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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 24, 1854, Biddeford, MaineItf�r�cj�km0 the Union a5d Eastern in Posu Ihk a Kelt Fri oat. Orrica be. 1 cd at Elbi Kkt big Defoto a it a to its the Kwiw. Ham we pm Rii Iua or if paid writes three month free la eb�rilmbf_8�� Kle copies Mey a Obus am at the Albee la seau a Prio 4 Tau. Y b paid sub a a a american newspaper agent in in Only authorised agent Lor Thia paper in i he Oil Lea of new York bunion and Philadelphia Aud is duly empowered to Taka advertise meat ind subscriptions at the san Ralee As re. Muired by us. His offices Are Iyow hark Tribune Sui Lomga Hasta Scot i at building Kila Turkia n. W. Corker third Aud Che sum Street. Makell Watson Printer. Poetry. Medical you arabic Rattan. Take a Little ruins the Lesa you take the better mix it with the lakes of Feuu a and of Wetter. Dip a Spur anal out mind you done to get groggy pour it in the Lake . Stir the mixture Well do it prove Interior then wit half a drop into Lake Superior. Every Oiler Day take a drop in water you a it be belter soon or at least you re Arr. Allopathy takes it sue Calomel. The More you take the better mix it with a drop or Twu us Cistern water. The it on pm Mirn Louis 0. Cowan editor Aid proprietor. Biddeford Friday november 24,1854. Vol. . 47. Feed some to your dog it will make Huu vaunt and my be see stars or per hupa a Coyiet. 4 it nce in each half hour take a rousing portion say a Tumbler Lull it that suits your motion. If you Chance to die As you a re almost sure to you can safely swear that it dul n t cure you. Nip Koratko. Take a Linen Ajeet Tik i Arger i a the better wrap yourself up Well and plunge into lie water. Any water ii in it Croton sea or Cistern. Each should make his clone As May beat Anil his turn. Oliell you re Lairy soaked if you Don t feel is Tler take a Gem ious Shower Buth Aud eel a Little Wetter. Touch no wine or Gin. Drink Gallons us Hotd water you la be totter soon la you Aiu l you an Ghitsa a i skor at it. Take the a pea air i la More you Lake the Lille re follow nature s Laws to tie very letter. Let the doctors go to the Bay of Biscay let alone the Gin the Brandy Aud tie whiskey freely re be a cup your spirits cheerful let to of skin was Ever make you fearful. Eat the simplest food la risk die pure cold water. Thou yug will be Well a or at least you is Getlir Chai a Tete Ristics Bat they Are not Tad ones a it thrown off its Robes an a warm Man hit Coal because it do longer needs november winds sad storms remind As of the necessity of making our dwellings Ell Light and Couve Lieut for the still Ruder winds Aud storms of More rigorous Mouths. No House can be Kepi warm where the underpinning is Loose and the wind sweeps under the floors. Roots should be made tight and the barn Oloane where the animals stand. Cattle and hogs should be fatted rapidly now both haying dry and warm Beds and fed liberally. Carrots and beets must be gathered before heavy frosts turnips May remain Strawberry Beds should be mulched and tender raspberries Laid Down and protected. Hardy bulbous roots such As hyacinths tulips shown imperials lilies Narcissus Ito can be Plau led As Long is the ground remains open but the bees should be immediately covered a Tew inches deep with . Apple Trees May be transplanted with Success. Bank them up Well with Earth to support them through the Winter in the Spring it must be removed. A a we now hear the Busy flail in the barn As the thrasher pursues his task from Day to Day never lacking company for he surrounded by the whole family of fowls Ever ready to Hunt up a neglected ear that has escaped his heavy blows. In the farmyard we see the cattle knee deep in the broken Straw which the thrasher has turned out and lowing wistfully Over the Fence As if they wondered what summer had done with All its Green and seeming to Sav As plainly As they can speak that they like not the dry provender which is Given to them and care not How soon they Are ankle does in the Rich luxuriant England Farmer. Miscellaneous. 1 i the wintering poultry. Ain not sensible of having a touch of poultry Ever but i am satisfied that agricultural. Calendar for november. Quot will Kindred pleasure moved and cams of Prest sharing it like our weariness mud rest Willt lives the daily Pur Lucr of our hour through every change us heal mud Trust and showers partake our cheerful meals partaking i isl la Mutual la Moraud Tuli gue Aud thirst the kindly will Ever prove a loud Ofui nity mud social love. Thus Sang Bloomfield the poor Sheperd boy Many years ago and it is his idea conceived amid the toils and hardships incident to such a condition that we should like to introduce into the family of every Farmer in new England. That november should no longer be considered a month in which people May with great propriety hang or drown themselves on account of its gloom but rather with the poet that each shall be with Kindred pleasure moved and that their kindly Intercourse of life shall prove 44 a Bond of Amity Aud social and How much cause there is for this in november about the tar Mere a Home Bene i Lieut heaven has crowned his labors with Success. His barns and granaries and cellars Aro filled with the fruits of the Earth hut cattle come to their Winter Home sleek und fat with Rich pasturage while his cheerful fireside air vacuous invite to that delightful Intercourse of which the poet Aud we believe this to be a object As Well worthy of culture and care As were Farmers might generally Winter them in a Maimer to receive a greater profit for their outlay. For Sescial Yeats i have adopted a plan which has been a great improvement Uii the old one of feeding them once or twice a Day. Firefly they should have a place in which to Winter so warm that one Seldom gets his comb Frozen. Mine Winter under my horse barn which is Twenty four by forty eight feet. Under lie North half of the barn is a cellar for roots and the Bottom of the Sill a trifle above the level ground Oil the North end. The land descends to the South sufficiently to have an open shed under the South half which is ten feet from the ground to the Sill and has a Good substantial Stone Wall in Lime mortar on three a ides of it but open to the South. Over this shod or open cellar Are my stables and the manure passes through the floor. This Shell is occupied by cows and poultry though the poultry have the same Range they had in summer. Their roosting place is in one Corner of tit is sited just below the silts with a shelf by the Side of the Roost. As soon As they require feeding in the fall i set a Large Box of Corn or a liter feed on the shelf and keep a Good Supply by them. For a fortnight they will consume More food than before then become fat Anil the rest of the Winter i think they require no More food than by the old method. The result has invariably been if they Stop laying in december Many of them commence in january and february and through the Spring months they do better than they did by the old treatment and if a fat Chicken is wanted they Are sure to be fount without the trouble of cooking expressly to fatten. The glowing Orchard and it uits and Golden Grain of the the Fields. These will sustain our physical nature but that will strengthen the immortal part. By giving elasticity and Contentment to the mind. Nature is the great teachers her school House doors Ever stand open inviting the inquirer iut but november is the Mouth in which we May be More constant in her courts because better opportunities Are afforded for thought and application than in the summer Mouths. Quot e urge the Young to find benches and books and teachers All about them in the solid Earth and stones upon which they tread a in the air they breathe in the leaves which Are borne upon he Breeze in the sunlight and Shade the Vapours fronts Dews Aud Clouds. Kach will i Turl some useful truth to him who is willing to seek it. Wisdom is the Price of careful application it cannot be gained by Idle and listless minds. Study and labor will overcome All obstacles books and teachers Are new abundant to become an Earnest student it is not necessary to Euter the school House with modern desks and seats and con Loren to codes and regulations. An Active mind will find objects for research and Boontem Platou everywhere in every employment and place. Of Tebee occupy his attention they will Lead him to books and these will reveal to him the thoughts and efforts of other minds As Earnest As Hie own. Men of great acquirement Dull Over systematic lessons and restive under arbitrary rules have filled the ear of the world and thus proved that they were students All thu while in the great school room of nature. They prepared themselves for the Active business of life rather than to be Nice and critical m Mere Book learning. For this preparation none Havo belter opportunities than the Young Farmer. Six Mootha of the year Atford him As much Leisure As is desirable for study and Inzenga lion and during the other six while engaged in his out door pursuits he May apply his acquirement to the things about dim. N this Way his mind will become stored with useful fact Soch a Are applicable to the profession of his Choice. As these Are mastered the mind will stretch away into other studies and scan the Pur suits of other men through the whole Range of the sciences and arts. November then May be a pleasant Day profitable month for the Farmer. It has its the roup. The disease described by our correspondent below is called the roup. It is proscribed for fully in every Good work of poultry and is easily cured if taken in time. The following is our remedy which to have practice with Success for years in cold weather Wash the head of the fowl with warm soap suds from two to four times a Day As it May require. In warm weather cold soap suds is the Best. Then take a pin or awl. And open the nostrils Wall so that it can breath freely. After this operation give a teaspoonful of Sweet Oil or butter if a Small Hen and Noru if a Large one and keep her in a warm Placo in the Winter and a Shady one in summer. Feed lightly when ill with Indian meal dough or Mush unsalted or other Light food. Fowls get the roup More frequently from being too closely confined or for want of fish air than any other cause. A a Saville l. I. Sell 4, 1854. Lately my hens have become partly diseased the remedy for which i cannot find in any work on poultry i possess. They Lay no eggs. The symptoms Are a Short shrill enough As if trying to throw up something. A discharge from the eyes and nostrils an offensive smell a wasting away of the flesh to the Backbone when their eyes swell out full of matter and thus they give up the ghost. If possible please give me a remedy. H. M. a a Priam agriculturist. I rum cram her t Kyj Kurg a Ara. Stitch stitch stitch who has not wept Over the song of the skirt ? who has not sympathised with the tenant of the Gat ret flu poverty hunger sad dirt a Ewing it once with a double thread a shroud us Well As a skirt in until the very name Needle work a and Needle women a became associated with poor half starved creatures doomed by their employers to sit in foul atmosphere chained to their seam by the constantly plied Needle like Galley slaves to the oar and yet this continual ringing the changes on St us and gusset and band bund Aud gusset and seam is not such a scarecrow to All a is not ways so fatal in its consequences a though it May be thu exception which proves the Rule in an instance we Are about to mention this Stiles Swilch stitch was preferred a nay of absorbing by As a passion for music or a love of painting. Annie Linton was the Best sewer in mrs. In Ruyts school and her mistress the flared on inspecting the first shirt she made for her father that the Duke Bauc Euph himself might Wear in a this was High Praise for Little Annie who was Only eleven years of ago and she never forgot it. Her work was the neatest and cleanest Ever then she did Uso quickly her Mother could not keep Pace with her daily demand for 4 something to 111 wish Annie would take to her Book a said mrs. Linton to her husband. But it was quite Clear thut Annie never would take to her Book she had Little Reading and less spelling and yet she could 4 Mark a with Cotton All the letters of the alphabet us if she was a very Miracle of learning. A a something to sew a eagerly demanded Annie. 44 will any mowing come of this sewing a asked her father with a very natural attempt at Pun. Quot those who do not sew shall not reap a said Little Annie cleverly taking up her fathers meaning and her work bag at Tho same time As she whisked past him in ear of being Loo late to school. 4�?~ Annie a learning to be a scholar a a Aid mrs. Linton three weeks after a a no More demands for that afternoon Annie came bounding into the House from school sat upon her fathers knee opened her work bag which Hung Over her Arm and putting a screwed up paper into his hand said a a a there a a the her Fuller undid Tho paper and found four half crowns. A a questioned her fat or a a where did this come from a a a from the sewing a answered Annio laughing delightedly it his Surprise As she is Majied from his knee and ran out of the room to delay a Little longer the solution of the Riddle. A wife Quot Mhz John Linton a Oil is impossible that Annie could earn All this by Julie sort of child s play girls Call work and whom did Slio earn it from i m afraid there s something and to Ell Tho truth Annie Linton was practising a Little disguise nor had she Given her father All the Money she had earned. The sum originally was twelve shillings. This was All designed for her father alone but a prior claim had come in the Way. It was cold Winter weather and the children of the school brought the forms in a sort of Square round mis. Roys fire. Annie who was a favorite of the mistress always occupied a warm Corner close to her own big on the Day in question mrs. Roy happened to be out of Tho room a a a i my change seats with you Jessie Wilson if you a re cold a said Annie addressing a Little girl a very Book room who Clad in a threadbare printed Cotton gown Sal shivering Over her lesson. Jessie thus invited came a Little nearer. 44 you should put on a Woolen frock like mine and warm yourself Well at your mothers fire before you come to school these Winter Days a said Annie scrutinizing the poverty struck appearance of the girl. 44 Mother says a replied Jessie a a that she d rather do without a Firo than my schooling and she can to pay for it has your Mother to Gre at Homo this cold weather 1�?� asked Annie in amazement. 44 no a said Jessie 44 i wish i dared bring her with me Here a it s warmer than at Home. And i know Mother is ill though a he wont Tell 44 sit there a said Annie placing Jessie in her warm Comer a and done to go out of school without that afternoon the two girls went hand in hand to Jessie a floor. A a have you plenty to eat if you a to no fire a asked Annie. 44 this is the first Day Mother has been forced to Send to to school without any breakfast a said Jessie hanging Down her head As if ashamed of the of crossion. 1 Here a said Ansie after a slight pause had Annie been a poet Sha would assuredly Hare written not is song but a song of the shirt Lorone when she was questioned As Totlis Dull Monotony of her work a Dull i delightful a said Aonie in advocacy of her calling. A Why with this rare Linen Ami Fine thread my stitches seem like stringing Little pearls along the wristbands anti collars a vital an unit song of Tho shirt might not Annie Hare written Annie a eighteenth Bir flt Day was celebrated by a Tea tarty to All the seamstresses of or. Seat Well s establishment where Sho was now for woman besides being a cheerful kind hearted Little creature beloved by everybody it was a Cora Limont or. Seam Well said she Well deserved a her admirable superintendence of the do partition allotted her having increased his Una Ines tenfold. Some Lime after there was a greater Day of rejoicing in the firm of seam Well amp co. The lather find taken him As a partner and the son look a partner for life a the indefatigable Little seamstress Annie Linton. There never was n Blither bridal. Annio herself having risen from the ranks a had a present for every work woman. Indeed it was a Day of presents for on that Vecty morning and in Lime to be worn at the wedding a shawl arrived for Annie All the Way from India a an Indian shawl that a dutchess would Havo envied upon it was pinned a paper on which was written a a a Wear this for the Sake of one who is now Rich and Happy but who never can forget Tho services you rond Crotsl to the poor school girl a Jessie a a Annie a said Young sea Well after Tho marriage a i fell in love with you when you was a child and came to our shop for your first sewing. I also happened to be passing when you give Pari of your first earnings to Jessie Wilson 1 was a boy then but i said to myself if i was a Man id marry Annie Linton not because she a so pretty a a Here Annie blushed most become ugly a 44 not because she a a so industrious but because she a it so kind unt Wisting the paper in which were depot i de her first earnings a a i wont go in with you for Mother might not like to take it Good gardening. One of our fellow citizens who owns and cultivates half an acre of land says that he has raised from it All the vegetables he shall want for his own family use and now has a surplus Worth from thirty to forty dollars to dts Poso besides he already raises about fifty varieties of fruit and says that in five years he will produce one Hundred varieties of fruit from this half Aore. This Matt cultivates Bia land intelligently and consequently to some purpose a Bangor whig. How to Burn coax. The great mistake of All is to put on too much goal As if it were Wood the greater the Quality the greater the heat. If Loo much Coal is applied the combustion is necessarily imperfect because the fire in a choked up a the or angst destroyed and the elements of the Coal slowly escaping pass off to Tho Chimney unconsumed or Are disseminated in Gaaei through the room. Whereas if the strata of Coal be but moderate a red flame will play around the Interior of the stove by which entire combustion Ami a healthy heat Are secured. One ton of Cost therefore by thorough combustion will often secure More beat and a healthier Almos phere than two Tona used in the Ordinary Way and this is a fact which can easily to demonstrated. It will be very important Tom a Little girl like me but a a and she put two shillings into Jessie hand a u that to to buy something to eat and a a to and if your Mother can sew As Well As i can a said Annie with pardonable vanity Quot i can Tell her How to get plenty of Money to pay for both. No wonder Aunie riches increased the first investment was a Good one. Nevertheless the concealing it from her parents she knew to be wrong she Leared they would disapprove and added to her Little prayer at night after the usual ending of a god bless father and Mother a and forgive me far Kern no secret that i helped Jessie Wilson could the recording Angel carry tip a purer prayer to heaven or course or. Ami mrs. Linton very soon discovered that or. Samwel of the a ready made Linen warehouse a was the source of Annie wealth. He said there was no one who could work like her and that he would give her eighteen Pence each for the finest description of . This was no great payment for Annie a exp Oisille stitch Iii a and thirty years ago it would have brought her Htee and sixpence a shut. The unappreciated danger. Tho following is taken from a speech of of go Cmor Briggs of Massachusetts when and Eltoro delivered we know not. We Cony it As furnishing striking illustrations of a truth which cannot to too often impressed upon those who fancy that they a a can drink or lot it alone a that the growth of the drunkards appetite is imperceptible to himself though painfully Ovid ont to his friends and associates. Were this truth More generally appreciated fewer cases of hopeless intemperance would occur to Challenge the Public sympathy or nity or scorn. The path of safety is found in entire abstinence alone and multitudes who have fancied that they could walk securely in the Way initiatory to drunkenness Havo found too Inte that a a wine is a mocker a which a at Tho last hitch like a Serpent and Sti Goth like an say gov. A a a a i recollect one member of Congress who was no ways rallying to about our Cong act Sionil Temperance 41 to used to Sny,44 i am going to join your Temperance society As soon is my Demijohn is but just Hozore it to came empty to always filled Al at one time towards Tho close of Tho session he said to me 441 am going to sign Tho a Lego when i get Home. 1 urn in Earnest continued to 44 my Demohn is nearly empty and i am not going to fill it to spoke with such an air of seriousness As i had not to Foro observed and it impressed to and i asked him what it meant what bad changed his feelings. 44 Why a said .44 i bad a Short Timo since a visit from Tny brother who stated to me a fact that Roro deeply impressed and inflected to than anything i recollect to Havo heard upon Tho subject in any Temperance speech i have Ever heard or 44 in my neighbourhood is a gentleman of a acquaintance Well educated who once had some property but is now reduced a poor to has a Beautiful and Lovely wife a lady of cultivation and refinement and a most charming daughter. 44 this gentleman Vacante decidedly intemperate in his habits and had fully alarmed his friends in regard to him. At one time when a number of his former is amp Oci ates were together they counselled of to what could to Dono Fot him. Why done to you Sond your daughter Nway to a certain distinguished school ? which he 44 4 0, 1 cannot said he 4 it is out of the question. I am not Able to Bear the expense. Poor girl i wish i 44 4 Well a Siil his Friend a if you will sign Tho Tempe Ronco pc do i will boat All the open so of her attending school for Ono 44 4 what does this mean 1 a said he. Do you think me in danger of becoming a drunkard f a �?o1 no matter a said his Friend a about that now but will you do of i said 1 a Quot and i a said another a will pay Tho rent of your form a Yoor if you Wilt sign the pledge 44 4 Well these offers Ore certainly Liberal a but what do they mean 1 do you think to in danger of a coining a drunkard 1�? what can it mean 1 but gentlemen in View of your liberality i will Tucako on offer. I will sign if Yon will a 44 this was n proposition they had not considered and wore not very Well prepared to meet but for his Sake they would and did sign and to with them. 44 and now for the first Umo the to Atli poured into his mind and to saw his condition and Sal Down bathed in tears. 44 4 now said he gentlemen you roust go and communicate these facts to my wife a poor woman i know she will be glad to War of it but i cannot Tell hop 41 two of them started for that purpose. The lady met them at the door Pale and trembling with emotion. 44 4 whist Ehe inquired 4 w the Mottor what Haa happened to my husband 1 a 41 they Baa her dismiss her fears assuring her they had onto to bring her tidings a but Good tidings such of Sho would be glad to hear. 44 4 your Hustind has signed the Temperance pledge yes signed it in Good a Otlie joyous news nearly overcame Here several of them were together one said to another 4let us sign Uto 4i will if you will said Ono to another till All had agreed to it and tie thing was done. A a this gentleman thought it rather a a mall business und Felt a Little sensitive about revealing to his wife what he Hud dime slut on returning Homo to said to her a 41 a Mary my dear i Havo Dono what i fear will Ali Spenso 44 Well what is it a a 4 Why i have signed the Tomp Crance pledge. 414 have you a a a 4 yes i have certainly a a watching his manner is to replied and Reading in it sincerity Sho entwined her arms around his Nock Laid her head on his bosom and burst into Tours. Her husband was affected deeply by this conduct of his wife and said 44 4 Mary Don t Woop i did not know it would of Lect you so or. 1 would not have done it i will go and Tako my Namo immediately 44 4 take your Nemo off a said she no no let it be there. I shall now have no More solicitude in reference to your becom ing a drunkard. I shall spend no More Wakeful Midnight hours. 1 shall no More Steep my Pillow in tears 44 now for Tho first Timo Tho truth shone upon his mind and he folded to his bosom ins Young and Beautiful wife and opt with her. Now i can to stand these facts and am going to sign Tho tic fore Tho House. The hot virginian unwed upon his new Hampshire intruder with Groat Wrath and affected contempt. He a Aid lie would teach Tho gentleman from n. Hampshire not thus to interrupt him. Liq wus not speaking for the edification of the gentleman altogether or of this House but for All future time for posterity a a yes a ejaculated Livermore in a voice which rang through the House like the whistle of a locomotive 44 yes truly and tie gentleman is in a fair Wuy at Thia rate to have Kis audience before him before he gets through the effect was electric and Tho House involuntarily broke out in a Broad laugh at or. Smythe s expense of course which affected him so much at the moment that he was Quito unable to gather up his scattered forces and left posterity to get their own Light in their own Way and sat Down. And All this is brought up As one of John of Nowako s Best bits such is fume in Laid and fancy Jou Fontino. Tir4�?T�?ont4s Artst it tip line mime Tom a nit our Lam a u Luteal. He incl Tea i 14. Iii to Chr Amis wry Fri a Root a i Ilins with the Jan <1 a Katalim or a my or Kim firt i us. A it. v la tie of y a h c r rut or in g Laa a a a will u.<�l4j with us Wacky Row any Rrt Nus Otar in us won in in us 7 of a vast Kwili Cim with Yummui nut i font Kawun in Ihl. We Tbs. Fun a in and Iwon Mdini to Fiaiai fan card a Wintino has i Marsil Swaw Crew to Quot Twait n a min a Jar culling Catu a Ink Atif tha us no of Lia in tar Waw Tiili he u. All a Nurr. La Uilk inn Nch of the a a a a go a Nghin fret it ism tinn. Cantu Ted of All a am site quake a. Hajri Utt Mast 1j Ord he a ukr Kalial Al m in Zinua writ 11 Star or Swan Newl la or malt an Cwm it 11 sum a Joceal or in a. La. Co Vax 44now,�?� continued ,4lhe eating House ice per who can developed honesty and civility As trencher did deserves patronage in u to j have taken my Macau there Ever fat h in our follow creatures is Sutiri a Taro and Beautiful feeling that we do not like to Inlet Lero with it still Maul ure is Rord a fact a a fact which we by a Strang coincidence can undeniably authenticate in fact the fact is tha at lots interesting period Somme Morlett by a Nyler a the sets Mccre 4 a out Quot Cir Otner. But Annie is of the present not of the past. And of site could Complete a shirt a Day trembled with excitement wept freely her fingers flying swifter than a Wear in it clasping her hands Dvo tonally who crts shuttle Sho Yamei nine shillings a week. 44 Good wife a said or. Linton we Are not so poor but that we can maintain Ofir this Winter especially to Ute 8ftwt�oa paid ,a�?z3hier till she is Twenty and by that time to Thiru e. 1 a a at the present Rale of her earnings she will gentleman have a Little Fortune in the Hank a pm i Vicinity another looked up to heaven and thanked Dod for Tho Happy Chango. 44 now a said �.41 have a husband Asho once was in the Days of our Early 44 4 out this was not what moved Roe a said Luicie was in gentleman a the same generous singular couple. Along with my brother who was collect ing matter fur a work he was about to pub Lish i visited Tho interesting town of Viox Ham interesting at least to him for it was a Fine Field for historical re search although for my own part i found Little to a Miro be a ides its ancient Church. Tho circumstance which More than anything else obtained Tho Dingy town a lasting Plano in my memory was our taking u lodging with a extra Ordinary pair an old Man and woman husband and wife who lived by themselves without child or servant subsisting on the letting of their parlor and two they were tall thin and Orect though each seventy years of ago. When to knocked it Tho door for admittance they answered it together if we rang Tho Bell Tho bus band and wife invariably appeared Sido by Side All our requests and sent ends were received by both and executed with Tho utmost nicety and exactness. The first night arriving Lato by the coach from Newcastle and merely requiring a Good fire and our Tea to were puzzled to understand Tho reason of this double attendance and 1 remember my brother rather irreverently wondering whether wo44 Wero always to to waited upon by Obeso Siam so on ringing the Bell to retire for Tho night both no poured As usual Tho wife carrying Tho bed room candlestick the Hub anti standing it Tho door. 1 gave her some directions about breakfast for the following morning when to husband from thu door quickly answered for her 44 depend upon it she is dumb Quot whispered my but this was not Tho Caso though Sho rarely made Uso of Tho faculty of 8>ccch. They both attended to into my bed room when Tho old lady seeing to look with porno Surprise towards her husband said 44 there s no of Lenco meant a am by my husband Corning with to into the chamber to s Stone 44 poor Man a i exclaimed. 44 but Why then does to not so still ? Why Doos fit accompany you everywhere t a 44 it s no use Tua am your speaking to my old woman a said Tho husband 44 sin can to hear you Sho s Quito i was astonished. Pilero was compensation could a pair to bettor matched a Man and wife were indeed Ono flesh for to saw with her cos and Sho heard with his ears it was Beautiful to to Over after to watch thu old Man and woman in to boil . Their sympathy with each other was As Swift of electricity a Modo their deprivation As naught. I Havo often thought of that old Man and woman and cannot bul Hopo that As in life Uliey wore inseparable and indispensable to can other so to death Thoy might not to divided but Thor to spared Tho Torriblio calamity of boing Alono in Tho hers journal. Ready wit speaking of a writer who bad Given John Randolph credit for a reply to did not Maka Tho Knickerbocker says i can excuse him for attributing All the wit in Congress to John Randolph of Ronoak Sinco he is probably not aware that John Ever found his match there. But the author of Tho wit quoted is a Mao so Little known As Arthur i evermore of new Hampshire who in his Day was Ono of the first men of Tho ago Ana has Boon Long retired from Public Lito and within the lost two years Laid Bis body to rest in the retired town of in olderness among the mountains of his Nativo Stuto upon Ono of Tho head branches of Tho Beautiful Merrimack. I recollect to Havo noticed this anecdote Many Yoars ago almost in my Coll go Days and Ohrn wondered that it it Traetow no Moro attention. It must Havo occurred a Carljr forty years ago in Tho United states Iio Uso of representatives. Tho parties concerned Wero Tho Lato or. Smythe of Virginia Ono of the commissioners of Ghent if i rightly recollect St Oil events a Man of Omi Ronco and distinction in his native s Ato. Tho 44 old Dominion a and greatly respected and deferred to in Tho noun cts of Tho nation. He was a Man of Soto pretension and pomp and who on occasion knew How to a put on airs a to serve a purpose lie was a Man who spoke often and commanded always the attention of the House. Or. Livermore was a Roan of plainness and simplicity but of great nerve and firmness and could not boar to to pushed any More than Tho highest Southern blood. He did not often speak but when he did to was a Man of ins Anable directness of aim. And to despised the vulgar arte of Rha Tono and political chicanery just about equally. It happened that some measure in which or. Livermore took a deep interest was before the House and the Howe in Good mood for Lavo Rable action but or. Smytha Lor some reason or Oiler Wax determined to Tako it out of time. It became of the last importance to strangle him in some Way and this is an operation which a new Hampshire Man cannot ordinarily perform with much Success upon a full blooded virginian in the full tide of Success Fril debate. But or. S. Careened Over the whole world at will with no reference to the subject before the House a end at the knee of one of Hie most Elk it nothing Lieis the Bible. Am Arr Timu Amu Kami he talk. Tho circumstance itself occurred in Tho town of Warren ton and was related at a lib la i noting by a gentleman to respectability connected with tie society. Tho circumstance was introduced in Tho following words a about three years ago two Little boys decently clothed Tho Quost appearing about thirteen and Tho younger eleven called it Tho lodging House for a Sants a this town for a night s lodging to keeper of the House very properly took them to Tho vagrant s office to to examined and if proper objects Tobe re loved. Tho account Lioy gave of themselves was extremely affecting and no doubt was entertained of its truth. It appears that but a few weeks had elapsed since those poor Little wanderers and resided with their parents in London. Tho typhus fever however in Ono Day carried off both futher Anil Mother leaving the orphans in a wide world without Homo and without friends. Immediately alter the lost tribute was paid to their Parent s memory having an undo in liver Pool poor and destitute is Thoy wore they resolved to go and throw themselves upon his Protection. Tired therefore and Hunt they arrived in this town on their two bundles contained their Little All. In the youngest boys pocket was found neatly covered and carefully preserved a Tho keeper of Tho lodging Bouse addressing Tho Little boy Suid �?44 you Havo neither Money nor Moat will you sell to this Ili Blo ? i will give you Flo shillings for 44 no a exc Laitner no Tho tears rolling Down his Youthful chocks a a in la starve first.�? 44there Aro Pleaty of books to to bought to sides this Why to you love this Bublo so much a Ilo replied�?44 no Book has stood my Friend so much As my , what has your Biblo done for you 1 who said. To answered �?44 Whon i was a Little boy about 7 Yoars of ago i Mccamo a sunday school scholar in London. Through Tho kind attention of my master i soon Loar nod to Road my Llu blog Young As 1 was showed to that i was a sinner and a Groat Ono too it a so pointed me to a Savior and i thank god that i have found Morcy at Tho hands of Christ and i am not to confess him before to to try Lxii still farther six shillings were then offered him for to Biblo. 44 no a said to 44 for it has Boon my support All Tho Way from London hungry and weary often Havo i sat Down by to Wayside to read Tho lib la and Hare found Rofio Limont from it. Thus did to experience to Consolation of to i Salukis to when to said,44 thy comforts Havo refreshed Iny to was then asked 44 what will you do when you get to Liro Pool should your undo refuse to Tako to in f a Tho reply May excite a Blush in Many christians a a my Biblo tolls to a said ,44 when my father und Mother forsake to then Tho lord will Tako Momo Tho Man could go to further for the tears choked his utterance and Thoy both wept Togo Thor. They had in their pocket tickets As rewards for their Good conduct from Tho school to which Thoy belonged and Bank fullness and humility wore visible in All their Doport Mont. At night those orphans bending their Knees it Tho Side of Tho Bod committed themselves to Tho Caro of their heavenly Futh cry to him Whoso cars Aro opon to Tho mayors of Tho poor and destitute and to Tiitu who Lias said,44 Call upon to in thu hour of trouble i will deliver Thoo and thou a halt glorify the next morning these refreshed Little wanderers arose Early dressed Tom selves for their journey and Sot out for Liverpool May to who hours Rev on Whon they cry hear and answer their petitions guide Thorn through time and bless them in eternity a Christian Index. Cross examination. 4lmr. Witness Yon stated that my client manifested great astonishment when you told him the facts you just slated. Now How did lie Manifest astonishment a a duo looked a hot what Wero the indications of astonishment sir you seem Lobo a very smart witness and you ought to to Able to Tell my 44 of i merely judged of his foetus is by Ilia general appearance a 4,that wont answer air. Ii you can t do scribe Tho appearance of my client whoa Oito wished to order to give Tho jury an idea of it suppose you loot astonished once yourself a that i will do if you will show me something 44 Well now my Sharp follow what would astonish such an astonishing witness of yourself hey a 44 Why if you want to paralyse me Wii i astonishment just show to an honest Law yarn the Tho win witness can take his seat.4 an old soak a a last Stree. A Eor respondent of Tho Troy daily times writing from Berkshire mass., Aud remarking upon the great change which has Takou it place in that Region in consequence of the suppression of tin rum traffic tells Tho following Good Story of an old soaker since reformed and is now a regular Votkl abstinence Man. It is Given in the old Fellows own words As follows 441 Onca got a Little change together and started off on a 11 regular Bonder. A j bought a Small Keg with Bung Holowin the Middle so that it would be Handy to drink from Ami had it filled with rum. After taking a few Good 44 swigs a i hid it in a Coopers shop under Somo shavings Ami started of for town. Falling in with we All got gloriously drunk and the spare Chango of the party was soon All before Long we All began to fed miserably dry again but Money and credit were both gone. Huddled of we All were to Blurb for Tho Cooper shop. Arriving there after having travelled Over much surplus ground got hold of what 1 supposed a Keg of rum. But to Bung would not Como each one of us tugged and pulled Dag arid chewed at it but Ull in vain. We separated in despair. I carried it Home for a sober trial and what do you suppose it was a Why it was to head of an old wooden a cml with just enough of the Liam Llo Luk to stick in its place. My rum Kog was Sliu in thu shavings and there 1 let it stay. That was my lost Wii at has Criscu this Ducat com Tion two years ago Gen. Fierce received n majority in the City of Chicago of nine Hundred and twelve Over general Soott. No a Miller whig and candidate for state treasurer has a majority Over Moore of fifteen Hundred this we Call a Sifea Tiisik the lion in Hilt a and Dott ghz la mskstt.14 a tact Tor our horticultural Raki it Krs. It has Betm discovered that for the generality of Flowers and Moru of scially for geraniums and the most delicate specimen of the Lily tribe common glue diluted with nil Elii client portion of water forms a Richer manure than guano or any other yet discovered. Plants placed on the worst soils display Moro Beauty and vigor when watered with this composition than those grown in Tho richest Mould mud Only sprinkled with water. Honesty and civility. Ono of Tho above social commodities says an old adage a costs nothing a when joined to Tho other rarity its eventual Sucee pm though for a time open to suspicion from the Novelty of the thing May to regarded As certain thus corroborating another an Tiquio and almost forgotten adage that a honesty is Tho Best to Are led to this reflection by a circumstance which occurred to a Friend of ours s few months ago and which to recorded to us on Tho occasion of his recommending us to take our dinners of trenchers. A Independent a sail Smyler a of Tho Excellente of his grub to is honest remarkably honest and civility sure of that a said to with a dubious look. Certain a he to plied a and Lieret a the proof. About two months ago i want in there accidentally for the first Timo after taking some beet i found that i had an Odd Corner so the next Timo the waiter came round and it happened to be trencher himself i said a peach in half a minute he came Back again and in a most feeling manner informed Moas gently As to could that unfortunately the a a peaches were a fall a Well a said i in a mild but disappointed Lone for i do love peach dumpling a a Apple will fatal Choice Tho apples by a sad machination of events were also my calmness began to Tret ruffled but the soothing word of trencher who doubtless Felt keenly for Rny annihilated Hopes a any Othor kind sir you pm it have a stilled the troubled Waters of a ing bosom. A Well suet then a i decided upon doggedly. A nah sir a said trencher and it did me Good to see the honesty and tender civility of purpose which illumined his Benignant eve �?oah1 sir i would not recommend Yon to try the Suol it Ray her heavy to Day and i really do not like to recommend it and �4 mo.�mlulmtocy>.iiod.,. Us a a Jujj ,&Quot,pjat�?T�v�?Tin0 try non Row a i to. Too. Of flt it a it a a ,r, sir i in try the Quot Hock. And determination called the 0bcrry�?� and was gratified order for thus wandering from the Bustow i sums Tor smok Kus. A correspond in makes n compilation of the Cost of Regarn to habitual smokers which May Well set them a ciphering and reforming. Tzumi mtg the Cost of Good sugars at one Dollar a week and computing compound Mio Tai at Shevett per Cunt from the ago of fourteen the Cost at 20 years of age would to �3u7.i? it 30, �1537.88 at 40, 83807,80 at 50, s832j, 70 at 60, 817,201, 32 at 70 831,075,51 at 80, 870,341,05. Tho Cost to health Ami morals cannot be computed. Why not lot Tho chimneys and furnaces and locomotives do the smoking 07�?o at a Largo Firo at a celebrated piano Forte maker s a instrument Worth two Hundred guineas was Burnt it was inlaid with Mother of Noarl and Ether costly decoration. 40ear me said a gentleman to the proprietor 4how was it they could not contrive to save that splendid instrument 4why,�?T replied the proprietor who being insured could afford the joke the reason was that the engines could not play upon it i am told something to us should make it a pit Verple to extend tin hand of Friendship to every Man who discharges faithfully his duties and maintains Good order who Manifest n deep in Tho welfare of general society whose Dupor finont is uptight and Whoso mind is intelligent without stopping to ascertain whether he swings a Hammer or draws a thread. There is nothing so Distant from All natural claim of Tho reluctant Tho Ward sympathy the forced smile the hesitating compliance which the Well off Are Apt to Manifest to those a huh Hor Dowma with whom in the comparison of intellect and principles of virtue they frequently sink into try a Rich scene happened in our supreme court the other Day. A lawyer run mining a witness in relation to a badly guarded Reservoir said 4mr. Witness you Havo said that while walking with an umbrella Over our head you fell into this Reservoir and was badly injured. Did you break any Bones sir at that time4 4i did sir a a what hone1 whalebone sir Quot at a Public school emn in at Ion one of the visiting committee was asking the class the meaning of words. They answered Well until he gave a Bac biter. Ill went Down the class until it came to a simple Little Urchin who looked sheepishly knowing and said 44 it it a Elf be a Jim

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