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Biddeford Union And Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1860, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - November 30, 1860, Biddeford, Maine.1 a a in in s Nornal ii a cumin Xirui Rthur Piunt. Office Hooper a Urick ii lock up Minin. Tilt m h two do Tutsi in ass a a or it it a Doimi in firm if pm we that 1 nmn Dii Frota Toiuo of . Amp late . I cents. A4��rtui�a Hulee. A gone Diu Are it it a Lees Koch , Lane Tion. A a i a a it Marc u a Linee nun Nell upe. Hpe Eiel >ulmm.�--. Be werks a to Linea of Lana 311 Menlai Rice line a la Lleana Lemenu e Une. Yearly Lola re or will he Aher get a 44 fwd limited log pm Quot i.,h7dl>l�3�d> Union Ano Norn in emf a moly i i a a a a in for i i it Ufra of ii i Yew i it Mem mme a Imaku of Jimr i or f Arfa a a a a ref a a Tri r Orff Ion a m a m to we Imater la tit met of a Tfir a i 0# re fms i Mulit. Elf a t. Cleav s�,.-r�l it Tzu. A eternal hostility to every form of Oplt Ressio. Over toe mind or body of i�0r. A a a a a a Louis 0. Cowan. Office in Hooper a Brick Block. Liberty Street. Editor Ani proprietor. Volume Xvi. Biddeford me., Friday m orning november 30, 1860. Number 49. Jugal idiotic is. At no Murtof pro late held at by Jeff no will a Len a fur Ike county of York us the tire to Welt Nln in Nurein her in the year a four Hundred a to i lit or by the Idun. E. Ii Bourne judge of Mill court / u. Pm Riphin. Wotli the within 4 j Wulin Anfir. Oft a fit attic of univ o Voyk. On to Flat a inv Liy i 111# of \ Oft is Conly Tiv Fujiu a in the year a four Lon i to hum Imu Beil Hie a reline Pinnt of of i10 a a. A. Lala of m e Wahne. And a Iii by Jadwga of Aehl in writ �ira-1 the lion e. To uric i Bali omm no Lowance i Orr Row. That the raid accountant Gire no inn tyrant l�7f� of int. Late of tree Teall Pekin a York in Mhz . Baring Pree enu Espy of this order t Luu Jymm 4�"�?o� a a a a 5? a by co Eliely that they May Elute or mid Ile Eauil at a Prol we court to i hidden at Vitero. In ordered. That the awl pet loner Gire notice to Alle in tar a a a a inc int to Mitey in decent Persona Tatore ated la Mhz weetau b eau along n copy m1, tue a of the clock la tie Forenoon a title order 1� be three Weeka Necea air and hew Caus a. If any they Hare. A by Iba Wauie by in the Lawa 4 Jear Aei. Tintel Al la Luul us allowed. Aehl county that they May Apo car at a Proeu aur to. Franelak Tacon , to met to he held at Sac. I a Miu county of the a True copy Attell Ira Aei Iterong. . Flirt take stay la decent Lor next Ethi of the 7 Cluck la the Lorca of. And Akew Caqaj if any they Bare Why the a aide Abu uld a<4 he allow a i a teat Franelak Hanoa. Luguer a True copy. Auml Franu Hava. Reg1�ur j at it court of probate held at Ilu Dayard. Wet Alsaad j Korea bar. To lid end fam court Nikl Smith. Or. Each Tutor of the will of at a Coart of probate Hald at Rudd Clord. Within in pm it a Ike county of York on the ref wednesday of More her in the year of on lord eighteen Hundred and Allty by the Lioa. K. K. Bourne judge of Mil court t�lnt."77-1 a Vrka t. Eaton. of the r a urn rear �7uar u re eighteen Liun Nauru of we a w. . Us of la i a the lob l. E. Houma. Judge ton. In eld county. De eat de. Imru the Llyn. Mourne. Euloge ou<1j but Ubl a . A Ute Mali of Rel t Ile Ceoil for allow Noci county i ordered. That the mi4 Aero Nunt fire a Lanati Harlan predated ble Ink oat of Ute notice to All Persona inure Rcd. By eau ring a copy mad Maranon Ute Tau of Aid Down had. I j1- to printed court by be Cratt reeday la Deena Berteal at of thee Luck in the . Aed anew aaa Elfay they Bare Why the aide a it talk not be allowed. C attest Franu Gleenn Regetter. A Trae copy. Arteil Franu Luck. Regueur. At n court of Pru Ute held at bldg Lelord. Within and a the even to of York on the frat Well Cadey of at n Coart of probate held at made Ford within and for the county of York on the drat h of Neady of nor Etui or in the year of our lord eighteen hand real and Lily. By the Hon. E. E. Bourne judge of a i court on the petition of Etui e Bryant Guardlyn of irii.1.1.tv Wolf i food jr.,of Kenn Buunk. No Caber. U Tho yur of l.1 eighteen Hun of t v wok woo a. Or Nen Nouna deed and sixty by urn f e. K. A Kurae. Julge an inane Pemon proving Lleen i Aell and of Aid court ear eur at Public Mellon. Or Printe we null the 11 Ollack Hall will of , Lute of y her week in Aid right. Ulle and int reel of la Aid want la and to certain real cd Tate situated in Hunn hunk. In Aid county and the Proe Eeda thercy it of to lie put out at we. Bavin a in Eluted Hla Ira to Noeo unt of film Lyle. I in cart. Bald scale Tete being refill described Traylon of the cat ate of Ahl allowance b m a to la unordered that the Aid accountant Gore notice order red that the Aid Petitioner fire notice to nil Pera a interested by causing loopy of thu thereof to All or ratio later ated in pm cat ate Hgt Orler to he Nellu hoi in the l Aiss 4 Yesman. Print-1 be using n copy of thu order to in cd in a Biddeford la Aid county three weeks Aue Publ ked in the Antun to Janine. Pro neil Cesa roly Tiu it they May App Cerant probe Tetour in in Aid count three week to he held at Saco la Aid county m Onece shirely that they May App car no n probate the to to Tuow Dav la december an it at ten of the t ourt to he held no Maest in Aid county on clock la the Forenoon and anew cause if any they Tho Iraq Taew Lay in Lueen incr lie it ten of the Lizae Why the Sauie should not be allowed. Cluck in the i Renoon and Shew cause if any they m burst. Francis aeon Register. I have Why the Ai of Aid petition should not a True copy. Attest Franelak Bayou. Lla Glicr. I i Antul. A a c attest Francia Bacon Register. At a court of probate held it . Within Aryl a True copy. Att vat Franu aeon. It Getster. For the evil qty of York on the lint Wel malty la i not cml or in the veer of our Portl Elg Lietea b court of held at bad Durd within my laity. By the . E. E. c. Unto of York on the Vav knee. Day of Noveilli of in the veer of our lord eighteen Hui lord and sixty by tiie Hon. E. E. Bourne judge of said Ruurt i rom on admin Trator of the estate or 5. I , late or Leinan. In mid county dec easel Irvinc prevented her Tot a i Una _ of a it lining stroll it ii of the estate of Mahlde Geneed Kin to take Adin Iuit traction Aal give u Dice Aleo his private account against said Stato for Al l4 be ivors of a Aid or cease j and p. All persons inter-1 to watch. Arteil in mid causing by of this or it ler to i order red Liat the mid accountant Quot ire no Alec to the published in the Sieo a Jens primed in bid All per it Ous inter Del by of thu or Buford in said e in Tyr three week ively Der tube published three week Hundred judge of sulk court on the petition of Almira p. Rid Lon who was the Sklow of John Art no. Ute of Cornish la mid county deceased Pray in a that administration a of the estate of mid deceased May be granted to Cotton Beane �4 i Mertik i ordered. That the Petitioner cite the Anil of _ a a by Liat they May appear at a Pronto court to Legatee is Brssi printed at Laws had in sad Holdi a at meet. La mid county of ii a Rel to july. That they May appear at a in Roii Aio court Trust Lay of i Veeann a Nult at Teu of the to a u hold at a in mid c. Unto. On the first a a tues Lay la inc Vuika not at to of the clock in old a in thief it Ren its it a. Ami View cause. If and talk a Bate who Tho prayer of mul pet Tiou should not be granted. 47 att Cal a Trae copy. Attest Francis aeon. Register. Bayou Register. At a court of prolate held at Ithak leased. Within Ami fifths county Ike Brt it Luce Ilay la november. In he y oar of our lord so glum Day in novel Hunt Rel a cd silly by thu lion. K. E. Bourse Lium Arvd and ugly the Forenoon a l Shew Causa it any they hate Why the same should not lie allo weit. 47 attest Krs Nels it on Register. A True copy. Attest. Francis Bacon in Getster. Al n court of Prol ate Lichtl at Vyrlan a. Within a Tel fur the Eon Oty of of Tho first cd use Day Fin the year of our lord eighteen just Law olt Sank cd writ on the ii elite it a of William Quost administra-1 Tor of urn estate of v mix r. Lele a if Meaford la Mhz county Dver Asell. Re Prem it a Tang that use Perenne estate a said is not Eai Tleimat to Jay uie just pm it to whih he at i the Lime to Ltd he death by the sum of seven valve a Bdl Arv. Ami prs leg for a cease to sell and Ron-1 vey a of the real easts cd mid Dii Imil at Public auction or private Sale because by per tial Sale Tho residue would he greatly k. Bourne. Executor of the last will is and testament or Diutch into Orke a Neh Unk. In the county of York ii Vecsi. Having his Glrst unt of of a no Inin r r Era Kiln Lowas Orv tired that Tho mid exec nth a give notice to All her sure interacted by reusing Nolle to be Pul lis til three weeks suede sylvely. In the in a end As ssi printed Al Ith Deford that they May appear at a pm Hete court a la he l. Al mid port lamp. On the Glrst foe Lay Luis cml or next Al. A ten of the plunk la us la a rom win. And i slow name. If order so. T1>at the Pel Tumer give Melee us hot uld not Las Alto the m ire of said . Ami to All per7 a j la Savl a slate by causing copy of this order to he published la the la Ema 4 in Man a a routed in . In mid couuty.fof1 attest William 0. Rare town. Judge. Aaron a Llo Hlen Register. Three Wees sue it a my Vogt by that they May up or at a prolate court a a a Las held at meets la ,r a ,i4tc held at la Oldeford within county pm the Host tue Dey in a a Ether a let ten of Tom Click in the . And show cause if any they hates Why the prayer of said petition Ahu Akl not he Grant. 47 att a Franu i Lac at. Redder. A True copy. Attest Franci Bacon. Hegis r. At a court of pro Gnu held it old Dehard. Within nil her the county to York onthhr4 we Tinea a Lay la the year of Tair urd eighteen Hundred end Silty by the Tillou Ortado h e. Bourne judge of mid a tart. A at 11 an d. Al of Jomn if. In to menu. A maj it a awl child of John , i to Alfred. La mid Routly. Deena de. Oreo at aces not of them _ having presented Hla see Oad need a of his mid Ward Tor allowance urls red. That the mid guardian give notice to nil i Wrens interested by causing a copy Nuila order to la it in muted in the Fassea 4 Jet Kwa rent cd la lakh Lefoll in Mhz mainly Thra we is we res steely that they May a Jmar it a fro ale wort to Las held at Maeo. La mid county on the try to Tot Lay in at ten of the Elk cd in thefil Windi. And Shew cause. If nay they have Why the mine should not be allowed. C Aseet. Francis Imeon Register. A True copy Attrel Franu Bacon Register. ²1 a court of probate held at bidder Fernl. Within Tad he the ret wed Nee play in november. La the year of our lord eighteen he Miertl and Slaty by the honorable k. L Bourne Julge of mid court Ami for thee it Only of York on the Host we knee. Day id november la the year of our lewd eighteen Hundred nil sixty by the Llou. E k. Bourse judge of mid court a t Ndrew j. Pails no. And Alexander Den a no or. A Iuno executors in n certain Lnu tru Vincnt. Purm.rt1ng to i thelast a 111 and testament of . Rak on Ute to a a or. In mid . Deceased having presented Tho Maiuu for pro Hale t org Reg that the mid executor give notice to All Isle Esteil by ensuing a of this order to be pull slim three weeks successively in la a imm 4r or lilt to it in county it Tat they duty appear at a probate in he told at Maeo. La mid county on Tho Host to wry Lav in dec Mir next it ten of the clock in the Hirv Simiu and Shew cause. If any they have Why the mid instrument should not be proved a a proved. And allowed As the last will awl testament of the a Aid deceased. 47 att Cal Francis aeon Register. A Trae copy. Attest. Francu Bayou. Register. At a c Urt of Proi mtr to i l i b a i f Rel within and for the county the Host wednesday la november in tie year a dour lord eighteen he Miertl nil sixty by the lion. K. E. Bourne Julge of mid court i Ohn ii. Lab tit named axe Tutor in n certain ire talus lit of ii a instrument purporting to be the last will Ami cretan sent of l . Str of Mouth Ber week. In mid to Katy d eee ased having prescule.1 mid executor give notice la on the part Tiow of Andrew Dow it a Ard taii of i by a menu later Statil by causing n copy id this or. Oct at u cd at la. N minor a child of Rob la a Paul Tecl three weeks suede sylvely. In Art p. Cives Latr to in Gorlou la met Temaly. De i to real. In Pletl at blvd Ewd. In ceased Pray aug our lie Euse to sell awl convey. At mkt Tanty. That they May appear at a flak Alt us Hole auello or private Sale All him. Uwi court to held Al Meco in Sahl Chi Only Ami Date vast of Hie said Ward la awl to certain real a a a a Art tuesday in like iut or next at ten of estate slut Atco a in if Eyota in Sakl a maty awl the Cucil a a lilt , awl Stew cause Irany proceeds thereof to Jet to inters is. The Saidi real be L�ry ll4r,t a Why the mid instrument should not be ate being nude fully Des Eristal in mid petition. Proved approved end allowed a the last will and order red. That the Petitioner give Nollee to ail testament of the mid deceased. , re Ltd by a musing a copy to this order a Quot attest. Kraut a life a sol try. Later Esleta of by i a tru. Kobo tyls Bacon. Register. Tiera Oas in urea Tel i of a a �?~-7&Quot to be published thro weeks Sneck Ltd surely la the rate and or saw. at bold Hwd in Sakl county. Tomt they Way appear at a probate t our to be held Al mae., in said a duty. Of the Host Tael lev in inesm Irr Tea cd the Dock la the for soon. Anti Shew cause. If and they hav Why the prayer of mid Peti Lioa should not be granted. 47 Attrel a Trae copy Aiu a Francis rank regts ler Francis bad of registre. At a Cunt of probate held at . Ullh Luzod Vuu Tewo Oyork. On the irs wed newly la , in the yearn our lord Al Gilwa Ima. Dreamt silly by the lion. E. E Lourue. Judge to Sahl court. On the Pellma of Nathaniel Jef Fordha Eret Lilor Dtho a state to Lucy lire enough. 14 a if Kean Aliuk a mid county deceased. Praying that cd the islet of Sahi deceased in be granted to Edward e. Bourse or. Of Mcnee Buok 1 order red Liat the Rietl Tanwer Elle the Navy of Kin to take . Not give mate flier Lofto the of Mhz few sail nil in All pors is interested a met a late by causing a copy of this i three we a tinier to be published i it is in live Fiatoa 4 it Eirew printed at a wide Ford la Mhz to Katy Thal they May appear at a probate court m be held Taco. In Mil came it on the Host Taew Lay la december next at Tea of the clock in the forewarn a 1 brew cause if and they Bare who the prayer of Mal petition should not be granted. 47 Attrel a True ropy. Att Cal Fra Aeu Bam a Reg Der. For Salt Bacon. La Gisler at a court of prolate held at Iloh Lead. Within nil for the county id Yurk. Of the Host red new Lay la november. La the year of our lord Elgh Teca Hundred Ami la to. By the Une. K. K Bourne. Judge of Sahl court 1 on the petition to Julia a. Cidad Bour. User Dunn a. C my it hoi , e minor end he 1 i of net t he Beura. Late of Rater Borough la said Bounly a scant. Re preheat tag that Mhz lain or u seized end Al certain real Petote la said Waterbor Vuga More Billy Deerr bed in Sahl Petal tim t it la Oliss Laflai us Olaf of i dollars of said minor awl praying that _ _ be granted her to Mil a Leavey Sahl minors interest Nib repaid. Are Odlag to the statute in such cases made awl provided. Ordered. Thai the Petitioner give Attlee thereto to ail persons interested la Mhz estate by easing by to this order to be published a live by a Nvvf i Usu our i of in in i us Ood Jeu Raaf printed la blvd Sfard. La said to Katy for three weeks swore sylvely. That they May appear it a probate court to he held at w let Aid the Ini tuesday it a deep most Apalat Toa of the sleek la the la Reaola awl Shew Trees it May they Hare who the prayer Al add Peu Tiea should net be granted. 47 Attrel prayer Francis aeon Register Francis Hanoa Register. At a court of probate or id at ride Ford within and for the county of York of the Host nine Lay in naive my in the year of our lord eighteen Bun tired nil sixty by the honorable e. E us True. J Edge of said court Ioanna Tirom Lylun Hametl executrix in n Eer a i Tain instr Meul purporting to he the last will awl testament Thortson late of bal Delbrod la mid Donn to deceased having presented the mine for prolate 1 o dried. That the Mill executrix c1&Quot no tire to All person Oiler to be published three weeks Sacree sylvely. La tie Cama and journal prylut a at Lud Wieford. La Mhz county that they Way appear no r probate court to a held Almeo in raid county of the Host tuesday in december neil it ten of the clock in the fore not a awl Shew a abase. If nay they have Why the Mhz instrument shoe id not be a roved up prov a. Nad allowed As the last will awl Les Tamut of the said Deeee sed. 47 att Cal fraaces Itam. . A Trae copy attest Fraucis Bejou lug dui. At a court of pro Halo held at by Lieford within and for the county of York. A a the Host Redhea Day in Nuevo Berja the year of our lord eth Tea Hundred nil Styly by Tho Llo Norahle k. E Uura. Judge of sail court 1 Edwin c. Of Robt non awl elector la a certain instr went Perm Ming to he the inst will awl testament of to engr f. , late of Keun Buak. In met county is leased having presented the seme hit pro hew 1 ordered. That the set executor give Nollee there it to All persons let erected by causing e copy of this order to be published in the Lama and journal. Printed la by depart. To Aht a Tuety. Three weeks successively that Tatev was appear Al a probate court to be held no my in Mhz Bounly on Tho a ret Tweed a a december next it Tea it the Loek la the Asre atoms nil Shew canse to any Bey have Why the Mhz instrument should not be proved approved. Aed allowed As the last will Nad testament of the mid deceased. Tux a Spinx cuob8, by t. Field. once a Here Alpine a Torras have uric to hosts of martial forms halting with fear Bonu boil with cold while Swift the Avils chrs rolled. Shouted our guide with quivering breath tit path is toil to Stupe it death the Savage Snow Cliffs seemed to frown. The howling wind came tier Orr Down shrouded in such dismal scene. No mortal Aid we Arron to lean think you what music a twas to hear i it the croup our Troy ii Al tar f we looked and there amid the snows a simple Croes of wot d prose firm in the tempest s awful Wrath it stood to guide the traveller s path and Point to where the Valley lies Serene beneath the summer skies. One dear companion of that night Lias passed away from mortal sight he reached his Home to Droop and fade. And sleep within his native Glade hut As his fluttering hand i took before he gave his Farewell look be Whis i Rcd front his bed of pain the .11 Pine Crotti i tee again a then smiling Sank to endless rest upon his weeping Mother s breast what sue Hho out xxx. This faded Flower that you see. Was Given me a year ago by one whose Little Dainty hand is whiter than the Snow. Her eyes Are Blue a violets. And she a a blonde and very fair and Sunset tints Are not As Bright As is her Golden hair. And there Are roses in her checks Liat come and go like living things her voice is softer than the Brook s Liat flows from hidden Springa 8he gave it me with downcast eyes and Rosy flushes of the Cheek. That told of tender thought her Tongue had never Learned to speak. Tho fitting word had just been said. And she was mine As Long As life i gently Laid the Flower Asido and kissed my blushing Asifo. Hob took it up with Earnest look Aud Laid a huh Primo the Flowers a and tender tears were in her eyes a it is my Only 8he brought me Faith and Hope and truth she brought me Grullo thought Aud love a a soul As pure As those that float around Tho throne above. But earthly thing she nothing had. Except this faded Flower you see and though to worthless in your eyes tis very dear to me. Agricultural. 47 Otto a a True copy. Attest Francis aeon. Francis Baal a. Register Register. A it Salt. Notice i hereby Atvea that to pursuance of a Loara bom la judge of probate. I shall Mil at Public auction i Traat of deortnx1 suction Rona. In Sago. On the Isth Day of Lac my next at Selleck la the afternoon Tho an a oat Huilda of Saoi Turl undone my. Jr., Dree erd a ated on the North Easterly Shle of Beach direct. In Saco and the two lots of Lanty under and and Ola Lac Tho am Sahl dwelt lag Sfura u of so awl half Wall Las had. Also in acre of land a Mountain Road so mum adjoining land of John t. Rit Nellh. _ we. J. Patten adar. Baa. November 21,1940. Jew a looking of nuts for Connors. Pilero is something which Tho editor of the country it nil it nmn saw in a recent journey through Tho Rural districts i. House with broken windows a orae tii uen with old lists or Rug thrust in to keep out the weather but usually with free ventilation. 2. I houses with unfinished chimneys and with Brick and mortar lying on Tho Ruof. 3. Houses with loom clap boards Homo of which have been knocked off and others hanging by a single Nail. 4. Door Yard rooted up by pigs Tho by tar having free no com Lor the convenience of ready feeling with Kitchen slops. 5. Door Yarda grown up with Burdock and thistles with a few muttered half dead fruit Trees surrounded with suckers. 6 door Yards with scattered Biourd uncorked Wood old barrels and boxes and Slop puddles. 7. Broken Down Lutes that is with the Rool deeply Hent Down in Tho Middle shingles partly off a boards occasionally off the sides or la urging at one and by nails. 8. Barns with doors off the binges and propped with rails. 9. Gurus with Large piles of manure against the sideboards and wagons harrows and plows scattered about Tho Yard. 10. Orchards with dead limbs broken branches and an abundance of suckers and Cuany weeds Alx iut thu foot of the trunks. Ii. Piles of Apple Brush thrown along fences and plentifully invested with thistles Mullins and Burdock the fences often Hall Down with Many scattered rails in every variety of put wit Ion. 12. Fences lined and mostly hid with tall Nettles and Uhler Hus his. 13. Board fences with Post set very shallow and leaning it various angles of inclination sometime propped with stake a boards occasionally Knocku off or hanging at one end. 14. It Starr in thin or portly Cut Woods or in new la coloured lands with Many decaying piles i Brush and u luxuriant growth of thistles Iron Wood Aud Iko. La. Pasture filled with a tic disc growth of Ambrosia or neg we Al. 16. Wet Jio stuns poached while wet with Tho be t of Cuttle into rough knobs and grown up with coarse grass and snort Nwosu. 17. Cornfields with a dense undergrowth of weeds and Souto Fields with Accuso overgrowth of the some. 18. Slowed Fields with wet Patch razor in slowed portions the latter variously covered with coarse Gross Wood Sotl Bushes. 19 cows running at Large in Tho streets dropping their manure in Tho most inconvenient places and thrusting their Heads through to Mir fences into neigh Forse cabbages and come colds. 20. Attempts at hedging Mailo by Coit Lemly and irregularly a to thug out plants in unprepared ground never cutting Ami allowing Tho line to to Cov Rod with weeds and Gram. Thrata results will always take place when the owners forget that Tho Price of neatness and Success is eternal vigilance and that the original Cuno of a thorns and thistles is intended to be converted to a blaming by inducing Industry Enterprise and to cultivation of Tho vigorous Virtues. We Are glad to nay Liat very Many farms were nearly Freo front those blemishes often not Mora than one or two to to seen at a Timo and we Ara informed that they Are rapidly decreasing and disappearing before the in Telligo Nec and spirit of Enterprise which agricultural societies and Crio Dacula Havo Dono so much to Foster. this season of the year uni Era a i Ciui Core is taken horses running in pastures get to looking badly. To licit hair Stunda in look and Loela dry and they seem to Loose vitality. Tho full storms Aro Bud for them. They should and carefully groomed. A Little Caro will save Money tic Cusac it will Uvo food and strength miscellaneous. Joi it Irma no of All kinds a tech ask pamphlets town Zeporta school Bop crts posters and handbills Tor Tho toss Oon sorts ac., wedding cards visiting cards business cards debt la Milank a scripts Bank checks Arabela of Murr description. Insurance Fol iotes forwarding cards Dills of lading do., ac., printed in Colora or with Brouse executed at this off Lou with neatness and dispatch and on the most seasonable terms. Hronn Russ Ros Rumsa Era rss Peet Elfr solicited a every attention will be paid to meet the sad wishes of Courtot Nurs. A Winter underground. Tho Short hut glorious summer of Lapland was drawing to a close and i rent pm red with regret that Tho hour of my do Truro front Kublitz was it hand. Still i intend fur i had spent eve Rel of Tho Hap Piest week of my life in that fairy spot of Earth so far removed from the track of Tho bustling British tourist. I bad grown attached to Tuy simple hearted busts and their constant kindness their Gay Good humor and Tho Frost inc and Novelty of the Holiday life had indescribable charms me. Rublis is a Pinuco Little known lies in swedish Lup Lund Alx iut a Hundred and fifty Milat a beyond Tho extreme limits of Norway and its Silvery River and a meld Vastime Are surrounded by Tho far stretch tag Moori buds of which by far Tho it Patci part of Tho country consists. Far away to the South might to soon on a Clear Day rising dimly Buovo to rust purple moors Lino of Blue a a Oak that faintly dotted the Distant horizon. Stew tire Tho Khol Mountain the mighty Scandin Uvaun Alps which Divide Norway Fth ii Sweden and whose northernmost summits have often Sec nod to Moas i Giuld on them from the Lapland wastes the very outputs of european civilization to the North a Lino of Low Hills broke Tho Distant sky line to lost Rango i was told Between fair Kuhlitz and to grim icy Liers of Tho lonely Arctic sea. Thero a thong Hill the Northem in hinted boar to Anmol cited in his shaggy strength the Una until Wolf howled Long the Uoch Ravin the Marten Clung to thu Pine Branch and the Elk ranged Tho or Nora from from any far of intrusive Man. Nothing would Havo tempted my kindly twp land Hunts to explore that Mountain Range guarded by a thousand soph a tit Oiin legends and named in their figurative language the witches Hill but let to try and describe Kublitz itself of i saw it first risking in Tho Short lived smile of the Arctic summer when Vuturo seems to Cucui it Cne Ato by a Wun Dious lavish nose of love and care for Tho Ephr moral character of the enjoyment. All that Rocky Glen where Tho Village nestled nil those verdant Pirics Liat encircled it those thru Why Limhi that lie Ltd Tho Meadows and were Lio Ondell in their turn by the track Era moors had Blom Mcd like a Garden in fair Luud. Fruit and Len Cwm everywhere fruit and Flowers Tho Grav Roc that Rose above the houses blushed literally Crimson with Tho wild strawberries those wondrous tin Al Fri that Spring up everywhere in Lapland whose profusion is such that they stain Tho hoofs of Tho Reindeer and Tho a do of the traveller yet Aro so Deli Cate Umi matchless in flavor that Tho Czar himself sends for them by Elaft Lars nil Tho lung Long Way to his us Muir Pula co of tsar Koy Tiole. But Utu not Tho Only gilts Eliut summer flings with full Liumis us on Lapland. Tho a nags Tho Meadows thu thickets glow and Bloxom with n thousand Matiy Hood Lowers the menu and 100i Are White with lilies Tho Woods arc Ull of strange fruits and joyous songs of Birds Tho Gra a Springs up Lulu tautly the ferns Momti Lite fins have All their varied tints of deeper or brighter Given Tho indoors Are car lieu d with my and purple Hontis and even the dangerous quagmires Are Ruddy with Tho tempting fruit of Tho Cranberry. One never knows what a summer really is never knows with Eliut Ruli Cratit mirth Tho world can rejoice it bursting from to chains of Winter until Ono Lias seen Lapland and to Puoplo 7 Well nil i can say is 1 liked them Aud they nto. 1 never met s Young face or an old Ono among thus Siim pie folks Liat had not a smile for Tho stranger i never went into a in Upland hut without finding a kindly Welcome for Iny worthy Little hosts would Bustle to fill Tho biggest howl with milk and Tho largest Basket with berries and to product Large piles of Smoluk a and dried fish from to sea coast and luxury perhaps even a great Black loaf brought nil Tho Way from Norway for lat plated has no bread Todo Honor to Tho foreign guest. How could i help growing fond of these Nouer elfin looking oot hearted Puoplo 7 i had Hoard ugly stories of them among the swedes and n or weians they Scro called Savages idolaters enchanters even cannily is but i can Only say that they not Only Alt Nind from eating me hut did not even fleece 1110, of nations much Intro polished and accomplished Are in the habit of doing to any Furrs. The Vil Lago of Kublitz was built of Green boughs and Wattles tie posts Alono which supported each cottage Wing of Pino Timber. In fact the huts Scro not cottages Liev Scro Mere Leafy Booths such As the roving tartars sometimes construct and these summer Palocce of living verdure added to the Holiday air of the place and were suggestive of perpetual pinup. But the True houses Scro under the Earth not ahoo its surface. Tho Groen tents i have been describing Woro Mero temporary millions and beneath them with Only a Low Chimney like a magnified Molehill peeping above ground were the Truo Homes of the Itu planders Tho Pavc Rcd storehouses of or All their worldly wealth and their own dwellings for More than nine months in the year. Aud now the Timo was coming when Tho Green Rathe were to lie deserted and the Sun to vanish and the strange underground life Liko a moles in to begin again for Tho Long Iron bound Arctic Winter. I ctr wow the chief Man in Tho Village in a Bueno wig wait i dwelt warned me Tomt the Daylight would speedily Choim and that be Lead prepared his boat to convey me Down the River southwards so that i might reach Norway Quot before it got a strange idea seized Mon what if i Scro to Stop behind i have been Here through tie Daylight the Long three Montha Day that Pozak a me so terribly at first and robbed me of hit sleep and Mado me blink like an owl it the Una at Midnight of my previous use. 1 to Olle eted what a Oil id not know what it was like to said but i told him that was my exact reason for going through Tho experience. Peter shrugged his shoulders Madame wow or Moro correctly speaking Hus wife wow for in a Ian 1 is not a land of titles and there is but Ono Clam Tho yeomanry with their dependants and servants listed up her astonished Erfft and bands All Tho daughters littered and nil Tho sons stared at this remarkable decision on rav part. But As i not Only paid Peter for my Board and lodging at to in procede today Liberal Rato of four re Dollan a work but could speak and sing on occasion in swedish and Norse knew a Little of Tho it Sponie Tongue and played the fiddle and flute Hestres being Tho owner of a musical Box i was quite a popular character a Tiung qty worthy entertainers and my Ion to rough it out through the Winter with them was taken As a compliment by the entire Community. Accordingly Woro moved into our Winter quarters. A in Pound Winter hut has generally two drawbacks of a nature almost unbearable to europeans it is too crowded and it is Slioch kingly Smoky. But Peter wow chief of Tho Village wus a Rich Man in his Way and Hud a Roomy and commodious set of caverns for his dwelling with furs and eiderdown quilts in plenty Tho of Steily slept in a quaint tier of Nittlo mix Beds about the quaint usual length of troughs which were sunk into Tho Clay Walls like a Row of berths on Board a packet ship. But i listing Tushy forcing nor had a Den to myself such a a Hermit of Especial austere and self Raport Uftring tendencies might Havo constructed for it was without a window Fonny kind and air was admitted by Means of the hollow trunk of an older tree which Hud Viccii thrust through the roof of Tho Cavo and Node a sort or wooden Shaft overhead Tho floor was however with soft dried mom softer and More luxurious than thu most costly three piled velvet Tomt Ever loom woo Tho Liotla was n Pilo of dressed Deer skins As Supply and As pliant Tut silk a Copper lamp Hung he n Chain from the roof i had pillows and bolsters stuffed with Tho plumage of Tho old it Swan two Licurs Ekin coverlets and at least a dozen quilts of Yio Ling Eider Down no la crowning magma ice nce a there was in old fashioned Chest of Oaken drawers with Russ handles and key plutus to which Peter wow pointed proudly As a proof of Intercourse with Tho civilized world of Europe. It was id Atli Tho Relio of Somo wreck off thu North Ca a and had Lien dragged Many a a eur Tunilo by Tho patient Deer that Drew thu so cd. I fancied tie scent of Tho sea Hong about it still. Scarcely were Vic established in our underground quarters when Ono Fino evening 1 was summoned to join a solemn procession which Niibu Nelv according to immemorial custom a a neighbouring Hill to Soo Tho inst of the Sun for that year and bid Tho orb of Day a Good by a it was a strangely picturesque sight nil not without its touching a Thos that Aweh Lingo of villagers of every urn from Tho Vori Klud gun mire who tottered on has stall und with u Jials shaken hand shaded is need Carrs a lie watched that fast declining Sun which was setting not for night hut for a drear Winter and which to might scarcely Impo to Mark again Down to Tho child what to wondering Oyen noted Tho scene for the first Tiquio since it reason lick in to Down. All were there Tho Maidens and Tho Young men Tho reverend elders Tho Feo lilo crones who shivered a Arcady in Tho ominous chill that Tho air the Hardy Hunters Tho no its Hardy shepherds or rather door lord old and Young Scro gaming with a common a till managed for Tho Lapa Aro a very musical people to discourse Sweet sounds now of wild pathos now almost maddeningly Gay and exciting. Such Hearty vigorous agile dancing i never beheld. Even in the circles of Stockholm a primitive Capi the gayest primitive Capi Tal in which Tho elegant world has not yet become too languid our enjoyment it Avo been Thieo Lapland dancers would Havo been wonders and yet there was nothing boisterous or ungainly in the j movements. Indeed these were As sprightly and almost As Small As Valriea. And had something of the Fawn like dust a City and Grace of childhood in All their motion. I Felt the thrill of the Muslo awake forgotten sympathies and half wished to Danoe too and regretted Tomt i was too Maturo and too Bulky to be a fitting partner for Ono of those Lithe final 1 -1 in 1 u11 elfin of Lapland who Trero sweeping so tripping by past me. Peter now did offer to procure me a partner but 11 i saw by Tho twinkle of his Eye that to meant nothing More than a jest and i should Havo Felt like Gulliver afraid of crushing Tho Wlizlo lilliputian company. Indeed it was a marvellous sight that Assembly of Small folks under Tho i vol of the Earth and it put me in mind of what i had heard of Tho Dalynn Shoah of Tho scottish leg nod and their revelry within some haunted Hill. I could hardly help fancying i was really a captive or a guest of a troop of carousing gnomes or that like Tho ill your i had been to the wind Over the dazzling White Moore arts Tho worst of it is it takes away your breath uncommonly and when i waxed confident and to Otje drive pore orally i was run away with of course upset with an awful Purl into a Drift fire fathom deep and dug out amid Tho laughter of Tho lit to folks who greatly crowed Over Clumsy a usurer. Still Tho drives were famous Fuu. I was Frost bitten twice and revived by a Snow rubbing but worse 1 was struck with a now blindness for i bad to pm a fortnight in my Cabin in absolute Darkne and was not to happier for Tho reflection Tomt my own obstinacy in refusing to Wear Snow spec Taclas bad brought this a Retablo seclusion ution to. Bui Tom kind Little folks bustled about is and told me the moot wonderful stories of the gnomes witches Genii. Intensity of feeling upon Tho sinking Lii min Ary. All kinds of wild Ima in Ruf poetic memories rushed in upon my Immings lied Winall Man apr and prepared for Tho final plunge. The wild and Mystic Versos of Togner perhaps suggested by that very Swiec Taco of Tho Cath of Northern Sun recurred to to with in my a cd Jenme. I let Ogwnn to wonder whether i Hue not Boon rash and Uli surd in wishing to step a Winter in Lapland Liko u nolo in a Burrow. I begun to sigh after Gloucestershire where Tho Sun would Shine out Many a Day on Tho Crisp Snow and Frost silvered a coughs when i should lie left in Ciui Morgan darkness. Plunge Tho red Sun Hud flashed Down Pielow Tho horizon. A heavy Twilight settled As if by Nogic Over Tho fair landscape still gilded by to smiles of sum Mer alas Twogood fairy so Beneficent so Bright in Hur Rainbow Rooe studded with Flowers was gone and King Frost was to reign Over her devastated realms. Hark the Long wailing cadences of Tho Sweet sad chant an old old Heathen chant of Tho Days when Freya was worshipped Froya at once Venus and summer of this far Remote race in which Lapland cars bewail Tho porting Day now for Tho Long Lon night already is to turned to quit the Lull after straining our Oyes until Tho last taint glow Imd died away too already in icy a roes had sprung up from the dim North West and i shivered und wrapped my cloak a rotund Mont Tho sudden sensation of cold. A a it is Tho now wind a said an old Laplander As to paced Down to the Village a a no More Flowers for Tho lasses to braid their hair with 1 must confess that i Felt uncommonly a frightened child left Lono in Tho dark and regretting my whim for staying among Tho nay but for very shame i believe Ould have proposed to film Peter wow a boat before Tho ice should Seal up Mere and River and Start like n Bird of passage in Pursuit of the Sun. Tho country seemed to we to Chango in Tho unwonted Twilight the familiar Rucks of tie Glen the far away moorlands thu Pine thickets assumed a weird aspect even Tho faces of my entertainer looked strangely grotesque and their Piggy figures impish in Tho deep Shadow. Ini dins. 1 shot deep Shadow Ling that this wus Nota dream Tomt it was red waking life that 1 go Down into an obscurity Tomt was to lost for the Licitar part of u year and that i was going to try and Whilo away a Winter night that would have Given Timo to Seh Cravado herself to exhaust Quarter of her budget of stories All this lie a tiered me. But that night Thero were High revels among the dwellers in Peter wow As chief of tie Village entertained a ii Tho Beauty and wealth All Tho ugliness Aud poverty As Well of Kublitz in his Hospi table Halls underground torches maxed and sputtered lamps fed by Seal Oil and Deer s fat were lighted and Hung to every bracket and projection through All the subterranean dwelling and at a tory Early hour the monotonous hut impatient beating of the strange sensation that had been new fresh,1 Lumund drum summoned the guests and piquant. I had promised to spend j All Kublitz was there Young and old in Christmas with my sister in Gloucester Tobe sure but a a a Dow a thought i a a i can go Nai a Viji hum St ii in wearying Sun that Trkulj Shine to and which Kupect All Tho Liabis next summer. Maria Jane has t seen to those eighteen Yean and More so Sho can probably wait till easter and my nephews and Neilee won t fret too much i dare say at the non App Caranto of an Uncle they never my mind a set their juvenile eyes opon made up. I la stay All night a pretty Long night too Reader a night that begins in Early october and ends in june. Having tried j was now going to a say Tual Daylight i w i liked its anti Holiday garb. There Wero games and sweetmeats fur the children dancing for the lads and lasses and abundance of tobacco gossip and Strong liquors for the seniors of tie Village. A pet Reindeer a Lovely milk White creature almost Bidden by to Flowers with which it was garlanded was led through the rooms by a Rone of rom held by six Young Maidens. Six Young Hunters followed each with a drawn sir Ord with which they were presently to figure in tie ancient sword Danio of Scandinavia. The orchestra composed of Tho strongest looking instruments Rno away to fairyland and had but a faint pros of revisiting4ho real Daylight world again. Peter wow Tho tallest Man in the Community had attained Tho Gigantic stature of five feet four and with High red Cap ret jauntily on his Gray locks his enormous Hite heard and mustaches flowing Down Liko a Frozen River and his uniform costume of Reddish Brown cloth looked uncommonly Liko the King of Tho drops or gnomes a Norm us a stations disc Rob Bint. To still More dwarfish Assefu Bingo presented every variety from Tho Groves no and wic Thlik ugliness of Tho old woman to the Infantine and diminutive Minuty of Somo of Tho Young girls. Tho children Wero almost All pretty and Rosy of complexion but age it seems comes on with terribly Swift strides anon these dwellers of to Frozen world a Well is with the Sun scorched Asiatic and 1 looked in vain for tie pleasant matronly faces that never fail to meet the co in a temperate climate. There seemed to lie a Quick transition from delicate youth to weird ago. Somo of tie nun i to Fine Active Nittlo Pullows wonderfully Strung in spite of their pygmy suture and full of life and fire. It bus born essayed More than onco to raise troops among the Laplander hut in vain for Tho Nittlo warriors cannot endure to ridicule of their big comrades of a a Mcdinh and Norse Stock and prison Micro is Tho a Swedis i corps of sharpshooters wlm Servo on Snow shoes and form a militia on tie Border und there Tho Sensitivo Little heroes Are less exposed to to derided a Canso their Licudan can wifely touch the sixty Inch Standard. The in aps profess to despise All swedes norwegians and Lynta heavy and stupid race Whoso Largo limbs Anil lofty forms Aro Given them is a Coin a nation for their scanty Stock of brains and indeed Tho norsemen always any a he who duals with a Lap get Tho worst of the Lair gain for the Small folks have wonderful acuteness with All their Sirn Plo bearing. But believe that in to licit secret hearts the tiny tribe value size and height alive All thing. A know Peter wow was prodigiously vain because his head was within an Nee of living i vol with my shoulder and 1 think Many n Young fellow would Havo air tired his youth Tor my six feet of it or it on Diciur Elevation which never gained its owner any Reuia Kuhlo popularity elsewhere. 1 to next morning i had n Surprise indeed. A slut from thu upper Earth aroused to and scrambling to Tho outer air i beheld Tho rocks Tho Black Pine copse Tho illimitable moorlands Ono dazzling Ull or vending Sheet the fair he of blinding Snow. All Pine Tbs fair lower Tho song Bird the uncultured fruits that offered to licit profusion everywhere Blooming Heather Ami Green grass All pm buried until next summer brought Buck Tho Day Light beneath a spotless unvarying shroud of Virgin Snow. To my Groat Relief it was not As dark is i had of pm wed. A sort of Hixy shimmering Light prevailed like Moon Auis through a Mist. The Northern wind blow Koto und oven is i gazed to blinding show flakes Casio whirling Down again and i cd to Bury to dead summer Doc or at Overy instant. A they arc plucking to wild peso s Feath Cors finely up there North a said Peter wow unconscious that Bis proverb was a British As Well As a Lapland Ono. To All Laid by our summer clothes put on our manifold wraps of fur and Woolen and Betook us to Winter avocations. And now rate a strange season a lion it was hard to say whether it was Day or night or both or neither the lamps Wero novo suffered to go out the fiddles and Drums anti Bono flute and Tho Musk oxus Horn Wero never silent fur Throe consecutive hours and Thero seemed no regular times for Moo is or sleep or work or recreation. On the contrary music and such Sirn Plo la mrs As could in preformed in Dur gound and dancing and cooking to say nothing of eat Fig drinking and went on in a promiscuous fashion the Rug Twenty four hours of what Down South would gom Iping trough the to Lour Wursol what Down so Havo been a Legal Day. Ii any Ono Felt tired or sleepy to or she went to sleep the hungry note the thirsty drank the perpetual fires constantly cooked the most outlandish me pcs the fiddle and Drums went on As if self acting the Reindeer Scro fed tended and milked Birchen bowls Scro carved Horn trinkets chiselled and stories related to gaping listeners All at once and All forever. I left a manically or might i dreamed standing. I passed Groat port of that wonderful Winter not unpleasantly but in a sort of amiable Nightmare. Of course i Law no Newa purrs the world might wag us it pleased. It was in Tho Daylight i in the dark. Of Courso i received no letters Tho Post Couric was shutout Alung with the Sun Ami i was the tenant of a strange lamp lit Troon shiny world. To Scro not always underground. In to Fine weather Tho Reindeer Woro driven out to browse on the lichens and messes from off looking at my watch at All except i manically. I went about As a sleep walk which they scratched away Tho Snow with their Ore feet. Thero Wero Hunting Partite too when we chased and slew the White wolves Tho White hares the Martens the Deer the Birds All and every Ono in their Winter livery of White. There was the Ere mine Chase and tie Chaae of the White Fox and a grand Battlo with an old giant of a Bear who Pree amed on to superstitious respect Tho Lap Hare for a old Grandfather As they Call him and robbed the storehouse until his thefts became unbearable. The Wolf Hunto a Here tory dangerous but the Bear waa a terrible fellow be a rounded for of our Best Hunters owed the Doga with his Ursino bugs and nearly brat to whole Community a bin a Lucky shot Laid him Low. And then there Wen glorious drives of the wild extra sent of sweeping Over the of Rocs Enow in a Deer or Axon a ledge Swift As a Hawk of the Wing every Bell jingling and the wild Driver singing As Bourges on his antlered team that Fly Liko Forth All n4d>�urinal a Lulish belief and Sang and play Eil to me and lightened my loneliness considerably. When i recovered 1 was thankful fur the spectacle Tud never suffered from the Glare any More. So Tho Winter Woro on. Tho laps Wero always extremely kind gentle Ami Gay in their strange Somi Pagan Way though i trembled lest i should really to ill beyond euro of their simple Remedius and Blundon cd to tie wizard a sort of mod ii Ino Man among Thorn who beats his magic drum and mutters Slu Over Tho sick us among Tho american indians. Not that Tho Imam Are idolaters now although in 1700 Bishop gunner found a few heathens still among them who worshipped a Black Stano. On the contrary we had a pastor of the swedish Church at Kuhlitz. But he Wax a Nativo Lap mock Little Man who had half forgotten his Small Stock of learning acquire of at to Frala and i am sure he put perfect Faith in the wizard As Tho other moved Al out haughty and mysterious in ids Blue Giogio dress and was not Tho sort of priest to eradicate Ali superstition which to avowedly shared. Beside the wizard we possessed two witches impish Crocus. In Jiin cd Cap of White of skin who do Rived foot and much Revere no from the fears of Tho Community. Vet my hosts looked on themselves As civilized folks compared with their More Northern Noigh lairs. A fall had trip up North a Fedor wow would say in Bis broken 8wcdi�h a shoot you if you Cuoio for Barm cannibals up there Ami you know Tho Lapland muskets never Luiss a indeed they very Seldom to Iniss it a moderate Range. But Tho merry in Narni i to going to omit the most a Nuti Lul sight Tomt Ever astonished my Ejim and to which a whole Boyal Academy of artists could never do Justice. The Northern Light the customary auroras and meteors Scro unusually splendid Al out midwinter hut onco As l was returning from a Sledge excursion in exclamation from my Guido Mado me Start. I Hull Novar forget Tho scene. Tho heaven Scro Ono vast Pavilion of Tunny coloured Light Blu Orange fiery red a hip Violet now prod with fiery Gold now a Pungtod with Lustrous gains All mended in one glowing mass while , and touching thu snowy Plain wheeled and a Kirk led a in fantastic dance a Hundred column of Pri Matloc fire that seemed Tho creation of some wild dream. These Scro Tho merry dancers Trio won Drou lights of thu North. All it was a Cilen Sant Winter and i protest that i was Elf sorry when we All went up Tho Hill again and hailed Tho rising Sun Ulm Day and summer came a during in at onco and the boat was propped Ulm i ride my gnome hosts Diou rent off to Tho Daylight on air Gloucestershire world a Nfn. Pc Nim Here journal. N raft used up their inst poor allotted ends of bread and water and watched with thinking hearts their poor Stock decrease. Or he might describe in a manner that Home people would laugh at the gradual sinking of a family which had lost its Means through do Groo after degree in the social scale till Tea workhouse was reached at last. Bat i do not think that Thero is Amu my in the Spet Aclo of a human being giving up hold alter hold to which a had lung and sinking always lower and lower and there is no doubt that in a physical sense to soon of no to do this in the Proem of growing old. There Isa Peculiar sadness in thinking of exertions of body or mind to Wiloh we Wei once i i my no 8w had co equal but to which we Ora not equal w. You Actu Knirr tie narc a a Reinist Allt conscious that the a decay at the top decay at the top a bursting into tears Asho read on of his Early works and exclaiming a a heavens what a Genius i had when i wrote that a what is there More touching than the picture of sir Walter wheeled Liko a child through the rooms at Abbotsford and suddenly exclaiming a a come this is sad idleness a and insisting of beginning to Dio Tato a new tale in which the failing Power of the great magician appeared so sadly that Large As it marketable value would Baro been it never was suffered to appear in print. Probably a sense of cute clod faculties is a sadder tiling than the Sens of diminished physical Power. You do not Liko to think that in any respect you Are falling off. You Are not pleased at rung told that ten Yean ago you wrote a plainer hand or Poko in a Rounder voice. It is mortifying a to find that we Nae Yon could walk at Tuo rate of five Miles an born. Of can now Only accomplish Throe and a Lulf. Now in a Hundred ways and at every i turn and by a Host of Nittlo wounding fact impelled to feel a two grow old falling off. As to comp Lyas the hair thins off As we Como to to arc com to Aro that As tie complexion toughens. A stoop As to blow tremendously if we attempt to run to Man of no More than Middle ago is conscious of a physical deca Denoo. Ami advancing years Lauko Tho Wise Man sadly conscious of a mental decadence too. Let us a it tli.in�?T, Ful that if physical and intellectual decline must come it a certain Stago of growing old there Aro respects in which so Long As to live to May Havo the Comfort of thinking that to Are growing better. Tho higher nature May daily lie reaching a nobler Whu a a heart and flesh faint Aud fall a when Tho Clay tenement is turning frail and a buttered to it tar port within Muy slow in All moral Grace As nut a Nittlo lower than it Angels age need not cers warily lie a dark and unlovely a As Ossian says it is and Tho conviction that in sumo is pct that in the most important of All , to arc growing hotter tends a right a in to strip ago of that eci Iso of falling off illicit is Tho built Frost tiling about it. Concerning growing old. Many of Tho thoughts which can Ever enter to mind Are concerning the Lapso of time and Liliu Travos which its lapse leaves upon human livings. There something that touches us in bul no thought of growing old. Liko Distant Ziells upon the breath from childhood shows us plainly for a moment the Little tiling that was Norsell. What More can you do than look at the picture and Foci that it is strange it seems to to a difficult tiling to hit the medium Between clinging fool silly to youth and making an affected Parade of ago. Entire naturalness upon this subject appears to lie very ban of attainment. You know How Many Puoplo men is Well As women pretend to be younger than they really Aro. I Bare found various motives Lead to this practice. I Liao known men distinguished at a tolerably Early ago in sonic walk of intellectual exertion who in announcing their age Ali ice Thoy frequently did without any necessity were wont to deduct three or five years from Tho actual talc plainly with tie intention of making their Talent and skill More remark Able by adding the to tement of their being developed at a wonderfully Early Stago of life. Thoy wish to ii recognized As infant Phenomena. To lie an eloquent preacher is always an excellent thing hut How much Moro wonderful if Tho preacher a it no Intro than Twenty two or Twenty three. In the Domain of poetry great thing slave occasionally been done at a very Early ago for you do not insist upon sound und judicious views of life in poetry. For Plain Send practical guidance you go elsewhere slut in every other department of literature Tho in no of a production is in direct pro portion to Tho amount of experience which t embodies. A Man can speak with authority Only of what to has himself Felt and known. A Man cannot Point portraits until he has seen faces. When Yoo Tro very Yonng yourself you May read with sync Sithy the writings of very you pfc men but when you have reached maturity and Learned by experience to details Ami re Uliks of life you will be conscious of a certain indefinable want in Sacii writings. And i do not know that this defect can to described More definitely than by saying that Tho entire thing is Vernl not beef. Yon have the immature animal. But Thero is a sense in which i interpret the clinging to youth in which to Tere is nothing contemptible about but much that is touching and pleasing. A Man or woman is a fool who is indignant at r ing called Tho old lady a or a a the old gentlemen when these phys re Stato the truth but there is nothing foolish or unworthy when some Seth occurrence bring it Homo to no with something of a Shock that a re Are no looser reckoned among the Young and that Tho innocent and Days of child Hood so Well remembered Are a ginning to be far away. We Are drawing nearer we know to certain solemn realities of which to speak much and feel Nittlo the Undis is not commonplace when u As Tho Portal to eternity. And Prohny nothing will bring Back the Sosoo of infancy and Early youth upon any thoughtful Man i mind so vividly is the Zetwo that to i grow a a Jiu Wold is so serious a mutter that it always appears to me a if Tbs a thing like profanation in putting in attendant circumstances in a manner. It be out a fit thing Tonjuk Daboul a join a Var t Nikit correspondent of a swedish journal furnishes an interesting account of a subterranean voyage made through Ono of the admirably con a trusted so were of Riat which conveyed tie party was reached by descending n flight of Steie to to depth of about forty fire feet. Trio boat a Flat pm touted flair was lighted by four lamps. The sewer is an archway fifteen feet High and of equal breadth with a ditch or caul about ten feet wide wherein All Trio dirt and filth of Furis is curried away on the sides Are sidewalks which together arc about four feet wide. Trio Whoso is Huilt of Beautiful White mudstone and is kept remarkably neat und clean. No stench or Imd smell was re it Lac. The denser portion of Tho filth is curried away through Largo drains beneath the sidewalks. The sidewalks arc excellent and exhibited no signs of dampness Whilo Tho Walls of the archway Are kept whitewashed and Are Etall times us Whito As Tho driven Snow. To Structure losses a a to properties of an in Meneo Sjo aking tube the workmen Wing who to Converse at the distance of two Miles from cedi other. Trio Cabo is very Strong and lasting. The fabric w mid to be built after a Milel of Trio oat Combe of Rome Nidd by All Tho latest improvements. On i loth six Kat about two Hundred Yards Dia Tanco from Ono another Aro of tinge through which the workmen May ascend by Meara of permanent Iron ladder in Caso a sudden rain Storin should Causo to water to Rise Over to Side Walka which is Booter a rare occurrence. Tho contents of Trio sewer of Youree flow into Tho River Seine and Tho curent be sufficient to carry the boat used along with Eoo Sider Ablo velocity. Large reservoirs Are constructed at intervals into which the water can to turned for a Short time a Eue it should Homo to necessary to have the canal dry for a Little while. To whole work Wea com Jde Ted in two years. Besides the main canal there Are Many minor ones constructed under Tho principal streets All of which can he Mado to comm Anicato with one another. These admirable underground works Are to be Wink from the louvre Trio to Ullenes and from All Tho canucks. And should the i Aries Ana Uke a notion to barricade the atre cts in any part of the City the Imperial government might at a Short notice and without any person living aware of it transport ii nips and if there is Timo to make use of the Reee Norire so can cavalry be transported in this a my. There it in end to shooting Soldi cra from the windows and a revolution in Faria will soon Only be remembered a Mong the Thinn that have been never to occur again. Through these underground a usage a prisons can easily to taken i rom the louvre to the Seine without attracting attention and thence sent off by in Levy which is near at band. This splendid system of sewerage was too of the pet schemes of Tho first Napoleon. 1 w Ira or Vna Pizzi Doht coms a indent of n. Y. World writing from Springfield iii., thus refers Tomn. Line la wife of Tho i read Dent elect Trio future lady of the White Sioum is a personage to whom just now Tho liveliest Loutt attaches. That she will adorn and grass even Tho exalted position to which she bide fair to eur Eleod none who have the Fortune to see her can doubt. She is yet apparently upon tie advantageous Sido of forty w Ith a Laon upon which dignity Ewe ate my Are Mem. And an ail of cultivation and refinement to which j a it courtly re Rawling Rosaw of London Ortha aristocratic Ash a a a land an added Grace. She is admirably calculated to Piemme Over oar re Amican court. If one wort permitted a far to a crib her a a it no it Nal appearance As to meet half Way the that a i a is slightly above the medium status with Brown eyes dearly it Faauma delicate. Mobile expressive rather Ditingo a shod in spec Ranee than Beautiful conveying to Tho mind generally an impresario of of def , stateliness and Elep nce. I distrust my own opinion upon subjects of the kind but i concur in toe belief prevalent Here shouts that die will make is admirable a latter of the stately Watase and Lovely Den Tadlas of the National capital As the Moat fastidious social Martinet could Eire

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