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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 27 1854, Page 5

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLeft lha troth the report m the natives bed in their to session various articles european Nanu amp cure which had been in the Possession the Whites among these ote several Silver spoons Forks ac., one which is engraved a sir John Franklin. K. By while the others have Cresta and initials them which identify the owners is having belonged to the ill fated expedition. Drawings some these articles have been made by . Rae and sent Forward. This fearful tragedy must have occurred As Long ago As the Spring 1850. Ocean Bank Kunne Bank. The annual meeting the stockholders this Bank was held the 14th inst., for the Choice directors Lor the ensuing year. The following gentlemen were chosen Joseph til comb president William lord jr., Noah Nason Joesph Dane jr., William l. Thompson. Thomas lord Kennebunk and Benjamin f. Mason Kennebunk port. The affairs the Bank Are in a flourishing . The Best capital for a Young Man is a capital Young wife. So a Young gent informs us who has just Quot gone and done a Machu Union. Nov Oyster Saloon. Messes. Ross a twombly have recently opened in Oyster Saloon for the accommodation ladies and gentlemen a few doors above Central Block. Their rooms Are fitted up in Good style and their oysters served up in like manner. K7.mr. Jan. E. Pia Baa will visit Saco next Wick and will Rauff the choir the unitarian Church in giving a concert for their Benefit it a Aid Church wednesday evening nov. 1st, which particular notice will he Given. Saco oct. 53. 1831. Diva counterfeits. Tow Eek rarity . S. 0. Richardson 81ieuhy Wink Bittke Haa induced to viral person who do not pusses the Lral to medical Kun pledge to assume the it Lar Ductor and it it before the Putric an Art Clr in Imi. Ullon my Medicine which they Call Sherry wine Bli Ter and attempt to Palm them off under the Retuce that i Hare retired Fruto business and Ala that they manufacture an Imp Wurch article the aame name. I would my to to use in Pursuit health to be Ture that von obtain the Mil article which May be known by the he Tadle my signature us xxi the out Akle wrapper Cov a a ring each bottle and also by the copyright Border the tame covering. Oid wholesale and retail at my office no. I Hanover a treat Buatu and by All dealer in every City town and tillage throughout Pic new England . A. Moston jr., u my Tole travelling agent in the n. K. Sites. 3uii�3s Washington slavery. To the editor thu n. Y. Tribune. Sir in compliance with your request i am Happy to communicate such facts As will Roscus your journal from the charge made against it Quot having forged a a an extract m relation to slavery purporting to be taken from one Bonington s letters to Tobias Lear. Since my remarks published to the Tribune the 2d september concerning that extract it has been ascertained by an inspection the original letter now in the Possession mrs. Lear that the passage in question is not contained in that letter nor anything else touching slavery. In this particular therefore the transcript to the letter Book from which i printed agrees with the original. The extract is not found in either them. Have likewise procured and examined the collection copies letters trom Washington to Lear which formerly belonged to his son. In this collection is a copy the letter referred to above and it contains the Csage slavery in precisely the same Guage As printed in la he Tribune july kith it occurs in the body the letter without any intimation that it did make a part the original from which the copy is presumed to have been taken. How it came there is a mystery hard to explain a specially As the copies were taken Long �0, and apparently for Pivato use and with no other object than that having duplicates letters that were interesting to the family. But however this mystery May be cleared up it would scarcely have been strange Quarty ii into if the sentence interpolated in the copy had �7 75� ,� 7� a 72 come from . Similar ideas Are advanced in other letters As two three examples will show. In a letter to Robert Morris he writes Quot i Hope it will not be conceived from these observations that it is my wish to hold these unhappy people who Are the subject this letter in slavery. 1 can Only May that there is not a Man living who wishes More sincerely than i do to Bee plan adopted for the abolition it but there is Only one proper and effectual Mode by which it can be accomplished and that is by leg Ishtie authority and this As far Sarny suffrage will go shall never be want in i a Washington s writings vol. Ix.,p. 139. Again in a letter to Lafayette a the Benevolence your heart my dear Marquis is so conspicuous upon All occasions that i never wonder at any fresh proofs it but your late Purchase an estate in the Colour Cayenne with a View emancipating the slaves it is a generous and Noble Prool your would to Goda like spirit might diffuse itself generally into the to kinds the people this country. A a a f0 a Vej the slaves afloat at once would i really believe be productive much inconvenience and mischief bet by degrees it certainly might and assuredly ought to be effected and that too by legislative p. 163. Again he writes to John f. Mercer 41 1 never mean unless some particular circumstances should compel me to it to possess another slave by Purchase it being among my first wishes to see some plan adopted by which slavery in this country May be abolished by p. 139. I r a a this language is sufficiently explicit in deaths regard to Washington a sentiments the a object slavery. To the Eril ,mo.,oct. 11 Lucy k to Boll. Ami de Vireil emancipation but he wished it Wal us the bit Jimiso Kun Neicer Thatcher to be brought about by legislative action f Luj daughter general Cury Knox the Liev upon what he considered strict principles ufos ii wry army in the 7sih year iter Uge. Of Justice to All parties in such a manner As i a holi thursday lbs la the inst., Nuncy wife to make it the More effectual and the More Uki Nilton , . W. At market�?2100 beef cattle. 201w a Tore 7 ju0 sheep Ami �?~j1u0 wine. Urico inf cattle quote to correspond with last week i about die same Price were obtain Mil for a is asm tint Quality 7 we 25-, third i mat w. Work Luff oxen a Salt �70, 86, is 95, 110, 120, 130 and 14 a. Cuba Ami calves Hora $24, 28,33, 38, 46, 47, to Ami As. Store a we the a my lost week. Yearlings a Ali two year us 1a a 33 three year old 30 a 40. A Heep Small �.�?T, 3 33, 3 5, 3 25, �4 Ami a 26. Hwy Imp a boats to 3 1-3 to 4 1-3, old to a 4, 4 1-3 Ami Ai a Lili cd a a 1-1 Ami a 3-� at retail Frau a to 0 1-3. Great Sale witches and jewelry Shaw a Clarks Crystal Arcade building Didd Ford. A have a a a a in Biilly baud a Cund an assortment Iff in Vine atcha and Clack and Rah jewelry and surr Ware a can he a and in the Stair and would re a Pec fully ran attention to the following list pricks Pine told Wale la Hunter Cam to to $300,00 Pine void English Larrr watch Rill jewelled to to 300,00 Pine Yokl English Lenrer watch War ruled 40 to 1ao. 0�4d Ancle Lerer watches 1h Karat Cam Gold Coli Urr watches to Dutiful a Tylea 1a to 75,00 us old Llu Uter Waichka Lada a is Karat h to 35,00 35 to 150,00 Silver Knoll in lever watcher chronometers 3a to 75,00 11 ver English Leven full jewelled Sim 30 to 60,00 Hil in shh Irrera far uric Irimia Jecture 15 co 35,00 Silver det atred Ancho lever Walcha 3 Ulvitis 11 111 i old Lind , l Laid nil Market Mcwher 33. Flow Ami my Hogan $9.75 Huncy $9,3a a Oen Renee extra $10,50 it $10,75. Yelkin torn to a riling at sxc., Ami Thlu at me. Oath As a 00c. Rye to lot $1,36. 11ay.�?kaxtern u a lung at $31 per ton Cash. Marriages. At the Era Fence old. Sli Paon eaq., in Thia Village the 33�o1 inst. By Llev. A. Cart to . We f. Carll Oumou to might a Abby a. Larru Bee . In this town the 18th inst. By Rev. J. Hub Bull . Daniel l. Recas to miss Melnuk the Hoff Doii both Limerick. In Suco oct. 1st, by Rev. H. Smith . A Riu c Gurney Saco to miss Fannie j. Jones Ken Chuuk. Oct. 10th. By to same . Wil Liam Guilford Biddeford to Misa Rebecca Oraf Fum Westbrook. Oct. 16th, by the same . Samuel Webber Sago to min Mary a. Ken Nard South Prospect. A lit Sago . Jamas s. Wood to miss mercy j. Tibbetts Budd chord formerly great Falls. La a timid ton oct. 1st, by eld. Stevens . Humphrey Goodwill Sago to Mia Mary j Johnston Hollis. In part held . July l store to miss la Ciuda ii. Bei Sou. La South Berwick 14th inst by Rev. Or. Rule a my . John Sleno pole s. Newmarket to mus Emily s. Tibbetts Rock Iotch. In Kevin Cubuk lllhin�t., by in a. H. Wilcox cant. Noah Nason to miss Hannah Killiam to it tit Keute Batik. 35d lust., . Charles w. Gooch to min a Julia a. Emery both k Niel Iolus Smith at few a 3ij year Aud d month. In Kilter oct. 18, Kliu both Peru and gtd 77. Stoves at no. 17 and 18, Chestnut St. G. Ii. Mitchell amp co., having just received a Complete assortment c Aak Perlor and office move Are now i prepared to furnish the same at Virv Low a j among our assortment May be found the following an eminent Pauler was once asked a i1111� what he mixed a i Colora with in order to Ury to a Palace Albion. M Hite Mountain produce to extraordinary an Etrell. A i mix i improved North Star parlor them with brains sir a qua Hia answer. Stiver Al Tine it in Cylinder a ghz a to Silver verge watches 1 to i Laud aunt Gilt Wathas it All kind 6 to the Vaud Ham i watch aude Jud timer 1 to iii let pub i Liaqut 10 to 0<4il vet Chain a to it la do neck a Tihana 1 to later a guard chains a to Indk a Chal Allne ui.uu�, 10 to Stiver poll a Talna 3 to Suvar Veat chains 1 to Silver guard chains 1 to puur.1 chains All Klimt to Eta. To Gold seals Plain 50 cd. To Kohl seals Stone 1 to Gold seals Fox 3 to Gold keys All kinds 50els. To Gold Ltd Keu single 1 to Gold buckets double 3 to Gold lockets 4 boxes a to Gokl lockets 0 boxes 10 to Gold Finger King 35 Eta. To go a to Kings gents 1 to Gokl rings gent 3 to Gold Seal rings 1 to go old Kings children a 35 cts. To Coraell Aii rings Julies Gold Lka Lii in ins 35 Eta to Gold la Pius Stone 50 cts. To ii .11 11 in i Lin ill 1 to Gold Pius 50 cts. To g�4d Kliphon pins 50 Eta. To lieu Alful Mihaic Lina 3 to Ivearl a Lysien Pius 3 to Gold Stone 11ns, 50 it. To Ruig him 50 Eta. To 11ns for hair 76 Eta. To plus for miniatures 1 to Yokl Bert plus s to setts he att do a Pearl 10 to so dts tin and Dro a Coral 5 to setts tin Aud drops mosaic 5 to setts pin amt it Ops Gokl 4 to Gold cuff plus 50 Eta. To gents la mint plus35 cts. To Quot know no Thieu kilns 1 to free masotm1 Lina 1 to gents flux plus t5 eur. To neuts Scarf 11ns, 131-3 Eta. To Gokl lio Soiu Stils 1 to Gold cuff us thous 3 to Gold Kar Gram cuts so cts. To Gold knot and Enqu 1 to Kojis Ami Dnn a Stone 1 to knot a Ami drops Plain 1 to mibs Ami drops Pearl 3 to Kim is and drops mosaic 3 to knot Ami drops scroll 1 to knt a is Ami drops Cataneo 3 to mourning limbs Ami Drom 1 to Blair Kar ornaments a 3 to Gold hoops ladies so cts. To Gold iii i a gents35 cts. To Gold hoops children a 35 cts. To Thiol it Jar wires 50 cts. To Gokl crosses 50 Eta. To Gold pencils 75 cts. To Gold Peix ass 1 to Silver pen cases 35 Eta. To Gold pens All kinds 50 cts. To Gokl poll Ruckles 1 to Gokl Vest Hooks 50 cts. To Silver Vest looks 35 cts. To Gokl Thi tables 3 to Silver thimbles 35 cts. To Gokl bracelets 3 to hair bracelets 50 cts. To Gokl and hated clasp., 13 1-3 cts. To Gokl slides 131-3 cts. To Gokl reels per string 4 to Silver table Sius per 3 to Silver talk sm4m, Ter sett 3 to Silver sugar spoons 1 to Silver Salt spoons 50cts. To Silvei Mustard spoons 50 cts. To Stiver desserts a miss Ier pair 3 to spoons. Table pair. Plated Tea spoon. Ier sett. Plated snaui., Pel pair. Complete. In fact he will by which he emancipate a Hia own slave is a practical commentary upon these sentiments and prove Hia consistency us Well As his humanity. Your obedient servant j Klix Sparks. Cambridge oct. 2 1854. Cooks Villa lithic it portable rates Cyl urow Inu fish. The Cleveland Ixer Stopes City fact Saya that one the most pleas which arc the latest patterns urn fur smoothing things exhibited at their Lute county us a citing Are not aur Macd by guv stove fair was a lot Brook Trout artificiallylcxu&Quot.1 also Roix Wothe Conga a Purfor to by Gutsick. Ailsy sol is Isle a labors in this line we have heretofore no per is in want stove will do Well to cull tired. They showed several broods fish be lore Purv Hsiug. Aio a Mufu Tiia a mud in different stages growth and have de a dealers in Motis rated that it is just As easy Tegtow fish Altuve pipe. Tin Japan. Irit Tannin and Itron As it is fowls any other description Quot a Are Sieve Baa Era blacking Foo ii Mboi Earlc and retail at the Lowe a Cash prices. Jobbing and repairing done with ii it utne it und do clinic tax shipping. The Boston Post Saysie the worst Fea Luro in the times is the de Cline the shipping interest. Freights Are falling everywhere and there is not j Only much Tom Iago awaiting Salo at the docks but there Are scores vessels the stocks from Boston to Eastport Depatch. A pair Tuff i All kinds Tiu rtt a taken in Cochu ugh. O. Ii. Mitchell amp co. Bill Deford oct. 27, 1851. 43�?tf farm Lor Sale. Tiik Sutler her. In a it non us nov tie a vent _ in leu Cut my i. La us a Ami other i a party Liy unless in dral Ruus Iff Selling the pm uni in which be Rusk a something favourable should occur ato�j5jejss a Lujus will go a begging Aud a severe pressure mowing to stage pasturage. W.l Ami to tier Umla for Niones w ill be experienced by a a a a dlr Taat in tra Vula Gss Aff Asen and Bhue Fawl shout 11-4 a a la a x. A Ovilea and within 15 to luus role the Largo Man fac men who hat e been Rich All i Turing at the York Laconia Ami Pepper the hard times. Us Oen pank the two town. 1 it u a dutifully Toca Teil the Kamern Sale and near a a fashionable lady in Buffalo once Bordera off the River which Here Wlms its ii err. A i _ i Hal course towards the Ocean Ami it no the South a wuertly sail 10 a mena.1 to it unwary the Ftp no for the distance nearly hair a Quot my new House Dow directing in to be mile. The growth u i it ring Pally hard Wood Oak Maple sublimated and splendid Ferous. There is to wet tax Al non Rte Lurtz. N. In r. To a san Ihu Timber tul Ulde tor ship Huiling than can tie by a Porto Luco in front a Purro in the Kaiml any other Tirra la the Aat Hwy Raff with Jet Roar and a lemonade All around it. The Bap a Quot a a Wensi a a Tvr u also the premise at Mut water is to come in St the six be the House in an anecdote the Lawn is to be degraded Gage to us Vertat a Ami Ink Trade and Softie Large Trees Are to be supplanted wow thu a Quot to Rable situate pm a in bum i. To. �?.1 can a luring the Wonser season and while the River b. Jrkwe.1 with ice us products this farm uld in 10 thu u the same Ludy who told governor minutes Holt no Wynd to a Market Worre they always 1 Owna amt a High wide. Of the High privilege Here afforded tor alter lug Schnob me rough he., nothing Gwirc need be said than that the term is within the limits the Rewt Village Srpoui District. For further . A Brae address apply to the sumac Rihr near tie premise. Tik Mascolo. N. Ike the Stock Hay he., the above Krui is i i used Salt spoon 13 1-9 cts to plated Mustard spoon., 35 ii to plated Thiger 8uiiii, us ctr. To Silver Forks Par dozen 35 to Ria Leil Forks per doru 4 to cake Basket. S to Silver butter knives f,35 to plate to Butler knives 35 a. To Silver t Ake knives 8 to Silver Pia knives 7 to Silver Jelly knives Tito Silver fish knives 10 to Bil Vrr fruit knives 1 to Pickle knife and Forks 3 to Silver fish Fork 8 to Silver cupe a to plated cups i to Silver Goguts 8 to Silver Salt cellars per pair 5 to Silver Tea strainers 1 to Silver i laced Tea sett 0 piece 90 to Silver Pllard Cut to is 5 to Silver plated card Basket 1 to Silver Combe i to Gold spectacles All Ages 4 to Silver spectacle All age i to Silver spectacles concave Seit 1 steel spectacle All age 3a it. To sgt Arlen All age 35 it. To Silver spectacle coloured 1 to plated sect Aries coloured 50 cello steels a cat Clef coloured 75 it. To let Cru re for a Hurt a ignited Iery oils i to l Tocks 8 Day Square Stock a 8 Day gothic Chicks in hour Square clock. 30 hour gothic clinks a mall Square Cark. Union 8 Day clock mumble lever Chick Marine lever Chi is calender lever 30.00 10.00 50.00 100,00 50.00 50.00 10.00 60,00 60,00 6,00 6,00 0,00 10,�0 6,00 10,00 16,00 10,00 6,00 10,00 13.00 36.00 36.00 10.00 10,00 6,00 3.00 36 36.00 16.00 10,00 3.00 6.00 10,u0 16,00 10,00 10, 10.u0 15, to 15.00 30.00 16.00 36.00 36.00 3.00 10.00 6.00 6,00 3.00 6.00 10,00 10,00 36.00 10.00 35.00 15.00 30.00 15.00 10.00 10.00 6,00 10,00 10,00 6,00 3.00 1.00 10,00 10,00 30,00 1,00 3.00 5.00 2.00 76 5.00 50 35.00 6.00 6,00 2,00 10.00 10,00 10,00 5.00 3.90 3.00 4.00 1.00 1,00 76 50 100 1.5� 50.00 9,00 35.00 4,00 1,50 05.00 fall dry goods. Geo. W. Warren a co Boston one pit i c e Only Are All Era ii to w Tfir Frlic Nils and customers bulb out la Tuil Wilb to largest and most desirable Slock goods in prices mid at View a to in Ever Len their Pleu mire Preitl to Eli list including Almod everything Worth living ill shawls nil scarfs cloaks and mantilla8 silk Woods velvets mud cloths for clocks plaids nil wins til i bets und Cash Meres watered a amp Imp a Al stasis 3dsid3 print m. Delaine and Ca Shereiv All goods for mourning. Embroideries lacks. Muslims Cam bricks mid nil White goods House keeping articles in Lull mock hosiery and gloves both ladle a Aud Nln under shirts and drawers for do gents Cea vats and Addis ladi1�o�?T and gentlemen a Robes de Chambre and a great Imti y other tiling our Stock is Loo Large n More detailed description und will Well Reiff the trouble cd urination. The Al Lea Tiu year Urc very pretty mud the prices very Low. We would rope fully mint to our Oti stoners the culling Early in the Day our Prem ii Quot not living Largo Eliot High Loro ii in creased Bua incs we Are Usu life to do our Stock fit cuts Justice in the busiest hours the Day. A we arc ready for business it 8, a. M. 41 a Uwi Geo. W. Xiv attune amp co. Fiu min nuns custom made clothing . Burleigh has just received at Hiom place business in. 3 onion Block tear the Post office. Factory Island Saow a cd it a de Assort deut off Wool ii goods and tailors trimmings Kmbrace aug a great variety a if sep Fufino a Well As the Cuni Izui Klmle Iff go a a is making la All us Complete in us Ortizi it clothing goods As he has nil consisting Road cloths Casoli Sterrs Beaver cloths Pilot t Lolita so Doe shins sat Netts. Ladle so t lot its Bollt and in ten vesting and finding goods different styles und Quill the a adapted to the scan which lie will sell by the Yunli make into garment to order under Kin us n Verri Oiin into Teton at prices which Lau Inot fail Iff giving satisfaction. Or. B. Would re dec fully ask Hie attention his nid customers to his assortment and arsons who arc desirous obtaining clothing ire Ond Onuki onnely Milr Ami tax a St material will do Well to examine his Stock Ulm ascertain his it Rin a for work. 8�cu, october 18, 1853. 42�?tf w. P. Hastings heed Organ sern Hinc Elophine and Melodeon manufactory so. W free Rel Street Over the Post Ollick Foht Landt . To the i it re ent time the prices musical instruments a. Have Reachell a figure no Low Jyh uple even very limited Means live been enabled b gratify their love Tiari onious a urls Ami to Utler it Carlors with a Llano Seraphine Meto Phim. Ill this a Mimi Catkin i i Mil a sect fury invite uie attention the mini Cal Mihlic to Caria it r fat ent Elophine which for purity tone elastic action Ami promptitude Rte Pohst to tie a a fun res touch stands unrivalled a a a Mark it a instrument. It is humps him by fun itched in a jul piano port style a it i warrant no a. Not to. 80, j to Utoye who desire it can a Ami at the same time a 3�i�� hum some Sweet toned Ami durable instrument i to Kun 2.9� great pm aware in recommending Patent 8 a a Melo i Ikon a instrument which a been in fire the 30 09 Public a several years mud the Imp Larity Wheeli my Lenues to in rinse. 1 have u Large assortment 9crnphiiict, with Stoi to Prui uce almost any variety tune. Particular attention i. To Liui Kling. Large heed organs for churches. Tie largest Are built in the style 11ie organs. All instruments Are made with an improved Lleen a and turns Wither did Tein pertinent. Tinier Nuu Al Muul Iri aptly Atten Iusi to. Tuning and re a tiring done at reasonable Rutes. W. P. Hasting c. In. Siu xxiv agent for by Ildefons and Saco has a am Iles these instruments Al his Resk Lence went wort i Street Laid Dufurd. Please Call Atul examine. 6iu43 clocks fancy 8 Day kick Tom thumb clocks Gilt gallery a knives pocket great variety a Cir ears and Shear i ii kind it Nior. Superior Quality razors warranted Coral beads Accord Eon Porte Monquie Pearl i Orle Monquie Silver Porte to Unaie Oliell Porte Monaie Shell card Cue Pearl card care Silver curd cases razor strop wallets pocket Tooks k brushes pair Bru he cloth in Mes Beuving null to mgt iii coir to Ivory and dressing 3 to 3 to 1 to 3 to 1 to a to 5 to 3 to 5 to i to 3 to 5 to 6 ctr. To 8 it. To 1 to 95 la. To 75 it to 1 to Cut it. To 1 to 9to 50 it. To i to 1,50 to 5 to 90 cute. To 5 9 i -9 it. To 35 cd. To i its. To list. To 35.09 5.00 35.99 15,90 3.00 50,00 35.00 5.00 3.00 10.00 3.00 3.00 3,00 1,00 3.00 1,50 3.00 3.00 10,00 10,00 5.00 5.00 3.00 10,00 50,00 8.00 10,00 85.00 8,00 35.00 5,00 3,00 3.00 1,00 3.00 10.00 5.00 3.00 5.00 1.00 3.00 5.00 35.00 1.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.00 �5 1,00 8,00 50.00 Tristram Gilman druggist and apothecary. Text Ould Resi wilfully la firm he Frk Ndu Ami to Lxi pul>-17 lie that he liar taken the store l up Zierell Fyk Juarch recently occupied Hgt John Mcdonald where he is pre Parl to offer a Good assortment drugs and medicines perfumery 8l fancy goods. A it fas Good Quality and at As fair prices us can to found la this Vicinity. Also All kinds Patent a Licet Idues received direct Frontu the proprietors und warrant a pen hint. He would ask particular not Etlou to i assortment i brushes l Aitch soaps colognes Len Rolls Ulm Quot Many Ottar toilet articles which will be offered at very Low Price. He would Irmler his thanks to the citizens Taco Ami Vicinity it tie Lila ral Patrou ugh received during lib is Tidence Here and solicit a the same 42�?tf Saco oct. 12, 1854. A iii Silmi diseases us cheat and lungs Hare keen with too much truth characterised by an eminent writer a a the opprobrium Medicine in this country la victims Are it the moot part among the Young the in Nauful Ami tie talented both sexes the Toad to the world thus la a Iuone tiring Al Nom incalculable. Any Medicine to. I a f r.-, uie Usa Iff which Reherda Curow such Devacri it lain Mala Ilies May he Coos mered As a common bearing to Mankind Ami it the duty it All to Sid in disseminating Tho knowledge its Virtues. Of this character tsum great european cough Medicine Oil Universal cough mixture. Prepared by Rev. Walter Clarke Cornish a. In this Community it is too Well known to need any de its tune a established. Scr1itl�m . Its tune a established. It u allowed to tie the be8t Medicine known fair coughs every dr�crl4ioo, whether old Loran adults. It is purely vegetable Riwu a Safe Ami often effectual after tie Ennst a Hilar Ines Lucinea have been tried in vain. Knt the following certificate selected from a multitude a a from airs. Joshua Small Cornish for the those who Are Suffi ring from coughs and disorder the Chest and lung 1 hereby certify that i was it several months afflicted with a most dreadful cough by which 1 was re duo to extreme weakness Ami was entirely Cund by a single Tittle tie Universal cough mixture pro Arvd by Llev. Walter Clarke. A lined Sib. M. T mall. From mrs. Mark Vood Newfield to. To till that i have Ulm one Wule Llev. Walter Clarkes Groat Kun own cough Melicine it a hard cough Ami Sorum a. Of the lung to which 1 have keen it a a it Niue a eject Ami which the mall clone entirely rom Ovid. Ami 1 would cheerfully All win Are suffering from i Ulm uary complaints which Are a a a Cinamon in families Ami All who Aro suffering from coughs colds he., to use in future the Groat Kuro a it needy a Universal cough mixture Hilly Wirsu Odnel that they will Flud it Eedy Ami it Kennan edit Relief by its use. Signed Lydia Wood. cure i mrs. Ilu Newell. Mrs. Ilu Newell fear Horo me., was iwo years and ten months afflicted with a most Tolsti Essling cough extreme pressure lie lungs Ami other lout after trying physicians amt Teut Maxl Iclena in vain she was cured Lay two Buttles tie Universal cough mixture. Trial bottles 25 ditties Conui plug the Quantity four Small ones 76 cents. Hold wholesale by the proprietor Cornish me. For Hale in Hoco by t. Gilman Laid Deford i r lord Union office. Kunne tank s. Clark. A conc hunk dirt Currier. Wells Danirl Little fired 3rd.�? Oguno Uit u. Lilter Jyrld. Taw Ltd Dick Hort intr kit try eld. Libby. North Berwick Snow. Houth Berwick Thompson. Great Falls sir vent and j. Jamrat. Milton mud for. Her Ingvale lord. Alfred Conan. Waterboro Allen. Limerick Newt Lam ipod West new Feltl loud. Houth Lar Sonst Leld Hilton. And by agents in Moat towns in the state. 42�?tf have this Day received a Choice lot West India goods and groceries Corn floor and provi amp ions which they Are in it Are Ltd to Tell As Chrip is the cheapest. We have coffees mocha old Java lilo Porto cabello Cape and Ilo aard und ground Coffee. Teas Souchon Oblong no Nynoff Young Hyson old Leyaon Gunpowder Ina rial. Prices from 35 cents to $1,00. Sugars. Crushed powdered Coffee crushed Porto Citico Havana and Portland. October 3, 1854. House lots and houses Foll Sale by t. M. Peirson. 7 House lots in i it St., 3 House Leffson Pike St. A a m 0ak it it 4 a a a Middle St a a a a a a Hill Street 3 a a a a a a Lla Mlet a a pm a a up a m g a. A a a a Guinea a a a a a a a a cottage St., 0 a a a a a a i Rosiau t a a a a a Fum Street 3 a a a a a a Back Al 44 44 .4 Ira hit t., 3 acres ullage land pros acct Street. Al 44 44 44 44 1 Small House nil 2 acres land Guinea Street. 1 double tenement House line Street. Quot a at Kings Corner. 1 House and lot Middle Street Haro known As tin Dunn estate. 2 lots High St., Saco. 1 House nud lit i High St., Hac it it. Are within 4 minutes walk the Mills. Ali has Liu Ell Al. Bad Cronl Bept. 15,1851. Eop Ginos Kennedy a the greatest the age . Kennedy at Roxbury a Dun Errol to pm our Eov Moti pasture weeds a Annly that cure eve Eky kind Llu from us worst Croft a a tows to a common pimple. He has Triol it in Over Riersen Hundred cases and scr tolled except to Twu. He a now in by pue Rasion Over two Hundred certificates it value All within Twenty Miles Boston. Two Buttles Are warranted to cure a nursing sure Mouth. One to Throe Buttles will cure the wont Kirn plan it irs lie hit. Two to Throe i tiles will dear the system Husu. Two drat la Are warranted to cure the worst canker in the Mouth and stomach. Throe to five Buttles Ara warranted to Cun the worst cast Tyr Sprta. Oue to two Buttles Are warranted to Cun All hum to the Eye. Twu ditties ate warranted to cure running la the ear and matches to the hair. Four to six Buttle an warranted to can corrupt Ami running us err. One Buttle will Cun scaly eruptions the skin. Two to three ditties Are warranty to run the worst cases ring worm. Two to three Buttle Are warranted to cure the too desperate cases rheumatism. Three to six bottles Are War ruled to cure Salt Rheum. Fire to right bottles will cure the very worst Case scr Fula. A Benefit is always Enji Erleta de from the first bottle and a to Rutx t cure Psi Ruud when the above Quantity u taken. To those who Are subject to a sick headache Sac Dutle will always cure it. It gives Groat Relief in Catarrh am a itza tors. Hume who have taken it have been crat Lve it years Ami have lieu Rogul atol Liy it. Ibero the body is Suomi it works quite easy but where there u any derangement the functions nature. It will cause very singular feeling hut you must not be alarmed a they always Dis spa a in from four Days to week. There is never a bad result from it the contrary when that feel aug is foot you will fail yourself like new in Sun. 1 have Beard some the most extravagant encomium it that Erar Man listened to. No change diet Ever necessary. A Kniat a sept. 19,1s53. Thu it to certify oat h. H. Hay Daggitt port land it Ike duly Oul korites my agent Joe my medical Jit coi Ery for Ike Gatalo Maine and ital implied milk Ike genuine direct from my in Abri Donald Kennedy. Tori agent a James Aijrer m. L., and messes pro her k co., us dec bal Tristram Lemau Haco Knock Sourina Kennebunk mgt Rte Hila Derby Alfred and by Midi int dealers everywhere. I�2u Radical cure hernia rupture. Or. 0. Heaton Boston who has devoted Many years to tie treatment hernia la nature Ami has discovered a Mode cure which has proved Stool awful to tie severest cases Long a tending As Well Asiu do Milder Tonus Unis troublesome complaint thereby rendering die use trusses unnecessary Tova refitted die House no. 72 Lincoln Street formerly 40,opposite . Hotel where he will receive a Zienta As heretofore. Or. Ii. Also attends particularly to female complaint to the treatment Sod cure varicocele Fly Drucy Ile Lemor Rboide r 111m��? urinary diseases he. A a plication May he made at his residence no. 3 kor Rhu 1�?Tlick, Lowe Street Boston. Boston August 7th, 1854. 32�?3mls faints and Oil. Plue White Lead a a Lewis Ami a Union Quot prime English linseed Oil Chrome Green Pur dry Ami in Oil chronic yellow litre dry Ami in Oil extra prussian Blue and in in chinese Vermillion Hariet he., he., just received and fur Sale at Low rain by tf�?38 d. L Mitchell fluid extract Valerian. Prepared ill a us rior manner from to belies English Valerian a a a it extensively us a Ami a most valuable la Ethedy in neuralgia nervous Ilva Duclie ski Fullick is nil All die ask a the nervous system. For Sale by Doeu bottle by tf�?38 d. druggist and apal Hrnry Anco me. Burning fluid Campi Ink and Pii Nhgene Gas. Fresh supplies just xxx lived und fur Sale by tf�?38 d. L Mitchi Ell warren�?T8 Turbine water wheels manufactured at the Warren cumin tiny Warren mrss. Are now in extensive use la new England Are constructed in the Best pull be form it using water with die greatest Economy. They Arees rally ail Ted to All manufacturing pure is and under Alt leads Ami Luff affected Liy Buck water for a Rte Chirs Zerti Timatea ho., address 38�?3mo� Jackson Wathen Wareham mass. Courts probate. State Maine. York a cd a it prom vote yield at Alfriel die first monday Tolick in the year our lord one Ali Ousami. Eight Hundred Ulm fifty four ordered that fran Ami after the Day aforesaid courts la Robiou wit Litu and for tie county York lie it Al Gentoo. How remark Italy Stortv it i Apt to be when Tho Tun b crowing Tho pinot a oot Tut administration War upon Tui know not incr. There m Sozio troth in the following Pum Uge Troin the l i evidence Jour no upon the War waged by the administer too the a know nothings at Washington. Quot for the know nothing Cincent which a the expire Eepoo an intense nationality and for All the Soonae Dences which have followed it we Are to devoted to the steady policy the democratic party in favouring for foreign prejudice and courting the foreign vote. It a been by Thia policy mainly i hat the democratic party a been kept in Power. The native Staple intelligent a anti aint the country a been borne Down by the com pact Dianci planed Force constantly recruited from the flowing immigration. Who men who Home Here from Europe generally come with excellent intention to politics Bat they Are necessarily uninformed in All that relate to our Mode government and they confound the work democratic a it is used Here with the same word is it i used in Europe where it mean Republican. The democratic leaders too make it for the interest the men who too tool this foreign vote to bring it to the democratic Asco oct. 93, 154. 43�?if ladies furs i have just Recd Rod urge lot Ute Nuu in in a a i a a Stone Martin Fitch Mountain Martin Badger amp a. Pure hat is will find u tor to Brit internat to Examina these goods be Tore making their skier thus. We. A Kikino Mam Street Saca. Haco oct. 93, 1854. W�?43 to Ibex to what extra Wilda calf Leris ran Tel just the site Ete at mum Lurty ht., Bude-42�?if 00,1144. Pm ribs Burn Back unit Side 3 Eta. To Combs Aielt Bai k Ami Side 17 cts. To Chin Vij a per stir 1 to and hundreds off Oder Artl Clea which we have not Simey. To us Aumi a full a no Tim it birr xxx Oil in tax Bular Ami Hall Dutsis in a Sailau Glass vases Kremli Ink Stai als Iurii China Terra Cotta Ami Brousch Ard Lux cd Vars French cub a tur hands wine i Tuttlis watch it awls he so i ili4�k-rs, Cigar Len blurs far a York boxes Machi la str fun Tow Camler Ietras violin strings Brit Ign a Busin ac., fans steel Aud Momna a Tacle cases Lent and German Silver in cells hewing Ami knitting ninth very Best qualities Cron in t Needles key Bingo German Silver sled and whip Metal thl Nimi a. In wort , in Jilin Kings Tea brits Ami dinner Bells steel peril and hold Era a ilk watch Guanes steel watch chains brass mud steel watch keys ac., a. La fat Coudes it watch and cock re a Irvng Are a ssh Al. Or. Cark a practical if ale k maker Ami die last Workman in die state Attr mls to elite iletar1 went Iff our by Sitka. Watches Ete Amit and new w Ike a Piu Bais verges jewels Cylinder he rugs Zivias ac., iusertr.1 in Tho very Best manner Ami it two i inns Liat do expense would be tor the Sanie work in Batou. Jewelry All Kludys re a Irry to in die very last manner at the shortest Nuiloa. Old watches a bks jewelry Ami Sliver taken in Exchange it new. Money to it watches jewelry Ami Hilver wars. Hit a a Clark Crystal Arcade building Biddeford , october 33,1854. Utf43 . Steam boilers. Jame Tetlow manufacturer off Lymm Ivy a a a Marine Haller. Also ship Tan pm a. Haa stantly hand a camber at luf frs off various Sisera at Naum Keag Strain it ten w Barf Phakni Maas. Hale i oct. 10,1854. 3m�?43 Timber Anil Wood Abr Sale. 170r Sale a Vatu Aldr lot Timber and local one and. A Quarter Miles from the Village mid Lead inquire Iff Hiram Murch the Promise. J111um Mucu. Bid deft a oct. 91, 1854. Full blooded suf blk sign. The Suli Scriber Olirs for Sale Renao Nabico a enus u Lew Paira Iff full blooded Suffolk Fig about six weeks old. Thee pigs Are War Rantru to awol pure in ital and Frau the original Suckney Ernp Tauoa. For Lurther Imit Kulars inquire the sub Ribor. Ltd _ John a. Lord. Kennebunk oct. 24, lha a. 4w�?43 dancing school. In r. A. B. See a Rould an twinge to the Lidies Bidd Ribel and i r Haco that he will cd Ruih Ticu a dancing school monday evening oct. 23, at ccmi1al Hall Bill Deford. And continue every Lay and thursday evenings until further Melee. Temh fur twelve lessons $2 a a Cleolar. Or. Gay will also Roi Meure a a ii Al it ladies and Gnu and to Uratny Evrit iii. October 31. N wishing tar die Hull for balls Tea parties concert ac., a Judy to . Gee fiasco Huuk Saco at die Hall. oct ii a 10, 1854. 42�?tf new orc Nim Jolln pm. Waa ubit. Prime new organs m Fra ones just landed and tor Sale by oct. 17,185l Rohm a Lynch 181 and in Al fore ht., Portland. 42�?4w 1000 Lloyola ocl 1851. And no sea it the Lar ref cos friers at 42�?if u. K. Illina a , Lila try ht., . A Tice French calf fair bit cited Booth i it Sale at oct., 1864. 42�?tf b. K. 1ioh8 a , Liberty i. Ridde tord. 500 ocl 1854. Pain die fall style it ladies . Fur Sale Skrap at ii. K. It Thih a Hills wars a a Atli 43�?tf gait ii. It Sale Krai Lily try he Kidd Estial to Kat Rush at u. K. Horn a tvs Root and Minie Toee u bring male this fall. They drava mgt Stone untamed la Theta efforts to Procuro do Lati so fashion Lowry a tract uld def Irvyl ocl 1861. A to wit a january it Alfred. Feb Mary 14 Karo. March i did Deford. April ii Alfred. Liny ii Karo. June a ii Kennebunk. July 44 Kolh Berwick. Ang isl 44 North Berwick. Hapl Zniber 44 Limerick. October 44 Alfred. November 44 Biddeford. December 41 Karo. Ami whenever tie fat truth Day july buy Usy Dos Igna Teil ill this state for Tho Choice electors president Ami vice president die United states it the annual fast Ami shall occur in die first monday any Mouth tie court will to held outline tuesday following. Joseph t. Nye judge attest Maxis Bilcox re Gitler 41�?3w a. R. Davis teacher music. No. 6f Central Block n. B. Person wishing to Purchase Good instruments will do Well to Call at uie above number. Biddeford he it. 32, 1864. 38�?tf new York Storel nos. 95 amp 96 factory Aslani $25,000 Worth new goods just Roee ived from new 5tork, Pim Chansl Al the late auction Saleo and Selling at extra Low rates. I Oun Stock Silks is do richest and must i rail Ever excl red Tsitri Bra ton Aud Eon Sast Lalii Black Fresn 223 cts. To $9,00 per it had fleas de Rhine j in do a Frique very Sirgant Satin striped plaid and Small figured u Aleryd Suk Jalu and Aatila striped Plain Changrae figured \ striped very Cli Cap As Low As 42 cts. Per cd. Our shawl Doport Mooth Stock cd m eth a it fat aaa Riim it a Ashmore shawls lung Ami he a Aro Iff die latest a irks imparted Ftp ant velvet it this Market and we can Rasure j�a4k a totter bargain in this Arkle than at any other la Thia Vicinity. Wuolu a War Ami so uary shawls May state kui14re state and every Etolier known velvets Mantilla Ami Talmar Ltd ask Aud be Hovd a if Frea velvet a spa did line All silk warranted and a riling at extremely Low Price. Dress goods Twu Case n. A. Tribe to fun Rasis Paramatta a it 26 Eta. Per Yard Law Hhd ail Wool amt Cutta plaid in every style and color deter not we Are Selling in urge a Antkies and prices which cannot toll to sell to disc Piff gown. Ill Lowease her tongs full Wudi Dia prvs n�4taa, Crasti Brown and i Eachl sheeting and a linings a tabla covers Linen Cotton and worsted in fact every thing i this line we Are Well stocked with and shall aril at us lowest Market rates. Woolens. Black and coloured Broadcloth reaver and put ref Cha. Doeskin i a lick and fancy a duct jeans in qua Tyr and Quantity to suit. Carpeting. Velvet to a try Brusela Kablor Nirdev Ttiree-4g Tei will Sun Icefine Unco and ilium tool fit Ruto is to 8-4 wide. A feathers All kinds Glass amp crockery Ware. A full and Al mice assortment lately purchased and Selling Al Low pm ice. For Sale. Twenty share Stock in do Biddeford Bank for terms apply at the Hank. 37�?tf Tito horses for Sale we live a very Large nay Colt Fiur years old Aud a Large real none suitable fur a work horse five years old fair who Chi we Hare no use amt which we will sell very Low fur Cash Exchange it other property reason Naffe terms. The four years old Colt will make splendid Carriage horse. Shaw a Clark. be it. 1st, 1854. 38�?tf goods we litre in astir Tomt fancy comte not to he found at any other store in town such As arc for Ord Loi Igor prox Crven quince preserved go liar ice tract Lemon extract Kawac extract engr extract Vanilla Rich cd Ollaca Jar pickles currant Jelly Nln Stard Pepper Runce Ketchup toe. A lao am every other article that is wanted it few icily use. Particular attention Jirld to die supplying families boarding houses Ami hotels. Ship s stores iut up at die shortest mice. 41�?tf Chas. K. Etoi iii k co Haco october 3d, 1854. I fearing Hersey amp co ship Chandlers. Bialis in Duck Uinins Atchara Cordage Hunting for help spikes Wii Ulluss �4enrlng, paints oils naval store toe. No. 5 Long wharf Roarx me it Troa turn Boston. D. B. Us mkt s. 2. Lix old l. Ria six ii stray Colt. Cab it in n Lieen cloture be Hobor Rihr it Colt ill iii thnf3 Yfim o., Ilij Colof Fock Ina ii a be in a liar away Lyman oct. 7th, 1h51. Thick boots. Norw u the time to Huy cheap. Thule in want thick Lloyola will do Wavu to Call at b. K. Koss Job Wilwol an a Toad Itera Liberty it real 42�?tf lost. In Mae i wednesday the Ullh a a no Fri 1 Bull red Ami Twenty it Vado Ara dated. Did Jaf Twil at Mut de Ceil a half 1853, a j month. For it a do talc Theroff. To Alta a p. Ital Lehi order signed m. R. Tarbox and by Erdien Mel it Man Cut seventy u made the Hack if said note. All persons Are forbid purchasing raid note a. In a input has been , p uam1ltun. Ilider Fml oat. 13, 1854. Ia7 so ?�?T,1 shoe store a tarty my . Oct. 1854. Straim 42�?tf co Bidd Eftink ocl 1864. Save Vona i Chiin in. Take Earo do cent and do Hollars will take rare Lien Uelva. Trona fun the advice so Wise s Sage is not to to lightly sum card and if you would make mar Deal Uro this adage Call at Kush a huns Hnaz an Liberty Teeto and buy by us and shoes cheaper than can be bought at any a Dot 4ace. B k. Robs a co. ocl 1854. 43�?u Rabbers rubbers j removal menu Llu Bueil i Mars i Uiti i Shokr i n. Ten Moore has remora Lite office in Tuxbury Sandal to at itc.,. Yum he re hib a building. East and factory Leland fresh tamarind figs oranges Lemons 0 for Nalow by d. Toppan. Libertor a 43�?tf Bridge. All orders promptly an award. Sort Mcnary 9u, 1854. Dissolution Copartnership. Piik hereto fire existing Umlor die firm 1 Iff ii Obson a it Odell in by Mutual a sent this Day dissolved. All having Deina mls against die Ann Are re i steel by present them it and All indebted to do i by mite account Are requested i make immediate Kim a it either to Cha. K. Hirer a James u. Lease line who Are authorised to us the name the firm it tie Rouk Lieut Alt accounts. Haco sept. 25,1851. Copartnership notice. The subscribers would respectfully inform die Public Attiat they have funded a co part Nero lip Umlor die name c1ias. E. Stok Kil a co., Ami Hare taken the be recently Mew by iii a Torer it Trai action the West India goal grub Erie Ami provision Liuz i a a. The store will tie under die erection . Ii Tel due who will devote his time Ami brat efforts to Sileas those Ali favor them with their it Alro Imge. Charles k. Stg kit James it. 1iahklt1nk, Amos u. Boyd. Millinery and fancy goods. Mrs. .1. 0. Of Connell informs Lier friends and the Pulc Diat a a has re Fen shed her Stock my winery Ami fancy a Toudy and she Lias now a oui Plata Stock elegant good8 embracing every variety Cap and bonnets do latest styles with hit Sims to watch. Under sleeves ladles collars Ami a Rich assortment dream trial Minga Lovra a. Cvrk cat and Dresa in terns off the latest fasl dons from new York Aud . Mrs. C., Haa secured the a Elviora an axe Rienold cloak Ami dress maker and All work Don in establishment will be Don mad and at prices which aunet All being satisfy Ebay. Obi bonnets to inched air aah cd and Rem Odrid in die heat manner and at Short notice. Mrs. N. D. 0�?Tc��nnell Rel unit tier Dranks it do Liberal patronage thus fir Bealo Wisl upon tier and n-.ctfui-Ly asks a continuance do mine at her place Hull Ness Liberty Street neat door to i Ahmed a Dutton a Laid Deford Al 12, 1864. 41-Jw notice. The books and my Mil do Date Saviks Smith areal die Ludder fwd Bank where All her us is in drilled to Hia estate arc Earo Eady requested to Cau and make imy Meul. Forty per cent us All claims against told cat ate now duo. Flu be paid demand. 1 do Kathy Smith administrator by k. M. Chapman attorney. A �?for Hal a above a Safe in Good order Pricw $35. 41�?tf Llo Tinc and lot tor Hale. The Louuse situated la lot the Corner wat nal and Libaste starts built in 1848 184v, by Shumun Gilman. Said Llo Usu u two tto Ira with an Ril Al did bad two Pari a Kitchen bedroom and pantry and Cut Eta die ground door and a corresponding number lawns above stairs. There a a cellar under a wh<4 Muse and a urge Cistern in it from which the water is carried into die upper part do House. Tie m k m fret front and i0u feet Hack. The location is such As to Render die off to a Desarabia one it j arsons doing 6u�?~-lies in any Quarter die Blage. 77 whole in sold Ray terms a it poll Catoo to u. Do Yden a a e. Cutter. Dude Ford october 7,1164. 41�?tf it me would invite die Udkow and sent Lenin Sara Biddeford and Vicinity to Call und examine our Stock and convince diet Selv a that we can offer them a better a it sort mint goods amt at lower rate Thau any other establishment Ukia Sid Boston. A a a word to the via is i respectfully Fisher amp Seigman no. 03 and 00 i a Tovy iritis a. Had s. Of. 39, 1854. 3vtf Jet e3 Quot a fall goods at the cheap Cash store no. 1 Washington Block. Silks John m. Goodwin hah just received from Boston Aud Newyl a 4 Large and a fended a Orta it eat foreign and the Mystic dry Crai suding in part Rich Nwade Rcpt changeable Hitri a Al do Auml and Plain Lurk Silks tit lets lyonese., Merius Ai Orcas item kegs Artellas i1ifflus, Ivr Slan cloths Cash Marr print Gingham ac., All Vaar a mks. So a i 6 Cashmere to it a a a and Quara ii a a ii i a Rajie Tibet. War Trou Ray state Alai Huiteh him wis. A a i 7 in c French and few Assn Broad v v u it ii u i Etolis Ami . A a rior Quality t Lalles cd Dos Ca Knirr a Halm to Leaver cloths tweeds jeans under shirts and drawers flannels Luau sets a. Air pvt Al All w jul Cotton v Lili 1 ii 1 i i a Ami we Cotton Slemp and Oil kith car Peng very Rbra i. Cotton amp Linea Good. amp Brown Ami Blea Clio voting Denim Unen in Mishy Imru Linen Taloff Colero a Wolff a duper Nuli Najden a. Lure me eth Gnu a Dikhy and children Livols a docs. Tit sea a and Ruwet. Crockery Glass and China Ware. We Are now rial to a Ftp it Sal la Best a ant meet it crockery Tahlena and Utah a Ware that can 6a found in Unis county. It All die alive gust bar is Seter Ted Vita in it rare Ami Eun Ipri do brat sear Zderad it Rale in Dies Market. Our motto u a a if fold Aii prom rather Dian a Stow Hilling a and can hdm twin and i Dunning. John m. Goodwin 1 Washington it la a Ira esd Ivy Qirreh Cuba blog Reom. octo Tarr 1854. 4utf Melodeon Seraphinus and a Reed organs. Rimiko Abib Scriber Lix the Pesoli mind x Agency Snen and Tidd Chad in i lie in la la so Himic us duct a Milru Meuly by h. F. . Nashua to. Ii. T1m-v Are mini lined with the in Halili principle a if car Hakari la Athit win life it a Len Piee a if Man a facture und uni Tallud Imu Uty Binm Render them tie must Deai Rhulu in use. Pried Hub cording to Olyle Aud Luish fruit to u s150. Those i ailing for a a e res incl fully solicited toe la at no. 4d Culta Island Naco anti also Al lha residence her. J. Liu Libano Corner Hill Oil Pool tfu., held third and exp at inc an aaa Ortii us 4, 4 j und a octaves. K. M. Hours. Naco feb 3,1s34. Of real estate Abr Sale la chantly Ollna Ted Spring Island. I 01,Uoo feet land and two and five Toms tots. To Terra property u within Fly minute walk Nuar my a thu House amt will bom Al a iwo to inti Toast the Charef. Batik Barrows. Notice. This i to Pouf that my Wuh France a an Muel Iril Haa left my two and to Mil without any just cause and i bereft we forbid All Paraon hard ring thu aug hey my account it a i Ahu pay no data do to eng. Eusta Mitchell. I oct. To 1864. 40�?3w paints paints paints Abijah Tarbox has just race viral at i Pluck Itu Minera m Alica Izill Street Uval door to firaww1 us cry. Sirrah Ltd paints and oils a eing All which will by sold at lire lowest Rale. House siting a Kab a Cir Lute it iwo. He continues to carry the Bosio Esa Howe sign Aud Carriage in ailing Al the old Stead am i ready in do All work run Isard Loni eare m u Workmanlike Nunner. Aii Ijah . Whitewashing. All Fonda while Washier and uni Roming Dom. Apply at Tak boxy a part May 3, js54. 1h�?an Cha ant threat Marshallw snuff. 1htci1c0ck�?T snuff Saafi dutch8nuff, Jarrald by to d. Mitch Ell

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