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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTus Union and to thu is Riluth d wisely Sloey. Office no i Central bloc k. By Wilbrd Ophine Tbs by dds Oral Ilura. A per annul or if paid Wilh isl tires Inoia tue Iron a Tbs inn pm Shu a is opted May oui and Al thu office to Seal. Price 4 cheats. T b. Palm the american newspaper agent is the uly auth Oruel a i fur this paper in the cities of new York to Loii and Philadelphia end is duly empowered to take advertise Neui and subscriptions St the Saifur Rales As required by us. I office an a ask York to Hunt Luil Ditis ump a building n. W curler third sad Beau us Street. Marcus Watson Puter. The Union pm j0uj�onal % Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday september 1, 1854. Vol. Xeno. 35. Poetry. To Day and t Morrow. High Hopes that burned like mar Sublime go Down i the heaven of Freedom and True hearts pen a in tie time we Bitler Liest tired Ein a but never sit we Down and say there a a nothing left but a Orrum we walk the Wildert Iosa to Day toe Prumo sed land to Morrow. A or Birds at of Are silent now there Are no Sowers Beleiu Wiur yet life he nil in Law Rocen Mign a lid Freedom a Spring is coming i an l freedoms tide comes up alway though we May strand in sorrow and our Good it arc aground to Day a Hall again to Morrow. Through All the Long dark night of years the penal re i cry ascend Etli and Earth in wet with blood mud team Bui our Meek Sulf Runce Beodeth the Lew shall not Revei Sway the in try writ m sorrow the Powers of hell Are san neg to Day but Christ shall Rise to Morrow. Quot though hearts a Ned o or the Pat our Eye with smiling future a Listou Tor to Mir Day bursts i it the skies lean out your Oul Ami listen the world Rolls freedoms Radiant Way Anil ripens with her sorrow keep Heil who hours the Cross to Day shall Wear the Crown to Morrow. O Vilh flame Earnest still a it Pire with energies Iima oits to Many a he Vatu of to Irr our yearning Topcu a Portal and to nigh wearied by the Way and i Early break in the Burrow. Or ii sow the Golden rain to Day tie Harvest copies to Morrow. Bold up lie Roic lives and All b. Like a Shea then Aure Reudy to Flash out at god s Call o chivalry of Uby i Triumph and Tod Ace twin and Aye just Sun thee Lood of sorrow and i is the martyrdom to Day bring Victory to Morrow. Agricultural. Drag it a ii in Well. Then Pul of a Good be sure survives the infliction while the heavy toilet Anda failure will never Hap leather bed patient is bound to die. But pen in the seed is Good. Sow one Bushel both of these Tun Barons remedies 71 have of plaster to the acre when the Rye a a few 1 Long been discarded by civilized and Intel 1 inches High. This course is Only necessary a Lignel men in extreme cases. The reason that Rye is a we ital i better to Teyerl after than any other cups that complaint in our Tuble and have always i have tried is it grows All and without Atli ruled in to Over feeding. But in no eaves at the Bottom while oat and Solhei single Case however bad within our Kii owl a a crops grow thick at the Bottom and Edge and experience As an Amateur v. S., has it resisted a course of bran mashes. A print i smother the Young grass. To Hake yellow. In us article relative to making yellow by the addition of the Yolk of eggs found on Paye 200 of the agriculturist 1 notice Ait inquiry better people in town than the Whittington s cat destroyed. These Bones a a i s pose not but they hid nothing but Hod seen service for the last twelve Days cold biscuit and Moussea Gingerbread the joint of which they we re the Disint Egre when we took Tea Ted members Hod graced Tho table just one a a that Sas Good a they pm afford but for night before have occasional i / had cases of this in is no belter than they have every Day there were sundry articles Antico old and i Admire their Independence fashioned a lit bits Quot which might have Quot they re contemptible mean folks been set Defuro Nouh and his friends in the there a Ark. Six Long red in a Tito unpeeled even Quot Why because they do not attempt in routed completed the array of edibles to make Folk believe they live Teller than ornamental and substantial. The Farmer s nose contracted is before continued for n Day or two with the Addi than they be i for my part i done to think Tiou in one or two instances of u purgative it is any belter Ilian hypocrisy to make such a Quot a Parade of victuals a you do Esi it scially a the boys of nails or aloes. The first thought of our farm hands always was a take the animal those who have a re to the Blacksmith a to he burned Yuu Alt says a the bars occasionally swell and Rise to a level with and even a heatedly hied it Quot whether the Yolk of beyond the Edge of the Teeth. They Are egg mingled wit really improve very sore and the inns feeds badly on i its Rich flavor a. 1 have not no heatedly account of the pain he suffers tried in once trying being sufficient Lor my a pressure of the Fot Purt Muse. It is True the Yolk of eggs added called the Lampas. When it is hard for me and Trio Boyi to get a decent meal of a a did anybody Ever hear the like a groaned the lady who Hail by this time arrived at the p tech of Etui Lemeut when tears Are More effective thou. Wuu. Quot Pei a i they never did but if Ever 1 see anything of this sort again they in of it Quot replied or. Chapter. I. Trom the the food on them. This is Poniese. It is True me Yolk of eggs added called the lain Pas. It May arise from in pretty Likely to hear in a belch of White produced a tul of the Gums propagated to the borne throwing Oil his Blue Coa and Coin Erable fair specimen to the Eye. I caught bars when the horse is shedding his Teeth preparations for taking Lea i the idea from an Aitt Cle in its round in the a and Young horses Are More subject to it with the minister. Pai it or some two or three year since but than others a of i out some slight Fertile do not gel sufficiently into the secret to tendency in the Constitution generally As succeed in mixing it sous to make what we when a Young horse has lately been taken would Call very Fine Butler when it came up from grass and has been Over fed or i to be tasted by the palate and particularly not sufficiently exercised. At time it a so after it had been kept a few weeks. In Purs in aged horses for the Progress of bleed we would Piefer the eggs on one growth in the Teeth of the horse i continued plate and the on Anol Hei. The Best during the whole Lile of the animal method we have found to make yellow but in a majority of cases in swelling will Ter in Winter is As follows a subside without m my Teal treatment or a few a a we keep our Cream in a Stone Jar an mushes and gentle alternatives will relieve i although it is believed beat to keep the a run the animal. A few slight incisions across or Init a a it Ai my to a Lein a Matuie Tho barn with m Lancer or m miikiiii0# of about 60 to 62 or 65 degree yet As we relieve the inflammation and cause the swell Are in a lug Cabin without the convenience ing to subside indeed this of of a Quot Ood cellar we take no particular pains the bars in Lampas will Seldom do harm i to prevent in Liee Xing. When we Are really although it is far irom being so necessary As a s suit mixed. The brutal Cus and Burns Down thu Pai Tare lands a different grasses. Fui churning no my Iii How a id the weath is sep he sed. The brutal custom of the juror May be even if the Cream is Frozen solid Rier w to scars and Burns Down Tho Down to the be ii Point to set the Jar in a with n Rod hot Iron is Ruoy a Kettle on the stove with water sufficient to it in torturing the horse to no purpose and i Rise As High on the outside us the Cream tendering that pail callous on the delicate within. The Jar should the Pul in before sensibility of which All the pleasure and a the water becomes so but As to endanger safety of tiding Anil driving depend cracking it. The Cream should be kept j May be prudent in Case of Lampat to Stirling to prevent any poll toil of it from becoming Ico hoi be lure the w Hole Reache examine the Grinders and Tore particularly the pushes in order to ascertain whether the Mouth of August and september the do a Ireri temperature of 62 or 63 degree i either of them is making its Way through usually offer oppor unifies to the Farmer to Jas a a n jul Rodny my to the chum. Willi i the gum. If it is to two incisions Serosa each make substantial improvements in Hilene a a menu Rulison of the Cream the other Bli Ould be made on the loom aim the Drain Meadows pastores clearing1 will come about As readily Atul with prop horse will experience imme Uiti Relief. I out All the Cutter-1 in Lancing the gum Lor n miming tooth i. 1 a at the in lie cuts his Boot a Jii i lie Point of pressure. He finds the loot pulling up More and Moie but when lie make a few incisions on Biliter Side of the Boot near Tho Solo the pressure ceases and his instep is at once Furmer. Piep Rution. Come about Fields of stones and la in hand supplying Erv washing and Woit a. Waer for All the purposes for which it i i milk will pm Niue Fevo ably in color Rich it is much meter to Nick the gum desired. But there is nothing among them Lar in a a a keeping with that made Side Taihei than a Man the Edge alive the All that enhances the value of the farm More any other season of tie ear. It is be tooth this is Practised with than a a pasture. Hie veil that the yellow color its Well As a Young cd Lilien by most physicians. Any Kvetny Farmer should be a �1ock-rai�er. Tonttu he a the Ike guess of a Laige position of one troubled with a tender and swollen far Al least a the Umler ult bolter made in Winter in destroyed j Inalee can corp Zehend the rationale of tills which he exist will admit As it is Only by no by freezing but by Over Hea lug the this Means that he can sustain the fert Liiv it Cru previous la churning of his holds nod if Lize reign negating tops be find the double Zinc bottomed tiler from his arable lands through a succession Moui Eier churn very convenient both ill of years. By consuming the Hay and Grain we a Uler and Jig Cullu of the Homestead on the premises a Large Riaf in ulily of valuable Manee will he ecu a rutile died. Whereas the Selling off the peril-1 /. A arts and their can ump Liori Renivie from top of of atoms. The premises a unless their Dace be Sii we find the following in the Ohio farm neti by extraneous matter will tend Dier a restly to Ini Hgt Vii a i lie Fields Ami render1 few people have an idea As to the amount the labors of the Husbandman unprofitable of nourishment that in required to Jie Ileal and irksome in the extreme fruit Moie is require in to give the fruit in the management of pasture grounds Jiei Lection than in giving full growth to creat care should be taken to keep Down line stalk. Boshes weeds and indeed every species of to those raising Flowers this in in Potlan spurious vegetation by which land ils Vot u the Plant then Leo Hes it Gie lest red to this purpose Are so frequently infested mount of nourishment to give to the Flower Aid overrun. Its greatest Beauty. Abundance of a the Fern and the Brake As Well As Many Ier manure and that duty to requited to give perennial plants find a ready fooling and full growth and Beauty to the Blossom. 11 Arnste aliment in must pasture lands and these Are not furnished the blossoms tie should so exterminated at once. I perfecting of seed must draw on the Routs. Fly. Let cite icing them to vegetate and thu May be easily tested by a crop of to spend a mole Ted not Only Are the vegetal Tate yes. On one part of tie crop Lei the Blu ble resources of the soil essentially Dimin sums Lem Iii and the apples ii men a id the shed but toleration afford Lime for a More a talk will Dio Early and the to ibis be Small general dissemination of the wis and from the Balaney o the crop Cut the bios Render the labor of eradication far More soms old Anil the lops or stalks will keep onerous and perplexing when in is at Tenev Green till time tur digging the potatoes and de. Fern May be easily destroyed in the the tubers will be far linger. Spring when the surface of the soil has the whole potato Tup May in removed just commenced thawing by Means of u with advantage by selecting a hot sunshiny heavy Hoe. Formed in the shape of an adze. I Day that the ends of the stalks when Cut with a wide Sharp hit and subs Antii i Helve May dry soon and provent bleeding. 1�?he with an of this description an a hum. Thus Cut off. May be cured like Hay Misc Ella Neo us. Family vex. Company or Fecit kinds of cake. Chapter 1. A it is All Folly wife Quot exclaimed or. Joll Iain Somes u Butler of last Plain a Hgt Keri sort of u Man to his better half there you have got no less than four kinds of cuke Lince Kivits of pies two kind of pie serves to say nothing of Knick Knacks and the Tael was mis. Somes was having the related. A a where is the meal i sent Home Quot a a hanging in the a a had t we better eat it 7 a a 1 Wunt it for company next Sundej Quot a the ahem company again7 Quot a a 1 expect my brother to Dine with a then and i Wunt something tit to set before mrs. Somes looked Sulkey. A a and you mean to starve me and the boys in the mean time 7 a a Quot i should like to know if there is not enough for you 7&Quot said the Dame pointing to the table i Urmer Somes turned up his nose. My r i a red i ver refuse to Huy victuals when the plate of hoi biscuit was placed in you wanted them 7 be said other sternly the midst of the profusion of fancy eatables nol a Holt Kemr of Bydo it with which the table was crowded. The Wuntch ,0f r minister and his family were duly by a returned the wife sourly a a 1 am sure and the care Tony was proceeding decently i a try ,0 a9 economical As i Ai of Quot 0rocr,i a a i lands of cake that nn1�<iy would mrs. Somes had not wholly recovered ooh. I suppose is prudent Ain t it Quot from the excitement or the interview in the a vhf Morijn Xor si>me9no Kitchen and her Huml trembled slightly As p Ato 8�?z0 u Ned Meek. Or with As a she handed mrs. Meek lie her Tea. Somes had donned his Best Blue coat Bias buttons which had done duly sunday garment for fifteen years. He seemed to be somewhat uneasy and though he and the minister had always been on the Best terms his answers were toe Short and crusty fur a courteous Host. A a won to you pass the biscuit to mrs. Meek lie Hub band 7 said mrs. Shines with her sweetest smile albeit not very Sweet it that. Or. Somes did pass the biscuit to mrs Meek lie and she took one but when lie passed ilium to or. Meek lie lie smilingly declined. A a no i thank you or. Somes i never eat hut bread. It a toes not agree with me Quot said he. Mis. Somes passed Tho cold bread think ing All the a me How very uncivil it was in the Paisoli to refuse the hot biscuit she had taken so much pains to prepare. But or. Meek lie was very to his stomach for he found when instilled and imposed upon that it was Tyrai Onieal and disagreeable and he paid More defer knee in his digestive organs than he did to the feelings of i vain Parish Vouers. A a my biscuit Are not very Nice 1 did not have As Good Luck As i generally do a s log sled mrs. Somes of mrs. Meek lie look a second cake. A a better Quot interposed or. Soma. Tie lady looked at him with very evident Marks of us Pleu ural. A a they Aro very Nice a said Tho Parsons wife. A take a Little More of this quince pro serve miss Meek lie. T Dure soy it is not so Nice us your Mother makes but the truth is a a it has stood to Long a in corrupted or. Somes. A the Jar Lias not been opened since you were Here last fall Quot mrs. Stines liked daggers hot the Parson Verv consider Dely asking or. Somes if he had done planting just at that moment Lio walking into the room. Good gracious Tho minister and with such a table spread for the Fuji qty what a commentary on four kinds of cake for no is. Somes was All conf Ion. Though the Parson intended to look it the Larmor she could see that mme than Unco his eyes wandered Over the Tuble. Glad to see you Parson sit Down and take some dinner with us a a said or. Somes inking Tho minister by the hand. To Fli it it a my i .14 a c f Blackwood on Tho United state a aglow ing picture. It was the fashion a few years since Lor Blackwood a Magazine to sneer at and ridicule the United slates on every possible of Casion. We Are now described As a the you aug giant of the West a and the writer makes these admissions Plain Ano fancy Job of Intino. The Rrt Susoff Tuuu Hurnt 1 us Baber tit Ltd la on Tab lock up with Primm Sod bps hat a a a is Kim to few Rush in Public wry Wev Correct Malinc with a it a ral Sara oct. A Sot Tysl has Mot Sidic Wrils s tar Yssis in this sit. Only or pm Jim of Tamer la Colora or with Broun will sex my lad i s a a it that Wilt compare by ural with lbs freon so print inc of let to Day or country and by Tbs Aid of a fair Soua mass with k dispatch not before known la this is Suva. Tbs urn nud Lucr Tulaf Dusi Aalfs card Suntino us induced the to Purchase a mat Klyr for Ltd Weir con Boora Ami pure Hatler lbs pm it in Pumula Chirm in Large Nan Viusa is it Cash cd to Nassr All orders in ibis Gnu ice of Tbs bus lusts to Uit must per oct sadists Ctina. A sol to mini of All Ooi Urs and Quale is wars of hand. Str orders so any kind of Job or Lunf St by sue a Rowan cd by it Lail prot in Kly answered. In non and Jonas is. Ornen. L u. Co wan. Dim through which lie can speak to the Public where he is to find his customers. Pul on the appt Ranee of Brainens and generally the Era lilt will follow. The Farmer plants his seed and while he is sleeping his Corn and a potatoes Are growing. With the advertising. Who o you Are sleeping or cutting or conversing with one set i customer your advertisement is being Reud by hundreds mud thousands of persons Quot u a her anger without any a pleas a mater his Wile Ami Hoo grown up Daugh ant tect8. Tie in Lake Tea with her. She Hail been a a Hub a nud wont you pass the cuke to Lor three Days in the. Or Jle fio a cd null u display of Nice things was Cal-1 hunk you mrs. Somes i never cat cake a fluted to astonish me and h a unless it be something very simple such As family to give them a two fold urge a in it or Bunij or Poilu a Etc fee. Hrs to Al the variety am extent of her culinary j hut c Umi for Knuf of a fake i sources and secondly at her Lolly i Alto make a display beyond her templing Means. The Somes were in comfortable Sircum stance. Or Somes was u Farmer and Pio Bubly Bis income might have amounted to four Hundred dollars per year. Mis. Smiles was a prudent careful housewife who wasted no mine of her skill us it ii her own family than wus absolutely necessary. But she Deigl led in making u Graml appearance Xvi eur he had. Sines Ami the boys were sometimes so ill natured As to growl at her Caro Lul catering when flip House contained no company and a i Cut them to the Bone to see such extraordinary prep Aminous for the i Guiliam shines had just come from the Silling loom where the table with its tempting it i of Viu mls wus spread. He did nut like it a bit mud Niter i Assiut the Lime of Day with the Paison sol his family Fie proceeded la the Kitchen where his Wile was just taking the biscuit out of the oven. Bat do you mean by fully i should like rip Tiou an i to industrious Man will go Over a Large area and furnish excellent Balder Lor cattle in a Short time unless the Bushe be very by adopting this Mode our funnels can dense Ami a Lei form the of Elir pation get a Good Eliop of jul aloes and Moie India manner it once a Borough my effectual Ler from the same ground than they will 0her by he of a similar de cd Iliou May gel from an Ordinary Meadow. By allow also be eradicated in the same Way ing the Blossom Lori it eur into fruit this fed in stocking Down pasture lands there Der whether fur Muncie or food for cattle is should be a mixture of seed., and a most lost. Liberal Quantity it is poor policy to sow All this is True but will the tubers be but one a Ort by having a variety of Gra a healthy 7 is not the gain in the size of the is we secure a much greater amount of tuber a log a in it Peile Cipun As a potato a fodder Laii where we sow but one Ami is not this change in the nature of the where sheep Ami cows oxen and horse he Talo by culling of it uts a change to a re permitted to run together this method 7 the Ciocu Lazion of Tho blood or will be found especially beneficial. We map of them it Lalo in slopped in its natural Are often a to prised by the neglect Manifest course Ami instead of coining to the aired by a ome Stock raisins in the management through it lung or leaves to receive a Pruni of their mature lauds. No Section of the Ciple necessary to its healthy existence it farm should receive Moie systematic is confined to the tuber deprived of a Nal a my careful attention. If the ground is ural element and thus confined produce Low and wet a i should be drained and the an unnatural state in tie tubers it becomes native grasses Winch Are commonly found a Large potato but not a natural one. In vegetating with great Luxuriance in such eats finely Pill nce Well but does it pro a oils Ami which Are nearly worthies sup-1 Doce a Ara fax per fact potato 7 a it not Rath l lamed by More but Vitious and Val Ern to ukr alike and disc esd potato f cer a cd Tauly it in a Mon Flor. A deter ated tuber and Little Soui belie she became a Wile the improvement of Low ground pastures is not cutting the Lope to produce size among a the Folly of Selling such a table As is a Mailer which has already awakened the causes dial have produced disease in the you have a a replied the Hus Bat d. I should the attention of some of our Farmers and potato it Mallei Bui Lii Lehow in Branch think you Weie going to have the president a fill in time produce valuable i coulis. Is and leaves the lungs of venue foibles Aie or the Loyal family to take Tea with on this subject we find some excellent removed the effect is the same or a a i am going to have the Rev. Or. In optical rentals in an addies by a. D. Dealt follow. Meek lie and his family and i will take die Kiu on Befu the the Tioga county ?a., thu a you approach mount Washington erne of my business if you will yours a agricultural society a a you Aie plea Seil Uili the tall stately Spruce replied the lady slamming the oven door. The re Clover in the Only kind of Gra a every where to be seen in the dark valleys. A a la traps it is not my the wheat grower should cultivate and that As you ascend the Mountain the Spruce a no i am sure it is is the very kind the Grazier does not want grow smaller its branches and leaves its a who pays Lor All them gew Gaws and to Wilh Bis Blue gras lungs Are less and less. It become Dis Gim Crock ? Timof Liv and Ted top. All these Are slow to a red As you ascend. At length you come a a you do of Start and mature while the Clover Start to where the Spruce merely trails upon the a a but it is none of my business a Quick and protects not Only the soil hut ground Ami where by All its Effort it Mere-1 a no i never thought you were so con but the other grasses until they mature and j by throws up from it stalk a few sickly founded Menn 7 a said the lady her face spread Ami run Oul the Clover. But one Atrall no lungs to milk its position dig reddening with anger word on the importance of having All the away the it Olar Moss and you will find a a mean i am not mean but when you different Kimit of go Oil Grac mixed which of of tubers a at la loin a i nig upon at gel Vij equals Lor your family you think Al grow Well on it our soil. M a All know when thou Ataii Root. The tall in Jemio Spruce most anything is Good enough for any kind in Green Ami Ferb cattle do Murhy that would have been Wilh brunches and we never see any pies and cake and Knick better than when Rijaz and dried up. The leaves flaunting in a healthy atmosphere kind i Hava named come in Oiler. Tim has event. In All of it health Ami strength a a do Yon think in a going to make pies Othy is first and Blue Gra last to mature us on a Cluster of Tawrs soil is Wilh the and cake for the men folks to eat and by having the e mixture you have potato deprived of its lungs the tuber is what a Calu Unity four and the Parson would not Touli one of them. A a but you will take one of these jul bibles i made them of purpose for you a a a a that a a fact or. Meek lie a added or. Soimes maliciously. A a he would further have added that his wife never Nunley to and pies for her own lucidly but he was afraid of frightening the Parry a. A a you must so the i doubt not they arc very Nice but i have to lie careful. Mrs. Meek lie and up daughters were More courteous and Encl nibbled a Small bit of lie Rich Pound cuke but they seemed to do so their better judgment. The truth was they Felt embarrassed by the neighbors. It was a kiss the Cook when they extraordinary display or. Shines Luid make. Were to Luke but the Board groaned with they did not feel at Home. The whole affair there were Gulemi a sent. Was too artificial to be enjoyed. And it an Eurly hour the whole party withdrew men Tully Date Minim d to nuke it a Long Timo to fore they took Tea with or. Somes again. Chaiter his a wife where is the piece of i Home for dinner 7 asked Farmer meat i sent Somes to know a replied mrs. Juchum Somes be and the boys came in for to Nair noon Day somewhat tartly. Meal on the Day following Tho Tea party. She was a second wife Ami having been i he Fanner glanced inquiringly it redeemed from one of the advanced stages table Lii Chi was spread before him. I vol of her Leui it or had Guowu a Unitarily ids Organ longitudinally it would my to polite to say a a be turned up Ida no a a though such was the fact beyond the possibility of denial. Further Soncs was not in any sense an epicure. He liked a Plain substantial diet shut Quot which was Goot and enough of it Quot As he forcibly expressed his ideas of Tuble Scono i1 1 Elf 1 up Ink Iio a a a a a a nor Meek lie. I have a one walk to take a. A Ofa f before i return Home. B Fol it it f,.om 18�?. Or ,0f Farmer Somes was pointing him to a chair a a a Orne be e but k to when the lady interposed. I weave up a two Havn got a picked husband sent Humo did no to gel Here uni it no time to Cook i a Elt q be Ruina a 50.000,000, 2.000, 000 May reside West of Tho Kocky mountains leaving 48,000,000 Foi the great Val icy within lie slates. A a until within the Iasi few years we have who never saw you or heard of Nur bus been too much in the habit of treating the re a a a a Quot a never Wuu a Hud it net been ecu iils by ought before us of american a or no caring in thu Progress to greatness us extravagant Gaa Maury. Conade. The govern evils of Europe have been disposed to ignore the pretensions which she has put Forth until from one after Mother she has wrung reparation for actual or imagined wrongs. Even when we saw her Flag flying in every Pott of the world Ami Felt the Active compel a lion of her merchants and ship owner we were disposed to regard her rather As an Itei Lomg tru Licer Wilh whom from her distance from us and her isolated position Europe could have Louie sympathy Ilian us the germ of a powerful nation Wilt a mighty future in Prospect. With a View to bring about a proper recognition of the actual mud growing a into Lauce of Amei Iea its u member of the great family of Iii Loiis we propose Here to give a few statistics illustrative not Only of the innate elemental sure ugly and Progress which she possesses Bill also of the Genius shown by her people in turning them to profitable he Niheu goes of to recapitulate sane of the leading facts of the census of 1850, and quotes the merchant a a Magazine As Well in reference to the past us the future thus a a in 1840 the United Stales Hud a population of 17,068,666. Allowing ils future increase to bout the Rale of 33 1-3 pc cent for each succeeding period of ten years we shall number in 1940, 303,101,631. Fast warrants ii in expecting this a rent Ines ease. In 1790 our number was 3,927,827. But lest a bundled years seem too Long to be relied 011 in a i inv v s pointing 10 a Cnair of a 1c�t�um will vew of i a a i Jecies to As extravagant for Elliis ii ipod. In j lib i?ll�3r�l�� iw0. According to that Julio our number be n joint of Veel but it will be 72 000,000. Of these 22,000,000 nil after eleven sol had. Will be a Lair allowance for the Ailanti a a got Here by eight of clock a Suid Farmer Sumes a a no Lilis to Tho a a but if Yon will Only wait a few minutes i will Fry sumo of the veal a a sit Down Parson it is every Day Faro but what is Good enough for me is Good enough for my a a bight or. Somes Quot replied Tho minister drawing up his hair. A a my buses relates to Tho new Bell for Tho meeting House. I am carrying round a subscription a a i am with you Farmer Somes wus in most malicious Good humor and with a Broad Grin on Bis honest plex lie opened Tho paper Tho minister gave him. A Twenty dollars Quot exclaimed mrs. Somes i should not think they could of lord Al Quot a a he give his friends nothing hut Gingerbread. A Aid the Farmer. A a put Roe Down thirty we Hugo four kind of the Purson consumed one Long a red a and one of Tho vulgar fractions of cold Sau uus. Ill preferred Brown bread to White and would not touch Uny of Tho pies which the prudent housekeeper Sot Henro him. Mrs. Somes was awfully mortified. Her reputation was sacrifice a and Farmer Somes Nover had occasion to find fault with her Foi making a vain show of three kinds of pies two kinds of preserves and four kinds of cake. Blackwood remains that the foregoing will naturally strike most persons us an extravagant calculation but at the same time admits that the Leils heretofore justify in Brief it is conceded that the american Republic is now one of the most powerful states on the face of the Earth Ami that it is quite Timo for european statesmen so to regard and consider it when taking an enlarged View of the Progress of Mankind and the Onward movements of the age. Self regulating Windmill. Daniel Halliday u Mechanic in an of score country Village Ellini ton Connecticut Lias done what Tho world of mechanics tuve sought for in vain for centuries. He has in Euleil and Pul �11 successful operation a Windmill Wilh self furling sails. The Mill Buill by him has live feet wings that is the i Ucler of the wind wheel is leu feet and it has been in operation for six Mouths without a hand being touched to to regulate the sails. It run fifteen Days at one Lime without stopping Day or night and it has stood through some haul Gules the Beauty of the improvement is. That does stand still when the wind rages hardest wit i the Edge of the wines to the wind and As it lulls they gradually resume their position Lor a gentle Breeze. In is Sueon Rived that nothing but a Squall of Grout severity Fulling upon it without a to Meuly a warning can produce damage. The Mill mentioned has drawn water from a Well twin in Elgal feel deep one Hundred Leel Distant and forced it into Small Reservoir in tie upper part of the barn sufficient for All farm Pur it of is Garden irrigation and a lots to the Cost of such a Mill will lie s50, and ten pumps and pipes about $25. It is elevated Oil single Oak Pool u foot Square the turn Circle being support cd by Iron braces. The wings Are made of one longitudinal Iron bar through which run Small oils upon whet a rods narrow boards Hall an Inch thick Are fitted holes being bored through Iron Edge to Edge and screwed together ends of the rods. This Fie a Sture through the a Eason. One word 011 the subject of preparing your Field for sowing the Giu a evil. Though ordinarily you Hay not much trouble �11 this re Impact 111 ibis immediate Vinci a there Are occasionally some Fiefie or parts of Fields which do not catch. The remedy for All this a a on your by land where your seed would not be so by Ely to grow have your soil Well prepared Early in the Spring and sow it with Spring Rye. On the first dragging let a Man follow the drag with four quarts to the acre of each kind of seed tiny thy red Oluver and reit or p. Then Cron sow it with two quarts each of White Olover and Blue gras rolled in plaster then enlarged but unnatural and did eased. Every Day 7 the touted Tho indignant housekeeper. A then done to do it for company. What i Good enough for me is of Good As i can afford to give nov visitors. Quot 1 really believe if you had your own Yolk Way you would have me As mean As the the tampax. The correspondent of the new spirit of the tune inquires As �0 burning fur the Lampa and whether that is the indy a a the Smiths Are As Good folks and a Core for it. With the Hope that we May Lih Etal As and in town and in ii warrant perhaps save one Horre from the Sun eyes Parson Meek lie thinks a Heap More old aty and terrible torture of the burning Iron them than lie die of you with All Yoni we Ai Lenit to reply. Our kinds of burning Lor the Lampania As Sotil and a a you a if a look or. Somes Quot As humane a remedy a is suffocation be a a i am enough to know that folks tween two Feather Beily for the hydrophobia Are not judged by the Quantity of wee a both have been Practised by the Igno cake they put upon the table when they rant and both Are effectual. The horse to have company. I repeat it there Are no my lest the Render by 11�? or the makes Strong Light sails but a will be seen ate fixtures nut to be filed or chewed up but they Are thrown up Edge to the wind by should in Poso to was a v0�?t ingenious and simple arrangement a a f .1. _ l am. A a Alia Aalt nit Ali Rel in Falls if a Btl t Ono of those Grout ill natured a a Fredere a 1 of the machinery which Obj a ales the great who would i unable at the Ambrosia and acc a objection to windmills Lor farm use the to Rof the gods we Devin it necessary to necessity of constant supervision of the sails particularism the Anides on the Board of Tho to suit the strength of a he wind. Wind is undoubtedly the cheapest Power that a Lariner can use Ami notwithstanding its inconstancy if this improvement operates As Well As it bids fair to in the single Mill elected it will be applied to Many valuable uses. By windmills Iwami May be drained and Upland what an adv anlage would be the latter �11 such a drouth a prevails now in Many parts of the country besides the great amount of fertilizing matter in water at All time. Tho Windmill could be ored too for All grinding of Grain for farm use triv ing Ilio washing machine anti churn pump ing the water from the Well or Spring often one of the hardest kinds of labor about the funner Soma and lira boys had a very Dis House. Liquid manure and the solid extinct recollection of having seen this dish on element male of liquid could be sent a the Tahle every Day during the previous Field through leading pipe by the time fortnight proving that mrs. Somes wus Power. Not Only the most economical but one of the we do earnestly Hope Tor the Success of most obstinate Dames in the world. The this improvement that it will not Only be Tanner and his boys had virtually said they an Oren men but a thing of usefulness to would not Eai those same Beans and mrs. Many american. Y. Tribune. Somes had virtually said they should. On a worn out nue piste ,. And a a nicked a in a thousand places were it Good qualities like great abilities Lour pork Bones looking As though they had Are incomprehensible and to been picked by that army of mice which such As Are deprived of them. Lady who had placed four kinds o cake before company. Certainly there was variety enough to satisfy the most fickle taste. On a broken Platter the Best dishes were religiously reserved to the use of company a was the half of one Sauvage and two thirds of another making one us nge and one sixth All told. They were in suspicious looking fat and altogether the aspect of the dish was singularly forbidding on a White plans with a Long Black fracture extending quite Acme it Lay in aggregated Mani of three Doxon baked bean and an infinitesimal fragment of pork Rind. This we in Ami Quity the Farewell of a writer. N p. Willis in a Luto number of Tho Home journal gives in account of Tho Stuto of his health und Tho disorder consumption under which lie is no medicines appear to be of any Avail and lie is evidently gradually sinking unde the at ack. He announces that his letters irom Idlewild Tho name of his residence must now Lcuio. From this i lust Lottor to Muke the following extract a a a consumption mourned Over is it is Socarra to me u gentle untying of Tho knot of life instead of the Suddon und harsh tearing asunder of the thread by other diseases a tenderness in the destroying Nigel Isit were which greatly softens for some his inevitable errand to All. It is u decay with Little or no Puin insensible almost in it Progress delayed sometimes year after your in its most fatal approaches. And it is not alone in it indulgent prolonging and deferring Tami consumption is like u Blessing. Tho cords which it first loosens Are the con scr ones Moi to confining to the mind. Hie weight of Tho Mac Raul senses is gradually taken from the soul with Iho lightening of the food und the lessening of their strength. A a How to judge a horse. A coi i Esponde t of the Prairie Fanner cont Purily 10 old maxims undertake to judge the Ehara Cler of a horse by outward uppearui.ee�, Ami offers the Fol Lovvig aug be Slius a a the result of i close Observance Ami Long experience. 11 die color be Light sorrel or Chestnut i feet legs mud Fuco White these bib Mark of kindness. If Ite itt and full Between Tho Eye he May to deposed upon no a Buree of Good sense Ami capable of being trained to Almott anything. A Iohp Ecta auth liaises the More kindly you heat them Tho belter you will be lieu Ted in return. Nor till a non a of this description stand the whip in Well fed. If us want a Sale inns avoid one that is Doh laced he May to so Lur gentle a not to to cure but he vex ill have too much go ahead �11 him to be Safo for Etc Inbody. In you want a foul but a hots of Greiert Bottom gel a deep Bay with not a while hair about him a i i face is a Little i hed 0 much the worse. Let 110 Man ride such a horse who in not an adept in Riding they Are always Tricky and Musale. If you Waul one who will never give out never buy a Large Over Guowu one a Black Home Coufol stand heat nor while one cold. If you want a gentle horse get one with More or Les while Aboul Linin the More the better. Many up that the parti col noted inns belonging to circuses a Lions si0., Are selected for their oddity. But the selections thus made Are of account of great docility mud gentleness. Caches or Chain licit thing. In a discourse recently read mine thu Boyol acad Erny by or. A. B. Grove it was tinted and Pio veil by Experiment shut the effects of the rare Caiiou Njoni in it ses either As produced by the air pump or by heal lend to Render the discharge of electricity More facile and to Eua Blu them to nut across much larger spaces than would otherwise be the Cane. Strikingly was this evidenced with lame that when the flame of a spirit lamp was held near one of the terminal Point of the Cuil apparatus of Yuhin Koif the terminals being separated to a distance far beyond that Al w Linch the Spain would pass in cold air the Spain darted to and along the margin of the lame and could be curved or twisted about in any direction at the will of thu experimenter giving a perfect illustration of the Ciu oked lorm o lightning and of the probable reason Why it docs not Png a in straight lines the temperature o the Nir being different at different Points of its passage und much of this variation of Lempira la a being in All Pion Billiy Occas iacued by the mechanical effect of the discharge itself a Hui the air. N. P. Willis at Ille Vild. To have read with deep emotion the Valodin Conry letter of or. Willis from Idlewild. Death after All with Ull the gilding irom the sunlight beyond is a dark Cloud to pus through and the last n Irving Widi those who have done much to brighten this aide of tie mysterious full Fly for us As they step Down Intuit Slid owe shows it is not easy. Or. W. Is one of the guat fascinating writ Cia of our lung Ungo a and who to Duy will remember anything of his productions hut their excellencies this Leiter will Tania in eyes in Widly scat Tore 1 hours where Tho face and form of the author Are unknown hut where his writings beguiled buoy an hour of its weariness. It is like die loved music of a Long familiar Burn whose cords we know ure York evening Post. Iyo Tho Kuicks Ebocker says in Here is a Beloit Wilh ice in a i a a a an old Chap residing near hero who Uii Ghl be clan cd As of the Genus a Scal Awag Quot who we Loa probably till he owns himself i i tout picked up a living by in invalid no Mun bus Over Given Tho wings Pett fogging nud other Means Moie or less of his spirit room enough few if any equivocal was caught by i neighbor Wilh a have thought to adjust Tho ministering stored of his Back which he had just approx body and soul so As to subdue the son sos Priale from mid neighbor s Lenco for Ina to their secondary Placo and play. With i"0� it a us a �?�c�?"�d1rb� illness enough for this and not enough to a re dealing my Fence for 1 was tin distress or weaken with consumption in other words As most commonly a the mind becomes conscious of 11 wonderfully new in Edom und things around alter their Tuluo. Estimates of Persona and pursuits strangely change. Nature seems a truly Beautiful is if a glut Hud fallen from the eyes. Thu purer Affee tons the simpler motives the humbler und More secluded Reliance for sympathy Are found to lie the closest link a with thoughts bolder and Freer. Who has not wondered at consumptive Persona 7 it is because with the senses kept under by invalid treatment there is no a cd Pic Trion of with careful regimen and Tho system purified and disciplined life what there is of it is in the most exhilarating balance of its varied proportions. Death is not dreaded where there is thus such a conscious breaking through of Tho wings of another life Freer and higher. Tux Valdur or after Thixon. Advertisers will do Well to Ponder the following Sonai Hie remarks contained in u cheap Little Book entitled a How to got a whatever your occupation or culling May be if it needs support Iron the Public advertise it thoroughly and efficiently in some shape or other that will arrest Public attention. I freely confess that whal Success i have had id my life May fairly be attributed More to the Public press than to nearly Ull other causes Binod. There May pos Ibl be occupations that do Dot require advertising but i cannot Well conceive what they Are. Men in business will fines Tell you the a they have tried advertising and that it did not pay. This is Only when advertising is done sparingly and grudgingly. Hong a Muthio dose of advertising will not put pm of aps it is like half a portion Ofphy Sre. Mik ing the patient sick but affecting Rothong. Administer liberally end the cure will be permanent. Some by they Canoot afford to Advt Ratiee. They mistake they cannot it Tud not to advertise in this country where everybody reads the new paper the Man must have a thick Skull who does not see that these Ora the cheapest and Best to sol Talion to received from the Tho old fellow turned round rested one end of the rail 011 the i oud and replied without thu least embark no met my i ainu to such an flu Ughy sight older than you Are you meddling old fool a then deliberately shouldering the rail he carried in slightly Tho 1 wrong truck 1&Quot a Goon joke. Barnum happens to own a few acres of Laud it the Corner of Fairfield and cemetery roads Ltd run her in modern parlance at the Corner of Oriental und Mountain Grove avenues which joins the Homestead of or. Jat no a d. Johnson. Barnum iras placed u picket Fence urn und Tho lot and turned in to it half a Doten splendid deers elks pc. To a stranger this enclosure seems to to a doer Park belonging to the Home Sec id fore suit und to rend Dor Tho illusion Complete the proprietor of the Homestead to placed a conspicuous sign in Iho a a Deer Park Quot Reading As follows a a All persons to forbid tres a Quot of in this ground or disturbing the Deer. 6 0. D. Barn urn s laurels Are stolen and he confessed a i to be the in is joke of the Standard. Newport. Tho new York evening minor in a letter from this pinot Aye the decollete fashion of tires1 seems to Havo a one out 0/ fashion a Aud there a re fewer stunningly Low necked dresses and Huby sleeves this season than Oun usually encounters in of Large a crowd of Beautiful women. Whether this a Reform Quot comes from a growing modesty or from fear at must Niton the ladies themselves can Best decide. Cool. Of Nur Way to Iho office lbs other morning while pissing the residence of one of our citizen who Psi Ner Ebud near the roof engaged in painting be we addressed by an aged Parent with i beware ing. A a Yoaw ii fall and break your neck. A a never mind Mother Quot was the response a a it s Long enough to

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