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Biddeford Union And Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1860, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Journal (Newspaper) - August 4, 1860, Biddeford, MaineIju pm amp int Raj n a Ilioiu it to nuut Louth Folke nmhi1 Brick Black up a Taire. Terms two Dolias pm ass run or 0�i Doun Asp Pirerr Cun if Pate it Lola 3 of Tom us of a Utoca Rehng. 9to Epis. 4 Tuu. A4miua� bases of Kech Valesq heat Asrelea. A a gun u it Ilea nos Paral i irps. Special null Esau Oas a Toke Oil Hass a a Lem w Mui us Mali ill Linoa a Sonu Ysax or Nix Rtin will to Char in Jiff labels dad and limited to a to rat on Square. A my by i he win to paid lbs pm up Quot a to Auto Taco of ago Aymour a . Or. Or Tami _1 a attrib Ilow Lnu of new a r a Mats it. In Tfir it a lar it a it a a Quot a it Quot a m Rex icky or Hunt i tim a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Opall kinds �?�k0 age fyn Tete. Town epee the poo ton Tad Handbill for rom Samosa a Sta to., wedding cards Twa tag cards Bastates Onda duo bulk Blank beet Pat Bonk Cheeks Rotole of on to door Letlon it a Granoe Bou toe forwarding cards Bill of Lodin. Glt of printed in of. On or with Bronse a a Louis 0. Cowan office in Hooper a Brick Block Liberty Street. Editor and proprietor. Dorir. Tux ticks. To Moon i at her full and Riding High floods the cola Lelda with Light. To Tiro that Horer in the Lammer a by Are Oil Oolep to night. There Comee to to of from the Greet Wood Load Thot murmured Oil the Doy round beneath the Shadow of their boughs the ground is not mors still Thoa they. Bet Ever hooves end Moons the restless deep his rising Luw i hair for i see the glimmering Billows Loop i see them breaking Neor. Koch wove Springs upward climbing toward the pure Light Thot sits on High Hir Springs eagerly sad faintly sinks to where the Mother voters lie. Upward Ogolia it swells the moonbeams show again its glimmering Erest again it feels the fatal weight below. And sinks but not to rest. Again and yet again until the deep recall Hie Brood of wave and with a sullen moan abashed they creep Dock to his inner eaves. Brief respite i they shall rash from that recess with noise and tumult Yoou. And Ding themselves with unavailing stress. Up toward the Placid Moon. Of restless Seo Thot in thy prison Here duet struggle and complain thro the slow eco Turie yearning to be near to that fair orb in Vaha. The glorious orb of Light and beat must warm thy bosom with his glow. And on those mounting Waves a nobler form and Freer life bestow. Then Only May they leave the waste of brine a which they Wallow Here. And Rise above the Hills of Earth and Shine a a Sereter sphere. Volume Xvi. Biddeford me., Friday morning aug. 24, 1860. Number 35. Win sunny i twin and on the moot Ite econome terms. In sosas rot pan Anwo Ore respect fully is. Licitar Al every attention win be Pate to meet the Renu end a thee of Cleta Seesel . I political flatter. Agricultural. Special directions for fruit. Putting up for strawberries blackberries and Raspler Rise take the clean fruit picked while dry a void washing Inlew really necessary. Put into o glazed vessel one of brass will do but is not so Good As an enamelled one. Pour Over it o hot syrup Madu of 1-2 . Of Rood White sugar to a pint of water. We Nave used 1-2, 3-4 and i . With nearly equal Stecew. A Good Rule is to use Abuit As much sugar As will to require to tit Tho fruit fur eating remembering that rather Moro is ret i red when the fruit is to i saturated neighbouring town where one year ago there for the Calon and journal. , worst Cvrk a Egypt iii., aug. 10th 1060. \ or aka risk a you Quot would like to live in the West Quot i have no do Uhtof it and especially do i believe you would like to lire in Egypt notwithstanding the hard name it has recurved for a finer Section of country i never saw in my life. I think it for sur pow Northern Illinois Wisconsin Iowa or Missouri in Many Respecta there Isa sufficiency of Timber the Prairies of a Rich lulling nature and a Fine fruit country the paddies look like a vast Dower Garden and blackberries Between the Woodland an prarie in their Mason Are More numerous than the Blue berries on Tho Plains of water Horoz and As a fruit country it is excelled by none pouches Are now at your own Price. It seemed a matter of sure Rico to Tuo that so Beautiful a Region should to so Long overlooked but it is thus explained the first settlers were the Quot poor hit Quot from tie slave states Only a Shade a Boto the negro and they produced a very poor improve Siou upon enterprising emigrants but they hive Given Way before the intelligent Quaker from Pennsylvania the phlegmatic new yorker and the re Stew Yankee and those together with the excellent school Laws of the state Giro an entire different a us it to tie country and now Enterprise and Thrift show their legitimate fruits in the Noble farms and Beautiful villages that Gem the land. The wheat and fruit will lie a Good average crop but Tho dry weather of late is ruining the Corn and it must be Light. I believe this is a very healthy country and in my opinion Tho greater part of the Sicknert is produced by overeating. With respect to politic we Are undergoing an entire revolution this you Well know Lias always been Tho Sebastopol of democracy but the scepter is fast departing and next november Egypt will Roll up the Republican list As it was never done before of course the republicans will not out number the democrats but they will give a vote for Lincoln and Hamlin sufficiently Large to give them a handsome majority in this state Over both wings of the democracy with the Bell party thrown in. In Egypt the Republican vote will be next november ten fold greater than in 56, As a few facts will plainly show in this county where Fremont received 120 votes by actual court there Are now 48tf, and Quot still they Cutie in an adjoining county which in 30 gave Fremont five votes there Are now 300 republicans firm and True and in earnestness a noise a Effort. By no Marx Crk Klet. Of a Shito cod a Rev asked it would work slavery exist in new Mexico. Let us see How in men organized by it under Ike Constitution. Under the decision of the court and the of each or exclude through than when it is to be eaten fresh a Small amount of Sotui it will be needed to fill the interstices Between the fruit and it need not come unite to the top at first As the fruit will sink Down into it when boiling. Carefully Cook Tho berm in the syrup for ten or Twenty minutes so that All shall be scalded through. Too much cooking Destruge the form of the trait and Dii Wijn the Fine Aroma. I cat it through but do not Stew it Down. Have the bottles ready heated by the store or in water rotting them in it when it is cold sad heating it up Aud pour a the fruit with the syrup. This ran be done through a wide necked Tunnel or from a Pitcher to Ruhl getting the syrup upon were Only three republicans there Are now thirty two Ami this is about the Way it will lie throughout Southern Illinois. I have met with Only two of the Breckinridge disunion party in this Region and they will not lie in the party after they get Tho census taken the republicans Are confident of Succes and the like in enthusiasm you never saw. I have attended several meetings of both parties and their Mode of shaking and discussion is of different As the principles for which they contend. At a democratic meeting a Short time ago one of the speakers commenced by give Vout j saying that a the surest Way Lor the Dcruze the top of the bottle which would the Union of the Wax with the Glam a., common error. Fill the bottle not Quito to 10 Truoi Phant was to demolish the top of the neck. Lei them stand a few the pret Hulos of abolitionism school houses minutes occasionally giving them a Jar to i and Clear out the Young corporals the school facilitate the escape of and air Bubble left ten a this is a literal or and there i pouring in the fruit. This with the partial Cooling will cause the fruit to shrink a Little. Now pour enough More syrup to fill the bottle As nigh As where the Bottom of the Cork will Ink to. Carefully wipe off Job a whew m Tho rep Uwi it min of any Chance drops of syrup that May have f carelessly been left on the neck or top of the i a a Al ten Victory will porch upon bottle sad prom a the corks. The corks i Tanner of Liberty. A a Boukal be Large and be softened in hot we we Moro truth in the argument than they often get in one speech but i have no fears for sure let Tho Republican the ter so that they will press in us Tiv. Paws the corks Down upon the syrup. F any syrup our through carefully wipe it All off with a Towel dipped in hut water so a to Leato the Glass we for the Wax. As soon As the water drip a off. Dip of the melted cent it with a spoon until the top is Well cur cred. Pour a Little of the Cement into the 4 Patty pans Quot turn the Wax neck into it and and enough More Cement to perfectly dose Trio rim of lbs bottle neck. Remember that water or grease on the neck of the Bottlo will prevent Tho firm Union of the Wax. For Cement the Best we have found is one ounce of tallow to fourteen ounces of common mein. This is a cheap compound the mein poet bag Only four to six cent per . At retail. H e make up a Doten Hie or seat a time and keep it in baud melting it is often As needed. Be Arhus cherries plums apricots pears quinces etc., May All be put up in the same Man Rev and with but very moderate cooking. Applee and Quincia of course require peering and of it. They May be Cut into pieces of any Deiml Sim or form. If in cry Large pieces a Little longer boiling May to needed to have them heated through but not cooked soft on the outside. The should be removed from the peaches. Che trim Are All the better for being first shined am my re of them can thus be got into bottles Apple May be stewed into sauce Rodj for the table and then be bottled up for , without further cooking three six nine or twelve months afterwards. We always put up a Large Quantity thus at different periods of the year id the Winter taking cans that had Pees i Oasle been used for the same purpose or for other fruits. Any kind of stewed Sauco May he seasoned then bottled and sealed and be always Reedy Lor Ose. Tomatoes we put up largely every year and have now in june a fair Supply a Good As if just gathered and cooked three we Ekin cot and boil Down one half and then bottle up. Prepared in this Way they Are to convenient and of so Good and fresh Quality that we make no special efort to secure Early Good tomatoes. Rhubarb stewed soft woo Teod As for pie and then bottled Eumes out Nice and fresh a mid Winter or Spring. Green peas Beale and Eon May also be kept but they need to be tha roughly cooked before bottling or they Are liable to american Jarin Totaram. That you May know something of the off it rat the democracy Are making to Force i melt Jan a upon Tho republicans i will show you Llie Means to which they resort Kre publicans were holding a mooting and some i i the democrats in this county got an old cart put so tue rails on it attached a Flag to i. In Aring the inscription a Llu ure nil Ryjoi a Many flippantly talk of Tho presidential Cauvan i i860 As Apa Thotis because it is not noisy. Very few desert their Field and work above to swell the thousands who gather at mass conventions a Hundred Miles from their Homes few yet still too Many neglect their families to Send night after Niht in heated crowded grog shop where politician most do congregate ring the country a Constitution by ruining their own few Are prompted to quarrel with their neighbors and defame their Best friends on account of political differences. The change from Euch contests of that of 1840, or even that of 185g, is Manifest and signal but it is not deplorable. The Puoplo shout 1cm, it May be than they Havo done but they do not Road less nor think less. They Are not the less Likely to Render a just and salutary judgement because they have not decided first and investigated afterwards. There May to More Light than usual a even though there be less heat and he who attends but one convention a or even none May Havo informed Hisiu self quite of fully and accurately of to Tho issues und candidates presented As Ono who has been marching and singing and shouting for the lost six months. There will More Legal votes polled this year throughout the country than there Over were before und if fewer illegal ones with them so much Tho letter. As a matter of fact though Tho people have been More excited in some former contests we doubt that Liev were Ever More widely and generally interested than now. In dose states like Indiana Illinois and Missouri they Are holding Many and largely attended meetings not of one it arty Only but All or to cultic like Vermont and South Candy a there is Little movement because Effort is known to to unavailing hut on the whole there never were so Ninny states sharply contested nor a contest which More clearly pervaded Tho whole Union than in ln�?T,0. And never there a i letter or wider Opportunity for sowing broadcast the seeds of political and moral truth. Never could men of principle of integrity and of profound enlightened conviction do More Good by in viciously lire Etc Effort than now. The fountains of Tho great Sdit ical deep Aro broken up. Men who for thirty yours have been impervious to conviction Are now be Witting and inquiring. Where formerly the votes of nine tenths of Tho electors were fixed and unchangeable from Tho outset now to arc within Throe months of Tho election and Hundred of thousands Are yet men who live never inquired further than Quot where or which is Tho democratic ticket Quot Are new compelled to determine which of the Parth claiming to to democratic is beat entitled t it that up Elution and Thaviu begun enquire Uliey Are not Likely to Stop at the threshold. They my proceed to enquire what claim either of the competitor has to the name thus struggled for and what claim is Given by that name to the Fauvor and support of men who love their country and the right. And thus Many a voter May to led on to review the whole Field of political controversy and to revise opinions which he never till now permitted himself to doubt. In such a time a Quot word fitly spoken Quot a a gently and Friendly remonstrance or Dinoni Tiona the Reading of an Ubalo and forcible speech or essays May change the current of individual thought and action fora life time. Seldom have of it ort units been presented for doing so much Good at so moderate a Cost of Effort or of time. Above All should attention lie Given to the Case of Young men. Somo Hundred of thousands of to Liao Are now to cast their first vote for president. In every county almost every township some of these will to Lound in the humbler walks of life who have enjoy slender opportunities for a quit in political knowledge Aud who Havo either not of yet received a party Bias or Are loosely attached Tsoui purty through a very Cruzo and imperfect acquaintance with its principles Tho Iwuc Sof Tho there Are Ono Hundred thousand of these who might in won by kind and Friendly Iwu Unity to appreciate the cause of Justice Huinia duty Liberty and who once attached to it would cling to it through life. May we not Hopo that each Reader will consider and determine whether there is not Ono such within the sphere of his own activity in the possibility of being won through his efforts it i a just and stinging reproach to Tho Good Eliut they Are not us a class so generally zealous in i effective in politics a Tho Bau. The pc Vetr of a grog shop is Worth More Asa general Rule to the party to favors than two us Conigo deacons this need not and should not be. A Man truly religious must therefore to a better Patriot Roro devoted to i country a Well being and willing to make and statements concerning Douglas and their Bruter relations with Aach other. He a cd particular pain had Boon taken to Ray i in now Mexico. Suppose we pm the Mola that i had turned traitor to my former pro the territorial legislature passes a Law Abol-1 fear Story will in left free to admit of bast�n., and abandoned Istepho a. Doug. A Ihling it Tho area Takel their slavery Mthm they form a state government. I have never abandoned any o y put Freedom and refuse to work Trio territorial i language of the inaugural Puu Titis doctrines and i never was a Douglas Man. I to mtg a i subject should be a guide and want men to know just where i stand. I thus Auto Rise. Justify them. Their owners to us All make this declaration and Reno at it�?1 Havo Appeal to Tbs general government for Aid to Ltd has i men save or. Buchanan my Indi never men Dougla. away a a of to return to their ally Guleo visual opinion that under Tho Neon Ike Kan 5�? a a a so so i a no a Ion of u. K be met Worthe Borough of West Chester or to show that no territorial leg suture a. I of act a relents in the territory Kanin the county of Chester who has Ever Heru Rny Power to abolish slavery. If do Tolub is shall justify the formation of a Ernst ii a a it Ira a a i�?T�1.3, for Wens president he would be Oil god to say Tion with a View to in admission As a state Stephen a. Douglas. I Hare privately and j pm us a he Finto the publicly Coo unwed him i have spoken under this Resolution that those masters in Ftping Kim against him consistently and persistently for Wen right and if necessary a would Bot Quot Utla ins Hon tool d Inetie ten Vars fori know him Well having Ron Pells to Send the on Tiro military forgo to no a a i rect 11,01? 00001 a i. Com i Ikot. 1 to ,l0m Bloir re . Milam. In met find no of deceived. I know that he is not to be trusted j f a Mculty whatever in endorsing the remarkable even when you have your eyes upon him. I to the service of the slaves in spite of the. No Dpi Nunn to profit on think i have gone As far in doing this As a action of the territorial Iichi Slature. Letter of pro a a Lent a Hanan to professor Man could do having a personal regard for could do any More ? j Silliman and forty two of bars of connect if of. What then would become of Quot squatter Cut who had a Kulij Petit one for fair i have raid that i would rather vote for a i i twin. Nothe \ Kansas. In that letter written in Breckinridge than for Stephen a. Douglas sovereignly 7 How would the people of Tho to for to is infinitely the is tier Man. I Havo territories be Ablo to resist this armed inter a a Buchanan stated Tho lol never found Douglas True to his own Princl ,7 Ujj Thoy not fun a themselves owing doctrine pits and i have said so at All times. 1 have. F of i a a Quot slavery existed at that period 1851 said so to his intimate friends to his private overruled und Defeated by Tho Agency of Tho and m of it Kymm under the cons i Secretary. I have known him for Yoars to be very Man who had taught them that Thoy ution of the United states. This Point Lias were supremo on All questions relating to at last been finally settled by Tho highest Tri a Simili Tieuli Lioun Totsk a scheming Trie Kister who recognizes Tho interests of but one person in the United states and that one is Stephen a. Douglas himself. I propose to help a larger interest than that. I have higher in to costs than Tho Elevation of such a Man to the presidency. Tho a a sedition Law of John Adams revived by Douglas. Their own local institutions it is pm Clear a sunlight that this platform to which odious is pledged is As distinctly Ipp Pisito to Tho doctrine of non intervention As any Plu Funn mss Bly can lie and Soho people will think. Bunny known to our Laws. How it could have been seriously doubted is a mystery this judicial slave code doctrine thus formally announced startled the Publio and caused Many democrats to halt and not a few to turn Square round. Smart however swallowed it without an Effort. He pub Lia red Tho presidents letter in the free press of sept 18th, and accompanied it with Tho or. Lincoln a a majority in 1858. The Quot sedition act a passed by Tho foder-1 no Congress under the cider Adams to de them Isa very general disposition on the following explicit approval of Ita Obomanu Ign cd to coerce opinion and to deny Liberty part of the Douglas politicians not Only to ble sentiments of speech and of the pro. Unpopularity discredit but to deride the fact that their Quot the reply of the president is admirably and lasting defeat rewarded Ita proposers and chief was beaten before Tho people of Ilu hoi of Fth prely ident an Imit the so history chronicles it As a Law in worthy of i by or. Lincoln in their famous contest two Mujtab 0f those Whito neck clot i gentlemen Tho ago und country where it originated. Yean ago. Even or. Do gins while speak no doubt they were sincere enough i hut Zeal or. Douglas remarks the Allany Kan-1 i Quot a in this City last week incur Toloui terms without knowledge is a very poor weapon of ing journal in Tho Only statesman of mod-1 of his rival or. Lincoln would Havo us Lav to their map stats and to a which hero that the majority of Tho people of his foun it air Way a nto to abolition own state were always with him in a contest i presses. It it a ear jul considerate View of with old Abe. For Trio information of those \ to Jett and 1 Rill find a Huarly response a. From the american people. I he Kansas Douglas democrats who Quot Mem to to ignore Kerr fmay at a do be Char Bra eth t0 Cool not of How this matter stands to up Haisli \ their what we find to by the result of Trio official wishing still further to emphasise his a canvass of Tho election for Mobil in of Tho pm Val of Tho 8iave-Codo doctrine of it is in Illinois legislature and Lor state officers held Denwood by Tho Southern constructionists of on tuesday november 2d, 1858. The figures the Kansas Nch ska Hill smart in the free Are an exact transcript of Tho abstract pub pan of nov. 22, in giving a historical relished in Tho Chicago times and Tribune by sume of the slavery question under Tho Pierce authority of the House of representation Douglas regime used the following Lan january 1859. The footing of Tho table for Gunge members of Tho legislature shows or. Lincoln Quot the nest question which arose was the to have received 125,275 votes against 121, construction of the Kansas Nebraska 4,088. Tho Douglas it in Manchester exc a 0 a Lavory and that Tho Bill in that and nowhere Olio Are pretending to belie to sense was a fallacy. The Southern construe that their Champion was not beaten in the pm prevailed. A it was conceded Hyall that Iran a state popular vote will not deny that the state i Rwy o orm / form Tillion it a ,. Treasurer Rig to to style the slavery question fairly and who run ont Hesayo ticket with or. Lincoln by an expression of Tho were fleeced. Tho following is the a Onfria that is just what Breckinridge and Lane say to Day. They claim that Tho Quot Southern Bern. I construction of Tho Kum Tut Chraska Bill 121,569 prevailed Quot and smart was Moro than two 122 413 a a a 1 years in Advance of them in making Tho dec of the declaration of . They Liaro no idea that the ramen of that great charter of human Freedom used language of doubtful import. They believe them to have meant just what they suy when they declare Quot All men Ore created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights a a. They Beltete they meant All men. They Hare Serar had any other idea of it. It entered into their first of it a they cannot read it without this idea being presented to their minds. Holding Thorn sentiment As we believe Many of them do we can not Ese How they con desire to Plazea Man in the presidential chair sentiment on these Points Are so directly opposite to theirs. Or. Douglas does not believe slavery to be wrong except where the Laws make it so. He before. That a slave is As much the property of his. A a master As his horse is and that be has a. From i. Limbs and that he then stood Oora much to Etna he a a. Of thanking them for the Honor of calling it has Raeo almost from the very fragments and ashes of the old democratic party Vitalise with a new lie and a be believed destined by provide one to restore this government to its True functions to build a impossible Barrier to the further onre Miona of the slave Power and to give Hie and rigor once More to those Noble sentiments of ois old end honoured Friend Robert ran to once the accepted doctrine of the United party but now spit upon or breathed Only in hesitating whispers a Surmar Sec Troxal Law Lott National the re publican party is devoted to a great coals of human Freedom. Human Freedom i time wee Yean ago when upon a die Averetie platform be Quaid Boully use this term and boldly speak of the thing it signified. But now to utter it and advocate it in its broadest and noblest sense be bad been compelled to seek another and Freer platform. He thanked god that be had Hod the courage and no Small amount of courage was Nece Emry Asho had found to shake off the is Maclea of a dismembered party Era times who has had Tho Hardihood to pro pc Trio Rcv Ivul of this statute. To last Winter in the Senate brought up a new so edition Law scheme Clu ecly resembling the old Ono. Yet in one respect his imitation was in worse than the original. Tho a Nemser of Tho first Law had at Ennst Tho excuse that they were As Thoy supposed defending a free government by harsh Means. Or. Douglas sedition Law Whilo equally harsh Hud no object but to defend and perpetuate the institution of slavery. To Placo an of tract from Douglas s it Secli Side by Sido with a portion of Tho justly infamous sedition act Eliut Ull May Noto Tho striking similarity be Tyson Tho two sedition act. In. Douglas. A and be it further a or. President the enacted that if any per Mode of preserving son shall write print it peace is Plain. This ter or publish or shall system of sectional cause or procure to be warfare must cease written printed uttered the Constitution has or published or shall Given the Alt knowingly and willing we ask of Congress is to by assist or Aid in writ give us the Means and aug printing uttering we by indictments and or publishing any false connections in the Felt scandalous and Mylio ral courts of the steer ious writing or writings Al slates will make against the Livern Lieut ii a example of the of the United state Leader to thru Eon Epir or either House of to Nociti a will strike ter Congress of the United Torinto the Harls of states or Tho in resident the others and there a talk ort ices rep. Treasurer 125,430 supt pub. Ins. 124,560 Republican majority on treasurer principle that Tho lies the said president or to Tion of the Republican 3,821. Superintendent 2,143 it ration. In the same article he again Inri to May Oiw tvo Here that no newspaper in dentally assumes Tho Quot Southern construe of the it 8., with intent will be an end of this i Illinois has Ever presumed to deny that or. Tion Quot As Tho True and undoubted one. How a Rysz a a is soft. .5? a Hucom poner in . Pap. I a Organiza-1 lar vote. Yet Douglas wus Electol senator a Quot Hen the Compromise measures passed. A. I i Tho told us it was a cheat and by the unjust legislative apportionment Law act g1 a in Tho Mij. We Crohw a looter nut it or of Puoplo in demo m Uri comp Mim we pc led they Tild in required than in Republican it was another net to propagate districts to elect a member of the legislature. Whf the i out Hutn a Quot a auction of thekan a a ,. A sat quoth Ica acquire cd in to were told it was Lor instance the 33 districts carried by Tho for tj10 Pye 0f Prus hinting Democrat electing 40 members containing thus we find Ephraim an advocate of a 600,278 population and Tho 2-> District car-1 juju cd a a a Lac Codo for the territories less ried by Trio republicans and electing 35 bring them or either of party is violent Irre them into contempt or Concini Alilce eternal Ami then gave a negro four dollars to Dirc it sacrifices to promote or a Aure it than a Loose the Apple crop in Kennebec promises to is Bountiful. So says the Farmer. Into town and cheer for Lincoln it had 1 Good effect for there were three democrats i that there and then said they would no Looger belong to a it arty that was coins yelled resort to a a Low trick for Buncom. In fact it would astonish you to see the Meas my they adopt to make every body democrats hut their iniquities Are too in re faced and the Boust masses will endure it no longer the rep Uhlian in this state Are vigorously at work and next november will show a glorious result. The general news you get from i the papers Ami these Little incidents i have related because they Tell though they be Caw publicity. D. S. Xxi Urr. Noble Sonti rants. The following Noble sentiments from a i a Isth of Abraham Lincoln should receive a r Liwe from All Republican. They should Kiu the memory Aud influence the action liver and Scoffer. If his religion Lead or in Din w him to look with indifference on to Liti Cul struggles und stay away from Tho polls there must to a Hole in it. He forgets or disc Vanl Tho divine injunction Quot Render unto cd Tusar Tho things that Are if there be anywhere a Man so pious that to docs not cure to vote he certainly stands in need of enlightenment if not of sterner discipline. A religion that docs not Manifest itself in the Market the Field the Street and at the polls belongs to a Darker and More superstitious ago than that into which to have been born. It is very True that lad men sometimes connect themselves wit i Tho beet political cause acting so As to Render it odious to Tho and unthinking. But Here is just where the inter i Ilion of the Good by Cost indispensable. It is their imperative duty to separate the Good from Tho body Trio righteous cause from its unworthy Ciu Dupion sitting Mich in the proper Light Aud Turok my a righteous Ludg Tient on a sch. La to Tho bad be confounded and Tioff led at the primary meetings in the nominating convention at the polls in the Halls of legislation and wherever they May be found Ami let the most heed Lew or prejudiced be made to real Quot a t us stamp 1-. 1. #.11 Iso Liat the Good cause has other Tolian in effective or. Let a �1 worthy advocate. If Lud nominations Are a a ? diverted he none of Jet no Man of Christian principle do a Ert the oils on that account let him rather attend them the More and doubly in order to vote and act against such candidates and in favor of substitutes whom he knows to he True and worthy. Such a course uniformly pursued by conscientious men would not merely save our country from misrule and official corruption it would command religion As an Active pervading life giving Power to thousands who now disregard and undervalue it. It would be practical Obedi race to the masters Qiju Norton Quot let your right so Shine before men that others seeing your Good works May glorify Jour father who is in u. G. A Oivi Tieu no my three sophistical Contri we Withare a it Indus Nouriye ,4i� to Lvi Cottri Rance such As groping a or _ ground Between the right Ami Tbs wrong rain As the search fora Man who would in neither a living Man nor n dead Many sult h i As a policy of a Dnon to care on a question about which All True Meo do cars Uch m Union appeals beseeching True Union men to yield to Dis unionists reversing the divine Rule nod nailing not the sinners but the righteous to repentance such is invocations of Washington imploring men to Unsay what Washington said and undo what 55 Ashing too did. Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the government nor of Dnn sons to our a Risas. Let us have Faith that right makes might and in that Foith 1st us to the end Dors to do our duty As we understand Hook Man and Douglas. In a re oct speech at West Chester his Home Hon. John Hickman mod some Point p o go in it them or either tuition of american or any of them the a slavery with a View Trel of the Good people to its ultimate Etino of the United Tutei Tion throughout the to stir up sedition with land. Sir i Ennic in the United states the object of the Iris or to excite any Gunlaw lation i contemplate is Ful combinations there to it Down this in for opposing or re outside interference listing any Law of the Irre. United Stales or any pre Uible conflict Quot act of Tho president of the United states done pursuance of any ouch Law or of the Hgt were in him vested by the Constitution of the United states then such persons being thereof convicted before any court of the United states having jurisdiction Thor not shall be punished by a Tine not exceeding two thousand dollars and by imprisonment not exceed aug two of Courso in this procedure or. Dog Las had his party at his Hack. In order to test and limit plainly Tho intent of Tho movement senator Harlan of Iowa offered As in amendment Tho following proviso Quot but Trio free discussion of Tho morality and expediency of slavery should never to interfered with by Tho Laws of any state or Tho United status and the Freedom of speech and of the press on this and every subject of Domestic and National policy should be main taint j inviolate in All Trio this amendment was rejected Tho republicans present All voting for it and All the democrats present voting against it Tho a arty thus placed itself on record in Tho sen ate of the opponent of Freedom of speech Douglas and a slave Codo. Dostous in his letter of acceptance specifically endorses Tho supplemental Resolution offered after the nomination by or. 5vick life of Ismina. That Resolution reads As follows resolved that in accordance with the interpretation of Tho Cincinnati platform that during the existence of the territorial lot Ern ment Tho measures of restriction whatever it May be employed by the Federal Constitution on Tho Power of Tho territorial Legislatures Over Tho subject of the Domestic relations As the same has been or shall hereafter be finally determined by the supreme court of the United states should be respected by All Good citizen and enforced with pump Neh and Fidelity by every Branch of the general government Here we have a recognition of Federal or congressional intervention a that doctrine has Ever been recognized any where or by members contained 599,840 population or 83,562 More than Tho districts car ried by Tho democrats. But Tho mint which we now place beyond Tho possibility of question or argument is this a that when Quot or. Do gins a hand with or. Lincoln in 1858,&Quot or. Lincoln received More roles than or. Douglas. This will no longer Law gain saved by any Man who pretends to toll Tho truth. Tho Slavo Codo Goma that lately adorned Ephraim a brow. Not Content with rolling in the mire of a Lias Boon already shown smart followed or. Buchanan in Tho doctrine of denying All sovereignty to the people of the territories Over the question of slavery and thence to the inevitable slave code theory of which Breckins Itlo and Lane arc the exponents to Day. 55 Hen or. Buchanan entered upon his office smart was in Costa cles Over his inaugural add rest. Hoar How lovingly and with what affecting and filial attachment to then spoke of Tho president in publishing that famous Addren of the Quot old Public functionary in the free press of March 13, 1857, Ephraim thus eulogized it Quot after Reading it one feels As if he had been with a father Wuo it acid is Haj cd oks tit on the i xau or is son and spoken words of kindness encouragement and Protection. It it truly an admirable paper in tone and tills inaugural was the forerunner of the i red Scott decision and to dred Scott decision is the Comer a Tono of the slave code Faith. Or. Buchanan took occasion to foreshadow Tho nature of that decision and declared that by it Quot a question of popular sovereignly in the territories would be speedily and finally the decision was promulgated at once and smart in the Kree pros of March 20, endorsed the whole of it. After reciting the main Point of Tho decision smart thus formally abandoned the doctrine of territorial sorter Tonly. He mid Quot in deciding these main Points the suse court determined the following Belli Point As a Borgaa does not dooms Power to Moke aet Mentz relative to the Penone or property of Cit Issue of the United states in a Federal territory other than such of the Constitution coolers a it cannot constitutionally Tului Throo years ago. No wonder Slutt he soon he Carao Tho most Forward and most Sham Olem of Tho Lecompton conspirators. Douglas on Henry Clay. Anybody. It oooo Edes All that to advocates j Delegate any suck Powers to a territorial gov there Are Somo who formerly Privol them selves on living 45 his Follower of Tho Gal Lant Clay who it is reported will now give their vote and influence to Douglas. To such to commend the following which we copy from the St. Louis Democrat in 1844, when Cun Ranung for Congress with lion. D. M. Woodson or. Douglas at the North cast Corner of the court House in Carrollton said that Quot Henry Cluny wus n Black hearted villains the find american that hid Ever been bought with British Gold to sell his yet in Tho very face of this lie to will put Tho question As he does in his letter of acceptance Quot where shall to found another Clay to Pilut the ship of state Over the Breakers into a Haven of pc co and safety Quot Gud forbid that such a liar should he allowed to utter the name of Clay. That he urls the language cannot to denied it can to proven by Ono Hundred living witness pm now in Groove county. Upon this the editor of the Carrollton pm remarks that Stephen a. Douglas did an the Alivo language to Henry Clay Ami ind other charges against him equally Asha a and malicious the democrats of this Vicinity dare not Jeny for the evidence is ready to prove it whenever it is demanded. Now we ask How can any Lover of Henry Clay any one who supported i principles and measures become so lost to self respect and consistency As to vote for this Arch slanderer of their old Friend surely they will not thus Bolie themselves and insult the memory of their chief by voting for one who leaped vituperation on him while will they not rather Aid in electing to the presidency one who was the Trae Friend of clays Abraham Lincoln. Pra Otloe to. Profession. It it Only just and air to believe that a Large majority of Northern democrats de Tiro that slavery Sti Ould spread no further and that Thoy regard its existence in any portion of our land of a great evil. Judg ing from their declarations their View and feelings Art not very diff erect from those entertained by republicans on there Points. Northern Man composing the different Par tire Are also almost All agreed a a to the interpretation we should Gire to the language the United states As he has any other property. He believes Tho declaration to mean Only White men when it says Quot All men Are created he Doea not believe Tho no Gro is or should be a citizen of the United states. . Smon of uni slurs no int Sion As Daft non or Ihms Iju in his speech delivered in new Orlean dec Nuber oth 1858, lie use the following language Quot they the anti slavery men of the North bring Forward the declaration of Independence and read from it this passage Quot we hold these truth to to self evident that All men Are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain Pinali Nablo then they Stop and say a does no to that declaration Tell us that All men Are created equal ? is nut a negro a Man and is he not therefore Tho equal of Tho White Man ? 55�?Ta to not made equal by ills creator and is not his Equality therefore inalienable by Divino Law ? then How can you reduce him to an inferior position by any human Law a Quot by this specious but sophistical argument Thoy have succeeded in imposing on Somo Eaic Niin did men and Somo old women and children until they Lutzo educated a generation who really of Olive Tho no Gro 1 their brother. And i mus be in uitto to Tell you that Many oven of your them men Ilavu yielded under that argument and failed to meet it. My answer a this 55�?THen the framers of the declaration declared that All men were equal they had no reference whatever to the negro. They were Apo King of White own men of eur Pean birth and descent and had no reference to the negro or to any other inferior and dependent race. This government was made by Whito men for Tho uen fit of Whito Tuon and none in a speech which he delivered in Balti Tore on the evening of january 5th, 1r39, Tho Saino sentiment Aro advanced in almost Tho same language Quot i know that there Tro those who believe that slavery is a crime. I hold that it is the right of Tho people to decide for themselves whether it is a crime or not. Those who hold that it is Tell us that the declaration of declares All men to have been created equal Ami assuming that this declaration included the negro demand that to shall to placed on an Equality with Tho White Man. My answer to Tho argument is this Tho Signor of Tho declaration had no Rel Erenee whale re to the negro when they dec lured All men to have Lem created equal. They were speaking of Whito men of men of european birth and descent and no one else when they declared Tho Equality of All men. This government was founded on n White basis it wus made or Whito men for the lice fit of White men. Llie negro is no component part of this government lie is not a citizen und ought no scr to be a is views stir. Died Bcott decision. Quot but an objection is raised by some of our a a a hero upon him he bid them All a Good first of August. The anniversary of emancipation in the British 5\�?Test indies was cell Iwato in various dates. In Masat Chusett the principal meetings were at new Bedford and Abington. The latter was held in the boo tim Grove a that town under the auspices of the Massachusetts anti slavery society but was attended by others who desired to join in commemorating so momentous an event of the redemption of eight Hundred thousand human beings from the Pond Trioa of Al Wattels to that of freemen. Spaces were made by Rev. M. D. Conway late of Washington City Hon. Cit Arles g. Davis of Plymouth Hon. N. Ii. Whiting of Marshfield Hon. F. 55�?T. Bird of 55�?Talpolo, and others letters were received from Isoo. Charles Sumner Hon. O. F. Adams John a. Andrew esq., and or. Garrison. Most of these to find in the Boston Atlas and Bee. They chiefly relate to the working of emancipation in the free colonies where it has been said the Experiment has proved a failure. 5v�?To can Only give a glimpse of some of Tho main Points presented. Or. Sumner maintains that All testimony whether from official documents or from travellers shows Wyond question that in All those islands Tho condition of the negro Lias been improved by emancipation. As might Well be presumed this improvement is int strongly Manifest in those who have been born in Freedom. Even Jamaica which is most on Molly referred to by croakers As illustrating a failure is not exor pod in or. Sumner s general View of results. And los opinion is fortified by made to him by two different governors of the Island. The views offered by or. Adams in his letter Are so forcible and pertinent Liat to ask attention to a Liberal of treat 55�?Test India emancipation a gravely pronounced a failure. I have heard it so described on Tho floor of the House of representatives. The Only reason Given is that the British Island do not produce so Many pounds of sugar and coff co As they did when they could Force them out of Tho Jones and Muscles of slaves. It was Sismondi i think who first protested against Tho fallacy of All British writers on political Economy who Niou ure the happiness of a people by Tom Gross amount of their material products. A far greater que Tion must always in 55�?Tho is overworked ? 55�?Tho suffer wrongfully ? 55�?Tho is deprived of his hard earnings for Tho in refit of i the Thor 55�?Tho looks up to Trio Flag of his Southern friends and i have been asked 00 t e,i5r i itself Ami at Home slut i moan by the Doe-1 l.,"lle a _ tin Trine of popular sovereignty in the territories and whether we abide by the dred Scott decision. The democracy of Illinois accept Tho decision of the supreme court of Tho u. S. In the Case of i red Soott As an authoritative interpretation of the Constitution. In accordance with that decision ire hold that slaves Are property and hence Are on an Equality with no other kinds of property and that the owner of a slave Lias the same Nghi to remove into a territory and carry his Slart property with him As Tho owner of any other pro a try a to go there and carry his . A a. Speech Page 7. These doctrines Are As opposite to those which Tho great mass of Northern democrats profess to hold m Light is to Darkne. Or As Liberty a to slavery. And How is it possible list they can give their influence and votes to elect a men to the presi Doney whose sentiments 00 these important questions Are so far at War with their own doing so How can Uliey re emails their Tiee with their professions Benj. Kingsbury editor of to Portland argue. Renounces Bia connection with the democracy. Laud and of others following him in port tag nil Over com Borland count or. Iteni. Kingsbury esq., of Portland the Well known member of the Law firm of to Cobb i Kingsbury and Long one of the most prominent and respected members of the democratic party in that part of the state has Diss olred All connection with that effete and corrupt organisation and announces himself a Republican. A few evenings since tha Portland 55�?Tido-a wakes Quot being out in procession called 00 or. Kingsbury at his residence and after serenading Hita it revived the following ree Popae follow citizens or rather for the first time in Hie life to could say fellow a Truk a Caius after full and mature deliberation and As lie believed under the most ours Ciao Titus conviction of duty and with no per Sonal aspirations be Hod decided to leave Hie old party amoeba lion nod connect himself with the Republican organisation. The democratic party once historically glorious Hod closed to record and the last Page waa written. It has steadily surged southward until from a powerful and controlling National Ryan Luxation it had become dismembered and broken lie several fragments at Icasas with each other and at Issue with the common in to Reese of the nation. The Republican Par future. U Type the Only existing National organization i Scott decision shall by will be boldly answered now in the British 55�?Test indies. If any cases could Leo pointed out in Tole Nln nut sirs we should Hare been very sure to have Board of them. But All that to do hear is about the Alm nos of Coffee and sugar. Now Mankind May by possibility in tolerably Well off and yet be entirely without Coffee and sugar. But How can they be Happy without Security for their right to week happiness in their own Way s s s s s yet they Tell a that because Coffee and sugar fail there 1 no Good in emancipation. If by reason of this failure Ito Ould be shown that there was misery and Camine in the land that starvation was in a fair Way to turn the Garden into a wilderness i should be ready to concede something to the argument. But i hear of no such thing a that i Only Bear that the people decline to work More than enough to give them an easy Content with Little under genial dime they prefer indolence to labor. Avid a this respect wherein do they differ from their former masters the planter ? did you Erer Bear of any of there who liked to work ? to be sure they were never Content to lire on Little Bat they always preferred that what they did live on should be got from the labor of Sosne other persons than themselves. Tha present complaint a briefly that this pro asm Consol be carried on beyond the will of the labourer. Perhaps those May sympathise with u who deplore the Lorn of sugar and oof Iee. Foray part i sympathise More with the gain of idleness to the labourer. If it to Hie pleasure to be Idle and no suffering follow from u to himself or his family. Nobody admires Industry More than 1 do Bat it must be of that sort which is not wrong from us unwilling by form and without compensation. Or. Andrew s letter in a bold and Manly one. To regards the question of emancipation in our own country a not in my pop a act Roaal one Bat rather a affecting the rights of the Man a very where lie is persuaded that Quot had tha theories of Many distinguished Man now prevalent Beso the doctrines of those who shaped oar institutions during tha loot Quarter of tha last Century there would i verily believe have been n a dred Soott decision for Whitee be Well a for again powerful men in Large Bombere hold Mack men and Opp Rem White Onee in to fifteen Elar holding states. Powerful men in Large numbers in the eighteen free state Are equal it Lom Siblo to u10 right and of sgt of the White and Black Uko. They Affet to treat with indifference the rights of labor every where and Tho wrong which it Sucre now at the hands of the nation and with urn aggravation of which it in threaten i i r the future. If slavery emboldened by this dred Tulaus of to lies Lem
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