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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - September 22, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTo c Trio Ano Ian str it journal it Ruffu full week la fbi0ay. Orc to to. 1 of Antral Block Oral opposite the but clone hour a. ?f2 00 a a Sunsin or a 30 if paid wit Biu Throe in Uhlah Lri in the line of it bribing 9ia Glo vow mum. Price 4 a a eats. T h pause a the american newspaper a cent u the a oly bulb nosed a. It Tor Ibi Opperm the it tie of new York Ito Ion und a Lilik to Phis and is duly empowered to take advert pm it Ailt ski no the a am a tie a a a required by a. His office urea a Yuri to Bune flu if Dong Kmon Hui fing n. A Corner third and Chesnut a Treel. Marcia a Watson a Printer. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1 de for 0, Friday september 22, 1851. Vol. P 0 e t k y. Ithe Sabbath. Fresh Glide the or viol mid mow the Gale yet yonder halt the a Nisi Mill the win Rhu Leethe to Rinnier a ail lae motion let mid still bit Day of toil poor child of rain. A thy a Treni the the a love of May i tfx seventh Why lung it Estepe the will a Aud god hath in adv line Lien a. Lender win Luw 11.i Nave tiny la by a Siu to thy arc. Al to brat Liehe if ale to which the wave and know a he wheel May real. But w Uerz i he Wavea the Cut Lem Glide what Chi Arius to tilt Tulue Eye the a re to acted of tin tide lug itch thee to i by Akita. To Teai h the soul it Al we Fth tiny real from mortal toil i Given go the Hriz i reprieve to thu Earth and pay a a Gihm in heaven. They Tell thee m unit dream into a Viool of Power from old Dominion hurled lieu Neh and poor with Juder Rule shall aha re the alien d world Alan line time ii Elf m Guu that file hath but la a it he Hie hotter each Aire that a per a a it wer in inn hut Subj thu Man to Power. Yet every Day in seven at la us tone Birtil Republic a Hall a known a world u whue Leith rely Eearl when god proclaim in own bit Day May rank Divide the poor o line Trout thy Buie Piet Hull tire ave Eula the Kaiber of Wuy the door Aud holds his Fuesl Tor All in flavor but in the taste which it Imam in the Mouth that of the former living slightly i acid and astringent while that of the latter is a in Tulin by mild and Gre Tete. To think the Malaga or a to Ilc Elined to take n miscellaneous. Lawyer. H boy hoj was marked Only by uncommon Industry As a speaker in did i not Excel a nearly life in great deliver a love Story. Nijola jul. A cd the How us his profession thu following Rodi Umio talc is taken from nor could to lie from i chosen a sketch of the life of laugh Miller the a Lone Pursuit. While a Pooy a tue Leut not the of a a a re a a a i Mem a i. A and poet thus he won a wife your As Clink of the i Milf n Large sum a a lie was visited one evening by u Fei Nulo a fms i Al with difficulty f of him by Itie Friend Urcy in ponied la two indies. Whim hoi Zeal Anil a Riidu Luce of in a no War would him Imd not Kiwi in fire a a kit of them u Churm a him from the Maik lie ipod m a before him buy he Niedt just entering her Ninet Erith and his great cd Logil Imp but Whoso Small and airy Fiji irs and1 in of mn�achils0t1s, quoto0ili.if walked in Waxen clearness of con pm Eliuh gave her the i list Rolion of Iez Louie endurance Nihil iridium a i a our Ijac of a Benui ill child rather than i a Labio in Ludiry a life Long a Ocul crime in a Runn woman. She Seui nod to take no oae profession making him Uno of the Noti let of the Atkaln a dust Waprin Pledl chief ornaments of Luu proxy Sion if not it Iii Echo Nio in Liis shirt Sirufo with u leather head in to no United slate. Fruiterers. A common wild gravies tit it delicacy mid excellence Are my exceeded by Siuy Fra get known to us. Nye presume that will he exhibited at the approaching county fair in this i of us hot Tutt hrs Leth r. T rom la Vii sri Rpu Majcan sept Ember it the crop Are not so bad after All a go so Deal of unnecessary alarm has Ibex a created in regard to the Cru h of the present year. In Many cases with speculative Pur Hgt a he in View. There can to no Jaunt that the wheat and Oats crops As a general thing were unusually heavy Ulm i with Tho pros it of very Litt e exy sirt do Anund fat a Freud stiffs there is a Prospect of Jun thu Dunt Supply Lor the Homo a Maud. A it every action a it Missouri the drought liar very seriously Idt cited it lie crop of Quin potatoes ac., and it inv lie said Tault their., a ,. I in a total failure. The extreme Southeast pro a of mho end a caught a tartar a a Story is old of the regulars in Tho ctr congressional District which is Loo Good to be lost. After Tho first anti Nebraska convention exploded without full acting any nomination of u candidate for Congress and All Tho forces a eco cd to in concentrating ii Iii Noah Smith the old liners began to it los air for Tho Success of their candidate. S nnc-1 thing must be done some new curd must played or the game in lost. A Council of War was called among the custom 11 Luso of Licero with bpm let Tho Hua l. The plan of operations derided upon was to foment Tho among their opponents help along until for anti Dobruska Cunt Nymn and so manage it that some other candidate besides Smith ski Oxild lie nominated. They poised two line advertisements us ii some of our sister cities by which every costumer will learn at once precisely where to go to gel just what to wants. Then will business be More Active Ami profit in the aggregate a a==see�npe9qm. Jus re a it no. A bks Elk �lm.l5�5t 01 a cd in lid of a Elf u Hurd up with pro a and twi he Sio Tuu urn u Fps Swiss Lar a a to. Irwi Luitt that la Tuii mad a loud a few to wry to Uil at. = pm Jinjr on re per. In Colon or Uitz Bonnot will by run in a re us jul to nip u rents with uw�4t won a it of Rcv la ctr a country and to the Aid of Katr Stoini Adb Parry not Tefre known in us a Kudo. To Kurr Aud Lucre tins <1um�i.d or Carp minting hat and curd the Sulwen ilor to pair Haw a mat Kent for on it to car Board awl per us is the of hat in uric Quad title or in Nab Ltd to on or to Ertler in Uil run Ali of the fut get to i or Piort jew feet. T and Hoard of 11 color and Quad tar a Way of hand. 97 order for any kind of Job Gnu Mac pm by it cd or for Titiev by Laii pm i it by an a. Red. Loisios joins to Ornes. L 0. Com an or. Sumner on backbones. Senator Sumner is an eloquent and ins Speerli on yedlles4 a at Trio Worcester it on cation which will be found in another Purl of this Nikorn Iii a times is an eloquent epoch. Upon Loiue Tiki not comic try with the relations of the a inc Rel govt a Anent to slavery it goes further than to ran but apron but it a her words transpired Itiat on late Ilia Linen in lied ambats Fedor at the to Weir Gimo so Well that everything Woi cd to Abe Mailo in excuse to Guiu u nearer of c in 0p a Hon. Aha Ott Lawrence u. The convention was culled nod Tho p. Re on who had Lien pointed out to her i Vav in wealth in poured out Lor All Benevo Junios a. Millikin my Nomin Iund. There by a mud Rico Dis Ingu Zahed Man us the pm a a Dona Ion Large Ashe sen upon bit was so Over Fiyod at Tho Brilliant Cromarty p get. A Lew evenings lifter Liei re to a. A tuts when lie had his Profet prot is it of drawing oif votes from Smith toot Tho sumo Young lady under circumstance my on of Al itch and the first Dollar of his and thus electing Fuller that he Coul i not a Little More favourable to senti Piunt and to 8pemj, Foin to to earn. He ohme Ile lib contain himself nil to wrote to a Frioud Hia Lely i calling to pursued i my Yoou that they had a us coded in up Ting Millikin Saliou with integrity and endurance through d irk Days and trying seasons Mil the result in before the world this else Allds Sun was a inking lie one of his Luv Orite on the Hill a u tree skirted Glide a Manco. Just us the was sauntering non wok the Quaker and the barn. By i Dak. Wynn old Melon Elali Guvo up i lie Gliot and la it it galil in i Junta in the Lieut lome he left Amii Indus to Rulo tax run a and my d log a Oul a Way to Kim Dorfi come bad Daili log a Lime Riuz Eye the latent ebb of Lile come a it a cd closed Wpm like u Hoyh Ful Hiir Fortl o or in lumber s will and drop a Letiro. Thu you if m Iri a Koell Over log isum res Corse will a Agmi yearn Quot win Tilo lie gift of Bull a in him Kiich St Opl a Lyrl at oboe i he Tell Aud made in a lib Ruuti Rej it Mia kit of with lire. Whoever a fell mite Cupul a Coli i ii Durl tipped Willi the Mohawk jealousy Scur it Lioi a it ii wont Wooler our a it ii a i life should Start to by his eyes of a fit to Uei Kobor Lea ski in Olio had jul robbed he onus of Lair Mivy Dinah. I gators. Ern to unities form except Inoa our accounts lending us to believe that Fine crops will to raised. Those who have tailed in the production of cd in Fiir their own use will of course i ave to rely upon others and top in Wlms now seems extravagant prices. Still there will by Corn enough produced in this and the Djoi icing states to Supply Tho do fund. We learn Iron Minnesota Wisconsin the a Northern part of ill inuit and much More than one half of Iowa that Tho crops of Corn and potatoes never promised in turn return for the la sir of Tho Farmer. So it i will to its we have before said in the counties fronting Iowa on tin Missouri. Added i to All this there is much Elt a in of last years growth in Tho Lum. We per Dan instance a it of this yesterday in speculations made at. The l Eru ills axe Ltd the hither Days kit be of u Largo amount still on hand in to Hutli minty and there arc Tow us i. A. I Var it Vuini a a on the up or Mississippi River hero l,10 my a Tut even fun amounts of old on May in purchased it Wratil it it a a a had Flat should not a i deceived by croakers. Jilin Ito. Man Hal a Mart of diligent in his but due. Shall Sla fld before Kings ant not before mean men a Tim Lale John Jacoub Astor is to loft his native Germany i Pusod Benrath n Linden the a Lais sed it l or my a a Bis any sign of Lilly be land we a a another and made Thieo a with a ri.,.ilalion�.�hli.h lie Iii Emlet Niilo n a a him through lileo1. He a Tull be honest. Dunning shores Atnel Waters of the Frith when to unexpectedly found Hor in t Liis presence. She w m sauntering through a lie Wood us leisurely us Hui self a now Utida then dipping into u to Riuo in her Hind which had lint however in the least thei lok of a novel and which proved to be in Elu Sirate essay a in cause Ripon each other however without any recognition quickened Pace from Bis sight she remind of hint that her presence was in har Tony with the picture quo Forest Aud the go i Geotis Sunset furnishing a most appropriate Figuro fur a Lovely scene s a on Al Lor lie began in meet her it the nos Hetio teas Quot which bold wed to frequent. A Sho proved to to the daughter of it respectable widow Ludy who bad Coilio to reside at Cromarty Imd received n Superior education and it Unco made g a cd her claims to Tho highest intellectual circles our accomplished Mason soon found that for the h4>vcrer walks a if formed a habit of com of the Kog Lisl on the track that they Hud to lend him Tho capital to Start upon hut to thought it would pay for they were sure of a i much larger. Tho will nut then be monopolised by Liuz a who inset i one and two sumo advertisements and who by this Means moult of Tho to thu in lending sentiments Ore jul i and i to spirit of our oily. Thu Short advertisements will Jimj tuner Are such of the times demand be cheaper for Tho Bil Muser Ami in the it is Manly bold Craig. Tic and Prat Iod. Whole Mure Proli Lable her the the Niort eloquent want Cnoc in this Sec the half and w Hole column advertisement which fill sume of our ate no evidence of the Ragi Eity of our business Moo. They give a few men or Ammienee bin crowd out thous aids who ought to us a Vertise. The latter must patronize the col Lions of the newspapers or they w ill he obliged to quit terrible retribution. Stout or a riot itrel too. A a oct sentence in this speech a because it is the to Ursa a is in which or. Sumner declare Tomt there ure torte things needed to enable Tho free state to resist Tho inc sunt aggressions of cry that Tho first is Backbone a Tho orc oud Bot Krone and Tho third iliac Donk. Truer w As never spoken. The a saying of that tie to Rico ass Niia s of of Roqu Bitica wore acting acting Arguta Vivus not a Whit More True. Lack Lonu is the one thing needful to the fro states in Aluir struggle against Tho menacing in. Croach Zionts of slavery it is what Almy about hefty years ago m the Western part Muil Llave la old a is ab0 wll m to of the mate of new York Laved a lonely have. Weakness their Cun widow named Musher. Her husband had Plant defeat their ignoble prostrate in under Ficen dead Many years her Only daughter he. Namu a a olt in a a ave Imor. Arc All due or a Foa Tingi a it a it a a Quot a an Nwonum i me of ave Power Are ail Aue no not a of Tho proverb of the Wise i Smith mid electing Fuller the election t. Krow Quot up and married living it the t0 Trio fact that they do not stand up tiring or .�.,�?� it Ltd a a 1. I i. Or a. And Dis Fuoco of u Milo or two irom Tho famil i -. A a Defeated 1 ma.8�on Power to urn tact that Tony Don it family t0 that they Lack Tho courage and Trio High toned Resolution w ure in Lur by Una a lust cur Kennebec journal howver he Guterl o or his Frunzi it fax a Lute in run Ihu of inv a Phil in Grain and it ii Al p i a on Willt a Iri Uii. A licit lather Taft la in the Grui Cuil Wuy Viiu. W Liinar u Hill t to his rival. Which to be a Are we a wonder on civil lie Tull Liim in a a Lyle of Wurm a a Iriemi ilex 1 Bud we of a barn has in cd Pipii Ulii d line by my Honor d sire tit re fore i Tiu to thy a tur will boat of kind a it pm Iliew a we a it in wind lieu Olibe Balatero port i m Tiro. A and Hud read Many Moro books and wus a pm Well calculated to Hij her Ingoll Gotual coun How much should a cow eat. A a a for. Self Uitz a him Nitor Sam maid since the drought a no become seven the a Only scr plea had been re Olvo Uby the Sano milkmaid big us in Light pails of in ilk and ten of her friends Wei o working in the i the Butler and a tip Reno diminish in Quantity Jiu Piu portion to the number of cows milked tie reason a everyone knows is because i the cows a to not obtain Ioil As succulent i Init i Unitive a a a her Tolore sol also a scions i they do nut obtain of ought of what Thurio is i to but. Univ much should a cow have to eat a Jehu Rubyard and soon Iuo to constant guests Lecamu out of Bis they conversed together on literature Philosof Why and science univ tvs. However avoiding one subject vis that mysterious affix onion no or. Miller quaintly expresses it a which sometimes Springs up Between persons of opposite sex thrown much Lwe 2. To would be Indus Ruus. 3 he would never Gamble a he was on foot Bis wealth was in Tho Small bundle that swung Troin the stick Laid on his shoulder. Tho world was before him. Lie was Able to carry them out his Solo ass is a u Heit comment on his Giulii Ninon. S a him Girard n the nge of 40 years was in quite Iii Deiaire circumstanced being the Captain of ii Small boat it ing ves Eljune the Delaware and a part owner of the same. No trait in his character was mom inn ked than his endurance Aud this Elemuel gave him a Fortune. All men who have succeeded Well in life have been men of High resolve n d cd Doranice. The famed William Pitt was in a a arly life fond of gaming the passion in-orease.1 with his Lerir he knew that he must at once master the passion or the passion would master him. He made a tiring resolve that he would never again play at a game of Hazard he cuned make such he could keep it. William Wilberforce in i Cailie play like most Voung men of his rank am age loved the excitement of the place of Hazard. 11� was once nigh persuaded to keep the Faro Bank. He saw the Oniu of Tho vice of. As he never saw it before he was appalled with what lie beheld. Silling Smul gambling ruin and do Snir he took the Resolution that he would never again Huq Como olt the in or. Millikin Inis not Only us we Vui 4. In a Smith but Defeated Fuller too and Bas. In his the old lady lived alone in a a r a Nensa it la in such a a omit Cut. Triumphantly elected himself so much us Day and by night Oti Shercon a very a sly knows that the strength off in a emus in Nocene and Trust in 1 Rovi Deuce a Uvo i Tereal lies in Trio steady indo Mithlo she Felt Lafo and Olive Raul did her work determination of its champions. Its leading quietly during the Daylight and at cd Uudo representative in Congress Are men of Pluck. Lay Down and slept so. Etly. Uno morning however she awoke with an extraordinary and a wont amp a gloom unon her mind which a impressed with the apprehension that something it Nuga a Theodore Clapp upon Emerson. In a letter of the new Orleans Picayune or. Clapp has thu following upon Ralph Waldo Lac inn my chief object in i Itig Williamstown was to hear r Zilph Waldo a address to the literary societies. It was a Miodu Tiou of uncommon to edit and great originality. Instead of using far fetched obscure i felled and Pitra geology his style was wonderfully simple Strong intense smooth Perspicuous and elegant. No curo position Ever i played a More Correct and delicate taste. He understands perfectly the Power and Beauty of the English language i expected to Prisc imitative in Congress ure Uton of i r they take their stand with a res diction nut to to driven Horn it. They practice on their of is Unis All the urts of u bold mud Une Rotio warfare. They a Hiduk Imus no responsibility they spare no or Chace. If Uliey cannot about to to her or mrs. So Lull or convince they alarm and wus Slis of tin thought that she could not u j.,.n�iiil thing Trio Northern Jiuu hits stay at Homo that Day but must go abroad it Hutu nlwa.9 Fth a t0 to lieu it Luc o to give vent to it. By Bersot to Thom Avo booi1 react Jcj by Jet Tilery he. A in udly to her daughter. Promises by gilded baits thrown out to Lliter with her she spent Tho greater Purl of the to us Jutt 0r their nah item. Others Liao Day and to her Sho several times repeated Bocci adv Quieti Ity fears Lor place for their Trio recital of her apprehension. Lilo us a six Tiou or for Tho in Iii. By whatever mean will answer their Purk it us daughter us often repeated Hor Asiu Runcis that the Good Mother had never done injury to any person and added 1 cannot think any one would Hurt you for you Liao nut Init thu compact the Resolute Well drilled Phalanx no slavery has always Niu sip d to a Divide and subdue tie rear it son Giitl is Freedom. Lioy Bubo succeeded either in making them break or Bend. And it ?�1 i principles of feeding in Bavaria a Trau la in ii of the recoil of which we find in the country gentleman of Ilie 17th tilt fur but if. The agricultural. Farm work Foa september. Once again Seo to your Uva Urc. Yiu Are through h iving and have time and Uia Hod that i sight by s. A a. Johnson Opportunity to add i to your Stock of my Nure. A at present in Liat county a it should be other All of a a our course Bay whether it Milit ii to of ill a cows live Hughl and a or swamp that in unfit for feeding. I bus. If Ibe Row Weistis too poum she and add it to the manure Heap or stack it a should have 20 pounds to be Trewey a about Tho barnyard in we inter 1 he following i an extract com the to or which is bettor to lie used As litter or a Tuur trial fave out Irinel the View balding for your cattle. Let not a Brake or i hat cow to give die great eat possible Fern Reni in on your ground Uneather do Quantity of milk. In to Laily consume one Drakes contain a Gimier pro a so ration of suit thirtieth of their live weight in hav or an than the grasses or most vegetables and equivalent therefor if Xiuru mod la a give mixed and a Nittel with your Ziad ire. Are a in Stuj excess goes to thu formation of Lle a great addition to it so Thul gathering your and fat without occasioning a cd ures it on a brakes answers the double Pur poise of add i my increase in the yield of inti bag great value to Ymir manure and ridding on the contrary less hed be Lur Ihmud your land of a troublesome Weed. But to amount Aud value Tombu milk will by a tub Ridy or land of brakes entirely a a a a must mediately and a considerably diminished cultivate it pasturing it in Small lots und we cannot now Sav a vial amount of Green turning in Young cattle that will crop the gras would a a general thing la equiv a Voung Shimitz will eventually Hui Kivic Brake lout to one Pou us or one Hundred a he undo of but a Leep tillage blowing or using tin Good a Bay. But it is pro Itu evident trial most breaking up he is the most effectual of thu to ibid cows in this via a in ii do not at Winoth a a Rich of them Clit in the con t Tain it now in the common Patureo. A Titus its of uis Nurs they done a Fier Urt Iti the same expel a Mentz is no la it Down Cial manure Arel Tion. _ urine will do it by and when a ,. Fear of them urine is the most pro a Citable us such a bran meal or Taja cake be stub Well in nth Thod a of Gett n a rial of1 stance left a Ftp a m Presa tits Trio Oil Froin it ape them. Thenya our old a Dit cites Shou d be aved similar to cil cake. Knune cd a no a out mid the cravings Uii ded to the Pound of Raja cake com not be replaced manure Heap. This should lie a la one i Fettu by two Pound of Hay. M Bon the it tempt ally every year. Ditch is Uncle anti is it so was made there was foul a specially a Chat be and Bill up. Tbs n in this Monthye a a decrease in tin of better Coutain Ltd should finish Dit Ebing lands hat need in and 1 in the milk. The Quantity of cake May be of course you add the matter thrown out to d to two duly per head the manure Heap. It Ca Man vhf. Then do not forget the Nikk. Plaul it Inu it the Imron Yard. Or Inlo eral a had taste in the butter will to less heaps a in every convenient Perecz Velmaine Fanner. Yes. Rusako a business a of it for you Cun do i no More pundit Hole upon a farm. It Dos Tai Crio it of Iii stalks. There Are will bring Ronaurd 0f thistles of which my it Kadi of crop. We Koa of men re it. The we. A a a when i according to a series of experiments care-1 formed the Ono solitary subject which from of Tler a gaming House. He a pinged his i fully Iriel by to Cums Well Vns eel in the a some curious contingency eat ipod company will Tho Chango of his conduct them. The Imper Turabi Hugh was not one and subsequently became one of Tho most of the sort of people who fall in love it first distinguished englishmen of his not a. 11 11----------, Quot or. Samuel Johnson was once requested to drink wine with a Friend the doctor proposed Tea. A a but drink n Lidie a to to said a they Diing a tier Arifi 1 the same experimenter also Lay it a own Rill it by umber its up Plica Binl a to order Idt cows May in let Labun Estry in Phrako imbue a Linte i hints a red Gotzl Trilk in Winter they mud i a Iner is troubled with but receive a Quantity of Concetti ate Laid sight Iio had even made up his mind Toj Lead a Bachelor life. Still he was not Alto i go Thor a. Obdurate us Trio rocks of Bis Fa-1 verite science. A in spite of Bis Tough sin Ewy scottish heart lie Soine tidies indulged in Ideal visions. For fourteen or fifteen yours As be tells us with Bis in mrable his Host. A a i cannot a a was the reply a i know abstinence i know exc a but i know no medium. Long since i resolved As i could not drink a Little wine i would Cavite a he Hud Tuftan fancied in his solitary i re Ilc Tom re at a Man who could walk a female companion by id Side with thus support Bis Resol o inn by action was n whom he exchanged Many a thought and it Man of Elul Unico and that Clement is As gave expression to Many a fueling and whose Well display in Liia Little incident is in standing is As vigorous As her taste was the compilation of his great work. When faultless and her feeling but Richard Brinsley Sheridan made his isl these visions at length faded into thin air sgt a Echt in parliament it was regarded on All in the presence of his new found Friend a hands a u Inott mollify ing failure. His lie had Iio Hope that the feeling would to friends urged him to abandon a per Linen Mutual lie had never prided him it on. Jury career and enter u kit a some Field be in Good looks. Though in Puio Tol Strei Igilio or suited to his ability. A a no a Sard Shet und activity be was conscious of Bis Supe a Dan a a no. It i in to and it shall Home Riorita to Bis Fellows in Bis personal and it did. And lie became Ono of be to Felt that he was below the no a. Most splendid debaters in rage make. I Oyola the founder of the on or of Jesu tfx w Uli this Lack of Faith in his own charms. A a Coli Titre the inn of gallantry and Dis while to admitted that 4 Beauty a had made a put Iota out sized such Miuji by Over Hin a Conquest of the.1 Lle ust a be bad not Taliej a by endurance that to Illus slightest a a Octa Tion that the beast would in Impje the a til be stood so Vetal hours Uppa Torii would make u Conquest of i Reudy in Renovo i in n Pool of ice and a mud i Young Friend bad several us wire. All a by wafer a to ids Chin i perhaps no other Young and Lieut dress d Almu the Stalwart a Iii in Europe could have won the Battle Mason and with better Prospect in life it of a Lorenn except thu British because no but at last matters Cumo round the Young other could have brought to thu conflict a it Roplo a liar ova Rcd that Thuy were mutually Uii amount of Elorance to coded to win. In love and a conditional eng Igor Cit Touk fur Mouv Houis that army stood Man fail place. It a nettled Eliut Tuv should re it before thu Mai Cletous Firu of the in in three yours More in Sci Abmd on the Fieroh / Colum after column foil existing terms mid or during that time no while not amp flu was distils remt on their suitable Field of cd a a ration slum old upon nth Perl. Sell in wind of command ran Arbo by be been in the habit of buying Large quantities of stable manure who now and in in the remaining fodder fhe Aru Onul Bome. That they should quit the country for along the Hue As Ali Munola foil a it file up of it. Carrots potatoes Ami Slaw i lib and share t get Ajr in a strange file up 1 a a a nut yet not yet a was thu land whatever Fate i int Liao in store. Lion Duke reply to Earnest requests made nearly two a of the three years passed by., a charge nil Tiu i theft a. At length the and still Iio was an operative Mason. Bright time of to tits came. Thu Churgo was give or. A i i. Me in his native place he was offered the Situa lion of Decoi infant. Avbin be received a it 1 1a i psst i a wimp a i Liu Vilotti Ini spiels at Hist arose. Upon the establish in and Victory Nero we upon Tho Standard deut of a Liran Cli of the bulk of a Sci Gotlund of England a Hunt s merchant s Magazine. Hear him enunciate sentences constructed. R ii a i i in Eno Iii in Trio world with ciceronian ullness aiming by poly a a r i i a a a m i syllabic terms accumulating epithets and my or. Mokhor. Welling expressions to soar above Trio he r Lioi ius but expert seed Trio Sauric simply Lor Lack of dec Knox. Vulgar and excited vague misty utile ,8 a a Quot be or a la the next emigres ought to con Kiln Back Termini red ideas of Tho Val ethereal and. The Way Horne she railed on a neigh wi1cb of Dougli from the from states to give magnificent. B t his periods were Short i a. 0 e. Tt8t la u8c Foro 8 to strength mud impregnable fortitude to tho1 / reached her own. Here she again made Pithy a Harp free Horn Thea. R n known her Continuo a which of Umea Piug superfluous words definite bold glowing and poured Forth with thu fullness nil rapidity of a Lur species lie. A a l,4, la no a la Ilia Hiis Al however lius a appointment he had Hen working is a Tea 1 a l i i affix it for in a Onnia Root is a troublesome Plant ohm g of a fifteen years including Trio term of Pond up in their mute in ads t a tartly i r my % huge pm action of the Northern Section of note and get a cheaper and better manure e r,.ultrv where a occurs in arable one the expense taken into the estimate n it a t0 a a Tirento it is to 2b�>re Alvan Tageym. Pro doing equally Good k. A a unit of the of by pvt or a Sharp cult vat. One Good Mannol his apprenticeship to was without exp l you can Lin rally give a boy a Worso name Rienche in Tina Cial or mercantile affairs he it 18 1,1 a rive my cd in a n la operations a i tin plan will a fully r,.v Liu in in in a a a Quot kill it More or less in Trio Juuel and if. Not Antii to. A y11 followed up Fiir two year a repeating the 0f s .0tan set and was issued Frothi the Cut ing to Wiir s autumn when the few Strong Olpt Wjt a Fato Rable Roee tinn Belli from Lam fro Utlz a Quot Wei a lib eke Wilosn rvs. Gling stalks that i univ Al to first cutting Tbs Public Aud thu critics. At length describing in the a working the ?��.l��l.�o1 so in passed by his Terra of prob Ennis a and a lasting effect in the soil a h Ive he fire advert d to the use of muck Fiir grow ing potatoes in the town the Farmers there consider muck manure for potato a pref Riog it to Stalde manure. Outliers Are coming to thu Samo Coli club a a in. A gentleman a a Lif a a. I. A nearly orb a minted Viniey oct a Iai a of is a it elided Camo to u close a Luek upon his land la in a l Cut cd it closely Cut Una a a Ftp a a courtship if ten five anxious set enormously in urn Luck ii t Quot Wnm to 1 lick Gnu und fur a years Ilugbo Miller became Tho happiest of 3 sips a a a a Al Rte a. To k. A my. Join o Bor a Alha a a no or it he it. He quoth la a Kwh in. Mooch ppm a Tob. 0,-o,. A a ii ads mess is Durance pm a or Elk Quot 1 a ror not Boll it a Ltd we Ilton c us Licater. A. 0 Totilo a i Tbs lil Vin Lurance Rannold a a a a succeed. Men who fait in one kind of had arrived at the thirty second Veur of Hia Dentt a varl8 t1o8 age Bill he determined to Inuko Urai Solfi ,oh1 ? x f 2\i this new open six a and thus Quot oved by his bit., to. And give him a a a and Energy carried the Day a do Brt he his work on if. Be l, la a a pert and Tell Man him very much la. By torn. A ,.&Quot?r Quot Quot Tig let a a Quot a press it a red intruder wlm a littleness alone saves and the roots us thick of nut Wmk. Ing Trio Nib a mock in every direction and clinging to it with such tenacity that it re to i m Wiki in Mew ii. Sag cite. A go business May find it Sopos Ible to continue quid a Good Deal of Elbrt to sup rate the vie Rome \ neut Niel tells a Story of Quot a a rein All their a lavs. Ill health May Demuck from the Vine m a we a Raul do it of tending in the Western Maud a change. New and wider Fields try Tiff Experiment cart the muck into a a a a town. A Tanner named Dopal Winter poise Andi aug pcs Mav be opened to Jour Yard and then put a shovel full into zffip1 flu of new elements o car actor May be each Hilt of your Poules in the a Pring and a adv it in slew Siop a a. Men May have a positive ills i when Harvcy one. Aroun it. You Don t a tfx a to a a a pm a a lord Inazoe a May do a a a. A a a my his log left him Aad went to the Pilj Ding Maud a change. None of these full under Field where a Young Man a at work uhe be Octal Lule. Men May have rare Tab and by Lep cately going up to him nud but if they a a Are every thing by turns then running a Law toys towards the place and nothing Long a Almy must not expect to we have reason where the boy Lay succeeded in attracting a wiper. No Fern of business is free from or. Benjamin l my railof1 Hie attention until the Younng Man follow Din each Man knows the spot on a. K. Volti Tang the him. To Ruml Bis Young blaster aah of by up a Bich his Hurnes but he cannot Kite or grape known in this Vicinity a plying Celd a scr and other Reslo Salikes know How much his neighbor suffers. This y Are of Iwu Varis Tieu Purde and who us he was Able to it the bid Home who has Quot Yankee can splice a rope in and pro Decd Wrai the see cd of the m Lunga since been restore a a to health. Mart ways an English Sailor Raiem and the refuse Dean Ai Iivo Ted Malaga a i it to know butane method Bill in that he does Rupea. The put of Ngatia a of the seed Wmk Ltd to an India permit auit or Boring Ganick Hia Wrork Well. Lite is not Long enough to com i a need in Newbur Fiort by James one i acting of a pan said allow any Cue to be Teddy master of but blood Kay. Thia grape is out quite As a a i think i struck out Emu beauties in one Puis if. Large a the Isabella but it ii Peus to our f the history of anti put men in All pro climate nearly a m a nth garlic a. We cuu. Yea a replied Garrick a a 1 think you a fess Joii Aud calling prove Thia. The great aider it much Superior to fhe Isabella not a truck out All thu by Utica a statesman Daniel Webster was a great length own boy have their ill uni Numen plainly mba bin of a or a to tue Ted upon their face that you can Tell 1 them is in is you can so them. The bold stare the impudent Leer and the Braxen air of up amp Brunoe toll us Buir Elia Rutur very plainly before Lioy have opened Tanir Mouths. Tyllere is something very repulsive in All this and i non glad that i can say that this Kiwo stand worst development of u bad habit is not common. If full bloomed Zuj Pudente is so unlovely a Flower it is certainly Worth your while to avoid with in re whatever would tend to Aid its growth. The Hubit Liko All others is formed slowly and by usually commences with rudeness Aud Ioc Vilty to wards Parent. The Haj begins perhaps cry 44 muck forever a a a will consent by written Down a kids Prophet. A Valo Abik Gayra. To by Lieve that rent. Yet i manner us a no Iii is singularly gentle Placid and Culm. Thu of his voice Aio Clear nil melodious. The Wop Rwy a Ioos of noun Terianne arc divinely soil Sweet mild Erene soothing nil benevolent exciting in the Spectator a sensation of Deli Irb resembling i lint awake god by the contemplation of Beautiful objects in the natural world though of a much More spiritual Aud exalted nature. No person can hear or. Emerson speak or Converse without i cling that ins soul is Replete with Wisdom learning can Dir sensibility generous sentiments Aud u Sublime philanthropy. Aso the subject of his discourse it con sister a of easy natural unaffected and in method Calleas on the inti Ortance of a More elevated Standard of cd to cation in our Republic a a we have colleges Nail he Quot and considering our youth Well end Orveil hut our Young men generally As soon a they graduate bid Adieu to the muses nil ate swept around in the vortex of american politics and Linde till they sink to to seen no he Tull us that neither in the United slates nor in England was any thing so highly prize a the a almighty even the Brilliant though shallow Macaulay could see no charms but in the Money making Honor craving and utilitarian philosophy. A let the great and noblest minds among him present to the Public the Sublimes inventions or discoveries yet they would be entirely unnoticed Miles their principles could be connected with the purposes of practical Utility. But thu moment their glorious Ili eds Are manufactured into some labor saving time annihilating machine which will nay 20, 50, or an 100 per cent nil the people exclaim it is the voice of god. It in not the men of thought who arc honoured Here but of i never liquid Beth Mesuch an impressive description of the value of Knowles age. He affirmed that one s Power nil glory Are just i proportion to his Clear free and vivid of perceptions of the nature of things Physt Cial intellectual moral and religious. Also knowledge according to i statement is the Only soil in which Viii can germinate and thrive. It is Only the knowledge unit of i cat Ion that Are capable of real a outguess. If menus knowledge were illimitable they Touhl be Invulnerable to the Shaft of sin and corruption. Education is the Only Panacea Lor the evil of the present life. The views of this great Man on religion have been either grossly or misrepresented or both perhaps. He is not an atheist As Many have asserted. I was Intro Lucid in him and favored with a delightful cover Salon he hoofs that Thucie is no finality to use his own word to anything which we Are acquainted. We know Hal there am Fini e thinkers. They will it Ink on nil forever. There could nut be finite blinking without infinite thinking there could not be finite Power Wisdom and love without infinite Power Wisdom Ami love. So to reasons. A Grant said or. E a that their cannot be in Iii without a brain fur anything we know to sgt i Cut Arru Crim. A singular and the contrary the soul alter Tho death of Trie a flocking Cave of Buffo Riiff now exists in this body has the Power of forming for i c1, i the person of ayoung woman Resi another bpm ethereal refine a and mjg or in the Western part of Tho City. She destructible liners is no abyss of Anni has la Elm suffering for soveral roars irom the filiation for anything True Good or Beautiful growth up pts in Fer it uck y. In the boundless universe. Or. E. Is met a uu8 tempts to destroy it have a roved inf an aide in to any More than or. Charming was. Pc Tull and 8z is in momentary Durrer Ollie a a simply opposed to hypocrisy?o,1 do at of wet Al a pretence Assumption bigotry Aud Humbug noted with this Case is. That when Tho Young term remit Wilra no Simili a. Of i a Imd curly ripened into fear Ulm from the lady of thu mansion Sho received answers similar to those of her daughter you have harmed no one in your whole lifetime a surely no one will disturber molest you go Horne in quiet and Rover shall go Wilt you. Hero Rover said she to a Stout watchdog that Lay on the floor Here hover go Home with mrs. Mother and Tuku cure of her. Rove or did As he was told Tho widow went Homo milked her cows took euro of everything out of doors and went to bed is usual. Rover Imd not left her for in instant when Sho was fairly in bed he Laid himself Down upon the out Ide of the bed and us the widow relied on his Fidelity and a croup chid herself for neediest fear she fell sleep. Sometime in the night Sho awoke being startled probably by a slight Noi of outside Trio House. It was so slight Lio Yovor that she was not Anro of being startled it All but Hutira As soon As Sho a woke a sound like the raising of a with in near Hor lied which was ill a room on to ground the dog neither barked nor moved. Next there was another sound is if some one was in the room und stepped cautiously on Tho floor. Trio woman saw nothing but now for Trio first Timo Felt Trio dog move us lie made a violent Spring from the lied and it the sume instant something Tell on the floor hounding like Tho full of a Louvy log. Then followed other noises like the pawing of the dog s feet hut soon All was still again and Tho dog resumed ids Pinuco on the bed a Viil Ioui having buried or growled at All. Lii time thu widow did not go to sleep immediately but Lay awake wondering vet not deeming it Best to get up. But at lust Sho dropped Lud cop and when she a woke. The Sun was shining. She hastily stepped out of lied a and there Lay Tho body of ii Man extended on the floor dead with alarm knife in his mind which wus oven now extended. Tho dog Hud seized him by the Throat with the grasp of Deuth und neither Man nor dog could utter u sound till nil was Over. The Man is Tho widow s son in Law the Hus Hund of her Only Hugh or. He coveted her Little store of a cult her House her Cutillo and her. And instigated by ii sordid impatience he could not wait for the decay of tin Turo to give her property up to him and his us the Only heirs apparent a hut made this Stoul thy visit to do a deed of darkness in the gloom of the night. A fearful retribution waited for him. Thu widow s apprehensions communicated to her in ind und impressed upon her nerves by what unseen Power we know not a thu Symphy of Trio other woman who loaned her dog a and the silent hut certain Wuch of the dog himself formed a Chain of events Ali ill brought Tho murderers blood upon his own head and which arc difficult to be explained a without reference t a that provi a Lenco or overruling Power which numbers the hairs of our beads watches Tho Sparrow s fall and Shaja s our ends rough hew them As to this is Ono of Uncle Toby a stories and is derived As to All its facts from u most respectable Quaker fun icily whose voracity to cannot doubt Portsmouth chronicle. Causo of Freedom. Nut that much actual Legisla Imi will Toor feasible on the subject of slavery. It is not this which the country needs just at present. But it does need such a Manifest dear mud Numis Tuk exhibition of term lies on Tho part of Trio Fri c state in defence of their own rights a Lias not been since the Days of John Quincy Adams. We no d men there too Sharp to he misled too honest to to bought and too ikii<1 to be my lid so wish that the Prospect of getting such men welter than it seems. Hie spirit of the people is Sudi As ought to in ure us against any others but us always happens in such cases paltry personal Usu billions Liao seized the occasion fur to Weir own us. The agitation of the Uhlie mind lots brought to the surface us candidates for office a horde of is ugly to Fisli venal Poluti runs without character or position and in a guiltless of backbones an Tho Slimmest worm that Servos the Angler for halt. We have some Hope that a higher order of Lite animate creation Niay yet ire Iduru Ltd Lor the Jio plur suffrage to York times. Woman looks at any thing off. A wins to tire Rood and Sain Feil philosophers. In rough i Gator ,0 to actor who is immediately throw. Luw often have thu greatest most enlarge through ignore rising will., Usa Josw a to to Tho pc a it a Fawn ��n0 to a fun a it m. Front a w it Ulm. I lha a a. Of tin Petotte. E it a. >,.�. A a no a Verin Piank a Admire and will her Wafier forever Admire. Ting them . Tong in of ?tfrthr0tr. La. Locaste it Earls a Njo Al on of opinion and fashion but Stab rebuked for a fault. Be soon respectful i comes to treat his a dvrs generally As though they were no older Wiser or better than Iii Usu. You see therefore the Imp my Lance of nipping this fault whilst to Tho Bud. The Rulo of Good Quot winners May be thus yours truly t. Clamp. In. ?t. . To mtg. Juoma won ind a to. It Way in undid irus Holt quantities into the English Market Ontl the of there is truth in the following port of flax hemp Linsco St and Wool from which we Cut from a Well written Aud sen Russia by Way of my Mel both by land Ami River Coor Yanc continues on tie same increased scale a Hith. The this morning i warehouses of Petnel Are for7 a there is no Economy therefore in neg the storage of the a ooh a. Every Peries Pic. Tjun Riitta uni will my of 1011 ill kill he. It Lulli a Wiio is a emr. Coitus a much curiosity has been expressed respecting thu identity of a a or. Coutu Oil Lio paid fc>25u for Trio a Toice of a cals of thu Lii it of of grist and Mara in new yuck. The new Oik Herald gives the following lot Antic Sapla Caiiou 44 it appears that m Trio hat for a Long Lime pay i been with Tiu attention of a i eng list Ludy of great wealth who per a Ltd in following him who Rover be goes Ull Hough he a denied her an it Purview. Wonlu in London she was absent a night during Liis und always or c up cd the most conspicuous place in front of thu stage. When Iio went lost. Petersburg she followed him and on his appearance there one of Tho first per a on he saw among the audience of Trio russian capital Wahi constant and ancient admirer in her Devotion to him a fee crossed oceans and continents Ami although to has always slighted her attentions and Ruto sed to listen to her addresses her love in love it can be called a Lias never grown cold bul apr Reurs to increase with time. As a you ask to heard of his intention to suit Thi country she Kepi a vigilant watch on his movements till she found that he was coming in the Baltic when she immediately engaged rooms on Bourd that vessel mud accompanied him to ibis Conn try. Their arrival Mario and a ii i put up at the St. Nicholas and so dial air. Coutts and now at the first auction of lick Al we find him we beg the lady a Pardon a her giving two Hundred am fifty doll Ais fur thu most scat bit lors by Tiik Alki. A member of govenor s up hens Northem halite exploring party in a Long communication to to e is. Louis written Horn the Hail of yellow Slone Kivor says of the in it Ciden of the Patty thus fat Oil sunday alter a Anarch of ten mile., the Bull a docs Ruiu readied. They were estimated by amino us High us 500,000�? 200,u0 i considered a a very Low estimate. Drawing up thu Truin no our us Una Hall Al upon a Large Heitl were about half a rude ahead. The Hunter six in number were immediately dispatched Well mounted on spare ii Oil is reserved for that Especial purpose and the whole line had an Opportunity to witness a Buffalo Hunt the Liun Lofs dashed in Mung the Herd picked Oul the Faile luf it a Quot crowd and then separating die selected one from thu Herd soon despatched them. In an Liber the wagons were sent but a Small klan of from lie route to receive Ike Chi Nicod Pieon a of in the net two Days March live a mud or were kept some distance ahead to keep off the buffaloes it was the Only Way tire Safe passage of the train would be insured through the sea of flesh. The pack Mula stud spare animals following on the train being too numerous to be separately led were hard to control and despite every promotion and care one bore Ami four mules Woie lost gutting mingled with the Herd. A mud a a a i a a to refusing in the Herald of to your Aldora and a Penora to respect to Ful. To to mrs enu is by Civili Quot there a a no Economy Hetero re. I. ,. --.r-t-r, r to is be kind and onor incr meeting to advertise. The time will come were Heuy a Inch Loose outhouse,.------------ a a Ai when Oer re Ders will understand this Ami in the town and its neighbourhood is pressed in Sqq a a of Dan Vii and not by in. To us be courteous Llu it Spring. Newspaper will be daily Iliad Wilh even into the service at fabulous prices. »0iiver, As previously Daunou uces i i i 11, q ,. At7�?o to the agricultural society of York Conn Maine on the 5ln or if Tober next is of be delivered to jul Row. 1

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