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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 13, 1854, Biddeford, MaineCud j my. H k dr�o.1 and eaitix1 journal la pm Sll and we wkly of that. Or Etc a no. 1 Central Block. Bildik Cru opposite the Biddeford Huum. 00 or Nitin or a 1.30 it paid within three month Rrok the time in ii crib Lig Sib to Opte it a of Bot it Uia it this Toucin Sente Price 4 real. V b Pau mob the american Newt paper frat in the ii it auction Are artent fur Txhiaj Nipra in the cil enuf new Fork Boston and pm Pudei us div empowered to take advert a sit and at the Kaiue Ralea a re red be a. He office Are new York. Tiiu a troit dog Harlan Sculle a building n. W Comer third and Chanut Al Root. The Ion and Immon journal. Marcus Watson Pru Rrt Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Poetry. Biddeford Friday october 13, 1854. We award the a Mcalum to Geo. V. Jordan. Those rare Owera scattered Here and there vol. X. A no. 41. A a w v in Viva a w w Bong of the harvesters. We Irather them in the or itrel Rren leave with our scythe and Rake , and the Iii us my. Hie the Pitcher heave i lifts u. Law wait Cormir Imp. Of he a livid for the Mower a scythe Huth a ring a of de tiny sweeping the Earth of it Burthen Lithe a it a Inga in Wresl Huftil Ghe. We gather them in a the nodding plume of the Vellow and headed Irraine. And the of our Sirkle a in rat Ithra our March o or the vanquished Plain. Anon we Ichih with the Ceil draw car the cunning of Modem Law and acre to it a to it clanging Jar a it Reck it jaw. We gather them Uit the Mellow in ii Siutu the of rub the Vine and tree with their a get and Vaniden and purple a Uita to furnish our Treasury and each had a by Ira fire stored All her in it Laimei ring a. To cheer our great Al i a social Irani Whan we leave our care behind. We gather it in Thi goodly a lore but rot with the Micro a aut Vur the great All fatties we adore 3ath hut Given it in tru tour work of death i luit for Lifa in the wintry Day to come then a meaning it a the reaper s it Rife and a a hour at i Harvest Home. Agricultural. Reports of committees woh at the fair Ami cattle show of the. York county agricultural society held in a Huld Ford oud Ober 4/a and a a. Iver m. Cousin of Kennebunk for a pencil1 it must be to Ull who Are not pig _. Landscape a a Ploma each. Headed that 4 a a cd six no of All Aga Tut thu of Saco. Over the Bleak waste of the world whose to or. A. Gil Patrick teacher of Penman two classes referred to would be politically for the 2d but boar we award the pre fresh rustic Beauty posses so mighty if but ship of Biddeford. For several elegant pen weak and powerless and the two having in mind to Thorn Desmond of bad Deforti. Momentary Charm for men paled with the drawings u diploma themselves the important attributes of no Pren Norn Tovig been offered Lor fat Hamed Giace a the cultivated attractions some very pretty Pencil drawings were 1 a a popular sovereignty a safely and Necurio Boga your cog Rillee would recommend of the lilies which adorn the gorgeous Par pre ton Tod by miss e. A. L. Adans of big Lac by lie Only in respecting their Rii rats and that a gratuity n one Dollar ouch be paid to Tenes of High society Ford though too late to receive the attention pit Veneges. Your committee would Fain or. J Locke Usu Timothy Locke fur , guileless they merited front the committee. 1 Hope that this significant fact would Auest Nice 400 porker they presented for pm by the finest specimens of artistic skill that the Allie ilium of those ambitious to serve he lion and a Ido gratuity to or. Elisha came within the province of the committee i dear people and Leach them that nativism height for a pig about int Mouths old to examine we lot ind in a Statuette of the is to be looked fur in these latter Days ill one of the Angeny or the sow presented More directions than one. By or. Mill Ket and which would pub the first claw to which your committee Abl weigh 300. Directed their investigations was the least we would pm it Vuk that late a Iasi men it on manufactures. The committee on manufactures have examined the various articles submitted to them fur inspection and award premiums and gratuities As follows to Joana Stimpson Saco wove counter specimens pane .75 to Are. John Ford. Water Borough Hest counterpane Premium 1,00 to i he sumo beet wove Coverlet Premium 2 00 to Are. Hoyden Biddeford Best bed spread Premium 1,00 to Daniel Smith Berwick 2d beet gratuity. ,75 to Lars. G. Boyden of Biddeford venerable Tristram Jordan of Saco and to bust modelled in Clay by Charles ii. Granger. Esq of Saco. Or. G. Has annually contributed his quota to the fairs of this society in Fine Oil paintings and this year for the first time. In. Statuary a having but recently Given Hie attention to with such a beginning his Effort in this Art cannot fail of bring eminently successful a we recommend a gratuity of five let it it Llano. The Shell work exhibited by mrs. J. 1 o Connell of Biddeford evinced no Small degree of taste and ingenuity to her we award two dollars for a Shell Box and for 1 a table a diploma. To or. Leph Burke of Pursons fold for a Shell trunk a diploma. We have awarded a i it Ploma to mrs Mary c. Marshall of Alfred n lady g5 years old 1 for a Keg and Bosket neatly wrought i 1 pumpkin seed. To miss Katharine Mcarthur of Limer. Ick a gratuity of two dollars for a music receiver unde in imitation of carved Wood. Mrs. Lucy f Llan com of e it exhibited two Horn vases far which we a word a gratuity of 50 cents. To Henry Drew of Biddeford for two finely finished rifles and a Hammer a gratuity of two dollars and a diploma. A to messes. Mckenney a co., of Biddeford a gratuity of one Dollar and it diploma for a shut gun and for steel figures a dip on. Ku1aids, Lowell t roof Biddeford. Entered several stoves Itil a Coffee pot Ull Good a a workmanship for which we keeper will to married again soon a lie presently added finding i made no answer. A married again a i blurted out Quot be duped again you Quot yes duped again that a it master Llo. Ford bul nut quite like As before a or. A Good girl look Churson is Rich and respectable. Lawyer and Duli Lul and Page of Bridgewater answers for that. A Spile of the inflation of vanity which the and see master ,�?� be Udd cd with constant breath of even Village admiration abrupt vehemence foolish Joey us they could hut Tlly fail to generate in her Young Call Nairn will soon be Rich and respect Noble brain might have kept her feet and the Loo look Here a even Tenor of her Jie useful Way had it not he extricated As he was speaking aran unfortunately chanced that a fashionable Van bag from Ilia rows Era a pocket Coulaz i lady of bal he whom it is unnecessary loing Weiliam u dozen Sovereign emptied it Plain and fancy Job or . Tbf., in a a 1 a a a Quot to to a Sci Crit to seem if re 4? Buu a Rtuh Inu mid tips ital will Mulik Tiu u Tor, or wife Werli , w Ith the no i a it to it cd it i but that Liu Tirron Tia pc with to a few or re lat Kuan. Tto Lustor of rat tar Rutx Vijto. In Cmur or h in Bronx a to War oits to of Quot pm re tour to or a id inc wok in it a a Erin Tilix Obler in Dan rant re mid la Tkv 14 it s Tam Kiu Gainum wit a Auto tilt a known in Tel it . Tue up and drug my for a card p it i a t i n a1u Toluca is the Storr Terr to ror rsm Mur her for cutting Caim Lumrud and it in tue inf the Bnard to it the to urn re a lung Ulku be u in shard a it a Uve a it order in thai Enoch it tar a Biel a to to a i it a foot Aii a cd i Ltd. 1�?Tanttoosrd of All cuter and i a Lle it at a a a on baud. 1 r unit of it re a kind tit just it t Gnu in a a Iii it for or f a re undo la or it a a it a it a a sly i Ninino l an it a it i jul Tau. Offick l. 0. Coras. Numerous both in this country and in their tinned specimen of Tho hog Alti cled much name struck by her Ait it ear Ancu Ami at Itilio his band and contemplated i riches representation on this occasion. This class attention Amite Calm and Serene dignity ural elegance of manner offered to take her with fierce exultation has generally been regarded As most place of their move tools surpassing that of an ble by Patnie and it was ibis pet haps which Alderman Llu to Rolf a a he theme of quiver led the committee to commence where Sal admiration. Award a gratuity of two dollars. To s. L. A Kinton for Apeci Iuen of training a gratuity of two dollars and a l i Ploma. To messes. Cleaves a Kimball of bidder lord we have awarded a diploma for a very perfect specimen of galvanising on Silver. Or o k. Rice of Washington county n. Y., presented the new Patent knuckle Best washing machine with Iso Knuckles a 1.00 .75 .75 Gra Unity to i quilt a a a a 2d Hest. To air. Sarah Deering knit quilt Tufty. To mra. E. Greenhalgh one quilt Gutu Sty. .50 to Elmira f. Milliken Suco Best vvo�4en ,. Yam. Premium. 1 50 to ill it Llowen veto or. E. P. Dennett Saco. Table Goth to boat a Lari Liss Hannah Dre. Per on Field ladies dry cloth also by the same surtout cloth each i ,00, 2.00 to Huldah Hayes Berwick 2 pairs stockings 1 00 to Rachul Hill 10 skein wonted Yam. J Gra luit v.76 to mis Rachal scum Tan Sacol get to table Linen Premium 1.00 to Daniel Smith Bewick stand cover i ,5� to Pepperell company one Case of Cotton in the Vari it he stages of manufacture from the raw material to Beautiful and Dun 1 ble cloth arranged by Charle Hardy society diploma 1 o c. L. Gilpatrick Biddeford cont pants and Vest Premium 2.00 to d. E. Somes Biddeford Best loom harness Premium 2,00 a a Best weaving Reed society diploma. The committee found some articles which were not numbered. They were skilfully Mude and exhibited no Ordinary your committee supposed they were put in for exhibition and not for Competition for Premium Ami they therefore Content them a elves with the notice of their exhibition. Your committee would also take this op-1 port Unity to say that the value of the Chi option and its attractiveness a increased by the Rich display of elegant goods of Vari though the committee were not Able to give this Machino a thorough trial they Are of the opinion it will prove a Good substitute for the Knuckles of our wives and daughters. The ladies committee Crochet c-Ri-$1.00 a. R. S. Collin Saco collection of millinery 2,00 to mrs. M. C. Fergurson Shapleigh. Guthmi died shirt. 25 Mary e. Libby Day inn re 75 mrs. C. Murt h. Bride lord Rug �?T50 mrs. J. O Connell bidder Ford. Bonnets 1,25 �?T95 �?T50 �?T50 2.00 25 �?T50 Otto Roo miss e. Hodann Saco my miss f. Edgerly Biddeford Cape mrs. Ii. Bacon. Biddeford shirt or. Albert Irish. In Delord Rug mrs we Hill Biddeford. Rugs Mary s. Steven. Saco to mrs. S. A. Fuller Biddeford Man to Lla Nuh Hutchins Biddeford Bon nets 1,00 to mrs. E. Varney i Edelord. Sofa Pillow. �?T75 to mrs. E. Gurncy Biddeford sofa Pil Ivy >50 a to or. E. S. Graham by Tjom , i of . Liia year the count Viteo Hare thou Glit Best to Advance their gratuities hoping thereby there was the least danger first. Thev were leu to t it Ink True Ceso tul with Thi they might be with the other Olas. Two set of delegates from this class presented themselves the first numbering nine and a introduced in our acquaintance by jul tit Milliken esq., of Buxton who was their a Tler a Mil who in limed us of their Many excellent qualities. Your committee were net in All respects satisfied that belter representative. Could not be scared up on a new Nial if some other fusing elements a hould be allowed to operate but they were obliged to take things As they were and to decree that these nine should carry off or or. Milliken should for to Lien the society a firs Premium of four doll Ais. The second set. Six a number were introduced by or. Lawtence Jordan of Saco. A majority of your committee considered these entitled to receive the society a second Premium and or. Jordan a their messenger is allowed to take it for them. Your committee would say that they were unable to see the qualities of these delegates to so Good advantage As they wished. They were huddled together in the vehicle in which i hey were brought and presented a sheepish appearance which however True it might be to their nature deserved to be seen under circumstance Mote favourable to just Obs Era lion. There were Many other articles of interest a exhibition some of which were not entered on the Secretary s Bonks and were therefore not entitled to Sireci it to notice of the committee. Or. T. Gilman of Saco exhibited u piece of ancient Enid Roider wrought by his Mother in 171kat the age of 12 or. James Sawyer of Biddeford. Presented a miniature ship As the a a fruit of his juvenile propensity to or. E. B Clemens of a a old Orchard a presented at a late hour n novel and simple musical instrument Mude by himself that attracted considerable attention. A Model Gate exhibited by messes. Deering a Moore of Biddeford a Shell Monument he miss Susan b. Smith of bidder Ford a Beautiful set of chessmen by mrs. E. H. Banka of Biddeford were articles of interest. Messes. Cleaves a Kimball and messes Shaw a Clark a if Biddeford. Though not entitled to a gratuity have in Tho opinion of your coition Pittee richly merited the set Ici Etyc a thanks for exhibiting their cases of watches jewelry Ami Silver Ware which together with a very Fine display of chamlies furniture from Iho store of messes. Chud Hourn a co., of Biddeford und Simno splendid specimens of chamber sets und parlor furniture of carved Mahogony and Vul nut from or. Churles Morgan s Ware rooms in Biddeford and a Fine Case of guns und polished hard wares from messes Cleaves a Kimball s establishment Udd cd very Tua the . In their report to a close have to add that the result of la Cir Esami nations has convinced them that the hog is freq tinally slandered and his character tra Lucei by comparisons instituted Between him Aid Olhs a animals who Wear bristles about ther Heads and chins instead of upon their Belt nod that a decent respect for Gre to self evident truths should compel every agricultural society in the country to Rich to a Lefebee when thus vilified anti a luxe by invidious comparisons with two be Geil animals Whoso grease is of no a out socially politically or commercially am who being without solid weight in the Oimen Reily should not j be suf Feitl in enjoy the Honor of compari son with what give solid weight in the 1 kingdom of pork Don in a he far West nod a commercial Backcom to a Large portion of our country. All of which is resp it a fully Stib Mitley a. Louis 0 cd wan chairman. To Sal Vina ii. Slobb n. Berwick. Scarf. �?T25 to mrs. E. S. Graham Biddeford ottoman cover �?T50 to Sarah might. Saco Jufiar. �?T25 to mis Rachel a Cutujian Saco. Rug diploma to miss Olive Scamman Saco Rug diploma to miss Amanda b Pierce Biddeford to stimulate our artists to u More vigorous Competition. M Ark Piume. Alvan Bacon. James Sawyer committee. B. E. Cutter t. L. Kimball miscellaneous. The idiots evidence a reminiscence. Into iter service As Quot companion a educate Quot fur saving master who exclaimed a and entirely provide Tor her. Tho Tomil Usoon As lie Touhl withdraw i fascinated tin a irresistible Ami Fanny who had Glare from the Gold a emr. Cubist in s re just turned Bur sixteenth year tuft to la to for a Oving Thi Tolore a Lia has to Ancl Toi in the great lads Carriage. The to a Promise of the lady patroness was so far before i could say a word the fulfilled that s to was taught so much of Humpback started off and strode away some a in oficial accomplishment As might to thirty or forty Yaul. He then so pied a useful or agreeable to her mistress hair Rupply paused As if in doubt Lor a minute dressing Cheek painting embroidery to Hurriel Back where i stood and said play Llie piano sufficiently Well to a com Quot mistress Fanny la ales Detel loathes Patty her own voice in Tho simple ballads this Man As she might a spotted Load. I she Sang so sweetly Ami to read with a never heard her say so but i know a i for nil enough of skilled emphasis to Render a that. I observe Many things that Wise men novel or a newspaper intelligibly to a jaded done to foolish us listener. About three years had thus Nassel j Quot Woltal then is to induce her to Many Wlton her mistress a lied rather suddenly him a and the pretty protege found herself provi Quot the fear of poverty the dread of want up House and then proceeded to urea a the terrible tidings at la tour new Villa. I accompanied him of Lar As Tho Gato Only for the Pur Hgt to of delivering the message Jodi had charged me with to i Mother. She Hud become so ext rent Riv deaf that i could i madly Muku her understand that Joel to unexpectedly detained from Home Eliut night. A a of us a to at last Luu Terril a a i understand hut you have nothing for me Quot and Tho bleary Eye of. Lam old woman rested eagerly on my bunds a if she thought i had Money for her. A i bawled and came away. My Futlick did not return Home till near two of clock and bad As i anticipated f a sued through u very distressing scene. A a i have Tuo had. lie added la gang conversation with Churson and it is certain that the death of the boy Lias the sex pm Ted mar Raite. Or. Churston frankly told me that us it a mature reflection to had restless u of up Iris i ind very suddenly it is Cleury that the Union could timidly toil too an unhappy one and that he intend leaving for loin Loit to Morrow. There is something very Odd in All a a there is i bleed and Joel shall As i faithfully Protr Rimol him. Be informed of that fact As soon a it is Light. This terrible business is not yet fathomed depend upon my Futerer agreed Ami went to bed not however to sleep at least i did not and by six o clock Joel Barton received Uty Mes did fur to Lam extent of a Fly pounds and a a not for Mirrell hut Lor her boy that sin Nguc. The re ply was an Earnest request to mourning ring to be worn a a memento of a May live to Seu him Pine for Luck Quot i see me and my father immediately. We the deceased lady a Virtues and Monifi Fuos a. The House i sold and we have want Giwerc with Lipini it a. I is ii log to Cence thus pretences.,Bennett after a fruitless attempt to procure to worry ourselves by dwelling upon it. An another situation no a a companion a returned infernal but dues i admit though not expo fret away her youth with vexation and icily Youts or in less than a Quarter of a i hour and fairly knocked Back no by a provided with Rich Beauty vain a Well Joel a i replied Quot i can do Noah Blunt declaration or cd it a feta Siou the instant and fifty Pound in Cash Fanny eng in the matter and it s useless therefore disgust amidst the the Unitess and Monotony of her fathers poor Home and its stud Mug duties As she had Henri it eel to consider them. Changed in tender. Puffed up with Pride impatient of her he Smido position the Young muru Iii of Fanny Bennett s life seemed already darkened with the prophetic Shadow of a sinister catastrophe if i might believe the pretended dateless pos tristum Vitoi i a has happened to visit the pleasantly situate i Village of Blue Anchor Bridgewater buy Somersetshire eng., can of n letter addressed to meat Bristol where i a 1 a a i was at the time on a visit to a relative by my father. I had never hinted a set Ion of descriptions front the dry Good stores of e. Ii. C. Hooper of this town and the me is. Fisher a. Segtnan of Saco. The col of the a Well known a Al enterprising us consisting of carpeting of the richest texture silk of the finest Lustre and a Verv variety of fancy goods were arranged in tie heal style on the Side of the Hall and Laid upon the Tabieza nod attracted much attention. Your committee feel highly gratified toe these important aids in the manufacture of Cotton and Woolen arrive at to High a Point of taste and workmanship All of which la a Peck fully submitted a mos w. Page chairman. To i m. A a a. B Ford. Bonnet to Mary s. So Lagan tide 1.00 Pierce. Bidder diploma i Biddeford chair 25 to mra. S. L in Cid Enta l c Ommittee. The incidental cd b Pittee having attended to the duty assigned them ask leave to t make their report the recent Lively Competition Between our Dogue reans had w us to expect an unusually Large exhibition of pictures and we were much disappointed to find Only two artists entering the to Ether p. Ila yes Limerick stir e ii. Mckenney of Biddeford and or. Chief e. J. Cole of Saco. The specimens entered by these gentle men were All executed in a style that indicate a very High degree of perfection in the Art. A very Fine stereoscopic picture exhibited Ery by or. A Mckenney a trusted much attention and admiration. To him we have awarded a gratuity of three dollars for the Best picture. And to or. Col two dollars. A gel Nui Utor of Crayon drawings and water Ooi ored pointing entered principally by to Mug Ladie. Were on exhibition. Many Tui indeed most of them wer executed with a Good degree of skill. To. A a ?. >7 Honor of examining the new Mim of a. V. , of , in the. Iwo a Tuuu of we who Auk of 00 on Tmur to w. A a a pul., b a. To to to 11j of two i of or nod the i Ortity 19 0, Tir inor. Num.ro�, Linn i. 0b a All other Clavoe in the country combined o q. E brn Hury. Of Sago. We award a that which Mode ily claims to he Didama and one Dollar for two it excellent he we own her of a to Thor ook t St frug Aing Over the work referred to your com Rix cd Al n 1 for a a a a a a bal. 1w0 the aggregate o Tolj l3s�t,,pl0t�l,d c50� it it my two classes of natives was 54,087,432 to. I Lydia i. Came of North Ber White All other combined in Eluting Good Crayon picture a no Ria oily Manor bom make but a having disposed of the first class your committee having been admonished by the great body Whiteb were present by their representatives to he respectful Ami even delicate in Leteir examinations an Ltd a c u m i tv.11 r i r. Ii Milf us also of the ancient rep action of to or. E. W. Towle Biddeford Colw. It proc a l0 he a ,,., a a in the order in Winch they found item placed. Twenty three representatives Small and great no it eared to speak for this latter class a follow one sow and a ten tits entered by Jerry we Olio of Bidd Funi. I one sgt a and five pigs entered by Samuel Milliken of Saco. Two boars entered by George v. Jordan of Saco. One boar entered by Thomas Desmond of Biddeford. I one hog entered by Timothy h. Locke of Biddeford. One Hng entered by Jamphel c. Locke of Riold Efurd. One pig 9 month entered by Elisha i height of Saco. I your committee say with pleasure Ami Pride that they find no Trace of any evil to Juu Phin. Piper , . Re a a Siw Edwin in in of Law a . 05 i i he Mother with their Fain Tea a it eared a Tomim m. Jacque. Biddeford table a a a to Well bred affectionate and deported a j the Nelve with a Pron Ricly of manner Tito a. Whittier Biddeford Etu Bru id. A a Hal com n0 a Quot to mrs. Graham Biddeford Needle Boaks �?T25 to Susan c. Smith Biddeford Cushion �?T25 to Elisabeth Hooper Biddeford Oti Timan t25 i to or. A. A. Bahlev so Leo Rug. 2.00 to mrs s. L Boynton Biddeford a worsted painting �?T50 to int s. L. Boynton bold coh �?T75 liar non by Deleford Rug. 1.50 Boynton Biddeford Rug. 1.00 to mis m r. Patterson Saco pm in Ideal Slipper. �?T25 to Elmira f. Milliken Saco Mitten. �?�25 Ilund Ker �?T75 a it tree a work to mrs. E. 75 per order mrs. E. H. Banks. Sheep and Suine. The committee on sheep and Swine report your committee found themselves without having sought it invested with the Hully have failed to notice of its extra Illy u Piet Lutious Sot of cottage in the Chi a Pajon style with a Box looking Structure Al the Gate Entrance dignified by the name of Quot Porter this edifice was Bull by a or. Wainwright of Beth Al Green Loudon who having scraped together a it gnome competency Udd Lily determined upon exchanging his bushmen and i Etc Telor Hood for the retirement of Blue Anchor near where Hawa born and marriage with a Good looking Wynlow of less than half Bis own age bul amply a lowered with five Small wedded Bliss did not agree with or. Wain Wright for after the Achi event of laburnum Villa left him nothing to do but to sip it sweets continually lie Ufier moping through about six months of restless life Sank with entire resignation the minister said to his final rest leaving mrs wan Wrig lit by a will made in the first week of the Huuey Moon absolute mistress of some twelve thousand pounds in the funds in addition to laburnum Villa arid its appurtenance a of every thing in Short of which he had to lies a seized or possessed. We of Blue aug Lur had but Brief Opportunity of noticing Bow the widow of her second husband bore her sorrow one Little month Only having passed away before she look her departure Lur Louden Anil a a Ain Letl Board stuck in the Trout Fiu Iver Garden announced that laburnum Villa and grounds were to be sold further particulars of or. Holford Blue Anchor. Or. Holford a my father who having Hall Sone slight acquaintance with or. And mrs Wainwright had undertaken to keep an Eye Fiou the property As Well us Over Joel Button the Gate keeper and mistress Fanny Denvir or Bennel a there being in some Ierson s opinion considerable doubt upon Thi Point a the Youthful housekeeper left in charge of the Interior of laburnum Villa. Joel Barton was a Parish Hoy having been born bred educated a that is taught to read without much spelling and to write Intel rigidly to persons skilled in Cal graphical difficulties a in th4 work Liu Tise. He Hail but one relation a to Cripi a almost bedridden Mother and in other respects was emphatically Tho chill of calamity. In person he was greatly a be formed and his Large coarse featured head s Juul As it were upon Bis Broad Sno uhlers and Pru tiding Back and breast would have presented an altogether repulsive aspect but for the Fine dark eyes which i have often seen kindled into a Lustrous expression of a jul eloquence when words of kind Ness fell upon his ear. The unfortunate lads intellect too in unsound a unsettled i sometimes thought might be the truer description by the boy rabble of Blue Anchor be was always addressed and spoken of at a foolish or mad the taunts and Tormenta to which a was exposed on account of his mental infirmity a ease a at about his fifteenth year his remarkable strength of Arm Pond Rosity of fist and fierce courage at that age effectually protecting him from Over annoyance. Nevertheless he a lid nut cease to tie spoken of As a half Brazeil sullen dangerous person whom Spile of some Glt my qualities such a honesty Fidelity truthfulness it a Piu Tient Loo As much As possible to a void and there could be no a Lunt that the persecution to which he had been so Many years expo Seil Hall thickened and exasperated whatever of Aimsie predisposition wat thought Legart Littig her in him or to any one else bul he had Long since notwithstanding As clearly Duce med As lie strongly Dis approved the Leeling toward the Beautiful Maiden which seemed to grow with my life in constantly Inci easing strength and Vir ulily. From my Emilie at recollection i had dreamed dreams associated with Fanny he Cucit Ami my father s intelligence producing a directly contrary effect to Liat he intended i invented an excuse for hastening borne at once though with what precise purpose i hardly knew myself. Whatever it might have proved no a of fooled me of putting it in action for thu Day before i left Blue Anchor Fanny Ben Nett left it with u lieutenant Doug Ira a Yonng mid dashing gentleman of attractive exterior to be married the Village Folk reported with a sneer and a titter at Baths the stranger who was passing a few Days at Blue Anchor had chanced to Niolet her about a fort i jul Afier her Telu Rii Hume Ami he Iez ult just related Hud ensued. It seemed to have taken no one by Surprise Uither a lid Ber return Nufler about two years lbs Elise ill a in Jecies her Beauty Dir net by grief and disappointment accompanied by a Young Cli Ihl her son. She Hub not it seemed lived with Hei husband As she persisted in calling or. Do Nair for More than six of Savut Mouths since when she had dwelt in obscure lodgings in Loudon barely i ppm Ted by occasional remittances irom or. Denvir. These ceased for some time before her return Home and n letter reached her Pui Poling to lie subscribed by a solicitor but merely dated Loudon. May 17, 1839, by which she was informed that the Quot gentleman a from whom the allowance she Rece Voil was derived having died rather suddenly it would necessarily be discontinued. I Witolo at her fathers request to the War Effice to ascertain the fact of i decease and a court official reply informed a me that if i had consulted an army list i should have seen that no Theodore Denvir held n commission in her majesty a service Thi was decisive and no Fliter doubt remained of the villainous sacrifice to which Aidos a by her own rash Folly Fanny Ben net bail fallen n victim. Fallen thus Low from the imaginary height she had attained the future of the Young wife Nuil Mother there was no doubt we ascertained that the ceremony of marriage had been performed Between her and the Felby calling himself Lieulo Nannt Denvird Seemel a dreary and Well nigh hopeless Noil mrs. Wainright who whatever her other qualities Hada Large share of woman a sympathy and compassion left her in charge of laburnum Villa at a fair salary nil i Liberal inward wages and Joul till the final disposal of the pro Yerty was confirmed in his office of Gate keeper. To entered tha place that lid Joel Barton had drowned murdered Little the Coorg Dei it Var at the in to Gate Emol or. Thuraton in vol Only had a Small part of the Proi used Reward a a a Ldes a the wretched Felon Quot which i showed master Holford the Oiler Day and now he think to throw me Over bal be a Han t. You do it a i udi Evo me Well Ull i can nay Only just examine hip or before lie gets away and if you a Lon t find out Why lie Teu ipod to to commit Tho your dreadful deed say that 1 Bear false wit a but the wild erratic intellect of Joel who i in convinced taut been drinking though to do him Justice Thi was not a Ordinary vice of his seemed to determine Illy steady nod concentrate a Tell As i spoke Ami after a slight hesitation lie said Quot i know you Butler master hut Ford limit to believe those words come from heat and i am almost Suie 1 could True n,.bh you and yet perhaps you would not have to could scarcely believe our ears the courage log to a Jock sullenly per i Tell in his a Tat Eisent Quot courage to do what 1�?�it was my lather s duly under the Circum Quot this master Holford i know a i am a smoes a act with decision und off a sure of a resumed Joel with Resolute Calm presently set towards i Furnum Villa Joel Ness a this marriage would never take place carefully guarded by two Constable. W a if if her by in was once Well out of the Way pro but just in time As n Fly to at the a if the child was dead a door und or. Clip ruin jut about to Tep these words slowly distilled is it were �nt0 it. He started and Chang a coir at from Joel slips and accompanied by him ing it but in reply to my fathers re manic us inquisition of my countenance quest to speak to him privately nnswere4 boldly enough that he would no it be the idly enough time to be Foard missing Tia coach a ready. Quot you must spare Tho Lime or. Cit tirs to a was Tho Stern rejoinder. A a you Are Ziy 44 prisoner god of heaven and upon what charge a 4�?~ Asun accessory before Tho fact to the it Iraq not a rho it a la a re a a a a a All t i seemed to arrest the current of my Haid Quot Good heavens a 1 after a while found Hora Ali to excl Itu a a what dial Edical thought possesses you you surely would but i see you Liucc been drinking to excess und hardly know a Quot drinking a fiercely interrupted the was word Man Quot and what if i have it does t so often Lisp pen und you who Are sober and Wise not to have seen i wus joking a Fitol like me would have known i that it is an intelligible accusation. Here was making Tun. But Tho boat is fleeting 1 steady you self by my Arm and let us go see and i must to till to Wurn the wife and �nt0 the husband that Are to be. Good Bye master to All followed and is won is or. Holford. A a Churston a effects i and lion brought into the i immediately turned Home Nils in r k la it my fastened Tho a in nor a in the about As Savage and a Cirp exod a mood us cd in a to Joel then repeated i previous or i remember to have experienced. Or question but avoided. I noticed during the Thuraton who i was aware had been rec Tal to hade or. Thurston in the la of a lodging for several works at laburnum Vil As he went on that gentleman seemed to la i had seen once or twice at a recover his usual Oom Rosuro and when Jool to appeared to be a gentlemanly log it King ceased spiking bunt out into a curious person enough of i guessed Eliout filly j vituperation of the accusing witness whom years of nge and if Fanny if mrs Ives fl0 very liberally qualified As a lying Felon a Denvir chose to Tyniw herself away upon slandering Lunatic ae., and at lust wound a fellow old enough to to her father Bow i up a f Erco and indignant tirade by asking could i help stand Liat right Raoreo-1my it tinier what possible motive to Coull have had in compas ing the death of the child that la to not know hut the Pris ver Luid i to feel angry the Cut ? 1, who had never that i wus aware of Given the slightest intimation of by a let her marry Beelzebub if she would Liat was it to me ? and that craze Ltd and Drunken Joel what might there Lio of Leriotis Ness in Tho dark fancies floating in his dist Empcie a Bruin a surely lie could have no Teal intention of murdering u child whose life he boasted of having yesterday saved with Tho absurd View of removing what to Luppo cd to be mra. Devi re a inducement to marry Churs ton it could scarcely lie and yet when thus Sofil Tui Sinju. I reached Homo i cd a uld not refrain from imparting to my father the subject of Joel a ravings. He was chief Constuble of the District an honorary office of those Days and might i thought speak to Joel in u Tono of authoritative to however Uudo very Light of the mutter was quite sure a Joel must have been Tipsy in have uttered such Folly and was i saw not in the leu put out Byr the nows of mistress Denvird a approaching marriage. A a about Tho Best thing she soul in do i who calmly observed 4�?~ and icky Chance withal fur a Uddo cd he looking St Fily Over his spectacles at his Only so in a a what respectable Young Man of Independent Means would marry Furty Bennett or Denvir whatever for a _ diploma and 50 Onte. To i Marr a Yukio 0f Biddeford for of too landscape diploma to Mira Miranda Sawyer of Sacoff in Cravon and water cultured it Yturra a diploma. Tutaj of 42.869.8d3. It a this hard logic of numbers which i of hard to be understood in the partisan fights of the Day which impressed your come Viltee with Tissl solemnity and which in their opinion no for two very Pratt paste drawings we1 than he of a oms a i have awarded to miss s. L. Dow 5flv la uhf a a not their gave dip1- of a map Tranos to their labors and to is to miss Martha j. Milla of Biddeford. For1001 a in commit Niiya which water coloured painting and to Meier 01 to a a no1 invidious to the charge of be 1 ing Mutton head etl. The male to be Well brew la some of them Wuhl compare favo ably in this respect with their associate a from youth and bail a a tired is much inform Tiou of they could probably obtain without being sent to Mure advanced teacher and All of them bad that iut Loci a Bable manner which so sets off and adorns a gentleman hog of any species when he is going the entire Swine of Public committee award to or. Wadlin 10 himself often confusedly wondering Osier Mark so that the society a first Premium for Best Breed i i an Ura he did. Why it to her Bright the tide rises o ing sow. Thi Laily i of Suffolk Mikeil a a a act by voice made i pulse beat Breed Only 13 months old a a very 1d Fhy dark chamber of his braid Ligh in Ronlov appearance and her ten children 71 with a troubled Hall fearful boy. And Tho welts old. Are beauties Anil so much alike child Beauty herself could at that Lime that your committee Coull see no material have Little dreamed that the wont and looks difference in conduct or weight of Chirac compassionate Kim Luew which Ahe be nothing in connection with the fortunes else her Legal name May to offer All that or misfortunes of Fanny Bennett or Denvir has Como und gone a Camelo my know Leige till four or five to heard nothing further of the inmates months subsequent to mrs. Wait rights a do of laburnum Villa till the following sunday Panduro. It was a delicious alte Noou the 1 evening. The month was septum Ier. And tide Watt ont and i had been for some time the equinoctial Anlo of autumn had set in strolling Abott on the Broad Sands of Bridgewater Bay chewing the cud of Sweet and bitter fancy the latter flavor a i remember Firon Gly predominating when Joel Barton whom i had observed Busy about a pleasure boat in which he frequently no with unusual violence us Tho howling of Tho. Wind found the Gable of Tho Bouse and the testament was a blow to me i Atn not Rich Oner Joel Burton aver that the examination of your paper will unfold Tho reviving Confin Lcoo of or. Cent Stoa fled at once on hit aging this. Nne who was again deadly judo und trembling in nil ins Liu Ibe. A a who will �1 ire a he gasped Quot to Neddle with my letters or paper a a a the nearest Mug unite will bins urea a and we had letter seek him at once. Cum further Parley would lie a one moment or. Holford one moment a exclaimed clip rate a upon who a White forehead Beds a if agony were standing. T. Let More float i am is innocent of tins horrible us yourself still there Are circumstances there Are pipers which unexplained might suggest yes i will lie Frank with you und stale unreservedly the exact position in which i uni a a As you please Only re Meridier that what Yoa say May be used against you hereafter a a a of Courson of course. Well thou since the truth must Corno out i urn the Uncle of mra. Done Ira a husband. No wonder Yogt a exc Tiitu but hour me out Liis nates was Thuraton not Denvir. To died about six weeks ago Only of a All from his horse but lie lived Long enough to repent of his conduct towards his rustic wife and his late will devise i property about jts a por annual i her till his so in by her obtain tits majority when it will poas to him charged with a of �200 to his life annuity Bis Mother. This booming of Tho tumbling surf in the Bay unmistakably gave Tokan. The adorm which had suddenly Rison was it its height about eight o clock near which time a loud Knock latent in his in nerf Eclov do veloce Ltd i Anim. With the exception of his Mother and Fanny Bennel. I was about the Only person for whom be Ever manifested Confidence or re sect from my having been Able to Render him some trifling services. Fanny influence Over him was of a very different character and into a prehensile i believe comm dated the lodger it laburnum Villa eng sharply repeated at the outer door we Fth n Row or a sail came rapidly and with startled my father and myself front Tho dozy me. His face though Fulcs induced in a both by the warmth of the Firo within und Tho of the tempest without. The door was opened and the next Minuto Jael Barton e. Toward seaming Purpo a he abruptly stopped and intently Mccou Noi ered my countenance wore it struck me a peculiarly malicious or at All events Mooking As Well a its usual indecisive wavering expression. A i have been master Holford a be began Quot shoving the boat out towards Low a she May float soon Siler our housekeeper and or. Staggered into the room Bis Fuce Wobito is a Sheet his eyes on fire with excitement and his hair and clothes dripping with sea water. A i�?1 want a he stammered a a answer to our mute questioning 44 i want Home Ter. They averaged 35 lbs. Each. They a Iso award to or. Waltlin the society first Premium for the Best litter of pig. The sow pre enter i by or. Milliken a stowed no foolish Joev would thereafter Cheeks feet like burning coals. Quot what have so Market an effect upon her own i that to me a a Lesline that her own life experience would Joel laughed and i was about to furnish a striking illustration of the Wilom some fierce and therefore foolish Renly i Tor a i w Thuraton Are going out together for a sail by i it Lye Vou master Holford to go and not for the first time 1 break the bad news to to mistress i to it your housekeeper and or. Churston a a Var a a a tartly rejoined excl that i could not con a a Bud news what Cwa a ceal the hot flush which instantly made Quot Thrett Little Theodore is drowned a my ear Lingle my eyes Fla hand my j a draw cd rim rep Dou mean wretch hat is de villian Quot shunted my lather it the same moment Rush big up and sensing jowl. Make 4 no not drowned 1 say a persisted the when Huncl Diack. With Quick seriousness of tone a a let me go. Will you ? the Tiller of the a Beautiful one. And a most prolific breeder of to injunction set Forth itt Ber Dame school he said _ a a having he fifty eight pigs n All and your copy Book a a a scorn not the afflicted in re Quot i always go with them master Holford boat a he went on to my after ridding him committee Del not come to the conclusion the outcast for they Are a to god a child always. Do you know a he added peering Solf of my fathers grasp and looking the to look with More favor upon the one pre rom this Fanny Bennett waa another of with his a late Uncertain Eye close into my while a quietly at Rue. A a Tho Tiller of the settled by or. Wadlin without some Hesi our Village notoriety est had almost written fare a do you know that Only yesterday boat in Wlinich l had taken Litin for a sail ame a Foi Smuch tint Al the period when they were out together the Little boy snapped when Tho storm came on the boat Tich i am speaking it would have been them lore would have been drowned but for shot up into the wind and the flapping of to decide which of Tom two. The House me or. Churston let him fall overboard the Minaai a Epi him Over. I tried to conclusion _ in Eye close into my while a quietly w a a _ that Only yesterday boat in Wlinich l had taken him for a sail. Tat Ion. But having come to Thi conc listion Calamita they Coull Only wish or. Which Milliken the 2d Premium and also the 2d hard log i Premium for the 2�l Best litter of Piga that a a Gate Keo Iier Hall been the Moat info Stu in the water by Accident of course Vou the amounts of the two premiums a were note in the Louery of life. Of very Humble know entirely Arcille a and Joel laughed More passed but suffice it to say that nearer equal. Parentage her Fother was a Journeyman again with a Biller mocking hilarity in spite of his protestation my futher con a Quot a a Ibl Elome. "1 fancy our House ducted Joel to the cams or Tomn Norv it Vuk. Me him. But Ouid for the Best boar Suffolk mixed Breed Market Gardener. Fanny Bennett was Tine of comprehensible Cage or temporary lock a vory far Fnu to it indeed though i it strive to keep up np�cnrnncc8�?and by in arrange input with 1. In a Locke the solicitor of fur Nival s inn who Drew the will to Tho effect that i would seek out Tho widow and child a obtained an Opportunity of soliciting the marriage Kohiro the Chungo in her Circum roaring ounces could lie known. The i of the child of which by my Hope of salvation am entirely innocent entirely of tango Tny position is in that Cut of the property we is devised to me. Charged with the Rauw a aunt it Only. This i nil the of a Inch i have been guilty.a Knock at Tho door interrupted Hita. It wus the unhappy Mother who i Eaino to Nek if any tidings bad been Lizard of her clip to she had not of Lourae. The slightest idea the he had Hefin Mur cml. Up a my Futlick answering to the que tip in in Tho negative Ehy sunk into u elixir hid the Piht Beauty of her face in tier hands and sat there sobbing . And deadly inattentive to Liat else a said. Even if you had told the tenth Ami a Tho truth or. Thuraton a acid my a the., in a Low voice 41 the matter must be judicially sifted and a re Luid better by in at 44 but this will to Ruia or no Elf a a cd a re a rued or. Clui Raten in Tbs a same tote 41 ruin to my character at All event. And this too upon the Alsup Portch a Erldene of a malicious idiot a a _ 44 no no a a not oat no no Porto replied Joel with end orca de but Toi Dent exultation the idiot Haa evidence to bring Furth Hal cannot to

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