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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 27 1854, Page 4

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, Biddeford, Maine\ m a a Tynion Job so Miil. Friday morning oct. 27, 34. To Coo Ludo that the listened under a mis j located. Joun it. French esq., who taken idea that it was Bette Rio do so Dun to was for a considerable period the editor of meet it with Stern reprobation upon the spot the Eastern journal before it passed into Eren at the expense of marring the our bands Hue become connected by Par hilarity of the occasion. I lad we been a member of the company offend of being present As an invited guest should Hare availed ourself of membership to repel the slanderous intimations and let it be under us and Saco River Railroad. Without doubt some of our readers will air aim upon opening our paper Ami noticing lir. Wad North s report of a Survey ols part of the route Ever which it la. Been j Ood that a a a Quot and kill a remark was thought by some that a Itai Road would be 004 of pack 00 occasions. It gives Holt i the dim future. A a what Monsieur 00 p1�&Quot"� to speak of these things Torneo come again and will turn away pm Rabi bad not lbs matter of crowd 40 from the report with tins exclamation that j by 0x9 amp a a a a. Abound Bat named a or the editor is a a still Horning upon my dough. Mboi in 8�, to by our i Ter. Now we confess the Corn. Is own 1 once le0t� 5410 1x5 under Tood to iat the de up a the editor of the Union is satisfied tor of that paper had no foundation for Bis that the interests of our place and of the c0dauref. A hrs it is known that to were country along the route demand the building p104 w the him at the dinner table and of the Road in question lie has Boen told 8��n 4b� things which he condemns. Such in a certain pamphlet published under the direction of very Judi Arais men that the a course would have neither been just to him or ourself. We would be just to All we know Ruad would be a paying one and that it would 4bat the Niagara company is composed of greatly adv Unco the value of the property i men who arc sincerely attached to Tom per along the contemplated route and so Long i aah and this fact attested As it has been is he is not entirely overcome by despair he i the uniform course of the company com must talk now and then about the building pm a it a believe that if there was any seem of i his Road and especially Asir. Cases like the present when the information he is Tho Means of conveying costs the Community As a whole nothing and is Given in the spirit of generous kindness to the Public by the Engineer who made the Survey. We cannot divest ourselves of the idea that the Saco hirer Itai Road will be built no though it is frequently mortifying to talk 1 attack upon the know nothings Long and often without any seeming results j Tho Democrat of this Wock contains a the idea that Tho Saco liver Itai Road Long and bitter attack upon Tho a a know should be Huilt has seized Strong hold of As,1 nothings a probably called out in consented we cannot unless dispossessed of the quench of the de lists which the adm Nistra ing indifference to unjust insinuations or apparent satisfaction evinced at the relation of vulgar stories it should be attributed to thoughtlessness and to the disposition to avoid All unpleasant discussion at the time rather than to pamper a miserable and perverted taste Chase with a newspaper establishment in Tho 8tatc of Ohio. The paper which is celled the Telegraph is published at paines Ville Lake county and la editorial manage ment it confided to . Air. F. Has tact and ability As a writer and will make his Mark wherever he is located. Ilis friends Here and elsewhere in the state will be glad to hear of his Prosperity and will unite with us in Tho Hope that he May re axe in Good time Ull the advantages which abound follow a conscientious and untiring discharge of the duties of editorial life. We have received our number of the paper the first under his supervision and Wero pleased to find Tho Marks of or. French s ready pen plentifully scattered throughout Tho Short. It advocates All of those great reforms which Mark the nge and which promote the common brotherhood of our Raco. We have placed Tho Telegraph on our Exchange list and to shall look with Friendly interest to it hereafter for news from the Buckeye Stuto. Thought re min from speaking of the Enterprise on suitable occasions. We confess to some mortification in not seeing some More Gratifying results and to a disinclination to protract discussion of the advantages of the Enterprise when discussion seems so unavailing. Our desire for Tho commencement tin party have sustain of to the recent fall elections. We have neither time to prepare or space for any extended comment upon the Democrat s article. I however occurs to us that not a very valuable article on the subject could be written by oven Tho most Able writer without More knowl Cego than of this project is however Strong enough one out of the order is presumed to posess. To overcome these discouraging Circum Stan it is very easy to us sumo that Tho Creed of Ces and lends us to obtain such information the know nothings is very bad Quot against As May be of value when those to whom is the uniform practice of our government confided the management of the Enterprise from Tho declaration of Independence to the shall think it advisable to make an Effort to present time a but if the writer has no bet comic no. J tor authority for the statement than his own it would be we conceive altogether a Assumption or Tho hearsay of others it will work of super rotation to speak of the Gen hardly pay to follow an argument based Cral advantages which our place and the upon so slender n foundation. There is Community generally along the route would however one matter referred to by the derive from the building of thie Road and to Democrat which is deserving of Brief attn refrain from further remark simply saying that or. Wadsworth s plans and papers May be examined at our office. They arc executed with great minuteness and with a kill and accuracy which a collect great credit on Hiss As an . In a letter received from him written previous to his going to Georgia where i e is employed As an Engineer on a Railroad he acknowledges his indebtedness to the following Young men and lads of Lirums Viz s. A c. Ii. Barker Edward St j. Dow c. E. St j. W. Hubbard and win. B. Mackie for assistance in prosecuting the Survey. It May not be improper to remark that the Survey made under the direction of the com Init tee was through Baldwin on the Enst Side of the River leaving Cornish some distance from the Lino of the Road. This route by Cornish would command the business of the Ominee Valley and it would seem to to the most advantageous one in All Points of View. The firemen a display. The Fountain engine company of Lynn which came Here on thursday of last week and were the guests of Tho Niagara s of Saco during their visit was an exceeding Good looking company. Their uniform was showy and they were Well drilled and when on Tho March to the music of the excellent hand which accompanied them presented a Fine appearance. The Niagara ask exerted them selves to their utmost to Render their visit agreeable and pleasant showing them our town and providing them with an excellent dinner at the Saco House and giving them a complimentary Ball in the evening. We were present by invitation to Tho dinner which was creditable to the Nugura company and the Luu Durd of Tho sumo Tho Ippu Runce of the porn patios in their handsome uniform and their discipline gave great satisfaction but we regret to say that a Emo things occur Rcd at the dinner table which were highly object Opahle and which we Trust will never be report cd. To Are prompted to speak of them Only from a tense of duty to the Community and self respect Baring been present when they occurred a after complimentary speeches had pulsed Between the chief officers of the respective companies an individual who was present there in to lev position of an invited guest of being culled on Mado a speech which though professedly Friendly to the Maine Law and morality did in fact pour contempt upon them Sod seemed designed to Convoy lose impressions by insinuations and to nun do with respect to the Temperance principles and moral position of the Niagara company and its officers a and this was followed by his recital of a number of most obscene an solotes which led the Way for others to relate anecdotes of a very exception Able character. Tho Niagara company to Are Tion. The Democrat attributes Tho disorderly proceedings which have occurred some times on election Days and at Othor times to the a a know Ilcare too the Democrat has no warrant for such accusations on the contrary if the results of their action Are taken Tho know nothings have no sympathy with lawlessness or its manifestations. We can judge them Only by their action a and thus far we have not seen their influence or their Voles Given to men who have any sympathy with Rowdy ism or who would countenance riotous conduct. The Democrat has no authority for making Tjiema responsible for the a a Ellsworth outrage Quot or for any improper proceedings which May Hove occurred in Tho town 4 adjoining a Tho one in which the Democrat is published. It is apparent to our mind that these proceedings which the Democrat very properly condemns would be As heartily Dis countenanced by the know nothings As by Tho editor of the Democrat himself. So far us we Are Able to judge the principles of the order relate to Tho correction of certain abuses which exist la the country a evils which they think strike at the foundation pillars upon which Are based our civil and religious liberties and we do not understand that they aim to attain their objects by any course of action inconsistent with either the letter or spirit of our con St Sutlon. We Are under no obligations to defend the order we know nothing of its Creed officially but we Aro satisfied from its manifestations that Tho members of Tho or Der Shoul i no More to held responsible for any a a disgraceful proceedings a than Tho members of the Pierce party themselves. In Doc it would not be difficult to show that the old democratic party itself by its disgusting appeals to foreigners for party Par uses More than any thing else had contributed to Tho Rise and support of prejudices and feelings in who minds of both foreigners and natives which Are to be deplored. But this subject is a most difficult Ono to write upon. The Sec Rosy which surrounds the Creed of the know nothings and their conduct is such As to take from an outsider the ability to write very understanding and we leave the matter. To Aro contort with their action As yet and shall be so Long As it is Given in the direction of Good morals Temperance and sound political principles. When it goes in a contrary direct Len it will he Lime to complain but when it does nothing worse than to break up and destroy a party which has been and is leprous and loathsome with corruption and lamp Lse and cowardly to the great Principio of Republican Liberty honest men instead of finding fault will rejoice a we copy from the Lowell courier of the 13th mat., the following notice of an improvement in Wellman a card stripper which promises the Best results. Our paper contained some Mouths since a notice of or. Wellman s invention. Wellman s card stripper. In passing throng i the Merrimack Mills the other Day to noticed that there were some More of those Large self top stripping cards�?4 feet cylinders being put m operation by or. Wellman. Several important improvements and modifications have been made in these cards which the inventor has taken measures to secure by letters Patent in addition to his former Patent. These improvements or. W. Is now applying to several of the old cards of 3 feel Cylinder and 14 tops which Are now in use. In building new cards he recommends to make the Cylinder four or five feet in diameter and have from 28 to 35 tops. In a few weeks is soon As or. W. Has put a few of the old cards in operation he will take measures to introduce his improvements to manufacturers generally us they will Boot great importance to them and can be easily applied to nil the Cotton cards now in use. Much credit is due or. Wellman for the perseverance he has shown in making these improvements As Letoy reduce his invention Down to its simplest form and while the positiveness of its operation is not can Trade the expense in comparison with Tho original design will be reduced More than one half. Acc tents. A labourer by Tho Nanto of Sullivan in Tho employ of the Pupp Cryll company and engaged upon Tho now Mill left on monday Forenoon from a staging and received such i Yury As to Causo his death in a few hours. Another. A child daughter of a or. Rand who lives on Franklin St., was so badly burned by her clothes taking Firo front a lamp filled with burning fluid in saturday evening lust so As to cause her death. She was twelve or fourteen years of ago. Tho Lump was Given her to Light her to Bod and it is supposed that her clothing took fire from the accidental overturning of Tho Lump. Saco River Railroad. Report on Survey prom Steep Falls to Hiram Bridge upon the West Side of the Sago River. To messes. Jordan it Carll committee fire. Gentlemen a in accordance with i to Withes expressed by Many and for my own sat a a fuel Ion 1 have revised a portion of the Survey of the Saco River Railroad it being nearly the oame As tia embraced in the limits of Tho a a 4tb division of or. Hejl s Survey and recommended by him to be made. Mid submit to you As a previous com uni tree to procure Survey dec., my report on the same. 1 commenced our. Hall a Survey at station 1910 la Miles above Hiram Bridge near or. John Boekell s a and joined with said Survey again at station 1410, near or. Gould a 2 Miles above Steep Falls it plug to but Sid of to Riv Raud running Zeitkin 1 of a Mil of Oor Village. A the distance Between the Nowve Pointa by this line is 10 6-10 mile a being nearly 1 mile longer than the line upon the East or. Baldwin Side of the River. Description. Starting upon the Plains or table lands near or Buckno Llu a my line takes the Alpo of the Bill passes just below the a a red Mill a and comes upon Llie Fryeburg Road nearly opposite the House of Asa Burbank. From this Point it follows Plong the East ride of the Road to Tho Bridge where it is close upon the Bank of the there might be objections Mode to giving up part of the Street fur s railway but there is a Width of from 4 to 3 rods to the River Aud i ill the Grade upon the surf Sec As it must be there seems in he ample room fur lilo track without much in convince. From Hibrain Bridge the line let cd n inure Westerly coming upon Tho River again a Little St wac a a Foster Hill Quot so called. Leaving said Hill upon the East and crossing lie head of p. So ii. Buds won s Meadow it runs nearly Par. Ill to and a Little above tiie Highway to Tho Meadow Brook crossing from thence to the head of great fulls it Lollus closely us it on the Luck of the River. It will be necessary to change the Carriage Road at several Points within thie lust distance but these changes will be made with but Little extra expense us they occur where there would be 11 waste Quot in the excavation Aud t Here will Only need to build the Road out wider into the Edge of the ecu Duwe straightening the same and improving it for a Public Way. There will be required crossing the inca Dow is above some 43 to 50 runs of piling upon which the truck May be Luid leaving the embankment to be Hru unlit Forward Aller the Road is in operation. The near position of Tho line will Render it necessary to relinquish Asa Highway a part of the Road Between the Meadow Brook and Bend of the Falls and will Send the travel Over the Hill by the a a old thu part of the Road May Well be Given up is u town Road As it is of expensive piece of Road to be kept in repair. Here will in an excellent a a borrowing pit a lobe worked with cars. The bunk is shout 80 feet High the material a of first Quality for a bul lust a and the position most convenient for working. The truck May be Laid temporarily nearly in the present Road and us Fust As the exe aval Ion goes on at the Side it May be moved in till the Supply is furnished or Tupu track has found a Safe Aud permanent Road by. At thu head of the fulls the line takes up the present Roud for several oils running clo a under the Point of Tho Mountain projecting at this place Here we shall some Rock excavation and Ull that will be found throughout this part of the line. It will tie for some 23 rods and 3000 cubic Yards Are All that it will in no Cestary to remove. The Highway May be thrown a Little to the East pulsing round the Rock Olto Grolier which will be an improvement upon the present Roud saving an of 23 Uei. A a getting by the Falls a was considered the most difficult part of the route upon this Side of the River but really Are destined no doubt to Coo Tributa largely to the Busine oaf your Road Ubea it Hull be completed. A station Here will accommodate West Baldwin which will be not tar from 1 or 2 Miles Distant. A t from a la draft Bridge to Tho of Opice crossing the line in very direct being nearly due South and does not vary 00 runs at any Point from a straight line the line runs through the town of Cornish for the distance of 2 Miles Tod of to the coat of build ing it will be by or Thea of than Oay other portion of equal length. A iii Oiso. A a there will be but one Bridge of any account of ills portion of Tho route that of the of since River. 1 have allowed it at 191 feet Span but 133 feet might answer equally a Good a the viaduct at whales by spanning both the Brook and Rood 2 Small huges Over Brooks and 1 Road Bridge in all23> get Are Allsho bridging required in this distal a of 10 0-10 Miles. Tito Quot Road crossing a with but one exception Are All tint jo14 at grades a which is certainly the cheapest if not Tho most Safe manner of crop sing the Public ways. Curvature. The most of the curves on this part of the route will be of the Radii 1010 and 2863 get about the same us was reported of the other Side of the River. I f a is a 5 4 3 �?�2 s "2 o of a s h 3 a o o �1 a 8 z 3 3 2 j o o o 2 2 4 i 5 c. O a o St s 3 v 3 $ 3 a c a o 5 z 3 a �?�5 6 1 3 z v % 3 o o g i 4 pc a 8 o x d o o s j a a o o 4 m eke of a n 8 o 5 it a 1 u. A b b. New fire engine. Tito town of Saco Baji purchased a Beautiful Lunneman tub for the new company of firemen recently a to obstacles exist for to Havo a level organized in that town the company is Fiu a a Muired called the Del Togo. Lander Bryant second Foreman of the company gave us an Opportunity to look at Tho engine a few Duys Sinco. If Tho company is As substantial As Tho engine. It will not want efficiency. Bov Missio. Sylvester Floyd a Young lad of about twelve years left his borne on quite sure and to must infer this from its tue Mlay afternoon to sell Candy and has praiseworthy Coo Dot on All previous Occas-100t Jet returned. He was last seen near ions could not but have Felt themselves in the covered Bridge. He was dressed in a suited by the speech referred to and not Black jacket dark pantaloons with a Cap. Highly complimented by the recital of he Huir is red dark eyes and face freckle Rad cont anecdotes and of its and a ofor Malion Hilo would Urs been pained to see a festive occasion in thankfully received at Tho residence of which All generous and Manly feelings should his Mother on Cutta St., or it May to left to allowed to flow turned to so poor to at thu of fico. Count. Penman snip. Or. Zilp Alrick a writing Academy in the Central Block is Cleo at All reasonable hours. Or. G. Is a finished no m o see that our neighbor of the Democrat has noticed these objectionable features of the occasion with sumo severity of remark. A. A i44 a vagus univ a Dutoi of a a is. Pm a uni Sucu e concur wit him in Tho go toral just pts divan and his pupils always Good Seol hta at Eturea and would the. It. Responsibility of comm sucking what he Cut a ��?op"�?�4 l0 a by a its a by a a 4�?T Socrat justly characterizes As a a degrading a upon its real author the a a a number of the citizens of Bangot individual whose insulting speech and of have Are Sentell to or. Baps the Homan a Cene Ameriee led the Way to what followed. Cal Holto Clergyman who was recently his next school commences this evening. The individual is not a member of the Niagara company and All the antecedent of the members and officers of the company Lead us mobbed at Ellsworth a Gold watch and Chain of the value of <130, a an evidence of their Good opinion of him and to replace Tho orc stolen from him at Ellsworth. Godet s lady a Book. Godey a lady a Book tor november comes to us filled As usual with interesting and instructive rending Beautiful fashion piste patterns for cloaks bonnets embroideries hints for housekeepers receipt and in Short eve. Ery Lhing that can possibly interest a the fits engraving entitled Quot peace deserves particular attention. Cold Wea Thieu. We Are glad to perceive that our Friend Perkins of Saco is so Well prepared to furnish his customers with Winter goods. His Slock of ladies furs in Patiic ular at this time is quite Large and we should think Well selected. Hon. John m. Clayton of Deleware in n letter of recent Dato defines his position with regard to he is not so Ultra As Many suppose but closes his letter by saying 4i do not in Dorako to in or into Tho subject How fur foreigners who Are naturalized in this country should be it Enni Ted to hold office. You will find thut you can Lay Down no Gen Oriel Rulo upon Tho subject to which there will not necessarily to exceptions. It is sufficient for my purpose stacking As i do with taut the Power to Confer offices upon others to say that in my judgement a native american citizen under equal Circum Stuenes of qualifications and Merit is better entitled to the honors and offices of Tho country than a foreigner whether natural a sed or a a a in urging the importance of a meaty with England providing for the return of fugitive slaves who escape to Canada the St. Louis intelligencer says a a the South has sustained loss enough by the stealing of slaves to make this a Mailer for the interference of the government of the United states. No tune for such interference could be More appropriate than the present. England cannot Allord to break with us now and will hardly therefore refuse our reasonable demand. If she should Here is As Good a Groux for War As any t1iat has come of for by All Cuns let us have another War for slavery we have a full Treasury and a courageous people. Why should not both be Etna Doyen to compel Quot John Bull to turn slave Cal her for Quot Uncle Samiz a Albany evening journal. A Ibex admission. The famous or. Olds who re resents the Columbus Ohio District in Congress in a recent address to his Democrat in constituents informed them that he Hod horned All the Rascal Tes to be Learned at Washington and therefore it would be a pity a to spoil another the boast be Pru ably Correct enough but a Man who has been taught a All the Rascal i tet which Are practice at Washington is a More proper candidate for the pet Elia 3 than Lor any station to which he could be acted by the people. Including 3000 of Rock will ouly to 7000 cubic Yards. From the head of the fulls the line runs along under the slope of Tho Mountain crossing Contido Road again some 20 rods below the House of 11. Goodwin. Thence along the brow of the Bill for 11 Milesko Omeg upon the Roud Gaiu aul amp whales this part of the line shows the roughest profile crossing Ever several ridges and deep Ravine but with n gradient of 40 feet the mile it is busily accomplished und without a great at count flu Bor from whale the line follows cur the High Wuy to John a. Warrens passing below his buildings. Thence to the Ossice River crossing about 50 rods Ubovic its Junction with Tho Saco und about the a Amo distance below the old 44 Allen Mill this is n very Guod Point for bridging and the River May be stunned by u Bridge of 130 feet the Grade being level und some thirty feet above the water. From the Ossice we have for Ono mile on ascending Grade of 23 feet the mile. This brings us upon the level of the Plains of a Nile East of cot wish Village and to the 44 Fork i4 of the roads leading to la Ivington and Baldwin. This Point will make a very convenient station for Cornish Village and i be towns above on the Ossipe and it wiil be u very favourable connection with a line running through the of Sipeo River thence the line follow along near the Highway in front of Jewell s tavern to 4,Hopkinson s Brook a where making u Detour to the East it comes upon the brow of the River Bauk. Between this last Point and the Ossipe crossing n Shorter line by one Furlong May to found by following the brow of the River link. The Summit of 20 feet would lie avoided and tie Rise Kaoru gradual a but the line would be Inora or less curved and i judge Tho expense would be much increased As there would be a High embankment and some considerable cuttings. This line would remove us j mile farther from Cornish Village and Doe not Atford so Good ground for n station or so Good a connection with the Ossice Valley. However it should be examined instrumentally before a definite location is made. From Hopkinson s Brook the line follows the margin of the Bank for 11 Niles to 44 Watson s Brook or u line More commonly known As 44 whales rack Quot where there is a Brood and deep Ravine requiring Oodho 22,000 cd. Yes. Of embankment. This is quite the moot favourable creasing that Cau be made and an haul of material for the embankment will not be Over g00 or 700 feet. Here would Nall rally be two Bridges required but the Brook May a easily turned Sod brought Between the abutments of Tho rond Bridge making a Span of some 23 or do feet. From this Point the line Cunea sharply to the North Home 60�, following the Bank of the River then reversing to the East follows round upon the slope of the Hill and makes an intersection with or. Hall s line about opposite the foot of41 Gould s Island by the route above described the distance be tween Hiram Bridge and Scep Falls is increased 1 mile but we have to compensate for this additional length even if the Cost of building were not Lesa As i shall hereafter prove the following advantages a 1st. The saving of two Bridges across the Saco River and for which or. Hall s estimate was Over �?�22,000. 2d. The gradient Are 33 or. It. Easier. 3d. A station convenient to Cora Bobville and the towns above on the Ossice and a favourable connection with a railway through the Ossice Kivor Mallcy. 4 h. A Good position on the great Falls which the preference is consider by in Fauvor of the a Cornish route Quot am tie average gradients Are us 29 to 20, or a Toul 3 to 2. The Cornish route a voids what is equivalent to the Summit of 42 Feci comparing with the oth or which is More i him the Grade of any Une utile not on the line. Estimates of Cost. In making lip the estimate of Cost Iny object Lias Becl to arrive no u fair comparison Between the two routes and i have adopted the prices fixed in the previous estimate with but few exceptions. These i consider us Sale and Hope to see some of them reduced in the execution of the work. The excavation is estimated on u uniform base of 24 feet and the 18 feet at sub Grade. These Are broader bases than were used ill Chi mating thu quantities us it a he other line and it Wui ild be Sale to reduce the amount of Earth work 5 per cent giving Good a Road bed As also in consideration of a fair comparison. 8888888�3b rj83$83 Jpn do of log go a 1535 i2535 Jim Quot ifl��s22 22 888283,88$ $3 888 388 a a a it ip8 a hip i to i-1-0 a 28 in ii the Nebraska Bill or Southern origin. It i by often been raid by the slave Ereo eee and Mert both Aidee of Muon it Lixon f line that the Nebraska iniquity waa it Northern measures that it originated in the free Stales and waa tendered to Ibe slave state by Northern men and that therefore they Are not to blame for accepting a Boon that was thus pressed upon them but the revelation of senator Atohi noon a How that it originated with thie slave holding senator and waa forced upon Doug Las by him rather than to have Atchison the father of it and Troia Elehia presidential aspiration fade away. The following extract which we take from the new York Tribune will explain the origin of Thia Bill Geu. David h. Alche Raon Lodd slates senator from Mia Ouri and presiden of the Senate a the Leader of the slavery prop Gandi in that body. He originally opposed the organization of Nebraska including Kansas on the sole and avowed ground that the Missouri Compromise excluded slavery therefrom and he was unwilling to Havo hat Region opened to settlement Nutil that restriction could be repealed but this position he waived during the session of 1832�? 53, because he was satisfied that the restriction was a fixed fact and could not to broken Down. Nevertheless the Bill failed at that session but was renewed last Winter with a sheer in favor of slavery which event Ulaj developed itself into a full blown restriction in which shape it was enacted. Gen. Atchison resides on the Western Border of Missouri and wants to be re elected by the newly chosen Legisla Iuro if possible. Of course he is a Good Deal Quot around a Ami was in attendance at a Sale of lots on the 20ih at 4 Atchison City a on the Kansas Side of the Missouri River a few Miles above Weston. Finding a Large Winber of missourians in attendance Gen. A. Improved the occasion by making them a speech whereof the Parkville luminary of the 26th reports the substance of follows 44 Gen. Atchison mounted an old Wagon and Mado a speech. To commenced by alluding to the Beautiful country which was now beginning to be settled to some of the circumstances under which Ater Rilo rial government was organized and in the course of his remarks mentioned How Douglas came to introduce the Nebraska Bill with the repeal clause in it. Senator a. Said for himself he is entirely devoted to the interests of the South and that he would sacrifice everything but his Hope of heaven to Advance her thought the Missouri Compromise ought to to repealed a he had pledged himself in his Public a it dresses to Vole for no other 1 Urr trial organization that would not annul it and with this feeling in his heart he desired to be chairman of Tho Senate committee on territories when a Bill was to be introduced with this object in View he Hada private interview with or. Donglas and informed him of what he desired the introduction of a Bill for Nebraska like what he had prom a sed to vote for and that he would like to be chairman of Tho committee on territories in order to iii Roduco such a measure and if he Cotill get that position to would immediately resign As speaker of the sen ale. Judge Douglas required Twenty four hours to consider the matter and said if at the expiration of that Lime to could not introduce such a Bill As he or. Atchison proposed which would at the same time Accord with his own sense of right and jus tree to the South he would resign As chairman of Tho territorial committee in democratic caucus and exert his influence to get him Atchison appointed. At Tho expiration of Tho Given Lime senator Douglas signified his intention to report such a Bill As has been of<4888828282288 5 in a i k i -51� i i in i a a a la ill ill Ujj 2, i s3-5 2 1� j 1 o ��3d the average Cost per Nile of the 44 Baldwin route a it will be keen by the above Tuble More Ilian to jul Given by or. Hall a and for this reason a vex Buth Bridges Over to Sato liver a Imeln Ltd 11� two Ruud Bridges and 44 heavy a embankment. The above portion of the line from Gould a to Bucknell 1� the most expensive 9 1-2 Miles of the whole route As will Bobeen by referring to the engineers report. The comparison show hugely in Fauvor of the 14 Cornish route Quot or West Side of the River reducing the amount 32,500, Orthe per mile Cost More limn 20 per rent. This was More than was anticipated Al first but i Ain confident from my knowledge of the locution of the two lines that More minute sex animation will corroborate the Ubovic statement. No account wus made for 44 Clearing a 4�?~ grubbing Quot or 14 Hallam a on Tho 4th division in or Hull s estimate and i Hugo omitted the sume it gifts. With regard to Ballum i will say that suitable material will to found convenient upon the line and for some considerable distance there will lie no need of ecord tag to a sub Grad. As to the Clearing necessary to be done Turro will lie about 30 a Ere allowing the Road to to 4 rods in Width which is less than would tie required on the other Side of the River. In making Choice for location Between the above mules the increase distance of one mile should Havo no consideration even if die com per mile were the sume for the eligible 14 connexion a with the Ossice River Valley in in my own estimation Pii amount. The towns of for Ter Parsonsfield Kofl Agliam Freedom and other in the Valley Are not surpassed either in population or productive Nam by any towns upon the a pier 8010 and her atom Modalion should not lie overlooked in reckoning for lie Lxi Icuss of your rond. Tie resulta of the Surrey then considered in the Light of economical construction and therefore he Mere probability of its being Early cos men cud and cushy completed Are Moat glittering a und 00 doubt that re surveys of other portions o Tho Puto would Promise corresponding reduction from the original estimate for it la impossible to chose Ibe but ground for the location of a Road of a preliminary Survey. A profile is Alto submitted together with a map slowing the actual position of the line with tie River and roads in connexion. They will facilitate in making up a just comparison of the routes. Quot respectfully. Geo. Wads Worth e. Q Inker. Hiram 13th, 8th mo., 1831. Of or. Nehemiah Perkins of to afield recently gathered from a single Apple tree upon his farm one Hundred bushels of apples. Foreign news. Our paper last week contained a very interesting summary of telegraphic news concerning the Progress of the War Between the Allied forces by which our readers were Given to understand that there had been severe fighting in Crimea and that Sebas Topol had been taken n Largo number of russian ships destroyed and some 18000 russians killed and a still larger number taken prisoners. Tho news was brought by the Steamer Baltic. Information subsequently received shows that Toa very great extent the accounts were false a hoax got up by speculators to affect the funds. We gave the news As we found it in the papers and went in no grave consideration of the a us Luencen which such a magnificent defeat would Havo in bringing the Czar to his senses is did some of our we have i Hereford nothing to do bul announce the hoax which was a tall one and give our readers the following news received by Tho steamship Washington which or Rived at new York the 24th Insl. No official despatches Havo icon published Relativo to Tho Battlo of Alma. Tho English lost 2000 Khod and wounded and the French 1400. Nothing but the want of cavalry prevented this decisive Victory from being turned into u completo route of Tho plus signs. Tho allies Ltd changed their plan and were to attack Sebastopol from Tho South where it was found to be weaker. The base of operations is bul Klaria where Tho cavalry Ana siege artillery Are inn Dod. Tho russians had sunk seven ships of ibo Lino at the Mouth of the Harbor. Tho bombardment of Sevastopol began on the 5th of oct. Marshall St. Amund is dead and Gen. Canrobert is Chi Fin command of the French Paris oct. 10. A despatch from a icons states that a pcs Patch from Mons Chi Koffi received that Day announces i hat Tho allies bad established themselves at Walaka Ria and Capo Chersonese and that no attack had icon made upon Sevastopol up to Tho 3d Insl. Prince Gort Schakoff is ill. Thore is a Groat concentration of turkish troops at Meschini. Omar Pacha begins his operations against Tho russians in Bors Rabia immediately. A despatch from Marseilles of the 10th announces that orders had been Given to receive Tho remains of marshal St. Armed with All tie honors that were paid him upon Bis departure for constantinople. The Farewell which to Hod addressed to the army Dales from his bivouac of the 2gth of sept. Had arrived at Toulon he says that Over Omo by the cruel disease against which it reports of co mottoes 4 a made at the fair and cattle skate of the York county agricultural society held in Biddeford october 4tk and 5tk. On houses. The committee of hones Hare made the in Low in a awards to George Thompson of Newfield for the ocly entire Bone catered eat ilk a to Premium ,00 to George v. Jordan of 8aoo, for Bis ensure Bone so favourably known in this county not entitled to a Premium having taken it on n previous trend a gratuity is recommended of Iljoo Bradbury of Panoni Field Doc entire hone not entered of account of being kept in the county Leas iban Nins Moolis a a Superior Bone Beautiful in figure and motion and which to committee recommend to the Public and award a in Tufty of to Simon Milliken. A if Saco for ibo beat Carriage Bonef of to Nathan Dane of Alfred for the 2d beat Carriage horse a gratuity of 91,00 to Charles c. Sawyer Saco for the burst Span of working Bones to Saco water Power co., for 2d Best Span of working Bones 2,00 to Phillip Libby of Dayton for beat matched pair a it of Carriage horses 92,00 to Sot null Smith of Alfred for Best pair of Carriage hones 12,00 your limn Itaru were sorry to see so few Bones entered they deem it indicative of a want of proper estimation of this Branch of the Farmers 4 profits. Horace Bacon. Chas. C. Sawyer. John Milliken. On leather boots and shoes. Tho committee on cat liar Boot and shoes Havu attended loathe duties assigned Ihui and award premiums Ami gratuities As follows James la atty of Saco for calf was Lier skin., 1st Premium of 92,00 James Beatty Saco for calf Roll Skias 1st Premium of 91fl0 Silas Berry Buxton for sole leather a Galui Iyo of Vijto Silas Berry Buxton for upper leather 75 14 44 calf skins 30 44 4 alarm is leather 30 George s. Smith big Ulsford for thick Boot 1st Premium of $2,00 44 for Kip Boot 2,50 44 4 Calfskin 44 3,00 44 44 women s shoes 1,00 Swinon Newcomb Hidde Foni for Jailer idiot 1st Premium 11,00 the calf Washer and Roll skin offered by j. Belty were of Superior Quality. The sole upper and Are eds leather and Calfskin Oili red by Silas Berry were quite fair except the Harries Leal a or iii part was Ordinary. The hoots Ami shoes Oili red by Geo 8. Smith be co., and also the Gaiter boots by Simou Newcomb were very line specimens Aud Well worthy of the society s Premium. There were some a cite Ansof cents ladies4 and children s boots Aud shoes sex diluted by g. S. Smith be co., and u. K. Boss a co i id dry it it no who deserve much credit for their taste in selections As regards style and Quality. A of which is respectfully submitted. For the committee c. Sweetser. Oct. 4, 1834. Be had so Long straggled he is obliged to re sign his Cora Maoai Iio pays the highest come Litant to his successor Tho marshal will persue the Victory of Tho Almu and will have the Good Fortune which i had imagined for Yieh and which i envy him that of leading on to Sevastopol on live fowls. The committee of live fowls report that there Wero two entries for Ileus two of turkic two of geese and two of ducks. L. P. Chase of hid Delord exhibited three Cage of fowl 27 in number All Urei Ali Photias in different stages of growth. Cage no. 1 contained n pair with tie second litter of Chicks of both litters hatched since May 1st also specimens of eggs Laid Sinco hatching of the lust Brood of Chic Keus August 6th, 1734. Hugo no. 2 contained clue Lens 5 Mouths old very Well grown. Cage no. 3 contained chickens 4 1-2 months old of very Good size. Or chases sys that Quot these fowl Are ver easily raised Are very healthy and less troublesome than any other breed.4 Frank Jordan of Salt a exhibited 7 Java bantams of Tine appearance. S. S Milliken of Buxton presented a very Fino lot of turkeys 22 in a umber Well grown a any one of which your committee thought would make a Good 44 thanksgiving dinner.44 cd on Dow of Hidde Foni showed a Fine lot of forty turkic living a part of two litter. J. N. Lang Dun of Kunc Buick exhibited 14 Bremen geese being a part of two litters hatched in May. They were very Large fal and Lino looking Birds. Clark Hutchings of Hidde Foni showed 5 geese of Fine appearance across of Tho wild and common cheese. Mrs. Win proud love of hide Ford exhibited 2 flocks of White ducks 30 ill All which elicited great Udin Rution. Miss Abby Collin of bid Leford exhibited a Fine flock of ducks a species of wild ducks. The premiums offered Are awarded a follows to l. I. Chase for Best Fot of Lien 93,00 to Frank Jordan Saco for the second Best lot of hens to s. S. Milliken for the Best lot of turkic to Jason Dow a there was no second Premium offered for turkic we recommend a gratuity of to j. N. Lang Dun for Ike Best lot of Kesae to Clark Hutchings for the second be to lot of geese we recommend a gratuity of your committee regret very much that us pre urns were a tiered for ducks. Therefore to mrs. William proud love for the Best lot of ducks to recommend a gratuity of 1,00 to miss Abby co in for the second Best Fot of ducks As a whole the exhibition of Liva fowl was rather Small which perhaps was owing it the Rainy weather. Respectfully submitted. John e. Hobbs. William e Briggs j Committer. Elijah Hayes hid Delord oct. 5, 1834. 2,00 2,00 1,00 1,00 ,50 a i count snit Coin. To find in the journal of Commerce mention made of a new counterfeit Quarter Eagle which was taken at the Post office in new York. It is less exactly executed than the Quarter Dollar noticed a Day or two since but a Woll Calca Latch to deceive. It has not yet Boon Ana lazed but it is supposed to to Mado out of Over 50 per cent Gold and to be Worth about $1,50. T heart Date 1843, and has under the Eagle the letter 0, which a placed upon the Oom Strock offal the new Orleans Branch mint the Wing of to Google Are Lees sharply out than in the genuine Coin but the site of the Voln is perfect and it would be readily taken by any shopkeeper. It was detected by or. Byrdsoll weigher and Teeter at the 8ub-t�mury.�?port Lav j advertiser the supposed discovery of the Fate of sir John Franklin. Montreal oct. 21. The following details relative to the supposed Fate of sir John ton Kliu a party Are taken from the Montreal Herald or. Roe has Boen absent on the coast since the month of Juno 1853, end returned to York factory Hudson a Bay on the 28th of August last from whence he forwarded letters by express to sir George Simpson by the Way of red River aet Emeul. After briefly noticing the Reault of Bis own expedition he proceeds to stale that from Tho Esqui Maux he bad obtained certain information of the Fate of sir John Franklin a exploring party who had been a tarred to death after the loss of their swipe which were crushed and sunk by Tom no while making their Way South to the great fish River of Bock. Near the outlet of that River the party of Whites died lev log evidences of their awful 10 mutilated corpses of some who hid apparently furnished food for their in fort Anele companions. This information although not derived Rora How a Uit Neu who Bod Oommen toured with to Whites and who had found their remains but from another baud who Bod obtained Tho details Viva vote May be relied on. No doubt b r r

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