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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 26, 1855, Biddeford, MaineA a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor and , Maine Friday october 2 6, 1 86s. Volume 43. A Xix and Eastern journal. Oulu str m a by of of our let Rel sight a ,. A in a a a the Hus Oisby just a. Jill . Nilie petition of Natlia j. Uon Jerwood of at Brkl Cronl in ii tit Ray an Ami Cantara journal u or Fain at to. 1. Catral Mack Opp Alta in kl4mwl ii cum to in la a Par a . Arft m if Paul ally v la Thra a Malm Tress Tea Tara u saut Rethiae not i i Mraz v capita 4 orate. It v. Ii. Palmar Tea an it Rocta paper Tirats la Iba Onixt Aab Arifaj Arnt fir thin it apr in Iba Ellre Oln a Turk my in Ami fila to Quot a. I hint it in aying Lliel Uarl Ofra or Lii Ariliah a Woad May us author Sirj in a a july Napa Varol a i Uka Ami tub vim Miry Iii tilt aug property us wid Len scrip Luaa Al is Mata rate car it Joll Brut us offi a Wuol in lha halal of Mitio Varjian m a farm a to ill t Quot a. A a a a Quot Damp Quot a a a a , and us dry ?�u�?~ a kjk����1�ni Ltd it a a lid that my i to Awn it i t u l Lurcher in scr a Iba Inte Iima rms Uirt mud i n to a 1 renter 1 a made by a d court it Piui during Iuva Futin 1 Quot a and the cell oct m baud of a Aid at a court of pm lilt my at if Raj Ambia Ami of Erdina. Of a lha Cuaty of Turk on Tea Artl of of anus that the a lil pm a Cue no of Iscra Ori bar mob year a a i War Len Hundred of to All am it in a he re Lite by cuss and adv Ava by the Lula Wiable jul apr t. Nor a la it Pyotr Lolita order to la published in the j�f.1. It a Union and Kun Torrn journal printed in 7 Quot a it. In grrr i in to Ltd h Viii hit Armi or in 4 inn. Tip a it a prorate court to i Mil 11 i Nimi Wim Oso i i a i a motion Milb Waco i Wal Imi Ity on Iiri to monday in Wero unable to find consequently we n 1 a 1 1 1 a the i Tbs Miil i it Taulor five r leu of him Clack in the a Reno i mitc Bizall Mummo it of t up and a her a but if buy t a , Why the prayer York county 8h0w and fair report of committees. Mias Harriet a. Moore Saco of Shell work Gia Liiv of �0 Misa m. J. Mile Biddeford 1 Box a fruit very flu Ely executed Tai Uii $p0 Silver placed Ornim enl taken from get. Keport of incidental committee. A v a me. M re Quot a in Quot k Quot a in so port would remark that the great amount of vowed with Muc interest by Mil of articles referred to their inspection to persons attending Tho fair gratuity Ming above possible ele which would Nauy articles were referred to them which mens of Fly Fratone flyers should with More propriety have been refer cd to other committees. Some articles which were referred to us on single teams your committee award. Turn to advantage the productions of the whole future life will feel grateful. Ism to we. Ii. Deering of shoo time 40 min o a. ,.,a whim Iii sell tabled Forth. A your father Tea the first Premium $4.00, and would ath she us to �bdu8t"�� classes 1 with a . And add that the Woik was Dune to perfection. New England Send u Europe for Man fac who Ina a. Tho other competitor failed to convince Tures and her Husbandmen Supply the wants i fe�1 a old Rani a hat thrilled All hearts. E your committee that his work we entitled to any remuneration therefore they award no second Premium. Not of a Nitea of finding Quot a Market a i . Con Lino a their own doors How much better to work to5ce we a heard nor a Xuc a m0v 10 the per formalize of the Livorio team did up our productions Here and to Creato it rapt audience until from a Remote Corner of the room a subdued sob was Beard and gentleman their Host stopped Lor with streaming Eye and tottering and seized Booth by Tho in closing this report your committee Lawrence said the time would Como when Quot Sirim n i it Roben no Ina a y011 an old Man and every Day from my boy Hood to the present time i thought i bad re by you Mem we a. Us. I 0fm�?z, a a a Mil l not u r la la 1, Hub a a it a n journal phial a at Basil i a a a kist is Umaly Iballa Yiai a Waarala Rob air. _ i i. A l let i i his i. H. A a ,4lr.�j, la Aam , a Iowa Cwm. At i a a. Khz St h a a a la Are a my a Lay h it it it a a bar in of i la la fun Abs Ati and a Haw Tauaa Funy Ibay Iba m4 bad Nuarl. 41 ama.1, m Antoli , a Isaiar. A i Nia copy Hall a foam if , Kay alar. Al a court of Fri Bita a i Alaraj Anu ii my in Ilia Cimi bit of a a re on lha aral Day 4kl< bar la lha Yaar of our Ltd Ai mama Hundred and Ara. By lha Lula Uralla Juaa a i t. My a of anal Coart l i Ames ii. Fiauu Iii Ian a a rare to Inal Aita Alanl. Purporting Loba lha lib a will Lati loan of Kakar b. Eyia maa Ida of in Larrt m Bald re Init data Arad having Imaa Anglad lha Asiaa fun Aab it. Out it us Iba mi4 Cimer Iva is Sass in All Par on Lalar Naiad by Ca Saiag a of Tia a alar Luba Pum Labad Ihram Arcata no Cruita la Iba la Noui and Katara Juan dial Pahalad Al ri4.ltfur.l, in nut county i i that any a in air us a Rubila Coarl Luba my a i , in cd Only on Ilia aral f Utai Abar Aall Al Ian of lha shirk in Ilia Lur noon and a Haw cauda. If any Luat Bita a i Bald thou 1.1 Nul Tia a mad a ii Purtil and allowed a lha Laal will and Laati Wiit of lha did a Ranaud. 41 a Taal l it Cir Bacon Rafiala. Alma Cupy. A Taal. Kancis Bacon a alar. Al a Quail of probate Bald at Alfrad Wilhau and for lha Cut Init of York on lha am monday in Orl it a it. In that Aaron air enl ail Jiaan Handrail and Pitt Tlona Rabla Juaa Dit. Njma Jed it of Paul court i Vii a m. Rona Amad Par uru a lha Nama of Fisalia m. On Ulwin in a Lual Timaul burp Olmi Luba lha i id a ill and Laau Iurna of Nuon us Alln la a of . A a Iid cd Aida Cai Aad. Big my piaaanle.1 Ilia Anna for pro Ala Oak Aasni thai Ilia not Tirc Ulni Ira at tier in All Parana by Cali ius a ropy of Luba Publia had a lha in Aiudi and journal Prin lad in did Lafurd la a Aid pm inv Ibraha Waka Aurra airily. I it Lay May appear Ala pro kill court tuba Hald a , Luaono county of lha Arl monday la Norai bar or it. At Ian of .a. Lurk in Ilia Foraman and hair Tauaa if any Hay Bara wit a manual Isacon. Registe. a Al a re Mit of i rut Raia ik-1.i us Alfred within and for the comity of York on Tow Liral monday of in Tohir in i he year of our la it re. A me Ali Ourand to igbo Hundred and laity co by the honorable a Nauli t. Nyc. In dec of rant court a mull w. Luukus. Paar dial of Jothem o Tarbox jr., id Bidd Ion mid now co my Oral Al Alfred in Tow Login by id York an in aaa pen having i Lii wound acc Mut of guard us it i i of id said word Lor of Truk ski. Thai i to acid Lizur Diwik give a Loties to All per win Lulu it aloft a Cui Minga copy of Ihil order to be published Bree weeks a to Eek a Ivett in the a Iota and journal printed at a Ide Delnard in a did of duty. Slut they May appear us a probate court to to held is ital Defoil in said county on the Linn monday of Xiu Gnu a next at ten of Ihu Toek in it Toreno a. Sul a Haw cause if buy they Hure Why the Auguie Aluhild not tie Alto red. 41 after of Axcie , la Ejiu Ler. A True copy attest , be Gulver. Have nut been Noble to report upon Thorn. These should Ohhi have Beau referred of the Eom Mitilee m wish to notice iwo of the i livers Viz Mas what was Thon prediction would to history manufactures. They were line specimens Ter James Milliken aged 14 years drove a workmanship and to would award i double team rho other Max Tor Julin m. Be tved to Aee it fulfilled. Diploma. Deering a god 11 years drove a single or. Lawrence As you know was exceed pc Loil Tho Isamii a i is yer but i have no or tooth snap exhibited by Joseph thatch j earn. There a ugly reluctant to embark in Publio life. It heard it before Mytr. Of Aro right and or. Fuller of Portsmouth excellent or j Young Farmers allowed conclusively that was with Groat difficulty that to could be replied Boothly read that prayer of it in consequence of the Short Timo bleh a Jujj Staj of to risk Ihu Rny a a of heir business and a injun so to Lake Tny pert in Pablo aflwrs-1 a a it be read has Cost to the severest we he to f a a a a Ihbe a uti Muied m Simie a a cannot aunt a ire Niton or Gra hops that in future trustees will to yielded occasionally however study and later for thirty years and i am Tbs a Aid a a quid sub a Nival a Peru Msj. Uii Litva Witlek us Aluin Ilith unit Ivan null and bii.iws�1 As lbs 11� will had Lse Lawent of lbs mkt j Uva inia stes Wjk of tie machine Sam p a nil Shiiki Mil of Lavonla. L a it a a sell 1 , Nacon Kra Lolff. Ald soupy. 1ia� Al a court of prob us Bald Al alarm a within and and Irr Tbs county of ibo Bil Mund in a Pluhar in your of our a la Elsaa a my Tift by lha .Iauralda jul t. Nora july a of a did cull i a a Al Tim in ii jr., i of i Kiln p. I , mint air and child of w dil i m. Kerr. I of is Nosb my it irl in a sol county dry run h o in pro Amard he Aoskad sir of Owaldi Saafeld of Lnu and word Lor a Iowa Nib of Faaao thai lha said la Irenn Givs to All Crossa mists sad. Or Riun a copy of Ihly i pukka a Ihram Saks a air Carivaly in lha Union Anil forum. Inn Ltd Al in a a Ltd cd unit it i Lii May i Var at a to. court to in a lil at Kidd Foril la a a no Cugaly a i the hot of nov Nihar in Ufilio t uck in la for Sioon and a lib Woolso if a Mytle a bar Why la Amu a hould not a a huh 41 All a apr Antis u icon a a la Lar a leu co in. A Taal a Kancis Bacon a it a. Al a court of probate livid at Al film Willun Anil for the t onal a of York on thai a monday to october in Iho Yaar four lord Ali Taan imn Drad and a. By lha Llu Nural jul pm t. A a. Judg of court on la it ilium of Jhu i a. Lla Ikon Suar Taii us ii. In Bilir and Clarav a tar i Mimir and it i Ildr a of John a by tar a my grand clip Dran us Kani up Rry Lata of into two a Ald Donnly cd praying for lir no to ill and Convay at pub Tir and Lanui. Or print Al the right Titland my of i said a Ards in aul la Chilain my swats Silva. Ltd in a Iai Akk in county Aud lit Pocs a Tler not it at to Iai a is via. On Svinth of a iwo Story dwell Rig bout inti budding my a Garden lot c4.nartd the Row Albi aia Arr a of land usar Lent sink Villa and Abitt on Al Lily of an cars of Laud a it i Haiat lot us cupid by Rob it col. Ii a am bag or Billy dunh. In old Tillona. I Lisua aau in a Wilhm a git now Ali i Ollo All pro he Ial it a in a Aid Lal by causing a Rupa of Ila order to a publish a tar Wak air by in in i p in a in journal Pramlad in a a id co i i a Why my Apar Al a to Octal court to by old Al in it by find in mini Cupul. On in or a i a nov mar uni Al la a of Tea Rock a la Lur Amma and aha a r i in. If any Lay , by la prayer of said a to Ioa should not a pm Laii. 41 , Isacon Rigi Lar. A mis copy. All a pm Anch 5 Acon avg Wesr. At a court of probate bold Al Flint within and fur la county of York on the Day of o lot Ria Why a of our lord Lusbin imn did and it it a by the Llu Nural Joh t. By. Judg of court Iii Koll to. of Ilia what of to a it re evil land Lal of Santord la said comi ily , a Viag by Ltd. Account of of Tbs Seal of Sab do Send Loi allow inc t Aua Acoy that lbs Aid gov Omick to All a i on , by causing a copy id lib it Srdar Lub Lar we a it in la Uii min sad Juu Raal punted Al Ali Davford in a id county Btl Elmr any appear at a Probala Llort to a livid at ally Dia a us cd Taij on Iba Ard monday of january a it at Tan of Cha a in la to Ivuson Anil Tycz cd a if any to a he a Why lha Saui a Iron id not a allow and 41 a prances Diaconu i Lar a truant by. All a pm Anim Bacon. A i or. At a court of i rub Ute link Len it Allred Willii and fur Tow county us York of be riot m Utay of october in the year of our lord it Glim a bundred mat if Tylis. By ibo Itou Grauu jul Avob t note a if Ui-1 cd Mart on us pen 11.��ul re Becon Hof Kuizon a Mioi irn Lix of Llop Kimwai. Lie of Bux Loa in a in court or Luvear a repro a Aluig i lie a Mol Estu of a of inc us a is not Kii Fli i it it lop a just Ilfeld be Owid Al ibo Lum of his death he the suit of Lour Blind red in Ultra and Pray Lor a lie toss to aril and i to Vry to Ydoli of ibo re at Idalu us aunt a Levy Maul a May to in Wurr for Tho Pili soul of said Dubli Ami can sea urdu Cru 1 Hal Peti Lisner give notice the vol to lbs Loire of Aad duo Naud and to All Perann. M Lere rat in said Caltry by a Aii iut a Sooyol tin Ortler to be published in he Union Aud re journal pruned in Hunt Elurd in said county three were a a of in Ivy by Hal they i Al a Piwar Al n prot ale ourt to a to Dicu us Biddeford i said Roii Uty on the lira to Moi Day in Nowr Ungber Nat at Loti of the clock i la Sorvo Roii Aud Alicw Enuse if any they have Why the prayer of said Puii Lioti Aronld not be Grau cd. 41 Aii i i arc Luwi Raj Ider. A True copy aural Karu it in i v it in a at a court of in Del held at Allied within and for Iii county of York Outh Tirats monday m , a the year of our lord i talc a Hundred and Lilly rite la a the Llorme it rate cat pm t nov. Just us of and court Hannah Marvin Adimu Iruine of la of Lam it jugs Maryin Liu of Alioa in said county a evened Bavin Prew Ulel tier air Uuno of Oil a estate of a Aid deceased fur allowance Alao her petition a. Widow of Sam de eased Lor a allowance out of his Pels Oual elate and Lor Allowa Iku old a Laaff Pew a at the air a of him Cut a Gret Aliu Ual my. Louai in said at Lon oct Pird by Paul Dice used in i lifetime. Ort Troj Tual the soul give no lice to All it or sits , by cd us Iii a copy of thin order Lul Gnu Public sed three week a Uoc Esmau a Vui liar canal and Eastern Jon Raal printed Al in anal county that it Ley May appear Al a l rubble court to to hold at Ridde Hird in county on the a is of not either , at Lea us Ihu Cluck in the for farm and a hew cause if any they have Why the suit at count should Nof tar allowed and Ibe player of said be Iliou grunted. 41 at Cal fas a s Bac a. Re timer a True copy atut fax sets Tacoa. Let sister our the hero overlooked Toiv. Mine thin bleh a a orly of nuic.,1. My t in a bottle very much of a Puzzle to your or a in Tufty or diploma and if Suomi should cd Nim Tecc. Gratuity .50 be the Cate our no Kology must be the Short there were of exhibition behind Iho Hall Ness of Tho Timo allotted us and that our Al the first Day of Tho fair two coaches Trion wus not Callad Toth ii particular arho quote a h01&Quot mrs William a a we a a Quot a. V carriages showed Superior a Blip being Strong and Well proportioned we would suggest that in future nil paint horses line looking and Well trained. Ings stationery and engravings to referred the Cari inges having been built out of to a special committee. 1 he co a a a it Avo 3,0 pru1hibi Elt Fri Quot Era Quot a Quot a a Premium we would cheerfully recon i our committee would further remark Meni a of pub to Rolee Heie that they do not know the artist that enter teams and coaches. De any one of Tho paintings submitted to a there were several Calex of goods exp in s a a a. -.1 mailed which added much to the Iii Terest of their inspection with one except i a a Anu to. 1 1 the fair w e suppose the owners of them t Ono we a tvo awarded no gratuity or Di-1 no cxjh5ci a Premium gratuity or diploma. Ploma. Your committee on incidentals make no a we would recommend the thanks of the. A trustees to or. Moore for a Cane of medi pret nations to to connoisseur in minting., j a new. Of 0imnl1 for n rail of soap in. Llo re May to Morit in All the paintings pm Parful Mcfry or. Mitchell for a Capo of and drawings which word exhibited but fancy goods Leopard wrist Burger. For a your committee failed to Soo it except in u a a a to of manufactured l Oon co and in ipe a it a. Baby show by l. J. Smith Pyramid of i l a i to i pro Tiff lors at Price and in i cd inst wicca. Ltd a i it i i. T m l. adv. -rsb.vti. ,,.v>. Cough my Lilium by Shaw fit Clark Case til. Ii. Him it. Of it >1 in number there Wero exhibited quite Largo num j 0f watch a jewelry cutlery and fancy in Cipully situated in by a in Twat Nih Railroad Ber of Glass paintings which my do much a Tieles by twambly and Smith. A Jou Ltd soil Sai i a a no it Oliou of them ,. ,. Show and which Wero undoubtedly meritorious but As the execution of them requires no Gre at amount of artistic Al Genius and As Trio to was so Groat n sameness in Tho Pic Tures the committee decline making awards or them. Thuro wore hanging Over the platform two Large landscape Oil paintings which to think were very finely coloured and artistically finished and As your commit Teo under St it m they were painted out of Tho county la of Salt four Hundred House lots and other valuable real estate a Phi Ltd in la Tho Ivo Ipri i to a i Liim Lulu sad other property a Lith la a ill us Vulje of and Lidd Rhonl j i. Id lord Aud ssi of a part a Une the , mud u aortic it Bil Low in a in Al lev in Quot Saliou. And a rim vow olt Oili a ill a a a a a thu a Are adv Unla cent ugly Tor the ibid sri Rol Rio is Tiu log list Nosb in eight r to. R . Did a in within pm vol and wider Power c of pm a lieu a of , a Ulit a a Lidl Bridge f?3 fat a Imig mud 42 let-1 w id its Liiri on or quite in a and wit Iside a a a Itka has Brea Iuro a liar kit a elms e>biurrliii3 i a a Wilu 1uj.1� , and is thu in within Diree Miau trs Walkof South a Cor tier. From i i Brule a a try. I is to .e Railroad Cne in Oil it Rrt which w ill a cd ice. I to Init in . a try a in i 1"r Thoy Wero not authorised to Sward a promo Len did out extending a Long the to Nagiu of the uni or gratuity but would re summon 1 that also a chinese Woik table enter by some pc non known to your committee should be noticed in Tho same manner. Daniel Smith. Nathul m. Towle. Committee. Joseph Gilpatrick \ on cows and Liker cars the committee on cows and Heilers have Notton did Lollio duty is signed them and make the following report their were Only iwo rows olt Rcd for Premium Ono by Charles e. Storer of Saco u id the unifier by Jason Lani Don of Kevine Bun poit. The cow altered by or. Scorer was a Cross of the Durham Ami Nativo and a Voi mine looking cow. To him to give the artist be presented the society a Diplo-1 Hal pm mum of $6,00 the cow offered by or. Inn gun was a ran. There Woro also exhibited on Tho South Side of Tho Hall two Small lands Cupo painting upon which to would Tonko Tho same ecu Itier und to in err tint the urn remd i finlly Laid out by the comity re extending into the country from amp he it will inters t with m irks it a in run Winch p yes Aero the abuse de a Iilma Bridge to bide lord. La a Idt a the lot before , the proprietor have a dozen or More Lioon a lot for a ule our Primig a Island roti Likums to the Bridge and Wilhm two moles a it do of the Aud rein irks und suggestions is the i Bovo. A a Allm Quot us Muu it ill lot of fro n on. To five _ to Wou notice paintings by Charlo. Ii. Re u. My l , a tract a a a Tab Ltd Granire , -.orin-�. -. That bleh in re raved by bout a lot. Smyj tract Donna a being Superior und would award of eur us in Tsofi it or. A and i situated of Tho vet the society s diploma for the original and Thomas Dyer 3d, of Saco presented Omen Ido of me Railroad and run tothe Buxton i x a Stu it of so a 00 for Tho Madonna. Heifer two vean old a last Spring that calved Roud. The Lin. Lynst Road Wilbia a Tew rvs Lam a Juary you Isle too. Lands expo Oil the Middle of april front which they made Vav Nir. will he Given of All Lota old painting very Fine lbs. Of Butler in one week in june and a Lili i o i i a my by f. An f�?-1 a a la. 1 a a 1 a a -1 sparkled cow Nativo Breed and a Good Milker. To him we award the second Premium of $4,00 i i fas in i in. Jason , of Ken Nobuzi Sporl offered a very line lied Heifet two years old 1-2 Devon and 12 native maj t. La Iii a a a ii a vol. 9.ho d. E miss c Atharine Jonson so Berwick Good nearly 7 lbs. In Ono week the last of jul Phu i Lidwyn and Law-1 spec Mana of grecian painting for which to him to award the second Premium of Ilam in ii. William 1. New. A we it a Twar u Cut la to of s1.00 a $2 0 1 Samuel Milliken of Sago offered 1 red a Gay Ali Propri tirs Book a Ruvio Elt Maui by a tar s. 11 per Lii thar particulars of to priors Tail cow lit. Itt a a. ,. Tony quip tire i d e. 90a1e9, of Btij Contd landscape italian Sunset a Verv soft and Metier two years old. N Cross of Tho Ayers a eni tur the Pio Pietor. a pretty a Ward diploma. Shite Devon nil native a Fino looking miss a. A. Lanphar Biddeford four Heifer a no not a great Milker. To him we the Stimmy of Tito Ltd Hon a it. That Crayon houses very delicately expo Ute a for too intend a gratuity of $1,50 Llaves a 11 in i ointment which to award a gratuity of $2.00 Theta was another Heifer two years old and humor syrup it Charles 11. Granger Saco Pencil presented by John Milliken of Buxton that a the it Tai said Lias a a a it Tuth up Mac or Tow drawing of Trout very natural to award i has never had n calf a Oross of the native Quot itus in Ter so a than fny�w., to i Brut Unity of $1 00 and Devon ii Fine looking animal but the a a a Iii a not the. Public car not in Nurani of its Bra or. Charles 11. Granger St co Crayon society offers no Premium nil such Dun. A tue in tube thurr i a Miu it Litara a Zdru Wiki a Wei lot Busty Well exec Tod yearling 1 infers. To award the fits and to it a Yium pm. Nolti Aasi iad a . Quot. / Enon t r i ii in ii nor my Trail or Romul win i x .1 Tufty 1.00promo Iii of ��,00 to Kufus Loti old of ii Dilc a a or up Mac As Psi in show by the Tonj thai or. John a. Angus Saco St null painting Portl. Of ii time to Ian is Sasha Lluu Zalasar a stars 1 ,ag0ot horse and boo a copy Well exec Tho second Premium of ,00 to John gratuity miss m. J. Miles Biddeford water color make some provisions whereby Young at to Tho wishes of Hia fellow citizens and far from being yet satisfied with my read veil As old Farmers May be encouraged. Served them a year or two in the municipal ing of that wonderful production. Hardly All of which is respectfully submitted for councils of Boston a year or two in the one person in Len thousand comp Rehmels Tho committee Oliver Dyer state legislature and once or twice for How much Beauty tenderness and Gran Saco oct. 10th, 1855. Short terms in Congo Cha. Upon Tho Accas Deur can be condensed in a space so Small spading of president Taylor he was offered u and in words so simple. The prayer of the Cost Milieo on Tho spading match re heat a the Cabinet which he promptly de Uei sufficiently illustrates the truth of the port. Clinad. To was then offered Tho Mission to Bible and stamp upon it the Seal of divin them a Vero three competitors on the Field England and that to held As his friends by John Mccollum John Porter Anil James Well know n Long Timo under Odrisc month or at was Tho effect prod old says hacked. Lota were marked out ten feet while to was hesitating upon this subject our informant who was present that con Mccoy fume ook Itono. 3, a Quot Dan shed it and h�6�?T&Quot had it it a rcom his rely trance a a Ria to Quot we Quot obtained but a Short time in Twenty two minutes Porter took lot no. He called upon me and was Good enough to longer in subdued monosyllables and Al a and Iri shed it in thirty Dino minutes by that to called to converso upon that and hacked took lot no 4 and finished Al us acct for Tho purpose of obtaining in for i forty two minutes. All the lots Wero Well a v a pitied and left smooth level und Mellow Olaf in in Antt hot it would depend in Sota Odo on die surface considering Tho moist state Greo upon what i could Tell him on a Cerny take Utah. Porters lot was the most tin Tain Point whether lie should accept the a Dve Rablin to that respect and to put in his a a a a a a a a in Spade a Little deeper than the others had. A ,0n or Doi in to for Tarlac Quot a want most entirely ceased and soon after at an Early hour the company broke up and re tired to their several Homes with sad facet and full hearts. A Toi i ainu letter. Tho following touching letter was written on the eve of see bed. Jim to that a foreign minister is sent abroad Battle by col. Shadforth of Tho 57th, who fhe committee would have awarded u Jacl por government a for Quot said Fuff a a the attack on the Redan on Tho 18th Potter the list prom Tum if the condition of. . The match not compelled them to take into bal la at Tho Case that 18 n0 Placo for a a june a onside Katlun the time of performance.�?. No i never yet told a lie and i am not with taking that into consideration Mccol going to begin at the age of fifty year and june Gill cd a my Oion belated h it and dearly beloved children a Al one of clock to Morrow i head the 57th to storm Tho Redan. It is As i feel before Sevastopol Mccollum was Tho younger Man and put place myself in a Inonu pc a Dvo or in who work in a a to cd ,0�?o my t. Cd a Thoo a Al but both etl skill nil Faithf ulness veracity was concerned i should not Han a it Quot uus Lum performed his task so much quicker a Over it. I told him that saying was an Epi that Tho committee fell constrained to Nwart ,. A. John Mccollum the firm Premium of $4,00 a rsm Matic jest and that during my expert and the second Premium of $2,00 to John a Nous a representative of Tho government Purler. It Brood a cd Nerer Init a work a a wry to ten b a an awfully perilous moment to me but i Tho hands of our gracious Hose will a Sparrow cannot in their Petford Mnucho. The sane Reinvik been willing to see in Tho newspapers Ihu a i a it Fusil. I place my whole Trust applied ill a Good degree to Haskell Buta. That us Sumner to said remove Nim should i fall in the performances a so a a a. I r him their Appie Button and i hunks for his to go and to went. Tho Success of his work. I Mission you All know. I May say without mod Hoo a to a Dun a old i Parugrug others that it was equal to that re t0 Mefi m a beloved ones Lor anything of any of his predecessors living or dead. A 1 have m d or Dono ,0 cau9 it of 0.e mgt his genial manner his affable and winning Una ppm Ems. Viilo red i com , his princely hospitality and Quot Gay by by and soul which me i Ami should it to his will that i fall in the by or Lero the Cost Milieo Rufus Mcintire chairman. Bittl muons. Death of Abbott Lawrence. Nous upon Public topics but passing lightly by a Litaud Over but a aug fill surf ate of things and touching a a r. A a Billy upon the heart strings of the sym a 5�r. Lawrence was a my chant of that a. l thifs Between Oor own and Tho Mother class who do not look upon com Marco is his ready eloquence on Public occasions not engoring upon Long arguments or i squish la a of a a Quot a Noo of my duly in the defence of merely the Pursuit of private gain. No sir far higher Wero his views. To considered it country won the hearts of theft English More perhaps than was Ever Dono before. Sir he was faithful to his own government As eve my Queen mid country i most humbly say a thy will be done a god bless and pitted you Ami Tny last prayer will be that he in hit Infinito goodness May preserve me to you Rev beloved Elliza and my Dearest children mid if we meet not again in this world May we All meet in the Man Ray in of this City. Alb set do. Win. M. Kii Uhll a. W. Strmn., , a bbl Osit a. I. a a. A Guarr i Ted. Gratuity $1.00 Milliken of Buxton j. V. C. It. J. W. Is swim six i b lost of �ok., mrs. R. C m. Swett Kennebunk Glass All of which is respectfully submitted. A ii in thu or a Roii nrizmaitliuu.1. A a a i at a a. Such is at a nil of Trumbl sold is aured Liuia and tonal or Ulys skua la by Day of of. I ids in Tbs i Sitf Osil cd to by a bib Drej had my set by Tbs us mss just . By Al mini Par . Or. risk atm la a Yury Malbi in a lbs a i will sad Issum Sal of Haiy in to Lis of Kiwi lbs Al x aunty Cass a bsh a in a us fus Gnibus a us sins a Tobl la sail else a ins its bulk to 11 or Oss a slur to by pastas a Ray u Tietso or tub fun Wilt a lbs was a by Miv in in la i a a us eat Tara journal Syria std at 11.4.11id. Tax Aid can qty. Bat to to say it it a a at a it by Cuart tub by St jul def de my 14 Oak nov on la first Munday us a a i my. to blk a Mursau a. Sad by Raus. If say by is. Ltd by la said Nuli saws Bald Sal a y�w�4. Pa�-4, sad Blu wed m lbs to will sad Imu Mui us Ltd cd 4j Bacon rss a a a a pm copy Bacon by a us tin no Lola is Dilfer Vui Tran ill uitts i , a , c so por it Len tuck la. Uiti a it Duro. At if Curr. Lbs tin in it that to with jul i it a it Jutin in Terr ours than the first. 3.1�?ft Alteari in a b Day it to Brit to at Wilt a he. Try Law batiks of arh feb arty. It will urine the Ato a .ikn�lut.u. . T. Hare bin it or Al with 1--.i Ltd Utley and to Beer t slim buy is us vol Bat it is in sri list Lardrin to the Kiu we a fut powerful in a ref. . A re a a a a my and with err Walnty. Or wish tub Sid tubal that it d a a my cur by Meir or that it run nut a Uty Uny Kasai no Ali of or Truo Cru Irner. I it what l in Day to a Wiy Sutsun in year of sat runs Runny no the risk of its to rain Punk in that Wurst of alts Nas Cancar or that in entity As Lui Dura re unti it gun. say that urn truth of All i ass Urt Taat in Huzur. or Duytu by Humour to the Abl Ctol a wuul.1 us Lar aay. It has Harrd , and in Many air. A. Or L�ry a it a i All run. A Man in new a Tupi Hirv it Usina it on a cancer a. Has Hasa it sub u-1ij if a Jiral Amud ants a past hrs pm to or Hutther of the Oniu urn a and j his Fri Tuda Are now a a turn it will Axar his lift. U r would Cit huns f Simitar Curt a intr ii it it Tauy a a . the Vic of in filie la a i unit ,w a Prak it. It cure. I a lit huh Uhi scr Attu Kry St Polaa w hit tall a it. U Isom t ., Burns and Scals chilhiain., in tors a Pesaty Bart or a itch i crr Burr Aud it i Els curial surr Harrr l a air Stai ally. It Miri 11 in Iii. U. Tui aka i Lupul. And or it blow the tar. Trail a the Klu a of rely ii and Banakh Aal tiny Kratly to lbs Trauty of in Nan Britou. Nov or to any a air Wui u Larr in Kast Mark or scar. It will dra a my. It re fun in a tip Barb Luyi , Ami the Llad an it a Kyr. By an outward a do Atilua. It la i by Wumer Rittley a birr the Kyr Truu blvd with hum.-, by Xvi Oriu us difficulty and Rester Lii the Yuhl. Rates or ots asst $100. Rates or Starr Mars ii ate a p1lk ointment a ear far i let mall a cart Ruml irritation do a Twa. La Hotton. Price Al of. I Ltd us full Wiafe it Spraks or its if i a err sri. Ass. 13, ism. Drum under Alfard of liw Varv Haring us Tyr Tahl alled Ryia Day in d. Ilsy of lha rtt. And Bias Persu fatty a ii Ltd with la Dort by a Pitt Tttus a Addai our irs Bistany to at la Dorsit Rialmo for Bis . I Nulik i Sisr a it to to us Market this trips Rechwi or Sfurm its Zuffi i and with Rrt Tonly. The of Tarent or bar at j in with to oms h hippy result after Raily a Bita is tire by a As �4 , him rtr., to. Our a apr wow fully Justin in in Chat orally ii a in Artw and oui for in Usu to a a 1-rrtu.auuf All its claim. A. S. Or a Isa s. 1. Tai snug a. W. Brasas Asi t. To Psoas. by or. K. P. Flirt awl add whoa Akawi read by Calais u. But a a Rul a it both tilt it a Stair awl cauda a a. B a a applet a , a Sarrac a Law mar mas., of whom All order a butted had Lre Areu. . He us add. . Or. J. Sarsa Snel a. Bar yrs. By in John m. Goot Lwin chairman. On fat cattle. Your committee 011 fat Cutillo have it. Tem cd to that Sluty Ami submit the follow top Tohle very rat added much to the exhibition gratuity $100 miss Mary u. Thompson so. Berwick Giecus painting a sleeping infant a very pretty get Unity $1 00 miss Ann w. Curtis Kennebunk Grcic Jing Rev try in painting child with fruit gratuity there were entered for Premium seven j pair of oxen it being the largest number Dow blinds by or. A. P. Moody a a untere-1 at any show in this county of. Which your Cou Timeo consider a very your committee Havo awttnle.1 Tho fits Superior article for which to would a Artl Nittum of $6,00 to we. H. Dearing old Hook Tho Pill Taro of Tho window Sash by or. A. P. Moody s Tco of Muir a Breed Quot Mill having but , 8ll0ok.1,1 showed a like display of g Ltd workmanship a a a ,h0 county itis feed having been Hay Ami and neatness of finish for which to would ural a. A never been sealed and hav award diploma i a a a a alone Tho Ordinary hmm Woik. Miss Caroline Newby gun Saco a Iuit i of Yout committee also award the second the United states drawn when 12 years old Premium of $4,00 to Zeb Loti Staples of$1.00 Dayton Lor the Sec Orel Best Anim Nln being a Roer. Or. A j. Downing i it tied it Moru specimens seven years old Ais cd in the county a r a to of f , written by a person with Ytry Large compact of of Fino proportion Only Ono hand to think the exhibitor Wor a a a g a a Quality having cat Somo meal nil thy of favor Ahlo notice for this specimen wot Keti some on the roads in addition to the in Ler these circumstances and award a i Fatm Woik. Although the Cutlo enteric Plo inti. Were All of a very Good Quality your Corn mrs. Mary Bonnott Saco jars of 1 tackle Mitsuo have no hesitation in pronouncing and prunes with a Deaon ton of Tho Man l0 above named the two Best on the ground net of pre it aging them gratuity ,a0 a a our committee Wero highly pleased with or. George a Hanscom Saco one pair Jar .umber entered nil would rec cheat Luculle and other articles Mado of Otu mend that those for whom Tho showed much ingenuity and Avo a int provided per he Delict and he considered it i know full Well sir is Oro of the greatest developments of our unix Lorn civilization. I onco had a conversation with him on this subject 1 was go ing to deliver it lecture by fro Ono of utter Publio institutions and i went to or. Law run cd and asked what i should say to Tho Nung then who would Como to hear a a Tel Thorn said How a that this Commerce in which we Aro All engaged is no selfish Pursuit. Tell them that it it an honorable calling. Tell them that the hand of god spread out those great oceans not to Seper Sto but to Unito Tho nations that Tho winds that Watt our sails Aro breathed from min that Ull these varieties of Climata and productions were Nudo to form Tho foundation of Friendly Exchange Between Distant Tieso Wero his views and to can cd them out through nil his his business you Ull know full Well extended Over severs of those convulsions which commercial world Tho foundations of his Prosperity acc also they rested upon that Rock of Honor which Lias already been alluded to. Sir to was not of the Humilla bog ining with which he commenced his Ilo wits Liko Tho merchant princes found Leisure enough from his Publio duties,1 hot. God Hies and protect you and to lies Tow innumerable kindnesses and it Uver by i eve my. Millions upon americans who i Ockon to Fhi rope at that period in great numbers and i believe taken altogether it is no injustice to say that the Mission was never More no-1 your affectionate husband and Loving father Titomas her majesty has signed a warrant Grant be stably filled. I do not know As i ought ing a pension of �200 a year to mrs. Shad to Ninaku any even partial qualification. Forth Aud has intimated that she will take when or Lawrence Camo Home and rc-1 advantage of any future Opportunity which a timed his place in private life you All know May occur to Manifest her appreciation of Bow Well to fulfilled Iho duties of life. He col. a set vices. Was esteemed and beloved in All Theresa Lions of life in his business among his c a. spelling word mire Titan one wat mends by Iho social fireside and on every u i _ _ a a. Al. ,. 3 several years ago a a when the country was occasion whether of a Pullio or private. To it n v n ii. A i in a i prime new a Hon. Yium Reynolds of Wyoming nature. I will not attempt to follow him in-1 c0ully 0 Joyed a a to a rm0utatiun m a buc. To pro Valo i be but i must say a word upon of it a Ful to Wjung Tobat subject already alluded to the Neueli very Well Cento of or. In Bronco. His Means were Largo but larger the use he made of them. Posted up either in Quot Book larnin1 a or the learning of the Law but Relief principally upon his own native tact and slew does a i would say of him what John Quincy i c i a a. This Stook of Winch has not failed him to this Adams once said in my hearing of a other merchant Prince of Boston the late col. Per Kins. A a sir who said Quot to is a Man that Day. His great Succuro created quite an Active demand for his services. On one occasion to was pitted against a a smart appearing Well dressed limb of Law from n neighbouring Village who made co Calico a till farm for Sale. Role Srin a i tested m 9�i-o, of la River rosu1 two mile inti the Willsjr of 9aoo bid in i Rel Avci utly a i Lupski by Jer in Ali a 9timp-�?�un, it Rte tsp tin la no cuts my of sly it 100 acre. Lut to it five if which in exc Ellul interval suit Tow Upland a put of which i Woodland. Tow Bui Jinjr Custer tiny of a Good tax it Stoy a lust n Ira mtg by ser Ertly Sod mud kit rail Linz Are in Toxi or air thera Are two Good wet s near the building Ami a a it water is in Nyll die i ily int. In Kuum the us Ual society rim urns. Feed their better Aud try a Ain. Charles Hill a h. Foss Elias Mill of. Leather boots and shoes. Our committee on leather boots Anil shoes having attended to their duty beg leave to Offei their report. The duties of your committee were very limited Thero being Only three entries made and those were ladies boots and shoes. We Nwa Ril to j. C. Tibbetts of Saco the executed that to would award a gratuity of society a first Premium for Best ladies .50, shoes hoping that Tho manufacture is of a very Fine collection of dentistry and boots and shoes Inyo Ork county will offer specimens of tooth filling by or. F rank a in Ger variety Al our next annual fair. F Uller of Portsmouth these article with 1 for the com. Joseph g. Deering. An animated bust gave much interest to Saco oct. 9lh, 1855. The f air and As they were from out the county your committee Are a prohibited from 1 0n mowing. Rope yarn patience gun Lite Misa Llo Zannah f. Libby Dayton one pot of preserved Cilton Melon which was very finely Llavore As your committee lean testify by actual lasting gratuity ,75 mrs. A. A. C bad Bou Rue North Berwick a Monument Mado of Pine Cones acorns Al Jer buds sic., and showed much ingenuity and Taale in the prow Lions of the Monument and arrangement of Tho it added much to the interest of the exhibition we would award a gratuity of $3,00 or. Nathaniel Smith Dayton Chain made Fiorin a piece of Wood so very neatly giving a Premium or gratuity but for this specimen of dentistry we would cheerfully award the society a diploma. Spec Imus of dentistry from or. Julius Gutter Man of South Berwick although not so numerous As those from Portsmouth showed Good workmanship for which we a Sid a gratuity of $1.00 or. We. Harrobin Biddeford Puzzle made by a boy 15 years old showed great. A a Tufty ,50 Biddeford very a of in uu1 ingenuity and Industry gratuity a a big it a Quot Wisa Hannah Nitcher bidder your committee on blowing have attended to that duty and report. There were 13 entries and 8 teams present to wit �?5 double teams 2 single teams and 1 horse team each of which slowed 1-8 of a acres average Lime 32 Minu is. The blowing As a whole was Well done the Tevius Well manager a and ease and quiet prevailed throughout the performance. Twu us Bay of i Unn 1� Iron _. The Ruf Tow soil and its to Ostia living a near Loa a siiri u always go Al Troder Neny hell Box gratuity ,50 Fnu s wry a Sirab. Of. Us l worthy the Attu or. E. U. Me Kenney Biddeford Good on double teams your come Iitto award lion of of court Active Mesa with la desirous of in Scimens of daguerreotypes for which i a Eylward Milliken of Saco time 36 twin t Wra �fs&Quot"�n�u"oh4,i Fdii-1slra,w "0t tour now Mitlo would award lha society Suley the fin.1 Premium $6,00 of a a a to a Wick of payment diploma. A a r varying Tho second Premium your when i will by in us rss a by Rivise proper Svcun-1 or. E. J. Cole Saco Coin Mittee were at a stand As Thero were in tax Jurei or Darnel Sipui Ebua Uulu Iund or of very Good gratuity $1,00 two lots so Well done and so much alike the Pra Urei. Or Geo. A. Hanscom shoo specimens of that it was difficult to decide which was a China and Calcutta fancy articles All racier heal they therefore award to Daniel a. A dior mini in Sun Ham much patient Iota Quot re a a i it Al to shop of Alfrad a Bukwa Norvl. I or. Horace 45h stand gratuity Unis Issic arunies aural Ira a a a. A a it i Etiore Alanl to Daniel a. Gratuity ,75 Davis of Saco Limo 28 minutes and Jer Ford Biddeford Shell Light a Seph Murphy of Lyman Timu 30 minutes ,501 each $4,00 has Tho Fortune of a Prince but he has a heart a much larger than his Fortune a that is larger than a sir i would a a durable sport Ofa paper which Reynolds Xay also of or. Abbott Lawrence what was had submitted to Tho court remarking of Florence Olio when they Dejl in Pala Otho lamented brother at nos a every among Olfier things that a a All Law papers Ces and gave Laws to Kiuly used to keep i a of his life was a Benediction to some Are required to be written in the English ice Ousler in their in Lincea the Ennes one a at Ono time his Bounty fell in Copi Anglo go Ami that the one under consider with which their to creators had formerly our a How cts and it another distilled like Alion from its bad spelling and penmanship lifted merchandise into their store Mousci Ato soft Daw of heaven. When it was Nee ought in fairness there Foo to be i saw yesterday a Young Man a Olio informed a a a a a try to set an example for the a gentleman of the jury a said Reynolds to that six Woska ago or. Lawrence in hi1 ment others to gave publicly As he when he a summed opt and every won or Ticco took from his pocket a pair of uus it to do but Whan this was not Necea-1 weighed a Pound a a the Learned counsel on scissors and said they used to Sorvo him i by bus he Nevolena followed Humble the other Side finds fault with my Ritin and when to first began business. You Havo annl 10 a Reiford. Where it suffers in the polling at Tho the merits of this Case de spoken of his integrity. Sir i do believe eur "i0110 of god and its a silly Benefactor. Pended of Aioli matters in Magin lugging a a a in any such outside affairs but i will say the lords prayer. A Friend tells us that 1 Mart Rny i 5� a a a Tusci that if the Domo of the Stato House which overshadows his dwelling could have been coined into Ono solid Diamond and Laid at his feet As the Tirio of a dishonest transaction he would Havo spurned it from his pres Coo. Although or. Lawrence was brought up in somewhat narrow Circuns Tencis although lie belonged to that strict old school where an Anecia be of Booth the great tragedy path a we More than one the jury an which we do not recollect having seen a a a pal fixed with judge Rand rendered a in print. It occurred in the palmy Day of decision in favor of Hie Kun Fame before the sparkle of his great Jurna Black Eye had been dimmed by that Bane a of Genius Strong drink. 3t or. Dubbs grave Digger in Norfolk stance overcome All Bis scruples and prejudices. After the entertainment was Over lamps lighted and the company reseated in the drawing room Somo one requested Booth at a particular Lauror and one which hops might be gathered with profit As an article of Commerce. Booth and several friends had Beon luvs. After conveying Twenty three Hundred vie men Are taught to mind their own bus new a in id to Dine with an old gentleman in balt lira of fever incl Iling Bis wife to the exclusively and it Uve other people to talmud More of distinguished kindness Urban ii grave has himself followed them. Theirs yet it wat remarked in Hui that no a and piety. The Host though disapproving a a Man was More ready to Coco Rogo great Ond \ of theatres and theatre going had heard so iop Ine it Row Inonu Neomoi a in Noble projects. It was no object Kin to him much of Booths remarkable Powers that Kansas and in some places Are so abundant that these projects were new. Sir. He was curiosity to see Tho Man had in this in that hops might be a gathered with Dio fit As Ono of the leaders Ono of the most efficient promoters of those two great Industrial projects Coratious i might almost Call them which Havo put a new Hico upon a portion of our country. I allude in the first place to the immense system. Or. Lawrence wus not brought up a manufacturer he was n merchant in a successful Trade and was Suri under of Providence of realizing his most ardent Hopes of acquiring wealth yet he was the first to eng ago in manufactures. Or. Law Ronco often talked with me upon this Suh oct Aud told me that nature Dot Good new England for a great manufacturing country. Was All this immense water Power he asked to run forever to waste upon the rocks should not the Industrial resources of to country to developed and were we never to receive and 55 from Tho 1st of january to the 1st of angst there were 320 murders and Lynn a aching in California. Two persons were All present would doubtless appreciate to awful banged read aloud the lord s prayer Booth expressed his willingness to afford them this gratification and the eyes Wero turned expectantly upon him. Booth Rose slowly and Revore Olly from his chair. It was won this country. Q7 the Catholic Herald of Phil Del Phis regrets the decrease of Catholic very few now come Kerful to watch the pity of emotions lha f of Ireland it and the pm a my he it a a a of convulsed i. Countenance. He became which Catholic pm Rente in deathly pole end his eyes tamed trembling j of enc dlr for bar bid a by upwards were wet with tears. As yet tears. He had not spoken. The silence could be Felt. It became absolutely painful until at last the spool was broken of if by no Decarlo Shock As his Rich toned voice from have afforded me a pleasure Tot which a masonic. We learn from the masonic journal that s b Dockham of Warren g. W. Chose of Brunswick Ond t. J. Murray of Saco have been appointed grand lecturers of the Mao Ohio order. The a a wonted f the following letter from the venerable Jusiah Quinoy who was invited to be present at the Republican meeting in Boston shows that however unworthy May be Tho men of the present Day the flame of patriotism still Burns brightly in the breasts of those who ate most closely related to the men and times of the revolution. Such e Beacon in Tho path of duty ought to shame the mercenary and the timid while it nerves on the patriotic to still More ardent Devotion. Would not the Adames and Hancock have written like this i inc 4th oct., 1855. Sir your letter written in behalf of a committee of the Republican party inviting me to be present Al n meeting Lobo called a for the purpose of ratifying the nominations made at Tho Worcester convention a and to express my views upon the address and resolutions adopted by it i have duly received. In reply i respectfully a tale that at a period of life approximating the age of mighty our i regard it As my duly to refrain from any which May a a popular opinion identity me with any of the parties which now Divide the Commonwealth. J deem if however proper on this oct tip Ion to say that i shall regard with intense interest and earnestly Pray for the a us Eek a of any party whose sole object shall be to limit the Power of the principle which gives supremacy to slavery in the Constitution of the United a states and thereby put an end to the overbearing insolence and iniquitous outrages which have resulted from that principle. To form such a party i re card As the per amount political duly of citizens of this and of every other Freo state. I am air with great respect your Obedi sent servant Jos Uii Quincy. Prow to if. To Independent. The unjust judge. When corruption enters into our courts of Justice Aud the Principio of despotism begin to be assumed As the guide and acted upon in the Doc Eions of our judges it in Timo for Tho people to to alarmed. If a judge in i Penly violate the Laws As Well As trample on Tho principle of equity and still retain his place and Power it shows that Tho people themselves Havo lost that regard for Liberty and that vigilance in its defame without which they Are ready to become Tho patient victims o despotism. If Tho people of Pennsylvania no wilting to Austain a judge Jeffries in their courts and eur not their personal Lihe tire to his a coping soy Opp he cd a to slavery is a Burl Esquo atm pc if any Publio officer were a Dulfer to to amount of a Hundred thousand Ioliar Thoj would Hove Blyn in jail. The instinct of Cotton and of property in vigilant and do Cisiro. It a constantly reported that Ali eur Cotton a a firm a and tha judgement of Tho docs not deceive us. Would that Tho principles of Freedom were As steadfast. Is it any More important to arrest Ami punish a delinquent in the Publio Treasury than a delinquent on the Bench a Peculiar fraud or forgery than a Crit no in the pro Cestos of Justice from All Tho testimony spread before Iho Public it seems Clear that judge Kano is a defaulter in Tho most sacred Trust Liat could Law committed to his keeping. He he perverted Tho Power committed to him fur tha projection of Liberty against Liberty and Tho authority and of , against Justice. Lie Lias sentenced a ire Man to prison on a Mero accusation of Bis own without a Vidoco and without trial a he his usurped Power to do this and publicly upon Bench has committed an assault upon the person of a citizen acting in literal obedience to the Laws of his own slate a citizen Wii obo Only plot Cne led offence against the court Whoso mandate he was obeying was the affirmation of Hia innocence in regard Tom crime charged against him. Passmore Williamson was no More guilty of contempt of court in Armi ering a Srgo by denial of the action than any Man in pleading not guilty of a crime for which he is arrested and brought to bar for trial. Sup. Pose a Man arrested on the charge of having stolen goods in hit Possession and that on denying the charge the judge should accuse him of perjury. What would be thought of the manners and the morals of such a judge 1 what would be thought of hit fitness to conduct a criminal trial 1 How Long would he be permitted to ail upon the Bench f suppose that a Man held to answer of a tearing engum declare Bis inno Elenoe should Load not guilty Mel that for Inch an answer to the writ or indictment which has brought him before the court the judge should instantly order him o prison for alleged contempt of the court a not pleading guilty. What would be thought of Tho temper or the uprightness or the sanity of such a judge How Long would he be permitted to conduct the trial f How Many opportunities would be Given Bim to inflict such an outrage How Long would it be before lie would be hooted from the court House what free Community would suffer under such outrageous despotism yet it a in fact for the audacity of pleading not guilty that or. Williamson has been thrust into prison by judge before we can finish writing this article he May possibly be let out. Pee ably Thero May be virtue enough Iod Ignatiou enough against judge Kane to pro Dooe his indictment or impeachment fur that Crimo against Law and Justice of which he has been guilty. But it is rather More Likely that be will remain Unsei thed and while at or. Willia Neon. Without trial without Coo. Fiction and on the Bare soon eation of judge. J Kane has been thrown into prison for Coo tempt of Coart judge Kane himself will escape All the retribution due or his Coo tempt both of Law sad equity. And if on the other hand to should to put oat of his

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