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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Biddeford, MaineKyj � i Mats � ? the Union and my ii Jefe Lolus 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0r1friday october 20, 1854. Vol. . 42. The Union and East Tern journal is Febu Macd weekly Friday. Orrick no. 1 Central Block. Birdjr Ford opposite la Bideford Hirn. T it t300 or to Audi or 11.30if paid Atlhia Throe Lue tue of Aubart bang stall Opiela Way be obtained at Chiao twice in Seal. Price a Ceata. V b Pauu i in american newspaper agent a he Only authorized at fent for Thi Riener in Tho cities of new York Huo Toa Aad Philadel phia and a duly empowered to Lake advertise Aiea Aad Ubarri Pipiou at the aame rate a required by a. Hia olt Icea Are amp jw1, to Bua Tui Odinga motto Scolly a building Kitaji tymm n. W. Comer third and cheap it treet. Marcus Watson Pruner. Poetry. Faker 8 ode to Rais. A it Czurles h . When Spring Vith smiling Mien Cotea o or taif i Roaseu Heid cold Omier quickly die Aad mum hat a Cepure yield neat ii rain who a ii Mihk show a Kriv Law flow a upon Law Piama. When the Mellow ground 8bot up i be print Flag if Alii mud Agenda How a in lift. Xiufu my my then Hail Lite rain soft falling How a Ikia Iurii and Dow a a old a Traia. When death ice melting Aua All Calarc Droop und a i Tow Welcome alien the Cloud bul i dict Lite a Comeru Akita thu ing la rain the Blued drop on High Bill Iopa. On Iteld had Jim a Bunting from of High the pull ring drop de aced tote rustling leave rejoice while gratefully they Bead to bleat the rata from darkling Cloud thai like a lir Otid Traag o or the Plain. Beu Man with hopeful heart take up the Gud neg Long while Murium Reg and Rill the Joy Eva Traina prolong and my the rain thai ? Park Lea Bright Neath i Ivriy Liebl on Hill and Plain. N w Bendim Low Ibe Bead with Buo Ible Rev Brut air he give to him the Prai Eia it Veuia frat Elul prayer. Who Yeuda the Raina who keep the Earth from drouth and dearth and life Fuataina. Agricultural. Reports of committees Matt at the fair and cattle show of the York county agricultural society held in by Detford october 4tk Ami 5tk. Working oxen avid Tea Meier. The adj Deipuk committee upon working oxen and teamster have att used to the duty assigned them and would report As follows the number of working turn prevented a � of u Urier a on sue former exhibition but regard the Fine qualities in Point of site we Cau safely nay ii never was better. The Catnes Cue single pain of oxen were ten and to Zebu i on g. Staple of Dayton we award the society s first Premium of my Dollar. Samuuel Gilpatrick. Of Ord the second Premium of five dollars. Kudu Knight of we Eliboro the third Premium of three dollars. This Premium was not based so much upon ii us upon extraordinary Powers of Diu est. And we would recommend to William dolby of Buleford a gratuity of two dollars. Of the others exhibited they were too Ijohn to be passed Over in silence but it is not in the jew i of the committee to Reward that All. The entries for private teams were four and we award to Charles c. Sawyer of Saco the first Premium of six dollars. Woodbury o. Gooch of Biddeford the second Premium of five dollars Lawrence Jot Don of Saco the third Premium of three dollars. And we would recommend 10 Eli Smith of bii1 Deford a gratuity of two dollars. The entries for town teams were three but two of which appeared and those would do credit to any town. To Charles c. Sawyer and others of Saco we a wait the first Premium of ten dollars. To Lions Simk Ruud Tad of ers 01 tink Irini Ibe Mcvail Prum Iuliu of mix dollars. In out Uig to that part of our duly which relate to Johnr Attr your committee would acknowledge Ibey have Given no farther attention Titan necessarily came under our observation in the trial of oxen in Wheeli it wan pretty generally Luan feat that Overy of knew his Driver. There a but one entry for Premium As team Ster that was by Samuel Millikan of Sac and As he had no working oxen of exhibition and none to compete wiil we had Little Opportunity of will casing Hia kill hut Hia kill in the rear ing and training of Domestic Aniala is Luo Well known Over the county to need More than a log not tee irom us and As we Are unaccustomed to passing Aeu Luce upon the human i twi we leave that duly to Mhd other tribunal All of which a respectfully submitted. Thomas i Yak 3d Clu Iruan. Ltd Deford oct 3th, 1s.m coins and heir Kos. The committee of t own and he hem have at. Teriw la the duty Uii no to them Aal make the following Keport the Liral Premium of m,00 we award to Thorn a Dyer 3d, of Sago for the Best Milch cow with m am calf by or us Tho Ted Premium of 14,00, we award to d. E some of Kukk Ford for a very Beautiful Bright co loved Milch cow with a Larye coif by iter id. There waa Alao one very Large Beautiful Stock cow uttered by Samuel Millikan of Saco. 9a id cow la a Croaa of the Durham and Devonshire weighing a it 1500. There Wai quite a num. Iter of iter orb Prius. Of both Zexta wry Tine look. Or Loo Artemi to her Superior Quality a a Stock cow but a the society of for do Prem tem for Stock cow we make no apology for not it via him aay. And Iua Bavin had a vend Grant untie from Thia society we make our apology Lor giving him the Mimi gratuity of 93l 0. Silva Latke of Saco Otter Rcd one 3 year old Luciler a Little Bort legged pot bellied re pocket bunt no with milk acc a wended by a gentleman turn Matajac Buatu Rio Odem to Lor her on the ground and was Wwod by the owner. To him a give the fir to Premium of 94jjq to John Mill Kea of Saco a give the society Aee Oad Premium of , for a 8 year old Fleifer Deane Odlat of tha old Devon cow owned by i breaker Samuel. Or. Edmund Codon of Biddeford of cred quite number of cow and Heller. We Are Orry they have been no better Frd. We Wiah our Farmer would understand that it u for to Weir Bee by to keep their aau nala Well and then they would a Aye the Benefit of it and fed better i of nog them for a Prtini Iutin. We Rico mined a gratuity la or. Costa of 3,00 for the commute e p Dennett. Of mares a a Colts. Tie committee of Breeding mares and Coll have attended to the duty assumed to Obein and beg leave to report w Lull a vim using marm Ruk Cut to Kris Ritus. There were entered Ivr Premium but three mares with Ikimis at their Side one by Samuel Dow of Dayton Tor by Joel Mcintire of Dayton and one by or. Chari Munch of Biddeford. Nether of these Mare a Shibi of any extraordinary Point nor were the committee made acquainted with the fact they Paea Vedany sex Truro diary qualities above an Hundred others that might have Lieen produce in this ii Ionedi. J Ste Vicinity. At a time when such Strong induct mints Are held out to Fanner to improve und in Rea a their Stock of Hor a it is not a Little or Prim if that there should Quavc Bucu such a inca fre allow in thu respect. The Mare presented by or. Mcintire of Dayton waa of middling site a Bay color and very thin j lit Ileal. Sec had by her Side a very Nice Colt bout 4 Tumuli old. This Mare had foaled seven Colt a during the last seven years All of which Are a need highly by the owner. A null or of them Wens known to your committee to be Superior horses these Coll were aired mostly by the j Black Hawk owned by or. George v. Jordan at Sago. The Colt re using with the Mare was sired by a horse called the Taylor horse. To Joel Mcl tire of Dayton therefore we award the sock try a first Premium of id,00, for Best Breeding Mare nod Colt. The Ware prorated by or. Dow of Day urn wan a fair Mil fair looking Mart Ami Hud two of her Colts at her Side one 10 month old and one about 4 month old. She was two your old Aud had loaded to other Cults. The oldest Colt we considered a very fair Colt of his Uge the younger a fair Colt these we understood to to from the Black Hawk. To or. Samuel l of of Davonn we award the society s second Premium of $3,00 for the second Best Breeding Mare and Colt. Cats Taco part old. There were but two Colts of thin age presented and both very Tine Colts of their Aire. Or. John q Dennett of it Deford presented a Light Sorrill coloured Colt with Light mane and tall. Thu Colt Wai of food he neither to Large or too Small and Well made. It limb while they were Well made Hexhi tiling strength were elegant and trim. The whole appearance indicated that a line Horae might be expected from in. This Colt was sired by a Young Colt when two years of age owned by John Cleave of Suco. Tie Aire of this Colt that is the Cleaves horse wus tired by the Hui Toon me eng r. Undoubtedly the messenger blood is Well dil fused through the rein of or. Dennett s Colt for the Dame was rather Ordinary. To Jolius q Dennett of bulge font therefore we j award the at piety s first Premium of $3,00 for Lite Best 2 years old Colt. Or. Fed Anund Colin. Of Biddeford presented a Nice Colt of Thi age sired by the Black Hawk also. The Daine of this Colt was a very Good Mare strongly tincture with arabian blood. The Colt in Thi respect follow the Marc an i i cars no resemblance to the horse whatever. We consid ered it a Well made and nicely constructed Colt and award or. Coflin a gratuity of ,00, then were four Colls 3 year old preset cd one by Samuel Gilpatrick of Biddeford one by Joseph Burke of pare ii Field one by Jason Dow of Biddeford and one by Francis Corravo of bid Deford. These Colts were nil very fair Colts of their ase none of them exhibited any very sex i Ordinary Point Tho Colt presented by or. Corravo we think bids fair to make by proper treatment a powerful Homo. He is of Large size and Well corded. Or. Dow s Colt will undoubtedly make a very pretty family horse. Or. Burk s Colt is a Fuir ailed Colt of his age and nicely limb de and said to be quite showy in the harness there were other things about him in his construction not so pleasing As that of his Limox. Or. Gilpatrick s Colt was Small of its Aire but is evidently one of those who Are Small but smart it is Well made in Good condition and of Gray color. In relation to these Colu we have to my that no prom ruins Are offered for Colts of this age. Should he society most to offer premiums the a Cut year upon Roth of thin Uge we have no doubt that the interest of this part of the Chihi. Lion would be greatly increased und augmented. We sincerely Hope and tru to Ilia l another year will prevent a Mut i larger and n much better entry of Breeding Mure with their Colts and us so of Colu of the various Asars of from one to Lour Yean. When hones command the Price they now do How can the banners of inc county inc to to licit labor and product belter than by raising one or mow Tice Colts Ever year. We nay Nice Colt because it coat no More to raise Nice Colts than it does poorer ones and Nice Colu May always tie bad by paying proper attention to Breeding it a a mistaken notion that Uny old heavy spa ined ring booed Marc will answer to raise Colt if Fai tier would have Nice Colts let them raise from the first Quality of Young vigorous marcs tired by the Best blooded horses they can Lind and al most invariably a Superior Sincl will be pro Ducco Ami command us Frior Price in the Market. Rufus p Taplet trios Quinby John Jackson dim on to marts. I re inc or women. Senator hous too was one hiked at a Largo party Given by or speaker Winthrop Why he did not at tend the usual places of Public amusement As he had been accustomed to. Ilia reply waa thin let it to remembered by the Moth Era and daughter of America " i make it a Point said the honorable senator " never to visit a places where my lady if she War with me would be Unwin ing to go. 1 know it would give her pain a a christain. To attend Auch places and will not �0 myself where i could not take my wife a member of Congress alluded to hit own wife and Addel that there we n Mutual understanding Between him and her that they should each follow the Bant of their own inclinations in such matters. A that May do for you responded or Llou Aton but with me it is different from what is with Many men. My wife a been the making of me. Betook me when i waa a vow him to Laviah appetites Ahe has re deemed and regenerated me and i will not do that in her absence Ohleh would give her fittin if she were or. Houston is a member of a Baptist Church and a n Tiro of . Lvester car atm journal. Miscellaneous. Sol undo the Indian Sachem. A till k 1i15t0kical 8kctc1i. Clear sighted and impartial history will one Day d � Justice to the original red Man of this country. And alien our real future historian shall Rise and gird himself for the Kink in Lurt in Over the bloody record of al Fiorit innumerable conflict Between the Man und the White since the latter found a foothold upon these shores we will find the provocations for quarrels and hostilities in a Large a Jority of cases Caine from the Whites. It is not our purpose now to enter into All the proof of this position we Are Only about to glance at a single inc id cute of peace without tear. 1 Curry him Venison for pm a and soft Beaver skim for clothing and he Given me blankets and hatchets and whatever want. Why should i raise my Tomahawk against my White brother ? the tree of Euce is grown above our scuds h t it nourish and no blight come upon it forever. If Philip it a Ureal chief so is Squanto and let him beware How he crosses Squanto s path. Tiie tribe. Of Tho Saco and the Presti Pecott and the andro Scoggin and Tho Kennebec All look up to Squanto with fear and respect. An practice helped to live him great influence Over the neighbouring yearn had Passori and the Oreslo a spirit of Philip had driven on his great plan with untiring Assiduity Many chiefs had joined his league frequent acts of hostilities had oven i Joii committed undead around proven thous Cloud Hung Over the whole of new England which threatened entire destruction to the White inhabitants. Still Squanto remained the faithful Friend of the Whites and kept the tribe around him in a peaceful Altitude till Tho cruel unprovoked Ugur Sion upon his Domestic happiness roused him to vengeance. On a summer Day 1075, Lind Oyah. The Squaw of Squanto. Paddled her Light Birch Canoe upon the Bright Waters of the Saco. Llor infant but a few months old was sleep ing on soft skins Oil the Bottom of the Canoe while u slight screen of Green boughs arched Over it sheltered it from the Wurm rays of the Sun. It breathed sweetly in the open pure air of heaven and gently rolled to the slight rocking of Tho Canoe us the careful puddle of Tho Mother with regular motion touched Tho water. The joyous eyes of Lido Yah rested on her infant with All a Mother s Devotion and in a Clear voice she Sang sleep in ii Leep breathe the breath of morning drink fruit race i Lii the fresh blown Flower Oliy senile Biow adorning. Sleep Baliv sleep rocked of Lite flowing River. While Lor Lily gentle spirit gift Liu Doyule thanks the giver. Sleep baby tic up Sweet lie thy Rosy dream no Wenle Over the flowery spirit land i by blessed Eye Are gleaming. Sleep baby Kep no dancer Liere i biding Wenle Oti along the Green Wood Bank tie Lulitu Canoe is gliding. Lind Yuh in her morning excursion Hail called it one of Ilie White settlements. Her babe Hud been admired praised and cares tier to go to re Ucli the wigwam of Standu Winch stood oui a few rods from the River. Iler Eves As she a passing caught a Beau till Cluster of wild Dowers a Little Way upon the Bank. " 1 will gather them said Lind Oyah to herself As she turned her Little Canoe to the Shore and carry Theiu to Squindo. He Hus by this time returned Fryni his morning Hunt. Squindo is a Loving gentle spirit and the sight of Tho Lowers will make his heart she Drew Trio Canoe eau try up till it res Ted on the sloping grass und with a Light step ascended he bunk. While slut is go Heiing the Flowers a couple of Kiddjr thoughtless sailors wandering along the Shore cause to Tho Canoe. " hallo Jack said he that was Foremost tee this Little Indian Toad lying there in the yes says Jack " and i saw its Mother Jusi now a Lew rods up the " Couie let s tip the Canoe Over and Soe the Little rat see it drown More like said Jack. " no said Jim,"1 11 bet you a quid us to Bocco it la swim first rate. All Young Ani Mals swim , and i la bet a Young Indian will swim like a Duck 1,11 try it with that he gave the Light Canoe a whip i and tipped the child iut Uthe liver. At that instant Lim Loyah who had heard the sound of their voices came with a shriek Rushing Down the Bank her eyes wild with terror Hei Long hair streaming in the wind and sprang eagerly toward the water. Jim j caught her by Tho Arm and held her with great coolness determined to take sufficient time to give his Experiment a fair trial. Lido Yah shrieked and struggled and pressed toward the water but the Iliou grip of the Sailor held her fast. I he infant rested for a moment with it face in the water Ami the with a few con Vuu Ive movements of limit it began to sink. Hut it was not till in had disappeared under the surface thai Jim released his hold on the Arm of . The frantic Mother Lea soon away Down to her Cousin Allen s and we have not Hoard of her the residence of Allen we one of Tho most Remote in the settlement and squad do knew that some of the Moat Remote families had not cot into the fort for Bia men had brought in several Salpa Ami to id him that the pie ump Ostand Cason indians had carried away a number of Pris Onera. Squardo spoke not a word motioning for two of Bis warriors to follow he slatted at full Speed for Allen s opening. When they Hal reached the spot the smouldering ruins of the House still sent up a sickly smoke that at once convinced Squanto thai human flesh Wii burning. He Oast eneu to Caruti Nize Ibe embers. There was one Skeleton and but one still broiling in the ashes. The flesh qua nearly consumed and us experienced Eye of Squanto told him the Bones were too urge for the Maiden he was seeking. They were probably the Bone of or. Allen who might Hare been killed Anil scalped in the Onset and perhaps his wife Phil her Cousin Elizabeth had deep carried away captive. Squill do Mou found the Trail of the pre sum Scot War ii is and followed them the much the Woods. After a rapid journey of my or seven Miles on ascend in a Small Hill hedis Coverett them in the Valley before him where they had made a halt to rest and refresh themselves and rejoice Over Tho a achievements of the night. They had made a Larye fire of Brush and and were a Ancius round it and singing a wild sonic which Squanto at once Reo Ogni sed As the usual song preceding the uttering of a human sacrifice to the s Mil of Are and he knew that a captive was about to be committed to the flames. He rushed Down the Bill like a leaping torrent and dashed into the Circle of warriors. A captive was lying before him Pound hand and foot and two Stout warriors were just laying hands on her to cast her into the Lames. The first Ularce told Squanto the captive Wax the Maiden he sought. He sprang Between her and the fire and raising his Tomahawk commanded the warriors to Stop. They supposing it to be ome Sulden spiritual movement of squad do released their hold. He lit the bands that bound her raised her to her feel and conducted Hei Back to her father s dwelling. It Only remains in be added Here thai Squanto continued the inveterate enemy of the whiles till a general peace was effected with the tribes. The new whale fishery. We published some week s Cinco an Arti Cle relating to the discovery of a now fish ing ground for whales in the Arctic regions. To sub join from the Providence journal Somo additional fact which Are gathered from a London paper of late Date received by the last arrival at new York it appears that the whale men Somo years ago earned from the Esqui Maux with whom they had held Intercourse that Large num Bers of whales resorted to certain inlets and Bays in Davis s Straits and Baffin s buy where they remained during the Winter Lor shelter. This information suggested to Captain Ponny Ono of the officers who h is distinguished himself in the search for sir John Franklin the idea of fitting out Par ties to Winter in the Polar regions near Tho place where the whales resorted to be ure As Many As possible in the full and Spring and to boil the Oil out during Tho Winter two vessels were accordingly prepared for the purpose with Iron tanks fitted to them and to arranged that the Oil when boiled could be conveyor by utta Perch and oth. Or pipes to every Taok in the hold. Boilers and a Supply of Coul for boiling the Oil on land when in Winter quarters a re also taken As Well As a plentiful Supply of Provis ions und the neck usury comforts Tor Tho Long Arctic Winter. Iwo tips my a quipped Anu manned with thirty to Rico men und three boys sailed my Aberdeen on the 13th August 1853, and reached Tho fishing Anund in Baffin s Bay on the 17th of september where they found an abundance of whales ten of whom they killed and secured More Tho 1st of no pc tuber. They then went into Winter guar ters in Hogarth s sound erected their boil ing House and set to work to boil their Oil. In this work they were assisted by fifty is Quinaux engaged Tor the purpose. Their efforts were entirely successful not withstanding the cold was 40 degrees mow Zero. The Active duties of the Moo tended to preserve their health and Nono Felt time to Kiang heavily. But singular As it May seem that dreadful Scourge the cholera broke out among Tho Esqui Maux and swept off Many while the Crow escaped with slight premonitory symptoms. Early in Tho following Spring Tho present year the fishery is resumed with great Success although the Edge of the Ioe was Twenty Miles from Tho ships. Seventeen More whales were killed Anil after being Cut up Wero transported by the Esqui Maux on sledges drawn of dogs Over the ice to the ship where Tho Oil wus boiled As before. One ship was on filled with boiled Oil and whalebone when Captain Penny sailed for Aberdeen leaving the other ship to Continuo the fishing and boiling. The Captain is of opinion that with a Large commercial company the fishery could be prosecuted along an extensive moist line and with great advantage. Two american ships Hud anticipated the English expedition Gnu Hud been equally successful. No truces of sir John were found. Deer und other wild in finals abounded. Captain Penny still holds to the belief in common with Many scientific men of England that fur ther North there is a Milder climate und a Polar Basin yet to to discovered und Khoee who cling to the Hope that sir John Frank Lin and his Crews still survive believe him to be within the open sea or Polar Basin to furred to. To Young men. We extract Tho following Beautiful Para graph from the baccalaureate address lately delivered before the graduating claw of Rutger s College by the Hon. Tito Dock Yaelin Cruysen and commend it to the permal of the Young resolve to do something useful Honora ble Dutiful and do it heartily. Repel to fun thought hat Vou can and therefore May live above labor and without work. Among the most pitiful object in society is the Man whose mind has been trained by the discipline of education who has Learned How to think and to value his immortal Powers and with All these Noble faculties cultivated and prepared for an honorable activity who i nobly sits Down to nothing and of Courte to be nothing with no influence Over the Public mind with no interest in the concerns of his country or even his neighbourhood to be regarded As a drone without object or character with no hand to lift and with no Effort to put Forth to help the right or defeat the wrong. Who can think with any calmness of such a Misera ble Caie Erl and however it May be with you in Active Enterprise never a writ you influence to go in hostility to the cause of truth and virtue. So live that with the Christian poet you May truth Folly say that i your you Alerv a find a your will at least you Rulh my mrs. Aon Royal who was somewhat conspicuous Opo Tho Public stage during the administration of Gen Jackson died at Washington City of the lit lost at a very advanced age. Plain hid Farcy Job Pitt no. As Gys a sri or Ikuwo atm us u i Krak us a to 1u a not i run Chi Nihma 4� run Laum. On Mew flair of tar or Riff Terra in court a with Trot Wui a tick mud la Anuw Kir uni to avar too a rrt Neaf office la fit a count 17, and bar unit before Komro u us a atm. Tit Lac Aad Leeree leg 4nud fur car i Fri Nitro la Luzand us Sab rtt to Yew the my tilt Fin cell if is 4 ur4, and Pur Cocula us the pm Wii in Urf a at Kwh i matted u my to urdu la Ihli Branch of tit by Uuttu u us mar a fret Muic cuu. Card of Coal m Kun color us Aiulu a or an Quad. It Oriter Tat kind of Job a i rat by Mug by my Pra Puy Aam i Moi a jew Mai. l 0. Cow a. 1 Pood for thought. for it roman chunk for Iko year 184. Read and Ponder. There a to at this time in the state 41 diocese 2 Apo Attilie vicariate 7 archbishop. 32 Biah Ops 1574 pipe a 1722 ,-2 � incorporated colleges with 2247 etude us 2t Theolu real seminaries with up Wartle of s000 . And 112 academies and a Voied to the promotion of their ii fiesta issued at different place in French a Gliah and German they have also 20 weekly periodicals 1 monthly 1 qua Toily and 2 annual. The accession to the Rankin of the Piscat Hood for die year 1853, were upward of 256. Let american look at Thia array of churches priests colleges a Mininni Ica Convent academies and Chari Uble inti lotions and consider their import. Three million of Papilla among of without a Fig Urenn Empire to Takin an theae Thiee million Are a Hecla and acre Anta of in pone1 Willi thin array of numbers and Force it in asked what u Home doing 1 we answer he is doing much the is doing every thing she can to lengthen her Boiden Anil sties then her stakes she is doing All that the most artful policy would dictate or the most profound ingenuity could invent she is setting her snares and clap trap All Over the Laud. By her dramatic representation and pretty shows by her pompous Lii Drury shows by Means of the weird Sisters pretty Little intellectual looking irresistible nuns and reverend and beloved lathers aided by the be uits aided by the ballot Box Rome is assailing us with malign in fluence which instead of meeting with a counteracting Power meets Only with concurring and favouring forces which impart to them a terrible Efficacy. What May not Rome do with her 3,000,000 of subject and her array of Means and agencies her organization is perfect her resources ate unlimited her numbers constantly inc run aug. Every Man in her communion is a Soldier ready to fight the Battles of the papacy every woman is a devotee. One spirit actuates the whole body of the papists the end and aim of All is the same. She has everything to encourage Hope and stimulate to Effort and should she not meet with no greater obstacles than she has Hail heretofore to encounter it should nut be sur prised if at no very Distant period the Volley of the West Touhl income Ike teat of Ike to part. If Italy should sue her out where i the wide world could she find a resting place but Here where her numerical Force and her political preponderance would Ren Der he secure for the present and ultimately insure her Triumph a lotion Lite. Iii Uccat Canadian coi it Tamer month or two since to Aii noun etl the arrest ill Canada of a gang of seven persons engaged in Ilia manufacture of counterfeit Bank plates mid diet Oil the most extensive scale Fri a Long petiole this gang lion been r4uite successful m Cir Cula Tirier their counterfeits upon the Banks of the United slates and in some instances men have grown Gray headed a a wealthy in the Busine. We learn from a gentle Man from Montreal that the gang arrested Are to have their trial there on the 15th of this Mouth. Among the number is True f. Young who several years since was in custody in this City on a similar charge. There is also one of the Bonny family a old Man of sixty named heard possessed of considerable wealth whose daughters signed the Bills also three men named Bowers Wilson and Gleason the latter a excellent engraver. The spoil obtained from them is probably the most extensive Ever secured in the United slates. There were no lets than forty seven Bank plates nearly All for counterfeits on Banks in the United staler. At this time of the arrest of these counterfeiters an attempt was made bythe Allicer and his posse to arrest a Man named Phelps charged with a number of daring Bank for Geries. Phelps got the alarm and stationed himself in an upper room to which there was but a narrow passage Way. He was armed with two double barrelled guns two revolvers a Bowie Knite and a Slung shot and kept the officers at Bay for six hours when he was finally arrested but on his Way to prison in the custody of three men he made his escape and a not since been seen. Sheriff Clark arrested at Portland a Day or two since a Man named Dunn who has been sentenced to fourteen years imprison ment for counterfeiting but who managed the break jail and escape. He was taken Back to his old quarters at Sherbrooke Canada. It is to be hoped that the breaking up of this great Banu who with others for the last Twenty or thirty years from the Canada Side have flooded Ita United slates with enormous quantities of counterfeit Money a blow Hus been Given which will i Natif put an end to the business Botton Tymac tier. Yax Kui town Kansas territory. 1 sept. 18th, let me Tell Jou that this it the finest country the Eye Ever beheld. The soil is deep und Rich the water Good the Lucati Haj thy and on the whole i think it u Alt that it has Boon represented to be. I think the land is Lull As Good As Tho Best Hind of the Connecticut River and in its wild Stute or Oduces gnus Ami weeds like that in i he Anka of the Connecticut. I have taken a lot of Ico acres that i think is is a i m Iho beat of Tho land in the " How it is not Low and Flat but rolling i can on one end of it and Overlook tha whole at once and i think that every foot of it is As Good As the Best of the old or at a. The Emigrant Aid society hat Laid out a town six Miles Square Inda Eitor two Miles Square reserving lots in the latter for state build Ings a College and school houses. It is on an elevated plebe of ground for this country where you can stand Ami look Over Tho whole town. I like the country and by Aitu Tiou to Well that would it go Boek to five in you would give me a fifteen Hundred duller urn. Provisions Horn Are log Hertha tbey4iave been m account of tie great Nui afer of wig Runta that an Oom Ingao. Tho cattle Are vary Fine indeed. Owa an Worth 4rtm $20 to $40 och from $50 to and hones from $50 to $150. We buy them of the indians. Uru Eari a Are Neealy a cheap m at the East. There Are of course Many privations such a new Teuton always have to encounter but Aone Tor which we Alwil net be amply awarded 7 Retting Good farms which poor Mea at the East can not have. If your you ung Mea al the East Coo id Bat see this Javoe ant Otie 0 them would spend his Days in working by the Day or Job. The Lariat near a Vera we

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