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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 12, 1855, Biddeford, MaineMott Anil fasten Ion ital 7rit eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor.b1ddef0rd, Maine Friday october 12, 1855. Volume 41. Union and Eastern journal. To 1 inn Tiki Htun Jot Rotl it pm Uit cd Trrry it lat to a. 1. 0�n�rml Chr Petito a a ukr til us a to rms a Joo or a a Jiuu it $1 40 in Pukl with. A a it or to Mun tit Frua a Ita it of a a added in Small Quantity As a dryer. Iff v. B. Re la it Fui a atom i ply to a vol. It us it Lar Tau Naa Ltd a u Utt it it Riua at not Yoak and . Tiki u Tut rape a fwd to Uta Marti a a to my a Tod a Crip toot u the Taat Rort a by m. Hit Al to Frk Tab ant Usu Iii Toby Tot. Nam uyt by Quint i Hulad Ituk n. W. Corar Bir Tod Cuba nut Ijadi 31 arc in a Watson. Printer. . Sweating and preferring apples we notice in the last working Farmer the reply of prof. Map a to a correspondent s Iquina relative to the beat Mode of preserving applet. A the harvesting a aeon a approaching and a Many apples raised in Maine reach a Distant Marks Tome in new Orleans some in the West indies and some in England we think it seasonable to present prof. A Peak ideas on the subject in imply to the above we would state that the finer class of fruit should be gathered by hand and so placed in Barrells and not poured from a Basket As every Apple rightly indented will be Aure to decay. Whan apples arc intended for shipment another process seems to be necessary. Apples contain a Large amount of water part of whisk should be got rid of when intended for ship ment and this May be Dona without any alteration in the figure or appearance of41 he Apple providing that thay Receiva no indentations or bruises. They must be placed in heaps Whan a alight sweating will occur which will cause a portion of water to Eide to their surfaces and dry off. After a Short time a second sweating will occur. They will then be Thoro ogly dried placed in bar Sis by hand and shipped. Apples so treated if they arrive at their port of destination before the third sweating take place Wilt be in perfect order but if a single Apple in a barrel be deut end or bruised it will Canoe the whole to decay or partially decay on this third sweating usually occurs in about ail weeks after the second Home consumption apples should be taken from the tree a late As the weather will permit should be pieced in the final what the while Lead was at first ground in spirits of turpentine should be the principal fluid used to mix the paint Japan being the first coat or a a priming Quot should be mixed with linseed Oil alone being Well rubbed Down with and paper when dry. Two Coats should afterwards be put on with the turpentine alone the last coat being rather the thickest. To make very handsome while finish for i Parlours and other Nice rooms after putting the paint on very carefully gum Demar varnish should be put on Over All. This i makes a Beautiful gloss and keeps the Paini of a Brilliant White All the time. Should i the paint become dirty it can be washed off As easily As a pane of gloss using nothing 1 but warm water a Strong soap destroys i the varnish. Every House builder desiring a permanent Brilliant White finish to his rooms should use this varnish. It answers a very Good purpose to mix it in with the last coat of paint making a much hand Somor finish than when not used at All but much the beat Way is to give the entire work a coat of the varnish after the painting is finished and partially Day. A a kitchens should be painted a Light slate or Lead color made by mixing a Small Quantity of lamp Black with the White Lead particularly the doors mantel pieces and Wash boards. Tha floors of pouches and Kitchen May be painted with the same material or they will look pleasant and cheerful if yellow ochre a used ground up with linseed Oil and Japan. A a in putting on Green paint slate color should first be used a a priming two Coats of the Green being added afterwards. Parts Green makes the brightest color and must be ground in Oil adding Japan As a dryer. Chromo Green makes the deepest and most per Manset color and White Lead is used to temper the paint to the proper Farmer and Horticulturist. Place for Winter keeping at once. If put on flows the North aide of a House with Board covering and suffered to remain until the cold be Comee severe they May then be moved in dry cd Jar weather and placed where they Are intended to be kept and if in barrels should be kept As dark As possible. Some have packed apples in charcoal dust others in Alt rate layers with Straw and a layer of Earth in the same manner As for potatoes. Some place them in old dry cellars in heaps covered with Straw but All these methods while they May sometimes succeed invariably abstract so much of the flavor from the supple a to Lessee their value. The same mistake a often made in packing grapes in Cononi and while they maintain their figure and look Well to Aroma is abstracted and absorbed by the s real estate Register. Killik fowl. Only turkeys and gesso should to bled to death the flesh of chickens becomes dry and insipid from loss of blood. The Best plan says Tho poultry journal is to take s Blunt stick such As a a Lii do a Bat or wooden sword and strike the Bird a smart blow on the Back of Tho neck about the third joint from the head. Death in a moment. . True Road to respectability. Even when the Quot old folks Slick to the farm the sons and daughters do their utmost to escape from the agricultural ranks. The charms and the Superior charms of a country Lile Are hidden out of View by one false idea of respectability. Through the influence of this false notion men forget there a no department of labor no Pursuit or calling which contributes As much As agriculture to the Prosperity of a nation or Tho health Independence innocence and moral Worth of individuals. The cultivation of the soil was the first employment of Man and the Firat duly enjoined by his creator. In All Ages since the Comfort happiness pros peril and glory of nations and individuals have been intimately connected with the perform since of ibis duty and the industrious practice of this Pursuit. When it has been neglected As of late years there soon follows Scarcity want High prices depression of business and wide spread destitution. The agricultural interest being the foundation on which All others Are built Commerce and manufactures decline with it. For the effects look at the stale of the country at the present time. While hundreds and thousands Are fleeing from the country leaving thousands which cannot be cultivated for want of help and making every article of farm produce scarce and consequently dear thous am Are Rush into employments but a Little More productive than absolute idleness or productive Only of articles of Mere How and luxury. The numerous advertisements in our City paper show the abundance of the arts devices make shifts of hundreds of drones and shirks who would be belter employed on a farm and would be there probably but for the false and irrational ideas which prevail in regard to the diverse roads to respectability. What will the cod of these things be a country gentleman. Paint for houses. To recently published a few directions on this subject which seem to us important. One who seems to be versed in the subject As a practical Painter makes other suggestions in the Indiana Farmer which we Are disposed to endorse. He says a a it is no easy matter for some painters who pretend to have considerable experience in their Art to paint the Interior of a Bouse in a proper manner. White Lead Aud Oil mixed As for outside use will dry it is True and preserve the Wood work but before three months the paint will become almost yellow and have exactly the appearance of being smoked. This a not the Case with external painting because the Light and air bleach the paint precisely As it does Linen or Cytlou cloth when exposed in a similar Way. To paint White in the Interior of a Boose very Little linseed Oil should be used except a a frt4. A slavery in Maryland. Jbf. Lloyd s Plantation where Fred. Douglass was born and brought lip. It is generally supposed slavery in lbs flute of Maryland exists in its Mildest form Sod that i is totally divested of those harsh and terrible peculiarities which Mark and characterise the Slavo system in the Southern and southwestern states of Tho american Union. The argument in favor of this opinion is the contiguity of the free states and the exposed condition of slavery in Maryland to the moral religious and humane sentiment of the free states. I am not about to Refuto this argument to far As it relates to slavery in that state generally on the contrary i am willing to admit that to Thia general Point the argument is Woll grounded. Publio opinion is indeed an unfailing restraint upon the cruelty and barbarity of Tea tors Over soars and slave Drivers whenever and wherever it can reach Thorn but there Are certain secluded and out of the Way places even in the state of Maryland Seldom visited by a single healthy Public sentiment a whore slavery erupt in its own congenial Midnight dark Neta can and Doca develop All its malign and shocking characteristics where it can be indecent without shame cruel without apprehension or fear of top Oruro. Just such a secured Dork and out of the Way place is the a Home Plantation a of col. Edward Lloyd on the Eastern Shore Maryland. It is far away from All Tho great thoroughfares and is proximate to no town or Village. There in neither school House nor town House in its neighbourhood. The school House is unnecessary Lor there Are no children to go to school. Tho children and grand children of colonel Lloyd were taught in the House by a private Tutor a or. Page tall gaunt sapling of a Man who did not speak a Doten words to a slave in a whole year. The overseen children go off somewhere to school and they therefore bring no foreign or dangerous influence from abroad to Embarrass the natural operation of the Alave system of the place. Not even the mechanics through whom there is an occasional outburst of honest and telling indignation at cruelty and wrong of other plantations Are White men on Thia Plantation. Its whole Public a made up of and divided into three Claa eee a slaveholders slaves and overseen. Its blacksmiths wheel rights Shoemakers weavers and Coopers Are slaves. Not even Commerce selfish and Iron hearted As it is and ready As it Ever is to Side with the Strong against Tho weak the Rich against the poor a is trusted or permitted within its secluded precincts. Whether with a View of guarding against Tbs a scape of its secrets i know not but it is a fact that every Leaf and Grain of the produce of this Plantation and those of the neighbor ing farms belonging to colonel Lloyd Are transported to Baltimore in colonel Lloyd s own vessels every Man and boy on Board of which except the Captain a Are owned by him. In Arturo everything brought to tha Plantation comes through the same Channel. Thus a Ven the glimmering and unsteady Light of Trade which sometimes exerts a civilising influence a excluded from Thia Quot taboo cd Quot spot. Nearly All the plantations or farms in the tick pity of the Quot heme Plantation of colonel Lloyd belong to him and Ali one which do nut Are owned by personal friends of his As deeply interested in maintaining the slave system in All its rigor As col. Lloyd him self. Some of his neighbors Are said to be even More stringent than he. The skinners the weaken the til mans the locker sons and the i pans Are in the same boat being slave holding neighbors they May have strengthened each other in their Iron Thev Are on intimate terms Sod their interests and Tamatea Aro identical. Yumio opinion in such a Quarter the Reader will Aee a not Likely to be very efficient in protecting Tho slave from cruelty. On the contrary it must me care and intensify Bis wrong. Public opinion Aldom differs very widely from Public Prastio. To be i restraint upon cruelty and Vito Public Opin Ion must emanate from a Humano and virtuous Community. To no such humane and virtuous Community is colonel Lloyd a plan tation is a Little nation of its own having its own rules regulations and customs. The Laws and institutions of the state apparently touch it nowhere. The troubles arising Here Are not sett by the civil Power of the state. The Overa Eor is generally accuser judge jury advocate and executioner. The criminal is always dumb. The overseer attends to All sides of a Caso there Are no conflicting rights of property Lor All the people Are owned by one Man and they can themselves own no religion and politics Are alike one class of the population Are too High to he reached by a preacher and Tho other Elass a too Low too be cared for by the preacher. The poor have the gospel preached to them in this neighbourhood Only when they Are Ablo to pay for it. The slaves having no Money get no gospel. The politician keeps away because the people have no votes an 1 tha preacher keeps away because the people have no Money. Tho Rich planter can afford to Leurn politics in the parlor and to i spouse with religion altogether. La its isolation seclusion and self reliant Independence. Col. Lloyd s Plantation resembles what the baronial domains were during Tho Middle Ages in Europe grim cold and unapproachable by All genial influences from communities without there it stands full three Hundred years behind Tho ago in All that relates to humanity and morals. This however is not the Only View that the place presents. Civilization is shut out but nature cannot be. Though separated from the rest of the world thou Gli Public opinion As i have Oaid Seldom get it Chanco to penetrate its dark Doni a a though the whole place is stamped a the its own Peculiar in like Jodi via a Fuji a no though crimes High hat and atrocious Najr to it a a re be Summit tvs with almost is much impunity As upon the deck of a pirate ship it is nevertheless altogether to outward seeming a most strikingly interesting place full of life activity and spirit. Now tiie slaves Lite. It is the boast of slaveholders that their slaves enjoy Moro of the physical comforts of life than Tho peasantry of any country in Tho world. My experience contradicts the men and to women slaves on col. Lloyd a farm received As their monthly allowance of food sight pounds of pickled pork or its equivalent in fish. The pork was often tainted and the fish was of the poorest Quality a her rings a which would bring very Little if offered for Sale a any Northern Market. With their pork or fish they had one Bushel of Indian meal Sun Bolt do of which quite fifteen per cent Wae fit Only to feed pigs. With this oos pint of Salt was Given and this was the entire monthly All Wanco of a full grown slave working constantly in the open Field from morning until night every Day in the week except sunday and living on a fraction Moro than a Quarter of a Pound of Moat per Day and Leas than a Peck of Corn meal per weak. There in no kind of work that a Man can do which require a better Supply of food to prevent physical exhaustion than the Field work of a Alave. So much for the a Lavese allowance of fool now for i raiment. The yearly All Wanoa of clothing for the Alavo Soa this Plantation consisted of two Linen shirts such lieu As the coarsest crash towels Aro made of Ono pair of Trowser and a jacket of Woolen most a lazily put together for Winter Ono pair of yarn stockings and Ono pair of shoes of to coarsest description. Tho slaves entire apparel could not have coat More than tight dollars per year. Tho allowance of food and clothing for the Little children was committed to their mothers or to the other Slavo women having the care of them. Children who were Dunsmo to Wirk in the Field had neither a hoes stockings jackets or Trowser Given them. Their clothing consisted of two coarse Tow Linen shirts a already described a per year and when Obeso failed them As they often did they went naked till the next allowance Day. Flocks of Little children irom five to ton Yean old might be been on Chi. Lloyds Plantation As destitute of clothing a any Little Heathen on the West coast of Africa and this not Morely during the summer Mouths but during the frosty weather of Murroh. The Little girls were no bettor off than the Boye All were Woerly in a state of Nuti Dity. A to Ufa to a sep on they were known to none of the Geld hands nothing but a coarse blankets not so Good a As Homo used in Trio North to Oover horses a was Given them and this Only to the men and women. The children stuck themselves in holes and Corners about Tho Quarter often in the Corner of the huge chimneys with their feet in the ashes to keep them warm. The want of Beds however was not considered a very great privation. Time to sleep was of far greater importance for when the Days work is Dono most of the slaves have their was hog mending and cooking to do and having few or Nooe of the on Linary facilities for doing such things very Many of their sleeping hours was consumed in necessary preparations for the duties of the coming Day. Called Auchy have Little regard to Comfort or decency. Old and Young male and female married and single drop Down upon the common cosy floor etch covering up with his or her blankets the Only Protection they hefty a of the evil doer Here As Well As else where. The Cloee listed stinginess that fed the poor slave on coarse Corn mesh and tainted meat that clothed him in crash Tow Linen have from cold or exposure. The night and hurried him on to toil through the Field however is shortened at both ends. The in All Weathers with wind and rain beating slaves work often of Long As they can see i through his tattered garments that scarcely and Aro late in cooking and melding for the gave even the Young Alave Mother time to coming Day and at Tho first Gray Streak of nun her hungry infant in the Fence Corner morning they Sre summoned to the Field by wholly vanishes on approaching Tho sacred pc duct of the great House the Homo of the Lloyds. There the scriptural phrase finds an act illustration the highly favored inmates of this mansion Are literally arrayed the Drivers Horn. More slaves ate whipped for oversleep ing than for any other fall. Neither age nor sex finds any favor. Tho overseer a hand at the Quarter door armed with stick �?o�0 purple and Fine Linen a and fare Sumptur and Cowskin ready to whip any Ono who Ousby every Day the table groans under the heavy and blood bought luxuries gather a with pains taking care at Home and a but of. Field forests livers and areas Are Sade tributary Here. Immons wealth and its lavish expenditure fill the Groat House with All that can please the cy0, or tempt the taste. Here appetite not food is the great May be a few minutes behind time. When the Horn is blown there is a Rush for the door and the Hinde Nuwt one i Euie to get a blow from the overseer. Young mothers who worked in the Field Scro allowed an hour about ten of clock in the morning to go Home to nurse their children. Sometimes they were compelled to take their Desideratum. Fish flesh and fowl Are hero children with them and to leave them in in profusion. Chickens of All Breeds a the Corner of the fences to prevent loss of Dueks of All kinds wild and tame the com Limo in nursing them. The overseer Gen a Mon and the huge muscovite Guiner fowls really rides about the Field on turkeys geese and pea fowls a in their a Cowskin and a Hickory stick Are his con several pens fat and fattening Lorth Dostin slant companions. The Cowskin is a kind de vortex. The Graceful Swan the Mon of whip Seldom been in the Northern states girls the Black necked wild Goose Patrid it is made entirely of unmanned but dried go quails pheasants and pigeons Choice of hide and is about As hard As a pm Ete of water fowl with All their Strango varieties Well seasoned live Oak. It is made of Vari tre caught in this huge family net. Beef Ous sizes but the usual length is about Raal Mutton and Venison of the most select three fest. The part held in tha hand is kinds and Quality Roll bounteous by to this nearly an Inch in thickness and from the grand consumer. The teeming riches of Tho extreme end of the butt or handle the Eow Chesapeake Bay Ita Rock Perch drum Cro skin spors its whole length to a Cut Trout oysters crabs and Terrapin Are makes it quite elastic and drawn 10 1,10 lettering table of a blow with it on the hardest Buck will Tbs great House. The Dairy too probably Gash the flesh and make the blood the finest on the Eastern Shore of Maryland cows Kius Are painted red Blue and Grcen a supplied by cattle of Tho Best English and Are the Favorito stave whip. I think Tocki imported for the purpose pours its this whip worse than Tho Quot cat of nine tails Quot Rich donations of fragrant cheese Golden hut it condenses the whole strength of the Arm Tor and delicious Cream to heighten Tho at to a single Point and comes with a Spring traction of Tho gorgeous unending round of that makes the air whistle. It is a terrible fencing. Nor Are the fruits of Tho Earth Lor instrument and i so Handy that the Over Rotten or neglect sir the Fertile Garden seer can Alsye have it on his person and i Many acres in a use constituting a separate ready for see the temptation to use it a establishment distinct from Tho common Evor a ooh and an overseer can if Dis form with its scientific Gardner imported posed always have cause fur using from Scotland a or. Mcdermott with Voith him it is literally a word and blow four men under his direction was not be and in most cases Tho blow comes first. Lii jul either in Tho abundance or in Tho Deli As a general Rule slaves do not come to ency of its contributions to Tho same Ful the quarters for either breakfast or dinner Board. Tho tender asparagus the succulent but Lako their Quot Ash cake a with them and celery and the delicate cauliflower egg eat it in the Field. Thie was so on the Home Plantation probably because Tho distance from Tho Quator to the Field was sometimes two and Ovon three Miles. The dinner of the slaves consisted of a Imago Utonn of nth Osko and a a mall piece of pork or two Salt Herrings. No. Ovens nor any suitable cooking utensils the slaves mixed their meal with a Little water to such thickness that a spoon would stand erect in it and after Tho Wood had burned away to Coal and ashes they would place the dough Between Oak leaves and Lay it carefully in the ashes completely covering it hence the bread a called Ash cake. The surface of this Peculiar bread a severed with ashes to the depth of a sixteenth part of an Inch and the ashes certainly do not make it very grateful to the Teeth nor Render it very palatable. Tho bran or coarse Pari of the meal is baked with the Fine and Bright Scales run through the Broad. This bread with its a alies and bran would disgust and Hoko a Northern nun but it is quite liked by the they eat it with avidity and Are More concerned about the Quantity than about the Quality. They Are far too scantily provided for and Are worked Loo steadily to be much concerned for the Quality of their food. The few minutes allowed them at dinner time after partaking of their coarse repast Are variously spent. Some lie Down on the a a turning Row a and go to sleep others draw together and talk and others Are at work with Needle and thread mending their catered garments. Sometimes you May hear a wild hoarse laugh arise from a Circle and often a song. Soon however plants beets Lattuco parsnips pens and French Beans Early and Lato radishes antelopes melons of All kinds the fruits and Flowers of nil Oli tues and of nil de scrip dons from i it a Hardy Nyji Lri of the North to Tho Lemon and Orange of Tho South Gulmina at this Point. Rail Timbro Gatli ered flags raisins almonds and jute or gapes from Spain. Wines and brandies from France teas of various flavor from China and Rich aromatic Coffeo from Java nil conspired to swell Tho Tido of High life where Pride and indo Leno rolled and lounged in and satiety. Behind the tall backed and elaborately wrought chairs stand the scr auts men and Maidens fifteen in number Dis Crimi Natly selected not Only with a View to their Industry and faithfulness but with special regard to their personal appearance their Graceful agility and captivating some of these Are armed with Fane and Are fanning reviving breezes toward Tho overheated brows of the Alabaster ladies others watch with eager Eye and with Fawn like step Antic into and Supply wants before they Are sufficiently formed to to announced by word or sign. These servants constituted amp sort of Black aristocracy on col. Lloyd a Plantation. They res Amblod the Field hands in nothing except in color and in this they held the advantage of a velvet Liko Glos siness Rich and Beautiful. The hair too showed the same advantage. The delicate coloured maid rustled in the scarcely worn silk of her Young mistress while the servant men were equally Well attired from Tho overflowing wardrobe of their Young masters so that in dress a Well As the overseer comes dashing through then ord1 0d features in manner and speech Field. A a Tumble up Tumble up and to in Toto find he a la a to Tho distance Between work work a is Tho cry and now from these favored few and to sorrow and Hun twelve of clock mid Day till dark the Hurer smitten multitudes of the Quarter and maa cattle Are in motion wielding their Clumsy hoes hurried on by no Hepe of Reward no sense of gratitude no lore of children no Prospect of bettering their condition nothing save the dread terror of the slave Drivers lash. So goes one Day and so comes Anil goes another. How Toltl masters uti. But let us now leave to rough usage of the Field where vulgar coarseness and brutal cruelly spread themselves and flourish rank As weeds in the tropics where a rile wretch in the Khaspe of a Man rides walks or struts about dealing blows and leaving gashes on broken spirited men and helpless women for thirty dollars per month a business so horrible hardening and disgraceful that rather than engage in it a decent Man would blow out his own brains and 1st Ike Reader View with me the equally Wilt cd but less repulsive aspects of slave life where Pride and pomp Roll luxuriously at a ase where the toil of a thousand men supports a Tingle family to easy idleness and Sio. This is the great House it is the Home of the Lloyds some idea of a a splendor has already been Given and it is hero that we shall find that height of luxury which is the opposite of that the fold was a in Menso and this is Seldom passed Over. Let us now glance at the stables and Tho Carriage House and to shall find the same evidences of Pride and luxurious Ostrava Gance. Here Sre three splendid coaches a Oft within and Lustrous without. Ilene too Are gigs Phi tons Barouchas sulk cys and sleighs. Hera Are saddles and harness a beautifully wrought and Silver mounted kept with every care. In the Atabelo you will find kept Only for pleasure full thirty five horses of to most approved blood for Speed and Beauty. There Are too Mon Here constantly employed in taking care of these horses. Ono of Obeso Man must be always in Tho stable to answer every Call from the great House. Over the Way from the stable is a House built express by for Tho hounds a pack of Twenty five or thirty a whose fare would have made glad the heart of a dozen a laves. Horses and hounds Are not the Only Consumers of the slaves toil there Unis Practised at the Lloyds a hospitality which would Havo astonished and charmed any health seeking Northern divine or merchant who might have chanced to share it. Viewed from his own table. And not from the Field depth of poverty and physical wretchedness Tho colonel was a Model of Gens Rons hopi that to hate just now been contemplating. But there is this Dit Farance in the two extremes vis that in the ease of the slave the miseries and hardships of Bis lot Are imposed by others and in the masters Case they Are imposed by himself. The slave is a subject subjected by others Tbs slaveholder is a subject but he a the author of his own subjection. There is More truth in Tho saying that slavery is a greater evil to the master than to the slave than Many who utter it suppose. The self executing the bleeping apartment in if they May be j a a a time follow Cloae on the Talvity. I House was literally s hotel for weeks during the summer months. At these times especially Tho air was freighted with Tho Rich fumes of baking boiling roasting and broiling. The doors i shared with the winds but the meats were under a More stringent monopoly except that occasion ally i got a cake from mass Daniel. In mass Dsniel i had a Friend at court from whom i Learned Many things which my eager curiosity was excited to know. I always knew Whon company was expected and who they were although i was an out aider being the property not of col Lloyd but of a servant of the wealthy colonel. Of these occasions All that Pride taste and Money could do to Faaalo and Charm was done. Who could say that the servants of col. Lloyd were not Well Clad and cared for after witnessing one of his magnificent entertainments ? who could say that they did not seem to glory in being the slaves of such a master who hut a fanatic could a get up any sympathy for persons whose every movement was agile easy and Graceful and who evinced a consciousness of High superiority f and who would Ever venture to suspect that col. Lloyd was subject to the trouble of Ordinary mortals Muter and Slavo seem alike in their glory Here can it be All seeming alas it May Only be a Sham at Lut this immense wealth this gilded splendor this profusion of luxury this exemption from toil this life of Cue this sea of plenty Aye what of it All ? Are he we a singular being. At times he was overflowing with wit and humor but these oct unions Ware rare. A settled gloom Hung Over Hie countenance and All his con vers lion wore an air of sadness u plainly at though it we stamped upon his brow in letters deeply out u the Brand of Cain we written in the curse of Bis life Mem by. Curiosity and the deep and Arden Friendship i bail acquired for him often prompted me to Endeavor to lilt the veil which like a darkening Cloud Bung Over Bis Hearl and his life but always to no purpose. Occur orally he would come to the office much exhilarated with drink and then he would sit Down and duh off one of those flowing scathing Pithy and prophetic articles which at that time made the morning a a so celebrated and which were quoted and commented upon through out the country and the world u the productions of the celebrated editor. So things progressed for months and though to were the Pearly Gates of happiness and Sweet Coo in constant Intercourse with each other though All his daily life and action were part of mine i never Learned his history never dreamed the secret of his life never knew Why he sought and hoped Only for Tho Lethe of forgetfulness till the incident occurred which 1 am now about to relate. It was a portion of my repo tonal dude logo daily to the police office and there gather and collate that the curious world might know them the annals of crime. In pursuance of this duty i was one Day turning Over Tho leaves of tha police Book when my Eye we struck by the following tent Flung open to such suitors 1 far from it the poor slave on his hard Pine Plank but scantily covered with his thin Blanket sleeps More soundly than the feverish voluntary who reclines upon his Cathor bed and downy Pillow. Food to the indolent Lounger is Poison not sustenance. Lurking beneath All their dishes Are invisible spirits of evil ready to food to Solf deluded Gorman divers with aches pains Floree tempers uncontrolled passions dyspepsia rheumatism Lumbago and gout and of these the Lloyds got their full share. To the pampered Lover of Easo there is no resting Pisco. What is two Hundred dollars Reward pleasant to Day is repulsive to Morrow the t5oro Ewart we a a be pied of he to. What is soft now is hard at another time re8t, or any information which May Lead to what is Sweet in Tho morning is bitter in Tho of g a m who u charge it evening. Neither to Tho wicked nor to Tho with the commit on 0f a forgery four idler is there any solid peace Quot troubled yer a nce and who he a re Ceilly like the restless Een in in cd y 0fajfavr j0 my of Quot a 1 known by the following description. Two a 1 a Quot Al Hen a do pc i a Ion 01 a impressive lesson. My Rienz even Noung a Peculiar Tux wicked Bizall Mot Uve oct half is birth Mark which he bore upon his its to say that 1 was horror struck would poor in Tho Pioneer or California monthly by convey an idea of my feelings 011 read Magazine for july we find Tho following Iob Anil drinking in Tho contents of that melancholy Story contributed to that Peri damning Page before to. I read it and Rodical by the Hon. E Gould Buffum. Tho re read it again and again and impulsive Story is True and to could fill up the by mechanically scarce knowing what i Blanks with the real names if any Good of did or Why i did it copied the whole of it jct was to be thereby attained. Or. But on my note Book. I was a nil poring Over Fum has not even Given Tho True in Buia of it in a state of utter forgetfulness in All the unhappy Young Man whose Fate he de else when i was aroused from my sad Rev scribes Eric by the Gruff voice of a policeman who r Ned been to West Point in the summer wished to of asinine the Book and who asked of 1846, engaged in writing a series of let me in a surly tone if i was a a going to keep tors for the morning with which i it All Day a i mail some flippant reply had been connected of a reporter for some to him and handed him the Book. His two years previous. Upon my return to the office i found sitting at my desk a Voung Man apparently about Twenty five years of age in Ressell in the most seedy Lyle imaginable and indulging in that full a relatedness of coat which usually covers a shirt bosom of rather suspicions whiteness. A glimpse at his face however removed Tho unfavourable opinions which his dress had imparted. His forehead was High and intellectual his head unusually Large in proportion to Tho remainder of his body and his whole features cast in that classic Mould which gives so much Beauty to the profiles of Michael Angelo. He struck me at onco As a remarkable Man a and subsequent acquaintance and events showed to i was not mistaken. He had been engaged at Tho office at a Small salary and was miserably poor and upon my introducing myself to him As i immediately did he asked to to step aside upon doing which he craved 1 Small loan to enable him to Purchase a breakfast. I let him have the Money and at night took him Home to my third Story Back room in my boarding House where he shared my narrow cot bed not quite wide enough for one. In the close connection into which our duties brought us we soon became As intimately acquainted is any one could become with such a singular being As he was. 1 had not known him Many Days before i found he was a Man of Genius rarely Over met with and that grafted upon it were attainments such of Are Seldom Ever seen in one so Young. He bad been educated at College where to stood at the head of his class and beside the Musty lore of greek and latin he had made himself thoroughly conversant with hebrew and of the modern languages to spoke fluently French Spanish German and italian. He sketched and painted too with an artist s a kill and soon after on acquaintance commenced he Ono Day showed is a portfolio of paintings in water colors of scenes from nature of wild tropical scenes where the towering Palm tree casts a Shadow Over the painted Earth and where gorgeously coloured tropical Flowers and Birds of Golden plumage filled the picture and then some ancient Ruina the remains apparently of race of which my history Reading had never taught me of inca like palaces and temples and Tomb and then scenes upon the bad Desow ate Ocean like waving pampas and then again pictures of Domestic Beauty and Oon Tunt at doors of Little hut Ishin which the Fig los and tha Coosa not cast their refreshing shadows and then a unset scenes on which his Ponc d had left the gorgeous colors such As linger on the Billowy Clouds of the tropics when the a inking Sun is singing them with his Fate Well rays. One of these Sunset scenes he showed me was a fancy sketch such is Only Tho Pencil of an artist and Nof my pen can describe. But it we a scene of quiet Calm peaceful and unclouded rest where the very stillness of tha air seemed painted a where the tree leaves stood u motionless u though no Breeze had Ever rustled them and where a Silver Stream was gliding thru Flower enamelled Plain. Eyes rested at once on the glaring caption a a two Hundred dollars Reward a a and Seiei Reading it carefully he turned to to and said a a if i Ain t very much mistaken i saw that Chap with you fourth of for was True we had been together All that Day and in that very Day had together entered that same police office and conversed with that Samo disciple of dumber by i simply replied that Quot i guessed not a and m soon As i could safely and without creating suspicion left the office. With a Speed u rapid u i we capable of i started for the office of the morning a Friend whom i met on the Way the next Day laughingly demanded an apology of me for Tho rough manner in which i had jostled him guide when he grouped my hand and would have spoken with but i remembered it not. The Busy Street was All a Blank space to me that afternoon the Din of carts and carriages and newsboys cries foil not upon my ear. But one thought filled me but Ono Hope animated me und that was to see my poor Friend g in a Molo save him from the clutches of the Law. I rushed madly into the of slice and found go a in hotly sitting at his desk engaged in writing. I seized him and melancholy and gazing into its Limpid Waters we a Young Man. Small though tha Pic Oro we i easily recognized his own form and portrait. I asked him Whit he called Tho picture and he said twas wildly and bade him not to speak but follow me to my room. Arm in Arm we went together. I pulled him along with a rapidity that must have alarmed him. Not a word we said till my attic chamber was reached and then i bid him be seated i pulled out my note Book and told him to read the transcript i had made the record of his crime. He retd it through calmly and quietly and when he had reached the ending the note Book dropped from oat his hand and to following it fell upon the floor where tears and sobs for a moment choked his utterance u to tried to speak to me. I Bailo him be Calm and whispered words of Consolation and Hopa in his ear and when the first gush of sorrowful despair had Pau cd away he seated himself upon my bed and told me the sad secret of his life and for the first time i fully Learned Why it we he had so Long been hoping for the Lethe of forgetfulness. He was the Only son of a somewhat celebrated divine in the state of and his Mother we a widow. His father Ere he died had intended him to follow in the footstep of Bis sacred calling and All that parental fondness could offer we lavished on his education. When eighteen years of age he entered College stand there his Brilliant intellect and the Noble qualities of his heart Young As he was Drew a round him a crowd of admirers. He was loved and he we flattered. Mingling with the Gay and reckless youths who in College life Are usually made up of Tho most intellectual be joined them in their revels and in an evil hour became an initiate at the gaming table which we found even in the in of. From that Momont he became a victim. His Liberal allowance we squandered always at the Helfano which he had been introduced and after by its Side sad three constant years of torture such As Only the Gamester knows he found himself disgraced with debt,.from which he saw no Hope of Relvue. His father had in the meantime died and he had Wall nigh exhausted his poor mothers patience and her parse by his frequent demands upon the latter. During this time his a Ervona intellect could not be slumbered even by the deadening influence of gaming and be became a Ripe scholar but misery had marked him for a victim and already he began to Long for the Lethe of forget falness. At Lut when in a state of utter desperation temptation seized him and one Day after a nights Debauch at the gaming table knowing that one of the prof ours had a sum of Money in the Bank he procured a Check filled it with the sum of two thousand dollars forged the professor s signature and Drew the Money. Utterly desperate he started that night for new York and two Days after finding a ship to sail for Callao he took passage in her and in Loar Mouths found himself in Lima. For three years and Over he Wae a wanderers wanderer through the cities and wilds of South America. His nervous brain would never let him rest end so to continued to study and to learn always Haring with him one or More books from which he acquired the languages in which he became so proficient. He roamed into the heart of Peru lived for months among the natives on the Banks of the wildly flowing Amazon roved Over the Broad pampas lived the life of an Oulu to but always looking to the Lethe of forgetfulness. At last his Means were exhausted and in utter despair again he went on boar an american ship at Valparaiso to worked Hia passage Home hoping that he and his crime were forgotten and that yet he might find Hie Lethe among his fellow men and intending if it we a life a labor to atone As fully u he would for his youths crime an advertisement had attracted him to to office of the morning after he had spent Days of hunger and nights of restlessness and sorrow. In the Humble Guise and employment of a newspaper reporter he had hoped to pass unheeded by the world and with a singular Lack of prudence to say the least which i afterwards often wondered at did not even Chango his name. But some Sharp Eye Hail been him and a Reward was set upon his head. This was his sad tale. He told it to to through tears and sobs and when he had concluded 1 again offered him words of Comfort and of Hope but they Camo Loo late fell upon his ear with no Joyful sound. He seized me by the hand and saying a a Good Bye Ned. God bless you a a rushed fit i my a to i a for Noelen to Ilell in him. But to was gone and i never Law him More. A few months afterwards inspired with the love of adventure and the Hope perhaps of military glory i left for californian then a new and almost unknown land. My own wild life now in Tho soldiers tent or by the bivouac fire Sud then by the Side of the old Mountain streams searching for the Golden treasures with them Hod almost erased from my memory Tho name oven of my poor Friend. In the Early part of 1849 however i came to san Francisco and entering Ono Day the office of the Aua California picked up a copy of the morning the paper on which q. A and 1 had Laboured together. I had not seen one before Lor Over two years and the eight of it recalled him again to my memory. By Home singular fatality my Eye rested at once upon the list of deaths. It was headed by the following Quot killed by a whale in the sea of Ochotar g a Only son of the late Rev. Or. M a formerly of a this was his Only epitaph. The wild cola Waves of that Northern sea were washing his whitening Bones. He had passed through the Cloud which death hang Over life a pathway. He had lifted the veil which hides to mortal eyes that future a where the shadows he had at last been buried in the Lethe of forgetfulness or rather had he not awakened to that brighter purer happier life whose earliest dawning casting its gentle Sunshine on the fast gilds its Virtues with Sueh a Golden brightness that its errors Are not seen f a it a a Tki Tiv Auila a mil., Jornot sept. 37. A strange highly respectable and intelligent gentleman writes us from St. George giving a description of a singular wild animal which has appeared in that Vicinity. The Krilor says Quot Lut night sunday night 1 we awakened by the Barking of my dog and on rising up in bed heard a noise in the Yard which sounded like the snorting of a horse. I immediately arose and went to the window it being a very Bright Moonlight evening i saw distinctly an animal of hideous shape looking directly at the via Dow where i stood his eyes shone like balls of fire the dog Muvery much frightened and barked loudly. I procured my gun and discharged u from the window when the monster moved off slowly towards the River. His Hind legs seemed to be somewhat Shorter than the Forward ones Bis body we covered u near u i could judge with Scales of a Bright red and Green color his head resembled that of a hog but with larger Mouth. For several weeks sheep and Young cattle have dip poured mysteriously a but the mystery is now partly cleared up. The tracks which 1 found in my barnyard tha following morning were very Larga and resemble those of a web footed Bird. If i see or hear anything further of thie monstrous annal i will let you know plan ont retort. A purse proud Man just getting into his Carriage with his wife and daughter flaunting in velvet and fora a Aid to a poor labourer who was shovelling col into Hia vault a Joe if you had not drunk Gio you now might have been Riding in a Carriage for nothing else could have prevented a Man of your talents and education irom making a True enough a we the reply of the poor Man and if you bad not sold Gin and Indue de me and others to blooms drunkards you might now Havo been mar Driver for Gin Epin Ning was the Only Way of which you made a ibid log a your life a

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