i want you to show your Loro by doing me a Little service in an a flair that 1�?Tvo got into and want to get out of a anything in the world or. Smith from fighting a Duel t a killing a wild cat a you know Squire Jim Richer a to be As do Soto of Tho subjects requiring much research. And what a and so contented myself with just stringing or Mav to the pro time do you think As a general Rulo i have up a by nerves for a Ballet with the Waves ror c , 1. a a or 7 a a a this old do pit uf-1 not More than three hours a Day and when enough there was n Long conversation Between the Onule and it is said that one or two of Tho i and in addition to this 1 Havo published h know there was no time to run below for life Small town originally formed there exhibit somewhere about sixty Vulura some upon preservers which Are Hung up by Esch berth streets of closely crowded As do Soto of the subjects requiring much research. And what a and so contented myself with just stringing Eastern cities. Whatever Ciso state of Tho crowding every natural advantage this old do pit ni-1 Nui More than three noun a us Gnu a a Quot a a a i terrors fonts will Imas thoroughly tried is the Gold parliament is sitting not always that. But two or three ladies took it heroically and placers of California have Lieen. If fortunes then during those noun i Havo Given my seemed to draw in strength from the scene a Are to be secured for a few thousands and whole attention to Liat 1 was about. Round them. It was n terrible moment for tie Tho two or three favored counties of the com captains Captain Stone of the Royal no a Yufor Nio wealth Are to become As Rich As the Amis in Alt Little affair happened the a swung around the sails taking Abaca on which our metropolitan cities Are built other Day which is too Good to to lost or. A amt Seneith air first i of Courato to Are All to to benefited and will a. Called on Ono of our Farmers and asked Root him. For Sil his great rashness and gladly rejoice accordingly. The actual supers now him Tho Price of ones and was informed that decision in our hour of need we attained is far beyond Liat Tho Public Gen they were Worth 35 cents per Bushel. He owe our lives. The kick is called Fasnet Rock orally suppose and for this reason to think agreed to pay 40 cents on condition that lie and Upin it is the los in Clear a that it exactly Simon and to Tell Tho i two worthies the tin Tho Ca Hagn Yard and i be More widely and Touhl Quot nth i done to fool Over and ahoo Well Picas lit in. Agreed that they should pm Moeed to Ballf Quot a Jold he. I i Hall never forget to a Titok Tut Werain and left coup do a Only i Efow to in tip Enzi St a f a a a. A a congratulation i for twelve Bushel and theml too big i j j�d7y7h7face , who he get the Bailer of Tho Square in some Way 1 Eia Luine and decide on Tho Merita of the 7� of Revlon is the liver of pikes Wagon and1 went after them. The Farmer How Tomt wild shoot have oreo distr re Ami should be delighted. In be cot a Idan fixed Peak at this very hour. Oil is not Only Tho filled Tho half Basliel after which or. A. Pain in All their form but a face never like that i think will in just the thing and All i no on of the next Dav found Squire Richer a a it. Permanence of got in and gave them a most vigorous tramp t want is you to carry it out for in l or. Smith at in won when a mme i our it t 11� 9. Of p1�� ? Talun a a 1oonttfactink their proportion consider-1 a a a . Theory Bracken a . I m ready for anything if Jane Stely sought Green Street stable and the no Hundred rare for when Gold is in itself use ably. The firmer the Crew to be my Reward. Hori. Both the cow and Simon Mildmay of Quot by a a in Uchs therefore the Oil Region Oats into the bag without 111 a Wall now Harken. The 8h fire thinks were so thoroughly disguised that their own he it map . And it is our duty us Well Ore. Or. A. Raved hut a Muturi to Stop Ito Ratip s Way right of Nice cattle and will give a Mot any Era would not Havo known than particular a a our of h�?~10 nil Kelho j. A Larmon , a Rorty ftp hrad Tel tto v7 trembling a of Price Afore hell log the Chance of Gettin a by no horn�?T., and Suire Richer was rom b.? to avoid the Araa Tabon of agreement and As an Evi Dotee. Told or. A. a valuable animal. Now i want you take plot Cluj deceit. To Cut a Long matter Short with .dea., Elro and to Pees this after he Mer aured the Meta to might tramp we of Shade after much bargaining and a Anterior the no but acct of Quot a w., a in Wing a wish that them All Shore Republican. Portions consider ree a no ability. Emery Quot breaker ahead a r Stas lying up the Mats in pm Mcfadi it �1 to instant As if it just like say other cow. And now neighbor Smith if you want to buy a grand Goud cow one that la give Twenty five quarts of milk a Day and make ten pounds of butter a week you la never have another a a a a an a. 1 �0aw�?~��?~ a with her at All a a rarity Bare All re been a Hal fiends. And i Don t 1 fill Uto cavity. It will soon �?l0j few paltry dolt Are to oblige Yon May Hare that Durham Cheshire you. Taij rna i Wrt Bora cow. Bred somewhere in Victoria s liar to 1 dominions for the sum of forty five dollars. To arrange d with a Wittera Aad pump at tto i it or is my. Lower end so a to throw a top tto fluid water when it is not suffice think a a ort tips dollars of Squire Youm k i a made of Money. I nearer ctn of a �1 ��?oj1 Binl to Gin Lial. Sav forty and ill think time to be converted into fluid without the a a a. Via Gnu a a a a two it us i a us r.,. Haw la Gat he Musj Uitos in the sight few paltry dollars. You May Hare the cow mosquitoes says somebody love beef blood for better than they do say that flows a tto veins of human kind. Just Pat a couple of so to us seess on Platas near Yoor bed at a the Money a a tto eow1� a there Reatar that a the Way or. John some joint mind and get it the sect Shade after much in gaining and Hant Cring Tho no j a. A a to pressing a wish that a and paint Short Horn s White so Meta Black Horn Earl of Derby cow alias the Durham Quot Gay a a found by which oils Rany in just like tie rest of her. Chi hire Short Horn became Tho property of top common Standard and that in then even Al sad till you write n Derby i you know cried a it tend you. A a A Tow Crull interest in the Impi movement of the other rows for the night Stock and that you would like for Meto unfortunately Forte Eow Airi info Stu Conio to Boston and see a splendid Black Cowf re a owner s peace of mind there of the no Horn Breed which the Earl had Caine up a heavy rain during Tye night and sent to the mayor of As a present. A tha a Onnig when the Squire came oat to just hint that for a consideration you would to a at his parc toss to found i Bana fide be willing to sirt a a the her to any american a Hack and Whito kicking Eow awaiting him. Farmer and Palm off an inferior animal up i to streaks of Black paint revealed the truth on the Mavuro. Do you understand me. To the and. A be a sell is is try Mills with mortal tear yielded to her powerful in rec eds from the Rock and is were i saved. Moss Havo read a statement North Prince of Wale must hot a con own american. Plainly evident. The any the baffled Speculator Tot Mavuro Mildmay a a a a Lator Tore round the Yard and cursed himself to n Vav Ltd a l. U of i. The Eow or. Smith and tie world in general it Ell. When i see Squire Richer he ii ask a / Al. I in i. I i would he to Toni info any Ono no Nuu. A r 111 my him i tet wife think 2tnhsssthdet0ut a a up Quot a a Sqq a la kith r tthr4 h on Tho Onn lot Ier us. Of great wealth is opened quite by Accident i arc convinced tii at the most of ill health in in a portion of the a rate least to be expected the Community is due to the Lack of Sleevi to come to such Good Fortune Ami it is time More than to any other cause. Rapidity of for our own 61ato to recognise and Herald its eating Lack of exercise heated room Over no a a a a anxiety of mind and other cause contrib Ute to the ill health and abbreviated live of our City population hut the going to bed too late and rising too Early we believe to be productive of More Sie knead and premature you death than any of theanor All of them combined. Or. Hall in i journal of health Pat in the Telegraph off co. Pat entering �?1 Mather House in a clerk a no such Man lives Here. Have made a mistake in the door path Oeh now done to you be Cornin any concurs fully with or. A Utah pasto Theno by. Sure and did t 1 Rade Eesa Ity of longer sleep than the majority of Quot a a i men allow Thema Clef. Indeed we know of clerk a i understand. I attend to no respectable medical Sanction for the Sborne i i a Rob were few and eve Fiir a on the a a Vns i mr-�?o��w�?T4 Hus . Enung the term to six or seven hour. We affair Jund Down of the Ron the ensuing Day she wily Well can be Send to me know vent Many men who Are rarely in bed 4i j 1 brother Mick in new York before Midnight yet an always up by six clerk its have you a written Mes of Yelnek in the Rooming. Such men Are sex Sage a haunting their vital urea prematurely. They la at och bother never need of Givin a never can reach the limit of three a Core Tuigg in writing at All. Niver a word can Yean and ten much Lea lira far beyond it he Rede. Jest give him this fire Dollar Bill As almost every Man May by taking or to pay Tbs aim the blackguard join on him himself. Clerk Job. We can t Send Money by Tele. To Rel Insp county for pasturing Jsu i i Quot u>if.0u>ct>vf. Quot Quot Quot i Down of the Ron the ensuing Day she a to then i will show him Yoor letter and a no Down a a Abeer a Al in Squire d a Kassa to inn. Invite him to go to Boston with me to see the celebrated no my. Ill Tell him that in a Sot on having the Ouw if she dont Art More than in a Worth and that la make him deter j let i i a a a no a in Quot. B. I it i j r a. Richer a cellar a barrel of beef at two Hundred and set qty five dollars and poor at that the Squire had the Good sons not to Lay m a Ritz Tda re a to a r a 8�?olu> he a ukr Siun is quote 22s v w u l it i0�?o l�?ol�?~7t,v a Yoo Eon do the thing up Brown a and aha l Uinn tha path a sure an what would i buy Malo frands came Down for a Day a a Yooung a a a a. Yus. Ii Well i Beltona you to two Little mild Mava who Are of i and Taat it three pecks of Ellegant male a they often did. In to craning >�1 a wed Rome Liting about Jon. Whan you Quot first Lra in me Bora Al Raatik a out into the my Lyle of Cha Lake in an of a a. Course the exact of their rather. J a Erk no. All we can do if Yoa have punt. They were full to i did. Well if you can make it go 111 i a message is can read that. That Laws played off oos or two practical jokes on to beef you May Hare Jane before cold weather and the value of this Naason a tobacco crop a f charge the win with electricity Aad Atka nost till on getting out of the boat the Money is get for Ebo Thorn will help set j Connecticut will not fall Short of $200,000. T it writs la new York. Him Lari one of them Gara it a pub and out the incident furnished a topic Tor the excursion. Tits Railroad by Scio Cash a ctn Tirl far the jury of the Saramma Rosart this morning in lbs Case of Jamss m. Putros a. In or lond Hoe and Portsmouth Lui Drosd for dam see for personal injuries by to violently Eye Tod from a ear at Forbor Maine returned n ran list fee the Esse ering the damage at tvs Rik Stit trn Huam. A a adult a nil a it plane for plaintiff P. Thoneta Aud e. Mer win for . Tvs Bonnet by kinds. Foil Iron a undoubtedly the Rugrat place of Straw menu facture in Massat Huretta if nut in the world. At the Union Straw works of the Mirada. Can water in Luxborough 330 girl and about 270 men Are employed the Girie averaging one Dollar and the men two dollars per Ray. They employ 170 men and girls at a Branch factory at Nantucket and 400 at another in Modfield. Bev also give pm Joy meat to 2500 women outside of the is Eturia. Their be Petal of the company a $500,000. Tasir Saint last year Ware $1,300,000. $15-000 per Bmith m required for the payment of wages while some 14,000 hats and bonnets Are manarite turd per Day. They also svs employment to an extensive Box factory the town. Bat a Nail portion of the Straw Good used Are plaited is this country who Are they ? the toiling millions Tho by Loring men and women Trio former tie Mechanic Tho artist the inventor the producer fsr from it. These Sre nature s nobility god a favourites the Oslo of the Earth. No matter whether they Are High or Low in elation Rich or poor in Julf Ronque Oua or Humble in Jna Fotioo they Are Tho a up per Circle a in the order of nature whatever the Focati Troue distinction of fashionable society. It is not Low it is the highest duty privilege Jde Asuro for the great met n and the whole souled women to earn West they Vuoso to work their Way through life to do architects of their own Fortune. Nomo May remark the classes we have alluded Toad Only relatively Low and in tact the Middle classes. To insist they Are absolutely the very highest. Is there a class of beings on Earth who May Inq wry in denominated Low if so it is Corii Unsod of those who Cumi nuo without producing who dissipate the earnings of their Falliero or relative a without Labouring or doing anything in Aid of themselves. Short chapter for Young ladies. There Are certain Young ladies in the world who hold a Euliar notion As to the attentions they receive from gentleman. They Suvi ii to think that if a Man is Jill be and agreeable to them if he Apawan to take it Clasure in their society and visits Umidi successively lie is bound to Jwo Puse marriage. Strange to Ray some mammas labor und it r this delusion. A Short time ago a Friend of our visited a Young lady three or four evening in succession and a he was leaving the Bouse Lor the Lari time the Mother railed hint quietly into the parlor and asked him what his intention were. Our Friend promptly responded that he had no intention a loitered and politely wishing the lady Good night left the Bouse forever. We live in a fast age and it would Alim worn that courtship must a conducted with Tho some Railroad Speed a other things. Marriage is a serious matter requiring Long and Earnest consideration. Two Young peo May be everything that could a wished they May a amiable a sectional in disposition and yet because their Lastra do not assimilate they will live a very unhappy 111 together. Ilow Are Thero Young folks to find out each other s temper and disposition if it is not by the time spent la Raen store s company before marriage. Thera can be no doubt that the numerous unhappy marriages which Are made in the present Day arise entirely from the fact that the courtship is Ino Short. Marriage is not regarded with sufficient reverence it is too often hurriedly entered into and speedily repented. Truth compel us to stats that this is mused a a gnat measure by our Young ladies. A to have just stated they Sporar to think that u s Man is jew late and agreeable to them he 1 in lore and is hound St once to Declara Hia intentions. They forget that in seeking Lor a wife a Man ought to look for something More than Bright eyes a Brilliant comj4ex-Ion and whits shoulder. Them Are All very Well in their Way hut Beauty is eran rent and the Day will come when other Quali tim Are found Nurr Sty to bind a household together. There should is congeniality a mind temper and disposition liter must u Mutual demo draws and Mutual forbearance All of which cannot is Diego vend in tire a Hurt courtship of the present Day. A git too should remember that Patent or Otic it r boots s Well fitting Cost and Una pro i Ltd a a Hie Blikken Are not tie Only Thina requisite Lor her future Asp Pine. Liar Low May he a a perfect Duck but u a also Nee remix that he should have a Little manhood about him. Or four weeks of Matrimony will dim Pale her dreams and rite will is compiled to Settle Down to the conviction that she has married a dolt whom she Mut do free. Tho attribute of Mach Mimi Are not to he Desrov Rcd in two or Throe interflow. It require

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