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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1854, Page 5

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLatest intelligence. Lars drool wednesday. Disturbances had broken oat at Borges Spain. Nothing farther As to the capture of Sebastopol Bat previous a courts Are confirmed. The turkish ambassador presented to the London uracs a copy of a despatch sent him from constantinople and stated that he entertained no doubt of the truth of the previously published accounts. Letter from Jefferson. Thu following letter Fiorin or. Jenifer on to Hon. George Thacher inculcating Tole Alioti in Levi pious belief and the primary importance of attention to the practical duties of Chiuli Anisiy As net Forth in the gospels is an interesting relic of part history. The original of the letter to presume is now in the Possession of the descendants of or. Thacher. The letter was received by or. Thacher when he resided at Newburyport and after his removal from this place where he once lived to that place. Judge Thacher it will be recollected was a member of our first Congress a cd temporary of jeer son and afterwards Oue of the judges for Many years of the supreme court of Massachusetts before Maine became a Seper ate state. , Jan. To i a 4 Sib i Hare read with much satisfaction the Sermon of or. Pierpont which you have been so kind As to Send am much plea Sod with Tho spirit of brother if. Forbearance in matters of religion which it breathes and the sound distinction it inculcates Between the thing which belong to us to judge and those which do not. If All christain sects would rally to the Sermon in Tho mount make that the Central Point of Union in re Ligion and the stamp of genuine christianity since it gives us All the proc cats of our duties to one another Why should we further ask with the text of our Sermon " what think be of Christ and if one should answer 44 he is a member of the godhead Zanoth he is a being of eternal pro existence a third 44 he was a Man divinely inspired a fourth 44 he was the Lerald of truths reformatory of the religions of Mankind in Gener Elul but Moro immediately of that of his own countrymen impressing them with the supreme being touching them Tho Doe Trine of a future state of rewards and punishments and inculcating the Lovo of Man kind instead of the anti social spirit with which the jews viewed All other nation what right or what interest has either of these respondents to claim pre Eminence for his Dogma and usurping the judgement eat of god to condemn All the others to i Wrath in this Case i say with the Wiser Heathen " decorum injury ice Dis you press to to consent to Tho Publica Tion of my sentiments and suppose they might Hato effect even on sectarian bigotry. Bit Bate they not the gospel if they hear not that and Tho charities it teach eth neither will they be persuaded through one Rose from the dead. Such is Tho Malignity of religious antipathies that although Tho Laws will no longer permit them with Cal Vin to bum those who Aro not exactly of their Creed they raise the Hue and cry of heresy against them to place them under the Rin of Public opinion and shut the i out from fill the kind affections of society. I must Pray permission therefore to continue in quiet during Tho Short time remaining to me and at a time of life when the afflictions of the Boly weigh heavily enough not to super add those which Corro of the spirit also and might weaken its resignation to continue in a Joyless Santo of being which Providence May yet Destine. With these1 sentiments accent Tho e of Good will und re Post to yourself. The Jefferson. Not orthodox. The poor old Michigan War horse of the j democratic Pirty. Notwithstanding Lis untre fitted a flirts to make himself acceptable to the South meets with n cruel repulse and finds the cold shoulder turned to him by those from whom he ought to receive assistance in this hour of his need. The Richmond enquirer the Organ of that portion of the Southern democracy whose political sentiments Are not too strongly individualised to have an Organ is Down upon the sick Man for his recent speech to the Michigan demo cratic convention. Southern democracy has progressed wonderfully in a few months and general cats is unfortunately too much of an old fog to keep Pace with its Progress lie was so indiscreet As to " thank god be lived in a free state and the enormous heterodoxy of the remark coming to the knowledge of the Richmond enquirer draw Down on him a bitter rebuke and almost in from the democratic party. To be a Democrat of the orthodox school now a Days it is not sufficient that a Man should exhibit the Toad ism of the past four years. Be must take a step or two in and Vance swear that slavery is blessed of god that the South is a country and argue for the reestablishment of the slave Trade. For general Cass is slow to perceive this necessity of Tho times and failing in his All Gianco is thus rebuked and repudiated by the Richmond Organ of democracy � # to f -1 its affect by the Nebraska Bill general Cam is reported to hate used the following Lan Guage 4 it was True the Northern sentiment was opposed to slavery it was natural that it should be. To was opposed to it. said in the Senate that it was a political evil and a great Many other things to the Dis pleasure of Tho South and would stick to it under All circumstances pc. He thanked cod that he listed in a free state there was no reason Why people in the territories hould not govern themselves make their own local Laws and define the character of their institutions. Lie maintained that the Nebraska Bill did not open Kansas and Nebraska to slavery if it did to would yield All argument but slavery could not go there nah a Tho people themselves wanted it. A clause introduced by his colleague had Cut off All claims to establish slavery under the operation of the old Taw when the territory was acquired by the United state.1 Severy is not recognized in Tho territories and is Only subject to Loci i Man there is free no slave no master is recognised until the people voted it. Under a cited human fee hog is opposed to a very a tie such is the interpretation which general Cass sires a Michigan audience of the spirit and effect of the Nebraska Bali and Sueh the exposition of his own principles and feeling in regard to slavery. The same infirmity of nature which has so often bet raved the Veteran politician into ridiculous and deplorable blunders caused Jtj Here to abandon the High ground which he is thought to occupy at the South and to cringe to the insolent spirit of Northern abolitionism. General Cass might have moderated his language to suit the temper of but it woe soared allowable in him to sacrifice his principles even to the necessities of his position. At any rate he cannot expert the Soith to recollect Only Tho Brave would which he uttered in Washington and to Tako for naught the treacherous recantation at Detroit. If the language be correctly Given in the report of Hie Nee a he has severed the lat enl which bound thu to the Peu Mcraey of the sooth. Henceforth be Mut rank with Benton and Van Ruren. As one who Baa in suited our feelings and betrayed our Ponfil dec. Tho weak attempt to serve two master to reconcile it Vouron to the Constitution with submission to abolition Tom an attempt to which he it persuaded by the suggestions of undying ambition has placed him with these illustrious a utes in the limbo of lost and dishonoured poli Icilus having disposed of general cuss the enquirer goes to Praise the new into of the South the Illinois traitor Douglass. Hear it it is refreshing in contrast with this spectacle of weakness and duplicity to Oon temp Ute the Manly and fearless of Onrshc of senator Douglass. It is his Fortune As it i has been before to encounter More vehement i and vindictive expression of popular indignation but with a courage us rare in these Days As it is admirable he stands erect under the pelting of the storm and hurls Defiance in the Teeth of the mad and hooting mob. He docs nut shrink from the responsibility of a faithful discharge of duty. When Douglass a reduced to the " Rind the nullifies will suddenly recollect that he too poured me us gently us a sucking Dove and end Saverud in his Chicago speech to palliate i repeal of the Missouri Compro Mise by saying that it was because it guaranteed slavery South of 30 Deg. 40 min., and Doug faced Douglass when broken Down the unserviceable to the Tuil lilies will be told that u at any rate he cannot expect the South to recollect Only the Brave words which he uttered in Washington and to take for naught the treacherous recantation of con rant. The fisheries important circular. Washington oct. 10, the following Cir Cular which is of Grout importance to those interested in the fisheries was issued from the Trkulj department this morning and runs omitted by mail of the collector it new York Taka sort dam rement oct 10. Sir id consideration of Tho privileges now enjoyed by citizen of Tho United Stales As Well a of to probable exemption from duty at an Early Uay of fish of All kinds the products of fish and All other creatures living in the water and in Persu Anco of the stipulations of Tho reciprocity treaty of the oth of june last entered into Between the uni Ted stated and Groat Britain upon do compliance Wilh Tho requirements of said treaty respectively by Trio Imperial Parlia ment and Tho provincial colonics a fleeced by the treaty and in order to Fuci Litante certain arrangements and understanding do Pendant upon the action of Congress had to tween the Secretary of the United states and Tho British minister or. Crampton it becomes necessary to Issue Tho following instructions of your government. To wit on entry at your port for consumption of the fish of the description above mentioned and due payment of Tho duties thereon you will give the owners importers or agent n proper receipt therefor with the custom Llou o Seal attached specifying Tho name and nation of Tho vessel Tho Dato of her entry the place from whence arriving with the Quantity and description of Tho full. Should the parties desire to warehouse under Bonds you will permit the sumo to lie done in accordance with the existing provisions of the Laws on the uhf it taking care to give such particulars of Tho Laws on the Bonds As show the True object of tic objections. Very respectfully you Rob t. Serv t. J. G. Washington acting Secretary of the Tro usury. To j. I. A Eadfield esq.,collector of. Y. ? Banks and Bank Diri Dunds. We copy the following remarks from the Money article of the Portland advertiser published on monday to have to notice the week the failure of the Ellsworth Bank und Thero Are ruinous of Otchis at the eastward Sha King in the wind. We Hope these rumours have no of ovulation in truth. These i ficus tie � remind us of what we intended to say Iii our lust in relation to the manage input of the banking institution of our stale. As n general thing we have no doubt these in-1 solutions Are properly managed in accor dance with the spirit and meaning of their charter but in very Many cases but Little attention id paid to the requirements of the Law and the corporation � but Little better than the jew broker of cd Chain Street 01 the wort note Shaver of Wall or Sinie Street we Are warranted in these remarks by the facts daily occurring. Within the oust two weeks very Many of the Bank in this state have elected their Board of directors and i Decla Iod their Semi annual dividend. In Many instances we find that among the Bangor Bath and other Eastern Banks to 1 Ether with two of the Portland Banks a dividend of 5 per cent has been declared for the last months. Now we pretend j to know enough of tanking to be sure that no Bank can legitimately pay live per cent1 Semi annually and the usual expenses of the institution without transgressing the Law and taking illegal rates of interest. Many oftness institutions Caieto be found with no surplus on hand and Yel they jump to 11 dividend of 5 per cent Tor six months making 10 per cent annually. And Ilia is the result Why if they meet with a loss of a few thousand dollars Thoy will Asiu the Case of the Ellsworth Bank fail and the Public Sufler from the mismanage ment. We repeat that no Bank doing business in this state can without Viola Ting our banking Laws earn ten per cent on its capital Over and above the necessary expenses to carry on its business. We speak plainly on this matter. The banking credit of our Stato has heretofore ranked Hiiro. And we cannot guard it too carefully. Let it not to weakened by a grasping desire to show a Large percentage on dividend Day. A Bank can Only do so to its own and the pub Lic Deti Imet. ,17 the following Lottor from burnum on the subject which is now engrossing the attention of most of our Good citizens will explain itself this baby show. To the editor of the in. V. Express i perceive that Tho Cui Xen of Tho Buck a state have stolen mar eight months since i announced Tho Idoa of a National baby show to to hold at Tho Ameri can m us urn. I offered a list of premiums for a similar burp Leo to our county Agri cultural society in Stamford it out through the squeamishness of some of Tho managers my propositions Wero rejected. Wal Yoou publish a list of premiums and arrangements which will make Tho great National baby show to to held at the Amer Ienn museum in november unit Tho Moet attractive exhibition Ever held in now y Oik. Truly yours . Barnum. Bridgeport ct., oct. 9, 1854. Politicians Abd tic Catholic vote. The new York crusader has Iho following never was there so much wilful per verse determined obstinate a Tullish Blind Ness to the will of the people manifested by Auy Monarch slut the world Ever sow As there has been exhibited for several j ears Back by those leading politicians who a devoted their energies to the accomplishment of party objects and the Purchase of Tho Catholic vote by Promise and other More tangible inducement. This too in the face of the palpable certainty that either of the old parties could have wept the country with those a Optican protest principles upon which the people had it their hearts " state of Maink a the go Var or a a Kochi auction Ion a or or Public thanksgiving and Praise. Another year crowned with mercy and a tones from on High it rapidly approach ing its Tot urination. Us cons far beyond our deserts have attended our various business enterprises the labourers of seed time Haro roared their Reward in the fruits of Harvest Tho pestilence which bus desolated Many Homes in other lands has not visited us we Are still in the enjoyment of civil and re unions Liberty and peace reins throughout our wide spread Borders. Every passing Day of the passing year has furnished abundant occasion for individual gratitude to god for blessings conferred yet in View of his great goodness and sparing mercy towards us us a people it by comes us to unite our lips und hearts in rendering to him our annual tribute of thanksgiving and Pruvie i do therefore with the advice of the executive Council appoint thursday the thirtieth Day of nov meet next to be observed throughout this state As a Day of Public thank aging and Praise to almighty god for the blessings he has bestowed on us und 1 invite the people of Tho state to observe the Day thus set apart in Tho manner hallowed by time honoured usage. Given it Tho Council a Hutner it Augusta this Twenty ninth Duy of september in Tho year of our lord one thousand eight Hun dred fifty tour and in the year of Tho Indi de Educ cd of the United states the seventy ninth. William g. Crosby. By the governor Alden Jackson Secretary of state. Ii Kkt. We Cru indebted to or. T. P. S. Deering for u Plato of Tho Premium Honey. We Are warranted in saying that if any finer Flonoy was offered fur Premium than or. Deep aug a it must have Cen Surpas singly god Tho report of the. Committee on Houey is so Short that to Hare Boon Able to find a Pluck for it this week. On Honey. The committee on Viloney would report that entries were made by Only two individuals and As the hives of both were Fine and the samples offered were of Superior Quality they award the premiums in follows for Tho greatest Quantity in one hive to t. P. S. Deering Biddeford $3 to allowing a gain of 77 jobs. Thu past season. To j. K. Haley of Dayton the Premium on Sot ii 04 1-4 lbs. $2 for the greatest Quantity produced in one season j. La Haley 31611 9. S3 for Tho Best specimen to t. 1. 3. Deer ing. $2 Tii specimen offered by or. Haley was thought by sovino of Tho committee to to More delicate in flavor and they were some what at a loss How to decide but or. A Ley on whose More experi4eed Jui Lemert we depended pronounced bin competitor s simple the better Ono As having More body being made at an earlier Stago of the season Thau the Sample which himself presented. Respectfully submitted f r the committee. S. L Goodale. By Tho Lewiston Tou Contono published by or. Young of Shaker Catholic an celebrity has the following complimentary notice of the Niagara s called out by their Roc ont visit i to Lewiston. Fike lome Niagara. This excellent company of Stalwart men numbering some co accompanied by Trio Portland Lleras band visited our Village on Friday p. M., and Wero received by a deputation of our citizen Roll who alone arc always on hand to do tiling up the Niagara in Tho largest company 0 have seen for Many years and their uniform Tho Firetti St that can bog t up and then As to Chaviour. To say nothing of military Disep line equal to the Best instructed of Youn men. Indeed Sago has set us her specimen of useful men and created a juror in our midst very Likely to unit nato a now life in our tilted department. We Hope this i it will prove so. For three years to have been without anything except in voluntary Aid guided by engineers and foremen of the Illoso without regularity or command ing discipline and we venture to assert that nobody knows whether either of our engines uru in working order or not. Indiana election. Cincinnati oct. 17 from Indiana we learn that Tho election of All Tho anti Nebraska congressmen is cer Tain that there is an anti Zabriska major Ity in Tho legislature and hint Tho anti be Hraska state ticket is elected by from 7 to 10,000 majority. It is supposed there is a majority in Tho legislature in favor of a prohibitory liquor Law in this state. Ohio election. Nearly All Tho counties have been Hoard from and Tho anti Nebras majority it Over 70,000 the entire delegation to Congress is anti Nebraska. Mont Pilior vt., october 14. Hon. Jacob col Lucr of Woodstock whig was to Day elected u. S. Senator for Tho Long term by a majority in both houses of about 30 and Hon. Lawrencw Brainerd fro soil for Short term receiving nearly every whig and free soil vote. Gov. Royce s message was delivered this forc Noan. It is unusually Brief and is received with much favor by All parties. Up on the liquor Law to commits himself strongly to the prohibitory so Stein. summer musing. The Ihlen did now Iron Steamer ller majesty built on the Clyde to run on like Ontario sailed irom Scotland seven or of yet weeks since Lor Quebec and bus not yet been heard from. She had a sailing Crew of course but it is supplied no passengers or cargo. Bellfl Leto . Oct. 14. At Market 3000 Lateef cattle 100 stores 2s pain working of a 164 Cowa Ami cat Vea 0000 sheep a Del Lamb Ami s00 Swine. Bee cattle kit Ujj Flani Allty a Accord $7,50 i Una $0,50 a 0 75 Nordlu try 5,50 a 6 75. Hide $5,50 0. Tallow 1 Cleta 4 j a 61c. Calf skin 11c. Per Pound. Voauahn$4, it a 7. Futi yearling v10, a in two year of $15, 17,19, 22, a 25. Three Yvanie Oil i 3d, to 30, a a. Working Oxe ii is 00, Luo 106. 116, a is. Row Ami 21, 20, 27, 20, a 343, a 40. Sheep Ami Lamb extra $4 5, Tiao. Ltd l to $1,50. A a. 8wlue3 1-2 a 4 l-4c. Ratiu 4 1-2 a Fly. Fat Lologa i m a it 34c. 1 ? Llomo mall kit october 14. Flour and 1 rain the Market u very firm fur flour ale of f Nunn Bramla we Utu at 3,601 fancy at $0 a 0 12 1-2 i extra at $0,50a 10 t including Jenca Aoe Ami Southern extra at $0,21 a 0,50 per bbl. The receipt of euro Bare in Ltd tit Aud the Market la Frai \ Furt Lier Galea of fowl mixed at 87 a my. A by Hel. Oala Are 5 a i x. Per a taxi Ami Rye $1,20 a 1,25. Uay Kirris it in font Deo Utal at $21 per Tun Cash. If Cark of . The celebrity of or. 8. O. Rec Gallt 80xs Sherry Wink ulttt.ki4 Baa pm Lucid a viral Persona who Don to Puaa Caa tie Lewt medical knowledge to a aume the title of l and before the Siulc an article in Tel Taniou of Lay Mottl Liua which Tury Call Blurry u in bit Ter Aud Ati Iii u Muu to Luau off under the pret Euc that 1 Hare retired Naii l a a Nara Aud Alao that to brr Taan to Forturn an Imp rutted article of the aun name. Joumaa to Thuja la Supult i health ube sure that cd obtain the jul article which May be known bar the Iubile w my al nature upon the out Akle wrapper cur Erlof Rac a Bott and Alao bar tha cop right banter of the Aabak Elev ring. S m Bot Eagle Ami retail at my office no. 51 Llanover Urci Hua Tuu. Ami by All it Atera in of by City town and Village throughout Ute new us Uii i mate. N. Moat jr., i i agent or the n. K. Stir. 3ml�4 marriages. In Thia town Vitili ii Tant 1 y Hev. P. Allen a Orlando h. Ami it a Ana Jon Dan nil of bidder i. I in the distribution of the bridal loaf the Piru it kindly remembered for which the Liu pfc Coli pc have limb rot in Thi town 11i� i � Rev. S m. Gould or. t. Bank a a com pie Unwor quient of Woolen goods and tailor s trimmings embracing a great variety of Fth i or Flor m Well As the common kinds of goods making in All As Coli Iku an assortment f clothing goods As he has Ever uttered and coins Tiu of i Broadcloth Lenrer lot a Pilot t Lotha. Doe of Khia sistine to. cloth silk and Nln Veat Luga and finding Good of different Tyle and qualities it to the Sean which he will Aell liar the Yard or make into garment to order under Kin own per anal inapt Clion at prices which cannot fall of giving satisfaction. Or. Ii. Would respectfully ask the attention of tils old customers to his assortment a who Are Desir Ous of obtaining clothing Well uni fashionably mule Ami of the list of Materi al will do Well to cd Amine his Stock and ascertain his Price for work. Two october 19, 1ss3. 42if w. P. Hastings Reed Organ Siraphine Elophine and Melodeon manufactory to. 80 Federal Street Over the i Ost office to Klamm me. At the present time tha prices of instruments Hare reached a figure so astonishingly Tow eople or even very limited Migatu Lave Lieen enabled to gratify their lore of harmonious Goutals and to ornament their Parlours with a i Iano Hera phone or Elophine. In Thi Cognac Tina i we instrument 1 take great ideas ire in Rwan mending Caria it s Patent mkt 1 ku.\, an which hit in Vul before the Public for several year and them Pula Ruy of which continue to incr Mac. I have n Large assortment of Siraphine with atop to produce Alrabat any variety of tone. Articular attention paid to building Large Reed or Gans for Church. The largest Are built in Tho style of 1 ipe Organ. All instruments Are invade with an improved bleed and tuned with equal Cem Ieni Inetti. Oilers from abroad promptly attended to. Tuning and repairing Doia. At reasonable rate. It. P. Tiap Tinbo c. Xiv. Fix xxx agent for Iliad Ford and Saco has samples of Tho instrument at i residence on went Worth Street ill Deford. L Lea Mccall and examine. Oui 2 Tristram Gilman druggist and apothecary. Tirol i respectfully Lii inn i mends Ami the us it he that he has Talen the Etory on Pepperell Square recently occupied by my Mcdonald where he 1 pre pared to Uffit u Kod assortment of drugs and medicines perfumery & fancy goods. Of a Good Quality Ami at us fair prices As can be it find la thu Vicinity. Also All kinds of Patent Lett icings received Fri Zeular attention to he Assort ment of , i Nncy Sony colognes la nor in and May Oiler toilet article which will be offered at a very Low Price. Lie would tend or his Ali aunt to the cd Tucius of Sago and Vicinity for the Liberal at Rouge received during hit residence Here and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. 4 a of san oct. 12, 1s54. Dancing school m the. A. 11. Be Ifould announce to the ladles of old Defoil and Yvo Saco that lie will commence a dancing school on monday evening oct. 211 cestb.1l Hall Kidd Ford. And continue every monday and thursday evening until further notice. Tell is for twelve lessons $2 or scholar. Or. One will also Ennu Nornoo a school for ladles a and gentlemen of to Neaily evening onto bar is. N wishing for the Hall for balls to l Artles concert kc., apply to or. Gee Saco House Haco or at the Vilall. Alld Detony october 10, 1m. 42tf new Orleans molasses. Caa bui.4. Prime new Orleans molasses just landed t us and Tor Sale by rom lyn3i1, 111 and 1m for 8c, Portland. Oct. 17, he or 4 aaa pairs of misses ail children Bola 1uuu and Short at the lowest vat prices at 12tf b. K. Toss k cog oct 1851. Liberty 8t., old Defoil. Vice Law of Vulku aha/r9. A fur at u. K. R088 k oct 1rw. 42tf Liberty St. Tul Deford. R a pair of the Kali style of la i iks gaiters. Our silk Warp Sunlai Lurik Iani i to advice of of Wale a n r i not to be lightly eaten aunt and if you would make practical be of thl Adajar Call at Bot k co.8 snot St Moa Liberty Street and buy bout and shoe cheaper than can a bought at any other place. Ii k. Ross k co. Biddeford oct. 1sjl 43tf rubbers rubbers 1 in 8 he Duke boots rubik is iii0e8. Rub. Ill cult 8andal8.bc. At a Kake i a Liberty St 4j-tf caulk scan find rubber hoots Bubber shoes re i Kilt 8a.ndal8,1 and 3 strap at Hoss 8 shoe store Liberty St., Dkl Ford. Oct., 18ji. 4�-tf Ilomin Awao fir wide calf 1 can find jul the Natlo Tross a Liberty so Bleda my 42 of oct. 144. In Simmms do a Assef la cheat and i swags Hare Harp Ruth to much truth Cli by an Iii it we at the it nostril Che to Chi country a Var line re. Fur the most part among the in the beast Tail atm the talented of both sexes the com to us Nekl that occasioned being almost incalculable. Any medi Ator therefore the use of which a Elvaa or cum Uch Deearl Pitlon of maladies May be con mered to a common Blessing to Man Luxl a u becomes the duty 4 All to Aid in disseminating tha know Edge of 1u Var tue. Of Thea character u tie great european cough Medicine or Universal cough mixture. Lye pored by Rev. Walter Clarke cornus me. In thl fun Unity it 1 too Well known u Mot any if script Ion or . Its Fryne it established. It u allowed to be to Best Medicine known for coughs of every Devil icon who thru of children or adult. It la purely , i a fitly Safe Ami often effectual after the Moat to Iular medicines live been tried in vain. Ilea j the Tiu Orluf certificates selected Foroi a multitude from mrs. In Sham a Rall Coruth me. For the encouragement of Hose who Are suffer aug Furtun coughs and disorders of the Chi St and lungs i hereby certify that i a for several months al Lite 1 Ullh a Moat dreadful cough by which i waa reduced in extreme weakness and waa entirely cured by a kindle bottle of the Universal cough mixture per Jared by her. Walter Clarke. 8igncj, mrs. Small. From mra. Mark Wood Leld or. Tel certifies that i have used one bottle of Rev. Wal Ler Clarke ? great Kun Roxiean cough Medicine for a hard couple and soreness of the la Fiji. To which i have been for Lone time subject and which the Medicine entirely removed. And 1 would cheerfully Vou Amend 11 who Are suffering from pulmonary complaints which Are so common in families and All who Are p offering from caught colds 4c., to use in future the great Kur Oprin remedy or unirer�4l cough mixture fully pen faded that they will find speedy and ennui Keiit Relief by la use. Signed Lydia Wood. Remarkable Are of mra. In Newell. Mrs. Hunnewell of Scarf euro me., waa two Yean Aad ten months afflict cd with a most distressing cough extreme pressure of the lungs and other had symptoms. After trying physicians and aleut medicines in vain she was cured by two bottles of the venire real cough mix Ture. Trial bottles to . Largo bottles containing the Quantity of four Small ones 7ft cents. Sold wholesale by the a Roj Rhetor Cornish me. For Sale in Soco by t. Oilman. Ili Deford or. Lord Union a Kre. Kennebunk 8. Clark. Kenna Smik Ort Currier. Wells Daniel lilt if Field 3rd Ogunquit u. Lilt Leld. Cape Reddeck Lorn inner. Kilter Huhl. . North her Wick Snow. South Berwick Thomp on. Great Falls Steven and j. Jamee. Mills Fox. Spring ale lord. Alto Conail. Waterbury Allen , la Raciti a set Lorld h Ood. West new Flam loud. South or sons que Hilton. And by agents inmost towns to the Sutic. 43tf Mil mis i. Nam & co. Have Tulili Day received a Choice lot of West India goods and groceries com flour and provisions which they arc pre ared to cell it a bump is be Chen Post we Lugo coffees mocha old Java Luo Porto Camlo Cape Ami roasted and ground Coffee. Teas Houe Bong Oblong Nln Gyong Young Lynon old begun Wiler Ini i in. Price from 2ft Centi to $1,00. 3uoars. Crushed granulated la we esd Coffee a nuked Porto Rico Havana Noil Portland. October 3, ism. 3d r us b Lions. One having taken the store on Pepperell 1 Square recently occupied by John Mcdouald a removed Hixt a of Fuffa medicines he., a Ved from the late Ore and having Maju add Loaa thereto w pre pared to offer to i former Cut juice and the Public Gen-1 really a Good Ais i Rupent of drugs chemicals perfumery and fancy a soon of a Good i vitality and at As fair Price m can to found in this Vicinity. Alio ail kind of Patel it received direct from the proprietor and warranted genuine. He would ask particular at tent on to i Tock of fancy goods con a Tibig of cml a Luilie Portin Nynalea fancy 8.1,11is, Cologne hair Oil fcc., All of which Are effect and will lie told at a Rory Low prior. He would under ill thank for the Liberal patronage received during i Brief re Odence Here and Hoie to receive the Call of i old Cuit Nurr and Many new one while he May to Kinin at i present location. 41tf twist Siam oilman. Saco oat. 10, 18m. Courts of probate. State of it Skive. Yorik a court of probate held at Alfred on the first monday of october la they a of our a my one i Odmund. Eight Hundred an fifty four ordered that ran my after the Day aforesaid tha court of Ami for the county of York i held on the first monday of every month at the following placet to will january it Alfred. February " Saco. A Tireli " Biddeford. April " Alfred. May . June " Kennebunk. July " South Berwick. August " Narth Berwick. September " Limerick. October " Alfred. November " Biddeford. December " Saco. An l whenever the fourth Day of july or any Day Des Vignaud in this of Tate for the Choice of electors of president and vice la Eildert of the United state or for the annual fait and thank giving shall occur on the tint monday of any month the court will he held Outle tuesday following. Joseph t. Hye judge. Attest Frux Cia Iutok be filler 41cw fancy goods a have an assortment of fancy Gooda not to be found at any other store in town much u preserved Ginger preach red quince preserved cent Berry extract f in extract rate extract Orange extract Van 11 in w pickled Olivet Jar pack Lea car rant Jelly in award Pepper Fca Ketchup . He . And every other article that la wanted for dually use i 1 articular attention paid to the supplying of Yav Eiliv boarding Llo Usea and hotels. Ship s stores up at the shortest notice. 41tf Cimias. B. Tomit k co. Saco october 3d, Ltd. Fearing Limey it to ship Chandlers. Oia Libi i Duck chnln., Anchor Cordage Bunting al help to plea wlm Lla gearing up Lett Oil naval slam lie. No. 5 Long wharf of Raiti Iii carom torn i dog Tow. A. Rii Luio. 41-ta i for. Mimi Colt. Came into the enclosure of la 8abcrlbr, a Colt about three Yean a of Bay color Blaek a mum and ithe owner u rvs Geatal to pay hear Ftp and take her a. Lilos Kobb to. A la Man oct. 7th, ism. L out. To 8aeo, on Todne or the 1 Hundred it wrote Flag. To3tf on or about dwberl9lh, month. Than bed a Sta of Bald Nota. Auperwearefurtlpurolwlageaidnote1j a. Payment a. Bean bhjlgi0x a huh Luton. Biddeford oct. 12, ism. Corn. To _ 40 y the greatest of the age or will Clear in a Jinn i win. Anted to Mytre the or to canker in or Vrr or a i All Jarmom to in ski wont r. Kennedy of Kox try him do Corrm in out of our Robi Uma 4aturr Teai Rtoise by thai cur Tkv Kelly kind or ill Moil from. La wont scr Fula Dowa to a roam lie a tried it la Over to a can Ilam a a and new w1 except la two Ali Ltd m w in by Ian oat to Kuurne Ortii Cau a of jul value Aji Rohla i Weald Nilka Tull ton. Two it tar Are warranted to cur a Nurt Lynx � re Mouth. Ottto to thro bottle Wujs or to want Klad it people Oil tit we. Two to three Battle wide my Lem of Bue. Two bottle Are warranty the a Miluk a a Alo Tutti. To Bow u Tva haute cars of Erbil Peldai. One to two Boule an warranted to Cun All Bunur to the Eye. Two bottle a Warra Tod la cur ran Nim laity Tan Tum hair. Four to ilk buteo an warranted to Cun corrupt and Iii ninja ulcer. One male will Cun id alar nip Lun of tie Kiln. Two to there bottle Are warranted to Cun the wont Caie Ilc plug Vonu. Two three i tue Are warranted to cure thb04 a a Porac Case of . The to tax Hotton Are warranted Tun wit tie uni. L Ive to eight bottle will Cun the Verj wont cacs car Fula. A Benefit i alway sex Erin de Antn Ali ant bottle and a perfect Cun warranted when the above Quantity b taken. To the who an lube to a tick headache one a Jule will always Cun it. It Irrin mat Ellef in Catarrh and Dali Leo. Hum who bar taken it have Itu to us f i Yean and hat Beau rep Utcy by u. When the body u oui i it work i site Eay but when then i any Deonge ment of the function of nature it will eau very do Ruhr feel Lam but you nut not be Alan cd their Lawny do appear Lufriu four Day to a week. There i never a bail must tru it univ out Ray a if the Nio to extravagant of it that Ever Man listened to. No change fat to aver Neces Arr. _ ii Lauar kept. Ii 1163. Tkel it to err Tyty that to. If. Try it Light port land u be duly Auto rid Lorn real a gent for my medical Deco very for tar state of Maint Andt knt a i to i red with the it Quint dirty from my in Boti tort Donau ku.v11dy. Agent Janie Awyer m. L., and me a farther k co., Bode Ford Bacon Momti. On in Kennebunkport 81 a Derby Alfred and by medi Clim dealer everywhere. M n 120 Radical cure of hernia or rupture. Or. 0. Ii Eaton of it taxi. Who he Ujj Yuil Many a it to i Nina Well a. Iii us Milder form. Of Tiu trouble name Tran print to hereby rendering tic amt u trim Ouw Orsary Luu re Tittl tax a to no. 72 Lincoln of Tomb Tom Mim us. Lintel where he will Recelle int a. In to re. Or. If. Alto attend particularly to female complaint. To i treatment and cure of varicocele ,ll4�iorrholdj,t r i ills 1 a Invar Summ k c. A up leation May lie made at he read dance no. 2 Kunu i Laca i to we Fikiret iwo twin. , augut 7tli, a ii. 323wu paints and Oil. Pm he White Lead Lewi and Union a Roro Kiik Liah Len eed Oil Chrome Oreen pure dry and in Oil. I Rome yellow i Litt Ury Uilk no Itan Illus dry and in Oil i one Dennl Ilivia hear let ke., fee., j Oil received and or Fate at Low rain by of As 1. M1tciikll. Fluid extract of Valerian. Alki Hajko in a in pervs Mana i from Theviot Knitli i Valerian knot Eie i Hely and a Moat valuable remedy in neuralgia nervous headache wakefullnc., and All do a a of the no Roui fyr tera. For ale by Iio Mii or bottle by tf38 d. Mitchell drug let and Kao Isi riling fluid , Anil phosgene Oas. Upp Lea jiul Xcvi cd und for Sale by of a d. Mitchell Warren s Turbine water wheels at the Warren manufacture Lufi i company Warren Are now in to us in new England Are constructed in the beet jux Isible form for Wing water with the great to Economy. They Are equally adapt to All manufacturing purpose Ami under a head ail not affixed by Back Wau a for particular certificate ac., address a Ainoi Jackson Wahakn Ware Ham mass. A. I. Davi8, 1 teacher of mu1c. No. 6, Central Block. N. Ii. 1 Persona Ali Hong to Purchase Good instrument will do Well to Call at us ulu a number. Laid Defung sept 22, Luik 3�-tf i for ale. 1wkntv Shan of few Lal to make immediate payment editor to Clias. K. Storer or Jaine it. La Aseltyne who Are author loud to be the name of us firm for the settlement of All account. Tuco sept. 24, 18u. Copartnership in Otic. The us crib or would respectfully inform the Public that they have formed a Copartnership under us name of Clias. K. Stork ii k co., and Haw Takra the tort recently occupied by Soba on k Storr for the transaction of the vet India goods Iro Cerle and 1 Roulon Ihui Nesa. The Storr will be i us Rajjo dlr Ecolua of or. Us Lilue who will devote i Floe and beat efforts to pm task Siom we i kor diem with their patronage. Ciiakuk8 b. To Hail Jamks u. 1ia8kl.t1nk, Amos u. Boyd. Millinery and fancy goods. Mrs. A. D. O Connell inf Onni her Mendi and the Public that the hoi Replin used her Stock of millinery Ami fancy goods and Hiim new Coral Cut of trek of elegant q 0.0 d 6in bracing Crary variety of Cap and bonnets of be latest styles with ill Booi to match. Chi def i aim , awl a Fui a runt it Ijar a Tow of Becj Okst a a cloak can aia j a a. Fetus of tie latest fashion from new York and Itil Ladelphia. Mra. C., has secured us aet Tea of an experienced cloak Ducaa Marg awl All Wufka 4�tf her eatau i lament Tai fat pal i Ralff cannot fall i of being a lab chary. J of lion net bleach press so and remodeler in the Best manner and at abort notice. Or. N. D. O Connell or Turnauer thank for the uber i patronage thua flir Brt towed upon her and re jux Toul y Aak a Roo nuance of la same at bar place of Bol near on Liberty to trivet next door to Salmond k Dutu Ai a. T Biddeford oct. In in 41an Ivoti Cje. Rut Book Ami account of my us James Smith jr., Are at u ukr Deford bask where Alt Penni i lasted to Hlf Art Earnette Reque Tod to can Ami Oaka payment. Forty Par cent upon All Eulilae Bald flu now Lue will a paid on demand. Dof Latiin Smith adult Trator. By k. Chapman. Att Jerriey. If. 84 at full order Pic i Faiuu House and Liot Lor Sale. Rill Loute Tell tuned of the lot of tha Corner of was not Tad Flatle of thru built in ism or 149, by Hon. 4llmata u two to turks with an re attack hot Tat two parlor Kitchen a Rwy am pantry and u on tha Royuk floor and a nah a of to Rheua be Flat a whole Ioor and a lamp cittern in it run which tha water it triad into tha Tipper part of tha Llo oae. Tha lot it so vet front and 10u it met tha location la Tuch a to Ender the Rueoa Dea Cable one 4"v Topf both Leaa in to re lift. To Ritva Ewell a old on easy term on application to u. Hoyden a b. S. Cutter. To Arfst i Lea estate Abr Sale pleasantly Titus red of Spring Bland Cost Jalaf 01,000 Tot of land and two food Tauaa and Karat and Ira Hout Elota. The abort property it within Flora Ignatee walk of Pepp Emu Square and tha Lud Deford Louie end Stu be a but al whale or la Lutt a cult the pm liar. C we n 1 Tepa Yip Bam owl Votice. A is and 1 therein forbid All Panrose uar1 orto or to Tun Raa my account a i Thau pay so debt of Hereof tss.Ort.iiut151,81 tsar Rich pall mods. 18 now from in ton and mrw York my Meta be Rock oct a Aua Yud to the Vall teak at Dioutt ovum a my army. Silks Silks Roll in brocade Lauist Lold . J walk ukr it Plain it Lack b1li. 20 Par cant Lou than the importers Trie Plain thief Alt Colon and i hour Ivy Notni jul mgr Mulrany url cd a Alp Era Ai him mourning Tuua Cape or Tolini All Wool do., Culi my fenian cloth Pronti Jln Phum k. Shawls. I to mar re Long aug Knirr a Urr m of he a tyke warrant no in fru cd own Larry Lor Price al of a Natii plate to Tiu Cut at Ucarer llah lag and a turn Wokun shawl rent radar Bay half War re Wau Vliet Kin Pirr aur in flair Anil High Olia. Velvets. Evride velvets for Mantilla and cases lad iks uroadcloth8, arc. cowls. Bunked Filart till enl la to clan a rape or Jiva unum anal Brum no a and Iii Riiff Kuta diaper crab Napkin Uuk Liuji ? drown Tam. Cd tort i Hurra Braai curtain a inuit m woolens. I m it Wii dirt fit Oriun tvs Tod Ana Tiaja drtajcm., 111 onus Ciu in err in in h ail Ornano d Dkl Sauini two or Tanir Mai i i Marr Eldru anal drawer a. Carpeting. A Compo in Ort Etu of new m6i4c� Cunt velvet tapestry hbu8sels,tapestry drto8els, three ply. np., Sixtra Fine Funk. Cotton. 11emistraw matting painted floor cloth Stair carpets Kyc Juru carpet Lindino . Tuk Feu Ruos English do. Wool Matts Oil cd til covers painted window shades etc., link Cefi so common Kiat Iii on hand and will Tol. At to u Mark ice j Luck. Of tax Bor or in adapt a Voth Oarr a. Pro by for thl. Mart and �u1 be �4u at Pruvli u al kit umut Mai it inn. R. Ii. R. Lion run no. 3 Hooper s Brick clock Liberty Clifft f , oct., ism. K. Ii. 0. Lodr. Where be Wou lil be Happy to dec them. Fall Day goods. Geo. W. Warren & co., Toston owe Price Oil us Allie All ready of we la Weir t Pirn is Nurt cd Tom Era both wholesale Imi retail Katli ii us largest and most desirable Sec Csc of Geoff ill Price Puiul Atylean which u he or a or la Weir pleasure or a Enlil to exp Pihir including Nim til everything Worth having ill shawls a to a and scarfs cloaks and Mantilla s i i to on velvets am cloths for cloak dress plaids of All Aorta till bets and Cash vie Juss Iri Sll Poppins pm ii plaid Usu watered / m2s3 prints m. Del in it and Cashmere All qood8 for mourning. Embroideries laces. Tyus Job Cam micks Oil all0ents Cra fats and a dds ladies a d gentle men s roues de ci1amhre, Aud a great any other thing. Our Stock i too Lur of Foa pc More detailed or. Cripi iou Aud will Well rep a lir Ouwo of it Iii Natoni. To Lyl a tin car Aru very pretty us Ilic Price very Low. To would respectfully Anil to our Iii loin he of calling Early in the Day or or Cianfa not Heinie Lari re Rito ush for o n in Reu of Bua Queaa we ure i Inalle to four Stock r fund Justice in lie humeral Lioun it the Ajr. Yetf arc for by Iii a at 8, a. 406wl Leo. W. Waisun co. I ats saps and Purs. Ollk iut rrt two hair thai a fun nil ? c l arts it lip Umlor la name of i. Damn k son re will pm Niue Lite Flat Cap Ami Yui Bua Lucaa at Pic 4d cataud. 1 Drc Rizig a Brick Black Malasi. Juat a Rohrs a in aaa Wundt of the fill and Wiot Rijeka of Ilau Capa and in. Luu of Anjer kind Ryfka r trial Llor run i m Ahwah m us Almit Mac. It by fish Marad ? la. ,1uu it Aazaad and per Arad cab a leu for furl. In .1 Wipt. 3in Iwin 1uninl f. Damn. Com quid flour. Just Rock Lara lha 6n Board Schnorr Carlp Muo Buhr i of Yal Loar maa Liaf Camtu barrel your from m brat 40 11/ ju1ln Lulf Atrock. Lit Mem 80a it about la 11th of from amp a. I lure of Samurl Hill of shh Funi of the Ituau ear i Flat Parish Macuas Lluzar a Airall he a loan with no distinguishing Imu 1 Loy Jii u far Sale. I Mur Wirt 1 pal . Kijuu of a k flu Oise. 40if Superior if not tree pwa4sasii?�.wrt i Ike apply Lar a a chary. Aim Umof Stoa l id line Ooola Sherry a Aua Rait Aad Fra h rust Ria a keel old x. N oct. 1 pm 4a-tf

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