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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1854, Page 4

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Biddeford, MaineDenoe. The weak attempt to serve two masters to reconcile Devotion to the Constitution with Euben Mission to Abs an \ attempt to which he wit Penu ded by the suggestions of undying Amiti it in hos placed 1 him with these illustrious a mute in the state of Maine by the of Vera or pro c lava 1 Ion Ion a Dir or Public thu a gang and Praise. Marriages. In Thia town Vitili Piaf Al la or Rev. F. Aura is. Osla it do h. To saw sin mus Ann Job Dak nil of bidder t a a i a a of the ,. Al. ,. A a i a. Bridal loaf the Prius to f a to kindly remembered jumbo of lost and dishonoured pm your crowned with mercy and fur which the lip pm couple lure in it having disposed of general Cas the in g Kolness fran on High i a rapidly approach in Tai town lilt in to by item. 8. Gould quiver goes to Praise the new h re of the Aumi Iio. Pc oct a fsr beyond our or Jhm t Uuk Harriet f. Forsyth South the Illinois traitor Douglass my a a the same oath it it fifth mat. Latest intelligence. Liverpool wednesday. Disturbances had broken oat it Borges Spain. Nothing further As to the capture of Sebastopol but previous accounts Are confirmed. The turkish ambassador presented to the London times a copy of a despatch sent him from constantinople and stated that be entertained no doubt of the truth of the previously published accounts. Letter from Jefferson. Tho following letter Fiorin or. Jefe room senator Douglass. It is his Fortune As it in Hon. Georg. , molding ,net.�?� a it it to no Unter mom ,., ,. V and vindictive expression of popular in action in i Digiose beliefs and the primary do gnats a it a but with a courage us rare in importance of attention to the practical do these Days As it is admirable he stands erect ties of Chi Uliari it a set Forth inthe go a i Elt under the pelting of the storm and hurls a l. Defiance in the Teeth of Tho mad and is an interesting relic of part . The Moh la j�c8 not 8hr�ok fr0lu original of the letter we presume is now in a he responsibility of a faithful discharge of the Possession of the descendants of or. timelier. The letter was received by or. Quot ban Douglass is reduced to the a a Rind a Rev i i. K a i i. V Hie nullifies will suddenly recollect that he the Lar when he re.,.lej at Newby Typolt Nie a a a and Afler his removal from this place where am endeavoured in his Chicago speech to he once lived to that place. Judge Thach palliate i repeal of the Missouri Compro or it will be recollected was a member of u1�?~,m5 Tyr a Ajo is but it was because True of god for the blessings he Lias bestowed on us n.,r , of Wefler anted �?�1�?~�?~t, a a a a a of 3�o Deg. 40 mm., and and \ a Nve tto Tell. Pm 0ple who Sute too a iii i Dol,,4ccd Douglass when broken Down the a genre the Day thus set apart in the manner son and afterwards one of the judges tor unserviceable to the Nui Lifieri will be told j hallowed by Timo honoured usage Many years of the supreme court of Mas-1 that ,4atany rate he cannot expect the Jivin at Tom Council chamber it Augusta a it is refreshing in contrast spectacle of weakness unit a duplicity to Oono a Tho pestilence which Hus desolated Many template the Manly and fearless course of Homes in other lauds Lias not visited us a we Aro still in the enjoyment of civil and re unions Liberty and peace reins throughout our wide spread Borders. Every passing Day of the passing year has famished abundant occasion for individual gratitude to god for blessings conferred yet in View of his great goodness and sparing mercy towards us us a people it becomes us to unite our lips und hearts in rendering to him our annual tribute of thanksgiving and Praise i do there Furo with the my Vico of the executive Council appoint thursday the thirtieth Day of november next to be observed throughout this state As a Day of Public thanksgiving and Praise to almighty soc Husetis be Furo Maine became a operate stale. Monticello Jan. 20, 1824 Sia i Hare read with much satisfaction the Sermon of or. Pierpont which you have been so kind of to Send me a am much plea a of with the spirit of in matters of religion which it breathes and Oular which is of great importance to those the sound distinction it inculcates Between interested in the fisheries was issued Fruto the things which belong to us to judge and a the treaty department this morning and those which do not. If All christain Secta runs omitted by Muil of the collector it South to recollect Only the Brave words which he uttered in Washington and to take for naught the treacherous recantation of . Haven con rant. The fisheries important circular. Washington oct. 10, the following Cir would rally to the Sermon in the mount make that the Central Point of Union in religion and the stamp of genuine christianity since it gives us All the precepts of our duties to one another Why should we further new York Treasury a apartment oct 10. A sir in consideration of Tho drivel cues now enjoyed by citizens of the United state Deere ugh a it Towt have been Surpas singly this Twenty ninth Duy of september in Tho your of our lord one thousand eight Hundred fifty Lour and in the year of the Indi Dep Deuce of the United states the seventy ninth. William g. Crosby. Ill the governor a Jackson soc Alary of state. Honky. We no indebted to or. T. P. S. Pouring for a plate of Tho Premium Honey. We Are warranted in saying that if any finer Honey was offered fur Premium than or. As Well a of to probable exemption from Good Tho report of on Houey is so Short but to have been Able to find a Placo for it this week. On Honey. The committee on Honey would report that entries were a Nib by Only two individuals and is the hives of both were Fine and ask with the text of our Sermon,11 what duty at in Early buy Offish of All kinds the think yet Christ and if one should answer products of fish and All other creatures living a a he is a member of the godhead Aneth m the water and in pursuance of the sting he is a being of eternal pro existence a a unions of Tho reciprocity treaty of the oth third Quot he was a Man divinely inspired a a of june last entered into Between the uni fourth a a he was the Herald of truths refer Ted states and great Britain upon due Matory of the religions of Mankind in Gener compliance Wilh the requirements of said my but mor. In Mem by of that .1 by Treuth it Jum Imperial a ,au.pl-. Of cml wore us Nipo rior Quality own countrymen Mpr a Quot them Wuh a a a cd the. Provincial colons a a re Yunlui Louus a 3 the supreme being teaching to Bra the by the treaty and in order to facilitate Trine of a future state of rewards Anil Pun certain arrangements and understanding do is ments and inculcating the Lovo of Man-1 Pendant upon the action of Congress Hau be kind instead of the anti social spirit within tween the Secretary of the United states which the jews viewed All other nation a j Raj th0 British minister or. Crampton what right or what interest has either of up becomes necessary to Issue Tho following these respondents to claim pre Eminence instructions of your government. To wit for his Dogma and usurping the judgement j q0 entry at your port for consumption of the fish of the description Buovo mentioned and due Para cutoff the duties thereon you will give the owners importers or agent a proper receipt therefor with the custom seat of god to condemn All the others to his Wrath ? in this Case i say with the Wiser Heathen u decorum in curiae i s you press to to consent to the Publica for Tho greatest Quantity in one hive to t. R. S. Peering Biddeford to showing a gain of 77 Jas. The Post season. To j. R. Haley of Dayton the Premium on some t>4 1-4 los. For the greatest que Allty produced in one season j. R. Linley 0i6 los. For Tho Best specimen to t. 1. S. Deer ing. The specimen offered by or. Holey Seal attached specifying the name thought by some of Tho Cotoni Utitco to to Tio Nof my sentiments and suppose Taliej and nation of Tho vessel the Date of her on More delicate in flavor and they were some might Havo effect even on sectarian bigotry. Tryt the place from whence arriving with what at a loss How to decide it or. Us Bat have they not the r>pol1 if they the Quantity and description of Tho fish Ley on whose More expert diced judgment hear not that and the charities it teach ctr j should Tho parties desire to warehouse under we depended pronounced his competitors a Rill they be persuaded through Onei Bonds you will permit Tho same to be done j Sample Tho i the dead. Such is Tho Malignity in accordance with the existing provisions of Quot body a Bei parties neither will they be persuaded through one j Bonds you will permit Iho same to to done i Sample Tho better one As having More Rose from the dead. Such is Tho Malignity in accordance with the existing provisions of a a body a being made at an earlier Singo o of religious antipathies that although Tho 1 the Laws on the subject taking care to give the season than the Sample which himself Laws will no longer permit them. With Cal-1 such per tical irs of the Laws on the Bonds a presented Vin to bum those who Aro not exactly of 8how the True object of the objections we a their Creed they raise the Hue and cry of heresy against them place them under the ran of Publio opinion and shut them out from All the kind affections of society. I respectfully submitted flt it a the committee. S. L Goodale. Must Pray permission therefore to continue iii this town pm Cpl. 7th, by Job k. Coleen a. Or. Charloe s. Norman of a null Berwick and Milf Murm k. Wale Miou ufos Rohnin. In Kenn bunk i flab in to by Erat will sol eve or. Frederick l. Young und mis Sarah w. Lane both of Biddeford. In Par our Field or. John l Stone to miss Lucinda ii. Bonbon. Deaths la this Lown 15th in a a Savanna s. Hus Kellug a 5f2 she who u member of the Congre a at Ion.11 Chen Ali of and much moved us a Christiari. Her end we a Cuce. On the 17th in to the much lamented or. Gay Tuva a. Sleek Man sued "�4 cur. In a a to ocl. Friuli a Quot by we Only in Uliter of to tuna m and same s. Huyez aged 1 year i month and 5 Day. A a in Kenai bunk oct. 13di, . Lydia Russell wife of Jacob Rusc Llu or Cully of Sanford aged 4ln a la Boro ocl. Ilab Almira c., Only Deaugu Ler of b. R. Hamilton m a in Lri Sihu Mili int. Mrs. Mob Itabac wife of Rev. Or. Hubburd us we years. W suds Ini custom made clothing Q a Burleigh liar jut. Race Avail at i old place of bulness or. 3 onion Block near the f03t office factory Island Hoco a Coen Jite a a ort want it Woolen goods und tailors trimmings embracing a great rare try of he per Funk a Well a Uit Coli Muir kinds of Good if making in All a Complete an a a Ortin Mit of clothing goods a he a Ever offered and e Nurlin of Elroad cloth t a liner re braver tool he Pilot Clottu Dor Klui online la. I Adley a cloth bilk and in ten veal ugh and Rind big Good of different Tyle and it Ualle be to the Ltd a which he will aril by Tho Yard or make into Gara Onla w ort a under i own per Tonat inspection at in Cen which cannot fall of Fol inf a Atli Hytlon. Or. Ii. Would Reaia a fully ask the attention of his old customer to i Mort mint it or on Olio Are Devir oui of obtaining clothing Urit and fashionably made ail of the let Cut us will do Well to cum inc Hll a Tooland a Ceram Price for work. Haco october is ism 42�?tf w. P. Hastings Reed Organ Siraphine Elophine and Melodeon Man Ufa c to 11 a a to. 8i Pride Rel Street Over the Post Oiler me. At the ire ent Timo Ali Price of musical have reached a figure to a Toui lil ugly Low Hoople of even very in ii a my and have in ii enabled to gratify to Weir love of harmonious Wytali ail to a iii ancient their parlor with a piano a re plane or my lop lne. In thl Zooi Mckiou i Woad invite the attention of the in Ukal Public to a a a Imi Hinkis the Chat and a Aioge Kava Tara tilth or Toa much truth or an cart Lawt writer a the apr Ehrin m Medicine to Chw Owmby he it Nim Are. Fur the most part among the Young the Hawtur Nim the talented of both exec a the cum to the world thu Occam booed being Almueti incalculable. Any medi Einor therefore thu be of which Relier or Cun a a ugh de cart Jon of mated let May be considered Ai a common by Eming to mask id Aud it the duty of All to Aid in disseminating the knowledge of its Virtues of this character 1� the great european cough Medicine or Universal c0uqh mixture. Prepared by iter. Walter Clarke a Muff me i in thl roam Salty it in Toa Wal known u need any be a clip Tiomi or a . Its tame is re Taughni. It u allowed to be us Best Medicine known Tut cough of every description whether of children adult. It it purely , Eif cily Aasc awl often effectual after the mud i to Atiar Medicine Lave been tried in vain. Head tie flow lug certificate a elected from a multitude from .1ir. Joanna a Rall Carnish me. For the encouragement of Home who Are suffering from coughs and disorders of the Csc to and lungs i hereby certify that i was for severe months afflicted with a most dreadful cough by which i was reduced to extreme weakness and was entirely cured by a Tingle Buttle of the Universal cough mixture per Jared by inv. Walter signed . Small. From . Mark Wood Xci fled me. This certifies that i have one Boule of Rev. Waiter Clarkes great european cough Medicine for a hard cough and Oreus of the lung to which 1 have been for some time subject awl which the Medicine entirely removed. And i would cheerfully Reelou Ananoff All who Are suffering from pulmonary complaints which Are of common iii families and All who Are suffering from be ugh colds ac., i be in future the great kor Pean remedy or tnifrr4l cough mixture fully Persua led that they will find speedy and a remanent Relief by la use. Signed Lydia Wood. Remarkable ism of . Henna Erfu . Hun Uewel of Scarboro mr., was two yearn awl ten months afflicted with a most distressing cough extreme pressure of the lung and other had after trying physicians Aud Teut Medicine in vain she was cured by two bottles of the vol Virsal cough mixture. Trial bottles 25 Boult containing the Quantity off air Small ones 76 cants. Sold wholesale by the Ibro Praetor Conish me. For Sale in Saco by t. Gilman. Ili Deford or. Lord Union a . Kennebunk s. Clark. , Currier. Wells Daniel Littlefield 3rd�? Ogutu quit a a. Fiill Erteld. Caps Reddeck Kittery lid. Libby. North her Wick Snow. South in twice Thompson. Ureal Falls Steven and j. James. Ill Tim Mills Fox. Her Ingvale lord. Alfred Conant. Waterboro Allen Len Wryk a track it Newfield tto Ood. West new Flem loud. South n a a a min to Hilton. And by agents inmost toss to the Bute. _ 42�?tf n or a have this Day received a choler lot of vast India goods and groceries Corn floor and provisions which they arc prepared to sell As Chrisp my be Rhren Graf. We Lave coffees2 mocha old Java Ilio Porto cabello Cape awl roasted and ground Coffee. Texas t very respectfully you Rob to. Serve to. J. G. Washington acting a Secretary of the Treasury. I a a a a a a Toj. H. Eadfield e�q.,collector of. Y. J a a a the Lewiston Touchstone published t i a a a Quot to i. A a by or. Youngf Sam scr Catholic an Celuh Rily met1 Andimo of a my Quot who Quot the six Bank Bank dividend so a Law the following complimentary notice options of Tho holy weigh heavily enough not be copy thu following remarks from the Tho Niagara s called out by their Roc ont visit to super add those which come a be Tho spirit Money article of the Portland advertiser to Lewiston. Great iut also and might weaken its resignation to published on monday j Saco fire company a the mkt it bks a a continue in a Joyless Stoto of being which be have to notice the Pant week the this excellent company of san wart men pm to vow. Providence May yet Destine. With tymm i a a a. A. Sentiments accent Thom of Good will and ror sport to Jounell. T Lmh it Law a \\0 Odo theism rumors1 Friday p. M., and Wero received by a dept fax a Quot or Church cd. Tic Lares to Are built in the style of s melop1iinb, which for purity of tone a Lauc action and promptitude of Responte to the person Nero a touch sunds unriralle.1 a a parlor instrument. It is Liand suely finished in Plano Forte style and warranted for five years. To those Olio desire a cheap and at the same time a handsome Sweet toned and Duralde instr quient i take a great pita Sarc la Cali arts a la at knt failure of the Dalworth Bank und Dieto numbering a Orno 00. Accompanied by the in Taro �?�to�?o10 Are Dumois of others at the eastward Shu Portland brass band visited our tillage on a a particular attention paid to building Large heed or King in the wind. We Hope these Rumor. Friday p. M., and Wero received by a a cup Yun have no foundation in truth. These Dif Licul the Jefferson. 1 have Nofori Lulion in i full thevjdiflcul-1 of our citizen noblemen who Aloisio ties remind us of what we intended to say Wool Way on hand Todo things a up hot orthodox. A i a our i i in relation to the manag Emeul of h e Jaguar in Tho largest comp apr we have the poor old Michigan War horse of the a the banking of our Slute. As n in for Many years und their uniform Tho democratic Pirtz. Notwithstanding his untre general thing we have no double Licio in-1 prettiest that Cun be up and then As to melted efforts to make him of acceptable to Ati Lutious Are properly managed in accor say nothing of military Discie the South meets with a cruel repulse and dance with the spirit and meaning of their a no Clun to the Best instructed of Youn finds the cold shoulder turned to him by those Charters but in very Many Cut out but Little urn indeed a so of has sent us ice Spucci a attention is pail to the requirements of the Man of us jul Nen and created a juror to Law and the corporation is but Little boiler our Nissl Likely to animate a now life than the Jeto broker of Chuh in Street Oigt a our a Ltd department. To Hope this the worst note Shaver of Wall or site Street Vul to will Provo so. For Broo years to Ivo we Are warranted in the of remarks by hidden without Anvi Hing except in voluntary fuels daily occurring. Within the past two no i put Jet l a engineers and foremen of weeks very Many of the Bank in this stale Fhy a Coso without regularity or Coin Mund have a Leciel their Board of directors nil i discipline and to venture to assert that declared their Semi annual dividends la nobody knows whether either of our engines Many instances we find that among the uru a work a a order or not. Bangor Bath and other Eastern Banks to a a v either with two of the Portland Banks a a a Indiana election. C Cincinnati oct. 11 a dividend of 5 per cent has been declared l Ruu Indiana we Icahn Tho election of for the Lii to months. Now we pretend add Nti Nebron a from whom he ought to receive assistance in this hour of his need. The Richmond enquirer the Organ of that portion of the Southern democracy whose political sentiments Aro not Loo strongly individual isl to have an Organ is Down upon Tho a sick Man a for his recent speech to the Michigan democratic convention. Southern democracy has progressed wonderfully in a few months and general Cass is unfortunately too much of an old fog Lokeel Paco with its Progress. He was so indiscreet of to a a thank god he lived in a Freo state a and the enormous heterodoxy of the remark coming to the knowledge of the Richmond enquirer draws Down on him a bitter rebuke and almost an excommunication from Tho Pemo ratio party. To be a Democrat of the orthodox school now a Days it is not sufficient that a Man should exhibit Tho Toad ism of the past four years. He must take a step or two in Advance swear that slavery is blessed of god a that the South it the country and argue for the reestablishment of the slave Trude. For general Cass is slow to perceive this necessity of Tho times und failing in his All Gianco is thus rebuked and repudiated by the Richmond Organ Ofdemocra-<7 a in the exposition of his views of slavery As affected by the Nebraska Bill general Cass is reported to have used the following language it was Trothe Northern sentiment was opposed to slavery it was natural that it should be. To was opposed toil and h i 1 said in the Sunato that it was a political evil and a great Many other things to the dts pleasure of Tho South and would stick to it under All a. Who thanked god that he lived in a free state. A there was no reason Why people in the territories should not govern themselves make their own local Laws and Defino the character of their institution. Be maintained that the Nebraska Bill did not open Kansas and Nebraska to slavery if it did to would yield All argument but slavery could not go there unless Tho people themselves wanted it. A clause introduced by his colleague had Cut off All claims to establish slavery in is Cor to know enough of banking to to site that a re there is an anti Nebraska Maior no Bank can legitimately pay live per cent11 a legislature and that the anti be Semi annually and the usual expenses of l1 ?11 state ticket is elected by from it to the institution without transgressing the1majority.alaw and taking illegal rates of interest. A it is supposed Thuro is a minority in the Many Oft seso institutions Aielo be found k1? nor u prohibitory liquor with no surplus on hand and yet they jump Awn state. To a dividend of 5 per cent Lor six month Ohio election. Nearly All Tho counties making 10 it or Ceil annually. And Ilia have been Hoard from und the unti a Cyrus is the result t Why if they meet Wilh a a majority is Over 70,000 loss of a few thousand dollars they will the entire delegation to Congress is anti a in the care of the Ellsworth rank fail Nebraska. And the Public suffer from the mismanage-1 Mont Filiar vt., october 14. Hon. A ment. We repeat hat no Bank doing cob col Lucr of Woodstock whig was to business in this state can without Vicia Day eluded u. S. A Jonn tor for the Long term Ling our banking Laws earn Tun per cent by a majority in both pious is of about 30 on its capital Over and above the necessary and Hon. Liar Nev Brainerd Freo soil for expenses Loarry on its business. We speak Short term receiving nearly every whig and plainly on this Mailer. The banking credit of our Stuto has heretofore ranked High. And we cannot guard it too carefully. Lei it not be weakened by a Gray Ping desire to show a Large percentage on dividend Day. A Bank can Only do so to its own arid the Public detriment. Free soil vote. Gov. Royce a message was delivered this Fure Noan. It is unusually Brief and is to Sci cd with much favor by nil parties. Up on the liquor Law to commits himself Strong in to the prohibitory sat eau. Anti Ike St amok missing. Tho Fly Len it Quot Tho following letter from Barnum did now Iron Steamer her majesty built on on Tho subject which is now engrossing the be Llyde to run on like Ontario sailed attention of most of our Good citizens will a Ltd when or eight weeks since Lor Quebec and bus nut yet been Linurd from. She Hud a sailing Crew of course but it is supposed no passengers or cargo. Explain itself a Tiik Crit show. 7u the editor of the Y. Express i perceive that Tho cilia end of Tho eve Ratute have a a Steen my thunder.�?T1 Bnck-1 eight i . Oct. 14. At Market 3000 reef a Tlle 1�00 stores 2s it Aire z the operation of i he a old a when the j a a �225� territory was of enquired by the United slates. Let. A cd Atay in pm Tkv a atm m,2j i first Quality $8 a a a Cood inv nov in not re it re in i it in the . I Ofle Rcd 11 list of �reillluuj8 l50 a t�.40 a a a a a Lulu Are 6,60 a 76. Dis Yery is not recognized in the Lem tones a i hule�-4,60 u o. To slow. It s is. Lviu4j�62c. And is Only subject to local Laws a every Man to purpose to our county Agri is of Kia lie per there is Tuat no master u rec a Quot a u,u0rd l�?Tt., but 44,6,s�7. Of guided until the people voted it. Under a a rough the squeamishness of some of the of to so ass Al Vertex Hutn to feeling is opposed to slavery a my in positions Wero rejected.�?, War King Fox a a a a not 1 will soon publish a list of premiums and t re a i 19,21, 20,27, -20, sum of a 40. A he p Sill , 4 6, a,�9. Ii la $10. L-4e. Or Giitl 4 1-2 s 8c. Fat hogs a such is the interpretation which go Neil Cut sires a Mich Lynn . Of"�?o�1 a Quot a a a a a so a Tau i effect of Trio Nebraska Bali. Ozonal Imby a it How to to held it the a Jet the ind Quot Swath a pm on of has a own Prin a us re Ltd museum in november a Cut Caples and feeling regard to slavery. The a lit Ethin Ever held in now same infirmity of nature which has so often re betrayed the Veteran politician into ridiculous Cru Dor. Ctn Ltd o win and deplorable Blutters caused we Here Bridgeport cd. Oct. 9, 1834. To abandon the High ground which he is thought to occupy at the South and to 4t> tic Catholic vote. Cringe to Tho insolent spirit of Northern i he new York crusader has the follow of abolitionism. General Cass might have a a never a a a there so Inch wilful Jinjr moderated his language to suit the temper a a quote Date Miaad obstinate Stul Tish Blind of his but it was scarcely a ne8# 0 the will or the it Ropte lovable in him to sacrifice his principles by buy Monarch that the world Ever saw even to the of Hiscoe Itira. At a a there has been exhibited for several any rate be cannot expert the South to rec years Back by those leading politicians who collect Only Tho Brave words which he uttered Navy devoted their energies to the Escom in Washington and to Tako for naught the plish ment of party objects and the Purchase treacherous recantation at Detroit. If the of the Catholic vote by promies and other language be correctly give in the report of i Espesth he bos severed the lat Cord which bound my to the Deal crazy of the South. Henceforth he must rank with Benton and you Duren As one who Baa in a used our feeling and betrayed oar Kunfi Inore tangible inducements. This too 111 the face of the palpable certainly that either of the old parties could have swept the 61.-2 a 6 34c. To prox a Ikirt Orts Ber 14. Flour Santl Green a the Market i Rory firm fur flour a is of r sum it a brawls wry uru St 3,601 fancy at of a 9 12 1-2 t extras at 9,60 a 1u j ii Ludyny Fri Tessum i Ami South i extras at 9,23 a 9,60 per lbs. The re cd lots of com lure Liemeo it lil anal the Market is firm fur Ier sales it get fuel Tux Al at 87 a h8c. Or oat Are 62 a in. Per Bushel isl Rye 1,20 a 1,26. Hay a term 0 la Yum la no Al at 21 per he a Ash. A Twark of . of or. 8. O. Riciiarh80n Sherry Wink ult Khz has Lulu eau several prison who do my posses tie least Rani Kail knowledge to assume the title of Ductor and put Broure the Siulc an article to Tel us he a of my meet cite which Hwy Call Sherry wine hit ters Aud attempt to Paltu Haw off under the it Ortence thai 1 state i red in iii Liu Lofia. Aud Alto that the y Runau a Tfir turn in Iro Furad i a Takir of the 1 would a to those in Pursuit of heal a to be sure that Yuu obtain the Alai. Ankle which tray be known by the he Shuur of my signature up. The in guide wrapper Cut Ortof Bouls Aud use by Ute Eoj right Border of us same Eor Vrin soil Elko Lisue isl retail at my , no. 51 Llanover country with those Ami Icil frc8e.�l�lll�r�m, h�?u�., Ami by Alt nah Man City town and principles upon which the people kid Hue a a a a Quot tax a a a 1�?Tipe Lustre met arc ina4le with an improved Ltd Rel Ami Tunnel with equal temperament. Orders Fra Ahomd promptly attended to. Tuning and re pairing Dota at reasonable rates w. P. Hastings W. Ii inns agent for ill Defoil and Saco has a to pies of these instrument at i residence on Wentworth Street Lull Deford. Please Call and examine. 8iu42 Tristram Gilman druggist and ap0the6ary. I Tovlin respectfully inf a tit id Frler Al and tie pub it lie that he has Token the store on in Pherell Square recently occupied by Juliu me Thinald where lie is pre Parl to offer a Good assortment of drugs Anil medicines perfumery amp fancy goods. Of As Good Quality and at us fair prices As can be found in thl Vicinity. Also All kinds of Patent Hedi Ente received direct from the proprietors and warranted gun win. He would ask attention to his assortment of la rashes fancy Sopt colognes in Rolls Ami Many other Billet articles which will be offered at a very Law Price. Lie would tender his utauka to use Clucus of Saco Ami vice ult fur the Liberal Mimi received during his residence Here and no dec fully solicit a continuance of the same. 42�?tf Saco oct. 12, 1864. Dancing school ill it. A. Gee x1t0uld announce to the line los of and v y Hoco that he Wil i commence a dancing school in monday evening oct. At Central hah Biddeford. And continue every Monjay and thursday evenings until further notice. Terms for twelve lessons $2 it or scholar. Or. Gee will also comm Tuuu a school for ladles add gentlemen of bran Long october 31. N wishing to a the Hall for balls Tea parties concerts ac., apply to or. Gee Saco Blouse Saco or at the Hall. Bode Ford october 10, 1854. 42�?tf Souchon Oblong Nln Gyong Young Hyson of i Lysun gun order rial prices Frum 26 cents to $1,00. 3uoar.s crushed granulated i Verdi red Coffee Crushe-1, l orto Rico Havana nil . October 3,1s64. Min the greatest of the ape Jet. Kennedy of a Cal a Bury has discovered in on of a Keri a remedy that cure eve lilt la fall sods. 12. H. Juo oper a 18 now reviving from Boston and new ya4y As to the fall Trade �fdu4m ovum of Srery variety. R7 Silks Silks r1l11 brocade 1laid, # Stuvrud c Llan Uralli 1 a water up it Plain Black 0ii.k, very Alica /. 1 a l a a the our common Tost Urh Kelly kind of Cmok from the worst bar Fula Iowa to nov Tomsa pimple Ile has trial it to Ovri ask Vohan a red pases and a Ever rim except is Twa lit i is ans in he two hip red value Oil Rehla a a it my not be of to Semi. % / two la us Are warranted to cure a nursing sure Mouth. I too to threw Buttle iii cure us is rat Klud of Shuple to us a two to three Battles will dear us system of Biles. Two Buttle Are warranted to Eyre the worst ranker i a Touth . A a re r. F f. Turea to Asa Battia. Ara sore Atod to Acrum worst cases of Erysipelas. One to two Botier Ore Wanai ipod to cur 11 Humour in the eyes. Twa Butkuss a re Sesit mod to cure Rannic a Wihs Aars Ami jjfutch4 is a pm half. 1 .1 i /. J four to six Buttles Are warranted to cure corrupt and ulcer. One bottle will cure soapy soup luos of Ile skin. Two to three bottles Are warranted to cure the worst Case of Xing warm. Quot Twu to three i it ties Are warranted to sure thaw Dsa-i>0rate cams of had Mutis i. A a Oliree to six Louiee Are warranted to flare Salt Fri Quai. Five to eight Bouks will cure the very we xxi costs of scr Fula. A Benefit is always exp it Erit it eed Frem the first to dlr and a perfect cure warranted when the above it ii aunty h Ikea. To la it it be who Are subject to a sick he Fulache one la Lutle will always cure it. It give great Relief in Catarrh and a Silor a Kinas who have taken it have Iwu a a a Uve 6a years and Lutt Beau regulated by it. Where the Budy is sound it works quite easy but where there is any derangement of the functions a if nature it will cause very singular i. ,. Feelings but you must it be Slang us they always Dis very Low Price also a pm Dele assortment of Leary appear la Furui four Days to a week. There is never a bal plaid lung and Square Wooten Shawd nil Ming Bay result Tansu it it w Lite oui train wh4n that acting. Gone you will feel yourself Tike a new a on. J Hare Tigard Autney of the most extravagant Chiwu Talmus of r that Ever Man listened to. No change of a net aver necessary. A. Rex sir sept. Ii 1 83. This be to err hey that u. H. Litty drag psf. In Orl fond it the duty aut Hartard general agent for my medical for the state of Maine and that to Ittu red with the Genuino direct from my Labotti Donald Kennedy gent a Jantes Awyer m. L., and messes parc her la a Hrvat variety of Culora of i 30 per cent Leas than a pm import Tara Frico. Plain Thibert All colors and shades by Loews a Onitt fell Elgers Madonnas camb our to he alporc�., alphas mourning t a Stoa Crape Delaine All Wool do., Cash mens Pruun cloths riots Gingham. A. Shawls. Nah Marc Lang a so Arr sea vols a urge lot of new styles warranted Fra Frau Colton to lore a Pina acini is in a Jar Gas. U., aim Mavars pm vim k co., limits fori Haloj tonnes font uni Kennebunkport my us Derby Alfred and by 61cdiciim dealers everywhere s 130 drugs i pals. Richie having taken the store on Petite Roll 1 Square recently occupied by John Mcdonald a removed his try of drug., Media Lana ac., saved front tote Ute fire and having Nadu and Lollon thereto to prepared to offer to his former customers and the Public generally a Good assortment of drugs chemicals Perl misery and fancy goods of As Good Quality and at As fair Price a can by found in ibis Vicinity. Also All kinds of pal Tejett medmc�jvb8, received ill rect from the proprietors and warranted genuine. He would ask particular attention to its Stock of fancy goods consisting of cot new la Ruizhe Portiin Nonales fancy maps colognes hair oils ac., All of which Are perfect and will lie sold at a Rory Low prior. He would under ills thank for the Liberal patronage received during his Brief residence Here and hot a to receive the Call of i old customer and Many new one while he May a Miu at i present location. 41�?if Tki Millam oilman. Saco oct 10, 1351. Radical cure of hernia or rupture or. 0. I Eaton of Dos bin who Las Dev Tod Many year to Tae Trabu Cuylor la Tiu it it a to Diacovo red a 1 nude of re Vul which 6a in the severest cases look funding a Well a in the Milder of cams .4 this troublesome complaint Tow rely rendering the use us Trust. Usim Pessary has refitted tie House no. 72 Lincoln Street Fon Erly 4u, Msisie in. 8. Hotel Ybara he will receive patients As heretofore. Or. Ii. Also attends particularly to Fornale complaint to the treatment and cure of varicocele pue a l riuaryuts6aesf�?~1� a Pplk Alioti May lie made at he residence no. 2 Erraa la lab Rowe Street Huston. I Lusis a August 7th, 1s6l 32�?ssato paid its and Oil. Pure White Lead a a a a tsp and m Union a prime English linsee.1 Oil Chrome Green pure dry and in Oil. Chrome yellow in uts dry and in Prus a Ian dim dry and in it min t Menee yrs Multida Scarlet ac., ac., just received and fur sate at Low rate by tf�?38 d. Mitchll. Fluid extract of Valerian. in a sup rvs manan1 five it a Thel just Angl do Valerian Root ext ovely be Ltd and a most a slush remedy in neuralgia nervous headache Wakeful new a Ami All diseases of the nervous system. For Sale by a Losen or bottle by tf�?38 d. 1v1itciiell, druggist and apothecary noon me alar Niziak fluid fresh supplies i campi1knk, an.1 phosgene Gas. Just receded and fur Sale by. Of Ai / gtd. Met Ciftan. ,. A. A. So. Warrens Turbine water wheels tale a text it it Watervliet Empire and Otler quilt the. A to draw Tan a Irwin Stour and High wus. Velvet. Stipe velvets for Mantilla a to capt ladies Alloa cloths a �o0�o�os. A Tanker a Marseilles quills fat Tel trek Lnu of ropes Denim Uco ctn Aud Trewn id wring and a it rung bump diaper crash napkins 1 White u i Brown Caturi table covers 1, minis a Tuaau a Italo Muslin efe. Woolens. 11 a a 1 it Wuhan willed and Plosia bread Clutis Palm cloths Caj Merv French sral German Doe my log Mali Usu five de rating men s Conler old a ats drawers a. T carpeting. A corp late assortment of new ao4�>ic� a Artemi Cunt Prisin velvet tapestry Brussels tapestry rut Issei a three ply. Super rink j2xtra-finh, Funk. Cotton Ilem i Straw mattin0, painted floor cloths Stair carpets ii0cj�1nu, carpet Lindino tufted cos lnul18h uo., Wool Matts Oil Cuttle , painted window shades etc., l1vk cuff in a5d common Frati Ifko a instantly on hand Ami win he i. At Tbs Low kit Mah jct prick. Of tie above gets har Lawn wire to i with Oare for Thi Market and us he Suid at prices that in new King Laud Are construct nil in Ute Best i late form for using anti a with the great St Economy. They Are equally adapted to All manufacturing Par Xmas Ami under All heals ail not affect Rel by Hack water for particulars certificates ac., address 38�?3m�s Jackmon w Arkun Wareham mass. A in Davis teacher of mu31c/ no. 6, Central Block. N. 11. Persons old King to pure Luke Good instrument trill do Well to Call Ai the abut s number. Biddeford med 22,186k a Quot jux a of for Sale. Brian a of t it a a in the Biddeford Dank 1 fur terms apply at the Hank. 37�?tf courts of probate. State of n . York a court of probate Clil at Alfred 011 the first monday of october in the year of our in Ord one Thot Sand eight Hundred and fifty four a a ordered that from Oral after the a Lay aforesaid Tho courts of probate within Ami for the cd Only of York lie fold on the first monday of every month at the following places to wit 1 new Orleans molasses.,waa boils. Prime new Orleans molasses just landed Olav Ami for Sale by oct 17,1s54. Romm a Lynch 161 and in fore 8t, Portland. 43�? Law 1000 a a a oct., 1851. And Shock. A a it to Wen Cash prices at 40�?if 11. K. Itose a , Uberty St., Biddeford. January february Marc i april of Tony june july August september october november december it Alfred. Soco. Do Deford. Alfred Naco Kennebunk South Berwick North her Wick Limerick Alfred Biddeford Saco two horse for Sale. Ftfe have a very Large Bay dolt fair years old t and it a Large red horse suitable for a work horse five years Oil t for which sen have do be. Arvo which to will sell cry Low for Cash or Exchange for other property on reasonable Tom. The four year old Coll will Makwa 4�-Ndid Carriage horse. M1iaw a Clark. Biddeford meet 1st, 1864. 36-tf Uiti Ollion of . I the Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of Hobson a Stork it is by Mutual consent this Day a miss Kivini. All it Crons having demand against the firm Are req Estul to present them for Siljus intent Aud All indebted to them by note or account Are or quetzal to make immediate payment Al Altur to Chas. K. Torer or James it. Haseltine who Are authorised to use the name of the firm for the set Lemeut of All account. T Moco sept. 26, 1864. A a a k. 11. Lion porn no. 3 Hooper Brick Block Lhorty f Biddeford oct., 1864. Taf a Cari. Or. 11. .Llpa would say to his friends that be has engaged with or. K. Ii. 0. Lodr i where he would he Happy to see them. And whenever the fourth Day of july or any Day Des ignited in this Ute forum Choice of electors of president and vice president of the United mules or for the annual fast and thanksgiving shall occur on the first in Nosy of any month the court will he held of use tuesday following. Joseph t. N be judge , fax Cis Bicouv Remitter 41�?3 a Kalivo or goods we have an assortment of fancy goods not to be found at any other store in town such As preserved linger preserved Al preserved , fax tract yet own extract Rose extract Orange extract a Nellla pickled of Ivy Jar pack Lea car a rant Jelly in award Pepper Nancy kit chop ice. A a l a of a a a ice French calf fail stitched boots b. K. Romm a , 42�?if Liberty 81. Uld Defoil n fur Salu at oct., 1864. 500 oct. 1864. Lug we a a a Ili Deford. Great Uzuh Al d. K. Romm a oo.�?T8 Root and _ shoe More is Hsiug thu fail. They leave do Stone unturned in Ulii Effort to it oxur the latest fashion Liberty merest Biddeford. Oct. 1864. 4jif thick boots. Of u a he to Antelo Bay cheap. Those in want of _. Thick Bweta will �1# Wirtl 10 Call Al b. K. Rom a co a Slob Aud skis mar Uberty Street. Bode fund oct. 1864. 42�?tf n save your pennies. Take Cut of the Coots and us Duars win ukr Core of them uves. Vani i the advice of so Wise a Sage is not to be lightly estlmau.1, and if you would make practical use of this adage Call at Romm a snot stub on Uberty me Eek and buy bouts sad shoes cheaper than can he hut Ghl Ai any other place. B. K. Ross k co. Didd Rford oct. 18sl 42�?tf robbers robbers Man a re Bur boots rubbers i1ioe8, Ruh. Ukr manuals a. At a my it Hhas , Uberty St 4i�? and every other article that is wanted for dually use. Particular attention paid to the supplying of f�tv>li�8�, boarding hons re and hotels. Ship s stores Pui up at the shortest notice. 41�?tf ci1as. B. 8t0rzr a co. Saco october 3d, 1364. A fearing Hersey amp co., ship Chandlers a Ali less is a Duck chains anchors Cordage Banting help Nelkes Yin dunns gearing paints Otis naval stores a. No. 5 Long wharf. Of posits ass cd s Tom mocks Boston. -4t d. A. astr of. Nicols i. Lori Attao w stray Colt. Camb eth Ltd Robt c2 a about Throe years Oil of Bay color Blackleg a a Moe and us the owner is anger cd to a Man oct 7th, 1164. Ladle can find re bark boots it do kit 81iois, re Bur sandals 1 and 3 straps at Hossli shoe store Uberty St., Bamford. Oct,1864 a 10 a �-4f those to Waitt of Fol re Adf calf boat 1 can find jut the Xref Eli it Ross 9, Uberty St Biddeford. A of oct., 1854. Is "j�1 to Saco on i wednesday. The tul 1 hum red and Twenty five Dotlo a to dts bad. On or about december 19th, months from the data thereof to Albota f. Liall Toad or order i glued by 31. B. To Roux and Stephen Turbo. .1.�? of seven to dollars is Amado on the Nook an endorsement of seventy dollars of �?1-1 Noto. All persons Are forbid purchasing sold of payment has been stopped Biddeford oct. 12,1364. Albion p. Hamilton. Corn. This Day Landing from Bronner Nna mahal 48 Taufeu pc 4800 Copartnership in Otic the would re poc fully inform the Public that they have fono it Al a Copartnership in Jar or name of Cuas. E. More 11 a co., and Uken the at it we recently occur plan by Llu son a Torer fur the transaction of the West India goods Orr eries and provision it my news. The store will he quedar Uio a ill Ecklun of or. Lus Ellue who will devote his foe Oil beet of flirts to1 of Thuc those be favor them with their patronage. A Hakum k. Torer James r. Haselt1ne, atom 11boyd. A i a 10 millinery and fancy goods. La a. In. D. A a Connell informs her fiends and the Public that she has replenished her Stock of flu leery Oral Socy goods and he has i�9 comi Deto Fly Lukof elegant 6 0.0 d 8embracing every variety of Caps and bonnets of the latest styles with to match. User Rumic the latest fashions from new York and Philadelphia. Mrs. C., has secured the services of an experienced clock and dream makes and All Wufka Dona in tier Retah Lish mint Attr Leilonie no St tiv St Price Fau of by iii old bonnets by etched Prea Ond remodeler in the Best manner and at Short notice. Or D. Of Connell returns her thanks for the Liberal patronage thus for Bestowal noun her and respectfully asks a of the same at her place of by St Dos on Uberty Street next dour to Sah Nond a Dutton a. Fall Day goods. Geo. W. Warden amp co., 1iost0iy,. One Price 081,1�?T. Ark All ready to Irir Lri a is and Cut from trn Holly Wittol Salt Sih la Lail ism. Ilia Lar Jet and most Dwir Able Stock of Ocoin a in prices und styles which u a Ever i Weir i heir ple Darw of prolix log a Nhit including Alen Btl everything Worth having ill slims ji.41yti is Nuil scarfs cloaks and Mantilla s in k g of d velvets and cloths for clock a dress plaids of All Aorta think to and Cash Meres Irish Poppins Plain plaid and watered t a i a Ify very Ltd Ghia a a r prints m. Delaine and Cashmere All good8 for mourning. Embroideries laces Lus Linb Cam Iju icky and us Ltd Wiite goods housekeeping articles in Lull Slock hosiery and Glovis both lad for and of enl a undershirts and drawers f.ird.�,gents Cra vats , ladies a p gentlemen a roses de c1ia.mjjre, Aud a great Muny other things. is Lam Large Fos it Roro detailed or script iii Aud will Well repay the trouble of a a a am Walaa Trio sly liw it Vega Ara very pretty und the prices very a w. To would inf to Ltd or Auto Terra the of culling Early in the Day our or Cirera not being Large enough for o n increased Busi Uros we ure ii Nahle to do our Stock or friends Justice in tie buries Ink is a a the Darj of of we Are ready for Husi Iier int 8, a. 40-6wlf Leo. W. Warren cof uld Dufurd Berty Treel re oct. 12, 1864. 41�?3m notice. Tiie books and account of the tote James b3iit1i, or. Are at the Biddeford Bank where All persons la deemed to i estate an earnestly requested to Call and Ortt pm apr a Rua eau us a a Doe flu be paid 8mrrh and Mink orator. By r. Chapman. Attorney. N. sate As shove a Baba la a Vul i order take House and lot Lor Sale Tui Loose situated on the lot on the Homer of Walnut and Flatle Treta built to 1 43 or 1349,by am Gilman. Bald Iloa a la Twu stories with so Rel attached has two Parlours Kitchen Bax Lourm and pantry and it a carried into the n per to the to eation is such As to Basl-111 be feet front and i0u a old of easy terms on Ippu Calua to u. Buy do or 0. E. Cutter. Del deform Orford october ttjlfe1 Ittu a late tor Sale �lka8antly Otto Alt of Springs Island cow Talala 01,000 Feci of land and two Good Kwa and bora., and Era Kaase Tets. To Sabov. Wrap err is Tiala flow minutes walk of Pepper Ell Bonara nod Ike Rudeford House and Stu he sum a a it the where or to Tou to Ait the Puri mar. A it a a in Cwm David Barrows. Notice. K has to my Bat and and i therefore forbid so to inns Uliarte nag or Trust her a ukr account a i shall pay of debts of her contracting. Blu a Mitchell. Kennebunkport oct to 1164. �?�40-3w hats a a Caps and Purs. The Sulu Rothera Hay thai Day Foo fort a Cut Artia lip under the name of i. Dark k Man and will can Fine do list. Cap Ami fur he Eluese at Ute old staud no. 1 dec rial s bal cos Block Mala if just received a Good Assort int of the fait and Winter styles of Hsu Capo and fora. Hau of any kind Syta or waa Tity flt a a few u easterner St the Shu Tori notice or and prepared Maco. pc 98,1854 it for it a hat red. Pc a Given for furs. X. I i i Roar Dali i 340 Daub. A Daniel p. Dame. Com and flour. Al St rear Lefi a from it Board Carvi ipe 3000 bushels at to Tom Mealing Oren 326 barrels of Var from sew wheat. John us 40 a Horne Loti Ila thick. 1 1 to aped scout the 15th of or a a her from he Pas a Ture of Luquet but of lode Fred an the Pool Road rear the first Parish meeting Llose a Smalt Black Hob a with no Dotsun Remung Iota Pup Ilia ,7i� u Fona Aitolu where a re Fea for not Larul be Sulu his a warded on Cappuc Aboav . For Sale. V a in. A Waali a a Leo Kriwow Relfi perfect re a Pek m1u be uld at a bargain. Enquire of k. R. Liguin. Fiscu Ori 4, �?T564.40-1/ Superior if h tree a to torte to Art varieties of the Apple Fere and Cherry. Foe Llma Tofi l in Long Hue Kerry a flue variety and free Freud at Drew. Quot. iks a chef Bam Taa la Partie aur Are Rivar Kyj tra Seef feres targe a a a Rig Reaa and health a auth orders Wittl rewire prompt attest Foo Wakefield Ii., oct. 3,116. Hit a John

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