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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - September 21, 1855, Biddeford, MaineMem a my a a fest Cru journal a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor.b1ddef0rd, Maine Friday september 2 11 855. Volume 38. Union and Eastern journal. It a a a a a a a Lor to Heus. We. Them Rimboi and 11 the pleasures and deep they plow and what a Ort of in element the work in Dono with How Crope indeed it a rare to find a merchant or1 Are planted and tended How Orchards Are Mechanic who has in Early life act and pruned How reclaiming and Drain Rural Home Lor a life in the City who age Are managed How Milch cows Hor look Forward with pleasant Antici ses oxen and Swine appear compared with the Day when he shall return their own and lastly but by no Means of to it Union awl it Ltd j him a _ r. At no. T. Control awk. We Fco wealth Cin buy. Uo�u4.�? tank a to per Haiti a or if i1 in i i _ Kroo two tier Trow tha tin of a acc Trioni. May la Sigri cultural. Once More to his native Hills or at least to the occupation of a Homestead where his children May imbibe True ideas of the dignity and Independence of a life on a farm. This May seem a trite and common place subject. We claim no originality fur these the farm support ail thoughts but it would seem that now when a it wan Are does Laniog the Earth when prices people May reason and theorise about the Aryl in markets that would indicate comparative usefulness of different pursuits Lut Flung no Rau get one pr9ta�l. It and occupations. To will not quarrel with Wou a get it nil a n0wf a Fanar him any because he insist that a trader or in a a a Jepe Denee of other from broker is a useful a As the Farmer but ,uj0� 0 Ufa and others in their we will quarrel with a in a gentlemanly t Jep it and enc Holni a or Day might Way. Who will not admit that the Farmers a and m what than Alle a a we would life does possess As muck Trio dignity and impress on All that agriculture is the four Utis Tyas any other. We will for civility a Jan in of National Prosperity and that Sake admit Equality but cannot Acko owl a of the Furmer a entitled to be Edge of the highest England agriculture is the basis of All natural Puritt Prosperity. A child May see that if the Earth is not cultivated the whole population in a single year or at most in two Yean 1 when the cattle Are consumed must literally Harvy to Sius asm deism starve Whilo society could exist to an in september though the first of the a definite extant Wero the labors of any oth Arnnal months has an average heat Scarse or interest to cease at once. Ohs Ervo the y a a a than that of Juno. For several Yean course of Trade and inquire of the Mer the severe summer droughts have cd chant Jovenin our own country and we to Cendej et9n a nth september and the first shall find that upon the products of the Hajj of the month both Day and night have calender for september. Soil does All Tho Prosperity of Trade depend. If Tho Cotton crop is Short the Southern trader cannot order goods from the North or having ordered fails and cannot pay for them. He fails because the planter having led to his negroes All Bis Corn and Bacon hat nothing loft wherewith to pay his family supplies. If the wheat crop utile the Boston and new York merchants at once feel the effect of Tho failure for the Western merchant cannot meet his liabilities nor incur other. When All thing Ore prosperous Tho Farmer in almost. He labor hard and brings the product of his labor to a full Market. He u met by a har p speculators with to cry that the Markot is glutted and his supplies Aro not wanted and is compelled because he cannot eater into combinations to meet the banded monopolise a to been oppressively hot the Earth parched and cracked and the foliage hard Dusty and dry. This year is an exception and vegetation has More Tho appearance of Tho Vernal season than that of Tho season of decay. Tho frequent summer showers have Given great and constant activity to Tho growth of plants and kept them in a Garcon and vigorous condition so that Thoy now of Var the Earth with freshness and Beauty. Notwithstanding this a a the youth of the year is gone. Even the vigor and lust Hood of its maturity Are quickly passing it has reached Tho Summit of the Hill and is not Only looking but reseeding into the Valley below. But if skit sober is not so Bright with Promise and so buoyant with Hope As my it is even Moro imbued with that spirit of Serene repose in which the Only True because the Only continuous end Ell at a pric i which gives him but scanty Job and Sei teide is Tho h.b.urt.t.11 Quot i of fun a Ier 0f not my a Hort Callej world is prosperous except himself and the pr0ln�aea_the fruition of All Hopes Tho trading Public forgetful or careless that the complot to a. Let us then turn Farmer maintains and even produce All his Oom on it and in a us no Prosperity by his quiet pursu.i., look Down fed and Bim Daft let them upon him perhaps with contempt. In issus by with the empty salutation of to be sure he has at such times a com pf31m of the Only pane Gyte a tent a non with others of food and cloth b Doc Tab e to nature is that just a ppr bag. He Doea not want but his abundance cd at on 0f Bor Jufa which consists in the full and Success seem to profit others More than Anjoy Nicot of himself. Indeed to hardly participates m a for Tho month closes however the the general Prosperity which his own hard nerf be 0fth# country will have under work and watchful care has created. Gone a very material change since we left the least consequence How Farmer Thrifty a wife manages her Domestic concerns and whether she has not a washing machine and several other exceedingly convenient and not mostly articles of furniture which his own has not1 such n visit of observation As this would to of a most pleasing As Well As profitable character and the wife and daughter May profit by it As to Hope september will be greatly improved by our friends in this manner. If Winter Ryo has been omitted it May answer to get it in Early this month. Old gras land May be slowed and seeded to Gross though it were better done in August. Swamps May be reclaimed and ditching done where the land is sufficiently dry to admit of Opper Lions. Meadow muck in abundance should be thrown out ready for Winter hauling. All Tho crops should to carefully harvested of they Ripen to potatoes sorted of hey Are collected and Throo intended for seed kept by themselves. Hank weeds that Bavo been overlooked and gone to seed should to pulled dried a i Tutlo and Burnt to prevent their seeding the ground for another year. Cutting the stalks of com is pref Pablo to letting them stand. Cut won Tho spindle is dead and the edges of the leaves begin to be dry. Vic England Farmer. The Ament or tomatoes. During Tho Early part of Tho growth of tomatoes to surface of the soil should to frequently disturbed. When they have Sot their fruit they May be shortened and it May to deferred until the fruit is of half silo when it May be readily Pero lived that 90 per cent of the fruits is within 18 inches of Tho ground while 99 per cent of the Oivino or Bush is beyond that distance. The Vine therefore should be trimmed to within half in Inch of the Tomato nearest the end of each Branch. This will admit Sun and air freely and although 10 per cent of Tho tomatoes that might have grown will to taken away yet the remaining portion will to greater in weight and Masuro than if Tho Vino bad tomatoes Are also several Days earlier by this treatment scientific american. Newly acquired Power by ordering the Little Brownie to provide u supper. The Dwarf was forced to obey Lor his a wer had gone from him with his Cap of Insisi. Ability. The cock new crowed for Tho third time and Tho Young Light streaked the East when a away away a sounded through the Bushes and the stalks and the Flowers Tho Mountain opened and All Sank below in a Silver Cistern. Hans was astonished at the Majestic glitter of the Walls they were As if it Laid with pearls and diamonds such was their exceeding brilliance while beneath in the he sweetest music that stole upon i senses like May doors and at length wrapped him in a gentle slumber. What time had Yass Ted he knew not but when be awoke his Little Brownie was by his Side ready to do him services a Ydjie found Himsel in b chamber that was Brilliant beyond the splendor of the Earth. The tables were of spotless Marble the Walls of Emerald and the frames of Tho mirrors were covered with diamonds. No Sun Shono in this subterranean kingdom but the precious stones shed around a perpetual Light that was fairer and clearer than the fairest and clearest night of Earth. They Wero the stars and the Moons of this country but their splendor was borrowed from no Sun and eclipsed by no Clouds. It was mid Day when a Bell Tang and the Brownie said a master will you Dine alone or in the great Assembly 1�?� a a in the great Assembly a replied Hans whither he was on Tho instant conducted by hit servant. Here he saw an Infinito crowd of Little and women already collected Whilo others poured into the Hall from Evory Side in Many places the ground opened and tables arose covered with the most costly vessels and the most delicious meats and wine that sparkled in Tho goblets Liko water beneath Tho sunbeams. The chiefs of Tho Little people invited Hans to their table and placed him Between their fairest Maidens. The feast began and soon Tho mirth waxed loud for the dwarfs Are a Lively race whose spirits arc Light and Brilliant As Tho wine that bubbles in their glasses. I lords of the richest plumage were Over on lilo Wing above them pouring Forth their songs in the affection of the lovers increased with the lapse of time and every evening was spent in Lovely Twilight walks for in the hours that darkness was upon Tho Earth the inter of the Diamond would Wax dim Here below an artificial night then succeeded not dark indeed but Pale As the evening Glimmer in the aisles of some antiquated Abbey. On such occasions Hans was Ever a pleased and cheerful but Eliza would often think of the life above where dwell beneath Tho changing orbs of still however this was but a passing Shadow of the moment in listening to him she loved All else was speedily forgotten. It once happened that Thoy a walked farther than was their custom till they at list found Themer less beneath the very spot a Here the Mountain opened to let out the dwarfs into the upper world. On a sudden they heard the a rowing of Many Cocks from Tho Earth above a sound that had not reached them for twelve Long years with it awoke in Eliza a breast a thousand recollections of the Earth of her Home and her dear parents and Tho playmates of childhood of Tho Flowers of Spring and Winters fireside. Her heart was full she foil upon Tho bosom of her Lover wetting his Cheek with her tears while for a time the words died away upon her lips. At length Hor passion found language for expression. A it is Beautiful bore below and the Little race Are kind and gentle but yet my heart is not at Home Hore a a never can be. This is not a life for human beings Ivory night i dream of my parents and of Tho Church and of the sunday crowds waiting around my father and then of then my heart throbs to be with them. Here too we can Nover to and wife for Hore is no priest to marry us and to must grow old and Gray in singleness. Think of this and contrive Homo Means for our a yes Eliza for the first Timo my heart is heavy. I will not stay Hore a Day longer for they dare not keep me i Ain their at these last words Eliza became As Palo As death Thoy reminded her of what she had too lightly forgotten of her a Orv tudo and its necessary duration for fifty years before Sho could revisit a alas a so said a this is Well for you morning wind like the gentle Rise of Ocean when it swells but no Waves break its surface. The clock from the Rambin Church struck two. All fell Down Upp their Knees and gave praises unto heaven. Great was Tho Surprise of the whole Vil Lage when this singular cavalcade appeared before the Colago of Jacob i Eft but wonder was soon lost in Joy when the tale was told the old and the pastor blessed their children and at their wedding danced forty Maidens in their shoes of gloss a thing unheard of since the marriage of Haus Dietrich with the fair Eliza. A a # Mem a a a a a a a a from Ike try omit of time. More of the Silver Lake Quot an a Minsk Litno creature in Silver la Al. If the statements of Twenty of our beet known citizens with which to have been furnished will afford Tho Pablo sniff Sciont evidence of Tho existence of an immense living creature in Silver Lake it la at their disposal and Tho names of Tho parties All among the most reliable and Well known in this Community one an sex judge of an adjoining county Tho others merchants lawyer., and mechanics tog other with several ladies will to furnished to any Ono who May desire them. On Friday last a Largo party visited Tho Lake. A party on a Pic Nio excursion encamped bore Chapin s Landing in Tho Grovo a Largo company of visitors from various parts of Tho Santo wore there and Many of our citizens accompanied by friends took positions on the jutting Promontory near Tho foot of Tho Inkot a Point near which Tho Mammoth Serpent has been seen by so Many persons during Tho Post and present one time and just before its final disappearance i saw at least forty feet of it at one paint stretched out up and Down the Lake not swirly opposite one extreme Point and Totne fifteen feet Distant another dark object a a continuation of to Ono alluded to some Twenty feet Long. Smith Tho whale was there. He sent for the spy Glass and after looking at Tho object and becoming satisfied that it was a living thing took his Harpoon Ulm ism Ces and went to Tho spot when within Twenty or thirty Foet of it to says to saw a portion of it gradually disappearing. When he first saw it it was some two feet under the water. It continued disappearing rapidly and did not again Como to the Tho persons to recognised at Tho Point from which the object was seen Tho statements of two of whom Are Given above were a costs. Ii. K. Whelpley i. L. Gilman Chas. A. Bailor Cyrus Morrell r. C. Mor doff and j. R. Gilman. Two serpents seen monday evening. We Learned yesterday morning that Henry Purcell John Hallow a and Young Ames of Wert in err saw the Silver Laike Serpent monday orning. To Havo conversed with two of the party and their Story is about As follows to were on Tho Shore at Tho Mouth of Tho Inlet and afterwards got into a boat there to were watching for Tho Serpent. Between eight and Nino o clock to saw what appeared to be a Serpent Como out of to rushes Between us and Tho outlet and rods More another Folt the same symptoms soon another was seized a and in the morning Tho whole band was declared unfit foe service. Tho victimised Are quiet about the matter but some of the neighbors whisper a ipecac Canha. Oxford Democrat. Ajr the Law Papen in other states rejoice a ice evenly Over the main election. The Horton chronicle says tint a a Tho liberals have achieved s glorious Triumph the result shows conclusively that the Maine Law a is odious to the Puoplo of the state in which it originated As to tha citizens of theft Otton i in Rahl says a a there can to no doubt result in mine will Havo a beneficial effect throughout Tho confederacy wherever the monstrosity of prohibitive legislation h is been attempted. It was Tbs fint Stato to put this pernicious Hall in motion it is the first to awaken from its lethargy and retrieve its error. The murderous High priests of the Maine Law now to so Low there is none so poor of to do them a Tho Portsmouth chronicle says a a the natural and proper effect of this election will in to open 100 grog shops in Portland and 1000 in Tho state of Maine As soon As the 1 legislature shall to organized and proceed to business a 17�?o a lady in Baltimore washed Hor child in a tub of water last week Laid it on Iho floor and left it for a few moments with an older child who replaced it in Tho tub Movo up Tho Lake As fast As a boat u sumly and trfin8 t0 Wah 5t m la Mot Ltd bal rowed. His head was from six inches to done sunk its head in Tho water and drown Ono foot out of Tho water and to could Sec 1 a from thirty to forty Foet of his it Ody. We could not Sec any Snake Liko k a a turned month. Probably Tho re Havo not been Moro but a Fth Ort Bohinc him another Tho 30tl. Ult., after having adopte.1 such persons at Tho Lako at Ono Timo any Day ram j he a Appo Aranco in to j it and portion of Tho Missouri codes Wero not this season sunday excepted. A a re ctr on but not w about 2 p. M., Tho afternoon being one win Somo to try cot dug. To co flt of Tho pleasantest of Tho season having d�900ter to 0 a rope ing put Kcf of Cher Learned that there was a Largo collection of though he Caj Povoa backward Anil of a of. Persons at Tho Lako to concluded to make Ward m ,10 want up to Ike we a to entered Tho a i inapplicable or inconsistent with the Laws of Trio second Ono 1,Kansas already passed. Tho pro slavery convention nominated Gen White Field As Delegate to Congress. The Brown dwarfs. A German legend. The Nino mountains it Rambin Are inhabited by dwarfs who dance and sing a a a a and sport in Tho Moonlight and More Par butty and by to Sosno it i it month and Nono of its individual Ticu Lurly when the Earth is visited by Spring crops Are Short a Somo sections of the coun feature to i wet the Woods and Groves or Gumtner. These dwarfs Aro rather mis try. Supplies Aro not forwarded to a hat0 a no Protami in their appearance. Fields Chievous than malicious they Are fond of Itofe a his a of a. Diu a a Quot "7,he ,"11 ?�7wt�?� a or a cd a re Quot i Quot a a Quot in in Quot rough App Aranco of coarse stubble and Aro compelled to serve them in their Sumter pcs or to Moe to Eman s t we Toj it wbk cd bad a grown and ripened their n abode. But this service is not hard business is deranged seed since the Grain plants were harvested Anaf at Lac pm a of Fin it. Year8 by a us 1 country trader Are i _ a. Others show Tho new furrows of the plow Lac Dwarf kingdom they Are again set country languish or perhaps carefully the Young Liberty. Nor does he a fifty years an 4_. La a a hour to the ago of the captives time and Harmony with a Strango music that floated who Ilavu a Power above that of to dwarfs through Tho air so soft so Sweet so wild but a cruel Law holds to to this place for that it Drew from its throne Tho anxious an fifty years what have i to do on Earth delighted soul to Leavo it quivering on the lips. Crowds of servants waited round the tables Somo Boro about Tho Golden cups and Crystal fruit baskets Somo strewed the ground with Flowers that must Havo grown in gardens near Tho Sun such wore their exceeding Beauty a Beauty that was even undimmed by Tho Lustre of Tho Diamond others scattered doors so Sweet that the senses ached with pleasure. Those Sor alien my father and my Mol Hor Are dead and the play Fellows of my youth Aro old and Gray ? ago will to upon your head also and what then will it Avail to that ,1 am Young and Only in my twentieth year poor poor Eliza a Hans Felt Iho truth of what Sho had Spok on but he pressed her hand to his heart and promised never to leave that place of Earth until he could leave with Eliza. With this they parted sad and Al cry of hard Timss. A it wheat or Rye just penetrating Tho surface not foil. To cruises his on n Obj n u in com9 a but and warm itself in Tho soft Sun Ance still. What to can spare Brig. Him and an increased Price in the Market. The tra we Der tiers and speculators Como to in very Moore u Adamm us it a Tuut nature s Beauty Dies and entreat him to sell them at any Price seed Sod us it new liar costs enough to meet Tho present necessities of q other i rids Milch cows and oxen Oro their business. And so Whon Tho Oarth is proving Tho a a fall feed a or quietly Chew Laid waste and labor diverted from its legit eng Tho cud under the spreading branches mate pursuits by want then the Farmer in 0f go Najj Friendly treo. But a a Tho Fields Havo creases his exertions. He sows More Brood n0 00jjr Tho Rich Luxuriance of their Spring by he labors Inore earnestly. To feels that Dor even the delicious scent which in foreign lands who arc dragged by i belonged to them when the vigor of youth hard misters from their Homes to ooga Ifo in we upon them. They Are Tho Pale and bloody Battles Are dependent on him for a fable offspring of Tho declining life of their their daily bread. Still his own Supply is a abundant and other demand a share and son,0 0f the summer Birds Havo left us offer him a generous Reward for his j no tire and others. Tho chatty mar the world stupid As it often is in time of j to no Bat a n0t and with Tho exception of general Pence and Prosperity mob Apreci Here and there a pair Tho swallows Havo ates Tho far More. Useful life. What then is up rated a a urged thereto by prophetic in the True position of Tho cultivation of Tho Gatinet which will not to disobeyed a and land. Is it on of Harj work and Servile la-1 we cd makes them exact observers of times Bor Only or is it one of dignity and import ,00. Tance at All times f farming the vegetable Garden a a looks big with is doubtless hard work in tha general accept while Tho fruit Garden is More tation of Tho term but it is a great mistake the nipping than Ever. Crimson apples Gol to Call that Only hard work which is per 1 Den and in a out grapes More than formed with the hand. The lawyer con Way the labor of cultivation in the health fined to tha stifling and Crampt air of a court they promote and Tho gratification Bev room for Dysya and weeks with Tho property impart Abda i bang them with friends. And lives of his clients at take and depend ant on his watchful constant care the minister bound to his stated preaching whether in health or fooling himself sinking Siwady under his harassing and never ceasing responsibility the doctor called out at Midnight to prescribe in an instant in a new and doubtful Case a the Luva All their labor harder work than any per Irmejs by the hands alone. Many Farmers labor too severely More so than there is any need of a but still a think their hardship Are not �?�0 Greit As those incident to Tho profession to h Ive Nam a. Thoy have besides what traders and speculators and even mechanics con never have what is really a source of More enjoyment than wealth can bring Dut 0f a lower. They Bare Security for the future. They a their succession and varied attractions Plant and it a in Faith and with full a eur to must find sources of gratitude and Joy Anca that the Harvest will not foil. Roil Icaro Atay i ourselves of to opportunities Road und Bank stocks Nuy Rise or fall the we Kwh they present for our improvement Markot for their own produce May be High and j Udy appreciate Tho Novaa tags which september will be Liko herself after All. A of burning Dews at inborn and Foga at Ere. Hasten the gathering of the Fruita of Earth. The leaves begin to fall the Meadows turn Brown frosts occasionally sparkle in the Sun and the beautifully varied tints appear among the leaves of the Trees standing in Low grounds. So the is and areas ans Roll along Eich Prea Eming aspects and features More iut cresting at their own proper time than they possibly could be at any other season and All proclaiming tha Benevolence of that intelligence which has spoken them into exist some and which directs them All a ten to 1 a Tiai esl insect that dwells upon the or to War or Poco m in prevail Freo Trado or High duties Nuy Triumph but they know that a god liveth the and that they a of to Beira Are dependent on him alone Young make haste to be Rich. They foreast the a a Paternel acres a and strive �0 doubtful paths to outstrip tha fickle goddess Fortune. As age bring reflection end just or View of Tho True object of life most place a higher value on the peaceful pursuits of Agrios a toil. Ibo Reposo they Pree Eul of they pass along. A a to a to. Infant Towee that blow can i give that to <�0ea lie too deep Lor scr Tembe affords an Opportunity for doing certain things which no other month can there is a an Opportunity. The former having secured his Grain ill but the inimitable Indian Corn Harvest his his his Winter Rye and Winter what got in and i piles of Loam of muck for Winter haul-1 the Sun have no influence upon these realms of Middle Earth and it is further said that such pm Ople have Ever after been fortunate in the world either from the Wisdom they Learnt below or from the assistance of their masters who Havo wished to recompense their servitude. The unearthly beings who dwell in the Nino mountains belong to the class of Brown dwarfs and they Are not malicious but in two other mountains arc White dwarfs and they Are the friends of nil in Tho upper world. There Are also Black dwarfs who work the metals with an ingenuity far sur passing that of but their Heairn arc evil and they Are never to be trusted. I will now Tell a Story of these Brown dwarfs in the Dino mountains which happened Long ago i had it in my childhood from Henry Fierk who was a peasant at Giesen Dorf and who was Well acquainted with All Sueh matters. You must therefore suppose that it is Henry who tells ibis Story. There once lived at Rambin a peasant named Talob Dietrich with his wife and family. Of Bis children he most loved the youngest who was then in his eighth year and tended cows in Tho Meadows by the Nino Mountain Here the Little Hana gut acquainted with a Cowherd called Klas Star Wolt a Grey headed whose brain was like a volume of ancient fairy tales. But if the old peasant was fond of repeating Bis legends the boy was no less fond of listening to them fill at last his Young fancy a so inflamed that he could neither speak nor think of ought but dwarfs and gnomes and Gulden cups and crowns of diamonds. Above All he wished to get a Dwarf Cap for Klas had told him that whoever was fortunate enough to find or gain Ono might safely descend into Tho Mountain and would have All the dwarfs at his command. At last he resolved to try and Ono night stole away from Home and Laid himself 011 the top of the highest Mountain though his heart beat All Tho Tima like a Hammer Aud his breathing was As the wind of and now the clock struck twelve on a sudden he heard a Muri Noring Arul a whistling and the song of voices and Tho tramp of Little feet a Tho dance though As yet nothing was visible to his sight but the Flowers and the leaves that Wero Stilly steeping in the Moonshine. At last a Cap fell close before his feet in an instant he seized it and in the Pride of his heart set it upon his head a when 0 wonder the Little dancers were at once visible. The Dwarf would Fain have got Back his map by flattery Bot Hans was in log got out can Aff it no to visit other and Tec j exo Rable and showed Bis knowledge of Bis vants were Tho children of who had nmn to hopeless. Fallen into the Power of Tho dwarfs. At Tho whole night through Hans Media first Hans was inclined to pity their estate Ted upon Tho Way of freeing his but Whon to observed their Rich clothes when morning broke to summoned to and their Rosy checks and Tho spright Liness him Tho six chief dwarfs with whom i10 Al of their Steps he thought to himself a after ways sat at dinner. Much As Thoy wore All Thoy Are not so bad Oil As i was in run i astonished at his Call they were forced to Ning after cows and oxen and moreover obey it and when All were present lie de a time will come when they May be free and he thought 110 Moro of them but sported with his Little companions Hap to aided of them his Eliza. This was it once refused upon which Hans in great Wrath exclaim of a you can and shall give pier than any earthly King upon his throne. Up Eliza it you know mgt orders i entreat Thoy had sat thus for two hours when 00 Norb 5 it me 800 it you Arain wih be the principal rang a Little Bell in a Trice Sank the seats and the tables and Tho company were again upon the foot. To rang a second time and where the tables had been there arose Orange Trees and Palms and myrtles Rich with fruit and Blossom and and to Morrow came but with it no alteration in Tho resolves of Tho Little people. Hans therefore began to show his Power by employing them in breaking and dragging huge stones and other hard work that one of Tho party. I 0 entered Tho i inc j Eliom fifteen or Twenty minutes Thoy both from Tho outlet found several boats near disappeared nearly opposite Tho Point of Tho Tho Contr of this Beautiful Sheet of water Promontory quite a number of persons on Tho Point of Tho Promontory and two or three Hundred More near Chapins Landing. To Wero arranging to hoist sail when soveral of Trio party on Tho Point shouted at Tho same time for us to return stating that there was something moving on Trio water Noar Trio Inlet on the West Sido of Tho Lako. Young tur Roll was our companion in Tho boat. To from or. Wayland a addrow at Union College. Trio studies which Aro most relied on for mental discipline Lor instance Aro Tho classics and Tho mathematics. While Tho advocated for these discard almost contemptuously nil other methods of culture rowed Hack took in an of judge of an and arts no mea11 agreed among them joining county and proceeded towards the mathematician Icyk with Inlet carefully scanning Tho route but Seo-1 Bra favor upon the lowest of lexicons and _ my nothing in the Shapo of fish or paradigms and accents and claim that 1 toil upon a Al in Stone pencilled Over it in neat. I Lintl Wren knt f _ 4______tt _ a a l. I zit a bar keeper in Rutland complains that Tho authorities Havo put the Temporo Neo Causo Back for years by prosecuting him. He Saj a Tho Puoplo Wero becoming it it Well trained that Thoy took liquors front hint which Wero two thirds water and if he had been lot alone to would Havo got them s it that they would have drank Clear water in six months. I Yeai advertise no. A has become fashionable fir dealers to print their card upon sidewalks fences a. Yesterday to were amused at Tho handicraft of Somo waggish clerk who finding a business card pain in Tho space of half or to Iron quarters of an a not1 a it Oxtot science can invigorate the hour to had landed Trio cd judge at the pm War of ratiocination on which All car Point and proceeded up Trio Lako. An account or what the tarty saw. Fly one of the number. A a i saw a dark looking object about six narrow Rango of mathematical culture and rods above Trio Inlet near Trio Edge of Tho boldly no Kirin that it units for a d Rea rushes. A Hawk was circling about there jotting concerning Mailer actually existing and glided around several minutes. Direct we he 1 Wither up every dedicate sentiment in under Trio Hawk a dark looking object of Ltd turns into an arid waste the entire Field pc Rod upon Trio water larger than a Many a our emotional nature. Hero Issue is hat. Tho portion of Tho body above water Jed and i no compelled a it truth to add appeared to be following Trio movements of. Edlu tub Judice Lis est. Tho Hawk and watching it. Tho Lako was there ar0 Avo methods by which to can Bluck capitals in memory of by Way of prefix. V 0 saw a boat at his Gamo at com-110 measured terms against the water Tho other Day. Upon Trio Fence near Dainty of knowledge depends. Trio philologist on Tho other hand Iveigh in smooth and quiet. Very Little wind stirring. After following Tho movement of Trio Hawk for Somo ton or fifteen minutes Tho latter dec ended to within about eight foot of Trio water and the object darted out of Trio a determine lire truth in this matter. First to May examine any particular study and the faculties of mind which it docs and which it docs not Call into every reason Blo at All acquainted Tor full to Iron feet towards it and came i with Tho nature of his own mind will be upon the branches Sang Tho sweetest Birds i May de their under ,imb8 a of Kcf 1, but though their numbers wore Many As been 8tr6,Ched upon to rack slil1 a Quot Tho Sands in the desert yet Al their voices a in ainu he made them mangle each United in n perfect Harmony. Hans How 0,her Wilh i on bc0ur�e. A a he to blood Ever soon found out Tho Causo in u Niche 1 pm ured ,0n in Lorron a but to got no within Tho roof sat an Agod who Gavel Carer 10 b 8 a a acct. At inst to could no the note to which they wore compelled to Lonser Bear the sight of their torments and sing. He was silent As hoary time and Waring to plague them he separated him spoke no mortal work Whilo the rest were of Iron Belr Ocio it a and crud n,ra08t a a often wont to talk too much. Tho old above now sounded to the dance and the Birds All echoed Back the old Many a tune. In an instant Tho whirl began and Tho Little Maidens that had sat by Hans caught him by the arms and sprang about with him in the dance for two hours Long and yet neither his breath was Short nor his feet weary. The More they danced the Wilder Roso their spirits till Evory soul was bathed ecstasy. Often in the time of his old age was Hans accustomed to say when he described this Scono a there May be and no doubt Are greater Joys in heaven but earthly imagination is too weak to picture Hans had lived thus Many months when at last he resolved to visit the schools and become a student with Tho servants for a Hermit. In one of his lonely walks to was breaking the stones against each other for want of occupation when suddenly a Toad sprang from a piece of Rock that had just shivered. At this sight the talks of the old cow hard flashed upon his Momory and to exclaimed a now then Eliza is mine Tho malicious dwarfs could on Duro Tho Scourge but Here is an enemy Whoso sight will sting them Worso than Tho sting of Iron or the bite of a with a is to enclosed tire creature in a Vaso of Silver and again summoned the Little people to his presence. No sooner had they come within a few paces of their noxious enemy than its influence acted upon them like an electric Shock. Thoy full to Tho Earth convulsed shivering shrieking and writhing Liko hand was the dwarfs make a Rule of instructing All the half bruised serpents. Every children of Earth who fall into their Power j in cached Forth to Pray for mercy and every As far As they May be capable of receiving voice a. Inn i in a. Their lessons. But the Little people have apprehensions infinitely finer than any human beings and Are Well acquainted with they May be capable of receiving voice a loud in Promise Loans feeling that the Power was now with himself told them that to should depart that night Between the hour of eleven and twelve Wilh his Eliza and ordered them to Load five wagons with the Rio he of their kingdom their books their Gold their emeralds and their diamonds. To this Thoy promised assent and Evon to his wish that All their servants Shoal j be free who according to earthly reckoning Wero Inore than Twenty years of ag0< r was an hour after Midnight the Moun Tain opened and they stood again upon the a Arth and for the tint time for me re Long Yuan they saw to red of morning glimmering in Tho oat. The dwarfs warmed like bees about Iho wagons All were Busy though in silence for Tho hand of their master Lay heavy on them it looked Liko the breaking up of their kingdom. And now Hans took the Brown Cap from he head waved it thrice in the air and Flung i among the crowd. In an instant All had vanished nothing was to to Een but a few Bushes nothing to be heard but the whispers of Tho grass that waved in to All the mysteries of nature. They Aro besides exceedingly industrious and work the metals with a minuteness that can to Only equalled by Tho texture of Tho Blossom on the Flower. Among All his companions in the school Tho one to love Best a a Little fair complexioned Maiden called Eliza who came from his own Village and was Tho pastors daughter. With her he pasted his child Hood in brotherly affection without any thought of tha Earth or its inhabitants till at length he had reached i eighteenth year and she her sixteenth year when this affection ripened into lore. Tho dwarfs saw this Wilh pleasure for heir great desire a to Rule and Thoy hoped to enslave him by Means of hit passion for Eliza but in this they were mistaken to had Learned from his attendant that he who was master of Ono Dwarf was matter of them All and would command the utmost exertions of their Power. Down again causing a great Doal of Comino-1 a a ,0 do ?8, Ako or a no or a o. The Tion in Tho water Trio water splashing to a 8.c8 which no puf8aed for Tho 8nk�. Height of three or four feet. Tho object then merely of a. Do they Call into exercise one or Many of our faculties suppose they cultivate the reasoning Power and the Power of polio combination do they do any tiling Eko ? if not what have to by which to Impi ovo lire Power of observation of consciousness 4of generalization Ami combination these most important and most valuable of our faculties ? if then moved off and disappeared. A in about ten minutes i saw n Largo Wake As of something moving in Tho water near Tho Inlet on the West Shore. The swells Camo out from the rushes and extended past to Mouth of Tho Inlet. Tho Wuko was larger than is Mado by boats on the Lake. I saw nothing to occasion Tho Tho above statement by Ono of Tho party pc r a ilk be so limited it May be desert represents what Twenty saw from Tho Sorne in la Rye whether Somo studies which Point of View and before to had rounded a Imp,0v0 3 Lark a number of our Fracul to and a cached them with Trio boat. There a is no a sometimes Lake their places was no boat on to Lako within thro and y�1 mof8 whether they should occupy fourths of a mile of us at Tho Timo to were 80 Are a ,�?011 a to no devoted to de hailed by Trio party and none at the North cult to on. But to May examine Tho subject cud of Tho Lake. With to cd judge to another test. To May ask what Are penetrated the rushes and rowed in Vari to faults actually produced by Devotion to Ous parts of Tho Luko where Tho object had been seen but neither of Tho Turco in Trio boat discovered anything to Causo Tho commotion in Tho water Aud not a pct son was near that portion of Tho Lako on Tho West Shore. What the taut saw afterwards. By the same person. A Somo fifteen minutes after you left the those studies which no allowed to to merely disciplinary. We teach Tho Maffi Emal is to cultivate Tho reasoning Power and the languages to improve tire imagination and Tho taste. To then Inay very pro it Erly inquire Are mathematicians better Ria Oncas than other in matters not mathematical 1 As a student advances in Tho mathematics do we find his Powers of Ratiu Cima Point and had Gono up Tho Lake i saw a 1 to it oni a any Fly is i a a 0 relations of Quan dark looking living object moving on Tho was to get to visibly improved Are Phillo Tor Somo three or four rods from Tho Inlet. I Gil or classical students More Likely to Belt moved out from Tho Inlet in a direction come poets or artists then other or nearly across Tho Lake. As it continued in Oca their Stylo by this Mode of discipline its Courso towards us i saw a dark Streak approach More nearly to the classical mod on Tho water behind Tho object six or eight Els of their own or any other language Feck Long. Trio moving object bowed round j if we cannot discover any Law of nature and took a direction up the Lake appearing by which n cause produces its effect and Are and disappearing alternately at different Points thirty or forty rods Distant from where i was standing until it was nearly opposite where i was and until it entirely disappeared. I stood upon a Box part of Tho time and looked it it from Tho nearly nil the party at that Point had Tho unable to perceive lint the effect is produced to begin to Doob whether any causation exists in the matter. Tun table turned. A week or two since a Young couple in the South part of this town who had just Lasen United in to Samo View of it. Tho whole time from its a a Ikon Bond of Matrimony Wero treated Toa first Appo Aranco to its disappearance was serenade of Tho Carat Pumpian order by a nearly Ore hour. From Tho Box with the try Glass it appeared to to a foot and a half above Tho water. Others on Tho Shore stooped Down and looked at it Over Tho sir face of the water and reported that it appeared to to six or eight inches Aboto the surface. I have no hesitation in saying that it was a Large living coca Turk of Somo kind. I know it was there is no guessing about it. 1 a a it As distinctly As i now so you in that chair. Tho water was so smooth that a Cane could Havo been seen on to Tut Faco to Lamo diet acc at band of Somo Twenty performer. After wearying themselves without bringing out Tho slightest sign of �?�0 vim i Tucy disperse 1 and retired to their Homes. The next any All of them were invited by the Happy pair to their new Homo to a Nitako of a supper. The invitation was accepted and All a wised off to the entire satisfaction of ally on affectionate Farewell was exchanged and All departed in Tho Beof humor. Half a mile of the homeward journey won passed Over when Ono corp a Ned of unpleasant sensation accompanied with vomiting a few the depot was painted in big Black letters. Goto Markhams under which Somo rival had painted if you Tea it to be skinned. 1 his Tonta a Quaker Medicino who painted up take or. Hobensack s pills and along Cato n track Vendor who stuck up under it so As to continue Tho sense prepare to meet thy god. A Friend at our Ollow suggests that to saw in Brooklyn Tho other Day a poster read a of. Lecture to night by or. Chapin under which protruded in big red letters. Lac most successful Verm Fuge in the world. Gratis advertiser May As Well beware of Cross readings a Detroit adv. 117�?� to prevent metals from rust Iii Inell Tugo Lucr three part of land and Ono of Rosin and apply a Rory thin coating. It will preserve Russia Iron stoves and grate from rusting during summer even in Damp situations. Trio Effort is equally Good on brass Copper steel Etc. Tho Samo compound forms in excellent water proof a in for leather. Boots Wren treated with it will soon after Tako the usual polish Wren blacked and Tho soles May be saturate with it. A Large crot. Near Lawryn Coburg Indiana May Boson id,000 acres of Corn in Ono body which it is Behoved will yield 960,000 or 1,000,000 bushels. A it a a Tho Salisbury n. A watchman records Tho inn Ler of n negro in Yadkin county in which Tho murderer the negro # matter after beating his victim with an a Holve poured hot voter in his ears and killed him. More or it. Rev. C. R. Fisher married a couple a few Days Maiocc. Priest Hughto went 10 Trio new married couple and require de them to be Over again by him and also to do Polanco. So to ire informed a Harford courant. Following rvs of Alioa was adopted Bertlie tale Republican convention n we to in besotted that us Funda Inetal principles of the Republican party Are i .aw-1 upon the equal right of All hint those principle re Nii Erly Natila in tin pm caption of by me of i account of birth place a Licitri or Rotor and that shia raw Van too a Capo and to 11 Arcuri Poi awl organisation which juror Willior a. Cat measure and Uko upon the Malvre Obrig. Linn Moo Tom unit with Abr took Imiru a Frith mid Fri i t Hoti St Mali Jaq As member of to part or. Tux Law 1 St Hamp Wise a a Cut it a Rcd Pic a Oil of Portal Mmith write a a tip a new temperature Law which i it in no a. Lion Al Meta month in working wait m i Ortw Nouty. To is Micro very Little spirit Are sold a a sept for Tut ii i a and mechanical purposes by Tho Agency in Iho place. And tto Happy Cito to strikingly Wen in tto Quirt of tto Cuy. A a specimen of the thorough with which tto us is a forced an attn Ocary Haa just torn tried for Seiling a pint f alcohol and put under

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