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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTan Nam Are Farmer and some of Thorn a maj ones too. To Beer Aro tory much pleased to Bare a Cumo Ami Settle so car ism. 1 have Enta tears in regard to the subject of slavery a it is by no Means eur twin thut Kansas will be a free state. You can Hare of idea of the numbers that urn coming in from the slave state. I wish i could Gore you some Mea of the feeling that exist in the Mowla a the slaveholders. Kut Vav Don t fear them in the least and express our opinions upon the subject Crank . Repulja ictus. � in Inion Aub journal. Fri a y morning oct. 20, 54. Toleration in religion. Tolera Ion in religious matter is regarded Ami justly As one of the fundamental j principles of Republican in tit unions. To Tui to Ltd United states and our state Constitution provide for the free enjoyment of the Livious opinions and tvs Cayupi be enacted legally which abridge this right. This is ii accordance with american sentiment,1 and � right. No american who has any Correct idea of the theory and spit it of republicanism will Ever seek to impair the tight of any to worship almighty god us coding to Lite dictates of their own con sciences provided he Doe not Dutt in the Public peace Zitur obstruct Othet in their religious worship hot his efforts will be Given freely to guard against intolerance and the Ascendancy of any system ant ago Jii tical to tha pistil of our Institute in is. There be some conductors of the administration pipers who smarting under the defeat which their party has sustained in the repent elections Are endeavouring to make it appear that the american element which Hus aided in these defeats is " array Sittg in if against the great american Prin Ciple q religious the admin satiation papers in this s at take this ground As Well As elsewhere and bitter accusations against the know Noth Ings charging Thein with wishing to sup Plant catholicism by their action. Of know nothing of the purposes or motives of these men and Are not authorized to speak for them but we can easily conceive of Ihler opposition to catholicism arising from the fast that As a system or religious belief it is necessarily antagonistic to oar institutions. The head of the Church the Pope claims All temporal As Well As spiritual Power and the whole history of catholicism is the record of intolerance and persecution. With its history glaring As it is with the Light of the Faggot and reddened with the blood of its victims before them we Oan easily see Why men should dread its increasing Power in our country and Why they should labor to prevent its prevalence. Individually our fears with respect to its attaining supremacy Are not great. We have Confidence that the general prevalence of Edn cation and the genuine american spirit will prevent any serious injury to our country by the existence of catholicism mid that its character will be modified by la spirit of free institutions. Our Hope is in the education of the masses by our system of Publio schools which is so Well adapted to counteract All improper influences Anil build up and strengthen the principles of re Agio and civil Liberty which lie at Lite base of our free institutions. Catholicism is opposed to this free school system and it is this and its naturally aggressive spirit which has alarmed Many and led Theiu to oppose its insidious advances. If it has encountered the oppo i lion of know nothing ism it is because its Bishop and priests and i s other advocates boldly state that its principles Are 4lnece Surdy intolerant and opposed to religious Liberty. This is proved by Catholic author Ity itself. We at attention to the follow ing evidences of thu correctness of our assertion. the Shepherd of the Valley a Cath Olin newspaper says the Church is of necessity intolerant. Heresy she endures when and where she just but she Intel it and directs All her energies to its destruction. If catholics fiver Yam an immense numerical majority religious Freedom in this country is at an i Jed. � o or epee lies say. So we be another Catholic authority declares ? that Popes and general councils have passed the must bloody Ami persecuting Laws against All whom they arc pleased to denominate Here tick is now generally con ceded by intelligent 4fenders of the Cath Olic Faith and it is maintained As we have seen that if they should Ever obtain a decided numerical majority in this country Thev will be bound by me very Nainie of their religion to act on the sane principles and consequently religious Liberty will thus be at an end. So our enemies a. So say urn Winou s lie View which is the Best Catholic authority in this country toys 41 to believe in the direct temporal a Thor if of the Pope As vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth. The Church bears Fly divine right both swords temporal and spiritual i the temporal Sove Tigu holds it to be exercised under her direction. The Council t f Trent holds the follow ing language it regard a the Power of Tho Pope u sitting i the Seal where Lyter the Prince of the Apos Les t at to the Clust of his life the Church recognized in he per on the most exalted decree of dignity and the full amplitude of juju diction an j a dignity Ani jurisdiction not bared on Syno dal or other human Constitution but emanating from no Lea. Authority Ribau god him �eir.,? a writer who signs himself Apa Sudi Cut Mvi i my with Townson that if Jyh Church hold de Cymru that the Constitution and very existence of this or any other country should be extinguished in � sole in ordinance of god himself and every Good Catholic would to Boond under the penalty of the terrible punishment pronounced against the Dii Obe uie if u crowns of Tenn cd in reference to the Onati Lubou of tha United i a our people i. E the Catholic must Dot toy be Constitution of the United by meet if the Church decrees Bishop o Connor of Pirts tug has Aid " religion Toum Tion is quit endured till tit opposite can by established truth fatty to the Catholic i. Jtf9 whop of St Louit a ethics America will Oon be Caliolio and then religions Liberty will cease to existing opposing a system which thus strikes at religious Liberty the Amdi ican who does so is but acting upon the defensive and no accusation of intolerance can be brought against him. If it be a fact tint " religious toleration it ouly endured till he opposite Enn be established with safety to the Catholic Torild As Bishop o Connor Sny then we submit that there is cause for alarm and men Are justified in Horta to prevent its spread and All unions to Cheek its growing influence Are Neo Euary us Conformable to the Tetter and spirit of our Constitution and really promote that toleration in religious sentiment which is Ono of the distinguishing features of our governmon.1 speaking of the sent cents a la need by the Bishop of St. Louis and Tho Bishop of i Pittsburg a writer in the congregational has the following " i hop o Conner of pita Hurt nays religious Liberty is Only endured till the opposite can be a published with safety to the Catholic world the Bishon of St. Louis a eclairs America will soon be Cath Olic and then religious Liberty will cease to Eist such Are the sentiments Ciuco Are Ope my proclaimed in free America not a men Olio have been a routed or who have of Feied Miller our institutions but by those who have Access to All the advantages which to nation at four and whue live property and right of speech Are Piot Esteil by the very government which they so bitterly Atid wantonly Avail. We throw wide open he Yates of our nation to the oppressed and Uteri in al All countries and languages to place at Tho Feci of the million who ,0011 0 to our shores All the social civil educational and religious to advantages which the toil of our father and the Industry and Enterprise of their descendant have secured and we Are repaid by sentiment insulting to our unt ional Honor by designs a Aust our government of a most treasonable character and by attempts to destroy ii hat Liberty which constitutes the attraction 1 and glory of our land. And if we raise our 1 voices in reply if we presume to inquire into the nature and fruit Southa system Winch Boli ily proclaims it antagonism to Freedom and to the Constitution of Tho United slates Why the roman Catholic cries out that we arc persecuting him and that we had better look to our own affairs and not meddle with others. He would live i presume the millions of protestants in America listed to the astounding quotations which i have made in Meek silence and uninterested observers of the that Are being undo to corrupt our government de stroy our free shoots and overthrow our liberties lie must indeed have an exalted views of our Umi Alenem and meekness to entertain such an idea. Certainly the past history of the american people in their dealings with Tho foe of their liberties does not warrant the romanism in entertain ing such an opinion. 1 Hope that we Are not deficient in the virtue of amiable chess for slow of All proper acc Osious to exer Cise it but that this i not the Only virtue of the american Peop e i need not Stop to prove. I believe that there is in this land such a thing As patriotism. I believe that there is Here a love of civil and religious Liberty which Romish priest and political demagogues combined will find it e need i ugly difficult to destroy. And the right to discuss every question and examine every movement that touches our a Eligio or National welfare the acne Titan people will never we apprehend that it u not fear alone of the influence of Popery which has led men to Tho political action which so disturbs the administration presses. Another Elemont has been combined with it not fear Alore of catholicism but disgust at the conduct of parties and politicians in stooping to every dishonourable Means to obtain the favor and votes of the Catholic population. The extent to which this us has been carried has at last become uanseou.4 to the people and they have evinced a determination to put it Down and with it the corruptions which have Natur ally followed from the successes of parties obtained by such appeals. It is a truth that i cannot be Gai Sayed that he Catholic vote in this country to a Qimat extent is under the control of the Bishops and priests and i has been generally Given in one direction and Ukiu As it has a balance of Power has often the scale of Victory. Politicians aware of its importance have Androsh and Dawson in Tho 20th, who out Rajfa their constituencies by voting for the villainy Are either Defeated or Good and Truo anti Nebraska whigs take their places oter candidates named in their Stead. The net Loco loss is ten mem1 ers making n Dif Ference in the House of Unity votes. Ohio. Trio uprising of the people in this state if possible has been Evon Moro astounding to the administration forces. The Republican state ticket is elected by a majority it is said of near ninety thousand and it is quite certain that not a single Friend of Tho administration has been Kloct de to Congress in Tho state. Olds whose rascally decisions As chairman of the House when the Nebraska Bill passed created so much dissatisfaction is Defeated by 2,000 majority and Lewis Campbell is reelected by some 3,500 majority. Tho Loco Foco legislature of Ohio arranged a District expressly to defeat hit but the people have nobly Defeated Tho plans of Iho leaders. E. Wade is reelected in the Cuya hoga District by five thousand majority Giddings in the Ashta Bula District by four thousand a. We cop from Tho Cincinnati Gazette the Fol lowing items to show Tho feelings of sex. Us Tat Ion which these victories of the Paplo Call Forth Luw Campbell. Elected. Returns from the third District Render it certain Tiitu this Gallant son of Ohio is re elected to Congress by a great ably two thousand. The people Are already Tuo to True men. J. Scott i Amu on. This gentleman u True son of Tho old hero or Tippe Nooe is elected to a Ingres again by an overwhelming majority. Throo cd cars for the second District. Tom Otiis c. Dat the Man whom the minis worked the hardest to defeat is elected by two thou Sand majority. The people took him in their Han 4s mid lifted him right no. Behold How brightly Breaks " the l or. Olds. Liis Dean Nguo is whipped Galloway is elected. Corruption is a Fawn manhood and Freedom no triumphant. Hurrah for the heart of the Commonwealth. Poor oils Letim die. 1 tit county ticket. In Henrs Van hmm and ail the rest of the american pc Foffi anti Nehru a candidates Aro elect of by at least 5000 majority. Sound the loud Timbrel. Let the people rejoice. Iko Iana. In this state also the defeat of the Compromise breaker u equally As Sig Nal. Dunlin Hendricks and Davis Nebraska traitors Are hanging upon the Gnu lows with Mcdonald and Good and Truo men elected in their places while Macc who stood firm and Una Iclin when Thront ened by Pic Roe & Douglas has Boen reelected by 1,500 majority. Thai far it is not known that a single neb Rascal his been elected to the state. In seven districts Hoard from the administration loss is Over sixteen thousand. Ali so results show that the people of these states were pervaded with Tho sume feelings a the people of Maine and had their indignation aroused by Tho act of per Fidy which brought Down such terrible retribution upon Tho compact Breakers and their supporters in this Stato. Now York Michi Gan Illinois and Massachusetts Aro yet to speak. Their elections Are to take place Early in november and if to Aro not mis i taken in Tho indications Tho " people s voice " will to heard As loudly in those states As it Lias been in Tho states which have spoken in condemnation of the admin -1 is ration. May it prove so. Taking himself or. Or. Hadley the person brought Back trom Massachusetts by officer Gowen on a requisition from the governor charged with having obtained Money on false pretences has Token him self away again without proper leave. He wat tried on monday by Justice Cole and ordered to recognize in the sum of $300, to take his trial at the supreme court. After the decision of the Justice in the Case he was left in the care of keepers. During tuesday night while those who had him in charge had left the room for a few moments to escaped from the window letting himself Down from the attic room by a Ropo made of the bedding. He left a very polite note to the officer informing him that he had found it convenient to leave bid Deford for a Short time and wishing him to inform All interested that their demands should be paid Wicen his letter did not say. Moussam River Bank. The Democrat of this weak contains the subjoined article which was communicated to that paper for publication. We understand that some if-1 teen or Twenty thousand dollars of the Stock j of the Bank has been subscribed for by peison9 living in san Ford Alfred and adjoining towns. Moi am River Bank. We understand the injunction which was served upon this Bank has been dissolved and that on the 12th mat., it a meeting of the stockholder the following persons were chosen direct ors Rodolphus b. Hubbard Samuel Tomp Sou Ichabod Frost John Merrill Anil 1. S. Kimball of sail Ford n. D. Appleton of Alfred who was elected president or. Hubbard the former president resigning the office which was tendered him Stephen Libby of Lebanon Elisha Bodwell of Shapleigh and Amos 11. Boyd of Saco and that at the time of the service of the in Junction the condition of the Bank was As follows i condition of Housum River Bank sep-1 Tenter 23,1854at the time of the service of injunction. Capital Paul in but a a circulation 24,Oss,00 depo Titei 587,71 Diw t g 19,30 j zip 567,00 gain 83,24 loaned 3� in by Suffolk Hank 3000,00 grocer Bank 6000,50 1 Dills of other irks in c is 55-75,00 specie 4351,0-1 $51,437,93 $31,43793 since the service of the injunction there has become connected with the Bank a Large number of stockholders which will compare favo ably with any Bank of Cor responding capital in Maine and we under hand that notwithstanding the injunction which it appears was not owing to it in solvency or inability to redeem its circulation the directors Aro confident that a right understanding of the facts will at once Eraso from the Public mind All prejudice in Cou sequence thereof and we Nee no reason Why said Bank should not be deserving of All the Confidence of a Bank that is established under the very commendable and strict Laws of the state of Maine. Re Douglas has a hard Timo in his own state. Lie seeks every Opportunity to address crowds if to can get them Togo Thor. His App ointment at Springfield was mud with Tho View of taking adva Utaga of the crowd collected Thero on Tho occasion of the state fair. Tho Board of directors disgusted and annoyed by this impertinent orifice administered Tho following caustic Nobuko la solved that Tho executive Board of the Illinois state agricultural society doom it duo to the Industrial classes which they represent to enter their protest and express their disapprobation of Tho course of political leaders in taking advantage of their annual Jubilee and school of labor of occupy their Tiro and distract their Atten Tion of Tho Public discussion of questions foreign to Tho objects of this so Bioty. A just Nobuko this upon Tho Little giant perhaps to thought that Tho sturdy from in were As much bound to hear him As the labourers upon his Plantation. The attention of persons in want of clothing made directly under Tho inspection of a skilful and experienced Workman is directed to or. Burleigh s place of Busi Ness factory Island Saco. Or. B., it will be perceived by his advertisement has at last got comfortably settled in his old place from which to was driven by fire in Tho Early part of the season and is ready to wait upon old and now friends with his former Assiduity. He has had much experience in the manufacture of clothing and in the selection of goods and it is no disparagement to others engaged in the same business to Cay that work done at his shop will he executed with As much skill and Fidelity As at any other similar establishment in either Saco or Biddeford. Fall Lett com. Lettuce luxuriant fresh and Vendor As that of june from the Garden of doctor Charles Murib of Biddeford Grucci the Biddeford ii ouse table last week. Democrat. And we also from the Samo Garden. We were it fit disposed to deny the Utility of lettuce in the fall but tasting is believing and we have dismissed All old fog Iam in Tho matter Aud go in now for lettuce at All seasons of Tho year especially if allowed to take it fresh from the gardens of friends. To Havo already received by the i Telegraph the election Newt comm uncoated in the subjoined letter. It it nevertheless accept nolo quid will to Reud with internet. We Hull to find to Hoar from our Yoang Friend Ohen and hops that to May a Waja have Ltd cheering news to Send who now Comour tickles. Dayton Ohio oct. 13, 1854. Elfton or a irk Cambria capt. Kum ii am arrived Here last a Light. After the Colli Ion and when capt. Luce found that the Arctic Mut go Down he with the Pasnon pers for by this time All the seamen had left with the exception of one the 3d officer lost no time in lashing spars together to form a raft. The life boat was the Only one left at the Tiina and to get the Laft con Truc cd it was Nocca Ary to get the life lout into the water but the oars were left in the an tic to prevent the life boat from being taken Sway from the ship. The following is a Correct Lut of those saved with capt. Luce Dis Tnger Fred. May 0. F. Allen and James Smith of the Arctic a. A. Govt Francois of the Veta. Cramon. Rumus urn Narx. Inni Mic Naci Russel John Illey and John Patterson. It seem now to he ascertained that the French propeller vein. Took none of the passengers of the Arctic to i. John Newfoundland. The report Rigi Nutch from tie t aet that ii of Tho Crew and 13 passengers on the boats under or Banham reached St. Johns about the Sutney time with the Vesta. Consequently there Are 31 lives less saved than was Suppon ii. It is not yet certainly known that it single woman escaped death although there May have been some in the boats which still remain to be heard from. The full statement of cant. Luce May be found under our icle graphic head. A messenger was sent to my. Luck us Yonkers on saturday conveying the Joyful intelligence of her husband s safety. We ropy the above from the Boston Atlas of monday. Capt. Luce s statement respecting the collision does not vary particularly from that made by or. which was published in our last he says that Niter ineffectual attempts had been made to Stop the leak he resolved to have the boats got ready and have As Many ladies and children placed in them As they could carry but no sooner had the attempt been made than the firemen and others rushed into them in spite of All opposition. We extract from capt. Luce s statement which is addressed to or. E. K Collins new York and Jated at Quebec october 14th, the following re pectin the incidents which coined on Board of the Arctic after preparation was made to get out he boats and the particulars of capt. Luce s pre Erv Atlon after the vessel went Down. Seeing this to to of thin Ira i ordered Llic boats Stern to be kept ready until order could be re Torch. To my dismay i site the ropes in the of had Boon Cut and they soon disappeared to lie fog. Another boat a broken Down by per ions Rushi Iii at the Davit by which in nov were precipitated into the sea and drowned. Thi occurred while i had l Een engaged in getting the Tab mid guard boat ready to launch of which i Imd placed the Accord officer in charts when the Niue fearful scene i enacted men leaping from the top of the rail a height of Twenty feet Bruit in and mini mini those who were in the boat alongside. 1 ther. Trave order to the Accord off her or. Ita Ahlan to let go and drop astern of the ship keeping under or Neur the Stem to in ready to take on Board the women and children a Bookins the fire on Board the Arctic should i put out by the water and the engine flopped. alien lion wait then drawn to the other Mia Ter boat which i found broken Down but still hanging by one tackle. A Rush wan also made for her when some fifteen persons jumped in Cut the tackle and Weie soon out of sight. 1 now found that not it Seaman or Carpenter was left on Board und we were without any tools by which we Ciucht Eon struck a raft which was our Only Hope. The Only officer left was or. Dorian the third officer who aided 1110 i was also assisted by Nauy of the passengers who deserved the greatest Praise Lor their coolness and Energy in doing All in their Power up to the very last moment when the ship Sank. The chief Engineer with several of his Assis , had taken the smallest of our deck boats and had with about fifteen persons pulled away before the ship went Down we had succeeded in getting the fore and Maiu Yards and two top Gallant Yard overboard together with such other Small spars and materials a we could collect when i be Niue fully convinced that the ship must Odowin in a very Short tune nud that not a moment was to in lost in Retting the spars Lush a to Gether to form the raft to do which it became necessary to get out the life bout the Only boat left. This being recoup Lishco 1 placed or. Do Rian in charge of the boat taking cure to keep Back Tho oars so that the boat might not l c taken away As i still hoped to get most of the women nud children in this bout at inst. We Hud mud considerable Progress in the connecting of the spurs when an alarm was Given that the slip was sinking nud the bout was shoved out without oar or any Means of helping themselves and Altru the ship sunk the boat wus an eighth of n mile Clear of the Arctic. Instantly at about 25 Uii autos to 5 p. M., the ship West Down carrying every soul on Board with her. I soon found my self on the surface Pirain and after a Brief Strug gling with my own helpless child in my arms i again Felt myself impelled downward to a great depth und before 1 reached the surface lilo second time i had nearly perished and had lost my hold on Iny child. As i again str urged upon the sur Finice of Tho water n most awful and heart rending scene presented itself to my View women and children struggling together amidst pieces of wreck of every kind calling on each other for help und imploring god t6 assist Thein. Such no Herup p lying scene Inay god preserve me from Ever witnessing. 1 Wuh Iii Jiuu cd i Rhilip Lup Tum Yunu when a portion of the paddle Box a Floc crashing up Edgo ways. Jut grating inv head and lilting with it wifi old weight on the i Cuil of my Darling child. In another moment i beheld him it life Law corp a upon the surface of the wave. I succeeded in company with Clevon other in getting on the top of the paddle Box. One however finding All could not lie supported on this piece of the paddle Tox left for another which was floating near. The other remained unto they were one Liy one relieved by death. We stood up to our Knees in water at the temperature of forty tire degrees and frequently the sea broke directly Over us. We were soon separated from our Friend on other Purta of the Warrek and a shred a Ler Wilile right each one expecting every hour would be his last. At last lie Long we lid for morning in me accompanied by a dense foe. Not a living soul but our party to be seen of whom Only seven men were led. In the course of the morning we saw some water casks and other things in a raft near them and succeeded in saving him i to second put jumping Oard cd the British Schooner John Clemens rising for the missing boats itc., of the Arctic and Learned from her the Nar Licu Lars of the catam Ophe. The Itea snip Africa arrived at Liverpool on the morning of Iho 1st and the Steamer Brandon on the 3d both from new York. The u. S. Steam frigate san Jacinto had put Back to Southampton with her machinery much Duma cd having when o t Texel broke one of the fans 1 her screw. She would be detained five or six weeks for repairs. The United slates Sloop of War Plymouth left Hong Kong july 29 Lor Home. United states Steamer satanic was at Messina sept 19. Tho Pari correspondent of Tho in depth Dentt Hryc says that it is rumoured that a joint note has been sent by England and Ranee to the Cabinet at Washington re Quiring an explanation of the engagements entered into Between the United states and Russia especially with respect to Tho nature and conditions of an acquisition of russian territory said to have been made by the United slates. Tiie War. Eight hours after Tho europia sailed from Liverpool on Tho 3 0th Ull offi Cial news was received of a great Battle at the River Alma in the Crimea. On the 21 is. The allies stormed Tho russian entrench ments and after four hours hard fighting carried them. The English and the French lost 2800 killed and wounded while Tho russians lost 6000 Privato despatches Supply the futher particulars namely that the in Siam under Meinikoff in per son rallied on the River Kats Cleaon the 23d and again gave Battle to Tho allies. He was again Defeated and driven it to his entrenchments behind seb Awtonom whore a again rallied and fought a third Battle on who 24th, and was a third time utterly Defeated. To then fled with the remnant of his troops into Sebasto al which was Belea Gued by sea and stormed by land. The russian Fleet in the Harbor of Sebastopol was then burned. Ten ships had sunk the rut sians lost 18,000 men killed and wounded when the Garrison of 12,000 men Capitula Ted and were made prisoner. Mensch the shattered remains of his army fell Back and barricading Tho inner Harbor refused to surrender. Six hours were al Lowed him to consider the matter and it is reported though not officially that he sur rendered at Tho expiration of the time Speed lied. Ureal rejoicings had taken place in Ureal Britain Ami France on account of these Ulo rings victories. An attack on Cronstedt if seriously menaced. Another account Saya that fort Constan Tine a invested by sea and land on the 25th, and Altor an obstinate resistance was carried by storm. The allies then Bombar ded the City and the Fleet and ten russian ships of the line were burned and sunk. The remaining forts were carried one after another until 800 guns were silenced. No Lent limn 22,00 prisoners were taken. ? the Kossian loss in dead and disabled is not less than 18,000 men in Sebastopol alone. Menshikoff with the shattered re Mains of his army retired into a position in Tho inner Harbor threatening to fire the Lown and blow up the remaining ships unless the victors should Grant Hin an Honor Able capitulation. Tho Allied generals demanded his unconditional surrender Ami in the name of humanity granted him six hours for consideration. The latest despatch Saya that Mensch Koff Haa Surrem leased and the British and French flags now wave Over the Walls of Sebastopol. _ the entrenched Emp of the russians on the Heights of the River Alma contained 50, 000 men with numerous Foroe of artillery and cavalry and was carried at the Point of the of Tho Bayonet Afler a seven conflict of four hours duration. No general officer o the British was wounded. Mar Shal St. Arlaud and lord Raglan Perto Aslly commanded their respective troops. The French general Thomasson la thought to be fatally wounded. Gen. Cd Robert Wae wounded in Tho shoulder. The second engage Troat on he Plevine of the Kautai lasted several town a very sanguinary and ended in Tho total de eat of the russians who were pursued of jmeir before Sebastopol. Is russian Silipe escaped from sews to

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