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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1854, Page 3

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLet to Nti Ltd Aro Fanner and some of them a a a America will soon be Caliolio and Good ogee too. The Aro tory much then religious Liberty will cease to Exun a pleased to Bare us come and Sulu so dear supreme court. Trio following persons were sentenced 1�?o opposing a system which thus strikes for Crimi,.�i of fences during the term which 1 Hare some tears in regard to the Subj not a Rel Sou Liberty the american who does on saturday of last week a of Sla cry. Of it is by no Means of Citrin that so is but acting upon the defensive and no Jos Cru store of Kansas will he a free state. You can Hare accusation of intolerance can be brought 4. Wentworth Saco. Six years slate of idea of piano there that Aro coming in a in la Jin. If it be a fact lint a a rw���?T<ms1 plus Tum the slave Sutee. I wish i could give i a Rny a. You some idea of the feeling that exists in Tole Ratum it Only Etu lured till Ike James a. jail and the minds of the slaveholders. But we done to be fear them opinions a Pring held rep Uhli a two Listo already received by the Telegraph the election news in Tho subjoined letter. It if nevertheless and will to Reud with interest. We Shull be glad to Hoar from our Young Friend often and hops that he May newsy established Urith safety to the Catholic furnishing meant for of tigers to do to. Two i in the least and Vur trod a As Bishop of Conner says then be pm a i Meihui Senta cod to state prison a Root us a cml a Rin it a a submit that there is cause for alarm and a a a years on one and Foury it ars on he oth men Are justified in Effort to prevent its spread and All Antons to Check its growing Fulir Inion our Sony nil f to the letter and spirit of our Constitution and really promote that toleration in Reli Friday morning oct. 20, 54. �g�0iw sentiment which is one of the Dis -----1�?�?1�?ting Ishing features of our toleration in religion. 1 speaking of the sent Nants advanced by okra iou in religious matters is regard the Bishop of St. Louis and the Bishop of cd and justly As one of the fundamental Pittsburg a writer in the principles of Republican institutions. Both has the following the United slates our Stele constr to u a hop o Conner of Pittsburg says Tion. Provide for the Freo enjoyment of le-1 a religious Liberty is Only Elured till the ill ious opinions and Lai a canutt be enacted opposite Cau be established with safety to. A i a a it i a i he Catholic the Bishop of St. Legally a Herb Ala is. Urn a jul. To la a. U. Zuj Dev atus it. Aron Mica a Al a it. Lie Call. To accordance with american sentiments 0�c and Lcy a rt�ig�0ub Liberty will Eean of to and is right. No american who has any Correct idea of the theory and spit it of re such Are the sentiments which Are openly. _ ,. Proclaimed in free America not by men kill Nve Ltd a a la impair Trio �yl0 h><0 who of. Right of any a to worship almighty god Zucco Diug to the dictates of their own con sciences a a provided he does not duty in Feied under our institutions but by those who have Uelee it a to All the advantages which the nation a fluids and Huau lives property i a Quot it a land right of one eos Are Pio Tecler by the Pabloc Pete us Quot Ucol �1r so r very a a a Roant which Ibay a. Billery and religious worship,1 hut his i ports Wal be assail. We throw wide open the Civen freely to guard against intolerance Gates of our nation to the oppressed Anil and the Ascendancy of any system ant ago suffering of All countries and languages t i to place at the feel of the millions who in Lammy of our a Lillig ,., a out lha a it oct Jln i a. Sheie Njo some conductors of the adj a National and religious advantages which ministration the defeat and we arc repaid by sentiments most. Ii a ,000,1. Eur boo. Aro emloavo.,� to it l0 m or hour of b. Nign it make it appear that the american element against our government of a most tre Osuna which Hiu aided in these defeats is a a array ble Chui Acter and by attempts to destroy ing itself against the great american Peciu Ldla Liberty which constitutes the attraction a ii a i and glory of our land. And if we raise our Ciulei by Gigious toleration. The admin a a a. Rav Oices in reply a if we presume to inquire inti Ariun papers in this Tate take this j��?z0 lie nature and of Tunis of that system ground As Well As elsewhere and make Winch boldly proclaims its antagonism to bitter accusations against a a know Noth a Fri pm and to the Constitution of Tho unit a Piper s who smarting under the toil of our lathers and the Industry and which their party has Enterprise of their descendants have secur ing charging them with wishing to sup Piunt catholicism by their action. know nothing of the purpose or motives of these men and Are not authorized to speak for them but we can easily conceive of i de states w by the roman Catholic cries out that we arc persecuting him and that we had better look to our own affairs and lint meddle with others. He would have. 1 presume the millions of protestants in America listen to the Aston Ming quotations which i have made in Meek silence and Ihler opposition to catholicism arising from uninterested observers of the Effort that Are the fact that As a system or religious belief being made to corrupt our government do. Stroy our free shools and overthrow our it is necessarily antagonistic to our mst.tu-, by a a it. Mus indeed have an exalted Lions. The head of the Church Tho Pope r�0vvs of our amiable Ness and meekness to cd alias All temporal As Well As spiritual pow j entertain such an idea. Certainly Tho past or and the whole history of catholicism history of the american people in to boil. I r a. I i a a dealings with Tho foes of their liberties of Inlo Taranco and a a a a a a is i Varnol in lion. With its Lii stay a glaring As it is a a a a such an opinion. 1 Hope that we Are with Tho Light of the Faggot and reddened not deficient in the virtue of amiable Ness w Ith the blood of ita victims before them sgt us pm per a Wions to exer ,. Ciso it but that this is not the Only virtue we can easily see Why men should die l0f be a Ineis can people i need not Stop to increasing Power in our country and Why prove. 1 believe that there i in this land they should labor to prevent its prevalence. Such n thing As patriotism i believe that e i there is Here a love of civil and religious individually our fears with respect to its u which Romish priests and political attaining supremacy Are not great. demagogues combined will find it get need Havo Confidence that the general prevalence a ugly difficult to destroy. And the right to of education and the genuine american discuss every question and examine every. �?��?��?��?�., movement that touches our religious or a april will prevent any Sci of injury til our ,�01.j ame Icay a j. We country by the Chi Steppe of catholicism j never Yuul Lylial in Cuba racer will be modified by w. Ai pie Hen Thal a a a fl., a of be of the a Ifil of Freo . J Hje a awl pc it of . I a cd men out Bogie in the Edu Calum of Hie Imu j ,0 to polities Wullich ,0 did Ulba a by our system of Publio ecliooi., which i a i liar Talioli a Eues. Allo Lher element u ,0 Well adapted to Counte Mcl All improper he combined it Vilh in nol far a Ore info renew and build of and men Ihen 10 j of Crobo icim i Bil Dia Ual at Tho a Unduch Pacino Lelm of re ii iii and civil Libey i f a a Pojl Tam a a a looping to which tie n. I to Tim of our Freo inti Luliona Etc Dwel Albu me a a obtain the a catholicism is opposed to this free school. A a 1 Yor Aru it votes of the Catholic system and it 13 this and its naturally a ,. A j 1. The extent to which this kind of demagogue Gres tvo spirit which has alarmed Many. L ism has been carried has at last become and led them to oppose its insidious and., a ,.nauseous to the people and they have Vanees. If it has encountered the oppo i. ,. A a evinced a determination to put it Down and Tion of know nothing ism. It is because its. N. / i with it the corruptions which have Natur Bishop and priests and its other advocates. A. Ally followed Iron the successes of parties boldly state that is Pru Ippu a Are a one cow 1 7. Obtain etl by such appeals. It is a truth that purity intolerant a and opposed to religious. \1. _. Liberte. Thi. I Prevol by Catholic anther. No so a a pm Quot it a a he Call oho a a i f 1 in this country to a great extent is under ily itself. C ask attention to the follow a a a #. R the Coul Roi of the Bishops and priests and ing evidences of Tho correctness of our1 1. Quot has been generally Given in one direction assertion. A a tip Hep annl of the Valley a a a a a m,�?~ki�?o7 a a a a bal Quot co a of it a Quot or 1 i has often the scale of Victory of in newspaper says. R a. A. 1. I politicians aware of its importance have a i to Church is of necessity intolerant. I heresy she endures when and where she addressed themselves to obtain it and have Pius but she it und directs All Hei liberally paid for it. They have passed by i orgies to its destruction. It catholics americans and conferred the fruits of vie 4jvcr gain an immense numerical majority on foreigners to the exclusion of natives religious Freedom in this country 1� at an jul a or so to be-1and 8uc0,m a a a Ted by sch has a jail. Pc or vat Wiio a try. Quot a us of a been too frequently followed by corruptions another Catholic authority declares and venality in Public Meo. It is a matter a that Popes and general councils have of no Surprise to us that american citizens passed the most bloody us against Sll who denominate Here Tica it a a. Pedrd by intelligent defenders of the Cath Abu to ail corruptions which have been Olio Faith and it i maintained is to have perpetrated by Tho men who have been most bloody Ami it Erseau Linig i us a of this most disgusting demagogue ism ill whom arc pm i of i for d b a relics is now generally con-1 ,. S a n s r 1 s 1 a let Cut in 1111 iii uni a Lilia Lei ii Lii iii nud consequent Rali Ginus Libity will thus Ive a a be at an end. So our enemies Gay. So say urge Usona a review which is the bes Catholic authority in this country May a two believe in the Duel temporal no Hority of the pop Christ on e Vine right a As vicar of Jesus though it May not be acceptable to pensioned presses and placement still cannot fail of being advantageous to the country. Administration Tao Nus. As an of amp it. V a the result of Iho of actions in Pennsylvania Earth the Churchi bears Lydi Ohio and Indiana perhaps w0 ought to. Both swords temporal und Spir-1to. Ritual the temporal sover Ngn holds it to a a Nelun that a a administration parly have be exec soil under her direction. Ais tried Florida a electing a member of con the Council of Trout holds Tho follow Gross and a legislature which will elect an Jug language in. Re Gard us the Power of Tho administration Man to Tho u. S. Senate in Pope j place of Moulton u fire eating Southern u silting in the seat where Peter the whig. The change in this particular cannot Prince us the apostles sat to the Cloo of a a for lie worse and we shall not strive to his life the Church recognizes 111 his per a k ,. Ion the most exalted degree of dignity and Ajun a Quot a a rate on party of Tho Comfort the full amplitude of Uii diction and a carried this Stute. The Argus dignity and jurisdiction not based on , says the democrats have carried Somo dal or other human constitutions but Ema a municipal elections in towns in Connecticut. A a Lem u,b0.ly us a a a he a a j it Wouita u a tuck to it la olt deprive i boar a Vilor who a an. a Pwu a a a a ,al0 8t lbs Eva May give Cus a Sty i adm Nistra Ion has Beon crushed i by with a Townson that if he Cli Urchea 5n to a Suu. It Ohio ,., should de Cymru that the Constitution and very not a Nat but it has carried Flori existence of Thia or any other country should do and elected a few town officers con s tables and tithing men and the like in Tome of the Small towns in Connecticut j by the Way the Democrat of this week Lieut to has not the first word of information to give blown soil pm in refute non to the a to readers respecting the results of the a a a f la. A 1 o i _ w 1. Or indict Chi. There was still another indictment against Tuttle fur breaking into the store of Hobson amp Storer Saco which we not Rogers. A incendiary so a burning a building at Buxton. Sentenced to seven years in slate prison. Jackson blown and two others were tried upon an indictment for breaking into the depot at Kennebunk Ami stealing. Were found guilty and sentenced to four year in the state prison l. 11. D. Shepherd for an assault and Battery on we. Moody was sentenced to thirty Days imprisonment in the common jail. Liquor casks. Moses Woodsum Saco sentenced to pay the following fines and costs in three eases for Selling liquor contrary to Law. Viz a $25,88, $29,45, $41,05. Thomas w. As a common seller pies to Litendre. Fined $100, costs $58,54. Fine and costs paid into court. Vokt As a common seller. Plea Tio of contend re. Fined $100, costs $66,90. Fine nud costs paid into court. A a it Supply g. Knox a Appeal from a Justice of peace on a liquor complaint. Discharged 011 payment of fines and costs,$15,-24. John s. Carter Daniel s. Hill and John Taber were severally Appel last from decision �11 Justice courts and found guilty. Motions were made by their counsel in arrest of judgment. Orin . Plead guilty and sentenced to pay Fine and costs amounting to $47,68. Paid into court. We copy from Tho Domorat the following report of the Case of Rufus m. Lord to. Israel Clia Bourn a a a Rufus a loan is. Israel was an action of Culvor to recover a Quantity of liquor Takon by defendant from Plai Ulilla under the seizure proc Ess. The Uii Ginal paper were quashed tor i formalities and the liquor ordered to be restored pending the original process the liquor were destroyed and the defendant could not thei Elore return them. Defendants offered to prove that the liquors were originally kept for the pm poses us illegal Sale. The court ruled that such evidence would furnish no defence Lothi verdict Lor plaintiff for $441,21 and Daniel guide now and John Shepley for plaintiff Lelaud und Eastman for defendant. This Case goes to the Law court by a report of the evidence. Candidates Aro Csc cod by at least 5000 majority. Sound the loud Timbrel. Let the people rejoice. Kintana. In this state Alto Tho do foul of the Compromise Breakers is equally As signal Dunham Hendricks and Davis Nebraska hanging upon the Gal a Jive u peering news to Send Nho lows with Mcdonald and Good and True 1 comm incites. Men elected in their a loses a while Mace who stood firm and unyielding when Tairent ened by Pierce amp Douglas has Boon Reo acct de by 1,500 majority. Thai far it i not known that a single Nib Rascal has been elected in Tho state. In seven districts Hoard rom Tho administration los is Over sixteen thousand. Dayton Ohio oct. 13, 1854. Editor or us Ion and journal a the election in Ohio for Thi year is Over und the Telegraph Lias doubtless Oro this inform Redjou of Tho result. And a glorious ret in it is so fur a known. Nota single Nebraska Democrat elected to Congress from any i y those results show that the people of part of the Stato i thirteen anti Nebraska the so states were pervaded with Tho Sutney feelings As the people of Maine and had their indignation aroused by Tho net of perfidy which brought Down such terrible retribution upon Tho compact Breakers and their supporters in this state. Now York Michigan Illinois and Massachusetts Aro yet to Sacuk. Their elections Arn to take place Early in november and if to Are not mistaken in Tho indications Tho a a Peoples voice Quot will to heard As loudly in these states As it has been in the states which tvo spoken in condemnation of the administration. May it prove so. Taking iii Selt or. Or. Hadley the person brought Back trom Massachusetts by officer Gowen on a requisition from the governor charged with having obtained Money on false pretences has taken himself away again without proper he was tried on monday by Justice Cole and ordered to recognize in the sum of $300, to take his trial it the supreme after the decision of the jus Lico in the Case he was left in the care o keepers. During tuesday night while those who had him in charge had loft the room for a few moment to escaped from the window letting himself Down from the attic room by a Ropo made of the bedding. He left a very polite note to the officer informing him that a the had found it convenient to leave bid Deford for n Short time a and wishing him to inform All interested that their demand should be paid when his loiter did not say. Moussam River Bank. The Democrat of this weak contains the subjoined article which was communicated to Thal paper for publication. We understand that some fifteen or Twenty thousand Dollar of the Stock of the Bank has been subs Riboud for by poisons living in Sanford Alfred and adjoining towns. Representatives Are already certainly known to be elected and to a certain Offtor Inore Whilo Tho Prospect is Good for Tho entire delegation Twenty one in nil. The Hunker demo Crata concede this now and if the remaining counties to be heard from Coine in As the others have Dono the major Ity on Tho Stato ticket cannot to fur from 70 or 80,000, some say 00,000 this is glory enough for one week and with Pennsylva Nia and Indiana ranging alongside Ohio with result Ulun St As Elorious the real friends of a a popular sovereignty May Well rejoice that Shams and swindles under Tho name of a a democracy a have land their Day for Tho present. Tho Cincinnati enquirer Hunker Democrat of this morning says that in nil probability Thero will not to ten regular orthodox democrats a in Tho not House of representatives from Tho Freo that the United ninety Southern to tuber will make but n poor show a assisted by the aforesaid ten Dong facts a against Tho now certainly elected one Hundred and thirty four anti Nebraska Tombers from Tho Northern states und concludes that Thoro will to a a a Collie 1 when such antagonistic elements from the Publio schools where it had been of the pilgrims upon ply Ike the roman Catholic h a Power in his country and Rule it a ext Maui hed. Qua some ten ordinance of god himself and every Brood Catholic would be Boond under Tho penalty of Tho Leri Ible Soni Ament pronounced a a Ainsle Tho Dis be f a Constitution of Tbs United stale a a our people l Ethe catholics must destroy the Constitution of Tho United stale if thu Church decree Bishop of Conner of Pittsburg has said 11 religions toleration is Only endured till the opposite can be established Keith Mitty to the Catholic tor id a a to Bishop of St Loti declares elections in the Western states. Ong could not Tell from its Calm is that any elections Hod taken place in these states. The Democrat should not be censured overmuch for this. We should hardly expect it would care to say much if anything about elections in which its Porty Haa been Well nigh annihilated. The Western elections. The administration forces in Tho important states of. Pennsylvania Ohio and Indiana were completely routed in Tho a locations for members of Congress and state offices held on the 10th inst. Never before was an administration so signally defeat cd. Pennsylvania. Pollock whig supported also by the know nothings is elected governor by Somo thirty thousand majority and Twenty of Tho Twenty five member of Congress elected arc opposed to Tho Nebraska swindle and elected by the combined votes of i Orsoni opposed to Tho administration. Pennsylvania gave eleven votes for the Nebraska Hill and fourteen against a a net gain of six. One or two of Trio no bras Kaites elected barely slipped in by a few votes in districts which have been heretofore overwhelming democratic. To c n. Y. Tribuno sit a a Florence Jones and pucker Are Tho Only who voted for Trio Bill that have escaped defeat and they by majorities significantly reduced. At Trio sumo Timo Robbins in the 3rd, Witte in the 4th, Bridges in the 7th, Wright in Tho 12th, Kurtz in the 16 h and Dawson in Tho 20th, who out a need their constituencies by voting for the villainy Are either Defeated or Good and Truo anti Nebraska whigs take their places Over candidates named in their Stead. Tho net Loco loss is ten members making a difference in the Iio Uso of to trendy Ohio. Tho uprising of the Puoplo in this state if possible has been con More astounding to the administration forces. The Republican Stato ticket is elected by a majority it is said of Neur ninety thousand and it is Quito certain that not a single Friend of Tho administration hns been Kloct de to Congress in Tho state. Olds whose rascally decisions As chairman of the House when Tho Nebraska Bill passed created so much dissatisfaction is Defeated by 2,000 majority and Lewis Campbell is reelected by some 3,500 majority. Tho Loco Foco i cd i Slature of Ohio Arr Ngod a District expressly to defeat him but the people Havo nobly Defeated the Plana of the lenders. Wado is reelected in the Cuya hoga District by five thousand majority Giddings in the Ashtabula District by four thousand a. We copy from the Cincinnati Gazette the following items to show Tho feelings of excl Tat Ion which the so victories of the Poplo Call Forth Lew campy kill elected. Returns from Tho third District Render it certain that this Gallant son of Ohio is reelected to Congress by a great majority probably two thousand. The people Aro already Tuo to Truo men. J. Scott liar Rio on. This gentleman a Truo son of Tho old hero of Tippecanoe is elected to Cong ret again by an overwhelming majority. Throo cheers for the second District. Timothy c. Day the Man wimm the Miami worked the hardest to defeat is elected by two thousand majority. The people took him in their banus und lifted him right no. Behold How brightly Breeks the or. Olds. This Dean Gogou i whipped Galloway is of cited. Corruption 1� Down manhood and Freedom Are triumphant. Hurrah for the heart of the Commonwealth. Poor oils let him die. A the county ticket. Brns Henrs Van hmm and All the rest of lir american Reform anti Nebraska Ston meet in the next Congress. Well if a collision must Tako Placo let it Boas soon As possible. Hunker ism is in a very sick condition just now. May its end soon Como beyond Tho possibility of a resurrection. Tho following Aro the representatives certainly elected first District s. C. Day 2d District j Scott Harrison 3d District l. 4th District ii. Nichols Atli District i. R. Guirio 7th District Aaron in Tran 12th District same a Galloway 15th District w. R. Sipp16th District Edward Bull 18th District b. F. Loiter 19th District Edward judo 20tb District. J. R. Giddings 21st i. A. Bingham. Those to to heard from and which my Kudlic since the Landing Erti Mouth Rock to my a chum he a Power in ii As it is a Power and does Rule in Italy and All other hop Ian Catholic countries a these and other raises which might be enumerated have not been without their influence in drawing Mea from their Alleg Tanco to old Patty organizations Ami uniting them in defence of a your institutions and the a whole theory of our Republican if there is one single native american citizen who would deprive any Man or woman of the right to worship god to wording to his or her conscience we know him nol a we never yet saw one nor to we Ever expect to hear of one unless it be through Ilia Rod ruin of such prints As Ilia Sakhte or capt. Luck and set Sal of the Pas skuers and a Kew or the Arctic. The follow tog telegraphic Dei Putch Wos 1 revived from Quebec on saturday morning capt. Luce of the ill fated at Amer Arctic with a even or eight of hupa it Negera und five of his Crew were picked up from a raft by the hark Cambria capt. Kuwait and arrived Here Lari night. After the collision and when capt. Luce found that the Arctic must go Down he with the Patseen Rera for by Thi time All the seamen had left with the exception of one the 3d Orfirer Loat no time �11 lading spurs together to form a raft. The Lifeboat was Tho Only one left at the time and to get the raft it Wui Nocca Ary to gel the life let out into the water but the oars were left a the Arctic to prevent the life boat Fruin being Tak on away from the ship. Trio following is a Correct lit of those saved with capt. Liucc fas ungers a Fred. May g. F. Alton and James Nith of the Arctic a a. A. Veta. Govt Francois of the Moussam River Bank. We understand Job Down m a looted no As follows the injunction which was served upon this a from Tho fifth District Richard Mott Bank has been dissolved and that on the 1 from Tho 8th, Benj. Stanton from Tho 9th 12th inst., at a meeting of the stockholder the following persons were chosen directors Rodolphus b. Hubbard Sarnol Tompson a Chabail Frost John Morrill and 1. S. Kimball of Sanford a n. D. Appleton of Alfred who was elected president or. Hubbard the former president resigning the office which was tendered him Stephen Libby of Lebanon Elisha Rodwell of Shapleigh and Amos 11. Boyd of Saco and Thal at the time of the service of the injunction the condition of the Bank wan a follows condition of to Ustim River Bank september 23, 1854�?at the time of the service of injunction. Capital paid 111 $26,700,00 circulation 24,088,00 deposits 587, Diaco a 019,30 j expos 567,00 Oahu 82,24 loaned �32310,81 Suffolk Bank 3000,00 grocer Bank 6900,50 Bills of other irks id cd is 5550,00 specie 4551,04 $51,457,95 551,45795since the service of the injunction there has become connected with Tho Bank a Large number of stockholders which will compare favourably with any Bank of corresponding capital in Maine and we understand that notwithstanding Tho injunction c. K. Watson from Tho i0th, o. F. Moore from the Luthr c. V. Culver from the 13th, John Sherman from Tho 14th, Philemon Bliss and from the 17th District c. I. Albright. All unti Pierce and anti Nebraska a a a Noble bund of Bat Best of nil out of the four m dogs a from Ohio who voted for the Nebraska swindle Only Ono had Tho Hardihood to run upon Tho strength of it Tho notoriously infamous Edion b. Olds in Tho 12th District and he is Tho worst used tip Man of Tho lot not enough left of him for seed. Galloways majority Over him is near 2000 Ilis soiling i Gisolf for a Quot judgeship for a Friend a hns consigned him to merited oblivion. Olds and Mcdonald can now retire together and rent the bitter fruits of their try Tchory in salutary reflections and repentance. Hamilton county too the stronghold and always Tho forlorn Hopo of Hunker ism hns yielded to Tho enemy with n majority of 5000 on Tho Sido of Correct principles and which it appear was not owing to it in Bottar state government. May ,1.0 Notor solvency or inability to re Deon its circular Tion the directors Aro confident that a right backslide again. I to whole u called a understanding of the facts will at once Craso 1 know nothing Victory but it is Ono in which from the Public mind All prejudice in con sequence thereof and we see no reason Why said Bank should not be deserving of nil the Confidence of a Bank that is established under the very commendable and strict Laws of the state of Maine. Douglas hns a hard Timo in his own state. He seeks Overy Opportunity to address crowds if to can get them his App ointment of Springfield was made with Tho View of taking Nora Utaga of the crowd collected Thero on Tho occasion of the the people Havo vindicated the car Clvis Whilo they Havo decided that Ohio is a free s at and of which they May Well to proud. But i have not space to give vent further to Tho feelings of rejoicing which the Victory Calls for so my As Well Stop Short. You and nil Tho glorious Galaxy of freemen in Maino will appreciate my feelings f am sure. Tho crops throughout Tho West it is now conceded Are about a fair average despite of the drought which three toned Thorn so seriously so to no in no Dnn Gor of Fumino Stato fair. Tho Board of directors disgusted and annoyed by this impertinent artifice act fears Uro entertain of that Tho coming administered Tho following caustic Nobuko Winter will cause much suffering among Tho resolved that Tho sex Cautivo Board of the Illinois state agricultural society doom it duo to Tho Industrial classes which they represent to enter their protest and express their disapprobation of Tho course of political leaders in taking advantage of their annual Jubileo and school of labor to occupy their Timo and distract their attention by Tho Public discussion of questions foreign the Tho objects of this so Bioty. A a a just Nobuko this upon Tho Little giant a perhaps to thought that Tho sturdy freemen were As much bound to Hoar him As Tho labourers upon his Plantation. Tho attention of persons in want of clothing Tunde directly under Tho inspection of a skilful and experienced Workman is directed to or. Burleigh a place of business factory Island Saco. Or. B., it will be perceived by his advertisement has at last got comfortably settled in his old place from which to was driven by fire in Tho Early part of the season and is ready to wait upon old and now friends with his former Assiduity. He has had much experience in the manufacture of clothing and in the selection of goods and it is no disparagement to others engaged in the same business to say that work done it his shop will be executed with As much skill and Fidelity of at any other similar establishment in either Saco or Biddeford. Fall let tool lettuce luxuriant fresh and Lendor As that of june from the Garden of doctor Charles Murib of Biddeford graced Tho Biddeford House table last wok. A Democrat. And to also from Tho Samo Garden. We wore at first disposed to deny Tho Utility of lettuce in the full but tasting is helming and we have dismissed All fog risk in Tho matter Aud go in now for lettuce at All seasons of Tho year especially if allowed to take it fresh from the gardens of friends. Poor from Tho ruling High prices of every thing ent Ablo. I Hopo however that they arc groundless. My old friends of York county and nil the people there Havo my Best wishes fur their Prosperity now und co Moro. Yours truly f. 31. Moore. Know nothings. Tho Uoc Klaud advertiser makes Tho following act Stiblo und conclusive reply to the article in the ase about religious intolerance Oil the part of the know nothings. the Way to suggest that a american republicans would be a most appropriate and cd press Ivo name for the now party that is sprig Sittg up All Over the Stato and journal. A Tho first that to remember concerning the organization of the Nativo american party it my have hat on earlier birth in new Orleans is intimately Emne Ettl with the Campaign of 1845. In that Campaign messes. Henry Clay and Theodore Froling Hutsen were the whip candidates for president and vice pres men and James k. Polk and Geo. Dallas were the democratic candidate. All who remember that conflict cannot Hare forgotten that the roman Catholic newspaper hmm one Mel of the Union to Tho other without n single exception opposed the election of the whig because or. Freling Huyssen we the president of the american Bible society we ask the age if Thal was not Quot bigoted religious intolerance a a essentially european at War with All our institution and with the whole theory of our Republican system a we think it was. And so thought a Large portion of Tho whigs of that Day some of whom a med Hetely or a irined themselves As the a a american re Hubli can parly. The party lived for a Rief year or so and then wasted away and died. But Hixt was not All Tho cause Given american citizen for the formation of that until very recently defunct party. The unceasing Effort of the Romish Hierarchy to Noran Alex. Grant Michael Russel John Illicy and joint Patterson. It seems now to he ascertained that the French propeller Vesta took none of the passengers of the Arctic to St. Johns Newfoundland. The report Orion rated irom the fact that ii of the Crew and 15 passengers a in the boats under or Banham reached St. Johns Choat the sane time with the Veata. Consequently there Are 31 lives less saved than was supp no de. It is not yet certainly known that u single woman escaped death although there May have been some in the Bonis which still remain to be Beard from. The full statement of cant. Luce May be found under our telegraphic head. A messenger qua sent to mrs. Luce us Yonkers on saturday conveying the Joyful intelligence of her husband s safety. We copy the above from the Boston Atli of monday. Capt. Luce a statement respecting the collision does not vary particularly from Thul made by or. Iahlan which was published in our lust he says that alter ineffectual attempts had been made to Stop the leak tic resolved to have the boats gut ready and Hutc As Many audios and children plan cd in them of they could carry but no sooner had the attempt been made than the firemen and others rushed into them in Spile of All opposition. To extract from capt. Luce a statement which is addressed to or. E k Collins new York and dated at que lev october 14th, the following re pc Clio the incidents which occur cd on Board of the Arctic after preparation was made to get out the boats and the particulars of capt. Luce s preservation after the vessel went Down. Seeing this my to of things i ordered the boats astern to be kept ready until order could be restored. To my dismay i saw the ropes in the ints had been Cut and they soon disappeared in the fog. Another boat to broken Down by per to second mate Jura if a a boast my Matkiw a rope fast to him when be was drawn of Board a a proved to be a Frenchman who had been a passenger on Hoard the Reame with which we bad been in Coln Iofi. He informed i Captain that others were near of a piece of wreck Aud on room Al Oil be Bow it and three Otlie a. We went the first to which the boat was sent and a were safely taken on Board about 5 f. The next picked up was Jas. Smith a second Clasa Saasen Gur in Law Arctic. The Oto Era saved were Uva v our firemen. Tiny ship proved to be the Calabria of Quebec Irma Glasgow tor Montreal Rou Urtson ded by capt. John Rumsch who Hud commanded Ilia Urt Lish barque Jessie Bithea and was rescued from the wreck of that vessel by capt Nye of the Collins steamship Pacific As will be of capt. Us Adell u would to scarcely possible to say enough in ins Praise for the kind treatment which All of us rec ived trom him during the time by u obtain political Power to exclude the Bible sous Rushing at the davits by which Manv were precipitated into he sea und drowned. This occurred while i had been engaged in getting the guard Trout ready to launch of which i Lind placed the second officer m charge when the same fearful scene was enacted men leaping from thu top of the rail a height of Twenty feet bruising and maiming those who were in the , alongside. 1 then gave orders to the second offi Oer or. Blu plan to let go and drop astern of the ship keeping under or cur the Stern to in ready to Tuko of Board tin women and children As soon is the fires on Ruurd the Arctic should ire put out by thu water and the Dugme slopped. My alien Tion was then drawn to the Oiler Quarter croat which i found broken Down but still hanging by one tackle. A Rush was also made for her when some fifteen persons jumped in Cut the tackle and Weie soon out of sight. I now found that not a Seaman or Carpenter was left on Board und we wore without any tools by which we inight construct a raft which was our Only Hope. The Only officer left was or. Donan the third officer who aided me i was also assisted by May of the passengers who decreed the greatest Praise for their coolness and Energy in doing All in their rower up to the very lust moment when the ship Sank. The chief Engineer with several of his Assis Tants had taken the Mullot of our deck boats and had with about fifteen persons pulled away before the ship went Down a had succeeded in getting the fore and main Yards and two to Gallant Yards overboard together with such other Small spare and material is we could collect when i acc Niue fully convinced that the ship must go Down in a very Short tune and that not a moment wus to be lost in getting the spare lashed together to form the raft to do which it became necessary to gel out the life boat the Only boat left. Thi being accomplished 1 placed or. Dorian in charge of the boat taking care to keep Bock thu oars so that the boat inight not be Taku away As 1 Mill hoped in get most of the women and children in this bout no inst. We Hud mud considerable Progress in the connecting of the spare when an alarm was Given that the ship was sinking and the bout was shoved off without Oare or any Means of helping thin selves and Licu the ship sunk the boat wus probably on eighth of n mile Clear of the Arctic. Instantly at shout 23 minutes to 5 p. M., the ship went Down carrying every soul on Board with her. I soon found my self on Trio surface again and after u Brief Strug gling with my own helpless child in my arms i again Felt myself impelled downward to a great depth und before 1 reached the surface Tho second time 1 had nearly perished and had lost Iny hold on Iny child. As i again struts cd upon the sur face of Tho water n most awful and heart rending scene presented itself to my View women and children struggling together amidst pieces us wreck of Evcic kind calling on each other for help und imploring god a assist them. Such another up a King Sceno May god preserve me from Ever witnessing. I was in Tho act of trying to Savo my child again when a portion of the in Dill Box came crashing up Edge ways just grading inv head Ami kiting with its whole weight on the head of my Darling child. In no tour moment i beheld him a lifeless Corpse upon the surface of the wave. I succeeded in company with Elevon others in getting on Tho top of Trio paddle Box. One however finding All could not Lee supported on this piece of the paddle to it of left for another which was floating near. The others remained unto they were one by one relieved by death. We stood up to our knee in water at Trio temperature of forty five degrees and frequently the sea broke directly Over us. We were soon separated from oar friends on other ports of the wreck nod passed a terrible right each one expecting Avery hour would be i lust. At luit Tho Long wished for morning came accompanied by a dense foe. Not a living soul but our party to a seen of whom Only seven men were loft. In lha course of tha morning we saw some water casks and other things Mon gig Srotir ill ii tvs ship but could get nothing that would afford us any Relief and oui raft was rapid la settling a it absorbed water. Almut noon or. S. M his last and All the other except or. Leo. Allen of new York and myself began to differ excruciatingly for want of water. In this respect we were very much favored although vet had nol a drop of fresh water on Tho raft. The Day font loud very Friggy except just at noon a near As we could judge when we had a Clear ii Orisen for about Helfan hour. Noth night Tefr efforts to pct com Cdr Eora Forlo to Stetu and All Board we shall Ever owe a debt of gratitude for Tiivi unbounded kind Mesa to a from the from Kuun who a a it cud up we Learned that the at Amer with which we had been in Coo tact was the screw Steamer tests from St. Pierre Miquelon of and for Grenville France. As near As we Moold learn the Varia was ate ring k. S. E., and was crossing Oor course within two Points with All sail set the wind being w. 8. Her Anchor Stock about 7 by 4 Inch re Square wus driven through the Bow Rotthe Arctic about inches above the water line and on immense Hole had been made at the same instant by the Fluke of the Anchor Alphil two feet below the water line raking fore and a t the Plank and finally breaking the chains leaving the Stock remaining in Aud through the Side of the Amir or k a More Likely thut so much of the French Steamer Bow had been crushed in that some of the heavy Logitu Dinul pieces of Iron run Niue through the ship May have it eco driven through our Side causing i lie loss of tie Arctic und f fear Many hundreds of valuable lives. I have safely arrived at Quebec but am left without a Penny in the world wherewith to help myself. With sincere gratitude to those with whom i have received such unbounded kindness since 1 have been providentially thrown amongst them i am about to separate from them and go to new York a Home of sorrow. I Learned trom the doctor it quarantine last evening that the Vesta Hud reached St. John n. P., with several passengers from the Arctic but could not learn the particular. As soon As i Gnu get on Shore i shall make urian cements to leave for new York with the least pos it it be delay. I shall take the framer for Montreal this afternoon. I Ain very respectfully your obedient serve it Jas. C. Luce. Avie York oct. 15 a airs. Co Tim and chit Wren a we learn Thal a third despatch has been received from capt. Luce in which he Stales that mrs. Collins i a Collins and master Collins were swept from the deck of the Arctic As she went Down and that they did not go into the boat that precipitated so Many into the sea. Ing Moold in seen but water and sky. K and Drearr. And oui us would again by soon three More of our a find offend Sank to Rise no More leaving Only or. Allen a Young Man again came on thick and Drearr and our minds were filly invade no that none of see the Light of Day. Suffering party were was i least and myself. Finding myself very much exhausted i now Sal Down for the first time at about8d�?Tclook, 1�?T. A. It i a trunk which had providentially been found Ninon the Wnuk. To this Way i a rpt a Hille through the night and became somewhat refreshed. In about on hour from Daylight Are saw a vessel s Light Neir us and All three of it exerted of Nelvus to the utmost of or strength in hailing Tea. In Quarter of an eastward Al us. _ about a Light disappeared to. The soon after Daylight l her until we a come quite Xhu n hour the _ a a Baruto Hove in sight to the Northwest the fog hand Tiff lightened a Little. She was apparently steering Cor a but in a Short Lime Aho seemed to have changed her course and we were again doomed to disappointment j x it i Felt a Hope that some of Oor follow Sull Hera had been seen and Rea ened try them. 8hortly after we had Given no a Hopes of being discovered and rescued by the barque a a slap was discovered to the East Ward steering directly for a. We now watched her with the Roost intense anxiety a Ahe approached Tho wind changing caused her to alter her coarse several Point. About noon they fortunately <1 a covered a Man on a raft near them and succeeded in saving him foreign news. Important from Europe. The Steamer Baltic arrived at new y Ork on monday evening brings important Newt from Europe. There had been hard fit in in the Crimea in which the russians suffered severely. Sebastopol was taken and burned on Tho 24 of september. The account Aro confused Una imperfect indeed there had not been time for reliable information to reach London. A ? the Baltic left Liverpool at 8 of clock on the morning of the 4th with 222 passed Wjera ont lie 12th off the Cape race spoke and boarded the British Schooner John Clemens cruising for Tho missing boats Kcf a of the Arctic and Learned from her the Nai Ticu Luis of the catam Ophe. The steamship Africa arrived it Liverpool on the morning of the 1st and the Steamer Brandon on the 3d both from new York. The u. S. Steam frigate san Jacinto had put Back to Southampton with her machinery much damage a having Evhen off Texel broke one of the fans i f her screw. She would be detained five or six weeks for repairs. The United slates Sloop of War Plymouth left Hong Kong july 29 for Home. United slate Steamer Laranio Wos at Messina sept 19. Tho Peri correspondent of Tho Independence Belych says that it is rumoured that a joint note a been sent by Englund and France to the Cabinet at Washington requiring an explanation of the engagements entered into Between the United states and Russia especially with respect to the nature and conditions of an acquisition of russian territory said to have been made by tie United states. The War. Eight hours after Tho Europe sailed from Liverpool on Tho 3 0th Ull official news was received of a Grent Battle at the River Alma in Tho Crimen. On the 2lst. The allies stormed the russian entrenchments and after four hours hard fighting carried them. The English and the French lost 2800 killed and wounded while the russians lost 6000 private despatches Supply the father particular namely that the it Isaias under mens Koft in person rallied on the River Katschan on the 23d and again gave Battle to Tho allies. He was again Defeated and driven in. To his entrenchment behind Soba Strnot where he again rallied und fought n third Battle on Tho 24th, and was a third time utterly Defeated. To then fled with the remnant of his troops into Sebastopol which was Bolea Gued by sea and stormed by land. T to russian Fleet in the Harbor of Sebastopol was then burned. Ten ship had sunk the russians lost 18,000 Mun killed and wounded when the Garrison of 12,000 men capitulated and were made prisoner. the shattered remains of his army fell Back and barricading the inner Harbor refused to surrender. Six hours were allowed him to consider the matter and it is reported though not Ofili Cinelly that he surrendered at the expiration of the time Speed fled. Great rejoicings had taken place in great Britain Ami France on account of these Glo Riog victories. An attack on Cren Stadt is seriously menaced. Another account Days Thal fort Constantine was invested by sea Aud Laud on the 25th, and Altor no obstinate resistance was carried by storm. The allies then bombarded the City and the Fleet and ten russian ships of the line were burned and the remaining forts were carried one after another until 800 gun were silenced. No be then 22,00 prisoners were taken. The russian loss in dead and disabled a not less than 18,000 men in Sebastopol alone. Mensch Koft with the shattered remains of i army retired into a position in Tho inner Harbor threatening to fire the town and blow up the remaining ships unless the victors should Grant him an honorable capitulation. Tho Allied general demanded his unconditional surrender and in the name of humanity granted him six hours for consideration. The latest despatch say Thal Mensch Koff a Sor rendered and the a nth am French plans now wave Over the Walls of the entrenched a tune of the rus risk on lha Highla of Rin a 5? 000 Man Ith num Arona Iowa of a lil crr a no a cavalry and was carried at the Point of to or Tho Bobonet. After a Severo conflict of four hours duration. No general officer of Tufi British was wounded. Marshal St. Attaud and lord Raglan pw01/ commanded their respective troops. French general Thomasson it Boegem kit be fatally wounded. Gen. Of Osbert was wounded in the shoulder. A lain of the second engagement Iba Kaub iai Quot in a a be acc a i Tubaj Aon claim m Tirao Altu pria owners of War

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