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Biddeford Union And Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1860, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - June 8, 1860, Biddeford, MaineTry Rural to to no pm a Muon my wet a Maznio. Hey let a Brick Black a Llalon. Terms two do Ixam in Amin or of i it a a Pirerr la in if p#t4 it Tia 3 Mon in from urn of Stag a Pios. 4 Odu. �100 a4mtum maim. Of aun or lass 3 Tabor Tom a a Ibaan boat a m a afo astir to of or Flur Nat s is u us no Reil Trp. A to a Ooka a a Iii go look 0 to Notke Toko or Dummy comm a a Ilert the. Or to ill m not a tits j4>�rm a a a. Re new 9 Kuyt Spur Yium. Samoa r. Aura -.raima. A eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan. Office in Hooper a Brick Block Liberty Street. Editor and proprietor. Volume Xvi. Biddeford Friday morning june 8, 1860. Number 24. $0ttrg Quot it might Piave with hoary he a boat of her yielding hand. And Hall Day Hod a Book Baltod la a fevered Light with Root Lom lip and moot aah Oye a Maudita Tiu Aad look oat of the night. The dark bom Pisa to oooo Agnini the Paar Aad to Leoneo both of the else tre old the Vagh who a id Braa Hoo moan Tho Whit Hood Muon la to Fol gleams a though a Turre Orr bold. 8ho Hoon Tho a lad Apo the Par Mont fell Aad lift Hor Hood a it u 11ton Thoro then a orally a up the pan. Or ibid Moro a Loo Tho Rippl of Hor hair Hho a lag a Oto Ortolf of my Arm in. Aad through it a a All in Tho Aghta Aroet a fur All Tho Baroda of the Oag holing la 0 Ray mud it might Hor be a a Ala that word ilk the Thorld Haroth poor to Roth thro of of Hor poorly youth Thol of Hor altar of Lemom Brazaoo a Loop Horn hop dam Aatlo of 1u Lor Aad troth that a mid Tho the adult of Hor a Mory Lio Tki Iao Gravo Moon Eov Rod whore Tho Lovota to Leaa. And a and Lalago nato the furry there. A it might Haro booa�?0 god it might bar bean two All bar la oar Horta it my a Ldoa Plaza Tuomo a a rat Hamb a where a old Orpo Lloa i Tho drapery of who a of a a we Dree ave. Koch Day. Bonrath Tho pal Glare of in a a i we go it Miu a till Prewara of Tho a. To a the pathway whore it oreo was Eoa. And ill pro to till Tho Nihro Blag of oar Hoard with thl wild or o god m might Hare been mow come on that pack it Down and if More pack it again to a to bold Tho Froat la Tho ground until Quito late in Tho Spring until we can of other foliage putting out then remove whatever Yow have placed there broadcast which will admit the in and air to the Earth the Aap will coma into the tree gradually after the cold Nighta Are Over. Then we Thall receive fruit nearly every year and the complaint of cold weather and freezing tree a to death will if Iberia no More Aap admitted into the trunk or top of the tree than nature Baa left there for the sustenance of in life through the Winter i think you will not find Black heart Loose bark dead Limbe abort fruit Narcum it Raa injured Bud by sold weather. Neither Uoc it Taka half the time to apply Tho remedy a it Doe to Rotor the defect while you will find Bra Elf amply paid for your trouble by Good thy tree i Groua growth and line fruit. How to Plant a too and Procaro it Abr planting. Prep Rollon of tit Olf smoothly All Brut am or broken Root no to the found Wwod. This prevent their decaying and h ten the Era Mion of new Root and fibres. Preparation of Tkv Consul in cutting Back the top and Ide branches in Auch a was a to correspond with to More or i mutilated Root Standard Trees with branching hernia should have the email branches Cut clean out and the larger one intended for the Frame work of the tree Cut Back till within two or three Buda of their base. In ease where there is abundant Root and Small top or few Branche the pruning need be but very Light but where the Root Are Small and the ton heavy severe pruning will be coronary. These remark Are applicable to All de Cadiou Trees and shrubs fruit and ornamental. 1.1.�? a a mown la Amoret of a am Burlap love la tha far fast whence Lor does not retard Aad strive to Lod among in Ash Gvay mom Llano Flag a Park that Yat May 11?# Aad burs Ami whoa a a the a loess of oar talk a away. Or of Tom the hip let Cone. And fold tag Elozo oar garments of or or heart. Cry to the Alada a to god it might hav Boot a who or a go la a alight or la it Isdo a Mudra Tom jewel who a the heart Hall Odd mom brow a toothed la Days Long Laoo Gnao by mum lip Aad first do a used i to that out from oar Oye the Happy Light of a Boam Dnn clog on tha Hlll a lds Green Aad Ilka the Maida. Up them oath sight Aad Ory. Ilka her a it Tod i it might bar Boon p Gricol nral. A. It. , direct from i Wheater new Turk a acting agent for sit is Botzos am proprietor of the Rochester numeric near that City desire to Call the attention of the forming and fruit growing Community to fruit Trees Aad the a comity of paying More attention to their cultivation with a few practical hints whereby we May guard against injury by sever Winters the borers Nec Lecta and Otter Accident naturally incident to Trees Alan the great Aad incr aged demand in our beat markets Lor fruit Over and above the in submitting the following Brief remarks to the Public i May mention ideas not heretofore entertained by Many but of examination Are fully demonstrated in most localities and in a arming Section on Roost every Many a farm which Ishall Endeavor to sustain by remark founded of fact an i idea gained by travel research examinations and it it Ermenc like win make some Rrt Fork on opinions entertain my by Many ant Tho Way in which Trews Are taken care of also neglect practically manifested by Many individual for the want of knowledge or other me by which they suffer a very heavy loan. Knowing Well that my remarks will be sub. Jelled in a severe criticism for one reason if no other that Moat works written on fruit culture were written some Jears since while 1 claim that the few past Jears have been differ rot from those that preceded them that difficulties not overcome and Loose not recovered have been experienced that did not exist but in Light Turma before therefore what has been said Doea not relieve the difficulty in it present Turma to Auch a read while Many that Are of rally or should be interested in regard to fruit tree Acido a if Ever read anything on the subject or Lake an agricultural journal which a full of inter and practical experiments by Ute of Sci epee and Jung meet Nauy of which Are Worth to the unbiased More than ten time the coat of the work for one year. Bought wit Many times pay Well if not bought too dear but knowledge bought by sustaining Lasara Costa More than at All to Nica is pleasant or agreeable to Bear. But a my subject if not my argument. Is weighty with interest to my Ami fur fear of wearing your patient by preliminary remarks let us open the subject by a Are Lully examining Tho Many difficulties under which no labor in local Loaa of Many fruit Trees and Tho general intr octian la Many Loo Alithea caused a Many up it one by i he Borer. In the Torst place i Uke the ground that Tho first cause of to the Trees in which the Borer a vigorously at work took place before they wee permitted to Galu a a Yorbor there. I a when i am so fortunate As to see a tree that is perfectly healthy with no Loose bark from Root to Branch without defect in which the Borer ins Ash ingress i yet have u to see for Tho first time a or life this by moot ii Raona whew fairly aade stood a admit tvs to be the Case therefor the inquiry. What can be the cause of so Many and great defect it will a remembered that the Winter for the few past year hav been quite changeable and that deep snows Aad warm weather has taken the frit out of Tho ground and our tree have been very much invigorated in the Winter a specially our Moet Thrifty and lest tree the Pooh t Berry Aad our beat Apple i thigh All Sapa suffered to com into the top of thires at Aach time before the cold nights Are Over a the Mariag is untimely and exhaust so much of nature s supplies designed to a held in reuer of a it the prompt Evergreen Seldom require pruning. Hole in the first Pis Large propagation of fruit and foliage Abr tha year to com and cold weather that has follow d Tvola to Trew which destroyed the vitality of this new Supply of sap us or Eulatio cease., become an acid sour Aad poisonous to Tho tree staining Young trim through tha Wood it Italy taking the life of so urn likewise Lite a on org Trees also affect Many Placonia the body. Emnor the bark to become Loose wader which to will find the sap our a Fiat invitation Lor insects to a. Pau their eggs which soon Hatch into Worms Aad bomb Mac their depredations of Aad a the Tren. All Sneh bark should be removed Early a the Spring with a knife before the Fly comes a u eat never do the tree aay Good but oath contrary Nyary bar soap applied or a Wash of Whaita Oil soap quit Strong or fresh cow manure removes a Chanco for a to Wood injury Fry in Iascu. A examination should be had Early a the a Priam after ouch w Rater As a can always Teil whoa oar treo hav Boon injured a that War. If a Oak not sow it. By thumping oath bark with the 1st, or something mad Abr that purpose As tight hark will Souad solid Lik pounding solid Wood Bat the Loo Aowad mor fico laying the Back of the hand on solid Wood Aad Thea miking the hand oath in do showing tier was a Vaea Aey Between tha bark Aad the woo it enough to admit the roots of the tree to spread out in their natural position. Then having the tree pruned As above directed let one Pierson hold the tree in an upright position and the other shovel in the Earth carefully putting the finest and the Best from the Surtala. In among the roots filling every Inte tic and bringing every Root in Contact with the soil. When the Earth is nearly All filled in a pail of water May be thrown on to Settle and Wash in the Earth around the roots then fill in the remainder and tread gently with the foot guard against planting too jeep. The Trees after the ground Settle should stand in this respect a they did in the Nursery. In very dry Gravelly ground the holes should be dug twice the usual size and depth and filled in with Good loony soil. Tress Are tall or much exposed to winds a stake should be planted with the tree to which it should be tied in such a manner As to prevent chafing. A piece of matting or cloth May be put Between the tree and the take. the tree is planted throw around it As far As the roots extend and a foot beyond four to six inches deep of rough manure or litter. This is particularly a Cesary in dry ground and is highly advantageous everywhere both in Spring and fall planting. It prevents the ground from baking or cracking and maintains an equal Tom it Kratur about the Root Flor cult grass should not be Al Lowed to grow around Young Trees alter being planted As it stunts their growth and utterly ruins them. The ground should be kept clean and Ioco around them until at least they Are of bearing Rise. A Dwarf War Trees should be planted so that the quince stuck will be from 3 to 3 inches below the Surfnee of the Walt so that roots May Start from the Pear Stock which will give the tree More of a Pyramid Cal form an j make it longer life. L think pruning and he adm in should be done from the 13th of june to the 13th of july to meet with the brat Suc Ctm. Then in the months of june july or August Wash Tho Trees with a solution made of 3 quarts of soft or whale Oil soap j la. Of Sulphur to 3 Gallons of water la. Of tobacco steeped in gallon of water add a Little a Sofu Tida Hen manure and a Little Clay to make it adhesive. Do this every year and you will be astonished at the result of your Experiment As an ounce of prevention is Worth a Pound of cure Aud a stitch in time Cav save ninety nine. So you will find it in this Case. You can produce the fairest fruit the finest Flavo and in a few years you will have an Orchard that you would not part with fur s1000 an acre. A Viscella Neflas. Now. After having show that a Ati my Drift of the san Lato tha too Aad then after Aroosiag As i Thilak Evory candid Aad impartial a or Many observer will admit is a Groat cause of who defects Lato which the Boer Aad other at admitted theft of Tina 1 Whoso Aad what Iff the remedy Ortho Atiar a aay lot the Foaad ferns up a urn fall thaw Pise of Tho Moaad Aad soar the body of the too Tan. Kit saw dust Eoa Roo Straw Asataro or Othar material to ft., oath Foo a grow and a of Sjo Ulm at May diktat Aad Urna it Doop 91 y wife mid where 1 found her. A t Virginia t. Townsend. I Laid Down my pita at last and looked out of the window by which i had been writing assiduously for the last three hours a writing business letters to my lawyer in new York and my agents at Tho West for i was now a business Man and a Rich one a Richer than i expected when the news came a month before that my Uncle Tho wealthy old banker had fallen to sudden tit of apoplexy and died in less than Twenty four hours later leaving me Tho Only surviving relative the heir to All that wealth which it had been the one aim of his life to Heap up for which lie had hardened his heart and contracted and debased the Best part of his nature and probably bartered his soul for was he not gone now where on All lives dedicated to Quot Money making Quot is written Quot failure local irretrievable ? i thought of All this As i looked out of the window that june morning and saw the wide reach of Fields and pm a Ture grounds locked in by the Hill standing afar off in solemn witness. It was a delicious scene fill inaugurated by that most Serene and Beau till Day. 1 through the dark Meadows on one Side a Small Brook set its Gray inserting and soft winds shuddered through the Rye and wheat Fields which were Well nigh Quot Ripe for the i had come Here two Days before because my nerve had Given me unmistakable premonitions that that must have some relaxation after a month s intense labor which had kept them up to the extremes Point of tension. It was a Little country Village in the Southern part of Massachusetts and i had selected one of the Back Chambers of the solitary hotel which it boasted because of this View which opened from its Aid win Dow. 1 was thirty two that month and leaning Back in my chair and looking out of the window i gathered up the year of my life and looked at them. I had had on this whole a Happy childhood and a glad Brave struggling youth. My Mother was a widow and i was her Only son. She was a Ira we Man her Sod referencing her memory Bolding in it lar innermost soul every thought Sod Assoc of her As something Lovely and Boly beyond All pric or naming can think of no Praise nor utterance which to completely and perfectly recognizes her character and life. So taught school and sent me the nigh College and my profession. Then her Healis failed thank god a he never auf cred. I had strength and courage to Rev her from Thia but 1 could Nevev defray her expenses on that journey which to doctor said would Alon save her Lif. And to think that a few hundreds of a uth thousands which i Poa ced then would hav done this six Tara before and that 1 might hav had her with me that summer morning her pal it face her gent Low keyed voice. I Pat the thought Sway quickly for it made something Nee in my heart which was like a Cura on the dead. One i bad put Dow my Anfe for her wit and sol wiled the loan of a few Hundred dollars from my and and i did this in the name of his dead brother and for the life of my Mother and he refused me a he wireless childless and afe Rich and we his Only relative in Earth. Of into what rocks and stones Thia greed of Gold hardens the souls of men. Well they Havo met now and god be judge betwixt them. I Wax Twenty six when my Mother died she stood for me As the Type and representative of All women. For her Sake i had unbounded Faith in All though i had never known one intimately. Of an artful selfish designing woman i had not the Sligo Cost Conception but i held All to be As hire in heart As Lovely in character a Noble As True As self sacrificing ask my Mother. In less than half a year Slier she died i met Ilaa. She was the sister of one of my class mates and to wonderful Beauty of person she United that Grace of movement that rare fascination and vivacity of Cypre a Ion which Mako a woman to great a favorite with men. Larger acquaintance with the sex has since convinced a that Thia style of temperament and character is Moat frequently asocial if with lax principles and impulsive but shallow feeling and that such women fill up their live with True and High and Noble purpose and that their Beautiful impulses Seldom condense into Toboso fixed religious principles without which All lives Are mistakes and failures. Well i worshipped Helen James. For two years Thuro was no Altitude of moral Grace and Lov Cline Toa which i did not exalt my idol. I must Tell the Atory briefly. We had been engaged for Mure than a year when i began to have glimpses of her real character of the Petty social ambition Abe selfish motives the fitful impulses and desire Lor admiration which governed it yet she loved me. All the Best in pluses of her nature All Tho romances of her youth responded to me and a there were in her the elements of a rarely Noble character so there was a Strong struggle betwixt the Good and evil in that girls soul. My Faith died out slowly a death of such terrible pain and struggle and agony a it seemed to me must totally wreck my manhood. She vibrated a Long time betwixt him and me that Distant Cousin of hers who had made a sudden Fortune in California and returned and became enamoured of her a few men could help doing few men 1 mean whose souls did not to recognize and reverence spiritual Beauty that no outward adorning of Grace and love incas could atone for the want of it. I saw How Day by Day world counsels and ambitions gained strength with her How Abc descended to Petty prevarication and injustice How one by one moral barriers gave Way before admiration and flattery until i Felt that she could never be in spirit and in heart my wife and at last i said to her a go and marry Helen James this Man who has bought you and to whom Yoo have sold your sell and i shall never look upon you again till we stand face to Taco before the god who is to judge us and i went out from her pc since that fair Falso Soman s a and Down to Tho River Bank and my Faith was lost and one thought Only saved to from the Ain and the shame of suicide it was the memory of my Mother. 8o, As i said my thoughts gathered up All these years As i sat a Man saddened and disciplined by the experience of life at my chamber window that summer morning gloriously a domed of god and in a Golden arabesque in the heart of june. I wondered what i should do with All this wealth which had fallen to a suddenly As in some of those old fairy legend 1 could remember Reading at my mothers knee away up in the Early Cli ild i mornings and i said to myself Quot what shall 1 do with Alt this wealth 1 wonder i have lived Long enough to know the want and Tho Worth of Money All its limitations All it can and cannot do for and then i made some plans for the future and devised various ways of doing Good and of Bleesing others with Thia wealth and then i sighed thinking there was no one in the wide world a who Loving me supremely and entirely would or joint in this Fortune which had fallen to me who would sympathise in and at Mulato Iny Aims to bless others with it and whom i could gather up close to my heart and shelter the fair head there knowing that it was the Only Sweet rest for it in the world and 1 Felt Al that moment i would gladly give up All my newly gained wealth for such an one to love and so Lovo me to Trust in with Faith perfect absolute and then i remembered my lost Faith in woman and onco i groaned out heavily Over it i cannot Tell just when i caught the first sight of str. I had done this probably some time before i was conscious of it. She was a Long distance off for a pasture lot and a Field of Corn Lay betwixt a but i could Seo her movements distinctly and that her figure was Small and slender and my attention would have been attracted to her. If there had been any other human being in sight or if my eyes had not gone wandering after my thoughts. She was washing under the great Apple tree Back of the Little yellow Atory and a half Cotton go. I could the old Bench and the tub placed on it and How the Small figure Bent Over the Board and How she rinsed the clothes and Flung them into the Basket on one Side and once i saw her pause Aud press her hand quickie to her Side As though Tho work wearied her. Her face was too Distant for me to form the slightest opinion of it or of the girls appearance but 1 took a quiet satisfaction in watching her a Aho stood there in the deep shadows of that old gnarled Apple tree where the Robina must have built their neats for a Century and then went Oil an undercurrent of thoughts in my mind somewhat after this fashion. A you add something fitting and pleasant to the picture Little woman by there doing your work so industriously Over that Wash tub with tour heart full of Tho new birth of purity and Beauty which is to come up from i our toiling and those snowy suds which used to be so fond of blowing into bub Bles filled with rainbows fair and frail a the rainbows of my youth. I wonder How wide a horizon of thought and feeling you have Little woman toiling that Wash tub of am tall a Bend Bis head every time he enters the door of that Little old fashioned cottage of yours which most Likely remember in its silence the Summers of the revolution. You look Young and slender viewed from this distance. Be resp after All you re a Young girl who hires out in Harvest and works in the factory Winter with your Little Hopes Aud vanities Sod ambitions. Well keep to your work none the Wiser for my impertinent curiosity Sod if i do Mike in life half As Well As you seem to be doing that washing i shall be a belter Mao than 1 am Ait in i saw her Tak no the Basket of rinsed clothes and abroad them Caro fully on the line and secure to a by a pole fastened in the Centro of the rope and to nah went into the Boos just As the a of to dinner. I Anu reeling you Oman toiling so steadily Over to it and if you to the Happy wife raw boned Fanner who has to a is or. Grayson in Thia a vening ? it a a a a Mcew it penetrating Aad refined a vote which i knife at too must Batoog to a lady. I waa Iatha Back parlor of the hotel when i heard the strange Oft tones syllable my yes May am a answered the waiter a be a up in his room. Shall i Call him p i waa on the Point of stepping Forward and announcing myself but Tho next words Hasty and a Little agitated arrested me. To no there is no necessity. I have brought Home the gentleman s clothes. There Are just two dozen and if you will be so Good As to take them to his room to can Settle with Yoo i was so overwhelmed with am ascent that i stood still Juat where i bad risen from Tho lounge with Tho paper fallen at my oct until the servant had gone up to my room. But As soon As i recovered my self i entered Tho parlor and confronted the person who bad inquired for me which i did with a Good Deal of reluctance a a Ahe evidently did not Demairo an interview but the waiter would be certain to discover or Retreat a soon a be ascertained i was not in my own apartment. She Turnea her head a i entered for Ahe was gazing out of the window and i looked for the first time upon Here the face of the Tromon who had followed me dim and vaguely defined through All the years of my youth up into my manhood coming before me in dreams and in certain strains of Sweet music coming in its vesture of shining snowy Clouds and Ben vanishing Sway. It waa a delicate Oval face neither pretty nor handsome and Only Beautiful when Tho spirit within Roso up and lighted and filled and enriched it. It was a face refined aug Testivo womanly with rapid changes and reflections with Brown deep shy Yea and hair whose color suited the eyes with prom Vincnt but delicate features and a Mouth that was what All True women a Mouths should be a Sweet and perfect Mirror of Tho soul. I drank All this in with that on gaze which i had of her As Aho turned her face a Little startled towards me when i entered the room. My looks must have embarrassed her for a faint fluttering of color into her Cheeks first roused to to a consciousness of my rudeness. Excuse Monia Atn but i heard you inquiring for or. a yes sir i gave my Massago to Tho wait and it waa no flutter of a Blush now but a burning tide of Crimson which flooded her Cheeks. She looked Down and i know what a struggle waa going on in that girls a soul. Thru was a Quick Flash of pain on the forehead and a sudden compression of the lips then she looked up in my face steadily and said in Hor soft quiet tones i have just brought Homo your clothes sir. The Brave Little woman Tho real genuine Fine grained lady it was her turn to exult now for i was More embarrassed than she. In i was not aware that you a i broke Down utterly Here and i am not usually a bashful Man and i am certain that my nerves would not Havo been in the least disconcerted before an Empress and her suite. She saw my Embarrass mint and comprehended it. I knew that by Tho look of grateful recognition which dual cd up in Lic Reyes. A i applied last week for Tho work and the agreement waa that i should return Tho clothes. Sho spoke with a quiet dignity which mid plainer than any words a it is an honest work and i am not ashamed of it any longer and if you think the less of me for doing it Tho disgrace a yours not i knew on what ground i was standing now and Drew out my purse. Thuro were two dozen i believe a yes the whole amounts to Ono dollars a a quiet and calf Austain cd is though i was dry goods clerk Ond Sho was my customer. �?~1 pay that for a single dozen in Tho City placed a two Dollar note in her hand and shed it Scro a thousand though i should 3 More have dared to offer her this than i would a Princess. Dot we done to Havo Auch Tricca in the country a fluttering the note in her fingers hich i saw were slender and Small jointed. A Well the work is no easier in the country and i never pay Sho thanked me with her eyes and Rose up. I went to Tho door and opened it for her. Just Asah had got outside she lifted up her face that Young Earnest trustful face to mine and said or. Grayson if Oil Havo any More washing to do i shall like to do it Lor you she had triumphed Over All shame All Falso or natural Pride. I knew it now for Thuro waa no flutter in her Clie Eka or in her voice the latter was Low Sweet and Arcady. Thank you i will Send you up some tomorrow. I had determined to Leavo next morning but my plans now underwent a sudden reversion. 1 watched her As she went Down the Road and noticed her dress and Figaro for Tho first time. There was a singular fitness about both. She wore a Lawn dress scattered with Small Brown sprigs and a Brown Straw Bonnet with a Green ribbon gathered across it. She was Small and delicately moulded and her walk was rapid and Graceful not elegant she had Juat passed out of my Light and was watching the Twilight which Lay on the Distant Hills a gods love or Erlic our humanity when the waiter Clu Rcd. He was surprised to find to alone in the parlor but explained my interview with the lady and Learned through i Jim that she had re aided with her aunt an if firm old lady for the last year that she had Coine fro i the City and taught the District school until it was broken up by the new Academy and to had been greatly surprised the week before t her application Lor Tho washing of any a rangers who might be visiting at the hotel. To was disposed to befriend her because his sister had attended her school. A and Sbol a a lady to be sure a to added though a dreadful come Down to take in Wash she Troy a lady therefore the coming Down Hadnot Hurt her i thought to myself As i inquired her name. A miss Janet Mil bows sir. She lives in the Little yellow House just at the Corner of mos Lane. You May Havo aces it from your window Sho waa the heroine of my Wash tub. To sir i beg tbsp you will excuse there a no need of it. You Bav amp grazed your and i pointed to the delicate flesh scotched and frayed by the Edge of the bar. That is no matter Bot i might have broken it if Yoa had not caught me it waa 1st to the afternoon More than a week subsequent to Ziy first meeting with Janet Mathews that Reame suddenly upon her at the Corner of Field which opened out of Little Belt of Wooda not far from her Home. An pal to its branches Laden with Ami i yellow Early apples grow close to to in of Tho Fence and Abe had mounted on top of those in quest of am of the fait hot Aho bad Only a precarious foot to id and would a fallen to the round had i not suddenly arrested her descent. 1 filled her am 11 work Basket with the Coppi which a was a Hope a aunt Minerva who was an invalid might no 1 will carry them for you As she put out her hand for the Basket with Many Thanka for my Kinnem. 1 am very fortunate in having your company for the rest of the walk a you were or. Grayson p with a Quick a leap of the any Brown Yea and then 1 read Tho next thought which struck Here that 1 had called about the was bang. 1 am an abrupt sort of Man mias Mathews and i will explain my errand at once. I Bavo a Friend and College Cla mate from whom i yesterday received a letter informing to that to wished to obtain a teacher for the English in the Seminary of which he a principal. Thia is a rare Opportunity for one who is disposed to accept it As the school is located a few Miles from new York in the midst of most delicious scenery. My Friend his wife and their half dozen Teack Era form a company of highly cultivated Christian people Aucon a one is not often thrown amongst. The min by for Tho nine months a five Hundred dollars. It struck me that the situation might please you at last Liere can to no Barm in offering it to to or. Grayson How can i thank you ? she broke Down Here and 1 let her cry softly. 1 had Turco weeks before visited my Cla Minato for a Day and heard himself and his wife discuss the probability of a vacancy a occurring in the English department of their school. I was revolving in my mind some method in which i might serve my Little hero too of Tho Wash tub when this conversation recurred to my mind and i wrote to my classmate immediately. He waa under some obligations to me and there was no difficulty in procuring the situation for Janet Mathews. To had reached the Gate of Tho Little yellow cottage before Aho spoke again. Will you Coine in a and i knew that Ahe desired it. It was a Little old fashioned parlor corresponding with the exterior of Tho House into which Ahe a hired Ine. A dark ingrain carpet a few chairs a lounge and a table strewn with books were Tho chief features of the parlor furniture. We Aal Down hero Togo her and talked Juat a if to were old Riendau. I Learned her history in a few words. Her father had been a merchant and the sudden discovery of his failure and business ruin through the Rasca Lity of Hia partner had occasioned Hia death. Janet was his Only child tenderly a clued and cared for especially so because Sho was Tho image of Tho Mother whom Sho could not remember. Tho Young girl was left entirely dependent on her own resources. Sho had come to her fathers Only surviving sister Whoso Waisband had died a few year before leaving her in declining health with nothing but the Little yellow Brown Homestead which had sheltered Hia boyhood. I knew the rest of the Atory How her aunt had gradually by Condo a confirmed invalid How the Academy had absorbed her school until with poverty Well nigh starvation staring them in the face Janet had applied to the hotel for Bimo we All this Aho told me that summer afternoon ailing with her Sweet Earnest of san looking up to mine till Tho longing and the yearning to gather it up close to my heart waa almost More than i could Bear. Of Janet Janet Quot and you Aro Well pleased with this situation and i Lviv write to my Fri cud that you will accept it r "1 did not suppose that Tho future held anything so Good in Storo for me and now i can lure a girl to remain with aunt Minerva and go out into new life and she said Thia More to herself than to me with her hands lying ill her Lap and her a Lender Small jointed fingers fluttering in and out Amun St each other like Young Birda trying their Winga for Tho first time. Quot Tho term docs not commence until tha first of september to you Havo More than two months of Leisure on your hands during which i should like to engage Sofir services Quot As your Washerwoman or. Grayson re i thought that i waa duly installed in that and a laugh ran out of her eyes and gleamed about her lips allowing Ine what Springs of Light and gladness Thuro Scro in her nature. Quot bul 1 wish with your permission to change it. You have studied French a Quot and i do not even read it. Will you consent to Tako me for your Pupil twice a week during the next two months a she hesitated and blushed and an inward a mile Mado a kind of flickering Light and sweetness about her lips. But it was All satisfactorily settled before 1 left and i was Janet Matthews Pupil after Thiau not simply a in French though Lor 1 think to did not Mako very rapid Progress in this but i was her Pupil in that vast kingdom of emotions and intuitions of feeling and affections where woman a strength and glory lie and where Man s Pride must Ever learn of laser humility. And to i came uned Decd and reverent before Tho threshold of a True woman a soul and Day after Day new Springs flew Back and i walked under state la Arches and through Graceful corridors and among Trees hanging thick with Gold and purple fruits until i began to have Soma Coo cup Tion of Tho True measure and stature of perfected womanhood. Of Janet my Little cottage Gill a sect most Showa Hho had no idea of All she waa doing for to during those Long summer Days which Are like great censers Hung up in my memory and a ending their fragrance Over All the years. Wold frequent rides and rare blk into the Woods and Here sitting under the alias own of the Forest Trees or near Homo Little at Cam a Hose Crystal skeins were tangled and frayed by Tho stones Over which they wound Janet Matthews and i talked together. I see her now her Sun Bonnet on her Lap and her restless fingers at play with Tho airings while that fair Pala Wistful Faco is looking up to mine Bright or tender reverent or sad As was Tho topic to conversed on for we talked on every conceivable Aub Jet from Tho scenery about us the Glimmer of Sunshine or the flutter of n Birds Wing and of Tho world and the great and solemn problems which underlie All destinies of life and death of things present and things to coma and of god in whose knowledge and love All thing Ahall to made Plain and perfected. But Ahe waa not always grave my Little country girl. There were Quick currents of gladness and mirth to her Mauro which flashed out More and More a bar life took on fairer Hoe and her Low running laugh would Bubble Over bar lips and the echoes among to Billa would catch it of and Tore it Back and Forth As though Bey loved it she waa full of Quick impulses but these bad become living principle and her character rested on a solid foundation of truth truth in action in heart. Sho was not perfect Bot bar life waa nourished from tha Fountain of All Perfecto a Janet was a Christiania heart nod life. It was an afternoon among to last of the a Ommer when i walked into the sitting room of the cottage Iotha Lane. Thera was no need that i should rap for Janet bad caught sight of me at tha open door and two Arch Lille dimples imbedded a either Cheal revealed themselves As aha welcomed me a bar quiet Ladylike Way. Quot you be or. Grayson a untie Baa take a notion that Aba will try bar hand at am knitting ahem a to improved of late and in a winding tha Yam under her How pretty Ahe looked standing there in her neatly fitting Blue Muslin dream a new one which harmonized with her complexion winding the skein of Blue Woolen yarn which Ahe had slipped Over Tho backs of a couple of Chaira. Her aunt sat in one Corners a drooping mild faced Little woman but thin and faded by care and ill Cha. So i sat Down in the Chintz cushioned Arm chair and chatted with both Tho women and watched the Ball a it grew in size and comeliness under those slender fingers and the wind stirred the quince tree at the window and the Sunshine laughed along Tho Corners of the Low ceiling Jost As it had laughed a Century before and the yarn ran in a Alft Blue current Over Janet a fingers. At sat i said to her. Quot see Here my child you will grow be Tigue a standing there before you get through with the skein. Bit Down Ana let me hold it for i bad never addressed her so familiarly before but somehow she looked co fair and pure and childlike with her delicate profile half turned towards to and her Faco settling every few moments into a puzzled serious Nam Over her Ball that the words Carao unconsciously to my lips. Bhe did not answer me Only her eyes flashed up a moment in my face and then filled with Teara. Blie sat Down quietly and finished winding her skein while her aunt told some Atory of an old fashion Cal knitting strife in her girlhood. Quot what is it Janet Quot i asked her this Quistian a to stood to Gether in the front door after Aho bad Fin taxed her talk. Quot it waa Tho name my father used to Call me. I never have heard it since to went away. Of say it again or. Sho was just like a child now with that pleading face which stirred my soul to Tako Iier up and fold her to my heart. Quot Janet i will aay Tho Warda again if you will Call to once by my name Tho name i have not heard from Tho lips of a woman since my Mulher she bowed her head and i knew Why she did not speak to me. I Laid my hand on her hair shining like Brown my secs in the sunbeams. Quot my child my Little Janet May the lord bless you so Cau of the Light of Ilia countenance to Shine upon you Quot there was a Little silence. Quot Nathaniel Quot it fluttered timidly out of Hor lips and dropped into my heart and the sound is them still. A Quot Tho suns Iino to warm but there a a arc co in Tho True top and it is Cool off Thuro among Tho Meadows under the Apple Trees. It is a Shady walk if to go round by Tho Creek. Will you get your Bonnet Janet a and Janet went. We it Down in the Long grass under Tho Apple Trees. A part of the Field had been mowed Tho Day before and the sir was full of the awol a cunts of Tho crushed Flowers. Quot Isnit it delicious 7 asked Janet Laking off her Bonnet. Quot yes. Death often yields More sweetness than life. I said this to Day in order to Comfort myself when i Jumo Mccred that Only two Duys More of this blessed summer remained to Quot Only two Moro Quot a Quick Start a Tono of deep regret emphasized the words. Quot that is All and i had a letter from my Friend Tho principal of the Seminary to which you Aro engaged stating that lie should Liko you to be to guru by Tho eighth. I cannot Bear the thought that i must give up my Little teacher so "1 shall have no Inore such easy Sho said it sadly and tremulously too As though Sho dared not Trust her voice Quot i owe you More than i do All my other teachers Janet. You Havo done Uio the most a a. Or. Grayson Quot a Quot yes for you have Sinf ten me what a True , self sustained woman May to in All circuit balances because you Havo redeemed and consecrated life to my once More be you have restored Tny lost jail i i Scoman Quot her soul Rose into her face. Quot i cannot Tell How i Havo done this or. Grayson a Ahe faltered. Quot no matter but now my heart is sad Atli the thought of losing my Little teacher i want to to her Pupil always to Iran daily new lessons of won Isno a Grace and truth and love Lium Auch Osall men need from her lips and her her head dropped till her breath fluttered Tho dandelion blossoms she had gathered and strewn in her Lap. I took her Small a Lender hands in mine. Quot will you Tako to Janet to be your Pupil not for Days or months or terms but for life a and god and 1 heard Janet Williams make a whispered answer. A a Nathaniel i Nathaniel a she said a Little whits after with her Sweet Sioum winding their cart exec in and out of the syllables. A a it is a soft Sweet gliding Nemo How your Mother Inlet have loved it in and then i told her How i had been her for the first time from mar chamber window that summer morning three month ago when i eat there under the Burden of or newly found wealth with no heart to be gathered into mine no other life added to my own to enrich and Complete and satisfy it lonely unloved and Ruhr and i told her All my vague fancies end conjectures. As i watched her bending Over her work. A a and you found your Ideal Over a Wash tub i what a terribly Uuro Manlie heroine Quot and a laugh ran in merry gurgles out of her lips. Hut she grew serious in a few moments. Mit Cost to s struggle a Short but Sharp one than go to go up to Tbs hotel and apply for a a my Brave Noble girl. I know it must. But if you had not Dono it to might hav gone apart All the Daya of our a and you will take me Nathaniel you so cultivated Fakeji Diode and almost s million life is without s Dollar in the world and whom you found Over a was a tube a a and finding Thor my own Lily i waa a Richer Man than All the Gold in my Uncle a coffer made i said this with her head lying on my should if a of Hor Little Hondo a Ruehs up in mine White the Day we going with its Golden few Over the far off Hill going to meet the night. Jug i to room no Ond wont Homo our hearts have in at bom with each other a ver since. Little Janet is my wife now and nil she has been to be of strength and rent and Hasting of Grace and refinement a Nib Suty of troth of Faith and of lev a it not All written in the Book of his remembrance in Godel Lodyus Hook for april. Rot was the want of a Home of fms own conceiving a sudden disgust for hotels end i boarding houses i took handsome House in a respectable part of the town and began looking fore housekeeper. The advertisement which heeds this narrative bad Juat met Mye Haasl glanced Over the Quot inn Lka in Uio evening Pipor. It pleased to. Infect i suppose Ike tiny had decreed that i should be pleased with it. I was reeding it for the twentieth time when a servant knocked at my parlor door and announced my sister in Law mrs. Eliza Bishop and her daughter Elixa. Matt. Rish of waa the widow or my eldest brother and her attention to and Core for my Comfort were really touching. She Folio Woi her Mune into the room leading her daughter the oldest and Bast to a need of the Throe. Bhe was a handsome woman of the commanding Imperial order and be looked her Host that Winter after noon in her Rich furs and velvets her Cheeks Crimson with the effects of the keen frosty air and Tho exercise Sho had taking. A i am glad to Nee you 1 mid of i handed her a chair. There Are Homo Thi Gayou women know More about than an old Bachelor Liko to and i want to consult you. I Bare concluded to go to Eliza a Fuco brightened into an cd premion even More beaming than the one she nod previously in towed on to. It never occurred to me that Aho would tie thinking of my future Homo a a convenient residence for her a Elf and three. Sho answered warmly a an excellent idea brother Sandio if Yon Are prepared fur All Tho trouble and extensor it involve. Tho cd Tenso to to sure is not much of a consideration to you. You have been that you would not require so close an Economy in your House As i used to practice in poor Robert s Timo. To always said i made Ono Dollar do Tho work of three. Rut Thuro will tie a great Deal of trouble. In Tho first place you la Havo to find a housekeeper a the very thing i wanted to speak to you about her Amilo waa positively Brilliant. A How kind a not kind at All troubling you about my affair a for shame a if you Over had reason to think that anything i could do for you would la a a very just remark considering that her voluntary service amounted betide frequent visits to a pair of slippers with a Pink eyed pump eat on each toe and a smoking Cap with the Devico of a Green eyed poo to Couch ant. I hastened to Placo before her Tho paper in which i had marked Tho Adver Cismont which Heads Thia article. A Thuro Elixa there is what i Haro been thinking about. Somehow i fancy i should Liko mra. M. L. Smith Mary i imagine her Namo is i am going to write to hoi 1001.�?T a but Aren t you acting on impulse Sandio a a perhaps so i always do and somehow my ventures Havo Boon tolerably yes but this a Auch a important thing. Of course you know a and Asp laughed rather uneasily a that you will to sure to marry Tho lady marry i Beli ovo every woman has in her character Tho Olfus ints of an Evo. Hora i an Apple i should never Havo seen but for my sister in Law. It waa my turn to laugh. A it Why no Elixa. That is an objection i have never thought of. I Don t imagine it would prove to lie Ono with to though. 1 am not a marrying num. Reside Alio a no doubt a widow with children and a i stopped for i remembered my Sisters bereavement and encumbrances. Her face turned Crimson. A All men do not think it impossible to marry a widow with children Ami you May not when mrs. Smith Lias kept Bouse or you six months though to to sure i done to think some women would Ever Mako up their Siinda to marry i supposed a Soivio women referred to her a cd mud 1 was glad of this Bint As to her a Natii Nants for poor Robert Hail left Bis family very Cornfo Retablo and i did not want to boo Bis children subject to Tho untended user Cic of a second papa. After a few More cautions from mrs. It Ishop und a few Strong expressions of admiration for various Urt Clos of feminine adornment from Little Elixa Lii Eli extracted front the pocket of her Good natural Ungelo the customary amount of Lush Money Tny visit a dam Tau and i wrote my letter to Box 1004. In it i stated my residence the salary i was willing to pay and the number of my household. I gave her my name and Tho name of a few of my friends who would to ready to afford her whatever information Aho required As to my Means and character. I added a postwar it of Illint Angll or us. Zaras. Pax lets town rep0bt8, school reports hand-bill8, posters show big Dib Tice policies labbls.allrimd8, cards All khd8, concert ticiet8, a auction Bills k., ac., ac., nicer in at nos Orr Tom War Smuss afro Sim is a4 a the most Ranso Abl ten a anoints a faint Ore a us Ted u Erar attention win to paid to loot Ute wants a a Wum of cd Tiava. Pan Ion of my housekeeper when i choose to talk to her an unobtrusive minister to my Comfort when i a sent. Tro mrs. Bishop found whenever so honoured too with a visit that something or other was not ordered Asah managed u of poor Roberts time. A housekeepers a Ven the Bast of them Ash was Wool to remark a require a Little Loo kity after. They can to be expected to take so much interest in of is affaire a ones own her Eom menu did not Giro me much in easiness however. J went Home one Day a Little earlier than usual. I thought a quiet Chat with my housekeeper Over the dining room fir would not be on Lemont. I had begun already to Uke altogether More interest Foiter than i waa prepared to acknowledge myself. I pictured As i hurried Home the table handsomely Laid and mrs. Smith in her neat quiet dries sitting by the fir with Book or work waiting for the dinner to be brought up. As i reached my own door however i found it open and three children of varying Ages taking a most affectionate Farewell of my House Kraper. I had never cared enough for any one before to experience such an Era Oriun As jealousy but 1 think no other won would adequately describe my feelings a i walked into the parlor and shut the presently mra. Smith mod her appearance. A i am very sorry air Ash began. A not at All �?�0, but i am. I remember your stipulations about the children perfectly. I surely did not intend they should annoy you. I presumed you worm have no objections to their coming sometimes in your a Nenee and i like to see them As often a i can Bat they shall not be Here again at an hour when you Are Likely to come she must have thought me an ungracious boor for i growled out merely a no matter no matter at All i was in an ill humor. The pleasant anticipations with which i had hurried Home Hau not been realized. Moreover i suspected i was becoming too much interested in my housekeeper to like to be reminded that others had stronger claims upon her that evening i sat on Ono Able of Tho Bright fire and or. Smith on the other. 1 abhor furnaces a it is one of my Whites. I loved when i Una a boy to Mako pictures in the fire and Tho habit and i Bare a Retro old to had it silently for some Timo. I was watching in two embers Twu Little boats nil ing on lovingly Sido by aide. At length i halted abruptly a what was Abusi res Madam a a merchant Llo waa id a dry goods firm and Able to give us every luxury until to to that was it. To had failed and died and left her All those children to i looked into the fire again. The boats had drifted far apart and were sailing Down a flame coloured River Quot ils on the on id a she of i othar.1 i mused on half sorrowfully until at length i said speaking unconsciously out Louus a perhaps i could Havo stood tit children if it weren to for thinking Ehe had loved Home body Elso. Shed to looking Inek Aud All Tho Timo comparing me with so. 1. A sir my voice had attracted mrs. Smith s attention from her Book hut Ehe had Widmont by not understood what i mid and was looking up inquiringly. Thank Fortuno for that. I laughed a Little nervously i imagine. A nothing. I was not speaking to you.�?. In fact 1 think i waa talking in my Sloop Sho looked Down again and i watched her instead of Tho fire. She was pretty Mettier than i had Given her credit for at i thought too Sho might to younger than thirty As i surveyed her now. There was a delicate poach Blossom color on her Cheek an innocent almost on her face. Well Cheek and a re ing to me. By to bed. Tossom were Noth i gut up and West disconsolate Tho not Day my sister in Law came to so me. As usual she had plenty of suggestions to say that i particularly objected to children and would Mako it a Point with my housekeeper to Incavo Here it hand her. If she liked the terms and tie stipulation i requested her i Call it my counting room the ensuing morning. It would to Idle for to to say that i attended very closely to business the not Forenoon. The housekeeping fever Tho Home by hous Kupfer. Or Allrn or Wonnum. A Ladr who Eon give the Bast _ to character and ability a Lassa Rit Ojo a housekeeper in a Gretje aaa a badly. Refer a a address m. L. Smith Box to Saml 1004. I am i mean i woo a Bachelor. I had plenty of Umof but i was forty five years old and had never arrived at a mid Mctory Way of spending it. 1 our dude that my of longing had taken full poem Saint of me. Must eur Nom to no Small amount of Curie pity As to us or Reiml appears Noo of m. L. Smith. I wanted an a Rawlo housekeeper. Not too Young that would t look Well no too Ifim wrinkled Crone to sit of Kite Rao at my Board but a pleasant cheer in woman Young enough to make my Home Lively. It was about eleven of clock when my Young Tunn waited upon Tho daily in. My a Myrious favourable Trapre Avion were fully confirmed by her App Urance. I did not think tier handsome certainly in the Stylo of sister in Law. Sho was a Small woman Light footed and slender with a sunny plot int face which might Havo testified to thirty five Summers hut no Winters surely or if she had met storm or chill she Hod borne them with such Brave patience that her face reflected Only Tho Sunshine. Her Brown hair was put simply and smoothly away from her tranquil Faco. Her eyes were Frank and her Mouth not Small but winning and sailing. When she spoke her Low Pleasnt tones endorsed the expresion of her countenance. A or. Ria hop i believe the gentleman who wrote Thia letter a and so Drew my epistle from her picket. A the same is a i came sir to say that i would accept your proposition if you still wish it now that to have met i waa about to say that i wished it More than Over Sinco i bad seen her but fortunately recollected of time that compliments to my housekeeper Ere no proper part of the programme and very decorous by Orocla ded my engagement of a matter of fact and by since manner. The next week she entered Apon her duties. I had never known what it was to be so comfortable. My Boom we u modal of too Reolon. And Eimoto sle Ganc at least my sister in Law when she went Over it previous my Smiths commencement pronounced it perfect. I Hada sort Lofbom fooling hat i Huff no known before room enough for All my to Semione s poem to Welcome my Friende to n very pogrom of com to Mako to or. Smith which that lady i revived in Silc Noo but with a Peculiar twinkle in Hor Eye. At length in. Ria hop followed to into Tho Library. Well Sandio she remarked seating herself Sinco you do not soem disposed to fulfil my prediction and marry your housekeeper i sup Pom i May speak of her freely. I have thought from a he first that site waa a very artful woman. I Havo no doubt that when she came Here she meant to marry Yod. She a very attentive now but of course she has her own motives. I an see. If any trial should come you would find out who your friends in. Bishop waa right in his for the trial did come Aad i saw who my Friend we my own Friend. I we taken ill Early in the Spring. My sickness came on suddenly. I we attacked with so tire headache and Sharp pains in my Lack. The first two Days mrs Ria hop spent in Amidu Oua Cor of me though to confess the truth her attentions were unwelcome and 1 would far rather have been abandoned to the tender mercies of my housekeeper who rarely came into thro a when my Sis ter i jaw we there. The third morning my physician pronounced my disease smallpox. Even in that moment of terror i looked at Eliza Bishop. Her lace paled and i could see her Liana shake Tibo spoke of a trembling voice a i wish i could stay with you Saodi i wish i could. If it were Only for myself i Rould but my a i would not have you Etny i answered. A i would not have Yoa run Tbs risk for worlds i Trust you have not endangered Good Bye sister Elisa the went out of the room and i turned to mrs. Smith who we standing near. A now you must go also. The doctor Mill find Somo too to nuns is and you too must look oat Tor your children a i must look oat for you sir. My duty is Here now. Lire or do i shall stay with you while Yea need me the Little woman a voice Wmk to and her eyes shone with a Clear Raoul Etc Light. I had not thought Ahe Yam Emid so a soph will and courage. A consider i said. Do your Callasan the risk you runt of loathsome rement perhaps a terrible death a i hav considered All sir Aad Ahall stay Waal selfish to allow ill perhaps so Bat even of that Hoar of deadly peril i what it had never loved woman before longed to have her at mys ids to Honro my danger nay to die if i died to lire fur me or failing that for no other. I need not Giro the details of the Alekma which followed the weeks of ler Rihl Toff a for when my body and soul cling together. I look Hack pm it it Strong Mann item with shivering dried. It we Ewing. A death who stood Frei Tutor to -7 1� Day to room of that an a to a always Mno new. Andy Ash found it to Maks herself took a neat and a Ron tasteful m Moi. A Rosyth fog is the after j we Able to Netos anything scrupulous order. A Scoto flow a a

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