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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - October 5, 1855, Biddeford, MaineLouis 0. Cowan editor Aid proprietor. Eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of a Timok. Biddeford Maine Friday october 5, 1855. Volume al number 40. Union and Eastern journal Tim pm m4 hum Mimi it us a "�1 Hullit m no. 1, a nor i Blia. Mag i up Linn. To. I. T name am re an l or jul. I the my a us for Lola a la hmm in to lot u ton no Puad Turkla i i ukr Law 4 in Aad us a Tim at us Aram rat a a r by a. It i Rte a Jim to k. To bum Ita Cimi 8wllj a urdu m. W. Intr to Trvll aa4 caul Mai Makeva w Atio Fra Elf. The Fisherman s Dee a. By i in � cock Wall 1 Beard the Meta of in Hught Mil and Tiu i heard the ruling of her july Rube like Tome Lone Queen exiled and full of woe and wre staff a Wood i be Khe 1 heard the murmur of the Falting streams far Olf and Low thai droned dreamy tune 1 wandered Down i he Parl via of dreary Lac neat i he Fiu Urier Inion. And Trawa Bluff to my open eat Cucut Taino so vipa of strange in nuts blown Protu off the sea. Knitting voter arc toed Loc Lluy name and winds to Ulk to us. O mortal toilet conic they Yeeu to say lament no loader Lor thy mile the. Arie Aad trim thy sail and come away Aad Triumph Over fat. Oar Dweller in the Happy Ide Are we. Who know not any care by night or Day. Our Home lie fur upon the for off Tea 8d mortal come a Way the Loq All Day beneath Tho Orange tier. Lie Side the none of Crystal pouting , la spicy clime with no remembrances of Tola acioly things. Or Alae alone Wilc tit id of Mun Nrang foam to Cav the Creany Ripple As they a a Rny away a thousand mile fro i Boute and Back below the aim. 9inka to Hia evening Bath in we turn duo a or else i neral we Abrilla to Luai Yawp a locked by in Rel Winda thai blow Fervia Indian Wood along Ali Placid deep. Three a tip and a Terr they Sanf that Tarot or grew and died up a the Dirac and wholly cased As with tier sandals wet with Dew Din thu hed along the East. 1 Mee the Cool wind swayed Iny lattice sine and Sunrise bum Uloff the lordly Parks. I Beard to bleat of tuck the Low of Kite. And Anop of soaring Lark and Distant sep cards piping rustic air while i alone was downcast and Opp rat heart heavy with a weight of fancied carts and worried with unreal. But in my heart 1 heard another Vole Law toned a us Lull of peace that a suit in to say behold Ali creature a of Ibe Iteld rejoice and Art thou Leaa than they ? know All condition tend to perfect ends. Per Orin a liar lot to heaven leave the real All thing work toll Ibe fat xxx that Ood islands and that which is is Best . Sugar preserves he says honest old share the physician " that undertakes to argue a Insl a ets in general take upon Bim a very difficult talk for nature seem to Hava re commended this Tanto to All sorts of Crea this As a general proportion is undoubtedly True and Jet we find there Ara writer of no mean Eminence who co Oimen in the Atron at terms Trio use of sugar a injurious to the stomach destructive to to Teeth or otherwise pernicious k the health of the system. How each an opinion should liar originated it is very difficult to my. So far from any bad effects being produced by the free use of sugar at least under the Ordinary circumstances of Braith it is shown by to most conclusive evidence too be a highly nutritious and useful article of diet. To palatable salutary and nourishing is the Juico of the sugar Cane says Bryan Edwards in Bis history of the West indies that every individual of the animal creation drinking freely of it during drop time de Rives health and vigor irom its use. The meagre and sickly among tha negroes Sahib it a surprising alteration in a few weeks after the sugar Mill is set in motion. The Labouring horses oxen and mules though al most constantly at work daring this Leafon yet indulged with plenty of the Green Tope of this Noble Plant and some of the Cummings from the boiling Bouse improve More than at any other period of to your. It in fact to the sugar by contain that a Long list of fruits and other vegetable productions which boost state so Large a por Tion of the food of Man and the inferior Ani Mals owe their nutritious properties. The Date which coot aids a great amount of sugar Lorma almost the Only sustenance of i urge number of the inhabitants of the East and the Fig a fruit of the same Char Acter was anciently to Are told the chief food of the athletes or Public wrestlers. From Theeo and other facts to Rasy in Fer that uighur forme a very proper addition to our i nod. Whether Puro sugar How Ever can be eaten by itself in any Quantity with perfect safety in somewhat doubtful to Izeare its ready digestion and in that manner prevent Ita turning sour in the Toca Ach it would appear to be be Memnry that it should be combined with other alimentary substance a. It la i combination with mucilage and other vegetable Mattere that it i met with to the juice of the Cane and those fruits which the experience of Man kind has shown to be the most nutritious Llano As a general Rule sugar should be made use of rather As an addition to Lees palatable articles of diet than As the Princi ple Rood. We do not say that life cannot be eat aimed upon sugar alone for we know that in their journeys through the desert whole caravans have subsisted upon it for Many Days. And in St Domingo at a time when Commerce was suspended from the want of ships sugar was substituted Dur ing Vaaj Mouths Lor lbs Ordinary food of the sat tie and they were found to fatten on it. I is How tree a curious but Well established foot thai substances which too nutritious matter to a bulk do not agree to Well with the stomach nor Are so readily digested m Booe in which the nutritive principle a diffused through a Hrc Tain Liko sugar a Large amount of highly Tauaa of aliment. With a few individuals sweets of All kinds i produce nausea or uneasy sensations in the stomach it a needless to aay that in Auch cum a should be refrained from or used Only in very minute Goa otitis. With dyspeptic generally sugar a very Apt to disagree. Or. Phillips inform a that he Hoa known several who were obliged to Abuin even from the Airall Quantity used in Tea. Preserve Are merely different kinds of fruits boiled to a certain extent in sugar or Mola aaes. The same remarks very nearly will therefore apply to them a to the lat Ter. When eaten in moderation with milk or bread they form an innocent if not advantageous addition to our meals provided however they Are prepared of fruit tolerably Ripo and not too acid. We Are now speak ing of the Ordinary Domestic reserves. In Lef Srenco to the entire class it will be proper to observe that when formed from tag eur Blea very Tough of a broody Fibre or other Wise of an indigestible nature they invariably disturb the stomach notwithstanding the sugar with which they Are combined. The great Perli Uja tie Only objection to the use of preserve in general during a state of health is that they Art generally eaten with the dessert after partaking of a Hearty dinner or at Tho close of a substantial supper. Under such circumstances they almost invariably impede digestion and by running into fermentation in the stomach product heartburn Colio and other uneasy sensations. They Are very Apt also to produce the same affects when partaken of late in the evening or just by fro retiring to rest. Caution should be observed in regard to Tho vessels in which preserves Are kept. A few years since a number of the inhabitants of Lancaster county penn., were attacked with a extremely painful a Flection the canuso of which was traced to the Una of Apple butter a species of Reserve which been kit in earthen vessels Glasure a is usual with Load. Improve the dry weather. Although we Are not suffering with any1 drouth at the present time vet As it is now drier than it has been and Tho Springs angered Down to an habitual even cheerfulness which comported Well with his venerable aspect. He was one of those old men whom Chil Dren naturally inline to and whose society youth seek out and take pleasure in. Be sure when an infant looks up smilingly in the face of an aged stranger and where children gambol around him or sit quietly upon his knee listening to the pretty Sto Ries he loves to Tell them be Suro that Man has a heart formed for Friendship and love. The reason of grow men and women May be deceived in this respect but that of children is surely deceived if Ever. During the weary Days that a sed on the journey my father had made the kind old gentleman his confidant and had received a great Deal of Friendly advice from him and More than that he had told my father that he had some influence in new York and Aike was fully aware that a stranger in a Large City was exposed to Many temptations and difficulties he would him cd Endeavor to provide him with a situation in the Hou of or one or Kusold Tendi to it in business As a merchant in Broad Street the gentleman whose name was Withers was a planter from the South and to was on his annual Northern tour partly for pleas ure and partly Tor Tho Purchase of Inch necessaries As would be required on his Plantation on hit return Home. Of course he had a considerable amount of Money with him and on one occasion when he happened to mention this in the hearing of the Captain of the Sloop my father Tayt he observed a singular expression pane Orer the Man s face but at the Tiro thought nothing of it and in due Lime the vessel arrived in sight of the City or new York. It was getting late in the evening and As the wind and the tide were both against the vessel the capt in determined to run her As close m possible in Shore and then Anchor for the night. This having been done he approached to the teat near the to frail of the Loop on which the old Gen Leman and my father were titling. " we Are Atill a Goodish bit from the City said he " and if you gentlemen think i will be tedious staying on Board Tho Sloop my mate and i Are going on Shore to the inn hard by to see some old acquaintances and stay Lor Tho night and you can go along with can we get conveyance into new York in the morning " inquired or. Withers. " no fear of that said the Captain " you can take your baggage ashore with you to the inn or Oan make up your mind to stay aboard just As you please i Well said or. Withers � if to my Young Friend it it agreeable i vote that we go ashore the evening is delightful and we shall enjoy walk before bedtime after having been cooped up on Board this ves Sel " f of course Ray Fathor was agreeable to any proposition started by the old go nolo Man and the boat waa lowered and the Captain the mate and two passenger were in a few minutes aet on Ali Ore somewhere near the spot where Twenty first Street tarns through the eleventh Avenue. I will not Tell my readers that new York although flourishing and a tolerably Largo City was very different from new Yolk of the present Day and the spot where the boat landed her Crow and passengers was quite a Long Way in the country. A email but comfortable old Wayside and water Eide inn stood there which Many years ago was razed to the ground and to this inn the passenger were conducted by the Captain the old gentleman and my father each carrying their portmanteau with them. Or. Withers ordered a Good Topper to to got ready of which to invited my father to partake and while i was preparing they walked into the it till adjacent to the House. In due time the landlord announced the upper and having done full Justice to the Landlady excellent cookery my father and or. Wither retired to rest each occupying a Tingle bedroom on the same land ing. I will Tell the remainder of Tho Story i my father s own word r 441 do not know How Long i hid been in bed he would a when i heard a Hor Rible noise As of ome one shouting for help and i strove to Rise and could not. In a few minutes the dreadful shrieks and cries for help were succeeded by moans like those of the dying person and i was till struggling As i thought to Rise to go to Tho Aid of the Sutterer when i was suddenly awoke and found that i was in a strange room standing in my night clothes Nar the open window. While in the act of recovering my bewildered senses i heard the Rush of footsteps on the stairs and the Cap Tain of the Sloop and Tho servant of the Inq rushed into the room seizing to tightly by the Arm they proceeded to bind me half naked As i was to the chair. Whats this for what is the mat. Ter 1" i asked still bewildered in my Seh ses and half believing that i was still dream ing. " matter enough youngster replied the keeper of the inn who had just entered the room a you will soon find out to your Cost. Who would have believed that n Young Man could be such a blood thirsty i did not reply for in truth knew not what to say nor what my assailants meant. At this moment i heard a moan from the bed which stood at the other end of the apartment and presently two or three other persons entered the room. " it is the doctor and Constable said the landlord an elderly gentleman dressed in Black stepped up to the bed Side. This is the murderer Conan leu me landlord addressing a truculent looking Man who had come in with the gentleman and who was accompanied by iwo As rough and Brawny As himself and an i he spoke the Constable came towards me,1 and one of them the Man whom Tho land lord had Dndr Issod Laid his heavy hand on my shoulder and looked into my face. I do not know him said he he must be a stranger in these parts for i know al most every jail Bird in Tho state " he is Vry Young to have committed such n horrible deed said another person for by this time Tho room was crowded with Iran Era who had heard Tho news a Man had been murdered al the inn. Aye he s Young enough but i have known younger than lie capable of com mitting any crime replied Tho chief con stable and lie s an old hand too i la warrant or he could not act As Loop Aiho does and then proceeded us he said this to place a pair of handcuff on my wrists. Good god said i what Doos what can this mean v you Sham it Well youngster was the brutal reply. It mean that you have Stab bed the gentleman who is dying in that bed there and this is not the first crime you have committed by a Long Chalk i la be bound. People Don t generally begin with As he said this i saw a sudden movement of Tho crowd that had gathered round Tho bed for up to this time i had been half unconscious of what bad been going on and Ebreo or four voices said " poor gentleman to is trying to speak and then i heard a feeble voice say red red cloak and then Thero was an Audi ble shiver and a cry of horror ran through Tho Assembly Ono of the persons saying " see he is dying he is choking with Taro was a tremor of the bed a painful death like silence amidst those who stood round it and then a whisper " lie is dead in a moment i comprehended All. Some one had murdered my aged Friend and i wus accused As Tho murderer. I knew i was guiltless but Bow came i out of my bed i How came 1 in the room of the Murd Rod Man i i was seized with horror and As Tho con stable proceeded to do me oat of the room i became unconscious i Learned afterwards that i was confined in the room of the inn All night closely watched by the of ulcers and in the morning my senses Only half re stored was taken before n magistrate. I found the Captain of the Sloop Tho ser vant of the inn before mentioned the land lord already at Tho Justice s room and Tho two former very deliberately charged me with the murder for Tho purpose of robbing Tho old gentleman my fellow traveller of the Large amount of Money in his Possession. The magistrate called upon me to state what i had to say Why i should not be committed for trial and in Tome measure restored to conscious Ness by Tho awful predicament in which 1 found myself i answered a nearly As i can recollect As follow " i know no More of this awful business than a child unborn. I am Tho son of poor but respectable parents near Albany. I never was guilty of a crime. I Appeal to god for my Innocense of this Morder. Or. Withers was kind to to on Tho journey from Albany and upon my telling him that i came with letter of recommendation to see some gentlemen in new York who might procure Tae a situation be promised to use hit Endeavor to get a one himself. If i have murdered this Man i am a monster a thing for Man to shudder at and for i leaven to forsake. Yet you see i can with on bleached Cheek Call upon Ood to Litaea my Innocense 1 i am guiltless of the crime and heaven May yet Point oat the hidden perpetrator1 of it. Or. Wither bad a Small portmanteau with him when he went to bed and we bade each other Good eight at the door. I turned to the servant of the inn Ood gave bin of cloak with the Proa ise of a shilling if he would Brash it Well of Retarn it to me in the morning. Lie took it my went away. I then went to bed. How 1 came to be in or. Wit bet s bed room As heaven is my judge i know not i did not murder. I bad no weapon. My life May be sacrificed but i am inno coot. God help me god help me there was a death like silence in the court when i had finished speaking and i noticed the spectators looking at each other in doubt and Surprise. " where is Tho servant Man said to magistrate for he hid left the court room. There was a Little Bustle in the Justice room and Tho Man was brought Back. What is your name v said to Magis trate. " Ephraim Jon Kuna " state again your reasons Tor supposing Bitt youth guilty of Thia horrible " i Hoard a cry of murder and i Woko of the Loop who slept in the pet to rom to mine and together went to

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