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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - February 7, 1860, Biddeford, MaineHow had never known Forbes that senator Wilson about the same time wrote to or. How stating that he halt a been told that Brown intended using arms and Means belonging to the committee for unlawful purpose. Earning Howe against Brown and advising that the Arma be taken from him that in consequence of such information Onlin wort a it to Brown to take the arms and property of the committee then stored in Iowa into Kansas and to be used Oil lar in defense of Freedom there. Or. Howe had no Means of knowing whether the army were the same taken at Harper s for a Rwjr but supp it be they were. Witness could pro cure copies of the recoils and of the order sent to Brown and would do so. Or. Howe knew nothing of the convention in Canada. To i was not privy to the plan of attack of harpers ferry. Witness gave much other evidence but none implicating leading Republican. He recognised several ii jets found in the Carpi big to be in his hand writing. He did not know of Auy organisation or a Moiety in Aid of Brown s Plaus. He believed Brown to be a conscientious and honest Man determined on practical anti slavery but opposed to exciting insurrection or shedding of blood except in self defense. He had Given him Aid Aud Comfort As such. Witness being pressed to state what be i Quant by spreading practical anti a invert doctrines for which purpose contributions were made illustrated by comparison with Effort made to spread the gospel among Heathen Etc. The following is or. Howe a protest before the harpers ferry committee. The undersigned having been summoned to appear and testify before your committee and being unable to resist the Power of the Senate obeys the summon but enters its protest against the proceedings upon the following grounds m first. Because the tribunal created i secret and inquisitorial second. Because it is created for purpose beyond the legitimate scope of legislative inquiry. Third. Because it usurps Powers nowhere clearly delegated by the Federal Constitution to Congress or either Branch thereof. Fourth. Because it a dangerous As a precedent. And liable to abuse in the Opportunity it gives for perversion of the great Power of the Union to the gratification of vindictive party passion in various ways to the peril of or i. R in 1 pm Liberty a but or urging citizens from their Homes in any part of the country and rendering no Runau secure in his own House. Fifth. Because waiving All other objections it is unnecessary inasmuch As for All the purposes or investigation testimony by disposition under the jurisdiction and within the limits of the respective states is fully adequate. Sign s.1i0wk. I hereby and shall be governed by the same rules Aud regulations As Are by Law provided in the Cane of the location alteration or discontinuance of town ways by the selectmen of towns and any person aggrieved by the decision of judgment of said City Council or Ita in its awards of damages shall have the same remedies and be entitled to the same proceedings in order to have them assessed by a committee or jury As Are now provided by Law in the Case of town ways and the county Cost Nisic tiers for York county shall have Power to Lay within said City any part of any new comity Road that shall by them be Laid out in Auy adjoining town or towns and shall pass thence into or through raid City according to the provisions of Law and any High Way or town Way or Bridge which has Becu or May hereafter be located Althin said town or City Between High and Low water Mark shall nevertheless be deemed to be legally located and this Bill according to the terms thereof is to be submitted to the Legal voters of Biddeford for acceptance at a meeting to to called by the mayor and aldermen and to be held on the a id Day of april. If a majority shall vote in favor of accepting it it shall to considered accepted by the City otherwise not. Yours amp a. Gestar a. Curc it Lliott journal. U w Kiim Rford fridur Murnin. Feb. 17,h >0. Justice to the South a few i acts mid figure for Hen to tend. South Carolina has six representatives in Congress wifi a free White population of 271,-98 u new Hampshire Haw three representatives in Congress with a White population 317,1311. Vermont and new Hampshire with a imputation oft>30,858, have six representatives. South Carolina has six also with Only 271,-51.7�?less by 330, 293�?uot one half As much. Fifteen free states contain a imputation of fifteen slave states Coutan a population of it Luoi majority in the free states 7,l64, fifteen slave state contain fifteen free stale contain Teru Poky. Sir. Miles. Rvs film 13 my i that than double the territory of the fifteen free state. In other slave state now have about five times the extent of territory according to the top Latsiou that the True states have including slaves and All they Havo about three times the territory of the ree Sites according to imputation. Votes of Kleven slavs holding Mato. At the Klee Tio Nof iv., when or. Floreo a chosen As con trate let with the vote of now Yak a i Arkansas. 19,177 7. Texas 2. Delaware 12,613 a. Alo Hants 3. Florida. 7,193 9. Louisiana. A i. Leu Rita 10. Mississippi 0. Man land 7x1.13 ii. Vir Tuia. 1 n. Carolina. A co Lilc vote of eleven slave states vote of new York tvs 41.91 31,90. 44.43 14,343 311,13 How being 7135 More votes than All the others including three votes for every five slaves in the said eleven states. These eleven states have Hare Twenty two United states senator. New York has two. These eleven Sites have fifty even congressmen. New York has thirty three. These state give 79 electoral votes. New York 35. Justice to the South Cost or Terri Toke rur Cusep. A Thoumi Vivi it a l,4. Klo it i , Tju Fiat Fiji Ukio .1.0 in Quot 3.001.00 a i a Suroo la Uulu 7.ikv ski in non loom i it i 3004,000 Louisiana purchased of France interest Florida purchased of Nepal no interest paid. Texas fit a Boundary Texas ter indemnity Texas for creditor last in res Indian of it end a of All kind to porch a Navy. troop. All other expenditure. Mexican War. Soldier a pension and Bounty land Florida War Soldier pension. To re Nievo indians. Paid by treaty for new Milieu. Fold to extinguish Lindlau tribe. Paid to Vorgia total. $vt.�.rui.,.us not one Inch of territory a Ever l Een purchased or acquired Fonny foreign pow. A Sirco the Constitution was Alop cd at the instance of the free states or which was intend is for their Benefit yet the free states have paid More than two thirds of the entire Cost of All these acquisition of territory. Allow a the free territory been divided ? from the territory thus purchased and paid for by All the Sites five new slave states have been admitted having the following extent of territory and representation in Congress sir. Mile. Senator. Reps. 1. Louisiana 41,219 a 4 x Missouri 6a.iu7 a 7 x Arkansas 64,191 a 2 4. Florida. A 1 x Taos 34x361 a a tout. 31.1,369 to 16 the free states if any Are yet to to admitted California was admitted it is a fret state but she bowed to slavery. Amendment to City Char err. Our Augusta cons Pondant a observer a give the following respecting the character of the Bill which has passed the legislature respecting an alteration in our City charter. The Bill entitled a an act a to Amend an act Enlil we a an act to incorporate the City of did Dellard Quot has finally passed and been approved by the governor. the provisions of this Bill the fourth Section of the original act is amended by striking out the word a Afif teen and inserting instead thereof the words a seventy five the effect of which u to give the City Council Power a to Purchase and take in the name of the City such real or Jie Reonal property not exceeding the sum of Wrenty Fin thousand dollars including the property now owned by the town As they May think useful to the Public the original act 1 further amended by striking out the seventh Section thereof an eur acting and inserting instead thereof the following a the City Council by itself or by a Eom mint of mid Council shall have exclusive Power to Lay out any new Street or Public Way in mid Elty and fix the time when the same Hall be 0p�ed. Or Widen or otherwise alter or any existing Street or be Bic Way in said Eity and to Mato the damages any person May sustain for the Union and Juu the 3d Saco educational meeting was lick l on tuesday evening. 3tst ult., at the second 1 Arish unitarian Church and considering the severity of the storm was remarkably Well of traded by both sexes. The lev. Or. Jaques read the following Anonymous communication. Nature a vacuum abhors a submissive Iskiw beneath her Laws left youth should evil s Vantage fool apply betimes the balance wheel. Tho senses strengthened fit for Uso. Abundant fruit May vet produce a sow Plant and culture too with care 8chool, fireside Wayside every whore. Allow can you Tell this Good May to. And that produce Tho Len tree its Well to sow All wastes to Waldo. To meet the re sing toiling Tido. Not Abrams i the chosen race the Way tide Stoms May fill a a Taro within the courts of let ave Only love Ami sparkle la Tho Crown above. The Rev. Or. Keeley thought that notwithstanding what May seem to be implied in these lims of uncertainty As to the result of education the scripture Maxim will be verified in parental experience Quot train up a child in the Way he should go and he will not Dentart from teachers have a responsibility As Well As Parent in this training. Parents Are sometime incompetent to this work. Unfavourable circumstance May preclude the needed attention to it on their part. The Case of boarding schools was mentioned in which Tho teacher is of necessity for Tho time in Loco Parent. Moses Emery kq., gave an account of his personal a it a teacher. He ski orc of the natural . Parents cannot make their children better than them selves. If this is to be Dune at ally and with out it one generation will Mako no improvement us it a another it is to be done by the Combine 1 influence of the pulpit and the school. The influence of the pastor May lie very great both directly and indirectly. The teacher has of a a unities which the Parent has not. influencing aright a few of the most influential scholars a corrective and beneficial in Cuenco May be exerted upon Tho whole school he showed by several pertinent illustrations Tho Efficacy often of adopting some ingenious methods for correcting indirectly certain bad disc positions. And expressed it of his belief that by some such Means seasonably employed All children might be saved from vicious habits. Or. Ira c. Doe spoke of Tho Paramount importance of Tho habit of punctuality As the basis of Success at school and of the too com non neglect of it at note. Tho Stream will not flow higher than Tho Fountain. Parents expect sometimes too much and sometimes too Little of their children. Aud the Samo is True of teachers. Children who Aro comparatively Little can i for at Home May be much improved by the faithful attentions of their teachers and pastor. But not to much is to lie expected of such children As of that a whose family and Van tages have been greater. He expressed his on Joy mint of those meetings and his belief that much Good is to to accomplished by them. The Rev. Or. Jaques kit pc of Tho practicability and importance of teachers co out citing with parents in the great common work entrusted to them. To referred in enforcement of this idea to the provision made by the state for moral instruction in our schools. Whatever May justly by Aid of the Power of Early habit he questioned whether this would preclude the Uejo comity of applying the scrip ure Rule of a line Union line and Precept a on parents must do ail they can. But Tho Aid of the school teacher is essential. Sometimes by a direct address a it on a particular subject sometimes by a Mere reference to a moral lesson in the Reading Book and sometimes by instruction Nuu scripture As Well As by it a Sunal example the May effectually co of Prato with the Parent in correcting the a l habits and disposition of children. To protested earnestly against the practice too prevalent in some schools and families of making use of coarse and violent parents should see that their children Start punctually for school and teachers thou id Sec that they arrive punctually at school. Rev. Or. Keeley spoke hopefully of favourable social iut Lences adapted in certain cases to modify and Correct the habits of children. Or. Emery mention Al the old habit of teachers visiting the parents which he thought too much neglected now. Or. Nichols spoke of the Power of habit and specified four particulars to which the attention of a Arenta and teacher should be seriously directed vix a obedience patience punctuality and t Borough Nett. Parents bar a prime is kit a Ibl Lity and teachers As they have some peculiarly favourable opportunities have a Cor responding obligation to improve them for the moral Benefit of their pupils. The next meeting will be on monday evening 13th iust., at the vestry of the 1st in Aristi Rev. Or. Rice sat 7 o clock. Questions a How a Hall True ulnar to Best be inculcated and n. Committee on the defaulting state treasurers affair. Crockery Aso Glass of crockery Aud Glass Ware including All styles of lamps and lamp fitting will find it the store of Johnson Lunt eco a in Saco near the Island Bridge a Fine assortment of tasteful and excellent Ware. Or. Lunt makes a speciality of the crockery and Glass Ware business Aud his taste and gives him Superior advantages in the selection of Good articles and tii Ose of new nud tasteful it att is. Selling a he does for moderate and uniform profits we Are glad to learn that he has a steadily increasing Trade. To has among other articles Castor stands with Castor bottles of an improved shape which Are worthy the attention of All who wish for an elegant yet not expensive Castor stand. Sue his advertisement in this weeks paper a Railroad c. Us sly of Winthrop was instantly killed on wednesday morning. Dear the Portland and Kenne co rail Road depot in Portland by being run Over by the train going round to connect with the Boston train lie was standing on Trio platform of on oof Tho oar Aud having by on accidentally knocked off the train passed Over i body cutting him in two. 11� was in the Way to this City. The of Sronce Daric Axer Bill has cd both branches and been approved by the president. It appropriates $1,296,000 for supplying deficiencies in Tho do it Arti nent ending with Juno and i 100,000 for Sale rfcs and miscellaneous matters m project of South Carolina for a Southern convention. Virginia however much she May talk treason did not a com willing to act it so she politely informed or. Menn Lgon the South Carolina envoy that the invitation of Tho South Carolina legislature was declined. readers will perceive by thenot Scoof or. James Sawyer that to has made an arrangement for the vaccination of All who desire to guard themselves and their families from the danger of taking that terrible disease the Small pox it id Well known that persons who have been onco vaccinated Are after a number of years have elapsed liable to Tako the Small pox or that Milder Type of it called Tho Vario Loid this suggests Tho importance of re vaccination As Well As vaccination where it has not been done. learn that or. Charles l. Traube formerly one of the proprietors of the new York store a and who has been actively in gored in the dry goods business in this City and in Saco for the past ten years has connected himself with a wholesale jobbing and importing House in Philadelphia and leaves our City to Day for his future place of business. We Havo had dealings with or. T. Intro or less for Many years and it gives us pleasure to say that we have uniformly found him High minded honorable and just he has Many friends Here who will he sorry to miss him from their Circle and who will join us in Tho expression of the Hope that to May find his future path both and prosperous. His place of business is 37, North 8th Street. Congressional. A Large portion of the time of both branches has been occupied with the discussion of Amend cuts to the p. 0. Deficiency Bill. The Senate adopted several which the House rejected. The House has had several ineffectual ballots for a Printer. On thursday of last week the speaker announced the standing committees. They seem to be nirl constituted. We give Tho More mordant As follows on ii a a and mean a messes. Sherman Davis of md., Phelps Stevens Washburn o me., Wilson Morrill Crawford und Spauld a Dot. Of Commerce Washburn of Iii., Wade John Cochrane. Al Lott Smith of n. C., More head Lamar Nixon and Clemens. On military affairs a Stanton Curtis Bonham Buffington. Olin Mcrae Pendleton Longe Eicr mud Hotelier. On Varal affairs Morse of me., Bocock Pottle Winslow Wilson Curry Sedgwick Harris of md., and sell warts. On Terri Torin Crow Perry Smith of a., Gooch Waldron Clark of mo., Case \ Allau Dingham and Ashley. Of Joti Dacian a Hickman Bingham Houston Tashir Nelson Kellogg of ill., Reynolds Robinson of r. And Parker. Of i foreign affairs a Corwin Burlingame Barksdale Morris of pa., Branch Boyce Myers Hill and Humphrey. On Public land a Thayer love Jour Cobb Covode Davis of ind., Trumbull Vandover Windham and la Irrett. On Pott office an for to Roadie Colfax Woodruff English Adams of kv., Alley Davis of mass., Craig of mo., ill Mick Aud Lee. The delegation from Maine is placed As Fol lows or. Wash uric on ways and Means or. Morse chairman of naval affairs or. Perry on territories or. Somes on Public expenditures or. French on manufactures or. Foster on invalid Imus so Riib. On Friday the ski Eaker Laid before the ii Ouva a copy of the state Constitution adopted at Wyandotte Kansas preliminary to the Numis Sion of inn was into Tho Union. On monday the death of senator Broadrick was announced and resolutions of respect adopted. Remarks were made by messes. Haunn Crittenden Howard Foster und Toombs. The Kansas Constitution was presented in the Senate by the presiding officer. Tho remarks Mado by senator Mason Brown and Oiler Southern senators indicate n purpose of def eating the admission of Kansas if possible. New apothecary . Dyer so our readers will pc Celivo by his advertisement a resumed his old business in one of the elegant stores in the building situated on the site of that which was destroyed by lire several years ago. Or. Dyer was a sufferer by that lire but it seems has the courage to commence there again probably because lie thinks there is sync truth in the old a i age that a the place to find Money is to seek where it was his store is attractively fitted up Well arranged and the Stock is new and fresh. Or. Andrew before the Len per ferry investigating committee. The Washington telegraphic correspondent of the n. V. Tribune gives the following in relation to John Andrew Esq of Boston before the investigating committee of the Senate upon the Harper ferry matter John a. Andrew of Boston also appeared be make inquisition into the guilt or innocence of crime by coercive process As a Power always incidental to punishment Ami that it would be Nee if til Only to stretch the Constitution some what further in the same direction to enable the Senate to punish As Well As to inquire. We find the following just tribute to honorable dealing in the Boston Dally journal of the 21th ult. Pica Taqi a Mutual firc and Marins in Arrance cow anti Quot Honor to whom Honor is to the editor of the Boiton journal on the 15th Day of August last we effected an insurance of our property through a certain party for the sum of one thousand Dol Lars in tiie 1 Isca Taqua Mutual fire and Marine Usu ranch company of South Berwick me and on Tho second Day of october following thereafter said pro it erty was destroyed by fire. We immediately notified the company thereof and were surprised to learn that the policy Holt i not been reported or the Premium remitted and the party issuing the policy had exceeded his authority in so doing and the office of course ignorant of the existence of such a policy allot which were grounds sufficient for litigation particularly As the company at that time had not completed Timeir organisation and it would have been very i for it i it sup Hgt sed unprepared for any demand for loss. In tact very few companies would have for one motive it recognised the claim yet notwithstanding nil this we Are gratified it having the up it Ortun Ity of proclaiming to the world and especially to the insurance and commercial Community of Boston and Vicinity that As soon As the claim was investigated and poly recent red cmdr Money therefor and Henedo this co Minuni cation As we feel it our duty to give Public Quot to a prompt and honorable action of this character. Therefore we can Ami do conscientiously and cheerfully recommend the Quot in Isca Taqua Mutual fire and Marino insurance company to the Confidence of the Public As an honorable and reliable company and her officers we have found to be High toned gentlemen and experienced men. inserting the foregoing facts in the columns of your valuable journal you will oblige us and Correct in unfounded re a ort which appeared some months since in your in Ier which Reid ort is the cause of this com turn cation. Yours respectfully Union hair Felt co., Samuel 8. Davis agent. No. 41 North Market Street Boston december 22, 1839. Mass. For Tho Union and journal. Social festival the occasion that culled Forth this communication was one of deep interest pleasure and profit. To it Etc scially being the recipients of Tho proceeds of a social festival held it the parsonage of the South Biddeford m. E. Church on Tho evening of the 9th ult. The ladies exhibited commendable taste in arranging Tho tables which were loaded with Good things the company appear i to enjoy themselves As they partook of the repast and the social interest enjoyed during the evening made us feel that were All members of lie s Ime great family and the old acquaintances renewed and the new ones formed As Well As Tho Heartfelt interest manifested for us and our family will Long to cherished with Heartfelt gratitude. The company of about two Hundred left us in Possession of fifty dollars in Money and other valuables which we esteem a very taken of their kind regard. To the kind warmhearted people who thus contributed to the fund and cheered us by their presence we return our sincere thanks and As to Are soon to leave them for another Field of inbox our prayer is that Tho pc Cpl of this charge May another year and hereafter be Blest with services of those better Ubalo to build thou up in their most holy Ficili. South Biddeford feb. 13, in ,0. Int Lisnick. we Are not in receipt of any letter for publication from our Augusta car respond of it this week. He writes us that he has been unwell and unable to write for publication. He is better now and will resume his duties in season for our next Issue. The business which has been transacted since oar last seems to have been generally devoid of interest to this Section Ami with the exception of certain Railroad matters of Little Publio importance. There is a proposition before the legislature for the con Aoi Klater of All the railroads East of Portland which promises to excite debate and we notice also that there is to be a revival of the War Between the rain Roath about the a repeal of the ninth Smith on passed in 1s30 no Progress has been made since the report of the valuation commit aeon towards using Bill for a state valuation. The report of the commission has been ordered to be printed. There is nothing new teaching the action of the investigating for the Union in it a journal. Or. Editor the Topio of Tho Day is the a ladies great complimentary Ball a to come off is Rumor halt it on the 29th, the last Day of this month in town Hall in Saco. The affair is got up by thus gentlemen who have been invited by the ladies to their leap year Ball and is intended a an of the Good Timo they Havo enjoyed there. Of course All Tho beauties of Saco and Biddeford will lie there with their gallants and if a gentleman who has been invited to Tho ladies leap year Bui should not be Gallant enough to appreciate the compliment by carrying his lady to lie complimentary Bui Well to is a no matter what and we Hope he never will have occasion to go to another leap year affair. A Quot an est Sive dry a it Hust . A the Well known and extensive wholesale druggists messes. Reed. Cutler a co., have t Iken for a lung term of years the Superior Granite warehouse recently completed b messes. Foster a Taylor in Broad Street Corner of halt Moon Flace. Men of Ejk Retice Ami curious in such matters pronounce this Ami the a it joining store to be the Best and most thoroughly built structures of the kind in this City. They Are highly creditable to or. Eben Eicr Jolindon under whose immediate superintendence they were erected. The store taken by messes. Reed Cutler a co. Is nearly 175 feet deep and is the largest occupied by any druggist in in the United states. The arrangement of offices Saleroom and workroom upon first floor with other appliances for the Comfort of the occupants and the easy transaction of their business Render it a most convenient and magnificent establishment. The removal of messes. Reed Cutler a co., into this store will have a favourable influence in sustaining Aud advancing the important improvements that have been undertaken in Broad Street and will secure to that firm the benefits of an increased and valuable patronage As a Reward for their Enterprise. Establishment of tiffs character Are an ornament and credit to user Tiser. Messes. Run Cutler a co., in addition to their Large Stock of Staple leading goods for druggists country merchant manufacturers and others intend with their greatly increased facilities to enlarge their Stock of Patent medicines Standard fancy goods and shop wares to which Tho attention of apothecaries is invited. Fore the committee. Lie was summoned be Causo the committee had Learned through or. Chill a of this City that he had been retained is counsel for the defense of John Brown through or. Andrew. Tho committee desired to know from what source funds were derived what interests he represented and what motives Cha Jfe. his intervention or. Andrew stated that when intelligence reached Boston that John Brown had been urged to trial without time for preparation without Opportunity of being reached by his friends and have his Case properly examined and while prostrated on his bed and unable to sit up Ami instruct counsel it lie had any the whole proceeding struck his mind and that of most people whom he met As a judicial outrage certainly without any parallel in Tho history of Massachusetts. He supposed Virginia was Strong enough to conduct such a Case with Justice and propriety and without being excited by unfounded Are Hensin a. To confessed too sympathy fora Man whom he believed the victim of an idea and whom misfortune had probably been prec pita cd by what his family and friends had seen and suffered at the hands of the slave Power in Kansas. He had entertained a Good opinion of him As a Brave and conscientious defender of the free state cause which he considered the cause of Liberty and Good government in which All free settlers of Kansas whether from North or South had a common interest. In consequence of his own reflections and the suggestions of others representing nil shades of opinion is there was no time to lose he assumed the rest it on ability of engaging Southern counsel in Washington und Richmond whose business it should lie to secure John Brown the fullest and fairest trial of which the circumstances would admit. He according guaranteed and paid s1300 in fees of which or. Chilton of Washington received one thousand and or. Green of Richmond three Hundred dollars. This Money was refit ded by Tho voluntary contributions of various gentlemen when they became informed of his interference and who approved its purpose and accomplishment. Many contributed who were less anti slavery than himself but who thought Tho excitement would be quieted by a proper defence. No concealment was observed or desired in the whole matter. Tho committee inquired or. Andrewes opinion concerning John Browne a conduct in Kansas and the transaction attributed to him particularly Homo stealing and the potato Tinnie homicides. Or. Andrew aus Rcd he had always understood that in the soul lists Between the i to and slave state parties Tho horses were regarded us the spoils of War and he was not Nawro that Brown formed any exception lie had no belief from information which had reached him that Brown was present at the potawatomi a homicides but he Hud Long since Hoard that Brown and Many other people were convinced Flint Tho potawatomi a affair was one of imperative necessity As a measure of self defense. Slaving never been in Kansas he could not so Peak of Verenal know Cldgg. The committee inquired if or. Andrew would have Felt n sympathy for Brown on account of his ser a i a to the free stale cause if he had known that Brown went to Kansas to train himself and others and org Nice a settled plan of violence to invade the slave states. Or. An Drew replied certainly not. His convictions Sci anti slavery but lie was opposed to their propagation by violence and arms. Heuson and intelligence were the Only weapons Liu desired to employ. As a repel Dicuns he Felt a great cause to complain of the Marjor s Kerry affair is most unfortunate and unjustifiable from any Point of View in which he could regard it. But since i of Luious were asked lie would give them frankly. Intending no to anybody to considered John Brown and Harper s be. Ryas the fruit native to the tree which the slave Power a i planted that in View of the aggressions upon free state men it Tho territories Organ exist in the save states and approved by leading Southern men and the sufferings nud disasters to those settlers which How cd therefrom. He Del not think it remarkable that Tew men should have been o incited thereby up to the Point of armed retaliation. However much this transaction was to be condemned or deplored it was not comparable it Point of Public danger to Tho is nuke made upon a senator of a it Schu scots Oil the very floor of the Senate an i for no other reason than an holiest discharge of his Fluty and a fearless expression of ebon Talpa which Warf Wenhuy applauded throughout the South. Thai was a direct and Der Fly blow aimed it civil Liberty and replies in tatic government in America. Among other facts or. Andrew stated that he had never seen Brown but ouch and that accidentally. That while to impressed him to a Man of decided character lie then Bali cd his mind was strangely disturbed and in writing Here to judge Blair to provide counsel fur his defence he had expressed the opinion that evidence of his insanity could be procure from Boston to Kansas which was afterwards literally verified. After answering these nud other qui a Ion. Or. Andrew desired to record his protest against this Assumption of ten Dale in cd Power. He contended that the Senate does not possess the he wer to obtain testimony by coercive inquiry under the Resolution pursuant to which he was summoned because the Resolution contains no parliamentary Purt we but Only an apparent Effort to Aid some judicial end by Len Gutive Means. That this investigation i not undertaken As incidental to the Power of the Senate to try impeachments nor its Power to judge of the qualifications of it i Embra nor its Power to punch contempt against its own authority nor its Power to protect its own privileges and that the discovery fall the matters pointed at by the Resolution would not tend to instruct the legislative mind in the amendment of existing statues or in the framing of new legislation. That he regarded the Power to perhaps no City in Tho world has a Cen subject to so Many changes in respect to the location of business As new York. The most noted quarters of the town once occupied solely by pro Vale resilience have become or Are gradually becoming the great business Marls of the Day and Banks stores and manufactories usurp the Sites where formerly the Homes of the wealthy stood. Tho Home journal in noticing these changes Speaks of Bond Street once the aristocratic Quarter As fast changing its character Ami becoming a rival of Tho Busy streets. Many of the residences of the a famous men Quot of the past have been turned into Waro hours and elegant stores. Tho Homo journal so peaks tints respecting Otto of these changes which shows what revolutions the tide of Progress has made in Gotham the famous number sixteen Well known to nil new yorkers As the residence of Gideon Leo when mayor of this City has also undergone n change. It was in this mansion always celebrated for the hospitality of its owners that general Jackson when president of Tho United states was received and sumptuously entertained by or. Lee. Tho identical front parlor wherein a old Hickory a welcomed the thousands that called on him during his visit is now a spacious nud elegant Saloon filled with or Fri Iury and All Tho paraphernalia belonging to Batchelor and Brown s establishment whose world wide reputation is As just is it is Honor Noble. A few years More and Bond Street doubtless will to among the Bazaar marts in the City. Other business firms will soon follow the example set by Batchelor and Brown and the old dwellings will disappear to make room Lor stores mud shops. As a nation there is Little regard entertained for old landmarks even when historical incidents Cluster around them and a to ice a the a House May let a scarred by revolutionary bullets its Chambers May have sheltered the persons of presi dents it Wall May have echoed to the voices of statesmen nud its libraries witnessed the inspiration of poets but before that too often misapplied word improvement it disappears and the next generation would in unable to Point out its site were it not Flint such mrs As or. Francis still remain with memories faithful to the past. Old lady who bad resided All her Days in a country innocent of railroads but Well supplied with abolition newspapers and documents made her first visit to a town in the Street a locomotive drawing a heavy train was seen approaching puffing and blowing to its utmost. A what on Airth is that a a Aid the old lady. A that a rejoined her Friend a Why that Isa Quot a locomotive a said the la Xlyn Quot Why bless my eyes i thought it was the tarsal slave Power Troy whig. The Over a Noah a . Of. D. Morgan governor of the state of new York in a recent Szwech at the Llen Salear county fair says �?�1 have been a former a genuine hard working former and it is in the hot a that Ray voice will reach the ear of every Young Man present that i assert there is not an individual in the county who commenced earlier Laboured harder and had fewer advantage Tymn i prior to the age of seventeen and if i us a obtained any Means of Success in Lite it is owing to the habits inculcated discipline Practised Aud lessons Learned on my father s tier March or is the Charleston Mercury says of Sherm in and Pennington a the one is As Bod As the other at any rate both Are too bail for us to scrutinize the d Grees of pm nit or abolition. As bad As either the worse Tho better for us. The March of Black Bezub Leaninn and free toil it exactly so. Bjick republicanism is bound to go Forward and Rescue Tho government from the slave oligarchy. The Charleston Mercury sees clearly. 8uicidk.�?Tho a a a Guy says a Peter Wood sum a Farmer in comfortable circumstances aged about 50 years having a family of child Reti mostly grown up committed suicide in Waterh Orogun by hanging Hin self to the beam in his barn. Lie was discovered about vix of clock soon after he Hod left Tho House of his son. Lie has been deranged at times during the past year and was probably Labouring under a attack of insanity at the special notices. Hark Chian cd. A to is fee kale. Situated in j a �r1 towns in the county and doing a cd Chapply i in Midi atoll to pc. Ii. Mckenney or the Sun Ali it or. _. J. M. . Biddeford. Feb. 7th, if co. 1� has Slabod the of a a . Peg 3. A a. Catuir. I desire to expire my a the member or the 1 Contr try tilt my a Hoeu Ijar did Dagord. For the valuable present of which i a made the grateful recipient on the Lith inst hoping that they May feel the fore of the in Junction that it i a a Inore blessed to a Lvi than to re and that to the last great Dor they May by a clothed in the Rob of Christ Reg Lieou new a via the Earnest wish of a. A. . I of c . Or. J. Hawver i prepared to vaccinate at any hour bet Ween 8 of clock a. M. And 9 of clock p. Amp we learn that the House and outbuildings of or. Elisha bean of Bhago were destroyed by fire on the 31st. The outbuildings burned were two barns and n shed. There was also a Quantity of farming to it of a i i some pro Duce. One or two hogs were burned. Los 81500 to 2000. Insu Runco Coop Oxford Democrat. Fire in building owned by s. Lord k son in Parsonsfield and used is a store House for clothing of which they were Large manufacturers was burned on sunday morning Jan. 29th, at six o clock with its contents among which Wase Lothing to the get be of one thousand dollars belonging to firms in Boston and elsewhere. Loss 81500�?insured for 8200. The cause of the fire was probably from a defect la the i gut. Cultum in parvo.�?1the greatest discovery of the age is bedding a Lussia Salvo it cures All manner of wounds cuts Burns scalds com bunions chapped hands Etc., speedily and effectually. For Sale everywhere at Only 25 cents n Box. £2ttlie Universal cough Btu Hudy and the celebrated Tolu Anodyne the great neuralgia remedy Are now fairly before Tho Public. These great remedies were started and Are sustained entirely by Home testimonials of such reliability that any forfeiture will be made for the first denial of them. The descriptive pamphlet which May be found with nil dealers or will be cheerfully rent by the proprietors contain suggestions of importance to All and testimonials w hich will strengthen Confidence. See advertisement. M. Pilot or a tax a Edjel physician and other will by promptly up virus by remitting on Dollar by mall a la nth 1 Eird feb. It 1000. Religious notice. Public worship res did. The Pes for of the Noel try having recovered from he Reed do la Nam will resume lit labor at Aulon Hall next Nadbath. Service foie noon Aud at croon at the usual hours. J oxygen Atka hit Tuhn. J query. Why will you suffer dyspepsia in a Brier hut comprehensive term for the numerous diseases which affect the stomach liver and in oct the whole human system. Until or. Oreen Duscov. Ered the oxygenated ritters medical be Tenet was at fault and had exhausted Itsel run fruitless efforts to cure this disease. The dyspeptic need Gulf or no longer with a disease that Taa always painful and frequently a total affliction. This unique and Peculiar compound will As car it talk Psi cure the do so my a the disease exists had it not this Power such testimony a follows would not be Given in its Toor valuable in favor of Tiik oxygenated bitter. Washington. I. C�?T., june to. Having made no of a Lilbert pro cared by or. Goorge ii. Tin of Windsor. \ t a my rom knowledge obtained of their Efficacy in other cases we Cliecy Lully recommend them to the Public. A Tain the rss Burh million of Tho proprietor. Hope that this valuable f0lleig\ mrs 2 Days later from Europe i crime in the annual report of the attorney general for 1839, no than Appleton Esq., we learn that reports made by the attorneys in november last show Tho number of Impi Estment in the state during the preceding year to have been 530 a he aled cases 171. 248 of the cases were for violations of the liquor Law 50 against towns for defects inroads 15 for nuisances 71 for assault and Battery t >8 for larceny 10 for compound larceny 10 for offences against chastity moral to nil decency 14 for forging and counter foiling 12 for affray and Nota 12 for malicious mischief 12 for cheating and conspiracies 10 for burglary 11 for assault with felonious in tent 7 for robbery 5 for rape 5 for perjury 7 for homicide 3 for arson. The county attorneys reports do not furn ish a full exhibit of criminal prosecutions embracing Only a Small proportion of before Olio courts Aud justices of the peace either finally determined or carried up by Appeal. There have been 53 sentences to the state prison Dur ing the year and 37 to county jails Ami tines Havo Bien imposed in 73 Onset. Tho amount of in and re intense reported 817,091 fines tin posed 83,578 fines forfeitures and Bills of Cost collected 81,112. Tea parties in Alfred.�?1"one of the re Iton Quot writes to the Democrat Tho following resp rating a Tea party which recently canc Utt at Alfred on wednesday january Lith the citizens of Alfred Aud Vicinity met it the evening of that tiny at Tho town Hall for the purpose of a donation to the Rev James Armstrong pastor of the m. K. Church in Alfred. They and an exceedingly pleasant time Between three und four Hundred being present after doing Justice to Tho Bountiful repast provided by the ladies of the , the Rev. Or. Thompson of the Baptist Church made some Jan a Well timed remarks and was followed by or. Armstrong in a very neat address. Many thanks arc due to gentlemen and ladies of Lyman for adding to Tho entertain sent by their Tine singing. The proceeds i understand were considerably Over one Hundred dollars. Tho sumptuous repast Tito Universal Good feeling and the real enjoy input of that hour will not soon be fut gotten. Daniel Webster on eng is from a speech delivered it Richmond Vul. In 1851. Were similar sentiments to he uttered at Richmond now the laugh ter and applause would probably be left out they state their supposed injuries and causes of complaint in elegant phrases and exalted tones of speech. But their complaints arc All a ague and general i confess to you gentle men that i know no hydrostatic pressure Strong enough to bring them into any solid form in which they could Ito seen or laughter and applause they think otherwise doubt but Lor one i can discover nothing real or Well grit tided in their complaints. If i May be allowed to be a Little professional i would say that All their complaints and alleged grievances Are like a very insufficient Plen in the in a they n re bad on general demurrer for Nutof sub Liucc. Lou laugh ter tur. New bearer and tub Tho Washington Corr mgt a Dent of the new York commercial add Ertter writing on saturday a ays this evening As i have just Learned a political Friend said that he would Call to Morrow to give his views on the formation of committees. Quot sir a replied or. Shaker Bennington a Lyon will excuse me but at Home i am in the habit of attending Church and to Morrow i Hope to be Able to hear or. Gurley. At any rate i a Hall not transact any business but in monday i will be glad to see you a this is an encouraging sign Here where the afternoon of sunday a too often devoted to Hal tical confab by those highest in authority. A free and slave anecdote is having the run of our exchanges which illustrates quite Well the notions which some people obtain As to Tbs much talked of slave Power in the government. It is related that a Good Arr Vail of the fritter Albert its Sll Jolinn n. F. Us. Johns Fob. 15. Tho Iii Lavway steamship l Rinco a Hurt which left a Lavway on saturday tie 4th inst., arrived it this port this not croon and sailed again this evening for new she had on Hoard 20 Saloon nil 300 other jews singers Lias had heavy weather on Tho passage. The news by this arrival is not of striking import Ando. Lord skin Bussell announced in in Arlia ment that Tho government could not produce Tho correspondence Relativo to Tho rumoured annexation of Savoy to Franco hut said that count m ulc Voski Hud Given assurances to lord Cowley that Tho Ken it Eror had no intention of proposing Inch annexation. Tho British government Imd sent n i Sovitch to Tho emperor expressing its satisfaction it this Assurance. Tho Lynn Over Cotton Mills in Manchester Havo to in destroyed by fire. Is �30,000. Tho London Pott prominently announce that Tho governments of England Ami Franco Intro formed an Allie non on the italian question und Are firmly determined that no intervention shall is committed. It is Fli Mored that the two governments Hugo determined to recon the Nannc Antion of Tho italian stabs to Sardinia us Tho Only True solution of Tho question. There is increasing evidence of discontent in Hungary and Ati aim Are daily assuming a Moro serious aspect. An engagement Hail taken place let tween the Moor and Tho right Wing of Tho Spanish army resulting in Tho loss of their position to Trio moots and 2000 killed. Thu s it uni a loss it mounted to 200. Reu Iota inn v be to nil the Ash Ctol. Name Rah. s rfr.,m Al William Upham j 8 \ t. Ja.mknf.81mm0.n8, u. for it a Rhode Island. J. To m0rwie.ip. U. 8. Senator and formerly on sent r Coati Ioka. I. Ii. Arnold formerly Hove nor of Rhode Island. Pm. Woo Dimitir 1st� Al Osmor of a Lohlein. It Success in a store cases of Dys Pkim sly. A the a am it it i Krai. of til a Tom. Lisas it among Tho most wonderful d re a Riss in medical be Tenet soil Lias Alven it a reputation Tor boy und any remedy known for the a complaint in All to Filer various forms. Prepared Liam. W. Kow a t�?To., Roston and for Rale by .1. No Vrr Ami Augustus Sawyer Widdic Ford t Millinan i Kimball Naco . A. Wrap ton Yorks Joseph Kurtts. Welt Samuel Hanson. Nix Toa control o. M. Plato Barsow Wool Malawi dark Rackett Llu Itne to in and by dealers every where. 4w7 or. Boynton would say that Willie Ricker who to announce on tils circular is cured of deafness of ii Vara stall be can be found at no. Of on thu Pepperel Cor mgt a Nylon. All oases of deafness treated on a plan practice by to other Ali a clan in the i listed hiatus. Lung diseases. Humours Ami in tort All types of disease treated of scientific and Tomann me principle. Rooms at Trio Lold Deford House Entrance no. 23. Patient visited in or out of the City. Jwj w. K. Boynton. 31.1�. Quot Bott Bill the Lily of Tho Taxt a is Tho title of a picturing Molotky by Boot nil for Rale at Horton s. It is simple hut very pretty. Tho words Are Well adapted to Tho music. Tho project of establishing steam Carriage on common roads in shortly to in Laid before Tho legislative committee on bail roads ways and Bridge. The first route will Between Bangor and the slate quarries in Pisca Taquis county. or. Raymond of the new York Timet writes from Detroit that senator Douglas s last sgt cd cd has injured him in Tho estimation of his friends in Tho Northwest. Humphrey specific Romr flirt Llano now been before his Palillo for five years and have every where won Golden opinions from Hie May thousand who have used them. Simple free from intricacy technicality or Dan. Ger. Lilicy Lara i coins Trio ready Reso Roo Ami Aid of the Parent traveller nurse or invalid Ami have become the faintly physician nil medical adviser of thousands of families. No where Havo they Iwen tried without approved Ami their Lilli est appreciation is among to a who have known them longest Ami most intimately. N. foil set of Ali mrita Erst Home Oravic Are cinch with Hook of directions Ami tweet Dif. Ferent remedies in Largo vials eco Case f a ditto in Plain Case #1, Caso of fifteen boxes Ami Book $2. A Anglo boxes,�?~�1 rents and vie enu. Oliese Iocim Dlce by Trio single Box or Case Aro sent by mall or express Deo of charge to any address on receipt of the Price. Address do. F. Humphrey a co. No. A. Broadway new York. Hold by a. New scr. Hid Deford. Two Blair Llyra Whir Llyra sir Llyra u m. A. intr Dye. Ulley. re key iia it. Dyed instantly to a Beautiful Ami natural la Row or Lillack Walthou Tho least Kinniry to hat rorholn. Rovt Ken Medala Ami diploma Havo beet a wanted to win. A. Batch Kuolt Suluoo , Ami Over Anjul application have been Matte to Trio hair of his patrons of Bis Thomous Dye. Pre Julca against dyeing tie hair nil whisk cos to unjust a it would be against overing Trio Bald head with a wig. H m. A. Hatch Edo pcs i air Dyk produces a color not to Ito distinguished from nature Ami is my a Uranie not to injure 111 the least however Long it mss lie continued. Made sold or applied in my Prev St rooms at the wig factory 231 Broadway new York. Sold ill All cities nil towns in Tho states by druggists Ami fancy Timol dealer. A a the genuine has the ii Iii Ami address up it it a a steel plate Engra Vinginia four my s of each bottle of William a. 1iati , Lyra 233 Broadway. N. Y. Or. A lire Lawf an Exrene ced nurse and of. Nulls Physt Olsn bus a nothing Nyrup fit a children teething which greatly Laell states the prowess of teething by a inc Nung the gum Ami in Maui Ationo will allay All Putnum Itsuro to req into the , a chem ii a it a it Mother. It will Elva rest to yourselves nil Relief and health to your lit font. Perfectly Safo la All Cash. Neo Auvert so ment in another column. I Gurji ill Triton Market Kwh. It. At Market 1270 Beeves in stores 32i�i 8ircp 270 Nolue. Pricks beef cattle extra a 7<kl a 110 i second 0�o a jul third.$330is 13 73. Working oxen�?183. $90, a a $10. Milch cows Jelt a i common us a no. Veal calves Yitoi $100, $>00. Yearling a boat Vii two years old $17 a $21 off hire years old $71 it i 2. Hides cd air i per la. Calf skins to a lie per sheep and lambs $4 73 a 3 00 extra $3 73a 4 u. Pelts�?1 23 a 73 each. He Iuo stores wholesale c Spring pig a e. A Csc. Absence or . Or. B., pastor of the congregational Church in guru. On sunday last tackled his horse to the Sleigh took in some butter Ami egg and a lot of tin Ware and started fur Gorham n. Ii. About ten mile ditto it. To dispose of the former nil Havo the latter mended. Arriving there to was much Lent of he offered his air Uduc for Sale that it was sunday. It waa with sum difficulty that to was convinced of the fact but it coming to the conc usion that it was sunday he Oaid to would return and preach to his congregation in the argue. Virginia arum kits i or. Hickman win returning Home through the Capitol grounds at Washington on saturday he was overtaken by or. Edmundson of vo., who upon approaching him called oat and Drew Bis band to strike. Or. Clingman who was passing hastened up and seized his Arm when or. Edmonson struck at Hickman with his left hand knocking off his hat but doing Biro no injury. The whole affair was instant. Neo us and surprised or Hickman. The alleged provocation for this Gross attack waa r reflection upon Virginia contained in a re cent speech of or. Hickman a in which be charged that reread scr area and a rots had frightened that state. Host on a a via 3 1. of common brawls Western at $3 2 a Al 37 i Foney brawls at $ .,t7 �$3 sex iras $3 73 a 23, Ami six Arlor at it 2> a a a a be r Mil. Soul Tiberii is quiet at $3 73 for fancy i 4 4� s 6 no for a Zara i nil $7 a a it a got for a it a Ali it a. , 07 �u9oe per hush a White $0 81 a 3r. Northern Ami Canada 16 a 4c per a it iwo Bush. Lias advanced to p>�2� per ton. Marriages. In i lit Elty 14th lust by re v has. It. Rice . Littlefield if Kenn Burk to Missim tvs Ann Drew of Thiaeo. Lith inst., by Rev. Chas. Tuny. Or. John Wal Plyley to mis Alice . Loti of this oily. In w Aler firn Lith Insl or. Chas. W. Ralth la miss i fora Roberts Ihui of osterhorn in Durr. Jan. 2j. Or N. Wentworth of Dover Ami Mars Nance Wentworth new Stehl me. 7tli inst or. Morrell w. Libby of Ftera Elk. M�., and Mist Narah a. I Iii Nellil Dulier i n. Y. Deaths. In this Elty 9th lust mrs. I Bethiah. Elfr of Dan. Tel Davis Ageda a year Ami a month. Usurps Tson of Myert hawn. Axed year and s Inos. Mrs Hannah Billing aged 73 years. 12th Tarah k. Daughter of Rohr it and Dor eos to worn aged 19 hrs i . Mili a Lenira j., daughter of Michael 6 urns. In it or n. Ii. Mary Folsom widow of the Lata Hon. Ali upon Kolutn. Of Keeler. N. Ii. Aged 78 yrs. In Ossipe a. Dec. 7ul of Throat do temper John l 8., child of Jere Uilah and i Awuah 10 to. In St inst mrs. Sally widow of the Ute Apt Strnal Bur no uni. Aged 70. Is Naco Ali inst Strnal Jacobs aged up waurboru1,7th inst., William or Sreng Esq. A Frayton. 6th inst. Or. Rebeo Roberts a Gad 90 ser. I la Rew aged 00. Lith Oeh Llull aged 76 yrs 2 a it a _. In water Borough 9th Utt or. Robert stun tree a aged 70 yrs
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