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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 23, 1855, Biddeford, MaineOre Stott Atiar fast mtg eternal Hosti Uty to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man.�?�-j�rra�o�. Louis 0. Cowan editor Aid , Maine Friday november 2 3, 1 855. Volume 47. Union and Eastern journal. Tto i a tet oa4 room journal p. Hia if m a. I Ommi bloc pm it Hilton hum by in of Uno in to we Root Nuu in Ito us of Basr Tiu. Sine limn or 7in wart i mrw lotto Tum a. Tar Toto Otot Huj Ipuru us u jal7 Topcoat no to Uto Alert Knowli Oto my mud Una at Ito he rate to to la a by a he off Caa Turk try Boot . A a a Ltd a. Bubo Lay a bail pm n. W. Comr tront Oto Marcum Wathon Printer. To Ito honorable Ito jumbo of Ito Stowe to judicial Cotin Mil to to Button at Al Furj within and for Ito cot Alp of York on Ito third monday id meet emptor a left it. If Art e Bassett. Of did Arturd in mid ill county Clife of William a Watt of Mim Pirn to Muir i Toual unknown libel and Lam Lluz to Womble court to to informed tool of Ito thirty a i Day of Tannory in Ito year Eubien Hundred and forty two at Hancock in Ito Bute of new Maui pail. Ato waa lawfully roamed la Ito mud Willimin clan eos a rot Ibal Baa Al Waya Toto oed Low Arja Bun Ito Aid Williauk a n Chato anti faithful Wila yet Ito mid Wii Imus he Raar rum Row and duly Aunce Ito it Aid Mamara. To wit at and Hancock on Ito Ivor Ullh Day of apr in Ito year eighteen Huu Drad and forty two Baa Al want cd but self from and dealer try your fib Ellant to wit at and Budt Efurd wilfully and without Rea to Bahia Cedar Loe Ito term of five acc rive year and without any Ctm enl or Coll Maiuu of Ito per lies or my Inie lion to Ito part of your lib Ellant thereby to procure Ranee in n divorce and Tot the Alakl William Haa not in any Way Durrf Ito whole period from said i Telfia Day of apr to the Day resumed to her or Censed to Abreut him a Elf. And to Dew it her. And Haa not in any Way during said period contributed to Tor support Tad maintenance hut Haa utterly neglected to do to. Your Lionel last Ato Haa Lieen a i Tianen of the slate of Maine or Mere than one Yaar Munadi ally precede a Ito Date Hereof and in ring said desert inn. Wherefore your lib Ellant Pray that Ato nay be divorced from the Booda of Inastri inlay Emzix log Between tonal fanotto my Dhain Una att Mary dated Saco aug tial a doth is tit. State of Maine. At n court of probate Toni at had Deford within and for Ito county of York on the Day of november to Ito year of our let re eighteen Hundred and fifty five. By the Hoo Orabie Joaeph t. Nye Judee of said court Horatio Dunn named executor in a Cee Lam purporting to be the Inal will and strata men l of Nathaniel Dunn late of hot Lia la said county tic Cemaes having Prus Atco the aame Lor probate Ono inc that the said executor give notice to ail a Raona interested by causing a copy of Tia order to be Publ Tod three weeks Pucce widely in the Union St Eastern Junul in nit at bulge Ford that they May appear at n probate court to to held at Saco in said county of the Tirats monday of december next at ten of Ibe clock in the Fureno a and Itow Cut it any they have Why Ito said in leu Iurna should not to proved approved and allowed a Ito last will and Trai Cineel of the said dece aard a attest Francix a Civ Register. A True copy a Alleair Bacon Register. At n court of probate held at ankle ibid within and Abr the county of York of the tint monday in november in Ito year of our lord eighteen Hom real and ally five by the honorable Joaeph t Nye judge of said court Joshua Maxwell executor of Ibe will of Junhua Maxwell late of Lulu in said county deceased having per muted his fir to a a count of administration of Ito Ovule of mid deceased also his private account against mid estate Lor allowance. Oink okd that Ito mid executor give notice to All per a a a ill rested by causing a copy of lbs order let a to published three week acc Eldva it in tale a okie so Eastern journal in turd at bidder Ltd in said county thai they May appear Al a probate court to he told Al Seco in a Aid county on Ito tint my Day of deep Huber next Al Len of the clock m Ito Forenoon and Shew Xuac if any they have Why the mine not to allowed. A heat fax acis Bacon Register. A True copy Alleair aka acis kirov Register. At a court of probate held Al Biddeford within and for is county of York on the aral monday of november in the year of our lord one thousand eight Hundred and Balty five by the honorable Joaeph t. Nye judge of mid court Samuel w. Luques guardian of Graocia a. Hatch a minor and child of Alvah Halcli Lata of Waterh Orough in mid county deceased having present of his Ami account of guardianship of his said word for allowance. Old Bibbd that the said guardian give notice to All Persona interested by causing a copy of Ibia Urda loto put Wood hirer week successively in the Union it a Ealem journal printed Al bidder lord in said Connie Inal they May appear it a a probate court lube held at Saco in said county. Yota the us Beuic judicial court ban and held Al Alfred within and for Ito county of York on the third tur Olip it a september la Ito year four lord on thousand eight Hundred Audil Ftp ave. Upon the foregoing libel ordered that Ibe 1 on the aral monday of december , at Len of lbt Llano give notice to Ito said Wiliam a Adell a Ito clock in the Forenoon an i Stow cause in any to appear before the Justice of our a Aid supreme they have Why inc same should not be allowed. Judicial court to be told at Alfred within and allele Francis Bacon Register Tor mid county of York on the Arst tuesday of a True copy a a Ileal Francis Bacon Register. January next by punish eng a Aimee led copy it my Angel love a we lira my. Cmos a rein the Quot Home journal Quot has recently published the following poem written by the late mrs. Jud a ooh the wife id Ito great Mia tonary. The allusions to Tor Hub baud and Bis departure to the spirit und to lore Are touchingly Beautiful i based Down life a Green labyrinth a wind eng Maze to Aee. Crossed o or by Many a tangled due. And wild a wild could to and a i based in doubt and dread a Angel Caine to Ine. I knew him for a heavenly guide 1 knew him even then to meekly As a child be stood among the zoos of Meo a by his deep spirit loveline 1 knew Hun even Ibon. And As i leaned my weary head upon Hia proffered breast and scanned the peril haunted wild from out my place of real i wondered if the shining one of Eden were More Bleak for there waa Light within my Toul Light on my peaceful Way and All around the Blue above the clustering Ala be i Lay and easier in i us up Earod the Pearly Gates of Day. So hand in hand we trod the wild my Angel love and in Hia lifted Wing All quivering with Token from the sky strange my Dull thought could not divine Twat lifted but Loay again Down Ufa s dim labyrinth i Grope my Way alone while wildly through the Midnight a by Black hurrying Clouds Are blown and thickly in my tangled path the Sharp Bare Thorn Are sown. Yet firm my foot for Well 1 know the goal Rauol to far and Ever through the relied Clouds shines Oul one Nirady slur a for a Aon my Guhy want up a lift tar Pearly Galt ajar mid libel and this order thereon three week a pc at a court of probable held at by Dorford within Cea sively in the l Guiou a my Eastern journal a and for the count it a of York on the aral Mon newspaper pruned m hidden Del in county of Day of november in the year of our lord one York the last pub Icalia thenoils be thirty thousand eight Hundred and fifty five by the Days it least before the Mitling of a id court Hou Orau Joseph t. Nve judge of said court that to May mud there i our mid co it a How /1m Arles e. Norton Iii Indian o i Alfred care if any be have who Ito prayer of mid l ii Fergus i a minor i and child of Cyrus Fer 3s.isrr Linn f on. The Virgin of Vesta. By age stub it canse. La i upheld her giving Way the a no ire a bling at the feet of the Prie Aicala a fear nol Litia Tiberious Imael dare nol Dea Crale the shrine of our Goddem return maid the High Prie Aleea to the to it diera Quot and aay to Sej Anua that the primal Esa of Veata protect her Tor Van. A a Advance 1�?� said the a a Pluck him even from the altar a think be that the vengeance of the Goda a More terrible than the Walb of Sej Anua 1 Advance upon the Alave Quot the Goldie a Acou atoned to obey hesitated no longer. Throwing the Malvea together upon the Freedman who grasping Hia word had awaited the result of the interference of Ibe pineal was they wrested the weapon from Hia grasp and a tagged him from the Temple court. Latvia Lay a buium it the foot of lbs altar. But the High priestess heeded Hor no. Wee own proud heart waa swelled at the thought of her insulted godt Lea. The lated sacrilege Al the very altar a a tremble a Ahe cried As the corsets of the retreating Goldie a flushed in the Blaze that streamed from the Imperial Palscey Quot tremble Sej Anua thy Alo is sealed. Whom the gods would destroy Ibey Fust make Road a Sej Anua reclined at the banquet rival of Bis master in dissimulation he knew How to preserve in Public an austerity that effectually hid the groan pm of Hia sensuality. He waa at the pitch of his subordinate pow. Or of Tiberius sunk in the enervating pleasures of his capt an Palace had apparently resigned All care of government into the hands of his favorite. The word Sejan us was Law in Rome. Yet Hia ambition still looked higher and already the Imperial Crown seemed within his grasp. The children of the elder Ger manious were banished. Druse had Ai Unk the Poison of his Host. What was now to prevent to attainment of his vast ambition a the Empire of Rome ? a messenger appeared. A the Freedman of germanic us is a a to the Dungeon with him Yel Mityo the tiber xxv gleaming in the Light of Kuril in h her a a its illuminated Banks. Fur Down the Pula Herman entered Between the so Mior Nho Lito should not to set ii a. Attest Jame a a. Mclynas Chr. A True copy of Ito Lutol Auu order of court to Toroa. Attest James o. Mali ask cd. Re. Guy on Lute of South Berwick in a Ai i county be a Ceu cd he Vrr or vented Hia Art account of i Nim it Diati it let in of Bia said Ward for allowance. Obd exd the a Aid gun dist. Trite notice to All or of Hiten med by Camii Miil a a copy of Ibia Ort or to to Public hed three weeks to ivc a ively in the St Tea atom journal primed Al Vij Dertod in county that toy May appear a at a probate court to to held at Salon in Aid i co Muir on the ant monday of december neat at i ten Ortto clock in the Forenoon and a Tow cause if any they have Why Ibe mine should not to allowed. _ attest a a a i it Bacon re is or. A a court of or whale told Al Hald Clord within Aud for the Coutv of York on the am m november in the year of overlord ets teen Hundred Ami fifty five by the Mono rude Joaeph t Nye court Charle a e Weld administrator of the cat ate of Jatos h in Quot a a late of Button in a Aid a oui it deceased having presented his. Count of Ailini mat ration of the Catano of Arod tie j a w copy alter a Francis Bacon a Beji Ater. J ceased Tor Llo Cuitee r _ of Faaao that the said adm Nia Trator rive no a a # of a re by a a held at bidder Hal within lice to All per Uia interested by eat mud a copy a coun tick. In the fill monday of thu order to to Publ Allied three Desha rust Esro . It a Iha year of our old me thou i sly a the unum scam Ero journal printed at a a hum Ltd Safiy have he the Honor in Edelord m ski county that toy May appear at j i t n jul it for 0 my court. A Proton court to to told at Itoi a mid Covato amly Al c Hamilton guardian of Miri Tif. On tto fir to monday of december neat Al ten a p Hamilton a Ramor and Duld of Cyru. Line Hill from the Imperial Palco flaxhtwl1 a dts cod toward so Janus. But the cautious Forth s Long line of is Dinice upon Tho via it it slay at their approach. Secret. And across the Clear water a a a a tfx net thou , i slay of the he Marble court of apollos Templo Bank a a 1&Quot cled fixed Tan. Quot Lead her Biiber a and Livia entered. Her while Robes concealed by a dark Mantle and her flow ing hair was bound Caenaath a close she advanced towards Tiberious. A a slave let her not a a nay a cried the Maiden Quot fear me not a and letting fail her Mantle and removing from her head its coveting Aho stood before Tiberious. It was As if an Angel stood within that Den of infamy. Tiberius Atar Tod from his Couch Nover before had a vision such a this broken upon the eyes of the sensual St. He motioned to his sat Lites a they Rei Rcd. A what seek St thou Maiden who asked in a Low Silvery tone a he could Well a aume. Livia paused. In was with a trembling runs Ahe Hart entered the Pelayre Nothe tyrant. Many and fearful accounts had Ahe heard of his violence and Unton Meled passions and she recalled them All during the Swift passage across the sea in the barque of Venia a Temple. But the thought of her captive brother gave a High and holy Fervour o the love of the Meek Vestal. A a mighty emperor 1�?� Ahe cried sinking at the feet of tiberian so Quot i implore thy mercy for my brother of a a a thy brother who a he 1�?� Quot the Freedman of germanic us whom Seranus a at that name a smile played upon the lip of the emperor it was a dark and singular smile like the gleam of Tho Serpent a Eye Ere it at Ikea. A Rise gentle lady a said Tiberious and Lak no her hand he gazed upon her Lovely Ccu Clenance. The modest get is of the Vestal fell before Hia keen Elonce but she trembled not Sho waa thinking of her brother. A curious and searching glance wat hat of Tiberius. A a and Hast Thon no fear a he asked. A a didst thou not know that Tiberius is called a tyrant 1 dares thou to Brave him my a i would Bravo anything a said Livia a a for my Bro Quot but Tiou Art Bountiful Hast thou not Shn flying to his Side. But Ore he had reached in a figure stood Forth from one of the huge pillar that a up ported the roof of the cell. A a Freedman of germanic us a while a hand at the instant grasped his own Quot thou Hast said a a who Art thou in cried Herman Quot thy Friend come with to a a Quot to Liberty speak not but the Freedman followed the footsteps of his conductor. They went Forth from the prison and passed through the Grove that surrounded the Palace of Augustine. Then crossing the via Sacra they descended the Hill. A boat rocked lightly on the Waro. A a enter a said his conductor and Herman obeyed. The stranger placed himself beside him and immediately the oars of the a to i Ami us Iha Tot que Vur Lile water. Across the Blue sea went they till the Waves glanced in the morning Sun and the rocks of capt s Harbor were in sight. And when the Sun of Italy became High Over Ca Pur Herman stood in the presence of Tiberius. A a thou Art the Freedman of germanic us a said the emperor. A a even a a thy sister has been had the lightning gleamed Arock a him it had not startled Herman More t Iberius watched him. May youth she a been Here a generous Maiden to sacrifice herself for her brother Dost thou not thank her a a a May Tho gods blast the tyrant a said Tho excited youth. Quot of Livia Livia Thuu Art lost forever and for he struck his breast with itis clenched hand. A a but thou has not dared a he excl med springing Forward and confronting Iho emperor Quot la the smile of Tiberius Mot him a that meaning smile wreathed around the Corners of his Mouth a Low laugh came from his lips he stamped his foot a the door opened and Livia appeared. My brother of my Brol Hei a i id seeing the elephant in new York. The police Teporter of the new York 7v�-bunt relates the sight seeing adventures of one Jos Cru Gicht who was brought up for having been inebriated and asleep in the Highway. Green had been having an evenings amusement in the course which he had been to the circus and afterwards to a Bowling Alley and shooting gallery with a Friend whom he had picked up. By the kind per minion of the judge he was allowed to Tell his airy in his own Way which he did in a very disjointed style and with a great Deal of earnestness and yol ability somewhat after the fashion of Tho Well known Alfred Jingle _ a my name is Green or. Judge Jive in the country com Down hero of a4 eth to Aee Iba clip a atan it me. A tar a tavern in Broadway Street Fine place Good bar tender big whiskers does things with a kind of flourish Jerk Peculiar to himself did no to know anybody in the City perfect stranger got my support went out on Tho s spa than c it to along la Ooi looking Man shiny hot big Chain standing up Collar. Cano with a Jack knife in introduced him self said he was a stranger too wanted me to go with him and pass a pleasant evening agreed to go went took something to drink before we started got a Little ways and he said had t we better Tuko a nip took a nip to said should t we go to the circus told him Wasny to acquainted with circus but Trot it out it said had t to better have something first had something go to the door my Friend loft his pocket Book it Home borrowed ten dollars and paid for two gave to change one Dollar Hill three Pewter dimes and a smooth cent. Did no to understand York Curry try but thought in All right got a oxide place near the door with bottles in also Glaston and pumps Large assortment of pumps with in Hoenny handles Friend sail a Shou d we smile two smile stepped Alon and looked at the performance men with nothing on hut a Crown and a pair of tight breeches covered with sixpence and women Tion. I say All the time but occasionally he was pay Ive for a few minute a Hia Al Tenti a apparently a used by sums Trutha from the minister a but there times War rare. His countenance assumed All kinds of expressions. Contempt alarm pleasure earnestness sorrow and anger flitted sen As it in rapid acc lesion it reminded me More of what children Call making Flocs thin anything else. A a after to acre idea were Orer i a Orr gained that this gentleman was no other than the Nephew of John Randolph of Roanoke. He Calls himself sir John St. George Randolph and a sole heir to his celebrated to Cle. Randolph himself remained with bitterness during Hie last Days that their Blond flowed in the veins of but one Tingle Recioo end be was deaf dumb and insane. 8o Nooh a or human Gas san. Tax subject of lie sketch although physically and now mentally defective Hud a mind cultivated in the highest degree. In i youth he was a a it to in Arie where under the Protection of a celebrated Ahbe lie received a thorough education. Having the capacity to of Celivo and Tho wealth to command no pains were spared in Fin improvement of his mental faculties. But it waa labor lost for on returning to Hie Homo in Virginia lie met with and loved a Young lady whom to addressed but was refused on account of Hie physical defects. On becoming aware of the truth he was plunge j in the Moet profound gris from which to was at inst aroused but a insane. A he has Cut Psi Dorahle wealth which is managed by ids friends and sing harm Lees he Comet and goes As he pleases and is gratified in no his whims. Arc card at his mind is Host ill commands respect an 1 his Peculiar manners do cot attract the attention of Hia or excite merriment a one would the printers ten commandment a a a san Vul note to braved a a worthy club of thy master thou Art. Mullink rebellion hath grown bold where found be Paze or Rome a Imperial Mustor. Him a trembled not. Hertl wild tales of Tho crime of Tibo Tius Dost thou not fear Thon Art in my his eyes fell Nunin with n so utilizing glance upon Tho Maiden s face. She looked up into i Cointe Nannoe fearlessly tru Stingly. Her Eye fell not before she but he returned not her embrace. He grasped her hand and gazed wistfully on her face. A a serve thou Vesta who murmured. The Maiden looked into Hia eyes she smiled that smile was enough for n brother a Henrt. He Bent his lips upon her forehead then looked around. Tiberius was 1. Lion Shalt Loro the Printer for he a the Standard of thy country. 2. Thou shall subscribe to his paper for with petticoats about As Long is n turnover j he St Keih much to obtain the news of Collar All standing on one leg on horseback. Which you shall remain ignorant except when they Wero rolling heels Over 3 to Lou shall pay him for his paper in head in Tho sawdust trying to catch Tho tips lab Oruth him to give you the tie a in Dun of their toes in their Teeth remarkable fact j a aeon. Of to Dock to tto for Nova Sod Shew cause it any toy Tow Why the saute should Yuol 4to Al Lowed attest is Anim Bacon. Us in to a. A True , of Stacie Hac it its. Twu try k Hamilton Lato of Wawior Borotich in a id Coutv Deco said and tour Atli of Tor Abler Eliza j. Hamiltou. Its of mid a i Borough Deceu esd having presented i first account of guardian a a hip of la a said Ward for allowance also a i guardian of Elisa j. Hamilton late of said water Borough de Rumul. A minor and child of a Aid by the evening Chayut of the priests Aud the found of Musaio if their god had struck his sculptured Harp. The Temple of Vesta alone upon the in i Southern Elope of the Hill waa lit by the a a in the Temple of Veata he Hail taken mighty emperor the Goda protect the gone but in i place stood the Man who Rich Moon beams that clothed with a Tich inc tar it pm innocent. \ Eatn will not Franke her eur had led Herman from Hia Dungeon. Heap Lustre its Marble portico and glittering a Sanctuary Mia Well. Rome has Yel she spoke with n fice and holy j pro ached them Ibe brother and through the thick foliage of the sacred Oaka to la in hat Sej Anua a her to Ortere had a conf Denoe. Tiberius waa awed Hubent it Tiberius bids me Lead you Forth Quot said he. Which a Bosomed it. J 11 Popera a i before the Power of virtue. J a it try aisle in a Lovo and thy own loyally he has destroyed suddenly he seized her hand a a he ave gained thee a Friend in the nil Tho horses had two tails and nil Tho Uton were double head a Friend Anid it was the effect of the last unite and proposed that 4 if a Bufi Nesa Man Thon shall advertise that Lima thy profits will nol Only in baht thee to pay for thy paper but to put Money to should Tonko to get Tho dust in thy pure. Out of our Eyou a Friend if i d been it. Thou shall not visit him regardless of enough word go took n last look the Meni office Rule a in de ranging his papera. At a court of probe is toll a i within Ami Ito Ito county of tto first Moo. Day a Norm of a i or or of or loot right Ras k. Is Milton. Having Pomr nerd hts Hrat and sri Bond Rrt and fifth la. By the Honorato final account of guardianship of Bis Ltd deceased Joseph t. , judge of a Aid court word for allowance. Benjamin r Allen of Ito of it it. That the sold guardian give no ice pm ate of Anna Rama late of South brr to Elf Renoos Mem mad by a smug i copy of Ihu Wick in mid county deceased having 0�?ok a a be published Itira week a Voce mavely to he dry account of of the Ray ale of the Tzuoo it so lantern a Hirria printed at utile my deceased Aho. I private account against led. M a and county Tot Bev May appear at Ai a i a i., Fiu allows my probate court to be told at Saco in mid county Hausa so tool Tho a Aid administrator give no a the Al re to monday of Decem bar next Al ten of to Celo at Persua Miemiec by causing a copy to Vlock to Ito Forenoon and Stow of Ibia order to be published three week aug eat to beef have Why the mine should not to allowed Turly in the Uii Khi or Eastern journal of tiled at i attest Tianci Bacon Rettmer. Bishi Etard. In said county that they May appear a True copy a attest f Banc Bacon Register. At a promote Coart to to told at Saco in mid Quot. A on Ito Firat monday of december Nitt at at a it ourt of probate told at Alfred within and ten of the clock in tto Forenoon and Shew care fur tto couty of York of the it rat monday of if any they have Why the mine should not to my october in tto Ycu Rof our lint one thousand Lowed. I eight Hundred and fifty have Lay the honorable Atlas Francis Bacon Register. A i . i Bial fall Una flan of Julto a. A eard. A my a copy attest. San Oil Bacon Keeler. Cbl4 Hutu. A Resol. Loto u Altos in sold Roomy Loce aah Hacif Praia Ned bit fifth account at a court of probate held Al Bidd chord within t a Hia said Virt t Siki Hia private a i and for tto county of York on tto first Mon a of no against m l miners or Alloe Anoa. Day in nov Rotor in the year of our Laird right a us Duio that the Sain guardian give notice Een Hundred and fifty five by the Honor Abr 1 to All person a treated to naut ing a copy of ibis morph t Nye judge of mid court 1 order to he published a the Union and Eastern Oli v Eli Curts Edminia Trutor of tto rotate journal Princeil m tale Ford in anal county for of in Farl Cuita tale of Kittery in my three weeks a us Cen Velv. That toy May appear naught burned there but Tho pure fro of the altar around which now a Circle of White Robed virgins Bent in their ovo Ning Orisons. And now the Mystic rite is ended and the solemn chant of the Vestal train As they slowly retired through the dim islet sounds faintly in the distance. One is left the Virgin who through the still night shall watch the sacred altar flame and offer to the spotless goddess a prayer from her favorite shrine. Why gazes she so fixedly at the departed a a agora f Why Casta she an anxious glance around the lonely court ? a Shadow stole across the Marble pave meet and the figure of a Man stood Forth in the Moonlight. The Maiden flew meet him. A a has cried a Janus a boar him to their of thy brother a he asked. Dungeon. Tho torture shall to thine on the Morrow 0, fearless despise of tyrants Quot Tho priestess and Livia both Kne t it the Quot he love Limo lie is generous Good and Tiberius released her , and stamping his foot the slave re appeared. A a Lead the Maiden Forth and Seo her Cour the altar together they Hung tint sacred a thous by Tho slave looked inquiringly to i mat-1 garlands upon the shrine together watch de the holy fire. Suddenly Tho Virgin paused she threw Heine fat the lest of the priestess. A a can to save him a Ahe murmured Quot my brother my Only brother a 44 Livia a said the Calm voice of the priestess a a i knew nol thou had sly brother. Where dwelt to when Getma Nicus consigned you to my care a ,0 i a a he was Hia Freedman to were once the children of his enemy for our father s 14 my Bro her a Hoa Art Here 0, Bow Siler we a Thusnelda the wife of the bold Happy Ari Ninus. At that dark defeat when varus a a hut they seek my life a said the sunk before the Power of the German lend c. A account of of Ito miste of maj deceased Lor allowance obd bid. That tto said administrator give notice to All or re of inner voted by causing a copy of this order to to published three weeks ouch Esmie at a or stole court to to told it Alired a said county. On Ibe Taro Mooday tit january Tea of the clock in the Lorenzoa and Shew cause if any toy have Why Ito Misc should not be allowed. A i attest a Francis Bacon is Gistjr la in the a toe Ltd in store journal plated at j Atrue ropy. Bacon by guts. Bight of ird in said county that they May appear at a probate court to la told at Seco a sold county of Ibe Hist monday of dec Euitt r next at ten of the Dork in the Lor Voloa and Shew cause if any toy have Why tto mom should out be allowed. Attest Feasca Bacon Register. A True copy a attest Francis Bacon. . At a court of Fruats he d at Billil Rord within and for the county of Torr oaths Aist monday of a Van her in the a a of our lord Sll Hlyva Hun did Sau fitly ills Llos Orsble Jose pm t Nye i Jades of mid court t George w. Bourne our ten of Olive k Sunball a minor an t child of Charlo. A. I Kimball late of Kennebunk a a Aid county do Cero at a court of promote told at . i ship of his said Ward Tor allowance i or thru that tto Mai guardian give notice to run Hunt Rrt and fifth five ebb tto All per wins Teres cd by Kauai a a copy of this Iliof cil Mon in tto Dafoe and Eastern Phai Ile e Norton Adimay Tram of tto Juun in a Mil cum y. Obrec c Teo the of a Teol South Lew we. My l Mil county Dei eed having predated Bis a. I Petote a Mart to b rrtrrr.1of Sisic Roh Roa in in a a it a run us a Tico to All per Roma intr ruled by Cairong a copy a t Ltd a sir 4ft attest Francis Bacon. Regt or Mattel to w-tkanci3s�os��-- Budd Fortl a Seal county tool they May appear j a Ata promote court to to told at Sera in mid jul a court of probate Boilen at bit Meronk it than county on tto first monday of december next at. Imp Fin the county of York on the first Mooday of Ito Rar of Oor lord eighteen fifty Tive. By tto hour rumble Joseph met i of tto clock 111 tto Foree Oun and a Lew cause it any they have Why tto no should not to a i towed. Attest Francis Bacon rez err. A True copy a allele fax Seta Baroun Register. _ and for Ito couty of York. County deceased having pics cried tto Mote for Hundred and fifty five t Nye. Odge of a Aid court William lord or. And George p. Jefferds named executors in a certain instrument. I Lueaty 1 Day of november in tto year of our lord one i n Coonis. On tto Host Mooday of it Aerator next ?i�2���s a s �2-w-iss Russ is issus ten of tto clock in tto Torero of and Stow reuse Fang toy have Why tto mme should not to Al Al m court of promote told at but Elud within and Lowed. Fie tto county of York on tto first Mooday in attest Franci Bacon. Register. Ito year of our lord eighteen Bou a tree copy a attest Francis Bacon a Row or. I ded sad fifty five a a the honorable Joaeph t. At a court of promote Toff a to bidder tool Wilshi. We Jef Geof Yosfi court a a we ski Troia Quot i .0.4.u�?.Row t Nve. Judge of Mol court i Whir by Lor . tto estate to Haiy. A a a 5-.a-rfc-Aro-u-a.-i a a. Zzz re a rep Ruhr u Tew to All Ferroro it premed by Caumon. N copy a of december attest Francis Bacon Register a into copy at Teal Francis Bacon Register. I Cocos Stref to sate to i Job d. L much re Young Man canting an anxious glance around. A a my brother what meanest thou a a germanic us a slain a said the brother in a stifled voice. The Maiden gazed into the youths face a if Ahe could Fain read there the contradiction of his words but Ahe saw that Bia features were deadly Pale. Quot Alt my brother a Ahe murmured a a it is not ao�?0 say nol that our Benefactor is a a a tis True even at the banquet. I stood beside him i held his cup. Seranus the tyrant filled from Bis own and my mss Tfir fell dead at my feet. I escaped but the a laves of Seranus follow a and him germanic us he is no More a cried the sister. A May Livia poisoned by Tho wretch who Aims at the Imperial purple germanic us is dead Livia. But hark they come i hear the tramp of their feet within a a a they will not harm thee Here my brother they dare not tear thee from the shrine of vests a a and what a Vesta to Rejanna a cried voice As a band of soldiers entered the Temple Gate. A a drag the slave away a Lia the emperors will a a a beware a cried Livia a snatching a Torch from the altar she sprang to her brother a Side. A a beware Ere the a null Ted goddess shall avenge her shrine Back Back Lay not your hands on him who a Latina the Aid of the sister stood by the brother a aide like the very Goddem whom she served. The rude and Supen Tiitola Goldie a trembled before the Blaze of the virgins eyes. But their leaders voice arouse j them. A a has cried he a a will be be walked by a woman 1�?� and be grasped the Maidens Arm. The Arvord of the brother circled Over the Soldier s head and the Bright Blade Hong of Hia Iron helmet. But Ere the blow could be repeated lights gleamed along the corridor and the High priestess broke the Deooe. A a what Means Quot said she Quot this Olarah of steel Why a the shrine of Vesta violated is Rome so sunk in Crimo that the Temple of her gods Are not revered speak Livia Why Are those bold men Here Quot a a a stranger sought the Protection of our altar. He is the Freedman of germ Nicos whom they have reordered. There men would drag him to a cruel death. Of have him Bee my brother a and the spirit or my father foil. us till she herself became a captive and Thon the Generoux Ham of germanic us preserved the offspring of Hia foe. Herman became his Freedman and i at my own desire which May our goddess Prosper became the child of Veata. Thou Hast heard my a a poor child a said the private a. A a he is think Only brother and now in the Power of Sej Anua. But Harken Livia wouldst thou Brave danger los ave thy Broth Etc a life a a g silly gladly a murmured j Tho Virgin her eyes lighting up with Joy a a what would i not Brave 1�?he is my a a then i will instruct thee a said the Priestes a a the brow of the Vestal priestess was As White As the Marble pillar on which she leaned and her dark Eye Fla Ahod in the altar Are a she gazed upon the Young girl. 14 sos Ifni a Firo Kilow a a Ita to the dreadful tyrant a a a even so Livia even to the tyrant and to his unholy Palace of Capric. But fear not the Mantle of the goddess shall cover thee and her Power shall cover thy heart thou Mayest week the dreadful Isle a fearing. Myself and the virgins of Vesta will Pray for Quot i will go a said Livia. A a fear eat thou to ask thy brother s life of Tiberius a nearest thou to Tell him of our altar s sacrilege1�?� a i fear not a said Livia. A your Goddem will protect be Knelt with the priestess Belore the shrine of Vesta. Her chromed hands rested on her bosom and her old trusting Eye were turned towards heaven. A a i fear not a Ahe said. Tiberious reclined on Hia Couch in his Palace of Capa. A round of sensuality had enervated him. Hia meagre Frame that seemed the impersonation of death tossed restlessly from Side to Side and his Bright eyes shot uneasy and furtive glances from beneath their shaggy Browa. Hia scarred and bloated worked fearful for the tyrant remorse was mightier fian himself. He started a step approached a a a lady craves to enter said the save who appeared. A a whence cometh she 1�?� a a in a barque from Rome the cent ton of by Western Gate received her. Sho answered nought to our question but Praed to be conducted to the Ter a if for further instructions. Tiberius returned to his Couch. A a but my brother mighty emperor my brother a a a he Loveth thee to is generous Good and Noble let that Content thee a Livia was led Forth and Tiberius moved painfully to Tho Balcony. The Bright Moonlight flashed upon the wave it lit the rocks and the Foan that dashed Over Thorn it glittered on the arms of the sentinels that paced the Palaceo Rampart and it Tell on Tho brow of the Monarch of the land and in Mado it More ghastly. A who is generous Good and Noble thus she said a murmured to begins to a who a then he cried aloud a a bring Forth the wine and bid Sempronius hither a the Freedman of germanic us slept in his Dungeon. In dreams to wandered on the Bright shares of the Danube. To Tusnelda and his Mother Rose to his View. Then he beheld that Mother stretched beside Hia lather s Corpse no Light was in her Eye she was dead. He gazed feat fully upon her face it was Lisiak. He started with n sudden cry from his slumbers. A form Bent Over him and Tho Freedman recognized the Ace of Seranus. A a a tyrant a he cried starting to his feet a a thou Here a a a peace aware and listen thou have wealth and Honor a a a what meanest thou 1�?� cried the Young German. A a listen to me i Admire thy fear Lam spirit Young Freedman and i would save your life and raise thee to Honor. Thou bait been faithful to germanic us so thou will be to me. A to Hia murderer Quot murmured the Fred Man. A a it in false he waa not murdered a a a id be Janns a a but Speik Wilt thou live a a a if i May live in Honor a said Herman. A a thou shall have Ric Tea and Honor a mid Seranus a a one thing Only i a Cha a cried the German Yool a a a speak a a a take this Dagger a barque shall Bear thee to canc. Strike Thia steel to the heart of Tiberius and trame thy Dost thou hear me in a a Tiberius a murmured Herman. A a Aye the tyrant at Cape a a the Eye of Tho German youth flashed like lightening a gleam and Hia Frame towered proudly above that of a a away a he cried a a traitor and ass task a away from a Fred Many a sight a a a Dost thou refuse a a away Ero i strike thee with my chains a cried Herman rating his ponderous manacles above his head. A a the torture shall boy a a part thou gone a cried the youth springing Forward towards Seranus. The favorite of Tiberius quailed before the Eye of the Freedman. With a muttered oath of vengeance he left the Dungeon and Herman turned once More to Biaco Ucb. A a and thou a a a i was sent by Tiberius to thy Dungeon and thou overheard thy refusal of Tho dark offer of Seranus. The emperor sends thy sister he gave Livia a packet it was a necklace of pure Pearl and a scrap of papyrus a upon the latter was written a May Tho Goda blast the tyrant a Herman remembered Hia own dating words. Again Livia Knelt before the Hrino of Vesta and watched the Puro flame. And while Aho Knelt mid her Aisler Vestal there came up the Hill from the forum the sound of voices a Murthur of Many tongues and a mighty shone of thankfulness and Tho next moment Tho form of her brother Knelt beside her and his lips murmured a a Livia and the Priestes and the Vessalo Bent their Heads As the mighty shout swelled up from Tho City a a sedans is no More a Tho tyrant has fallen i Quot the priestess Knell before the altar of her goddess. A thou Hast avenged thy servants a murmured she. A a sedans is no More a with the six Penny a Rocchi were dancing with the ladies in Tho Short skirts which seems j Alt up i in 4��s tuba a to Al Man with a n hip was cracking it at everybody especially a fellow with three cornered patches All Over him who was standing on his head on a Pewter Platter on top of a 6. Thou Shalt not touch anything that would give the Printer trouble that he May not hold thee aulus. 7. Thou shall not read manuscript in Tho hands of the compositor a for he will not hold thee blameless. 8. Thou shall not see Tho news before it pair of stilts stopped at the place we h the i a a printed for he will present it to you in bottles in Friend said to should imbibed due Lime. Sneezing in court. Some Lime ago during a trial at Cincinnati some person or persons not having a a Loe sense of the awful majesty of the Law or of the dignity of the court scattered a villainous mixture of snuff Cayenne Pepper Barberry bark and most probably slight sprinkling of Rowau about the room. It happened at a time when the audience was very urge and of that mixed description that generally con wouldst gig note about the purlie us of a court of Justice. The insinuating dust soon began to take effect a concert of sneezing and coughing first among the outsiders made it impossible to understand one word from either judge lawyers witness or prisoner. A a silence a shouted the marshal. A is an i Chi Chee Lence a sneezed the Deputy. By this time the epidemic had extended to within the bar and there was As much coughing and sneezing As Ever was heard in the House of representatives during a prosy speech of an unpopular orator. 0ten the ugh win Chee Chee Chee do of Lon exclaimed the prosecuting attorney. A i suggest a Che the Hal they be Chiz turned out a is red another lawyer. The judge who by Thia Lime had coughed arid sneezed until his face was of red a the comb of a Turkey cock we struck by the idea and a posse of officers being called from below cleared the room of the unhappy multitude who upon their egret into the Street gave such a concerted diabolical sneeze that a couple of horses that were i itched outside became seated and breaking Ribeir bridles scampered frantically away. To imbibed went outside started to go across the Street brought up against of Tor cart tried to kick Over Tho Oyster Senrt got Rny leg Between the wheels new hat fell off. Could t get up concluded to sit Down did sit Down in Rny list Friend he Ped to up and tied my hat on i h a string a Friend said should t to take n snifter to it of a snifter went to a shooting Placos tried to kill the Cist Iron inn with Tho pipe in Bis Mouth Don t think i Dij fired seven times and All to balls lodged in the ceiling overhead cd cent Ono which went through to toe of my Boot and struck in the floor Friend said Hadnot we bettor born a horned started for Bowling adorn got part Way Friend proposed that to should Stop at milk punch Plano and take a suck took a suck got to rolling place thought i d to l first Ball did t stay on the Alley Tiro second i lot slip Mohind me and it smash cd a Bird Cago and demolished a Canary while the last Ono hit Tho pin boy and knocked lira through the Sido of the House Friend said should t we go to to bar and a set Mem up a a a set Mem up a and kept doing so till Tho floor looked Liko a River and i trial to drink the Coal Hod under Tho impression that it was n Glass of Brandy and sugar hot Friend said should t to Julep Julep of to then proposed that we should cock Tail Hooek tails Friend borrowed my pocket Hook ind coat officer came and Here i am. Or. Green was reprimanded an 1 discharged further punishment being considered unnecessary in consideration of his loss while seeing the elephant. The Lut of the Randolph so a Nephew of John Randolph. A Southern correspondent of Tho Home 9. Thou shall ask him few questions of things in Tho office from it Hou shall Tell nothing. 10. Thou Ahalt not at any Lime Send Abu. Avo letters to the editor nor cowhide hint More than five times a year nor bring the Printer old Rotten Wood nor bring produce that defies the Devil to eat. Old Dan to cheer in a very curious illustration of Progress in India was furnished to to one Day during Rny sojourn with or. Place. To were dining in his Bungalow when a wandering Hindoo minstrel Caroo along with Hia mandolin and requested permission to sit upon Tho Verandah and play for to. I Wax Desi Iotis of Healing some of the Indian sirs and my Host therefore ordered a him to per Orin during dinner. He turned the Wirra of his mandolin Etem Porizek a prelude which had Home very Tum liar put Mes and to my Complete astonishment began singing a a get out of the Way old Dan Tucker a the old Man Seenie to enjoy my Surprise and followed up tix performance with a of Susanna a Huff do , und o her Choice ethiopian tue idea nil of which he Sang with spirit and correctness i him in English hut found that he did nut understand a word of the language and had no of inception of the nature of the Aonga he had Given a. He had heard Home English sing them at Madras and was indebted entirely to hit memory for Toth the melodies and words it Una rain to ask him for his native Indian air a was fish noted with tha spirit of tour a i Quot no a music and Sang with a Grin of Delight which was very amusing. As a Rimai of skill he closed with Mil look it a t in Guc Rrt hut his pronunciation of fresh was not quite successful. I he a heard the. Re Al la a to a a a numbing a. A Shmu a Arp singing carry me Back to Ole Virgin / and arts boys in the streets of Alexandria humming Lucy Long a but i waa bar by prepared to he in the same airs from the lips of a Hindoo in the great Taylor a Ltd try sketch a a during the summer of 1854 i had some business transactions which called me to the county of Charlotte in lower Virginia. A mild und Lovely Saphath morning found me seated in one of the comfortably Cut his tend pea of the Village Church it the court Loute. As it wanted a few minutes to the hour of service my Eye wandered Over the Large and respectful looking audience assembled and qua finally attracted by a very eccentric individual who was just entering a a rather aged Man tall of dark complexion Long while hair Waring plentifully Over his shoulders and an equally venerable heard flowing on Hia Bruml. Ilia step Wae Active and Graceful i form erection a Manly but Hia Peculiar actions were in striking mayor Crom of Milf audio issued a proclamation on the eve of the election requesting he a keepers of liquor saloons end lager Bier Halls to close their respective pleas on tuesday the flip inst., and All go to the Polla and Roto the straight democratic Stock Pou b. Make a weak Alum water and mix Yoor British Lustre with it pet Hap two the spoonful to a Gill of Alum water let the stove be cold Brush in with the mixture then take a dry Brush and rub the stove till i. Is perfectly dry. Should any part before polishing become to dry As o look Gray moisten it with r wet brute and proceed As before. A Sallye too of North Reading on saturday oct. 27, attained the age of 100 Yeara und waa visit contrast to his dignified appearance. At Ejon the occasion by her Derendal e. Sho first i thought him Only eccentric but a few he c children 5 living 24 grand children Momenta of further observation proved to 57 great grand children Sod 3 great Greet me that he Xuy insane. And children. A a immediately on entering Tho Pew he the to a for wbk key a Spring we we 35. Knelt towards the Wall crossed himself and theria a paper Calle i the a a Republican apparently repealed a prayer lie the not Down Drew out a White Cambric Delie Atily perfumed wiped Lis brew removed Hie gloves stroked Hia hair and Beard took up his Bible kissed it and read examined Ida Cane used his handkerchief again a and All the time keeping himself to constant to printed in that town a a vote or Tor belonging to male Grimalkin and Auer Young men As tease Atli bed room with serenading about Araby a daughter Sod other Oriental female

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